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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 13, 2022 6:00am-6:31am AST

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in just under a year's time, catholic al date stadium will house. the opening match of the 2022 world cup. the official opening of the stadium came on day one of the arab cup. the many fans were already counting down to the big kickoff next, november c, u r. o, a 1022 as this tournament unfolds over the coming days, it will play a key role. organize is getting ready to host the middle east's. biggest ever supporting event next year and for the cats are national teams. they get used to playing in front of expected home crowds. now hoping to convince both the fans and themselves they really are ready to take on the world. ah so because in battle present fleas the country hours before his promised resignation the military jets carrying got to buy a raja parkside has landed in the mold eaves
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ah, i mean regardless of their life and to whole. so coming up the committee investigating the attack on the u. s. capital is told donald trump plan to lead the march as well, making it look spontaneous as president biden heads to the middle east. we look ahead to his visit, saudi arabia, and the delicate diplomacy that require let's take a deep dive into the cause most the 1st pitches of nurses, james web telescope reveal a sea of galaxies and signs of water in one of them. ah soon cuz president got to buy a raja packs that has fled the country days off to protest as angry over food a few shortages stolen the presidential palace. roger parkside and his wife were taken to the mold eaves on
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a military plane. protest leaders had warned that the would be massive demonstrations if the president and prime minister didn't step down by wednesday. well, fernandez has more from columbus. the president obviously succeeding in his attempts to leave the country. the people have been keeping a close eye over the last 24 hours to various reports that present got of a roger boxer was trying literally to flee the country as that deadline for his resignation. the 13th of july came closer. now, there are a couple of things that are due on the 14th of july, the supreme court of this country had listed for hearing a petition by transparency international. the sort of corruption watchdog that would look into accountability and factors in a petition filed against fred, the president, and his brothers, that also required for him to be prevented from traveling overseas. so all of these
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things were sort of closing in. and if you looked at the massive groundswell against the president urging him to step down the other day, people overrunning his official residents and his office. it was just a matter of time before that net closed in. so president got up a roger pox basically reported to have tried all avenues, the poor to different airports to try to fly out. and even some sort of facing a really big pushback from the people. even the immigration officials had refused to stamp the passports of his some of his entourage and things like that causing delays that made him mrs. flights. that's to the middle east. earlier was what report said. so finally, now we're hearing that he has arrived in the mall dev's the latest congressional hearing on last year's it's hard on us. capitol has focused on a tweet from then president donald trump described as
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a call to arms should have returns the reports from washington. the committee has meticulously presented a narrative charting donald trump's refusal to accept the presidential election results of 2020. they argue that he began the campaign targeting state elections. officials and the department of justice with them, vice president mike pence. in previous hearing several senior figures in trump circle of testify that there was no case to be made. the election was free and fair . and on tuesday, the committee play testimony from the white house legal council explaining he felt the same way at some point to put up or shut up. right now. the legal challenges had been exhausted, and the electoral college met on december. the 14th to certify joe biden was the president elect trump held what was described as an unhinged meeting on the 18th pitting whitehouse staff against. trump's informal set of advisors who are advocating seizing voting machines, for example, what they were proposing. i thought was nuts. i'm going to categorically describe it as you guys and i tough enough. i'm happy with his options,
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the committee argues vance. when trump decided to quote some of the mob the tweet in the early hours of the 19th of december, trump sent out the tweet. with his explosive invitation. trump repeated his big lie and claimed it was, quote, statistically impossible to have lost the 2020 election before calling for a big a protest in d. c. on january 6th. be there will be wild ah tweet, mobilized right when paramilitary groups like the proud boys of the oath keepers. now they had a date to focus on as they attempted to overturn the election according to the committee. one former official of the oath keepers who did not take part in the right. so there was the potential for even worse outcomes. i think we need to quit mincing words and just talk about truths and what it was going to be was an armed revolution with a tweet,
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also mobilized rank and file from supporters who had no affiliation to any group. the committee did not present any evidence that trump actively coordinate of the rights, but the committee members keep on suggesting that there was a convergence of interests. next week's hearing will be about trump's reaction to the right and the growing fears of those around him. in addition, committee members amount, so they'd seen what they felt was more evidence of donald trump attempting to tamper with witnesses to the committee. schubert, nancy al jazeera capitol hill turbines, on his way to the middle east on his 1st visit to the region as u. s. president, his 1st thought will be israel. web security has been boosted ahead of his arrival . hello. so meet with palestinian leaders in the occupied west bank. stephanie deca explains that some of the challenges he'll be facing the last time president joe biden was here in the region was in 2010 in his capacity as vice president trying to revive talks, which in these ratings and the palestinians. but just hours after landing here,
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these really government announced the construction of a $1600.00 new subtler units here that i much slomo according to reports, had left joe biden furious and publicly stated this was very much against what was needed to rebuild trust between the 2 sides, well now he returns as president, no much loma has turned into a massive illegal settlement. now settlements have continued to expand both here in the occupied west bank and an occupied east jerusalem at sight. it is one of the main obstacles to peace by the palestinians. and under the previous tromp administration, this was never criticized, but under biden, washington is taking a stronger stands. president biden, however, comes here at a time. this really political turmoil. he'll be meeting with the intern prime minister yellow p to could no longer be prime minister with my following november's elections. and you'll also be meeting with opposition leader benjamin netanyahu. a man, he's known for a very long time, but you clearly look to go by dan will also be meeting with the palestinian present mahmoud abbas here in bethlehem,
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where it's impossible to miss the wall. really the symbol of israel's longstanding occupation and effort to restrict the freedom of movement of the palestinian people, but to give ministration has made it clear that this trip is more about integrating israel into the region rather than reviving long stalled peace talks. but for his part of joe biden, his trip is likely to come on his last stop in saudi arabia. my kind of has moved from washington, d. c. before ha, ha, ha, ha, rama. during his presidential campaign, joe biden was harshly critical of saudi arabia's human rights record. in particular, what he insists was its involvement in the murder of journalist jamal cas shoji. we were going to in fact make them the price and make sand, in fact, the pariah that they are. so help me god, congratulations mister brandon. but now up to 18 months in office, president biden will meet the saudi leaders on his trip to jetta. he will have
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a bilateral meeting with king salman and king someone's leadership team and the crown prince is on that leadership team. so you can expect that he'll see. the crown principle is there. ah, it's a long way from treating the saudis as paris, as he's desperate to get more oil on the market. the oil prices are high, inflation is raging. people don't like, but they're paying it the gas pump. there's an election in 4 months. he'd like to have some progress made there in a bit to counter criticism. president biden took the rest step of writing an opinion piece in the washington post newspaper. he writes from the start, my aim was to reorient, but not rupture. relations with the country that's being a strategic partner for 80 years view as role in the u. n. negotiated ceasefire in yemen is also highlighted. it's among what the president regards at
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successes, his administration has achieved in the region. he adds, throughout my journey i have in mind the millions of americans who served in the region, including my son, bow and $7054.00 who died in the middle east. and i've gone is done since september 2001 the bite and administration insists that human rights remain central to its foreign policy. but this is a largely unspoken assumption that the u. s. does not want these to distract from what will be the overarching strand in each and every meeting. a major part of new u. s. foreign policy used to resuscitate the joint comprehensive plan of action with iran. it's a deal broken by a bomber, dismantled by trump. most of us allies in the region are not in favor of the feel. and to come to this opposition is a major point of finance trip to the region. the hurdle to achieving this
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balancing the administration's pledge to respect human rights with its need for the support of countries accused of disregarding them by kinda jazeera washington. the security council is passed the resolution to extend cross board a deliveries into serious last rebel held region. but only for 6 month promotion for the shipment from turkey into northwest and syria expired. on monday, after russia returned an attempt to renew the mandates for a year or diplomat to get his, a james space has moved me united nations. after days of uncertainty, the security council renewed permission for humanitarian aid to flow from turkey into syria. but for just 6 months, it was deeply controversial. the u. k. france and the u. s. abstained a resolution with a 12 month timeline, which is what the un and agencies requested was defeated on friday when russia used it's vito. the vote we took this morning is what happens when one council member
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takes the entire security council hostage with the lives of syrian men, women, and children hanging in the balance. the resolution that was finally passed was very similar to the one russia had itself proposed on friday. then 13 out of 15 council members had voted against it, norway and ireland introduced the new version that festival. this was not a decision taken on the basis of a russian draft to day. this was a cold van holder, russia air ireland and norway se draft now the words different. i think on the face of it, you may look at that and say that change, but you know that the devil is in the detail. and i think if you look at the checks, there are significant differences. what is different is a pause requiring the un secretary general antonio good terrorist to provide report on the 8 situation. by december, he gave me his reaction to the new resolution. we have been asking for the renewal of dr. cross board. the point does it is
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essential for, for the people in italy, it's a matter of life and there are many of them that we have asked for a renewal of her whenever the secret was 6 months. but i strongly hope that after the 6 months or it will be renewed, the head of the human rights group, amnesty international says the events of recent days show the work of the security council is now virtually paralyzed. after he wrote donald a different system, the security council, as well as his clearly demonstrating that she has upon the end of its past right now. something else need to come up with just a 6th month extension. members of the security council will have to re negotiate humanitarian aid in syria in january. that's a time of year when conditions are particularly tough for people in northern syria
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because of the harsh wintery weather. james bayes al jazeera of the united nations . i deserve a veteran protest known as grandma one that goes on trial in hong kong, and panama government announces measures to cab the rise and fuel and food prices of the laws protest ah, with the historic drought, i'm sure you're well aware of in california. generally in the u. s. west means that the level of lake me which supplies water to california, you top arizona is really low. fat is the lowest the quarter since it was initially filled at 1937. and that, in addition to the heat, is very hot down in the southwest corner, that heat runs up through california and right up towards, well, more,
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less washington. so the combination of heat and lack of rate if resulted in, is driving the cost a $1000.00 yosemite. there's nothing to change in the next day or so possibly a week or so that are big showers around and they are coming up over the dry part, which is part of the monsoon season for the southwest, the u. s. otherwise, the storms more recently been a lot further off and they've been concentrating around the great lakes, for example, there again, but also wandered around the southern states. a combination of that week from coming south and lot of gulf a which means that anywhere really from georgia down to texas, you could see some pretty flooding rains in the next day or so does means the surface normal loc. try a scattering a shout, no more than that in cuba, some parts of mexico. and i suspect also panama and costa rica is more snow to come down the and these, but fed assassinate walls more than a chilly. ah lou.
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blue ah, wherever you go in the world, one airline goes to make it feel exceptional. katara always going places to go. ah ah, your child is there a remind of our top stories this out? so long as president has fled the country falling moss mass protests of his spiraling economic crisis by roger packs. and his wife took
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a military plane to the maldives he'd been in hiding since crowd stormed the presidential palace on saturday. and the late his congressional hearing on loss, she had to tackle new as capital as focused on a tweet from former president donald trump described as a call to arms. it was posted in the weeks before the right. as you try to salvage his presidency. and joe barton's on his way to the middle east on his 1st visit, the region as you as present. his 1st stop will be israel, where security has been boosted ahead of his arrival. i will also meet with palestinian leaders in the occupied westbank. ukrainian pulses say they've destroyed a russian military, ammunition depot in southern kirsten region. some nearby residential buildings have also been damaged. keith has called on civilians to lee parts of the region as it plans to launch in new operations to retake areas last to moscow. alan fisher now reports from ukrainian capital this see the ukrainians is the destruction of an
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army depot. it's thought you are supplied. hi mars rockets were launched that the site in the russian controlled region of cash song, the ukranian c 52 russian soldiers were also killed. but the most go back to thought it is claim it was a fertilizer store, and 7 civilians have died. i'll just either cannot independently confirm either claim pictures taken in the daylight give some idea of the damage caused the u. s. has been rushing miss our systems to ukraine, believing they can help push back russian forces. one us sen, arge congress to st. more and send them quickly when people understand only ask about our support for ukraine, our taxpayer funded aid to the tune of billions of dollars. they deserve to know that their heartburn taxpayer dollars have being spent wisely. in my view, that means many and on weapons like high mars, they're actually making a difference on the battlefield. the russians are believed to be in an operational pause in the east of the country, ready to pu sean,
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and take the rest of the don bus region. the pause is to restock refueling re supply, but that becomes much more difficult if the ukrainians are able to target and successfully destroy ammunition dumps. some analysts say the rocket system could significantly delay russian progress. the ukranian president says he's glad to have them. you could yell at me, i want to thank the united states of america for its decision to provide ukraine with a new 400000000 dollar defense assistance package. additional hi miles and other precision weapons allow us to take anti terrorist steps. they allow us to reduce russian strides with their missiles on our people. e hickman. but the u. s. believes the russians are also restocking tumbling to the iranians for you. ease are unmanned drones are and information indicates that the iranian government is preparing to provide russia with up to several 100. you avi's, including weapons capable,
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you avi's on an expert at expedited timeline. the u. s. insist moscow has failed in its main strategic objectives in ukraine. but those in the east are bracing themselves for a major russian offensive. that could come in just stays. alan fisher al jazeera keith, the toddler veteran, hong kong protest and known as grandma wong is underway. the 65 year old has been detained on several occasions. this time she's facing charges of lawful assembly and the truck had loss for 6 weeks. alexandra wong, frequently to part in the 2019 protest movement. waiving a british lag, adrian brown has moved from hong kong. i think in the eyes of many people, so she is a celebrity. she is facing 2 charges of a legal assembly that goes back to january of this year when she was arrested after she was detained. she was denied custody and has been basically in jail. now for the past 6 months now, grandma wong is well known. she stands out because it's the prop that she used to
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use during the protests in 2019 she would waive a large union jack flag. and of course, in the eyes of the authorities, that was a very sort of flagrant tone, very provocative, because it seemed to suggest that there was still a sort of nostalgia for british colonial rule here in hong kong. she is no stranger of course to the courts. she has been arrested and jailed multiple times during the past few years. and back in 2019, she vanished after returning to china. she did fist across the board in shins, n, when she eventually emerged 14 months later, she said that she'd be interrogated almost every day. now alexandra wrong, which is her real name, is facing the prospect of up to 5 years in jail if she's convicted at this court. now, on tuesday, another veteran protest her was jailed for 9 months. he is 75 years old
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and there's concern. he might well die in jail because he now has false stage colon cancer. the ivory coast is demanding the malign military release. it soldiers that were arrested on sunday for shines holders were detained at the ample airport in pamlico allegations. they were operating as mercenaries, tensions between molly's transitional government and the you, and have risen in recent weeks. nicholas hawkins. following developments from the senegalese capital deco every coast is calling for the immediate release of its soldiers being held in by miko following an emergency meeting. led by president water in abidjan. the council for national security, read out a communicate in that communicate. they said that the detention of that soldiers was unjustified, that they were there to support the un mission. but for the molina authorities, these men are mercenaries there to create trouble in the country. take a listen to what the statement was on national television, read out by the maryan military genta. this is, you know,
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the persons of the faithful intention of those arrested was clearly to break the dynamics of the rebuilding and securing of molly, as well as the return to constitutional order. the local media in every coast accused the maryan genta of taking the soldiers hostage almost as a bargaining chip because the marine military june turned by mecca who took over in a qu in 2021, had been increasingly isolated. the french forces that were helping them have pulled out. and now there are only the russian mercenaries that have stepped in that are supporting these, the maryan authorities there to stem out attacks from arm groups linked to al qaeda . and i cell as well as the un peacekeeping force. but for many in the region, they fear that the security in the region is contingent on the stability. and molly, already, there's been attacks by arm groups linked to al qaeda and i, so from within, molly to neighboring countries such as ivory coast. and so there's increased
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pressure on the 1000000 military to into, to co operate with the un peacekeeping mission, to try to bring an end to the violence. heard of us government has announced measures to curb the rise and full fuel prices and some essential food products that follows a week of nationwide protests which are showing no signs of dying down. alessandra, rump yet in articles for 2 weeks. growth is to take him to the streets of panama, mainly the government peak option to combat the high cost of living prices of gasoline medicine them basic food items have doubled since the star of the year. a regular protesting everywhere. and we are ready to start an indifferent strike until they sit down with us to discuss and find solutions to this unsustainable situation. teachers were the 1st to demonstrate at the start of july, but to have since been joined by construction workers,
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students and members of indigenous groups in the central province of there i was, protesters blocked the pen american highway affecting axes of goods to the panama canal, from other central american countries, president lowering no could d, so blame cove, it in the worrying ukraine for the cost hikes. he promised to reduce the price of gasoline by 24 percent and fries the cost of $10.00 basic food items to try and be swayed protesters. order pro, lemme go or bow one of the problems now hitting panamanians and the world is rising fuel prices and the consequences for that reason i set up talks to address high fuel costs directly impacting the cost of staple foods. but at, with the objective of finding concrete and feasible solution, in fact, they might, it had been on tuesday, protesters called the offer insufficient, demanding larger reductions and vowed to keep up their pressure on the streets. analysts say the problem lies in an unequal economic recovery. following the
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pandemic is no middle macro, establish a dando, the macro numbers a bit on a few items logistics, the national airline mining and the panama canal. but the growth did not trickle down to the population while prices went up. so working class panamanians are wondering why if the countries grants it's been 5 percent, they are unable to pay for medicine gasoline. the government is hoping for negotiations with union leaders, but for now more demonstrations are planned. international strike is set to go ahead on wednesday, allison dick d al jazeera to to says it's now sewing elan mosque for pulling out of a $44000000000.00 deal to buy the social media platform. it says the billionaire has contractual obligations which he is refusing to honor because they no longer serve his personal interest must said that he was at withdrawing from the deal. this week. he accuses the company of failing to reveal the number of fake accounts on its service. and the mystery in the majesty of faraway galaxies has come
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into sharp focus for the 1st time. that's after nasa released images from the new james web space telescope. most powerful to be launched into orbit among the discoveries where a dying star and a stella nursery. ro bernal's now reports size enormous galaxies, locked in a cosmic dance, billions of stars, and planets, 300000000 light years from earth. this is one of the spectacular images taken by the web space telescope unveiled for the 1st time. what you're seeing is just a weeks worth of data. think what we're going to learn and 20 years. i think of the answers that we're going to get to the questions. we don't even know enough to know what the questions are to them. and in the process, we're going to learn more about who we are, what we are, what is our existence in this cosmos, ah,
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we are looking back in time almost to the beginning. the image of the so called stephens quintet chose to galaxies, colliding and merging with one another, impelled by the force of gravity. one of the galaxies features a bright spot. scientists have identified as an active black hole, the gas and dust lighting up as it spills into the gravitational event horizon. this image shows a stellar nursery with brightly shining new stars being born at the edge of a vast region of gas and dust. this is the corina nebula, which is part of our own milky way galaxy. the level of detail showing structures and bubbles in the enormous cloud is finer than any other telescope is capable of. this image shows a dying binary star surrounded by super heated hydrogen gas and other materials spun off from the stars core elements which will re form into other stars,
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planets. and perhaps in time living things, webb, which was launched in december, is a joint project of nasa and the european and canadian space agencies. it took more than 20 years to build an plus $10000000000.00. it's the most sophisticated space telescope ever made and makes observations in the infrared spectrum, a wave length of light not visible to the human eye. scientists were awed by the 1st images. maybe people in a broken world, managing to do something right, and to see some of the majesty that's out there. finally, this image gives a sense of the incomprehensible vastness of space and time. it is a deep look at a single area teeming with galaxies and stars. the light scene here originated 13000000000 years ago, less than a 1000000000 years after the big bang. scientists promise many more discoveries are
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ahead. adding immeasurably to our understanding of the universe that we are a part of rob reynolds al jazeera. jonathan learning is a james web space telescope, interdisciplinary scientists, it says the significance of the image is, goes way beyond the science. we're certainly seeing farther than any telescope, as before. the web is showing it's remarkable power sensitivity and just these 1st few images. this gives us a new perspective on our place in the universe. we are in terms of our physics and chemistry of product of the evolution of the cosmos. and so to understand where we came from and whether we are unique or perhaps the common outcome of cosmic evolution requires understanding that cosmic evolution and telescopes give us that information. and web this.


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