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tv   Witness Golden Land  Al Jazeera  July 11, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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very nasty people, al jazeera investigates britain's modern slave trade. bold and i'm at home stories, the asia and the pacific. i'm out here. ah, i'm robinson and know how the top stories on the al jazeera un security council mandate for life saving. 8 deliveries between turkey and northwest syria has expired. putting millions of lives at risk last week. russia, vito, the resolution to extend shipments for another year. and of course, yellow reports from the border crossing. i had a turkey the un trucks are not allowed to enter, and it is a de la, which is a religious holiday among muslim people. that's why commercial trucks are not
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passing through this corridor. however, turkish and deos are able to cross the border, even though it's a holiday. or even if the u. n. a u and trucks are a bent from crossing the border by the un security council. it's a quiet day, as i said, because it is eat and people in a behind this border in it live are terrified about what's going to happen because there are more than 4000000 people inside it live. who are actually is stuck because this is the only rebel held area across syria, a current, the russia claims that the aid deliveries should not be from a bubble. how a crossing a but should be conducted through damascus. i because it going through any other country like iraq or a jordan or turkey violate sovereignty of su in government. but when you speak to the civilians and 8 organizations, they are not sure about how fear the
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a distribution will be if the you and a deliveries are conducted through damascus. of course, the un in it, we are hearing that the you and is also working on some alternative roads or alternative plants. but many of the angels i have spoken so far, tell me that the system that was established by the u. n. is the most effective one is the fast this one cheapest one. and it reaches the many, many people inside a north west, syria, the opposition party in sri lanka, holding negotiations to form a new unity government. on saturday protesters stone, the residences of the president and the prime minister in colombo, demanding the both leaders resign. president got awhile roger pazzano and prime minister ronald wickham, singer have been blamed for the nation's worst economic crisis in 7 decades. the government's been unable to pay for the essential importance of food, fertilizer medicines, fuel. michelle fernandez has more from columbia the sense of the free for all that
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you even see in some of these places. ah, that is a little bit of a kind of a, a vacuum, but at the same time, like i showed you, the military behind me. if you look at the president's house down the road, there are special forces personnel. the military still holdings, where people are holding their positions. the police is there are traffic belize, but there is a little bit of bewilderment. there's a bit of an in between period. if you like from the body of former japanese primers as soon so, abby has arrived at a tokyo temple. his work will take place at the saucy town pull on monday evening with a funeral for family and close friends. on tuesday, abbey was assassinated while campaigning for local elections on friday for use of acknowledged security lapses. flemister from your case sheila has vow to continue working on so ivy's campaign promises i been with affording or or more you inheriting our base legacy especially the constitution amendment which he put so
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much of as if it and to i will work on challenges that our bay could not solve on his own, and that he thought he mule smith. i'll continue working and bring a bright future to our beloved critical hand, which are bay loveday, too. we need to pass this legacy to the next generation normal in bossier house. a governor. a sermon is underway to bury 50 bodies of newly discovered victims of the shredded annisa genocide. $8000.00 muslim man and boys were murdered by bosnian serb forces and a run. certainly, sir, in 1995, general rot. com luggage led to the bosnian serb forces. it was later convicted of crimes against humanity, an investigation by a group of international journalists as find right. sharing, giant lube are used angry protest by the taxi industry to his advantage during its global expansion. documents revealed, the company secretly lobbied governments and evaded authorities coming up next. it's witness. good bye.
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a lot of football and yeah, you are ball. oh yeah, i got a call here. yeah . as long as it, oh, i need to make good time dealing with me. send me a know, you know what a need make us at the municipal emilio more than that. oh, the home
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page was it then on and also to somebody must i carefully accumulate like i was you go to 30 a month, 40000000 adalia master phone call with medical will as hopefully of loss. yeah. who can was diane celibacy and then my only town, a cobalt has kept our comp equipment tequila, ideas to what we normally i mean online on it is about a new doctor is he's he and marchina like a yeah, that's women. why more to taco bell? have like the audit on chi, welcome. tough with our to come with all of our more those made
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a lot less than 20 my lunch one. yeah. i got 5 minutes on board the been i had been to a mr. haney with okay. okay. and i let me know. yes, i'm on my side. i don't mind if any come up with
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a post. yeah, of course help my phone company, my boss. oh, it glance quit. course he of course are here up there. that good to the right. there are really got to get awarded. yeah, we get a lot more that it is that our cost that used in most a coin come on. this was done with the cable to only gone so she thought it 0 my site. grin. malaya. yes. and i did that and, and i need, i know, it always says to me, my, when i went back in a source as i know it's, i need to let load that material. i said it because i care whitelaw. yeah. my dear
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to stay at this. i don't know cuz our luck a honda at the at the so that would be that came to see if they can resist that it that if you're so, so i was to learn then or say let him so our press it get that is us out that, that, it good by you at the so let's see now do you sit there? why get that you get that coming out of the help of done it yet that, that she enjoy your going. i am past as it goes right there at the origin colla she normal and, and i took on my, the onshore, maria's i, the only music came to, you know. 2 i mean, i goes on and one on molly bass at glass by any idea. let me buy escalating at last. it was thought
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i could have all of that. quite amanda to lincoln anonymity, cuckoo to latin, a ne, near de la lucille la la la boy in housey. not so late. while tom told lamp st. alcohol down, somali land declared independence after the overthrow of somali military dictates us. yep. bye right. in 1991 following a 10 years civil war that killed molten 60000 people in causeway. yes. yeah. mad at the sienna may have been min separately. i got a sanguine, i left him a voice took with that the whole to see i latoya pallet glass and i thought i thought of it at the end of this now i'm pulling it down. put those back. i sent
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them a lighting keep a man called in moria. mooney said bethia not come counseling with me at the end. i had to come in and out to get us to push back. mm. mm yeah. that his mother kept i lent connecticut. matthew mulatto salome him. oh so he's him as he i think see that on on creek us. my thought mama be thomas a so kitty yet and sale mucky. i saw you couldn't murphy, sta m l a fellow didn't em all me come on yet with that mails got to me they got
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billed to the best i left of it. am i able to get them a low cost of the money? i know to new jersey, we'll just gobbled theme. yes. maria looked beneath the banality of our dominion before lunch hung the day and by its betty my stylus. saw miss up like a sick. i got it all by felicity so they say, colby, i think the older boys in guy gave him up to this one. well, i have a peculiar the method that i had to lead to my house. he recovered a thea without him. until did the mean can inequity? you could tell only anthem only. kristy jimenez kamali more thumb. he go got upset and i got out alive and turned into your lodging. massage? yeah. he's or he's on so not a heavy net. mia lester?
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not a question. they can not easily f k das here, i talked to a lot of the my lease with a gun because i need to find in how you best on a friday, a
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with a if you could give me a call about that. i need a letter for a ah
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a with a a you know how they don't have them in a boat and make sure they have them. i think i got the slides on it. so that's not a lot of stuff. so i'm going to remove the cost for this to add some of them out of
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the stuff. yeah, i see. i got a bunch of money this year. i'm a a, a i don't i love with the i can. so when the me with thank you, linda. hey, a
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lot of thing. a lot of culinary really to read the only i can you call it a go. uh huh. yeah i, i. c oh, i live a
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with oh, really? yeah, hold on one. it was a little more money which is why i was in law. i hope i live in. oh yeah. a
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love wish i would have it on hold of that there were yes miss out on thursday. august, going to milan telemachus did they up on that amendment or you all. okay, scott will look, my sign is matching seo, liam, more thumb, gemalto. i will almost don't. guy was lewis. i'm on, i'm on holiday center on mr. get on to you. if there was a promise, thought that whole area to live it, but i think i just am on time for car. oh yeah. other like how little thought other i was i thought
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about you know how my boy issue issue with the status on my own yeah. he's worth fine money. so we have something we have some good. yeah. yeah. yeah. it's really the same. you be able to afford to oh yeah. oh, you're kidding. oh, a. so my us, on, on the 20 of orsia colonial dilemma yoko law, due to lit total bar. what the mercer on, even here are cannon,
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rena colon howard holmes, kalani, ural. chris. i was denied a case, antonio clonnie sal, most amboy, to violet. he had to lose how little to dark with icy type disorder clinic, iowa to new down to annual open. and i was look about the order of the 100 percent behind those of us was latham local. i've been an proposal at santa man for him beside lots of highly some boy before cousin belive in savannah. how he, she spelled gillian, yet at the old hasn't, has minis can finish. she says heavily on vocal queen and i, she did the i q metasystem keaton and community engagement team to following key. ashley doable? yeah, we wanna give it to the nutrition without them. oh, okay. i know in the,
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in dainty hoster tours were, were the carrier con, large go, it was really thought on a whole class. i, michelle. hi anne. um huh. it costs millions was fluid. okay. and reality the can be of an on call to the continual chinese. yes. which are good, luckily by okay, shavon, she device a with
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a softball and come in for a minute to go on. when we come, when you are the only that they want to get upset someone and maybe i'm buying a shoe on the bike you know? yes, i saw a bike or maybe on sewer reading on and he saw me. yeah. song i asked the aloud, i'm with poly on. now we're at the end of the novel job. so revolved allow it.
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i mean, yes, yes, yes. yeah, i mean it's a, you know, i have a good one. i well, i see somebody at least and while i'm be active now, all in a i just i firm montoya on all. i was gay. i had been so on the line with oh well helen, me call vaccine name. yeah. oh okay. oh,
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she caught schulman . do have to miss on the behalf. it won't cost gone for making the double yellow again. the minister inimical. the of them will gone. be my local so do it to me only by your office about music, popsicle on them, philip and it won't bother them. federal stick to political shock on it. no realise actually to walk as long as we send it all. i mean, they all have to like a ball and again, i'm going to do it me that them. oh gosh logan. another way to do that. let go model multiple in the a lot of heidi and yet almost a lot of musty pass it on. who last to local by hell, unless you at least get on like it or line capacity is
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humidity. see my state money scale, your cohort america estimate to limited plate hold. glad to meet us because of course i thought it was okay. okay. start up with back in was a whole kicking lawyer. but the article was a thought is to look, i can let the model the under that to be up back in santa to mahalo and obviously a swim indian who've been at the 811 placed on the mo, my line it i mean, i'm hoping that i make that the hot. ready too often of con, astonished, portray, through the prism of war. but there were many of canister thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an
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extraordinary film, archives spanning for decades, reveals the forgotten truths of the countries modern history. the forbidden real part 3, the rise of the machine on a just either the latest news as it breaks. this decision basically said that the robi way decision was simply wrong. it is highly unusual for supreme court to overrule precedent with detailed coverage. the problem bridge will not only significantly reduce the shadow price, but it is expected to initiate an acre moment boom from around the world. this one here depicts the late who it was offered a no up who is revolutionary poems. in his play of the many al jazeera world meets full remarkable boast, new women survivors. after those closest to them were taken away, never to return some of the 8000 muslin men and boys killed in the cerebral neat so
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massacre 27 years ago. heartfelt accounts from those left behind trying to move on from the pain of the past. women who refused to die on out to 0. lou robinson in doha, the top stories on all da 0, a un security council mandate for life saving a deliveries between turkey and northwest syria has expired. putting millions of lives at risk last week. russia veto the resolution to extend shipments for another year. so im costello reports from the turkish border crossing in hutton. people in a behind this border in it live are terrified about what's going to happen because there are more than 4000000 people in cited live,
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who are actually is stuck because this is the only rebel held area across earth, syria, a current, the russia claims that the 8 deliveries should not be from a bubble. how are crossing it, but should be conducted through damascus. i because it going through any other country, like iraq or a jordan or turkey violate sovereignty of su in government. but when you speak to the civilians and 8 organizations, they are not sure about how fair the a distribution will be. if the u. n. h. deliveries are conducted through damascus. opposition. parties ensure like are holding negotiations to form a new unity government and comes after protesters occupied the residences of the president and the prime minister and refused to leave japan's prime minister formula. because she has promised to continue the legacy of former leadership, who abby, who was assassinated on friday. it comes after his party and its coalition partners,
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one a 2 thirds majority in sunday's parliamentary elections. in bosnia herzegovina, a ceremony is under way to bury 50 bodies of newly discovered victims of the 70 so genocide. 8000 muslim men and boys were murdered by bosnian serb forces in iran, struggling in 1995. an investigation into ride sharing giant goober has revealed aggressive tactics used by the company. as it expanded journalist find the company leverage protests from the taxi industry to its advantage and secretly lobbied governments. ruba hasn't denied the allegations, but it says changes have since been made. wild population is growing, but added slowest pace in 70 years. are you and global forecast. it says by next year, india will surpass china as the most populous country. and will be back in about half an hour. go by
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melinda. yes, many came in, veronica. reminded galahad again, sir? yeah. darla a only. alyssa? carelessly. all lincoln. i sit mail only to our garden within, within a month more dealer boiler. i've been bought balise monique on him because it is now below water law that he can i and boy, that was i'm a, this is a little him, i'm any my employment ask law elisa, this is all it is i use alice on any going in van hot,
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filler somalia, on all, all in, in am and puerto, along with a guesstimate i be so say alignment this year lady lay your, me as yet eli really alive with you to read smart sawyer killer? yeah. i saw about cab stock pool or like massa and in europe or not. so celia and malenko villa young can. what, gar, honestly a huntington hypersonic, how many feel are the quality in a pool ala m. o. m, as in at the bin, got hitler oxy aligned into my until i told him what will tale sally cox get out of here has got to la la la choir yet to morrow. m. as in a to post us will not have him to kirk. i used to visit her politely, so holly and, and lay your mommy law gotti. i am on a bank cutting kessick and have a horse and he saw he thought to let the man put out the money to lose tamika up. we're holding her elements cock i a linear linear laney. just i why i took money bill across any light laneesa you saw on tools heater boston bure. lost on until
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latiere uncle toy. you're lonely. i did that. the lackey. the one in a pool, a lace to man, i see in a studio exit ex tamala ultima leja hahn. pamela young with accessory mercier, la unitary she at leon casa, for univers ish to wow . so you can buzz in, so i don't know. i know. for late hello. yeah. okay. so ok, so as we should on terms turn key, feel free to steady her coworker or lithium and lithium fill it out or what's
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going on with the terms dunkin. i'm the mother who is wrong and i am looking at hulu ago in regarding a ha my shows over with the other color policy as 3w3w and the medical business. well, that's fine. i didn't go. okay. i'm glad i wasn't thinking how or not that was okay. and what can i do to get you to so
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much shake down going to be given the last few months while i was to do it the way the new market can generally develop found was a way demand much of the off when i e, g b, hello. oh no, i mean i think a busy with somebody else on i know really a kind of with that will be mean i say audio a
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and b a and b that lambert a tab bed sierra b b y yes. a status on the shade dawn in with
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mrs. it's almost in the said a lot of the lay down that i can't be late for the day. so the hub, what i was calling regarding i believe as well as soon as i had the time that i was that i was
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way too late to meet a lot of them. yeah. delete one of them. but yeah, give me the probably the medieval my haven't this isn't the young lady i don't i did to my daughter katie. my not then i am wiley and me me or more stuff like ice guy or
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both. right. a little bit. i mean, i mean, i mean you're a hollow see last fall my god yeah. go ahead. go call my what the hell of a good a all all hollow on by a little bossy. just my phone. i lost my my my dad like oh yeah. montana, madison vivian oliver lopsided policy. toyota plus is a master of legal software and i would actually like
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a for was the way it is important to me. it was a boy. islam honking borrowing a deal of yeah, you've got to walk. i'm on contract with my, you're about your, your boy, me, bill. my just the yours winter dollars on night. the mom or the yeah. yes. on a merely jesse did i miss you all. also 13 caught them off night. the interesting to me on it, to me in the boy last guys topic on on me a little bit a bit
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with how long would it be that i'm on the course? yes, danielle quicker had as he had to make a mental calling the only one in kind of his stuff, nancy loveless essays throughout that amani ali i when i last here last was he tessa. oh boy, that a layer of caching me to start with a bottle you know, how am i unable at us, why it's more net that i get more in a how a love a
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value on a. 6 i got a little of was a problem with then i
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have i'm in now off it could say you saw is that you shall it had a guess of sorting or the other thought i'd go baba. oh say luke is under this? who called uncle aus is renella. i will be dead when she saw him with normally i yes. so she will go in. i can i have to see you all his girlfriend in moon. yes ma'am. hello monica. so tegan, whether he learned was so sick. oh no, i'm guessing on the path pumping out the land. 60 no susco found the way central canada read. alenta.
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whether not one malagon having a will come by then leave. ha ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, technical lab but thought like a high cup of any medical. most of it. oh, i don't know, put an i can't live and in i think it was taken to get his id. so a thought if you want to go
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with this, but we only go by her husband. so my said to have him on leave me of oh no no, no, no, no one can get a little bit of a miss
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on on my love to let the men and tom on him. ahem! kate, the mama, i can't them on or to star 911 with them. like i said that a good this is he thought that they don't answer to your to tell it be done model. i mean? ah no, no, no. i t a lot is tatty or how has the amino on
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fans and we can do a whole national plane on it had on hand with african. i all could get you there. i mean the color in alicia bail. how does you know i will for most oh i live. okay. oh wow. i i was i think was oh good. thank you mohammed i scores. i really appreciate that. oh well i'll shoot, i should be good. so i do want a call to say so thanks. i swell, pre eliyahu, buck available. one bitch. otherwise i have maria will i will and typically a let the iraqi rom 50. ha ha. in the lead one of your problem. yes, those are the algo g. yorba. how did you see
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a lady i li, quick, ms. walker, this is luigi norco. i hello. hello, how hold? i know a whole going to be way a little. yeah, actually little good. be able with others are they said thursday or look, will you be through if you did you have an annual well for to look at it. ok. ok, ha ha, ha ha ha, ha. i how, how will you so when i've got to somebody else and i got off the i woke, i am a law hoshevely. who doesn't believe hall? a
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boy a 12 or. oh yeah, yeah. oh, it is a big factor in there. oh yeah. ok. yes. so, so the us to really were you hey, i see all the top one kid no way to to what a
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. 6 what they left behind it and let us knit then and asked a mess might come in. so a man with with
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with a boy garcia bought around no 8 garcia. so a
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a seek on i with the one in with in this for who who are the how viruses on. i received a one. 0 one. 04. yeah. we're in the one i had. yeah. why don't i'm in the market. hold on in there. we have a case that that, that they are not out in court vibrant. no need lost. i need those
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teeth. i oh, a in a while. i wanted to be done. may have been where you get a
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a a a a a
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housing has become a commodity instead of a human rights, mag years. some people the ability to take advantage of others, the elite, feel free to violate basic laws, the working classes that have lost a lot of ground in our society. a un special reporter on adequate housing travels the world, investigating a global crisis, as people are evicted to clear the way for investors and properties too often left empty. push a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah and the journey has begun. the fee for world cup is on its way to catherine book. your travel package today have you still in the and it is maybe not that surprising,
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but it has been particularly heavy. recently. as a result, many people had to be evacuated. the snow has to be cleared from these high mountain roads. it is the end these after all, but is quite a big dump of stone. it hasn't entirely finished either. there'll be a little bit more stretching right beyond santiago and then dying. able to go to the argentine side as well, for the recess of familiar, sorry. is it not rain, often sundry either in uruguay or just across the border in the southeast reserve. well, it's doing it again. it tends to not temperature maxwell lessons. you know, 30 is going to come down to about 17 the following day. now the picture to the north of that through most brazil is a dry one. this is the seas no rain that wraps itself around the world and goes north and south with the sun. it's not particularly active at the moment. it did spawn a hurricane, which is often the eastern pacific. otherwise, it's just a few showers concentration, maybe costa rica on panama, and it's a fair amount of rain likely wants to get in florida and maybe well to the other
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southern states of the u. s. otherwise, this is fairly hot and dry. the active weather wet weiss is in the upper midwest and further west and yosemite, for example, with that big fire still burning. it's dry tasa official and i know the gen ah ah
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sake that he'd been humming and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero, ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm rob matheson and this is the news ally from doha coming over the next 60 minutes . millions at risk. a un backed aid corridor into rebel held northern syria is close. dr. members of the security council failed to reach an agreement talks are underway, insure lanka to form a unity government while.


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