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hello to order taken out the hotel, this was church, we loved it when it was built and we lumped it even when it was bombed. a major target of the conflict in northern ireland in the late 20th century belfast europa war hotels on al jazeera. the great thing about being amused presenter that booklet conscious era is that it's a truly global operation. if you will, child is here a, you'll see news from parts of the world, but other networks just don't cover your getting a truly global perspective. we have an extensive network of bureaus around the world. we have many, many colors, phone books in all corners of the globe. if you really want to know what's happening in the world right now, you need to be watching al jazeera ah
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moments of tara inside a passenger train in spain, one of the many countries across up in europe, where wildfire spots by an extreme heat wave has prompted a call to action. we have a choice, collective action or collective suicide. it is in our hand. ah, whether i'm kimberly l this is altenor a lot from dull. ha, also coming up with ukraine targets, russian logistics while moscow and fix more damage in the east. the battle for don voss takes a destructive turn. a state of emergency and sri lanka, where protest is demanding a political overhauled parliament proposed to select a new president. protested and panama reject the deal with the government. it's failure to curb the soaring cost of living.
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ah, would begin in europe and the grip of a summer like no other a scorching heat wave reco temperatures and raging wildfires, threatening homes and putting lives at risk and from meteorologist said the southwestern parts of the country are experiencing a heat apocalypse. with some places recording double their usual july average temperature olden 35 in spain of torture. 220 square kilometers of forest fuel. by 8 days of extreme heat, the u. k. is brace to hit the temperatures of 40 degrees celsius and some places for the 1st hauling ever. we have just our correspondence across the different hotspots in the continents. we have andrew simmons in london. it's not about the parents the 1st. this report by saying bas robbie in spain just outside one of the worst effect of areas is more the got a way to control the inferno across spain. it's
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a race against time to contain wildfires that have been raging out of control from the south of the country to the north, where blazes have scorched 4600 hector's of land over the past few days. the train journeys also supported by the worst wildfires for a decade in a visit to one of the worst effected areas. spain's prime minister pedro sanchez made clear what he thought was to blame. i want to say that evidently climate change kills it, kills people, kills ecosystems, the bio diversity, and it also destroy the most precious goods of our society, which is affected by these wildfires, homes, businesses and livestock were here in a farming area in an agricultural area near the town of morrow,
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one of the worst effected parts of spain, where the wildfires have been raging for days and we've seen truly apocalyptic scenes. the flames are just taking over suddenly the entire areas of farmland, entire buildings filled with animals and farming equipment. people are trying to use harvesters to dig fire lies to stop the fire where it is, but it continues to rage on and take over more and more land just using it as fuel burning further and faster in southwest france, firefighters were using every means at their disposal, including controlled burning, a tactic, used to clear out the build up of flammable materials by igniting the surrounding vegetation. and it is a matter of urgency since tuesday. the blazes have already consumed thousands of hector's, a forest in the payroll region, and thousands of residents and tourist alike,
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forced to move to emergency shelters. amid all this is the uncomfortable reality of the effect of record breaking high temperatures. as delegates from 40 countries gathered at the petersburg climate dialogue and berlin, the message from the hosts act now before it's too late. and while we are still grappling with the fall out from the pandemic, the impacts of climate change are becoming even more dangerous across the world. a threat at risk spilling out beyond countries directly affected. then basra b o g, a 0 sum mora spend i that was vain in vain, but several pounds in western france had reported their highest ever temperatures. natasha butler is in paris. with more on the heat wave there. splashing in a fountain helped some people cope his temperature soared in paris at the peak of
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a heat wave that began nearly a week ago. as people looked for ways to cool down this ice cream shop in the center of the city, proved a popular choice. a refreshing break on a sweltering day to me to have i tried to stay hydrated and because i have a sweet tooth, i eat ice cream, go families, ma'am. we close the windows and shots as at home, while it's hot on the banks of a canal some. so she did a temporary beach and a chance to get in or on the water. some people of that paris to avoid being in the city during the cold way. others are unable to and some people simply can't afford to, particularly because of inflation for facilities like this really offer a welcome respite children one, you know, for those of us who don't have much money to go and holiday, it's great. it's hard and expensive to entertain. children all summer in paris, but he, what i can enjoy the water it was
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a much bleaker picture in the south west of the country. days of hot, dry weather, have exacerbated the situation for firefighters who are battling wildfires. the french government is urged people to remain vigilant and put most of the country on high alert. but as heat waves become more frequent, this campaign has says the government needs to do more to tackle climate change. we had as much it waves in 15 years that in 45 years. so it's we, we see an increase in the intensity and frequency and my trust right now isn't the citizen power. so in us managing to put additional and sufficient pressure on of our, on our governments. so they finally take action meteorologist say temperatures should fall in the coming days until then people will have to endure the intense heat will try to escape it. the best they can, sasha butler al jazeera harris had its head over to the u. k. now where there are
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warnings that temperatures in parts of england could break records in the coming days. andrew simmons with this report from london going slow or getting cancelled britain's rail services on the brink of failure, as much of the countries infrastructure can't cope with searing temperatures. make shift foil used on steel bridges in an attempt to deflect the heat. road surfaces beginning to melt more alarming voluntary ambulance staff trying to back up an already fully stretched national health service, dealing with heat related emergencies. and in london, if you get out of the sun and go on the ground, it's even worse for why is it that britain can't cope with heat waves? so much of it to do with it's outdated and inadequate infrastructure does come with extreme temperatures. harold london with
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some pass just can't see what the fuss is about. 3536 degrees. people pay money to go to places with that. and those places don't ever conditioning either. yeah. so you basically think it's over the top. yeah. but american tourist isn't impressed. it gets as high regularly, but we have air conditioning everywhere and everything's set up for it to to be that high. i from in the weather is fine with the increasing threat of extreme weather events caused by global warming. many civil engineers believe countries like the u. k. need to invest much more. the u. k is seen the impact of climate change and not as much as other countries in the world. and therefore, perhaps the urgency is nurse felt as much as issued that they got a big, a really big task in hand,
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and they should be starting on it right now. well, nell, that sense of urgency is beginning to rise along with the temperature setting, new records all across the u. k. andrew symonds al jazeera london un secretary general, antonio harris says the time is now to take decisive action against the climate crisis facing our planet. 8 months ago we left cop 26 with 1.5 degrees on life support. since then it's pulse as we can further. greenhouse gas concentration, sea level rise and ocean heat have broken new records. off of humanity is in the danger zone from floods that obs, extreme stores and wildfires. no nation is immune. yet we continued to feel though of fossil fuel addiction. what troubles me most is that in facing these mobile crisis, we are failing to work together as
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a multilateral community. and australia has released a grim report on the state of the environment there. it found that climate change habitat loss, pollution and mining has destroyed the countries ecological wellbeing. it also says the number of vulnerable ant endangered species has increased by 8 percent. australia's environment minister will respond to the report in a speech on tuesday. we can speak to amanda mckenzie now, who is the co founder and ceo of the climate council. she joins us from melbourne. thank you for your time. i just want to start with getting your response to this report. this report is absolutely damaged. there has been a major degradation in these trailing environment in a whole range of different factors over the last decade. so the imperative is to tackle climate change in particular, but then also a whole range of other environmental issues to protect us bases and beautiful places. how far gone all we or is the stray?
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we are right now. is it too late to call back some of those, those serious losses? like the rest of the world? australia is experiencing climate impacts. we've had extreme wildlife 2 years ago and 17000 heck test of foreign stony and stella and east coast in our west at the wildfires. this year we've had terrible flooding in repeated events in many locations over and over again. and many was ever taught events. so i like the rest of the world where experiencing come across this right now, but there is certainly opportunity to tackle ish and get collusion down. but this to hate has to be the time. sorry, the lion's share of the effort in reducing pollution. moving to renewable energy, electric vehicles, green scale batteries, all of that needs to happen in the next 8 years. what's your assessment then of how national and state governments have been trying to address this decline?
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well, the federal government who has recently kicked out of government the morrison government failed to act on climate change or any environmental issues. they put us backwards and stay delayed the release of this environment report till after the election. fortunately, we just had what's described as a climate election. many candidates were elected on their climate platform. the incoming labor government brought a much stronger emission reduction target and climate platform. we think it could be strong the still, but they are intending to legislate that within the 1st week of the sitting parliament which comes out shortly. sorry, it's a really positive shift in australia, engagement on the common crisis here domestically. but also in our role in the world, it's really difficult, obviously for many people around the world, you see images that we've been looking at of fires and floods, extreme heat waves. i mean environmental degradation itself is considered a threat to our, our very species survival. and people are starting, as you say,
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to, to wake up to that and sort of and vote, and people who will, who will take, you know, take action. what kind of message of hope can you give to individuals out there for things that we can do? you know, it's easy to feel kind of paralyzed when you look at what you see on the screen. yes, i think when i looked at the say, the environment reported i had did want to put my head under the danger a little bit. and i think a lot of people in watching the knees can feel like that. it's important that we all play a role. we all have a voice. we can bay in encouraging our politicians are elected representatives, make a difference. we have a sphere of influence around us, whether it's our local school, putting solar panels on the roof, encouraging visual guidance as a whole range of solutions. and the only way we saw a global crisis like this is by everyone acting together. whether that is at a national political level or whether it's more on the local level. i think it is
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that thing a global but at local, there is something that will contribute. i want to ask you about coal because obviously that spain, a big thing for many countries around the world, trying to reduce their dependence on coal. but particularly as we've had a sort of energy crisis, all energy getting much more expensive, expensive. that's become an issue. so what is extraneous dance on, on the use of coal. illustrator is one of the largest exporters of coal globally, and we use co, very significantly in our electricity system, the incoming government, their policies to reduce our emissions much more significantly. but there are still a range of coal and gas projects on the books in australia that a likely to go ahead at this point. so we're arguing that they can be no new projects in gas or in, in coal. in fact, we need to put a lot of emphasis on renewable energy. and renewable energy now is the cheapest
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form of new power. so whether that solar, whether it's wind, and that can be backed up by batteries to provide colds to power. sorry, the transition to renewable energy needs to happen more quickly. that protects us from this sort of energy process where we may be reliant on fossil fuels too long. and often they where the fossil fuels are produced have been countries that have not been democracies. and there has been a whole range of different, different challenges in engaging with renewable energy, provides self sufficiency for countries where you can be producing your electricity from, from your home soil using i'm using the wind. ah, well, just as we talk about. so there since the reports office heck, hold for a nationwide framework to help coordinate on coordinate on environmental issues. what does that mean in reality? in reality, there has not been adequate coordination between the state governors and federal governments. the state governments in australia been late in the way,
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in terms of renewable energy, getting pollution down electric vehicles, a whole range of different climate solutions. and the federal government has, over the last decade been frustrating those actions. so it would be important for the new. ready government to come in, reset the relationship, mistake governance and be a facilitator or change. there's a range of ways in which state government policies can now be amplified through federal action. so for instance, some sites of introduce renewable energy arns, but they need to be supported by additional transmission infrastructure that the federal government can have a really important role in investing. sorry, is that coordination and understanding of which roles the different layers of government can provide. all right, hi. thank you very much for your time. we really appreciate it, man mckenzie, their co founder and ceo of the climate council. thanks for having me. still come here on al jazeera wildfire and morocco have finally been put out. there are
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concerns that home dry conditions could reignite the blazes. oh papa sounds allison, my minister in con holes early elections. his party wins a regional how i recall some really heavy ray making his way across the northeast corner of the us . this mass of cloud live is still running right down the appalachians south of that. that's where the heat is. 43 celsius there for dallas. similar temperature to for phoenix. as we go on through the next couple of days that he really stays confined across the deep south. they're going to see something a little fresh, grassy make you swear to know the most part of the form of some cloud and some brains lively storms into central parts of canada, easing across matter. tobar to was ontario up towards the midwest still somewhere.
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whether they're just around the se, in call or pushing up towards the carolinas, that should ease as we go on through wednesday. price skies trying to come in. still a few showers there. nevertheless, you see that wet weather just around the midwest and pushing into work, we're back. so showers to once again just around the desert southwest and where to weather in place here and some wet weather to reach western parts of the caribbean, boulder cloud just showing its hand here hastily waved driving some heavy showers towards nicaragua, towards costa rica, maybe some heavier showers for time to in to honduras, not too bad for the eastern islands on tuesday, but it does turn a good deal wetter as we go on into wednesday with a possibility of flooding. ah . with
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ideas the french republic, his long proclaim that just would ease modern france in a 4 part series. the big picture takes an in depth. let france in focus. the concluding episode on al jazeera, ah, oh, oh. the north reminder about the doors this raging wild flies a burning cross logs, west and europe threatening homes and thing lives at risk. sane has seen some work fine temperatures soaring across the continent,
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breaking records and company heat warnings. parties, me, you can say the temperature could stop 40 degrees for the 1st time ever. australia, the natural environment is in a state of rapid decline, especially in the past 5 years. what do you report paired by? and it's found that it's lost more mental species than any other continent. one of the highest rates of decline in the developed world. while 5 in northern morocco sparks by high temperatures and intense drought have been contained of a 6 and a half 1000 hit days were burnt, and at least one person has been killed. more than a 1000 families were evacuated and the fires are routed in a number of provinces, including an irish on does. there is on the moon in alarm. rami is that with the latest. this forest here is called missouri and it is located in the province of flowers in the north west of morocco. it is part of
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a national form that stretches from the atlantic ocean, which is 5 kilometers away to the west, up to the reef. mountains located to that direction, about a 100, a 150 kilometers. as you can see, the fire fighters are still working in this forest in order to avoid that the, the fire that destroyed it be re ignited again because of the windy weather because of the hot weather. this part of morocco have rear just to some heat wave temperatures as high as 40 degrees in the last days, which is not normal in this region, which has basically immediate uranian, whether the one like in southern france or southern spain or in portugal.
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but the spite of that there is a heat wave that has destroyed up to now more than $6000.00 acres of forests and northwestern morocco. a deal between protest is and the government in panama has collapsed demonstrations against high fuel prices. and corruption has been going on 2 weeks. the government has agreed to cut the price of fuel, but protest is a calling for more concession or increasing pressure by blocking parts of the pan american highway south around p. s. he is following developments from neighboring columbia and joins us now. live from boca. i was sandra. so why, why did this deal fall apart? this came on sunday night, many in panama thought that this deal would have meant a major step forwards forward towards the resolving this crisis. instead, in a meeting on monday morning, a majority of the representative of the different unions and groups that are
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protesting decided to reject the deal. essentially there's a vowing their leadership in this a case and saying that they wanted to continue protesting on the streets. so instead of seeing finally that major highway in panama being being again without major blockades, we've seen a renew of those blockades. and the issue is here that many of the protesters are saying that they want dis, these negotiations to go now beyond the price of fuel or the price of madison and food. and they want to sit down with the government to start discussing major reforms. steeper reforms to curb corruption, for example, in the country and other political changes that they are hoping to see the result of all this was that indeed the new protest happened in the capital, panama, and across much of the country. louise sanchez,
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who is the spoke person for the umbrella group that represents most of these unions and indigenous groups that are protesting and said that he had told the government that indeed they needed to confirm the deal with their rank and file. so that the truth is that now unexpectedly, we can see an increase of social unrest. the in the country, more protest the in the, in the coming day. and what and a solution further away, alessandro, you spoke there about the, the blockade. i mean, this is a major highway, the pan american highway. so what's the impact been so far? is it being felt across the country? absolutely, practically. 80 percent of all the produce agricultural produce said that the growth in panama reaches the capital true. this highway, practically all of the car go back,
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reaches the panama canal from either central american country. for example, costa rica also needs to go through there. so economist or warning that already after 2 weeks of protest there says man, major loss is millions of dollars in losses for the country. many businesses, both in panama and internationally. and also on monday, the main produce market in and the capital had to close early because there wasn't enough food enough fruit and vegetables there. i was not around p at it. thank you . for medicine from the european union have agreed to fund another $504000000.00 to supply arms to ukraine. money is meant to help the u jointly by equipment for the cranium military, including lethal weapons. we are very fight. i did violence show to russia,
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aggression against she 1000000000 people in your grain. and they all shall disturbing reports about the use of sexual violence as a weapon of wool, where the russian drugs brought your continues to target feels and foot stocks. everybody have seen the images of a weird feels be in burn. they continue blocking the export from ukraine. they are responsible for the hunger in their wolf. at least 6 civilians have been killed by russian shelling in the eastern ukrainian town of the state. emergency service says it pulled 5 bodies from the rubble of a 2 story building. people were believed to be sheltering in the building when it came under fire. for it has been targeted as part of russia is offensive in the don't. both region ukrainian farmers are racing to save their crops after russian
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shelling sparked new field fires and separation with farmland for what is much of the front line. don't ask. the grain has repeatedly accused russia of attacking infrastructure and agriculture to provoke a global food crisis. a sake of emergency has been opposed inch for lancaster as it parliament passed elect a new president acting liter. ronald grimacing as says the measures are necessary to avoid any unrest ahead of wednesday's vote. the critics say it's a ploy to crush descent. and i'll fernandez reports from colombo. i 1st it was present, gotta be roger boxer. now protestors want his replacement gone outside the country central railway station. they demonstrated calling for acting president ronnie, vicar, missing her to resign. there was a brother roger button. he won't go see a doctor rubacheck rudo history. we want to or you want to hear about the roger
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barbara bribery and also corruption week are missing, have is voted out of parliament at the last general elections. he returned as an mp with a single seat allocated to his party. on wednesday, parliament will choose the successor to go to obey raj boxer the raj. pox a party the s l p p has said to a back vicar, missing her burial. tried to bring oh rodger parks. was our thought roger bunker last will become a resident. that's why we are both running dawn dawn prior to bring granny latter brussard. i'm. it will be a big, big, big demonstration in the country. such warnings prompted vicar missing, had to declare a state of emergency. on sunday, it gives police and the military more power to detain and arrest protest us. but that is in deterring the demonstrators from rep bill my didn't know nearly a deal full days. instead of him and this has been declared and go for years as we
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declared. but people came to the struggle. people came to the road and they say slogans. and they are protesting. they're, they're never scared of this. suppress asia, the missing has largely ignored the criticism appear kicked and not a little della. do we fight each other and destroyed the country or do our parties work together peacefully and rebuild this country? that is the most important political question we faced to bangladesh upon as parliamentarians get ready to choose a successor. to present gotta be roger boxer on wednesday. there are increasing cause like this for them to remember. they represent the people not themselves. men of fernandez ojo 0 colombo, former pakistan prime minister, him on con, calling for early elections of those parties, victory and regional paul concert hall as have been celebrating and wound up his pocket.


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