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remember need so masika 27 years ago. heartfelt accounts from those left behind trying to move on from the pain of the past. women who refused to die on out to 0. in cambodia. thousands of following slate forced to carry out fraud. it had 2 uh, investigation $11.00 east, exposes those behind the site. the scans built on slavery on al jazeera, both jen and his and the police violently dispersing protest. this, these are some of good tens of thousands of people try to play. gobble inspired to program, making. welcome to generation chains, unrivalled broadcasting. white people did not want black children in their schools . we have to fight forecasted and al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 6 year running.
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ah burning through fields. busy forests and mountains, wild fires scorch france and spain. as parts of europe bake under extreme temperatures, we see truly apocalyptic scenes. the flames were just taking over suddenly the entire areas of farm land, entire buildings filled with animals on the west as yet to come for the you came with tuesday expected to be one of the hottest days ever. ah, i'm all about this in this is i'll just leave alive from doha. also coming up. i got, and she lanka, against the acting president,
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who's in the running to leave the country and an architectural not to arab heritage . we're going to take you inside the stadiums that will host the middle east's, 1st default world comp. ah, we're going to begin in europe. what a scorching heat wave record temperatures and raging wild fars are risking lives and threatening homes. forest fires in france, greece, portugal, and spain of destroyed thousands of hacked hairs of land. zane basheba reports from san pedro de la navi, to southside, one of spain's worst affected areas, zamora ah, battling to control the infernal across spain. it's a race against time to contain wild fires that have been raging out of control from the south of the country to the north. where blazes have scorched 4600 hector's,
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of land over the past few days. from doing train journeys, also thwarted by the worst wildfires for a decade in visit to one of the worst effected areas. spain's prime minister petro sanchez, made clear what he thought was to blame. i want to say that evidently climate change kills it, kills people, kills ecosystems, the bio diversity, and it also destroy the most precious goods of our society, which is affected by these wildfires, homes, businesses and livestock. where here in farming area in an agricultural area near the town of the mora, one of the worst effective parts of spain, where the wildfires have been raging for days and we see truly apocalyptic scenes. the flames are just taking over suddenly the entire areas of farmland, entire buildings filled with animals and farming equipment. people are trying to
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use harvesters to dig fire lies to stop the fire where it is, but it continues to re john and take over more and more land just using it as fuel burning further and faster in southwest france, firefighters were using every means at their disposal, including controlled burning, a tactic, use to clear out the buildup of flammable materials by igniting the surrounding vegetation. and it is a matter of urgency since tuesday. the blazes have already consumed thousands of hector's of forests in the peer owns region and thousands of residents and tourist alike forced to move to emergency shelters. amid all this is the uncomfortable reality of the effect of record breaking high temperatures. as delegates from 40 countries gathered at the petersburg climate dialogue and berlin,
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the message from the host's act now before it's too late. and why are we are still grappling with the fall out from the pandemic? the impacts of climate change are becoming even more dangerous across the world. a threat that risk spilling out beyond countries directly affected zane basra b o g 0. so morrow span well in the u. k. temperatures could break records of an ice 24 hours. people are being ours to be extra careful is andrew simmons reporting from london going slow or getting cancelled britain's rail services on the brink of failure, as much of the countries infrastructure can't cope with searing temperatures. make shift foil used on steel bridges in an attempt to deflect the heat, road surfaces beginning to melt more alarming voluntary ambulance stuff, trying to back up an already fully stretched national health service,
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dealing with heat related emergencies. and in london, if you get out of the sun and go on the ground, it's even worse. so why is it that britain can't cope with heat waves? so much of it to do with it's outdated in another good infrastructure does come with extreme temperatures terrible and you don't even have with some past just can't see what the fuss is about. 3536 degrees. people pay money to go to places with that and those places don't ever conditioning either. yeah. so you basically think it's over the top. yeah. american tourist isn't impressed. it gets this hot regularly, but we have air conditioning everywhere and everything's set up for it to be that high. i from in the weather is just fine with the increasing
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threat of extreme weather events caused by global warming. many civil engineers believe countries like the u. k need to invest much more, the u. k. is the seen, the impact of climate change and not as much as other countries in the world. and therefore perhaps the urgency is nurse felt as much as issued that they got a big, really big tasking hand. and they should be air satin on it right now. well, nell, that sense of urgency is beginning to rise along with the temperature setting new records all across the u. k. andrew simmons al jazeera london, shall anchors parliament's, going to start electing a new president in the coming hours and slightly. a final vote is going to be held on wednesday, acting president renelle, which on the sand, is one of the candidates in his, imposed a nationwide state of emergency. he says it's needed to avoid any unrest ahead of the vote. a critic say it's a ploy to crush to send what for more on this,
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michelle fernandez is joining us live from the capital colombo min out, talk us through what's going to be happening today. so basically what will happen in the parliament? i am just at the top of one of the access roads and you can see those heavy barricades. what you don't see is the number of busses lined up down the road that are full of back up of army of military and inside parliament. what we're going to see happening over the course of the morning is that the nominations for the post of president are going to be formerly handed over to the secretary general of parliament. now obviously the speaker, usually sort of overseas things, but because he is also an elected m b, he takes a sort of a said he sends aside as the 2nd general runs this election for president. so for names are what we're hearing so far. we have the acting president, ronald v, grimacing her who will contest i, he has been backed by the roger pox, a party,
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the s l p p. but we also hearing some sort of fishes and, and disagreements with the in the said p. p. there was a letter fired off by the chairman, professor g appears to the man who announced the support for become a singer saying on what basis was this decision taken? who made the decision? how is it representative of the body? so if you were both there, we also have the opposition leader who has expressed his candid denture as well as a former minister, dallas, alabama, a sort of a senior public political figure, as well as under a dis, are nike who is a member of the j v p. now those are the 4 names that have been talked about. people have been a saying they will contest, but until we see the formal handing over of those nominations containing the 4 names. we're not sure who will contest and then basically that will move into to morrow when the actual secret ballot takes place. linelle is fine, a sand of it,
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but the prospect of renewal work on a single i 3 becoming president is not going down a tall. well, with margaret, many of the demonstrators, and we've seen on the streets over the last couple of weeks or so, are we seeing any sort of reaction to the suggestion that he is in the running for this they have obviously been a. 2 sort of reactions, people have been speaking out against the prospect of ronald vicar missing her consolidating his position and being elected as president to run the remainder of the term that's different, obviously from the acting capacity he serves now with the exit of present. gotta be roger boxer, and people are absolutely disgusted with the prospect that ronald vicar missing a might assume the role of president if voted in. and given the fact that it seems that the long or arm of the raj park says, even though present good harvey roger pox of fled the country on
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a military of flight. his brother, my in the roger potter who served as the earlier prime minister, also stepped down. there still seems to be indications that they're still pulling strings from behind the scenes. because run a vicar missing a. one of the reasons for that anger is many people believe that he's protecting the roger boxes as much as his fulfilling his own aspirations to become president. despite being voted out to parliament, that there are sort of deals behind deals and wheels within wheels going on. and that he has agreed to protect the large boxes because of that there's a lot of public anger. we haven't seen those massive numbers yet on the streets, but indications are, are, and the protest groups have put the government on. notice that if renee vicar missing her is voted in as president, contrary to a vicious, to do the wishes of a majority of the people that there will be massive demonstrations on the streets
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of sri lanka. well, thank you very much. indeed, this michelle fernandez talking to us from colombo of former president goza by elijah packs, has said to be responsible for banning imports of chemical fertilizer. and that has cut rice production in half is being blamed for helping to bring the country to the brink of a food emergency, st vice and travel to the region of candy. and has spoken to some farmers their petty fields look large and green, but in reality these farmers are struggling on may 6 last year they were forced to go organic overnight and production has plummeted since one going to the other. no, i am vase that people are facing huge problems. no matter make us stand. i lost his job as a construction worker of the prices of cement skyrocketed. all he and his family have as a few petty fields to feed themselves by buying expensive fertilizer. on the black market, he hopes to increase production monthly dinner. i'm working so hard,
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but it feels as if it is also nothing. but the government gave us organ fertilizer, but it's not good. good fertilizer. we've got a lot of right, but now it's just a fraction. before i bought good for delays, my harvest went down with 50 percent off for 6 months. after did romantic decision, the government lifted the ban by then the country was already in its worst economic crisis since its independence 70 years ago. this is one of the painful legacies of former president go to bio hodge. parks has policies. the agricultural sector has nearly collapsed in just 3 years. 3 longer that long been an export of rice has now been forced to import their staple food. the imports are costing the country dearly . here in the hills around candy, sri lanka, 2nd largest city, all of the country's current crises come together to take their rise and vegetables
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to the market. farmers sneak fuel which is in short supply. those who are lucky enough to find fuel to buy find markets nearly empty, because traders and bias phase or lack of fuel to global. i don't know, we can't rely on the business. and even if you manage to bring $500.00 kilos of vegetables from farms here, there are no customers to buy it and the price has gone up, for example, $500.00 kilo at the end of the day, i'm forced to sell 200 that i keep losing money and the professor my number was sacked as a government advisor after the warranty. import band was a recipe for disaster. some men made disaster very unfortunately, it's too late, but still we have some for that b, i in the correct. but this is not going to feel very good because i mean, nobody should get that impression. right. they are all parallel lines, but we are looking at countries foot thick ricky, not a foot secretary of the small group of people. he says,
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the massively grown rise will run out in a few months, leave it whoever saves over as president a massive problem. how to pay for imported rise to prevent a humanitarian disaster. when the government has run out of fallen, currency steadfast and al jazeera candy sri lanka, stella had an al jazeera prosecutors, and florida say they want the death penalty for the man behind the 2018 mass school shooting in parkland armenian protest is the one lower fuel prices that say they won't stop locking parts of a key highway. ah, the journey has begun. the 34 world camp is on its way to cat hoop your travel package to day. hello, we've got more rain on the cards for the robin peninsula, but got a massive cloud just around our mom pushing towards the straight of moose showers.
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they're easing into southern parts of amman, eastern areas of a man as well, longer specified, and always the possibility of some like less flooding. as a result of that, me so much whether to into yemen. but furthermore, that is generally drive 50 death. baghdad, plenty of heat around a rather more comfortable 40, damascus. $3132.00 there for bay route and for jerusalem then the similar pitcher as we go on 3. where does they so lot of hot and dry weather in that dry weather course stretching across northern parts of africa, heat there for cairo at $41.00 celsius 30. therefore algiers really heavy rain into western parts of africa. can a fossil could see some rather lavish out possibility localized starting some wet weather to pushing out a sierra leone eating up towards senegal over the next day or so. again, a possibility of some flooding south of the equator. a lot of dry weather around once again we have got some showers. welcome shane was, i suspected eastern parts of kenya. all this widespread was heavy as we'd like to
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see one or 2 showers to just coming in to tan's, and there for a time. more than parson made that big scene, some showers with showers t for madagascar. cats are airway official, airline of the journey is only foreman's to go to the well cup and the clock is ticking as teams and fans prepare the cat. so 2022. we'll have updates from different regions across the globe. this month, the focus is on africa and cynical man to challenge for the tropi to winning the africa cup of nations will be cameroon, gona, to nicea or moral cope. it's the alicia join us for the world. go countdown on al jazeera. ah
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ah, what you know, does it remind about told stories this are like his parliament is going to start electing a new president and becoming ours. it's likely a final vote is going to be held on wednesday. acting president y mail with from a singer is one of the candidates and he's imposed on nationwide state of emergency raging wild fires burning across large parts of western europe, threatening lives, and homes. some of the worst fires are in spain, new case, summer heat wave is breaking records and prompting health warnings. authority say the temperatures could top 40 degrees for the 1st time ever. on tuesday. wildfires and northern morocco sparked by high temp, which is an intense driver to have been contained over 6 and a half 1000 actors were burned and at least one person has been killed. more than a 1000 families have been evacuated, modifies erupted and the number of provinces,
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including the rash, algiers, abdomen, named ala granny, is there. this forest here is called nazare and it is located in the province of flowers in the north west of morocco. it is part of a national form that stretches from the atlantic ocean, which is 5 kilometers away to the west, up to the reef. mountains located to that direction, about a 10150 kilometers. as you can see, the fire fighters are still working in this forest in order to avoid that the, the fire that this toilet be re ignited again because of the windy weather because of the hot weather. this part of morocco have really just at some heat wave temperatures as high as 40 degrees in the last days, which is not normal in this region, which has basically immediate uranian,
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whether the one like in southern france or southern spain or in portugal. but the spite of that, there is a heat wave that has destroyed up to now more than $6000.00 acres of forest and northwestern morocco. foreign ministers in the european union have agreed to pay another $504000000.00 to provide arms for ukraine. the money is meant to help you buy equipment for the cranium, military, including lethal weapons, but only if they're used for defense. we are carry, fight. i did violence of the russia aggravation against she, william people in your grade. and they also disturbing reports about the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war, where the russia drugs russia continues to target fields and food stocks.
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everybody have seen the images of a, we'd feels be in burn. they continue blocking the export from ukraine. they are responsible for the hunger, they will at least 6 civilians have been killed by russians. shelling in the eastern ukrainian town autodesk the state emergency service. it says it's pulled 5 bodies from the rubble of a 2 story building. people are believed have been sheltering in the building when it came under fire. the rights has been targeted as part of russia's offensive in the dumbass region. the gunman responsible for a florida school massacre in 2018 is facing the death penalty or life in prison. nicholas cruz has already pleaded guilty to the crime. now a jury will decide his future. she competency reports. the prosecutor is attempting to convince a jury that there's no room for the consideration of mitigating circumstances when
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deciding whether nicholas cruz should be put to death for the 2018 mondrey stoneman, douglas school shooting. given the premeditation and cruelty of the crime, i'm going to speak to you. ready about the unspeakable about this defendant's goal directed. why in systematic murder, mass murder of 14 children, an athletic director at teacher, and a coach crews that even recorded a cell phone video, days before boasting about his chilling intentions. hello, my name is nick. i will be the next school shooter, 2008. my role is at least 20 people with an a r and some trace around. some 50 family members of those killed were in the courtroom as the prosecution recounted cruz's methodical killing spree. the 1st witnesses were called among them
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a teacher who said if students were writing valentine's day cards of characters and shakespeare's romeo and juliet, when the shooting began, it just kept going and going and going as a student to capture the scene on cell phone video also spoke with just sitting kind of like sitting ducks footage she captured was played to the jurors. only the audio could be heard in the public gallery, which proved too much for some cruises. defense council chosen to defer an opening statement until later in the trial. however, it's been reported that among the mitigating factors the defense would like to produce evidence of brain abnormalities, crew sustained as a fetus. after the shooting survivors formed the gun control group, march ra, lives now seen as a powerful voice from the gun control debate. parents of the dead also remained vocal as seen just last week at the white house when a brief fall the heckle joe biden for not doing. the jury must reach a unanimous decision to recommend the nicholas cruz be put to death. otherwise,
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he will face life in prison without parole. she ebert hansley al jazeera, a deals collapsed between protesters and panama, as government on sunday, the government had agreed to freeze fuel prices for 3 months or protests are saved, they want more concessions. indigenous groups are angry about the cost of fuel and food in the den blocking a major highway for over a week. alessandro ramp yeti reports. protesters in panama, burn tires, and blocked roads. once again in the capital and across the country. in a meeting on monday morning, a majority of protesters literally tore up the agreement, reached with the government late on sunday to end the blockades in exchange for further reducing the price of petrol. oh, we had told the government we had to consult with the rank and file. the agreement was signed under pressure. the people have decided and i comply with their decision . we want to tell the education minister who could not be here to day, but there is no agreement unless the issues behind this crisis are resolved.
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protesters now one more than the government's plan to reduce the price of fuel medicine and food unions and indigenous groups are now demanding a national negotiation to address political corruption in discuss larger political reforms. oh, we have said repeatedly that there has to be one negotiating table. we have said that it's structural issues need to be addressed. no more come and go on a few cents reduction on gasoline prices. some with the cost of food isn't businessman, keep accumulating wealth. the government so far has not responded the blockades under pen american highway, the connex panama, with the rest of central america, and is the country's main route for basic goods. entered a 3rd week economies warned the demonstrations of cost the country millions of dollars in losses in are leading to shortages of fuel and food. and monday,
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most stalls at panama is mean produce markets close early for lack of fruits and vegetables. a whole bunch of them from the body put away for everything is stuck. a few things arrive on my little tomato onions, peppers or keratin potato ali. and usually we can only sell 30 percent or so of what arrives. the rest is already ruined for being blocked for days, or you'll be glad i am a thesis. increasing social unrest in getting further away from finding a solution to end it. allison katie, i'll just hear the race to replace bars. johnson is lead of the conservative party and u. k. prime minister has been whittled down to 4 candidates. former chancellor richie cynex, come out on top of the latest round of voting by a party's. m. p. 's followed by trade minister, penny mordant, and foreign secretary list trust. for many qualities minister kimmy banner also made it through to another round, but back bench m p. tom suddenly has been knocked out of the running ar. jacell is john hall has been following the race. he says it's party members that will have
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the law say, or the rules of change this week so that it's the candidate with the fewest votes, who automatically drops out. there's no minimum threshold. so we should by wednesday be down to the final to who will go forward to a vote by the party membership top 2 than that out. as you say, we were expecting that he was perhaps the most centrist voice in this race. up to now foreign affairs committee chairman in the houses of parliament, never held a cabinet position. still standing. of course richie some that the chance former chancellor of this jacket he's increased his leave now with a 115 votes, are from a 101 bill. clearly the m p 's favorite, albeit he is not the memberships favorite, but he'll probably make it through to the number to the membership. much more interested in the other 3. are penny morton, big serge of support for her last week. the gloss has come off that somewhat. she still in 2nd place, but down one vote. and then the 2 big fish of the party right to the parties, right? las trust the foreign secretary. and as you said, kemi bade not,
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there equality is minister both increasing their count somewhat on monday. cartersville that 7 new stadium specifically for the world cup which begins on november the 21st. the venues are described as feats of architecture, with a nod to sustainability and asha can aim reports. the stadiums of the 1st world cup in the middle east are architectural mirrors of era culture and heritage. a tent used by better winds and ivory cap warned by pious muslim boys and men a gold colored handicraft. we've invested a lot during the design of stairs prior to the construction to make sure that whatever was being built for the, for, for the tournament as being cubed for the legacy and the look and earn it. and even the local league needs welcome to sale stadium. home to the final match and the closing ceremony up to 86000 fans will enjoy unobstructed views of the field. the
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roof contains one and a half times the amount of steel. as the eiffel tower and sons of or an experience . i purely, from a sporting point of view, it'll be unprecedented and read expect i could, i context emphasize otherwise enough. stadium 974 is the 1st venue in fif a history that will disappear. the $974.00 recycled shipping containers will be dismantled to give way to additional waterfront development after the world cup. the beauty of the stadium is the, it will have many more opening games in different countries and different cultures and in different locations, but also become, i think, the 1st stage in the world which, which has this overpowering sustainability statement to it. in addition to stadium 974, seats, and components of other venues,
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will be donated to developing countries in need of sport infrastructure. with a non profit group, carbon market watch says to offset emissions. the material would need to be used multiple times, especially if shipped thousands of kilometers away by using recycled materials, reducing construction costs, and developing green and living spaces near stadiums. cut our is hoping it created monuments to sustainability that will inspire future world cup hosts. natasha game, l. jazeera doha. that phase of competing at the 1st high line, the world championships in switzerland. now if you get a few to heights, look away, no competitors braved an altitude of 2252 meters above sea level and above a mountain in garb. london there were a few tumbles and tense moments.


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