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thousands of migrants set out from the city of dublin, chula, in the early hours of monday. there is numerous nationalities among them, but the vast majority are from venice with 0, one to reach the united states. it's already been a long and difficult journey for most. there are many of us migrants here. we need help. i just like this woman. i many people died in the jungle on our way here. it's the largest migrant care band to set out from southern mexico this year. they'll rest for now, but the plan is to take to the road again after midnight and make it as far as they can before the heat sets in once again. ah, the russian president, vladimir putin isn't a cron. his 1st strip outside the former soviet union since the start of the ukraine war ah,
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you're watching al jazeera alive from headquarters in sal heinz, adding abigail also a heads burning through fields, forests and mountains. wildfire scorch france and spain. as parts of europe bake under extreme temperatures, the leader of tennessee as biggest opposition party appears a court should awesome new. she is accused of financing terrorism. sir lancaster opposition leader withdraws from the presidential race to support a rival candidate as the parliament meets to choose the country's next leader. ah, hello. the russian president vladimir putin is due to take part in a summit into wrong that's being overshadowed by the fallout from the war in ukraine. talks with iran, president abraham with r e c, and the turkish leader edge a play a burden are meant to focus on syria. the 3 countries have all been involved in the
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conflict there and are trying to restore stability under the so called a stand, a peace process or so stars are, is joining us from to her on so result. tell us what we've heard so far from this summit. well, with this for, for, as of now, there has been a deciding ceremony between a turkey and iran. they have seen that 8 agreement has designed between them. include in this support, energy and the industry a corporation and so one but here. but that, that, that, that the main issue in the around during the meetings today is, is, is syria. and we are hoping to hear more about celia, particularly later today, when d at the guarantor company is of dost, on a peace process, turkish air, iranian, and the russian leaders, presidents meet later today we hear, we hope to hear more about it. so have the turkish prisoners if they bargain. as
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recently said that turkey is planning to conduct a military incursion, a new military incursion into syria to create a, a tour to kilometer deep securities on. and to can be of these areas from a kurdish on group y, p g, which is affiliated with that to the peak at k, and iran and russia or pause in this idea. so the iranian side are seen that a, another military incursion or military operation were further, will further destabilize the region and the country. and so they are trying to find out a, a, a diplomatic solution. so today, during this trial from summit, we'll see whether that will be a political decision agreed on by 3 this 3 guarantee countries off the austin up his process. so. so how of significant is it that president clinton is coming to iran? oh, well practically it is, it is quite important, but symbolically as well. so in terms of that, the practicality, so today there will be meeting between the russian present and the turkish
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president. and they are going to discuss about the that, that the, that there at that the green deal i, which is a, which is aiming to export ukrainian grain from the even import cities to biloxi and gather that you been in green in, in, in a stumble and that from a stumble to the international market, so the experts and officials that we have told they're seeing that they regarding the technicalities. both parties have agreed on a preliminary scheme. however, now it is time for a political decision. so there has been several um the, the term, the phone calls between 2 presidents and finally today they are meeting in person. so we're going to see today whether that pool tick of decision is going to be there or not. because that is quite important for the world as it to, to, to secure that the global, our food supply. but as i said, as of now we do not know yet whether that political visit is going to be here or not. on the other hand, am the put his wizard with iran is also important regarding your terran and moscow
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relations. just while it is all meetings are taking place in to run today. that has been an important announcement that russian gas from any runs a national oil company have signed a, a memorandum, a worth off of tens of billions of dollars. so the managing director of iran's a national or oil company said that it is worth a $40000000000.00 and it is the biggest investment in iran's oil industry in it's a history. so we do not have that much of the details about that as well. however, that is coming in a very significant at a delicate time, while both iran and rush are under a heavy international sanctions. and these 2 international a so to sanctions heath countries are seeking to opportunities to boost their economic relations. and also it's this also president put ins. second international wizard symbolically is quite important. he wants to show the world that he is not isolated and his country is still an important player in the regional affairs.
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thank you so much. russell sorta reporting from terran hey, scorching heat, wave record temperatures and raging wildfires are risking lives and threatening homes in large parts of western europe. spain is one of the worst hit countries firefighters are battling dozens of blazes, which are forest thousands of people to flee their homes. and then southwest france more than a 31000 people have been evacuated in the past week. fires near the city of bordeaux of already burned through nearly 20000 hector's of lands. fan by strong winds. natasha butler is joining us from paris. so another hot day in france. give us the, the latest updates. what are you hearing? is ayesha. yes, still a very hot day in france, you can certainly feel it here in paris. as those temperatures klein before, we see people behind made their own happy terrace as they're trying to enjoy the summer. despite the intense heat,
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it's going to be hot as today in the north of the country. i denise in the west of the country, temperatures have dropped by nearly 10 degrees in some areas. and that, of course, is a great news for the firefighters in the southwest and the sharon, a region where they've been battling huge wildfires. now a for a week, those lower temperatures, the sun, you gotta make the situation easier. hopefully, even though there is still a strong winds in those areas, but we are expecting perhaps even a little bit of a rain in that area. so some responses i said for the emergency services here. nevertheless, the big picture is that the french government is actually downgraded its heat. why he's wave alerts from red to orange. that is because we're really moving through the peak of this heat wave. this time. this is of course, the 2nd heat wave we've had in a recent weeks assign is say, climate change activists that these heat waves are becoming more frequent, more intense, this is about climate change and they say a lot has to be done to try and diminish the impact of climate change which will
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living for so you've just been to a homeless shelter as well. tell us you saw there and what people are telling you. yes, of course, because the homeless are amongst some of the most vulnerable people. a when the temperature is all so high, so intense as they are now, because they often sleeping outside on the pavement, exposed to the elements that makes it very difficult in the winter. but i said to the shelter, told us that makes it particularly difficult in the summer as well. the asphalt is very home, they have to try and stay hydrated because his real risk of dehydration, headaches cramps that sort of thing. so that is why some of these de shelters are really essential for the more than 2000 homeless people in paris. they can then go to the shelter string that i have a cool shower, a wash get clean, but also of course drink water and stay out of the heat. one homeless man in the shelter said to us that in the night he usually sleeps in the street,
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but he's actually going into a metro station because it is a little cooler than he said that the shelter in the day really is essential to try and keep out of the intense heat. thank you so much. natasha butler reporting from paris and the u. k. is bracing for what's predicted to be it's hardest day on records. weather forecasters say some areas can see temperatures as high as 40 degrees haul rece reports from london. the u. k. has overnight had its hottest night on record with the and the temperature going not been like 25 degrees centigrade in some places. and forecasts expected to be the hottest on record during the day as well. expected to reach up to 41 degrees c m. so far the record to die is been around $35.00 in some places. now, how's this affecting place is light london while transport is by its been the most obviously effective with trains running at lower speed. many,
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many cancelled as well. some tracks indeed, buckling with the tracks themselves being recorded at 8 till around 62 degrees centigrade hospitals. as while in london, many of them built during the 1960 s or before the 19th sixty's, turning the hospitals into hot boxes and many surgeries reportedly being canceled. abacus conditions inside the hospitals just can't be capped at a comfortable temperature. now there are health warnings, especially for the elderly, especially for children, paypal with sicknesses people who. busy are most liable to conditions such as the hydration heat exhaustion and hate strike. but some of the emergency staff, we've also spoken to saying that it's, it's the pool who are, who are most vulnerable to those people who can't access services. people whose housing was built again before the 19th sixty's and which are heating up at the highest rights who are most susceptible to to health problems during this,
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during this hate waves, the head of tennessee as largest opposition party, has appeared in court. he is accused of financing terrorism, but i said that i knew she was speaker of parliament until it was dissolved last year by president crisis. i aids if trans just days before a referendum on the constitution that would expand his powers. that's prompted weeks of protests. only to evoke men as a journalist based into nicea, she explains what's behind tuesday's court. hearing solstio, i saw it froze parliament. and then there was a plenary session on lying of a 120 members of the parliament who voted to add it to roll back on chi sides, what they call it. the qu, they said his regime was illegitimate. this happened on march 30th. and following that county side started investigation introduced 20 of them. so i rush again a, she was cold to the terrorism legal pole for interrogation then. but he was very
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quickly released. so this has been ongoing and a course where ahead of the referendum and russia minucci and they knocked a party in terms of political power. all one of the biggest positions to chi side. and he is sort of reaching for one man rule in tunisia. so this is a big political trauma and certainly leading i, members of an after party a calling it that and they saying that j, this is a political piece of theatre i. that is for show that it's of homer propaganda. but they are deeply concerned about what the outcome is could be today. still adds on al jazeera, we look at the grassroots initiatives aiming to discourage violence ahead of next on selections in kenya. and a new report offers a bleak assessment of the state of the environment in australia. ah,
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richard, he has begun the faithful world copies on its way to the castle group. he will travel package to that well, for a change, this looks seasonally normal. now, the significant rainy china is heading to the korean peninsula and japan, but that's just how it should be in late july or early august. and the orange suggest some heavy rain will be from flooding from that, which is again usual. what has happened in the last couple of weeks at south of the yank? see, which was heavy rain but he's flooding well, that's gone much quieter now. and rather a lack of raid this southern part of china. it does look dry. i have to admit during wednesday in japan where to wait till later on thursday for that rain goes through south korea and had to was the northern shores of han shoe again the flood risk flash flood risk does exist, and by that time it's dried up over a good part of china. let's follow back to india, bangladesh, pakistan. we've reached the biggest or the most extensive part of the monsoon
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season now, and it's like to rein anywhere. so the focus big showers in the paul, maybe the northern part of india, some in pakistan, they been coming in going and more recently we've seen something formed just off the southern coast. so although it looks like light showers at the moment, just come across towards a man there, a big potential shout here to los to pakistan. though it dry cats are official airline of the journey beneath the hype of english football lies in elicit market for the rich and powerful i'm one of the leading undercover al jazeera investigative unit exposes the inner workings and key players in the murky underbelly of football finance. if a party to sell something like what a magician has been said that you can make elephant disappear. i have many other things like life brazen example. i think the men who sell football on al jazeera
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ah the, the hello, we're going to the top floors on al jazeera. iran is hosting a summit on the war in syria to be overshadowed by conflict in ukraine. the turkish and iranian leaders will be joined by russia as president vladimir putin was on his 1st trip outside the former soviet union. since the invasion. a scorching heat wave and raging wildfires are risking lives and threatening homes and large parts of western europe. the blazes have burned through thousands of factors in spain, france, portugal, and greece. they had a finesse. yes, largest opposition party his appeared in court accused of financing terrorism. but
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she knew she was speaker a parliament and told was dissolved last year by the president. we've been accused by for testers of mounting a power graph. sure. like us parliament has been meeting colombo, where it's now a 3 way race for the presidency. a list of candidates has been presented to m. p. 's after one contender pulled out opposition leaders such as primitive says he's withdrawn to back former minister dallas out of her room on the in term president right now. work from a single is one of the other candidates. a final vote is expected on wednesday. michelle fernandez has more from a demonstration in colombo, the kind of protest you're seeing behind me is the increasing sort of voices was about ronald vicar missing his candidacy. and there's a lot of opposition to that in parliament today. we saw that form a process where nominations were handed over to the secretary general of parliament . now there were 4 that were named and expected,
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but just before the nominations were handed over, we heard that the opposition leader was withdrawing from the rest. the reason he said was that he and his party, the s g b, had decided to support the candidacy of dallas, alabama. alabama is basically a fairly senior politician, part of the sort of parent party that then evolved into the roger box that got a faction a lead s l p. p. a dallas. i'm sort of was sideline due to the time of the roger boxes. he's, he's not obviously as a cat, his magic as mine, the larger boxes, forceful, but he does have a silent support. what we're hearing from the sergeant ray mendoza camp is that the reason for him withdrawing is that there is an agreement that has been reached between sergeant ray madison, dallas, alabama, basically that subject rim without a will back. i'll happy rumors bid for presidency on the basis that when,
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if and when he becomes president, he would then call on sergeant rema dasa to form a government and make him prime minister. meanwhile, the acting president, runner, vicar, messina, are basically expect that support of the s l p p, but all is not. are sort of well there either. so this is the background in which that election in parliament will take place on wednesday. through one comes former president got a buyer of the boxes being blamed for banning imports of chemical fertilizer. and so that resulted in brace production being cut in half, pushing a country to the brink of a food emergency stuff. austin reports from candy where she's been speaking to farmers. their body feels look lush and green, but in reality these farmers are struggling on may 6 last year. they were forced to go organic overnight and production has plummeted since one going to the other. now
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i am vase the people of using huge problems. now gumaro mega stan, i lost his job as a construction worker of the prices of cement skyrocketed. all he and his family have is a few petty fields to feed themselves by buying expensive fertilizer on the black market. he hopes to increase production monthly dinner. i'm working so hard, but it feels as if it isn't also nothing. but the government gave us organ fertilizer, but it's not a good good fertilizer. we got a lot of right. but now it's just a fraction of handle. before i bought a good deal, i, my harvest went down with 50 percent off on 6 months. after did romantic decision, the government lifted the ban by then the country was already in its worst economic crisis since its independence 70 years ago. this is one of the painful legacies of former profit and go to biology box has policies. the agricultural sector has
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nearly collapsed in just 3 years. 3 longer that long been an export of rice. it's now being forced to import their staple food. the imports are costing the country dearly here in the hills around candy, sweet lanka, 2nd largest city. all of the country's current crises come together to take their rise and vegetables to the market. farmers need fuel, which is in short supply. those who are lucky enough to find fuel to buy, find a markets nearly empty because traders and bias phase, a lack of fuel to blow by hand. and we can't rely on the business. and even if you manage to bring $500.00 kilos of vegetables from farms here, there are no customers to buy it and the price has gone up, for example, $500.00 kilo at the end of the day. i'm forced to sell for 200. i keep losing money and the intended professor mar omby was sacked as a government advisor after the warranty. import band was a recipe for disaster. some men made disaster very unfortunately, it's too late,
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but still we have some for that. we are in the this is not going to fail because because, i mean, nobody should get that impression. right. they are all parallel lines, but we are looking at countries for security, not a foot secretary of the small group of people. he says, the massively grown rise will run out in a few months, leaving whoever takes over as president, a massive problem, how to pay for imported rise to prevent a humanitarian disaster. when the government has run out of fallen, currency steadfast and al jazeera candy re lanka, forest johnson has chaired his last cabinet meeting before stepping down. as prime minister, johnson announced his resignation earlier this month when dozens of ministers step down following a series of scandals. he defended his government handling of the coven, 1900 pandemic, and the economy. conservative party and peace are holding a series of votes to elect a new leader. johnson will continue caretaker prime minister until the new leader
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is in place in september. joan a whole is in london with more on the leadership race. yes, we're into the very final stretch now of this knockout phase of the contest for the leadership of the conservative party, the parties big fish buying to replace korea. johnson as party leader and as prime minister by wednesday afternoon, a little more than 24 hours from now. we'll know the identities of the final 2 candidates who will go through to an election by the parties. membership around the country with the identity of the new prime minister and party lead it to be revealed on september the 5th. but for now the m. p. 's of the party are still having this say in a campaign that has been at turns bitter with personal animosities on full display, revealing deep divides within the party. soon as the former chancellor is the leader, he has been throughout and he's more or less assured now of making it through to
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the final 2 will be knowing that he is not a favorite among the membership. so he could struggle in that final vote to big names on the parties, right. let's trust the foreign secretary and can be based off the former qualities minister. she may be knocked out on tuesday. the relative unknown, of course, is penny mordant trade minister, who is relatively untainted by association with boris johnson and the scandals of the last few months. all for campaigns fighting quite viciously, quite fascinatingly for every available m p 's vote. and at this moment, all 4 have at least a viable route to the top. so it's all pretty unset, the threat of political unrest as looming over can you once more as it prepares to vote next month general election. but grassroots initiatives are trying to discourage potential violence during the vote. catherine, sorry reports from my robi most of these people in the room
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are victims of inaction, violence and police brutality. leaving a off neighborhood the show us names of young people who've been killed by gans police or election clashes, one of my bene, balaam has 2 sons, were killed during a disputed election in 2017. she says hub boys were caught up in protests that was short when protest is clashed with police electrical data before. if we want a peaceful election, the government should provide enough security like we don't want police to come in 1116 force. their work is to provide young, i live in the last election on a young man or provoked by their mom, dad. oh kenyans are going to another general election in august. voters are electing a president and other electoral seats. some people are worried there could be
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violence, should the outcome of the poor be contested? this is one of the most politically tanf naval in the city. during campaign. some politicians you gangs to scare voters many here say they have been affected by election violence. they tell us, we don't want any trouble. young artists are trying to make a difference. here. they're painting a story of the complicated relationship between residents and police recording. fernando not come up, navita's upwards up. prepare. we are worried if there's any way to prepare the community, we will do it. are telling young people, we must not bleed for the politicians. next one, the government has a body that is responsible for ensuring people coexist in how many officials have been traveling across the country, telling voters to keep the peace need to talk to because the people themselves and
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empire them to 1st of all, inject political manipulation and also incitement to violence, and most importantly, not to politicize, that indicate entity ok. now the poor, near the women in this area they, they will do what they can to keep that part of the city safe. catherine story alger 0, the number of people known to have died after a boat capsized in central pakistan has more than doubled. 50. local government says the vessel was overloaded when it's think in a river. and so the about the district. most of the passengers were women and children going to a wedding. the indian rupee has had an old time low against the us dollar. that's fueling fears of worsening inflation at a time when many people already struggling to make ends meet him at all. reports from new delhi indian traders and consumers will be paying
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a lot more for basic necessities. the ruby has plunged to its lowest levels, touching it t to the dollar for the 1st time. the biggest concern is the impact this good have on fuel prices in dime, bolts, most of its fuel. and we know that fuel prices impact prices of almost everything else. now this comes at a time when the economy is tis struggling to recover from the pandemic, and millions of people of barely getting by definitely inflation. there is no control. and off lately, even because of the evaluation of there will be traveling, has become the reverse. they've got down their expenditures on things that they are bringing or leave already. they selective items, prices for food health can travel are also expected to go up. the government has increased taxes on several products and introduce new ones and basic necessities like rice packaged food and daring products,
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creators and small businesses like these see, this will increase their input costs and eventually prices for consumers. the government says these taxes will help fund welfare schemes. the central bank has introduced new measures to head the ruby. but what say this will have little to no impact on millions of households that have been struggling with record inflation for several months. australia's environment is in a poor state and getting worse. it's state of the environment report found climate change related weather events or compelling doing an ecosystem already in trouble. sarah clark reports from brisbin already this year, sydney and much of new south wales have been devastated by torrential rain and floods. the forecast is more of the same with the latest state of the environment. report declaring that extreme weather events like this are becoming the new norm. in the last 5 years, we've gotten into the impact of extreme events such as storms,
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wild fires, and very large bleaching away events caused by heat waves. sy, clones droughts and floods, and they have impacted almost every square inch of australia. the 2000 paid scientific document paints a grim picture of australia's ecosystems for marine environments to the days it land. an ocean. temperatures are on the rise, and australia has lost more memo species than any other continent. we name are 40 teams and sporting teams after assuring animals. we really love our wildlife in australia, so unique the world that we are destroying their homes. and the thing we can do to protect them is to protect their high and protect their habitats. the scientific gordon. so pollution, mining, invasive species and climate change are to blame. this solution is a drastic reduction in carbon emissions as well as stronger national environment laws. and a federal regulator to enforce them. the state of the environment report is
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compiled every 5 years. the last 4 have painted a grim picture. the pass report to predict the future impact of climate change is light. a scientific assessment is recording extensive damage that's happening now. responding to the report, australia newly elected government announced plans to protect 30 percent of the countries land and oceans by 2030. what the environment really name is the changed system. that's the message from a samuel review. that's the message from the state of the environment report. without structural change, we'll be resigning ourselves to another dick. it is failure. without the tools we need to arrest out decline. another decade side to say is to light sarah, clock out a 0 brisbin australia. ah .


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