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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 13, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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meant to be days or hard tasting vices, species not endangered. yeah, there's 90 percent of australia and have a whole song is $99.00 i have on international time. that's for sure. ecologists want the circle. brumby. horse is gone, saying they decimating a pristine environment, including the habitats of endangered native animals. but holes activists a little bit hard to keep them arguing that their communities, lifestyle, and cultural identity is under threat. ah sterling because embattled president please the country out before his promised resignation his military jet has just landed in the mold eaves.
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ah ha ha ha robin. you are watching all their life. my headquarters here in dove, also coming up the committee investigating last year as a time called the u. s. capital is told donald trump plan to lead the march of his supporters that make it look spontaneous. also a lifeline for millions of display syrians, the u. an approved cross border aid in to rebel held areas, but only 6 months under russian pressure handed deep dive into the calls most. the 1st pictures from nasa's james webb telescope reveal a sea of galaxies and signs of water in one of them. i welcome to the prego. we begin with breaking news, coming out, destroy lanka, where president go to buy a roger box, has fled the country following mass protest over the country's economic crisis.
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roger pac sir and his wife boarded a military plane bound for the mold deeds. now he'd been in hiding since crowd stormed the presidential palace on saturday. protest leaders had warned they would be massive demonstrations of the president and the prime minister did not step down by wednesday. all correspondent mcnelson under the standing by in columbus. the fast moving story. yes. again mental since saturday. what are you hearing now exactly about the president's departure from the country? it's all been cloak and dagger with president. got up a raj, a boxer in the last a day or day and a half in terms of all those attempts that you referred to in terms of him trying to leave the country. this the, she lank and people have literally been sort of spellbound listening to, you know, the travels of got of a roger boxer trying to get to one military base to an airport to mrs flights
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because immigration officers refused to put stab his passport. so all of these things with the sort of web closing in, in getting increasingly desperate. and the latest now we're hearing is in the last hour or 2. basically he boarded an 832 military flight that has also been confirmed or to have arrived in the mall dev's carrying the president. his wife are one military brigadier who over here is a body guard and at least an and one of the male passenger. so that's, that's what we're hearing and what we have confirmed so far, obviously for international views. it's the dead of the night im sri lanka. but how do you think the public going to react to this news as they wake up and find out what's happened to the president they're not going to be very happy for that much is sure because the entr sort of body of protesters was very, very keen that guitar b roger boxer, as well as the entire roger box of family is held to account. now obviously they
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have been waging this campaign. gotta go home for more than 3 months now where they encounter on the presidential secretary of the president's office and demanded that he stepped down. now, right along with that and almost as a sort of a 2nd wave to that, was that a he be held accountable that he be asked to sort of a, give a reason and be held accountable for the sort of disaster that has unfolded in this country. for short sighted decision making for not enough planning for mismanagement, for corruption, obviously all in some pretty sort of bad times worldwide, but still gotta be roger boxer has been blamed largely in this country of for the state. it is in right now, so they're not going to be happy because there is
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a very strong movement and a call for all these leaders to be held accountable for what they have done to this country. and the fact that the president has managed to get away is not going to sort of go down very well. obviously, like i said earlier, all of those reports of people like the immigration officers taught in his attempts to flee when he started moving around to different ports. there was a sort of a groundswell of a sort of anticipation almost. and thereby also action, for example, immigration officers on mass leaving their force, refusing to stamp his passport, airport officials, keeping an eye on the goings and things like that. so overall, for the public, we saw a few days ago. those tens of thousands of people are just converging on the shank and capital on colombo and finally overrunning the presidential palace. you know,
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for that body of people, it's not going to be good news. none other difficult. i'm sure. as dawn breaks in slang will come back to me now as we get more nothing and as a force in columbia. thanks the latest hearing now on the us can house committee investigating the january 6th insurrection focused on the oval office meeting, described as unhinged during tuesdays session republican representative lynn cheney also directly accused former president, dulled from of witness tampering. congressional investigator seeking to draw connections between trumps associates and right wing groups who stormed the u. s. capital, in an effort to keep trump in office despite losing the 2020 election as crossover and speak to. she had pretenses that capitol hill force and she had, i mean, what's all this leading to because the hearing is sort of widening out and morphing into perhaps a much larger investigation to the outside observer. i think that's an
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interesting point. i mean, live with the concrete committee and sell voice as this is about looking towards legislative legislative solutions to ensure that this doesn't happen again. but there's also the argument that clearly the hoping that maybe this will have some impact on the midterms or that there's no evidence. it is. the major issue here is biden's handling of the economy and other issues. but i think what we're seeing is, once again the committee trying to make the case that from all the he may not have any direct collusion with paramilitary groups or violence. whatever he could, he must have sort of known what was happening. there was a convergence of interest to day. what we heard was off to the electoral college, matt and certified the election. joe biden was officially president elect. trump felt that his options, what were narrowing, and he held a meeting of his court in full kitchen, cabin people like rudy giuliani, like flim and they're all saying are well we won't lay just to go. we can get a special prosecutor will suffer seizing election machines and so on. and what we
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understand is members of the white house, legal staff, the white house dot heard about this meeting going on in the white house and rushed over there and a huge, profane laden sliding match was going on with the white al stuff saying, no, this is over, you've got to just accept it. what you're suggesting is crazy. and i think what was, what we're hearing now is them in the early hours of the following day. trumped, i'm suggest is that he realize, okay, my options have narrowed and that's when in the words of one member of the committee, he summoned the moby, he pointed out the infamous tweet saying that it's statistically impossible that he lost the election. he called his supporters to washington for january the 6th, and he said it will be while to be there will be wild answer the case i the, the committee is making his look. i mean, he would, he was, he was directly organizing this, but it ain't well they haven't made is any direct a given any direct evidence of him actually coordinating any violence or anything like this. but what we have heard is it's rank and file support from could have said anything, they would come and they and they did come and they were swept up and what was
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going on. but there was also this other element of the right when paramilitary groups and we heard from a former member of a right when paramilitary group who wasn't left long before january the 6th. but he said that this is what he felt that those param, other troops would have heard following that tweet. i think we need to quit mincing words and just talk about truth and what it was going to be was an armed revolution . i mean, people died that day. law enforcement officer side this, there was a gallows set up in front of the capital. this could have been the spark that started a new civil war, and no one would have won their powerful statement. she happened so we wonder how many more hearings can we expect? what we keep on hearing from committee members on background is that people getting so much i wouldn't so many new people coming forward. that's why they keep on adding hearings. they will get another hearing next week. we understand postpone
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from this week, which labs, which will give us the next chapter, which is what was donald trump doing? i was the right was taking place. what will people around him doing? what about the fears that will be expressed him about how this is getting out of control? why result from doing more? i guess the question is to try to stop this from happening, the rank and file drop. so look, if, if trumpet preachers go home, i would go home way before, but when he didn't do that, we would have swept up and social media and the narrative. so that's next week. and i mean, some talk perhaps of, of the hearings, perhaps in september. what you can see, why maybe the, some of the democrats was like that closer to the mid terms. however, having said that, as i mentioned, is really isn't an issue for, for the mid terms that remains biden's happening with the economy biden's general performance. as, as president, so i mean, you do always wonder what, what the audience is for this and whether it's is preaching to the converted or whether it is reminding everyone that trump or when to some rather dark days. she ever tenses in capitol hill for spent. so much, you know, now the security council has passed a resolution to extend cross border,
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a deliveries into serious last rebel held region. but only for 6 months. commission for shipments from turkey into north western civil expired on monday. after rush of vito an attempt to renew the mandate for a whole year, diplomat, together to james bass has more from the united nations. after days of uncertainty, the security council renewed permission for humanitarian aid to flow from turkey into syria. but for just 6 months, it was deeply controversial. the u. k. france and the u. s. abstained a resolution with a 12 month timeline, which is what the you and an 8 agencies requested was defeated on friday when russia used it's vito. the vote we took this morning as what happens when one council member takes the entire security council hostage with the lives of syrian men, women, and children hanging in the balance. the resolution that was finally passed was very similar to the one russia had itself proposed on friday. then 13 out of 15
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council members had voted against it, norway and ireland introduced the new version that festival. this was not a decision taken on the basis of a russian draft to day. this was a cold man holder, russia air, ireland, and norway, se draft now just the words different. i think on the face of it, you may look at that and say that change, but you know that the devil is in the detail. and i think if you look at the checks, there are significant differences. what is different is a pause requiring the un secretary general antonio good terrorist to provide report on the age situation. by december, he gave me his reaction to the new resolution. we have been asking for the renewal of a cross bar to the point as it is essential for, for the people in italy. it's a matter of life and death for many of them. the we have asked for a renewal of her whenever the 6 to 6 months.
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but i strongly hope that after the 6 months or it will be renewed, the head of the human rights group. amnesty international says the events of recent days show the work of the security council is now virtually paralyzed after he wrote donald a different system, the security council, as well as his clearly demonstrating that she has upon the end of its past. right now. something else need to come up with just a 6th month extension. members of the security council will have to renegotiate humanitarian aid in syria in january. that's a time of year when conditions are particularly tough for people in northern syria because of the harsh wintery weather. james bayes al jazeera of the united nations us president joe biden arrives in the middle east on wednesday at a time of several regional and global challenges. first off as israel, which recently normalize relations with several gulf countries and isn't talks to
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form an arab israeli military alliance against iran. well, biden faces calls for tougher action on to her on the go, she ations of stole, despite attempts to revive the 2015 nuclear deal. it also meet palestinian president mahmoud abbas, who wants to revise the 2 state solution talks and bring back us financial support by will be meeting other arab leaders in the gulf corporation council summit. and his last stop in saudi arabia had previously refused to deal with saudi crump. his mom had been sold man, after the murder of american german jamal shot g. earlier al jazeera spoke to the us national security council spokesman john kirby. he says biden plans to facilitate a path towards the 2 state solution between palestinians and israelis. there was no relationship with the united states and the palestinian authority over much of the last administration. and there were no conversations happening. there was no dialogue and palestinian palestinian interests were basically
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ignored by the previous administration. president biden wants to take a completely different view here. he believes that the 2 state solution is the best solution for both israelis and palestinians. and he's looking forward to meeting with president a boss to talk about how the united states is committed to a 2 state solution and to, and to seeing real peace here. because he believes that that is the best option for democratic senators in the us have sent a letter to the secretary of state by the answers about the review of the killing allows. is there a jealous green apple actually the senate to say the security coordinators review doesn't live up to entity ben can call for an independent incredible investigation . the democratic signatories to the latter are chris on helen, chris murphy. patrick leahy and dick devon train up. i actually was shot in the head while reporting on israeli raids the occupied west bank all still had here
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on out over the u. k. is conservative party finalizes 8 candidates in the race to decide who helped me move in to number 10 downing street. also you look at how apps that enabled children to learn from home during cave at 19 pandemic lockdown, exposed to danger. ah, the historic drought, i'm sure you're well aware of in california. generally in the u. s. west means that the level of lake me which supplies water to california, you top arizona is really low. fat is the lowest the quarter since it was initially filled at 1937. and that, in addition to the heat, is very hot down in the southwest corner, that heat runs up through california and right up towards, well, more,
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less washington. so the combination of heat and lack of rain if resulted in this driving. of course, the 1000 yosemite, there's nothing to change in the next day or so possibly a week or so that are big showers around. and they are coming up over the dry part, which is part of the monsoon season for the southwest, the u. s. otherwise, the storms more recently been a lot further off and they've been concentrating around the great lakes, for example, there again, but also wandered around the southern states. a combination of that week from coming south and lower gulf air, which means anywhere really from georgia down to texas. you could see some pretty flooding range in the next day or so does means the south, there is no lot try a scattering a shout, no more than that in cuba, some parts of mexico and i suspect also panama and costa rica is more snow to come down the and these, but for the south it was more than in chile. ah,
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oh oh oh, oh i wherever you go in the world woman line goes to make it feel exceptional. katara always going places to give me the ah, look about your what is there with me the whole whole reminder of all top stories rank as president of the country following mass protest over the countries economic
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crisis got the by roger paxton and his wife bought the military plane down to the mold eve. he'd been in hiding since. com stole the presidential palace on saturday . a member of the u. s. republican party has accused donald trump of witness tampering. miss cheney says, trump cold or tried to call the witness that was talking to the panel investigating last year. the tack on capitol hill. the hearings will be focusing on the oval office meeting and a described as unhinged. and the un security council agreed to extend cross board a deliveries into serious last rebel held region. but only 6 months. the last authorization expired on monday after russia, vito to proposed one year extension. well, it's a view of the universe that we've never really seen before. nasa has released more images from the james web space telescope, the most powerful of
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a launched into orbit. now they include pictures of a dying star estella nursery. what's being described as a cosmic dance of galaxies. the giving scientists insight into the universe as it was billions of years ago. jonathan lou nene is a james web space telescope, interdisciplinary scientist. he's also an astronomy professor at cornell university, joyce, me now from ithaca in new york, vice in good have you with us, jonathan? on the program, i want have always wanted to use this phrase space, the final frontier, that phrase is losing its gravitas with the image is that to have been revealed by the telescope? well, we're certainly saying farther than any telescope, as before, women showing its remarkable power sensitivity. and just the 1st few images are you see the images and you look at the men or i think the global audience has since
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they've been released. however, how long does it take scientists to understand what we're looking at? because there must be certain points or criteria that you can define straightaway as a scientist. for example, if we look at the stella nursery image that we've got 1st that we can bring up for of years. i mean, it's a, it's a stunning image. that is probably the most complex of the images that came down from of james, where space telescope in this initial bash is a very, very complex region. about 7000 light years from the earth. i is a place where stars are being born. you can see the dust in the bottom part of the image, that is the place where the gas and clumps of gas and duster collapsing to form stars. and yet, in the upper part of the image, which is brilliantly clear, there is a kind of a battle going on as stars that have already formed that are blowing
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out enormous winds. and ultraviolet radiation are creating a kind of a bowl and eroding away the edge of that region of dust. that's what she see of the boundary there. and so that erosion of material is limiting the amount of star formation that can happen at that time. interesting names for lots of these images . i mean stevens quintet is under the beautiful image. i mean, you could just stay with it for forever. yes. so stevens content, stefan content, named after a french astronomer, is a lovely region of 5 galaxies. so considerably farther away than the previous image, the galaxy on the left is actually not part of that group. it's about 40000000 light years away, and the others are almost 300000000 light years away. among the 4 galaxies that are
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associated with each other, you can see the 2 of them are colliding and that is causing a burst of star formation on the edge of those 2 galaxies. and then the one on the top is beginning to interact as well. title a, so it's a, it's a galactic tug of war, essentially, among those 4 galaxies, little things. so your billing stars, i do apologize. i didn't mean to interrupt that. there's also an amazing image of a dying star was the probability that the, that the telescope could take and not photograph at that particular time with a dying soil, has that dying star been dying for a long time. stellar death is a pretty prolonged process. it involves the star as it no longer is able to stabilize, undergo hydrogen fusion. it begins to pulse and collapse, and as it collapses, it bounces back and in ajax material from its outer layers. and so what you're
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seeing in that image is the out is the material that is being injected. actually if you look carefully on the left hand image, you can see that it really is composed of a series of rains. and so there have been episodes of material being pushed away from that dying star. and that will go on for quite some time. is it a fair enough question to us? why do we need to know about how when the universe began, what we, what benefits does it have for us here on planet earth at this moment in time? well, it's a good question that we should always ask. and the answer always seems to come back that this gives us a new perspective on our place in the universe. we are in terms of our physics and chemistry of product of the illusion of the cosmos. and so to understand where we came from and whether we are unique or perhaps the common outcome of cosmic evolution requires understanding that cosmic evolution and telescopes give us that
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information. and where this is going to push us that much farther toward understanding our place in this remarkable cosmos. it's been great to get your insight on this, jonathan lou, nene from cornell university. thanks so much for joining us from ithaca. thank you . my pleasure. the human rights watch says technology useful. remote landing during the coven, 19 pandemic could have been used together private information about children. now the rise group says 49 government's approved education technology, which could breach the privacy of children, the products harvested information about their child. the location, their families and friends, as well as what they did in the classroom. $145.00 products had the technology to monitor, including outside school hours. hey young, who is a research and advocate in the children's rights division of human rights watch. she says, many governments neglected to check the safety of the apps that they endorsed. what
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we found was out of a $163.00 as tech products that we investigated. and we investigated about $300.00 companies around the globe. we found that an overwhelming majority were collecting children's information in ways that they shouldn't or had nothing to do with their education. so to break down just a little bit, what that means is these data, these at tech products were surveilling, children gathering information as to who these children were, where they were living, what they were doing on the internet. and even things like the device that their families could afford for them to use. and very few governments checked whether the products that they were recommending were safe for children to use that all. and again, just you've been explanation or an illustration of what that means. some of the
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acts we looked at could collect precise location data. and what that means is through a child's mobile phone, they were able to figure out a child exact location to about 5 meters. and what that really means is, remember, during the early days of the panoramic, every one was at home, especially children. so that meant that these apps were suddenly able to figure out where children bedrooms were, where they're living were essentially where children were spending the most amount of time. but the era hit parity with us dollar and trading on cheese day before seeing a slight rebound. it's the lowest evaluation of the currency since 2002, nothing driven by fears of a global recession. investors are anxious about lack of growth across the or zone. they're also concerns and supplies of russian gas might be cut due to the war in ukraine. this after butler has bought from paris for the year,
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i've been falling since the beginning of the year. but the 1st time into decade, the exchange rate between the euro and the dollar. it's pretty much the same. and there are a number of reasons for that high inflation, which is being fueled by the war in ukraine. i just, devices, course ongoing concerns in europe. energy supplies, as you're trying to win itself for fresh and gas. but it also concerned about russia cutting its existing gas replies. on top of that, the u. s. federal was typed up interest rates much faster than european central bank, and all the classes meant that the dollar is much stronger. it's much safer, but for invest, particularly a some analysts say that the euro could continue to fall in the coming weeks. the london busiest airport is that limit the number of departing passengers to 100000 a day for the next 2 months before the pandemic, the average number of daily passengers that he throw it was more than double that. but authority, se airlines a ground staff cannot cope with the recent rise in passenger numbers. 8 candidates
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have made it onto the ballot hoping to replace bowers johnson as the leader of the case. conservative party for which and service you see neck is the favorite. he kicked off his campaign on tuesday, promising honesty, after a series of votes, the case next prime minister will be announced on september, the 5th. both johnson stepped down following internal pressure over series of scandals pulled brendan has more. well, we've got 8 candidates now left standing after elimination into the 1st round, the 1922 committee, which is a committee within the pretty conservative party, responsible for electing the new leader. basically set the ball quite high. normally, if you had 8 supporters within the party, you would get into the 1st round ballot. instead they put it up to 20 supporters that were required, hoping that that would fit out the field somewhat. we had 11 potential candidates, haven't really thinned out the field as much as perhaps the 922 committee would
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have hoped to go 8 candidates who will go forward to tomorrow's 1st round ballot. which will take place over 2 hours in the early afternoon on wednesday. the big names are still in, well, frankly, the front when a clearly within the parliamentary parties. the former chancellor wishes sumac, who has probably more than double the amount of support among his parliamentary colleagues. and any of the other individual candidates, but another name that i think we need to watch out for is penny mordant. the conservative home website did a survey on tuesday of conservative members, and they're the ones who will get the postal balance at the end of the day to select the leader and penny mordant surprise. and they came out talk amongst conservative members. so yeah, between at the moment it looks between research through neck and penny more than but the other 6 would probably have will disagree with me. ah, you know, does that mean.


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