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tv   Witness Golden Land  Al Jazeera  July 13, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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people took part in an unprecedented trial of a case that goes back nearly a century ago. the trial for the massacre in that by the fish shows the serious abuses that indigenous community stafford in this country. only 1000000 of the 45000000 people in argentina consider themselves defend the original indigenous groups. most of them live in poverty and continue to fight for survive. argentina has long prided itself of a european heritage, one that often neglected and persecuted, indigenous trial of not by piece a step to revise history and give indigenous communities the place they have been denied for too long. ah, one rug caught and drove all the top stories on al jazeera, so long as president has fled the country following mass protests over spiraling
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economic crisis. because by roger packs, and his wife took a military plane to the mold eaves, he'd been in hiding since crowd stolen the presidential policy on saturday. so boston has moved from columbus. the air force and the prime minister have smell, confirm that the president has use his executed powers to flee the country to the mouth. dfcs gone on an aircraft from the air force as she sat together with this 2 body guards and his wife and other members of the family have allegedly flats as well. this is seen as an ungrateful downfall of the box. a family who has ruled this country governs this country for the biggest part of the last 2 decades. got by. i was only elected president 3 years ago. he was a popular president at the time because he was seen as a firm leader after the easter bombing, that costs the lives of nearly 300 people. but in just 3 years time to gather with
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his family, who are the prime minister ministers in the cabinet. he managed to run the country into complete bankruptcy. no foreign exchanges. fuel shortage is food shortages. so if you ask people here, what is your response that the president has slapped the country. they are telling me different things. they say, you know, he can leave whatever. but we are left here in this mass, the mass that he has left behind us. i'm telling me he should come back and face justice is a com right now. i'm at the president of residency. that was formed by thousands of protects us last saturday and ever since thousands of people are coming here to just see how people, how the family was living. and the if a come a way to basically for his formal resignation that hasn't happened until now. so i've just been handed this leave flat, it's an action plan. the future of the struggle, it's called it has several the minds of the protesters,
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and number one is the formal resignation of got a bio box, which hasn't happened the latest congressional hearing. a loss is attack only u. s. capital has focused on a tweets from former president donald trump described as a call to arms. it was posted in the weeks before the riots. as he tried to salvage his presidency, committee investigators are trying to draw connections between trump associates and right when groups who storm the building. joe buttons on his way to the middle east on his 1st visit, the region as you as president. his 1st thought will be as role where security has been boosted ahead of his arrival and also meet with palestinian leaders in the occupied west bank. and the un security council has agreed to extend cross board a deliveries into serious last rebel held region. but only for 6 months. the last authorization expired on monday after russia, vito to proposed one year extension. and a veteran, hong kong protest known as grandma wong has pleaded guilty to charges of unlawful
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assembly. she was known for waving a british flag while taking part in the 2019 process movement. a trial has been adjourned. adrian brown has more from hong kong. alexandra wrong, which is her real name, is facing the prospect of up to 5 years in jail if he's convicted at this court. now on tuesday, another veteran protested was jailed for 9 months. he is 75 years old and is concerned. he might well die in jail because he now has full stage colon cancer theory has given chris a final approval to adult the euro from next year. it's the 1st expansion of the single currency block in almost a is the decision was announced, the euro dropped his lowest level against the us dollar in 20 years. and twitter says it sewing evil musk for pulling out of a $44000000000.00 deal to buy the social media platform. it says the billionaire
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has contractual obligations and he's acting out a personal interest. and that says release of more images when the james web space telescope, they include pictures of a dying star, estella nursery. and was described as a cosmic dance of the galaxies. those, the headlines and news continues. hey, on out to 0 off to witness. ah ah
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i news. when was that? oh yeah, i'm eyeball. oh yeah. i got a call here. yeah. yeah, as long as it, oh wait a minute to make good time dealing with me. send me a know you know what a need
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take us at the musical emilio, a beach, washington, montana. so i to someone in my study carefully at the kennel and i was use the auditorium calling me and i don't letting a master or your phone call with us will, will as hopefully have lost yeah. woocommerce dan celibacy at the mileage down a healthcare dotala comp. economy tequila as to what we normally i mean on my mom but he did about a new doctor is he's he and marchina. i seen that they had asked women why more to taco bell african me on it on chi. welcome. tough with
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a problem with the been i had been to a mr. haney. i okay. okay. i am on my side. i don't want any come up with a lot of my by you know, a mess post. yeah. was how my phone company, my boss. oh, all it's gone. cool with course he of course a here up there. that good to the right there on. really gotta get awarded. yeah, we get a lot more that it is that our cost that he's in most
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a coin come on. this was done with the get the only gone says the only dilemma side . grin layer. yes. and i did that and i need, i know it always has to be my when i went back in a source as i know it all, it loads. i've been sailors. i've been a busy care whitelaw. yeah. my dear to stay at this. i got knocked out of luck, a honda at the, at the so there to, to be that came to see if they can resist that. it, that if you're so, so i was to learn than say a lesson. so our press it get that is us out that it good by you at the so let's see. now do you sit there? why get that you get that coming out of the help of done it yet that, that she joy young on. i am past the garage right there at the origin color. she more formal and, and i to con or my, the entre maria's i
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the only game tonight. i mean i go on and on. i mean only answered k, i n a i c a ah, escalating at last? he has austin. i'm sharla cook. i am the mother to lincoln anonymity. cuckoo, the latin a ne, near de la lucille la la la boy in housey. how so late that while tom to laugh to talk is autumn? somali land declared independence after the overthrow of somali military dictates us yet barry, in 1991 following a 10 year civil war that killed mold and 60000 people
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flin cause war? yes, yes, mad at the sienna may have been min, south korean casa sang, will allow him a voice took without the who cl latoya aid, alec glass, and i thought i thought of in it in that is now a bonus. you can down put those at the glycine m a lighting keep a man couldn't moria? mooney said that the i not come counseling with me at the end. i had to come in colleges to push back. mm. mm yeah, that is why i kept i lent connecticut matthew milan, swami, kim hosa is
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missy i autopsied at an on creek us my a might be thomas a so kitty? yeah, i'm saying mucky i so you could imagine at easter emily's sanity them all me. i'm on yet and with the, with the, with males got to me they got filled with the best. i know kevin, am i able to get them a low cost of the money? i know to new lucille das gobbled theme. yet he may be eloped beneath the banality of our dement in befallen hunger the day. bye to patty. my stylus. so a mess up. i get sick. i got it all but i keep healthy. so the sick old b i the it the older boys in geico method is one. i have
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a peculiar the method that i had to lead to my hussey recovery. thea made duffy matilda to me. can inequity you could tell only at them only. kristy jimenez kamali my thumb goggle absorb and i got alive and turned into your lodging. massage. yeah, he's he's, i'm so not a heavy nit mia lester. you're not in a question. can you say that k das here? i talked to a lot of the my lease with a good
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time is my best on a friday a with a give you like give us one day about that
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maybe i can tell me that a ah let me just do that. i don't go with a
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lot of on how can we you know, how they don't have them in a vote and make sure they have them. i think i'm sure i got the slice on it. so that was a lot of stuff. so i did caught him on the spot for us to add some most amount of stuff because he got a bunch of money with a, with a a a
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. ready with a i do so when a guy was, i mean the only way to get the only, i mean you can you, if you knew how to go give it a go yeah i, i. c it, oh,
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i a, a success guy collaborating with us. how does that have financial really? yeah, well hold on one. it was the one hand key. i was wondering what was going on while
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i was in law. i hope i was gonna receive a oh a hold on, let me look. it was good luck with hold that there were yes miss out on i will say that. okay. counting mulatto. my dish. dish they up on that amendment. oh yeah. all. okay. stocks will stand up almost as much as you liam with
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gemalto almost don't. guy was the one on one on 100 percent owners to get them out to you. there was a promise thought that olivia limit, i think i used to monthly for car. oh yeah. other like our houses that are there also thought about, you know how my boy is will issue one of them or to them as well if there's a status on it. yeah. it's worth a fight for money. so we have something we have from here. yeah, definitely live rear visibility, afford to purchase here. dorothy ha ha hm. oh
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so my us on on the 20 of orsia kalani area, selma, yoko law due to lit total bar. mother mercer, i have been here at a cannon. been a colon, howard holmes, kalani. you will come, as i was denied, again, antonin kalani sal, most and way to ballot. he had to lose how little to dark, where darcy typed the soda clinic, iowa. to new down to annual leblanc, i was look about the order at the 100 percent. the high in los angeles was latham local again, mantles, hudson, i man, so i saw him a lot sometimes going to school cost for that of him. so i don't know how he,
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she spelled glenn who's out of the old hosting, has minis, can, can issues. however, i'm going to pony and ration did the icu metastasis and community engagement to phone with ashley. do you, have you heard about the nutrition with i know in the, in damping hi stuff to us. we're, we're the come large go. it was a whole class. my name is awful, i am ha, it coastal americans was going to win. okay. and rad. it should the can be up on, on, paul. so the continue chinese and he has which are good. luckily by okay, shavon, she to place a with
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with a with what's going on so far i'm coming in for me on i mean, i need to talk do i let me come when you want to all the that they
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want to get upset someone i mean i'm buying a queen, so on the bike you know? yes, i saw a bike. i me, me on. so really none. any saw me. yeah. song that your school style out. i'm with poly on, you know, call me or someone named bobby and i didn't, i was on. so i'm involved in allow it. i mean, yes, yes, yes. yeah, i mean it's a, you know, oh, really so i, you know, they're good. like i well i see somebody that lives them all and be active and all i'm saying i just i montoya on
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a lateral scale. it does so on the line with joe willie helen, me a lot schulman do have to miss on the blackboard course. gone for making the eloquently al, again, the minister inimical. the of them will be my local stuff. do at the me, all the biopsies about music box one little thing a little better than federal stick to police ikishia on it. now we're lease actually to walk along this sunday. all i'm me, good. hey,
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a ball asked again with do it me that i'm all the slogan and all the way we did that live go model model in the all of a hiding yet almost a lot of musty pass it on. who last to lapel by hell, unless you at least get the like that a line bass is humidity. see my state, my money. silly a cohort. america a month to limit alcohol? glad to meet us because of course i thought it was okay. okay. to thought of with backing was a hole, it came wire. but the article was a thought is to look i can let the model the under that to be up back in santa to mahalo and obviously the swim indian who in at the h. s i c 11, placed on the mo, from alana. i mean, i am hoping that i meet at the hans i'm
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a like a vase in the south of india to find out how tiny bass in this case, gross and extensive mining operation. corona virus wept across the world with devastating effect, and it's widely believed to be connected to the legal wildlife trade. here in vietnam, we visit a rescue center for some of the world most threatened to animal and joined the call for an end to the global wildlife sharing. arrived on al jazeera, the great thing about being amused, presented a net book like challenges. era is that it's a truly global operation. if you will, child is here. you'll see news from parts of the world that other networks just don't come up. you're getting a truly global perspective. we have an extensive network of bureaus around the
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world. we have many, many correspondence in all corners of the globe. if you really want to know what's happening in the world right now, you need to be watching out here with, [000:00:00;00] with hulu. remember i'm calling in to hold the top stories on al jazeera sir. long has
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declared a state of emergency. according to the prime minister's office, hours after president got the by roger packs up, fled the country. this follows mass protests oh, very spiraling economic crisis. roger packs, and his wife took a military plane to the maldives he'd been hiding since crowd stalled the presidential palace on saturday. and the latest congressional hearing on that last year's attack on the u. s. capital has focused on a tweet from form of present. donald trump described as a call to arms, it was posted in the weeks before the right. as he tried to salvage his presidency, committee investigators are trying to draw connections between trump associates, right when groups who stormed with the building. and joe biden's on his way to the middle east on his 1st visit to the region as u. s. present. his 1st thought will be israel, where security has been boosted ahead of his arrival. ill also meet with palestinian leaders in the occupied westbank and a veteran, hong kong protest known as grandma wong has pleaded guilty to charges of unlawful
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assembly. alexander wand has been detained on several occasions. she was. busy known for waving a british flag while taking part in the 2019 protest movement. her trial has been adjourned. adrian brown has more from hong kong. alexandra wrong, which is her real name, is facing the prospect with up to 5 years in jail if he's convicted at this court. now on tuesday, another veteran protest her was jailed for 9 months. he is 75 years old and is concerned. he might well die in jail because he now has full stage colon cancer. the years given crecia final approval to adult, the euro from next year is the 1st expansion of the single currency block in almost 8 years. on tuesday, the euro fell to his low valuation since 2002 and switch. it says age. suing ala mosque for pulling out her $44000000000.00 deal to buy the social media platform.
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it says the billionaire has contractual obligation and is acting out to personal interest mosque accuses the company of failing to reveal the number of fake accounts on it service and nasa has released more images from the james web space telescope. they include a pictures of a dying star stella nursery, and was described as a cosmic dance of the galaxies, those, the headlines, and the news continues. hey, on witness? melinda. yes, me came in. come on a soon. e gary mantell had a case of sir. yeah, darla a only elissia carelessly. oh lincoln. i should mail
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it to accommodate him. a death in the middle man will deal we law has been bought. policeman economic as it is now in been awarded law. that is i and boy with i'm a, this is a little humor. any my employment ask law lisa, this is all it is i use, i'll it on any going in van hot timber, somalia on all of all in in a man boy along with a guesstimate. i be so say, alignment this year lady lay your me as yet eli really alive with uterus? smart sawyer killer. ha. i sort of at cobblestone pool. are like massa and in europe, a lot of. so celia and malenko villa junkin. what gar? honestly, huntington hypersonic. how many people are the quality for allah? m. o m. as in ethanol, got hitler oxy aligned into my until in tune, and what we're tale sally cox get out of here. it's got to la la la choir yet to morrow. m. as in, at the post us were last immunity,
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carlock i used to these get plenty so honey and, and lay young men or gotti on a more current jessica, him a horse and he saw he thought to let the mantle out the money to lose tamika a poor lincoln elements cook. i allow any aline, aline? yes, i wiser commodity bill. cassini le let me so you son on total sheeter, boston, be lost on on to latiere uncle toy. you're lonely. i said that the lackey, the one us in the pool a lace to man. i see an age 20. i think it's tamela not, i'm only young hon. pamela young with accessory miss yeas la unitary miss yet leon casa,
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for universe is over. wow . so i can so i don't know for lay hello. yeah. okay. so ok, so as we should on terms turn key deal with the serial her comerica by lithium and lithium fill it out. i thought i was going with the terms donkey. i'm the mother of hulu is wrong, and i was hello, hello, govern government in ha, chamomile your shows over. some of the other policy has
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a 3w3w adoption. that is a business. well, that's fine. i didn't go. okay. am i going to think how are north or what group? one. ok. hey, can i get a good you to so much shake down. going to be given the last few months while we're doing waiting in the mechanical shadow even found was a way demand much of the off will not be hello. oh
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yeah. i mean, i think a busy with somebody has a lot. i know really a lot of things that's kind of a team that will mean i say on a tab a, b, i think a lot tab. ben, sierra
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b b y a with a shave, a name, a number. thank miss. it's almost in the saddle. i lay down that i can't be
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a good day the hub, what i was calling regarding, i believe, as well as the time that i was and i was way too late to learn. yeah. believe i'm one of them. but yeah, give me the probably the medulla form. i haven't connected the know the young lady called to say, i mean, i don't know whom i would've been doing katie might not
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then i am wiley and me me or more stuff like that or there will be i mean, i mean you're a hollow see last fall, my god, go call my what i have a good a all. all a hollow on by a little bossy. just my phone. i lost my baby,
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my dad like montana . madison vivian oliver lopsided thought. of all as a blush as the master of lincoln thought. i saw your lady it'll slomo as its own sign of course have a way for us to play it only if you do i was a boy am yes you slam on came borrowing a deal. okay. you got to walk. i'm consequently, while you're, you're telling me you might just be your $20.00
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a mom or your son. but i'm still a, did i miss you than it for a lot of places got off the night. the interesting to it, to me, you know, on it, got it with me in the boy last guy optic on, on me, on my log on only. i mean, we're all bought a fit with kellogg. so you wouldn't be a well, did how much it cost? what the us out a lot quicker bad as he had to make a mental calling the only one in kind of his stuffing. i see a lot better safe to out that amani ali i when i last here
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last was he tessa. oh boy, there leah cushing, me to start with a bottle you know how one like funny plus why it's more net that i get more in how a lot of thought it only a
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do not go with with, with the other way and have i mean not coffee could you saw is that you shall it, i guess of sorting or the auditor. carla la. oh say look is under this. who called? i call i was this for a little when she swim with normally i yes. so she will go ahead. so he will, he said, beautiful to him with oh yes ma'am. hello monica. so tegan,
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whether he lamazzo sagamore, no. rom, cassandra pumping a 160 no, sir. so found the way shuttle can read alenta. whether not one well gossip loving a come by then leave. ha, ha ha ha ha ha, ha, ha, technical lab but thought like a high cup of any medical. most of it. oh, i don't know put,
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and i can't by that name. i think it was taken the candy society so if there's a thought, if you all go live with this one, you only go by her home. so my said to have them on when the man, oh no no, no one can get along with
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a miss on on my love to let them in tomorrow. ma hm. kate, the mama. i can the mon oldest on my and when will that come like i said that a good does is he thought that they don't answer theoretically delicate our model. i mean
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ah no. no. do not latino? oh, no worries. 30. 0 wow. has amino on fan things like a whole, another plane on it. i don't hand with africa or cadet you. they're only the color. intellectual ale. hi. does you know i will? oh, i live. okay. oh i i was, i was on dover. thank you mohammed. i scores,
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i really do appreciate that. oh, she already knew, hey, i got to get an idea what courses i thought i saw ok. hello rubica a little bit. otherwise i have maria will i will and typically a let the women hockey rom 50. huh. in the lead one of your problem. yes, those are the elegant elk g doable. how did you soon we will follow up later hardy i li, cooking with well i got a good luigi. new i hello. hello. how hold? i know a whole going to be where your little yeah. actually little good. be able with has decided to tell the mothers are they said, oh, well really good miss lose. you did hear him and if you will, well, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! how, how will you? so, i've got to somebody else and i got all, the,
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i won't feel a whole house. you really got to be the hall. a y a oh yeah, yeah. order a by say no big getting there. oh yeah. ok. yes. so sorry is to really is
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a bit here where you are. see all the top one kid. i know why it's all good to work a . 6 will and they let be any, let us newt then and austin mess must come in. so
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a man with with
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with a boy garcia bought around. no, here we go. see a i don't really a seek on i with the one in with in this for who, who are the, how viruses on. i received a piece just by calling
9:55 am
with a new one. i had the yeah. why don't i'm in the market horn on in the british that they are knocked out in court on a fiber no need lost. i thought he. ready said a oh a in a while. i was not to be done. they have been where you get
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a boy. oh oh. oh oh
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you're in a housing has become a commodity instead of the human rights. there is some people the ability to take advantage of others. the elite feel free to violate basic laws, the working classes that have lost a lot of ground society. a un special rough order on adequate housing travels the world, investigating the global crisis as people are evicted to clear the way for investors and properties too often left empty, push
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a witness documentary on al jazeera. now the southwest breeze is picking up again on the coast or mark, which means the dollar will probably start to see drizzle fall out of the sky. there's quite a lot of cloud all. it has been credible kind of the south, the arabian peninsula, which brought some significant rain, but it's now just a few showers, and the mommy mountains may be down in yemen and western society. this orange here, this brownie orange is an indication of just picked up in the increasing breeze. it's not a consistently all persistent breeze that but it there, at least on 1st about time we get to it later on thursday. it's gone in land and nothing ever keta. and this is where of course, warm water is in the gulf, gets very hubert both by day and by night in the gulf states. otherwise it's dry and dust. as you can see, an overnight the temperatures don't drop much. this is sort of reminiscent of the, of the danger elsewhere in the world to clean unit with night. time temperatures don't drop very much. humility can get quite high in the daytime. makes it hotter still. now it's usually hot, dry and dusty in the right place. it's just the gulf states where it gets humid and
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that's consistently the story. at the moment. bit of good news, the somalia may be some right on the way, but it's very weak. there's an increase in the likelihood and a full of flash, flood likelihood of showers, and ethiopia, sudan, and sas, sudan. ah, a weekly look at the world's top business stories from global markets to economies, and small businesses. to understand how it affects our daily lives, on the exam, with counting the cost on al jazeera al jazeera world meets full remarkable bos knew women survivors after those closest to them were taken away. never to return some of the 8000 muslin men and boys
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killed in the cerebral neat so massacre 27 years ago. heartfelt accounts from those left behind trying to move on from the pain of the past. women who refused to die. on out, jazeera bowls, gentleness, and the police violently dispersing crisis. these are some of good tens of thousands of people try to flee. gobble, inspired to program, making welcome to generation chains. unrivalled broadcasting. white people did not want black children in the schools. we have to fight forecasted and al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 6 year running. ah shoreline, as prime minister declares a state of emergency after present got to buy a raj,


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