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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 19, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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for safe that mm hm. and then the international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello omni barker. this is the news,
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our live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes. russian president vladimir putin is in toronto, his 1st trip outside the former soviet union. since the start of the ukraine war earning through fields force and mountains. wildfire scotch, france and spain. as part of europe bake under extreme temperatures for lancaster position leader withdrawals from the presidential race to support arrival candidates as the parliament leads to choose the countries. the next leader, lady of tennessee, is biggest opposition. party face is trial, russia good, and she is accused of financing. terrorism. adam, he has them with your sports news, including action from the world athletics, championships, cutters, high jump, sensation rooters, bush, him. one of them is a limited time for the 3rd straight wall title in oregon for robert, coming up this, our ah,
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welcome to the news, our russian president vladimir putin as you to take part in a summit, inter on this being overshadowed by the fall out from the war and ukraine talks with iran's president abraham ry you see in turkish leadership, ty, otherwise a meant to focus on syria, 3 countries of all been involved in the conflict there and trying to restore stability under the so called ostena piece process. russell soda is live for us now inter on wrestlers were mentioning there an important visit for vladimir putin, his 1st outside the former soviet union, since the invasion of ukraine. what does he hope to achieve their well, it's quite unimportant with that this is going to be his 2nd international with it outside of the did of russia. but today, she is going to meet the turkish president project type one. and the main issue on the agenda is the, the grand export from, from ukraine. so the experts are seeing that both russia and took a side step and we agreed on the to the technicalities on a preliminary scheme,
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how to export ukrainian grain to black. see, to gather that in a stumble and down from stumble to be distributed to the international market. however, they said that now it's time for a political decision. so today we're going to see off the several, or several of the phone calls between turkish and the russian president. finally, they are meeting in person and we'll see whether that political decision is going to be that that's quite important for the food security globally. so on the other hand, you're running the russian president is going to meet the reading presently brian racy and the supreme leader as well today. so security is on the agenda and the 3 the world, the agenda, and also the end of these are quite important. one while these meetings are taking place, an important and often just came in that russian gas room and you runs national oil company. they have signed a re memorandum regarding did the corporation in terms of oil and gas and iran,
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national oil companies, managing director said that this deal is worth of hands of billions of dollars extra. so seeing that is roughly worth $40000000000.00. and the mentioned director of the national oil company said that this is the biggest investment in iran's oil industry and it's in its history. we do not have that much of the d p yet, but that is quite, quite significant now. so on the other hand, there's no reports that you run is prepared into play score with their hundreds off the unmanned aerial vehicles, including those who are at those which are capable of carrying weapons. and to say that the expert said that iran in return is asking russia to provide it's a cyber security expertise to, to, to, to iran. another important agenda today for this trilateral summit between the guarantor countries or fast on a peace process. russia, turkey, and iran,
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syria is going to be at of table. so turkey has already express is willingness, that it's going to is plans that is going to conduct a non good military incursion into syria. even though of russia has been through majority of its forces after the from syria, after the war. start to start that in ukraine. steel is an important player in all these equation and iran and russia, there are pause in turkish military incursion into syria. they're trying to find a political solution. so today, during this try literal meeting, we'll see whether they will be able to agree on a clear road map regarding that. but when it comes to, particularly iran and russia, both are under heavy sanctions from the western countries. and this to, and sanctioned heat. countries are trained to seek 202 are seeking opportunities to to, to was there a corporation in terms of economy, energy, and security, russell money, thanks, russell said or enter on that now scorching heat,
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wave reco, temperatures raising while fires are risking lives and threatening homes in large parts of western europe, we have a team of correspondence on the story. natasha butler is live in paris, or reese is standing by in london. but 1st, let's go to spain, one of the worst hit countries. that's where our zane bus ravi is lie for us and to bar in some more province said zane, what sort of devastation have we been seeing there? well, this is one of the areas that is worst effected throughout these wildfires. record breaking wildfires that have engulf this part of spain since the beginning of this month. now what we're seeing here into borrower, about 5 kilometers outside the town of the bar in the northwest of the country. and we are at one of the hill tops in this area near a wind farm. and i'm just going to step out a shot show you sort of some of the devastation that we've seen this a reservoir just here. or this mound is a reservoir of water. and these are generally used for agricultural purposes,
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but they've become very significant in the logistics involved in trying to fight the wildfires. helicopters have been coming in and picking up water here and then dumping it on the fire, some of which you can see still burning at the base of that wind farm. just off in the distance we've driven through much of the area and seen score stirrups 1st, black and soil throughout from the fires that have been burning here. and we've seen helicopters and water dumping planes operating in this area all morning trying to fight back the flames. that have been jumping from one hill to the next and jumping from one valley to the next. as soon as the fire rescue workers are managed to put out several of the flames. now in the last hour or so, they've brought this fire under control, but there continue to be 20 fires according to the government that are burning out of control. it was 20 fires burning out of control yesterday as well, but there are fewer fires ongoing. now that number went from 37 to 30 this morning
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. the temperature, the heat has died down a little bit. the winds have died down. but this remains one of the driest periods in the history of this region. by some studies in the last 1000 or 1200 years, it has never been this dry in this part of europe. so the conditions remain for fires to continue to spread for new fires to ignite. and there are predictions that it is going to get hotter later this week. many thanks, rain saying, let's go to london. know where paul reese's sir, standing by paul. it's is day 2 of course of the u. k. is extreme. eat alert. how's the country coping well, perhaps in a sign of the things to come in the coming years, the coming decades here in the u. k. we have also had a wildfire on a smaller scale in birmingham. a country pot verify fighters battling to put out, put out to blaze, but this heat wave is more evidence in the cities. places like hair in london,
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concrete, jungles trapping the heat and releasing the heat very slowly. the u. k. has overnight, had its hottest night on record with the, at the temperature going not below 25 degrees centigrade in some places. and forecasts expected to bay the artist on reco during the day as well expected to reach up to 41 degrees c. m. so far, the record to die is been around $35.00 in some places. now, how's this affecting place is light london? well transported bouts being the most obviously effective with trains running at lowest speed, many, many cancelled as well. some tracks indeed buckling with the tracks themselves being recorded. busy asia, around 62 degrees centigrade hospitals as well in london. many of them built during the 19 sixty's or before the 19 sixty's, turning the hospitals into hot boxes and many surgeries,
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reportedly being canceled. abacus, conditions inside the hospitals just can't be capped at a comfortable temperature. now there are health warnings, especially for the elderly, especially for children paper with sicknesses. people who are most liable to conditions such as the hydration, heat exhaustion, and hate strike. but some of the emergency staff, we've also spoken to saying that it's, it's the poor who are, who are most vulnerable to those people who can't. i says services. people whose housing was built again before the 19th sixty's and which are heating up an at the highest rights who are most susceptible to, to health problems during this, during this hate wave. so in a global scale, we often say that it's the wells poor who are most susceptible to hate waves and in a microcosm, places in london, we're seeing that as well. thank you very much, paul. well, from one european capital soon another paris. this time natasha butler is standing by outside a shelter in the french capital. natasha another very,
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very hot day in france. and i understand you've just been to a homeless shelter in central paris. yeah, that's right. look very another very hot day indeed, mailing the north in the east of the country though, because the temperature has dropped considerably in the west of the country. of course, that's good news or for the fire fighters in the southwestern region of shiranda has been battling places now for a week. they have seen temperatures plummet there perhaps even a rain expected or overnight, so that will certainly help the situation for them. we have just been at a homeless shelter. we've been speaking to people there because of the homeless are of course, amongst some of the most vulnerable people and in a heat wave they are particularly impacted. we spoke to the head of the shelter, said look very nearly 3000 homeless people in paris. they can come to that shelter though. they can fit in some air conditioning. they can take a shower and have some water because if they stay on the streets,
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they really are looking at risking a dehydration terrible headaches and cramps and that sort of thing. it is not safe for their mid these kind of temperatures. we spoke to a one, a homeless man though he said, really for him, the shelter is as something of a lifeline. he normally sleeps on the street or in a metro station at night where it's a little bit cooler. but during the day, he, like many of the others, are in that shelter, are coming there in order to drink water refill their water bottles. really, gas out of these are very high temperatures. you're always a huge risk for those most vulnerable in society. natasha butler in paris. thank you very much. well, that's view across europe. that's bringing her out as her meteorologist rob mccurry . he joins us now here in the studio and, and rob we've been seeing, of course, an awful lot of read across europe in recent days. where are those key temperatures being broken, where the records being smaller? one we're just looking, for course, is england where if it hits 40 there have been recorded before over quite a long period. he is, i have say we broken rickles recently in france and spain, but to be honest,
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that is more normal. i saw that last year if i remember correctly, maybe the before is the fact is creeping further north and i'm already talking about temper course. you've seen just know the consequences of the drought for long drought. so we've got dryness and fires. the river po is low as well, but temperature wise. yes, we're obviously looking probably somewhere in england day. right. and in terms of whoa, where we were 12 months ago, we were talking about huge floods across the north of europe in germany and france and belgium, 12 months later, of course we're looking at a very different weather map. i is it all very much part of the same system? it is because it's not really that different is just geographically it. different place is, is a sort of persistence of type. you get a heat wave because you pump in the same air slowly up in the same place because the weather systems are not moving around. the northern hemisphere, as they used to, and a consequence of the changing climate appears to be the jet streams, looping thing around the northern hemisphere, which used to move fairly readily. so you had say, 3 days, a rate in 3 days. the sun doesn't do that. often it gets blocked,
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so you get progressively hot weather and the comp, the thing just mentioned, you might get progressive storm are to storm out to storm, which produces a flood as he did in germany, as you say about a year ago. right, until we be looking at daytime temperatures here. have things been at night time for people living through us, right. we've got this read extreme heat warning for ignorant at the moment, and progression, or get to what you just asked in a 2nd by just say the book. progress of the reco of the highest temperature is 1911 . oops, 36779 years later we broke that record. and then 19 years later, we broke it again and possibly 3 years later we'll break again. so the peer to break in the record has become much closer to right. the danger isn't just the daytime meet, it's the night time heat. so although london drops down temperature fairly rapidly, it started this morning with temperatures around the 26 mark. paris started $24.00 bordeaux it about $21.00 degrees. and if you don't get the chance to cool down,
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this is persistent over. now that is the nighttime temperature that wrapped up with the daytime, the course the, the danger really to humans. and when do we expect things to hold out? i just skipped it, didn't they? didn't learn from the british isles point of view, it happens tomorrow. so this is wednesdays picture. we're down to 26. and the reason for that the jet streams moved east is taking the heat with it. so we're going to look at high temperatures in germany, phone, and scandinavia, for the british charles though, cloud and re, so as to morrow for region and half of france of great to have you here explaining all of that much appreciated romco a. there are i plenty more head of the news our including we look at the grass roots initiatives that are being implemented to discourage violence that had next month's elections in kenya by demonstrators in panama, have torn up a deal with the government on fuel prize cas and the host nation advanced to the women's africa cup of nations. fine, all that's on the way later in scores. ah,
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so lancaster, parliament has been meeting in colombo, where it's now a 3 way race for the presidency. a list of candidates has been presented to m. p. 's, after one contender pulled out opposition leader shanita premier dasa says he'll withdraw to back former prime and former minister dulles allah per room into him president runner, vic, them a singer as one of the other candidates. a file vote is expected on wednesday. michelle fernandez has more from a demonstration and colombo, the kind of protest you're seeing behind me is the increasing sort of voices was about ronald vicar missing his candidacy. and there's a lot of opposition to that in parliament today. we saw that formal process where nominations were handed over to the secretary general of parliament. now there were
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4 that were named and expected, but just before the nominations were handed over, we heard that the opposition leader was withdrawing from the rest. the reason he said was that he and his party, the s g b, had decided to support the candidacy of dallas, alabama. alabama is basically a fairly senior politician, part of the sort of parent party that then evolved into the roger box that kind of faction lead s l p. p. a dallas? i'm sort of was sideline due to the time of the roger boxes. he's, he's not, obviously, as a cat is magic as mine that i did park so as forceful. but he does have a silent support. what we're hearing from the sergeant prima dasa cam is that the reason for him withdrawing is that there is an agreement that has been reached between sergeant ray madison, dallas, alabama, basically that georgia dream without
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a will back. i'll happy rumors bid for presidency on the basis that when, if and when he becomes president, he would then call on sergeant premier dasa to form a government and make him prime minister. meanwhile, the acting present runner, vicar missing or are basically expects that support of the s l p p. but all is not are sort of well that either. so this is the background in which that election in parliament will take place on wednesday. a tale of fuel prices between panama government and protest as, as collapse on sunday. the government agree to freeze the cost of fuel for 3 months per protest to say they want more concessions. indigenous groups are angry about fuel and fuel prices that have been blah and have been blocking major highways for more than a week. alexander ram petty reports protestors in panama, burn tires, and blocked roads. once again in the capital and across the country. in a meeting on monday morning, a majority of protesters literally tore up the agreement,
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reached with the government late on sunday to end of locates in exchange for further reducing the price of petrol. huh. we had told the government, we had to consult with the rank and file. the agreement was signed under pressure. the people have decided and i comply with their decision. we want to tell the education minister who could not be here today, that there is no agreement unless the issues behind this crisis are resolved. protesters now one more than the government's plan to reduce the price of fuel medicine and food unions and indigenous groups are now demanding and national negotiation to address political corruption in discuss larger political reforms. we have said repeatedly that there has to be one negotiating table. we have said that it's structural issues need to be addressed. no more come and go on a few cents reduction on gasoline prices. some with the cost of food is since businessman keep accumulating wealth. the government so far has not responded the
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blockades under pen american highway, the connex panama, with the rest of central america, and is the country's main route for basic goods. entered a 3rd week economies warned the demonstrations of cost the country millions of dollars in losses and are leading to shortages of fuel and food. and monday, most stalls at panama is mean produce markets close early for lack of fruits and vegetables, all from favicon from the body, put away for everything is stuck. a few things arrive on my little tomato onions, peppers, or keratin potato ali. and usually we can only sell 30 percent or so of wet arrives . the wrist is already ruined for being blocked for days or you love. i am a thesis increasing social unrest in getting further away from finding a solution to ended. allison good. i'll just hear the head of tune, easiest largest opposition party has appeared in court,
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accused of financing terrorism, russia gucci was speaker of parliament until it was dissolved last year by president k. say it, it comes just days before controversial referendum on the constitution, which was prompted weeks of protests. lucy of oldman as a journalist based in tunis, she joins us live from there. now, alicia, how did we get to this moment? a court case against canoed? she to noisiest main, opposite the opposition leader of course and out spoke critic of the president. so this, this all began when i 120 members of parliament convened online and held a plenary session back in march 30th. they voted against ty sides regime as saying it was illegitimate and they wanted him to roll back and reinstate parliament. there was an investigation ins, parliamentarians, and back then russia. today, she was interrogated briefly at the terrorism pole in tunis. so today's hearing is
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a, it's looking at a case against him that alleges money laundering and also foreign finance. and whether this foreign financing is linked to terrorism. his, he has a very large legal team who are saying that this is just a piece of political theater, particular one week ahead of the referendum. and yes, this is happened to other members of an after senior members who been arrested, interrogated and detained. said to the question, is whether he'll be arrested, charged and detained, to the enter today. what does all of us mean within the context of that controversial referendum that is happening? same what we'll be talking about. so one of the note is there was the largest party within government. and as you say, yeah, russia gunner, she is one. her sides graces critics. and that they sort of conjure, turned out, she began quite early on inside presidency with good news. she's are pushing back against a lot of sides moves early on. so this is a scene, a space is
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a big sort of show down because russia goodness, she is a huge figure. intonation politics in nato became like the major political force into nature following the 2011 a revelation. so this is significant. there's also a sort of real ground swell of hatred against in after that's being proliferated on social media. so if, if sky sides can somehow, i reduce the power or somehow humiliates, rushing to new, she then that sort of elevate side and n j within his supported j a will be received very well. is some kind of victory for suicide. so prestige of a hyper presidential system and consolidating powers in his own hands to perceive his own program. the lazy of old men in tune as many thanks. well, the number of people known to have died after a boat capsized and central pakistan has more than doubled to 50. local government
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says the vessel was overloaded when it sank in a river in suffolk about district. most of the passengers were women and children going to a wedding. nearly 90 people have been rescued. come ohio has more from islam above . a board accident on the river in dallas in southern pond job has claimed the lives of at least 50 people search and rescue a still under way. all right, now it seems that door when missing are presumed dead because this is the monsoon season. the river that orland cutter and the strong, the board that they were travelling in order dilapidated board, a most of the boards do not take into account safety procedures such as life jackets. these boards are not worthy. they normally powered by employ wired engines . however, the rescue who reached this part had to discontinue, was because of dog i. we are told that this morning go to people again searching
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for dogs when missing. c but as i mentioned because of the strong govern, many of those bodies may have been ripped away. there's only highlights the dangers of not falling safety procedures and also a lack of interest from the administration. but report, i stand there waiting about exactly how many people who are on board normally did it, nor headcount when people are overcrowded to board. however, don't read does or waited. and this is indeed another tragedy that could have been avoided. doctors in pakistan's baluchistan province, se monsoon floods have led to a cholera outbreak. health officials say unusually heavy down pools, have polluted water. of course, the disease to spread, flooding has damage homes, roads, or stations, and destroyed crops, a little skill. another could lift my older brother, died due to the cell to break. unfortunately,
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the facilities in our area are not proper nor are there any facilities in the hospitals. the transportation is poor and the government is not doing much. someone should pay attention to this who a large gas explosion in the chinese port city of town gin has caused part of a multi story building to collapse. 3 people are missing following the blast, which injured 11 people. the cause is under investigation. everyone aboard a domestic flight in somalia has been rescued after their plane crash, landed flipping upside down and catching fire. the juba airways flight was on route formed by dollars to mogadishu, with 30 passengers and crew when it crashed on the runway in the capitol. some people suffered minor injuries in the accident. inquiry has been launched. violence in sudan, southern blue nile stay 2, sparks, unrest in several cities. thousands of house people have set up barricades and the type government buildings, days of violence between the hausa and bertie tribes in blue nile have already left
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at least 79 people dead. and 150 people injured, tribes began fighting over land access last week. still ahead on al jazeera and you report off as a bleak assessment of the state of the environment and australia. the field narrows and the race to take over from boys johnson. as british prime minister women zeroes are all by the quarter final stage. peter will be here with the latest action is roy from the start? ah, with well, we expect to record in england today with temperatures as the 1st ever warning of extreme heat issue by the u. k. met office. and yet this cloud coming from the west, so this is going to be the last day of extreme heat,
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has been showing itself in western europe for a while now. and because of that and the lack of rain, we've got fires in spain and in front the temperature because extreme here, bordeaux's focusing 29 today. so the heat is up here and probably moving eastwards . this will last a ring to see it, but then it goes into germany to poland, up to scandinavia, and spreads down towards the hungarian plain as well, which is where we more normally see rather high temperatures. so it back to near normal by the end of 30 days, you can say this is the weather coming back to choose to just show you the progress of cloud and rain and drop in temperature doesn't affect. but in portugal, attempts to start to rise again. and they won't be much rain to help with the fire fighting in france either. and on the subject of rain. this is when we get the biggest showers in tropical africa, or even the sale they been causing, studying again in sudan and south sudan. and you see why another blob that comes through earlier is finals is going to go into sub molly. these eventually go off show might become harkins.
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ah, he got in contact with a getting a gun, eating mot downing ideals, the french republic, his long proclaimed. but just would ease modern france in a 4 part series. the big picture takes an in depth let france info case. the concluding episode on al jazeera, beneath the hype of english football lies an illicit market for the rich and powerful i. one of the cd sessions were undercover al jazeera investigative unit exposes the inner workings of key players in the murky underbelly of football finance. if a party to sell something like when a magician has been said that you can make an elephant disappear,
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i have many of the tricks like to say his most brazen example. i've said the man who so football just either. ah ah, you're watching al jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour of scorching heat wave and raging wildfire are risking lives and threatening homes and large parts of western europe. the blazes of burned through thousands of actors in spain, france, portugal, and greece for like his parliament has announced 3 candidates nominated to becomes for like his next president. they include in trim, leader, and former prime minister, ronald victor. singer. a final vote is expected on wednesday. iraq is hosting some,
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it's on the war in syria that's being overshadowed by the conflict in ukraine. the turkish and iranian leaders will be joined by russian president vladimir putin, who's on his 1st trip outside the for the soviet union since the invasion. okay, well from all of the iran summit, let's bring an al jazeera senior political analyst, my one be shower. he joins me on skype or from a doh. and what's the summit hoping to achieve? on the one hand, you've got iran and russia, the both backed the aside regime when it comes to the conflict and syria and turkey, that backed rebel forces. why could they possibly make headway? you know, if they're trying to find accommodation, each one of those powers have some needs and some demands. they also have something to offer are clearly turkey would like to help russia when the question so far. ukraine and the question of expert single green iran would like to
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help russia break out of its isolation. same thing in terms of russia. iran, i think both the iran and russia trying to find out competition with their care by it's own security and the whole issue without y p g. and i think all 3 of them have issues with the united states and then you know, emerging axis as of last week out of jetta. so really only knows, i think it's just almost you know, fortunate time for these 3 leaders to be meeting in order to address both the security challenging they're facing. as well as the new emerging axis between the saudi area, between the saudi arabia, israel and the united states. as for the interesting that you raised the visit from the u. s. president biden, of course, was in a saudi arabia and israel, literally days ago. the timing of this, of course, that no mistake. absolutely. so while there are, there are a number of
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a bilateral relations and unilateral needs of each one of those 3 powers. but they certainly meet on the question of what's next in the middle east and clear in the middle east is evolving, or should i say devolving into a new old war of so it's not like the old cold war. and them, at least or not the old cold war that we've seen between the soviet union. the and i says there's something new to something strange, something postmodern about how coalitions on the lines are emerging them at least if you notice, out of gender. and if you notice today in the hawaiian sh, regional partners are no longer loyal, more longer pledging loyalty to global our said as they used to do in the old cold war nowadays. so the or a been, is there, i want to do their thing while maintaining good relations and alliances with the united states, as well as an open door ad relations with moscow. the same thing we have here,
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iran is trying to reach a deal with the united states on, on the nuclear issue. turkey is a, natal member, an ally the united states. and both of them are open to russia. so we have this really strange, chaotic, new, middle east, emerging in this july. it doesn't resemble anything that we've seen before. it's what i would like you to call hybrids. although it's not exactly a car, but there is a hybrid relationship marching in the loose. i just wonder how to navigate all of this. as you mentioned that turkey, of course, is a nato member. it's been blocking russian ships in the black say it's in impounded this grain ship. this is surely going to be an important moment for vital face. time between ergo and putin. absolutely look. turkey looked at its situation at status regionally and beyond that last year and wasn't happy. it was almost isolated. it was becoming more, more isolated and present, undergone took
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a strategic decision at pragmatic decision sh at one year before his on now countries elections in order to open up the e book, opened up to egypt to israel. so jeremiah, as well as to russia and the united states that are trying to rebuild alliances and relationships. and that's why turkey remains open even after the russian invasion of ukraine. it also has trying to build bridges with iran, despite it's like we mentioned syria. sh. so dark is trying to pay and media to now on the question of food insecurity and the export of ukrainian brain. it's also trying to do something about on its own security situation in syria on trying to get the iranians of the russians and even the americans, all of them. oh, pose therapy's expansion of its security zone and syria thought to reach some sort of an accommodation. as well as within nato, so that those powers so that those countries who are supporting the p y g they
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stopped doing so. but just like the united states claims that it has a dash problem just like he won claims to have a guy the problem. dirty claims to have a court just problem regardless of the sending it out, there's differences, but 30 has certain security claims and grievances and would like to meet and would like its partners to meet them. a mo and of course, the one interesting thing that legs, both russia and iran, is that by subject to international functions, do you think that similarity will allow them to continue deepening? that ties apparently, us intelligence, claiming that russia may try to draw iran into the ukraine conflict and have been looking to employ iranian drones on the battlefield. does not seem plausible. you know, it sounds very much like what we used to know during the classical old war, the old one of my kids rather giving sh back some technology and some weaponry to the united states. it's faithful knife and kind of strange that to see that
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happening. the other way around between huron and russia, i think it's going to be difficult. not with the iranians denying any such transactions for the route for their indians to be able to transform at dozens of drones to russia without in or the united states knowing or having evidence about it. so we will see what the next few days will will show, but clearly it winds looking for patrons now that the iran, you and the others out. now that america is trying to get back in with israel under the some dealt countries trying to what got some new axis. so it, why needs a russia, russia needs it won both of them, the china, china is getting involved. really, it's all part of, as i said, this new hybrid war that's emerging in the region. and clearly the wine is a centric player and it will do so with the help of moscow and bay gene. and god helps us if any, all of it really turns ugly. and the monson years to come. well and good speech
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here was always mom and bashar out. is there a senior political analyst there? now another news, the race to replace boris johnson as leader of the conservative party and u. k. prime minister has been whittled down to 4 candidates for the chancellor, richie c, neck has come out on top of the latest round of voting by the parties. m p's followed by trade minister, penny mordant, for a secretary list. trust them for my qualities, mister kemi bade not also made it through to another round back bench m p. tom took and hats has been knocked out of the running. let's get more in this from jonah hole who sly for us in london. so jane or is the said the full will become 3 this afternoon? tell us more. yes, we're into the very final stretch now of this knockout phase of the contest for the leadership of the conservative party, the parties big fish buying to replace for johnson as party leader and as prime minister by wednesday afternoon, a little more than 24 hours from now we'll know the identities of the final 2
1:39 pm
candidates who goes through to an election by the parties. membership around the country with the identity of the new prime minister and party lead it to be revealed on september the 5th. but for now the m. p. 's of the party are still having this se, in campaign that has been at turns bitter with personal animosities on full display, revealing the divides within the party, even criticisms of the parties own recording government under boris johnson this afternoon. as you said, 4 will become 3 on wednesday, 3 will become to jonah, take us through who is still in it to win it griffey. soon as the former chancellor is the leader, he has been throughout and he's more or less assured now of making it through to the final 2 will be knowing that he is not a favorite among the membership. so he could struggle in that final vote. his
1:40 pm
campaign burning his credentials, his experience in that high office of state over the last couple of years as evidence of his ability and his fitness to be prime minister. the really big question is, who will face receive? soon as in the final to, to big names on the parties, right. let's trust the foreign secretary. and can we bade not the primary qualities minister she may be knocked out on tuesday? the relative unknown, of course, is penny mordant trade minister, who is relatively untainted by association with bodies. johnson and the scandals of the last few months. all. busy for campaigns fighting quite viciously, quite fascinatingly for every available m p 's vote. and at this moment, all 4 have at least a viable route to the top. so it's all pretty uncertain. turn how and loved and thank you very much. the threat of political unrest is looming over kenya once more, as a prepares to hold a general election next month. the groceries initiatives are trying to discourage
1:41 pm
potential violence ahead of our crucial boat. katherine sawyer reports for my ruby . it with most of these people in the room, are victims of election, violence and police brutality. so never set up yet, leave in a rough neighborhood. they show us names of young people who've been killed by gans police or election clashes was done on my mind. bene balaam has 2 sons were killed during a disputed election in 2017. she says how boys were caught up in protests was shot when protest is clashed with police, elected to the data before it like we want to peaceful election. the government should provide enough security like we don't want police to come in 1116 force. their work is to provide young. i live in the last election on a young man were provoked by their mom, dad. oh canyons are going to another general election in august. voters are
1:42 pm
electing a president and other electoral seats. some people are worried, there could be violence, should the outcome of the poor be contested. this is one of the most politically tanf naval in the city during campaign. some politicians you've gangs to scare voters many here say they have been affected by election violence. they tell us, we don't want any trouble. young artists are trying to make a difference. here. they're painting a story of the complicated relationship between residents and police were worried found under to not come up now with his ac was up and prepare. we are worried if there's any way to prepare the community as we will do it up. we are telling young people that we must not bleed for the politicians to like the electra. the government has a body that is responsible for ensuring people coy, exist in humming. officials have been traveling across the country,
1:43 pm
telling voters to keep the peace need to talk to the kids and prepare themselves and empower them to 1st of all, rejects political manipulation and also incitement to, ah, violence. and most importantly, not to politicize, that is indicated entities did. oh, wow, good. how are gay? v, as a paul does near the women in this area, say they will do what they can to keep their part of the city safe. cathy sawyer al jazeera arabic, at least 13 inmates have been killed and fighting in a prison in ecuador to others were injured and the violence in a town 80 kilometer. on the capital, kito $44.00 inmates died and fighting at the same prison. in may, the government blames gangs voting for control of territory and drug trafficking roots cut. i was built 7 new stadium specifically for the world cup which begins on
1:44 pm
november the 21st. the venues are described as feats of architecture. with a nod to sustainability natasha. the name reports the stadiums of the 1st world cup in the middle east are architectural mirrors of era culture and heritage. a tent used by better winds and ivory cap warned by pious muslim boys and men, a gold colored handicraft. we've invested a lot of during the dishonest is broiled to the construction, to make sure that whatever was being built for the, for, for the tournament is being cubed for the legacy and the local earnings and even the local league needs. welcome to lou sale stadium. home to the final match and the closing ceremony up to 86000 fans will enjoy unobstructed views of the field. the roof contains one and a half times the amount of steel. as the eiffel tower and sons of a,
1:45 pm
an experience. i purely, from a sporting point of view, it'll be unprecedented and read expect i could, i context emphasize otherwise enough. stadium 974 is the 1st venue in fif a history that will disappear. the $974.00 recycled shipping containers will be dismantled to give way to additional waterfront development after the world cup. the beauty of the stadium is the, it will have many more opening games in different countries and different cultures and in different locations, but also become i think, the 1st stage in the world which, which has this overpowering sustainability statement. tours, in addition to stadium 974 seats and components of other venues will be donated to developing countries in need of sport infrastructure. with a non profit group, carbon market watch says to offset emissions. the material would need to be used
1:46 pm
multiple times, especially if shipped thousands of kilometers away by using recycled materials, reducing construction costs, and developing green and living spaces near stadiums. cut our is hoping it created monuments to sustainability that will inspire future world cup hosts. natasha game l. jazeera doha still had allowed to sarah experienced tales of the world athletics championships action from oregon. coming up and sports with peter. ah ah
1:47 pm
ah. safer than he'd been home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero. setting the discussion, i'd love to see every time there was an attack on a mosque all the right wing organization saying we don't approve of this. examining the headline. this court is the political court that is making political decisions,
1:48 pm
explorer, and abundance of world class programming, designed to inform. the biggest fear of ang autocrat is crowd of people on the streets motivate. and in 5 years, he's opening an area that a blind person never thought they could do on al jazeera power lines are, wow, we live here, we make the rule, not them. people empower, investigate, exposes, and questions the youth and abuse of power around the globe. on al jazeera ah ah ah, welcome back, australia's environment is in a poor state, a getting worse. it state of the environment report found climate change related
1:49 pm
weather events, a compounding an ecosystem already in trouble. so recall reports from brisbin already this year, sydney and much of new south wales have been devastated by torrential rain and floods. the forecast is more of the same with the latest state of the environment. report declaring that extreme weather events like this are becoming the new norm. in the last 5 years, we've gotten into the impact of extreme events such as storms, wild fires, and very large bleaching away events caused by heat waves. sy, clones droughts and floods, and they have impacted almost every square inch of australia. the 2000 paid scientific document paints a grim picture of australia's ecosystems for marine environments to the days it land. an ocean. temperatures are on the rise, and australia has lost more memo species than any other continent. we name are 40
1:50 pm
teams and sporting teams after assuring animals. we really love our wildlife in australia, so unique the world that we are destroying their homes. and the thing we can do to protect them is to protect their high and protect their habitats. the scientific gordon. so pollution, mining, invasive species and climate change are to blame. this solution is a drastic reduction in carbon emissions as well as stronger national environment laws. and a federal regulator to enforce them. the started the environment report is compiled every 5 years. the last 4 have painted a green picture. the pass report to predict the future impact of climate change is light. a scientific assessment is recording extensive damage that's happening now. responding to the report, australia newly elected government announced plans to protect 30 percent of the countries land and oceans by 2030. what the environment really name is the changed system. that's the message from the samuel review. that's the message from the
1:51 pm
state of the environment report, without structural change will be resigning ourselves to another. dick is failure. without the tools we need to arrest our decline. another decade side to say is to light sarah, clock out a 0 brisbin australia, or you're without a 0 time for sport now with peter me, thank you so much. we'll start with the world athletics championships. were experienced hold on day 4 cutters. high jump sensation moved us, but she was one of several olympic champions to follow up. they took your success with another major title. they would stokes rounds up the action from oregon, which as barsh him famously had to share his gold medal lashes tokyo olympics after a tie in the final but he had the top step of the podium all to himself this time round. clearing a world leading height of 2 meters, 37 with ease. he's the 1st high jumper ever to win 3 straight. well, titles,
1:52 pm
i want to do great things. i want to be the high jump or that do stuff that got no stuck with history. and i've done that today, i'm really happy about it. or she wasn't the only olympic champion to ease to another major title, venezuela's. eula, mar rojas, dominated from start to finish in the triple jump, leaping 15 meters. 47 to climb her 3rd straight gold at the wells. out on the track canyon run afraid kit pecan made her way towards the front of the pac early on in the women's $1500.00. and the winner of the last 2 olympics broke clear to regain her world title, which she 1st went back in 2017. 0, these newsletter me. i'm really excited. i love one. yesterday i was i'm a bad migraine. told me to relax and enjoy it. and i decided 10 years dominated the men steeplechase at a well, it's for decades. but that was ended by morocco, sophie, and albert carly,
1:53 pm
he backed up his victory at the tokyo olympics to take gold and keep a canyon off the top spot for the 1st time since 2005 american and a whole. when the final event, the women's hats haflin, but that was only good enough for bronze overall with double olympic champion, nephi started t. m a fell gym once again coming out on top. and there was more marathon successful. ethiopia at the tamarac told his victory in the men's rights on sunday . gotti tom gabrey selassie secured the women's title in an incredible time at just over 2 hours, 18 minutes. it was a new record at the world championships. 2 they did stokes al jazeera moving on to the women's euros now in france or through to the quarter finals. that's the spider 1. 1 rule with iceland on monday, melvin mallard scored an early open for the french to 20 to slay clues in a row from england. the french adjoining the knockout runs by belgium. be sicily.
1:54 pm
one, no, it's the 1st time and belgians history that they are through to the law states. host nation morocco will play south africa in the final of this year's womens, africa, camp of nations. the moroccans faced nigeria in a semi final yasmin with our bets own goal, ended the nigerians, the advantage in the 62nd minute at the lionesses of atlas fall back and just 4 minutes later, equalize through the sun out and sooty the match headed to extra time and penalties, or rocco eventually prevailed in the spot k contest. as for south africa, they are on their way to their 6th fine, although they have never won the competition. a very late penalty decided their semi final against zambia. this seemingly innocuous challenge eventually resulted in a spot kick being awarded. linda motley law scoring the penalty. sticking
1:55 pm
with south africa, it's been more than a decade since the country hosted the 1st world cup to be played on the african continent. a legacy of investment in crossroads football was promised. i corresponded for me to mila. has been finding out if that was actually delivered. this is the waco south of johannesburg, which during the 2010 woke up was a hub for many people living in the area for aspiring players. the woke up brought home the reality of a global events that was unreachable for many, many years later, a young player like these a school practicing in poor facilities. after the world cup, south africa received about $40000000.00 from fever for the development of the game locally. but players in clubs like this one say they haven't benefited that or renewed at the fund that was given to our my body shop was supposed to be helping us. this area was supposed to have been developed. most of the areas that we
1:56 pm
haven't had a sent from you guys if, if they something that if you'd want proof of it, because we don't see anything had been about the legal test that was given by the sub african f, a close the legacy trust this year after the money ran out, it says some of the money was used to fund junior national teams, women's soccer, and to both facilities. even then their allegations that some of the costs were inflated. young players remain motivated despite the challenges they face. woke up with significant to me because it gave us hope like at a time where like, we were hyped up about thought. everyone was talking about it like the sailors were allowed across the street. so we were very, we were looking forward to the woke up and when it happened at the time, it gave us hope and inspiration to play as well. looking at the fate of where we come from, i want to get christ along the way. like there are
1:57 pm
a lot of that goes by then it's it will in them and tell you to a one. so you are not so yeah, it is that she despite their ambition to play a professional level or for the national team, their coach says that's almost impossible simply because of a lack of support and trying to work with players that development level in conditions like this makes it very challenging for any of these players to advance for meters report features in our 2nd world cup count down showed this month, which focuses on africa. we also discuss where the saudi oman, an senegal can follow up a atkinson this at quarter 2022. you can watch the show online. all it's next on al jazeera at 1130 gmc on wednesday, washington national batter. juan sato has landed the $1000000.00 prize at the
1:58 pm
annual home run derby sorta defeated seattle's julio rodriguez 1918 to take the title home under the is an annual home heating competition. in major league baseball generally held the day before the m l b. all star game and so we'll leave it for now. i'll be here again with more sports needs relating. thanks a lot piece on us for me. parker, for this news. our dream will be back in a moment with more of the days news. good out 0 dot com for more news. stay ah, ah. a discover
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a world of difference determination. i'm coming down with me, but we am with freedom, replied miss sharp savages. an ominous 16 people with corruption, with compassion, al jazeera world, a selection of the best films from across our network of channels. ready too often of con, astonished, portray, through the prism of war. but there were many of canister thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film, archives spawning for decades, reveals the forgotten truths of the country's modern history. the forbidden real pot for the ear of darkness on a jazeera thousands of migrants set out from the city of dublin,
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toola in the early hours of monday. there is numerous nationalities among them, but the vast majority are from venezuela. 0, one to reach the united states. it's already been a long and difficult journey for most. there are many of us migrants here. we need help. i just like this woman. many people died in the jungle on our way here. it's the largest migrant care band to set out from southern mexico this year. they'll rest for now, but the plan is to take to the road again after midnight and make it as far as they can before the heat sets in once again. ah, the russian president vladimir putin is into her on his 1st strip outside the former soviet union since the start of the ukraine war.


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