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tv   Al Jazeera Investigations The Men Who Sell Football  Al Jazeera  July 20, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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join us for the wilco countdown on al jazeera. there is no channel that covers world news like we do as a roaming correspondent, i am constantly on the go. covering topics from politics to conflict is of environmental issues. the scale of this camp is like nothing. you've ever seen health care is what we want to know. how do these things affect people? we revisit places and stay even when they're no international headlines. al jazeera really invests in. that's not a privilege. as a journalist. ah, i'm wrong hon. unto the top stories on al jazeera. there's been a string of fires across london as the u. k. recorded its highest temperature breaking 40 degrees for the 1st time. lamar said econ said the fire brigade is
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under immense pressure. full, reese revolts. flames and gulf homes near london. shortly after the u. k, that reco temperature was smashed, the london fibre gate declared a major incident with blazes breaking out across the capitol and across the u. k. or the london harbor guide in particular is dealing with a number of large sky which stood spread, right? cross the capital and assisting partners in the home counties as well. so all of the emergency services back in london and our home counties are under significant pressure at them. i will buy a ravaged trees along this road in kent. the danger though, it was not just from the flames. health warnings were issued protect vulnerable groups such as the elderly and young children at risk from dehydration, heat, exhaustion, and heat stroke. but with temperature is likely to peak more frequently. emergency dr. caveat cooler subaru. nathan says it is the poor who will bear the brunt of
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a hot britain. this is a public health emergency. and so, so this climate crisis that we're talking about is this abstract thing in the future. if you live in poor quality housing, you know, the housing stock that we have in the case to cold in the winter, it's too hot in the summer. it's those who live in poor quality housing, working class and racialized communities that are most likely to suffer overheating within the houses. these, the people in the shop and the climate crisis is the economic crisis, and least responsible for those 2 things as well. in the london district of bermondsey 72 year old francis stone was trying to keep cool on her balcony, a respite from the heat inside her council flat. i'm not mad a girl. you should fail it now and care and regard as to the but some bay. we don't get that sunday we after, but what you got now is to hey, it'll get every time that he'll only degrade mankey if they not to stand it be a blessing. elsewhere youngsters enjoyed the weather, the light aside of
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a worrying picture for a country that was once wet and cold. the reco temperatures in the u. k. have brought with them a host of problems from wildfires to pressures on the transport system and on the health of a population. not used to these conditions with climate scientists saying that the worst is yet to come. the country may have to learn to adapt as quickly as possible . paul reese, al jazeera london, while fires also burning across europe. as the continent struggles we've reco temperatures, firefighters in western spain are battling forest fires that are threatening lives and homes. in northwestern zamora province, dozens of villages been evacuated. at least 2 people have died. heat alerts have been issued in more than 20 states in the u. s. affecting on the 3rd of the countries population. while fires in texas are forced hundreds to evacuate the homes. officials expect the fires there to continue growing because of the high temperatures and dry conditions. and president vladimir putin says he's willing to
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facilitate ukrainian grain exports. if the remaining restrictions on russian grain lifted hootin is into her on for a summit with the leaders of iran in turkey, that meeting was meant to focus on syria. but it's been overshadowed by the fallout from the war in ukraine. vessels have that has more on putin's visit to terran it has practical importance and also symbolic importance as well in terms of the practicality. so it is 1st international wizard of the, to the former soviet republics and he's now into iran and he wants to show the world that he and, and his country. they're not isolated in the world. and he and his country are still important players in the regional affairs in this part of the world on the other hand. so he met the iranian minister, a sort of president vine bracy, the turkish president rejected by one animal for the iranian supreme leader. russian forces of launch missiles, strikes targets across ukraine,
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including one of the last cities in the dumbass region control by keith. at least one person was killed in the eastern city of comma tours and several more injured bows. the headlines and use continues. hey, on out there off out their investigations and getting keep up about their dot com. the news. ready shock and outrage around europe managers play is hundreds. deming, the super li project. manchester united fans and storm burns stadium, english football fans, rebel against the owners of the clubs. they love football for the funds. not for these, these stupid eagerness. friends say that billionaire owners are treating english
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football as a global cash cow, cutting clubs off from their communities. the moment chelsea friends got what they wanted, but course controversial european soup and he gets collapsed just 2 days after it was announced. football clubs in england talked about history heritage to community and so on. and as such they should be protected. yes, you need money along the way to run it without friends promotional fame. a who's football authorities claim they have rules that protect the integrity of the li and prevent unsuitable owners from buying clubs. you should have been for representing a close, not just greedy, very days from russia, china where oh, you already show how the rules governing football ownership all being abused and that criminal funds from abroad can be loaded through the english game theory. you
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are the main restrooms, over criminal record in china. i think in the right way, i have many, up with undercover reporters, are secretly filming a middle man who fixes deals for wealthy foreigners to buy english clubs. i was with mel yesterday. he's a punch of me to so the reporters say they represent a chinese investor, convicted of ivory and money loan, who wants to buy a football club to clean his money, but jokey of $99000000.00. and they said that the middleman, once all fictitious criminal to buy a club that is twice been champions of england with my wife 1st that you had requested richard stadium itself. 33500 people to possibly
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reveal how the midlands previous deals took 2 of the english clubs to the brink of financial collapse. the fans felt they been taken for a ride. the deal make his associates include a form of scotland yard detected. who can monitor the football authorities communications that we could use just the 3rd policies to, to help you get the information. he can help our criminal obtain an e u passport with a new name on the green light to own an english football club. and we've done this really many phones with universe position will here is to success, which is the some i already nice to meet you. nice to meet you to christopher samuelson
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is an offshore trust specialist and football deal maker. he works with accountants and lawyers to hide clients identities and wealth. he became involved in football after setting up a sponsorship company initiatory. oh, actually, well, well, actually west and famous face figure the quote we want. and he said, chris, look, we can buy chelsea for book if. okay, should we agree to buy chelsea for a total? hasn't he's a $100000.00 homes guys issue to, but the problem was the access to the ground. he said we didn't do it. that's how can face or his mission cheers. very cheerful. so that's how he stops.
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over a series of meetings in london, hotels are under cover reporters. say they represent 3 chinese investors who want to purchase a football club with 2 investors. 020 percent each. the majority investor, who we call mr. x, has criminal convictions. he goes to some issues in china. we name our undercover reporter billy from his home, so she of his own money. this is back in the local officials. they offer you a drink. so i think we can do the drinks. yeah. yes. angie is our 2nd undercover reporter. she's acting as billy's assistant, he full to print root canal to the warrant. she escaped to actual home safely and then they began conviction of him without
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being in court. with his absence, the usual gravity. i'm in the real world. i don't really tell samson that mister x is very rich, fled china with his illegally obtained wealth, smuggled his funds out of china to macau casinos and received a 7 year prison sentence in absentia, for bribery and money laundering. i don't see if he wants help me shield their page. i can do that. then i can over nice institutions who will hold for his best place to live on a job. i have a close relationship. so we have a bombshell here that the prospective owner has paid money to public officials or
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any other tubs, bribed public officials, which is obviously a criminal offense around the world, both in china and the u. k. now, as a professional, was a company information agent that should be the end of a conversation broad the beginning of the conversation and should lead to that reporting to the police based on the u. k. law and the proceeds of crime act sanderson has lived in countries including the u. k. island, switzerland, and spain. until recently, we had a villa in may, your car, which was sold for just under a $1000000.00. he's managed billions of dollars for the world super rich. yet few know his name. christmas has been described as the ultimate man in the shadows. he's someone who works with a group of people, lawyers, a counselor to help people hide the money. he's one of the most powerful, influential people in finance you never even heard of. he was born to an affluent family in southern england. his parents appeared in society magazine,
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such as tattler samuelson was sent to a private boarding school in england. i did further studies in grenoble and munich in the late 19 sixty's. he moved to wall street. he has what we think is his 1st job in new york with some very, very well connected investment bankers. thompson got into the vote of auto finance and trust in the 19 eighties and he worked for a company called bow met, which he and others built in. so one of the biggest off shore trust companies in the world, a trust company is set up when someone gives money to a trusted 3rd party to look after it. is often used to hide the identity of the ultimate owner of wealth. a decades, his manners, the personal business affairs of some of the worlds wealthiest people really
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wanting to offshore trust. some people want a magician that has been said that you can make an elephant disappear. samuelson reassures billy that the identity of our fictitious criminal, mr. x will remain hidden except to the football league. any, any latino he owes this football? nobody will fight unless he tells me he had to fill. a installation of the english football league is the body that governs the divisions below the premier league. as a set of rules called the owners and directors test to protect the image and integrity of the league and the well being of its clubs. one of its key aims is to prevent criminals owning clubs and using football to launch the money bands from
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owning a club. anybody with an unspent criminal conviction under sentence of at least 12 months imprisonment. the li can also require proposed owners to provide evidence of the ultimate source and sufficiency of funds to acquire control of or invest in a club. with concrete, the buyer will say his, this is greta estate investment and i was rushed ahead. i can proceed with her, and if we have to send the flash over, samuelson says he can sward efforts by the football league to find out about mr. x
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. sometimes they appointed him, investigate to do their con, somebody will know which one is done and will deal with the main se is just the money. and the fact is sitting in a christian hoax, no phone plus the cat is a huge fan. christine hook is a partner gunner cook, a london based law firm, and he has it for us. the lead eskoville ready? 5, actually those are the 2 items. i know very well he's very efficient. is very sweet though these another member of samuel sins team is andrew abra, lensky, charles, the accountant, the commercial banker by his the best job. i know he's extremely street.
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yeah, i can hear you come to the right because the deal would involve samuelson becoming a director of the club and receiving a large fee in short, 3 percent of the value with each member of his team would charge additional fees. he names the clubs, he claims all for sale. if you want to buy the top 6 is true, you could buy today a visual cell, but he was tree 1000000000. i told them we could buy it. is to philip. i believe is the channel to talk to very well. and joe, this is the other major shell. billy says the chinese investors are prepared to
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spend up to a 150000000 pounds, with the fir, the 100000000 for investment. they were looking for a sleeping giant, a once great club with a big fan base. perhaps a team in the 2nd of english football got coffee county which mel morris's bell has, has invested. so for 160000000 prompts and so he can't do nothing of forest level good club with offers one european, which is the 4 runner of the champions league, the leverage the very top of the level of his mobile bill. the last 2 took i coach on 1000. i know well, he's american. he pulled it off a man. he didn't care to see it. he later suggested in an email that bill is invested by a top flight spanish club. i would buy seville because it has over desirable
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attributes. good profit for can be enhanced brand that can be promoted in china and market all over asia. the best scouting network in latin america and an outstanding academy samuelson presented fully with an acquisition plan drawn up by his firm sock fin. the asking price for just under 90 percent of seville was $217000000.00. but darby had a key advantage for samuelson. i remember i told you i was with mel yesterday. he said he wanted me to sell the book. if it was carvey, who said with mel bells totally confidential. ah, with samuelson provides a step by step guide that would allow convicted criminal and money laundry. mr. x
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to buy a football club. first, create an offshore account using a trust company. uses one that he claims he part owns this company, i is trust company. all they normally deal with is before it was just a 100 pound careful of just to make the minimum and they she to ship all 3 shares with no contract. because it's held quarterly court nominee shareholders can legally appoint nominees to hold shares for their benefit. if they don't want the shares registered in their name, the nominees names are made public. the names of the real shareholders remain
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a secret place is, is the only share they share cancellation across in favor of the bill channel. that's an internal document. copies that you have, the original person has a copy in default with some use and creates an offshore company for mr. x. he sends an itemized invoice from finsbury trust. the bill includes charges for providing corporate directors, anonymity, shareholders total, $9400.00. and we're just going to say, who is a cheryl? hope that's all we'll say by one of the specialists for work i get for i'm ready. i be
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folks with a russian family course. it got 25, but i certainly have concerns. we knew nothing about the company behind the funding. we knew that temp sport investments as it was code was going to be set up and registered in jupiter. why would that need to be registered in jupiter? what are they trying to hide? it when i get ready and something done that you can use as many rolling forrest thing, gary, which is the russian owner of a huge pulp and paper company without the garbage senior bars had
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a massive fortune from paper poll. but we were also told that he wasn't involved in that said there was the obvious question of, well, where is the money coming from? that's it. so i got his father. if somebody says, i don't, i didn't play a part. i cleared alice and see if they didn't know i thought, but antonio in garbage didn't have the funds to sustain the club affordable with their friends. i just wrote the fans at this point just felt they'd take them to ride. suddenly we turned into just another trapping crisis. the russian owner sold the club, he left renting, holding a big bill that he'd run out with no,
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no money left to pay it. oh, what is some use then discuss is another strategy that will give mr. x, the green light to bind english football club. you with the person who i for game separate cost for, for samuelson could help mr. x, obtain a european union passport and change his name. so i had to say this is your 2nd for me is it was a dual credit tax oceans. so samuelson sends the friend a text message. ok, he,
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he's in the, on the secure g a. so he looks after a fat, who have some other issues a space hedge of for russian who had to send from keith hunter is a former scotland yard detective who left the police in 1997. he formed risk management, the private investigation company, and now runs animus services include due diligence, personal profiling integrity, testing, domestic investigations and surveillance hunters klein had included the oligarch, boris brozowski, and james bori, a nigerian politician, jailed for fraud blue, alexander nick, vin jenko, the former russian spy met with polonium in a london restaurant,
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had worked for hunter as a source of information. he has hunter has received samuelson message and calls back. i hey, i asked jason prices of the investors. his hometown chinese he was paid in china a chinese thing like that. and so he needs another possible i guess, as well. by now, billy meets hunter, to find out more about the services he provides. a billy's assistant this time is another undercover reporter we called her alice. and this is my previous hunter explains what he does to help his clients. if he's got a competitor that he's really aggressive with, we offer,
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he's off with whatever ammunition we've got this go off to find out who converts to financial soon. thanks. counsel could you chose those lifestyle because they go, mistress own. so even though we could damage their reputation with warner kit klein's competitors telephone and opposed to come on, which was good and for, for the clients. we could potentially giver hunter's business activities resulted in a police inquiry in 2006 involving a corruption case in london's metropolitan police. he was not charged in 2012
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hunter was arrested on suspicion of seeking to corrupt a police officer in the james bori fraud case. again, he was not charged. sometimes it's impossible. sometimes is, sometimes you can't do these things, but then there will be times where you could use just the 3rd policies to, to help you get the information. you can choose which conferences, but again, these 3rd policies to do. but it would be something we could also people if they do it, other people do those things and i'm very happy to organize an introduction. how can you trust me? because you don't trust my people will, will have relationships with people that can do things that we can do in house hunters offering
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a range of services which fall on the spectrum of legality. so from one end, you have following people which is distasteful. one could verge on harassment through 2 things which are illegal breach data privacy laws, like accessing bank statements, accessing e mails, and accessing telephone records, and well sounds talks about 3rd parties and distances himself from this activity. the way in which he talks implies that he has done this before. and his 3rd party have done this before as well. in part to our undercover reporters are offered the chance to buy a football club that was twice champions of england with you to discover the world of difference determination. i'm coming down with freedom. with the 16 people with corruption
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and compassion, al jazeera world, a selection of the best films from across our network of channels. how and why did he become so obsessed? with this law, we were giving them a tool to hold the corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. they're going to rip this deal at heart if they take the white house of 2025. what is the world hearing when we're talking about why american today we take on us politics and society? that's the bottom line. ah, i mean, ron khan into the top stories on out there. there's been a string of fires across london as the u. k recorded its highest temperature breaking 40 degrees for the 1st time. london massy hans at the fire brigade is
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under immense pressure and wall fires. rules have burning across europe as a continent struggles reco, temperatures, 5 fighters in western spain, a battling forest fires. there are threatening lives and homes in northwestern's, a more province. dozens of villages have been evacuated lease to people of toys. and he to lots of also been issued in more than 20 states in the u. s. affecting mold. in the 3rd of the country's population. while fire in texas a force hundreds to evacuate the homes, officials, they're say they expect defies to continue growing because of high temperatures and dry conditions. and president vladimir putin says he's willing to facilitate ukrainian grain exports. if the remaining restrictions on russian grain lifted putin his into her on for summit with the leaders of iran and turkey, that meeting was meant to focus on syria. but it's been overshadowed by the fallout from the war in ukraine vessels. her that has more on putin's visit,
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it has practical importance and also symbolic importance as well in terms of the practicality. so it is his 1st at international wizard or out of the, to the former soviet republics and he's now into iran. and he wants to show the world that he and, and his country, they are not isolated in the world. and he and his country are still important players in the regional affairs in this part of the world on the other hand. now. so he met the iranian a minister, a sort iranian president by embracing the turkish president. bridget, i borrowed one annual for the iranian supreme, a leader. russian forces of launch missiles, strikes and targets across ukraine, including one of the la cities in the dumbass region controlled by keith. at least one person was killed in the eastern city. a common source can. several were injured. ukraine officials as criminals, is become a main target for russia and they're expecting more ceiling and conserves his m. p . 's. in britain i edging closer to choosing the next leader and the next prime
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minister. the vote on wednesday after the final 2 candidates off the quality minister, kimmy bade note was eliminated. former chancellor richie sooner is currently on top after the lights at latest run voting. as the headlines, news continues on al jazeera in bond 2 of the men who sell football deal maker christopher samuelson proposes another way to ensure that the identity of our criminal investor, mr. x is concealed from the football league and we said that mister x would own 60 percent of the club, while 2 minority investors would have 20 percent each. and the other 2 sheffield. this is a touchy percentage. we hears as a friend for his short term. they will,
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j samuelson would create an offshore company for the 3 investors. the to minority investors would be the named shareholders and appear to own the club. while mr. x secretly retains control through a trust fund. samuelson will pride himself on the structures that he sets up these incredibly opaque and sophisticated structures that no investigator loya government official tax official whatever could ever penetrate. sanderson comes up with yet another offshore scheme to prevent the disclosure of mister x's true identity. who sent you the word? how would richard investment fund have done this before to create funding and no investor holds more than 5 percent. yeah. and there's no requirement to dispose who the investor is. it's another thing under this plan,
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mr. x controls the club through a master trust, samuelson forms 20 trusts, and each of the owners who exist only on paper polls 5 percent or less of the club . the master trust controlled by mr. x would be kept secret from the e f l. i think you one company oh the health budget but they will go to one to fax it over because i know the real shareholders finding it. yeah. it's one structure in the face. they don't know. and yeah, you got it in one guy. i mean, i've done this kind of thing before. i would've done it with it, but that's the novel way. it's around 3 social with
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everton is a premier league club and found a member of the world's oldest football league in 2004. do you know, he based company, led by samuelson aims to buy a controlling stake in the club. paul greg was the director of edison at the time. bill ken right was chairman. i 1st met christian to samuel. someone is introduced by ken, right. as a possible investor in the 12 and suggesting that will be 13000000000 being invested to have it which i was skeptical about. i was concerned because i
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thought some, some was a very good tool, but i was always concerned that it wouldn't deliver the funds. main investor was the russian tie, cood, forest thing, garbage i say with, as we never saw any records with the structural company, there was no signs of any money. no bank statements, no bank letters, confirming funds were available. a british newspaper revealed that zynga, which was involved in the deal with samuel and asked his friend keith hunter to find the mo we knew which stand. this is not the story. so we looked back just as elephant like we did. and we found that
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we, we've spoken to one of the most days i'm actually configuring, right. so we know really about chris told me that, you know, losing job to find out who the information was from guys who wants to lose it. we're communicating with someone with a little older who was the big problem for for a cigar. richard rush with all the lovely profit making sure that stays in england. in
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2016 samson arranged for a chinese businessman to buy one of england's oldest football clubs. installed himself as deputy chairman, the new owner set his aim was to bring back the glory days to aston villa. the most important thing for the car is promoted after that well, chantelle? a back for the pop sick family. in the female tenisha took samuelson and senior aston villa staff on a promotional trip to bay ging raunchy and her sales executive assistant were bring our management team a new management team along with the manager, repetitive mateo to beijing and reza rooster duck in the ones one of the best restaurants in beijing to montana we can see you can see jamie,
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jamie bunfield is samuelson, business partner can see christian c. k finance as well. keith coin us was the club's chief executive. he left the club when villa ran into financial trouble. wine is claimed he was forced to resign and sued shaw and aston villa. the i, eunice, has obtained the statement that wine is prepared for an employment tribunal. he had deep concerns about charles finances. nothing was known about him that could be independently verified. my concern with the 1st supposed billionaire but of a string of companies, mister shaw appeared not to have a grasp of basic financial modeling. during his discussions with the e f l samuelson had an advantage. here. he asked if we were monitoring the say
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a fee because he also obtained the private records belonging to villas. chief executive, keith wine us case will find this when we suspended. it was the last 4 for the meeting. of course we had it, but they gave me a call. see who i think if i was numbers, he was talking to me in 2018 when the club run into financial difficulties. cl wrote to the f. l pledging to make available sufficient funds to keep the club floes until may the following year. but he failed to deliver flaming problems, getting money out of china. change this i want to hear one way
4:42 am
to issue approved and he came home with his pay. but he said, we put that on the phone just that how much of that was his own money is a question on how much it was somebody else that's i don't know. he said it was hip bone because he wasn't that he was a front and i was sure he was a front it was well known that aston villa on the tony well losing large sums of money. i'm sure estin bill of fans will be absolutely staggered to hear back from you soon is accusing tony all being a front or somebody else. and here we have a revelation that samuelson and tony shaw have concocted test ownership structure, which hides who the real owner is of aston villa football club. and it implies that we potentially don't know where the money came from to boston villa,
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which is rarely problematic when you have any unexplained wealth. answering the english football league or the u. k. in general. well job, you're really on board now. oh, we have a new job. yeah. been with samuelson ones list an extra by darby county football and is taking our undercover reporters to leak the club owner. they get good players going just like you said, you don't own the way samuelson spells out what is the x needs to pay to own dalby . so it does say we paid $60000000.00 for the club. 29000000 for the state.
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75000000. your projects show, but they will lose 20000000 to cover the losses for the coming season. so we're talking of 99000000. unfamiliar welcome to call you with angie was bill walker darby's owner, mel morris is a digital entrepreneur. he's invested nearly $200000000.00 of his own money in the club stadium itself. $33500.00 people offer the most price days. we average out about 28000 if i so. so the way supports us or in the corner, in that corner, by pumping his own money into the club, morris has faced problems over what are called the financial fair play rules.
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the rules are designed to create a level playing field for clubs. they prevent rich owners buying their way into the premier league or the club overspending and falling into debt. so the choices were either by that vote in financing or the thought goes into the next 30 years. i didn't want to see them. morris used a company he owned to buy jobs stadium effectively buying it from himself. the football league charged darby with breaching the financial fair play rules. morris paid a $104000000.00 when the stadium was valued at $53000000.00. in effect, he was giving the club over $50000000.00 a stage, and we also spent a lot of money,
4:46 am
the last 23 years of age of the stadium. the tribunal rules that toby had not broken regulations over the stadium sale, thought the club was found guilty of a 2nd, f f p. charge over how it calculated the value of its place and find a $130000.00. maurice is desire to help finance the club continues to bump up against the financial fair play regulations. it may well be the could be up and take as full. so my loans to, to continue as part of the sale, morris is prepared to write off his loans, but says it should be done over a number of seasons. if you want to talk at the time of the transaction, the cook gets no benefit on the financial fair play regulations.
4:47 am
he wants to become a minority shareholder in order once again to get round financial fair play rules. when we talk about through a deal, which is something we can, we can watch movies in on the football means expected. i'm no longer connected on our minority shell that mel morrissey's proposals do not break the letter of the law from my analysis. it certainly breaks the spirit of the law, limiting me until they say it's a close boot, but it's the sale. purchase agreement documentary rather than your own with a proposal by mel morris will certainly give darby county under the new i want to ship a financial advantage against the clubs in a similar position. is that an arm fare advantage? i think that would be for the e, f l to monitor and to choose whether or not to have charges against the clock
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strikes with a london samuelson and hunter warner on the cover report is to be vigilant. just in case someone is covertly recording that conversation, if you, if you have noise, to listen to what you need to do as well. i think too many of the, of a rush to make sure that there was no say with
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chris hunterman samuelson have concluded that the best way to hide mister x, his identity from the football league is to obtain a separate passport. and we've done this many, many times, that is a universe with just maybe to us, to work with a little bit with this employee who just goes to work with you being you being assume they've changed their name slightly with attention. we will just change the day, hey, miss wilson, this is wilson and the hunterman samuelson planned to portray mister x as
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a victim whose rights have been violated state what he will protect and is asking for. so remember what this is in to this happening in the place of russell owned by the ministry with the social sciences. so we will have a discussion as to how, but i mean, it's a minister with a good thing is ridiculous the top of the gulf. i mean, just to push with how much because the cypress investment program allowed foreigners to obtain a european union passport for a $3000000.00 investment under separate law convicted criminals. all
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those facing criminal charges were bought from receiving citizenship. in an email spells out how much mr. x must pay to receive his passport. a passport will be issued within 8 weeks. providing the investment was 10000000 euros. in cyprus, are under cover reporters discover that the additional $7000000.00 payment is not through the official scheme where there are problems. it costs more money to achieve face. thanks. tony k links property investors with cyprus, a citizenship program. so what we would do is find out who has to be spoken to her as to repay the series of enablers. greet are under cover reporters. they include a lawyer who confirms that mr. x could change his real name once his new passport
4:52 am
is issued for the client that there his name now is the name apple of united states. but if you check his originally, we can live moving forward. with that name, andreas pathologists specializes in the citizenship by investment program. so we made an up to david, cyprus, change he then since his passports is probably not with us name over the next dream . so be of great interest to the police and also the english football authorities. they are up against faulty, fraudulent due diligence reports, and a network of enablers. seeking to pull the wool over their eyes. so this is, this is the legacy servers. i think new students, we will least we have to put
4:53 am
a stream of i see with the about the same issue. and if i have a and then what with the minimum, which they have in the sense you can like, well, we'll manage it. we're just manufacturing cyber this, but i, when, when i, when i wrote the whole thing and i took the information on the left side. the evidence that i've seen here is very disturbing. precipice samuelson is prepared to go beyond the legal position in terms of finding solutions, such as false identities and false passports. he is a person but should have nothing to do with football in this country. do we do our
4:54 am
own due diligence on this one? my answer that will be no, we didn't. i think we will let down the garden. perhaps football fans should be angry about this investigation because it shows the entire vulnerability of the english football system to funds from gps origins and unsuitable owners for their clubs. soon after our visit to adobe, mister ex pulled out of the sale so as not to him, genuine buyers. we want married as your bag a legit nurse. a dollar funds will buy into it. well, if you read a globe, a company led by a member of the abu dhabi royal family offered to buy the club in october 2020 samuelson and the accountants. andrew over lensky were directed. the deal fell through whoever types these problems go to. i gotta take you out of the long term prospect not see as a cash cow and really invested football clubs in england,
4:55 am
old i particular place in the heart of everybody. i talked about history, heritage, community and so on. and as such they should be protected. you got people who grown up with a clue, going to fall those in the past about the brand and the integrity of the 12 as well as for the funds. it's not full. these these she put eagerness, they want to club. they can be proud of from the board to boy. a full club is a business like a factory or a supermarket. it's. it's something far more important than that. it made so much to, to support is going back generation without funds for move in with
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hello, we got some quiet weather now just clearing away from east and parts of canada. east in areas of the us as this by the system just pushes out into the open waters, is the next one that's going to be more live he storms just around the canadian prairies, easing over towards the upper midwest. further south, like the heat still in place, $43.00 celsius therefore dallas it cools off, should we say it's less hot? $38.00 degrees still plenty hot enough. then as we go on $330.00. but there's that plume of heat rod across central parts of a north american is still very much in evidence. says that next batch of showers just around the upper midwest, pushing a little further east was still got some wet weather down towards the southeast corner. frightened, carolinas, atlanta and pushing across into florida and still
5:00 am
a few showers. they're welcome. she has a suspect down towards the desert southwest, but for the west coast dry and generally not on the warm side as such but $21.00 celsius in san francisco. as not too bad thought she bad across the caribbean as well, we got the sunshine and showers, heavier showers, again, going to be across santa western side of the region. the corolla, costa rica, in particular, pushing down to panama, seeing some lavish as to what to where the coming into the eastern on is running right the way in the hispaniola. ah, ah . so long as parliament to to choose between 3 candidates for present as the island reels on. the economic and political turmoil.


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