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and make accurate causes, it makes us better players, synagogue or the reigning african champions. the fans are hoping cutter is a place where senegal make history and become the 1st african team to reach a world cup. final nicholas hawk al jazeera the car. so that report feature is in our 2nd world cup countdown show, which this month focuses on africa. you can watch the show in full here on al jazeera at 1130 gmc on wednesday. the video streaming service, netflix as last, nearly a 1000000 subscribers between april and june, that fewer than the 2000000 it was expecting to lose. its still the largest quarterly loss of subscribers in the company's 25 year history. competition from other streaming services and soaring inflation are being blamed. ah,
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hello again. the headlines on al jazeera sir link has parliament has elected run over a single the countries new president wicker, me, a single was acting, is interim president. after mass protest force goes to bio pucks at to flee the country and resign. miguel for an end is in columbia with more on why, from a single is unpopular with protesters for people. what they say is ronald vicar missing her has been self serving. he's been brought in right along to cover up for the roger boxer family. they saw this, they claim that this has been obvious by the way he's been behaving the way he's been dealing with cases even during the last time that the roger boxes were defeated before the term of resident go to i'll be roger proctor and ron novick, promising her was in power, they said that he did nothing to take action against roger boxes. dozens of wild
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fires are continuing to burn across france, spain, italy, and greece. thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes as a severe heat wave leads to soaring temperatures. heat alerts have been issued in more than 20 states in the us. more than 100000000 people have been urged to preparer. the un mission and i've gone austin has documented allegations of rights abuses in its 1st report on the issue since the taliban swept to power last year. it accuses the government of extra judicial killings, arbitrary arrests and torture. and it's, as women and girls have been subjected to severe restrictions on their rights. ukraine's president to dismiss the deputy head of the domestic security service followed the marizza lensky made the announcement just 2 days after suspending the head of the organization. the prosecutor general, the president says they failed to root out a legit collaborators working for moscow. the you says that will set out emergency plans on how to reduce russian gas demand within months. the block fear moscow may
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not restored gas flow through the north stream. one pipeline, when maintenance ends on thursday, some gas flow through the pipeline on tuesday during pressure tests, more news at the top of the hour on al jazeera. next, it's the stream. thanks for watching. 11 you that you need the part the bring up writing. the only democracy too much from the people that are both on a controversial constitutional referendum one that it could be a could pay the way back to repairing it. and they with algebra for all the latest development and in depth analysis. news. high answer me. ok. today on the stream a wrong nuclear deal can be salvaged. he is iran's president abraham. right. e. see speaking about america into ron on july, the 13th for sure. he's on one not ran will not back down from its rightful and
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logical stance in talks to revive a 2015 nuclear power material. i don't go to the bathroom quite sure you experience that. that is not possible to speak with iran by tough language. how many times do you want to experience that the ran does not succumb to fall? you don't read it. what is your name you now? here's u. s. president joe biden, speaking about iran from jerusalem. one day later on, july, the 14th, which you are in convincing the saudis and others that were mean who we say is, we mean when we say to have an opportunity to ship this agreement to been laid down . and so no one is absolutely clear. we will not say it again. we will not allow around to acquire nuclear weapons who is going to come from ice
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wayne and join i discussion i you chief comment section is now live waiting for your comments and questions. ah, let's meet your panel. hello, nick. i hillary said, welcome back to the string to all 3 of you. nice to see you again. nick, go remind our audience, who you are, what you do. there are more of the, i'm in iranian american journalists on political analysts based here in washington, dc. i also host the wrong podcast here to have you, henry, so great to have you back on the screen, please introduce yourself to audience around the world. i'm hillary man, my friend at this point, i'm ceo of a political consultancy strategic strategic energy and global analysis. i spent many years in the us government at the national security council in the state department, and i co wrote a book going to, to hon. why the united states must accept the assignment republic of iran. take it
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to how do you, henry, and welcome back, say it to the stream. great to have your analysis on the stream. please remind our audience who you are and what you do. hello, my name is saw, so you must. i'm and the iranian foreign policy analyst. i also you said university, and i'm also an editor in chief of the new uranium news agency. although i'm here to re present my own use in my personal capacity and very well and happy to be with you in this show, i guess great to happy. let me just remind our audience how we got to the raw nuclear deal in 2015 and where we are now. so let's rewrite of a little recap here. 2015. that was when the iran nuclear deal was site. 3 years later, president trump poured out of the deal, brought back sanctions against iran. and right now, bring us up to 2022. iran has enough uranium to make it
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a nuclear bomb. and what has happened to this iran nucleotide that is, i show that is our discussion today. i'm the guy you start us off way. is the deal . is there a deal to talk about? well, i mean, i see the deal i still alive bought on life support sort of in a coma. and this has happened talking about how we got here to this call. my situation is sort of happened when president trump obviously uni laterally pulled the us out of the deal. this is while united nation watchdog had been approving report after report that iran was abiding by the deal. so in essence, president tom pulled out of it, not because of the reason of iran, not abiding by the did, but because he just didn't simply didn't like that. it was his predecessor, president obama, and then after 5 talk to when joe biden came into power candidate by then had
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promised that he had criticized president. trump will pulling out of the deal, rightfully. and he had promised to bring the us back into the j. c. p. o, a great promise, but i think it's one of those thomas's that is long overdue is now what a year and a half into that ministration. and it's essentially a promise that's not fulfilled and the more we move forward, i think it will be more difficult for him to do something like that because of the political backlash he's going to receive here in washington dc. so i think it's one of those things that time is ticking in the, by the administration and the one in 5 to try sort of new pathway for you know, the guy brings up a really important point. the president biden said during the campaign that he would rejoin the j. c, p, o, a, the iran nuclear geo. as he made other premises, for example, for the united states to sign back up to the parents climate treaty for the united states to revoke that. what was called the muslim travel ban,
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all sorts of other immigration issues with which president biden vehemently disagree with the trauma administration. and all of those other issues. paris, climate, the muscle travel of an immigration. all of those other promises president biden came, president might have by to make good on them basically on day one except the around nuclear deal there. he said it had to be a negotiation. he wouldn't just revoke president trump's policies. and it's this negotiation that we've been involved in now ever since, and i'm afraid, could take us to what i'm also afraid will be the next republican administration that will similarly rip up the deal as these key republican candidates promise that i really want to get some grass roots input from me because you are in to ron iran right now. i keep hearing analogies as they see ron nuclear deal as being in a coma a. this is short term policy told us a few hours ago. but from to ron, what would be the analogy that you would use?
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he's traitor, and then please respond immediately afterwards with your take the wrong you video is not dead, but it is definitely in a cost. but even if it is revive, which would be a very good thing, we have to recognize that it's not the same deal as it was in 2015. in 2015, it marked a shift and the trajectory of he was the wrong relations. a created an opening for greater regional diplomacy and production of tensions today. if the deal is revive neither side believes it will last longer than 2 years. need aside house confidence in the intentions of the us. and as a result, they will use the next 2 years to prepare themselves for what they see is almost the inevitable confrontation that will happen in 2025 when there's a new president in the white house. oh, let me 1st um ask um some points to what hillary said. i believe the
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problem with the biden administration is that when it comes to yvonne he in system following president obama's containment strategy. and that means continue. ron's overall power when you want to do so, you do multiple agreements are j, c, p o, on iraq, nuclear power would be the 1st that it would not be the last. they want to do the same with iran. smith on technology original power, so they need to keep the sanctions structure intact or almost intact in place. so that's why, or is them biden, doesn't want to give in. are you now to the iranian demands for removing sanctions on hundreds of uranian companies, individuals, firms, and entities. and also other talks in the past 9 months, as i'm phoebe to the fox. and i know it pretty well when there were, there was a stalemate in the thought. iranians brought up some kind of in initiative. the
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americans have never done that for the last kind of initiative that iran brought up was almost 67 weeks ago when iranian said ok, we would be a lady i r g c. a problem that we have been requesting to remove our juicy from the list, but we will delay that request. let's deal with 2 other major problems with americans shunt. and you know, they stepped back and they said a bite and said he wouldn't get the window for, you know, or should it be for giving any more concessions has been shut down. and there won't be any kind of ball concessions for iraq. and don is done, and that's the problem, as long as the sea and the look at this kind of falls deal as part of the containment strategy. the situation with no, you know, change, and iran in the u. s. and the european allies, they've had 6 agreements in the last 20 years, according to american officials,
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as well as european officials, an expert. iran has always been, you know, comply, and what is on the takings on their, all these deals over iraq and afghanistan. and you know, ron's nuclear program and the g c. u a being the last one. but americans have always had one undertaking that has been removing this actions of their that they, they've never done that. that's the problem. they look out for a conflict with site if i could, if i could amplify your very important point about sanctions, sanctions, once imposed by the united states are almost impossible to remove, not legally but politically. and i to, i'll take you back to 990. that's how old i am, because i clearly remember this. when nelson mandela was finally released in south africa from prison. and there was an election the 1st democratically democratic election in south africa. he was elected president. and they,
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he wanted to come to the united states. he had to apply for a waiver because he was still on the terrorist list. nelson mandela was still on the terrorist list. so these sanctions are extremely hard to remove politically, even with an administration that wants to do so. and clearly, president biden has stated, he does not want to do so. oh, it does it. you died several years after my you remove the site. i guess i have the engaged audience. he want to ask you a few things. i'm going to call this the speed round. ok, so that a fair one, a bit, that comments to you and i want an instant reaction because each of the questions could loss of the entire show that he's not going to happen is going to be the speed. right. all right, and henry, this is for you from knocking. will the do ever be revived? considering the influence israel has on the united states in 30 seconds. i'm not sure this deal will be revised, but some dealer that we will be revived. the inevitability of us iran negotiations
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is always there. it's been there since the advent of the islamic republic in 1979. all right, nick on this one is from you from rational history. thank you for being part of our program today. iran agrees to the deal and then what the next president backs out the next us present, backs out the u. s. a shall know efforts have a long lasting, genuine deal in 30 seconds ago. unfortunately, i think after presidential we have to agree with that and it's sort of a set up or the system here in the us that no president can promise anything for eternity. but then at the same time, i want to go back to my original point in hillary's, it's the stroke of a pen, it's the presidential and it's in the executive order, which is there sunday, or national j. c. p. o, a by president obama. it was the stroke of a pen by president from pulling out of it and i'm biting. can go back into the j. c . p. o. a. with the stroke of
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a pencil. he has the president. he has had the presidential power for the past year and a half. you still can do it today or tomorrow. it's just a matter of pay. now political capital, all right. say at this question is for you from war to hughes. the naive might think it is possible to stop iran from going nuclear, realistically, for iran has a reasonable g d p, and an insatiable drive to become nuclear. they will delay is the only possibility in 30 seconds. your response said, ah, iran has already mastered the nuclear technology. if it was really willing to go for a military nuclear drive in which we would have done that way earlier. but they don't look at it this way. in addition to the fact father's been issued by iraq supreme leaders place a very strong ban religious ban. and when, if you were from iran and you are she, i'd moslem, you will understand what it means. in addition to that, iranians believe that the era of, you know, not clear,
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arms is gone. now is the era of cyber attacks. and also there are bombs, like mother of all, bombs. and by the way, iranians have such a thing. i mean, it's similar to the american mother of old bombs, which has the same kind of effect. they don't need nuclear technology for military purposes. iranians have invested much on scientific aspects of the nuclear technology, and they've been open. you all international atomic energy organization, surveillance and inspections before and after the deal. iran has been on there, the largest number of men hours of inspections by the time and they've never met garza, i and let me just move on a little bit because the way that president boynton and president nicely were talking, it sounded as if there was no price, the compromise, if the there's
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a potential for that to be contacted at both hotline is what then happens earlier we spoke to researcher as how and this is what she told us. and then guess i'm going to come back to you for what are the sticking points for at least some kind of deal to be reinstated. here's a south i civil the potential for catastrophe is the u. s. and iran escalated to military confrontation cannot be overstated. the last 20 years have shown us the futility of us military in the region most prominently in afghanistan. war after 20 years. the taliban swiftly took over after the was withdrawal. the case of iran is a country that has a population larger than that of iraq and afghanistan combined, and with a more powerful position in the region than either of those countries had at the time of us invasions. the u. s. is also different country than it was 20 years ago . with growing economic and domestic pressure, there's even less of an appetite in the american public for forever wars awards in the region. so guess original question was, can this the wrong nuclear gilby salvation? what would it take, nick?
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uh, can you get us started please? yes, so i have been critical of the biden administration and i want to also voice micro some of they want inside. obviously there is a conservative flash hard line administration in power right now. president race comes from the conservative camp. and iranian, 1st of all have refused to meet with the americans directly. they have their own logic thing. the u. s. is not part of the j. c. p a, but i still think he would help if they met directly and sort of speed up at least the process or speak face to face with the u. s. negotiate a rob miley, and it would hopefully help diplomacy. i think both sides need to compromise and meet maybe not exactly halfway, but try to come up with solutions that can you know, material is an actual agreement and avoid a potential conflict. i agree with us, maybe not a full on war. definitely. i don't think that i'm biting once more with iran,
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but conflict is not necessarily something you a plan. you can dumble into conflict, and when tensions are high in the absence of diplomacy and agreements, that conflict is something that inevitable. and finally, i want to add this issue that it want in the us have a long list of grievances and demands from each other. if you want to make a big soup and throw all of these things into a one agreement or one set of negotiators, it's not going to work. and that's something to you about my administration understood, and that's why they focus on the nuclear issue. as the 1st and most important thing, and i saw that as a gateway into better and more diploma be on other issues. and i think that's something divide in administration has to try to do and focus on and not bring in other issues into the nuclear negotiation. hillary, i want your take on, on what it will take, would you mind if i go via ali and me re because i'm really struck. and ollie was
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struck really by the tone of the 2 countries leaders, us and iran, and how they're talking about each other publicly. this is what you told us earlier and then your source i just don't think it makes sense that countries like israel in the united states can continue to threaten iran, and iran is expected to just sit on its hands. do i want to see iran with nuclear weapons? no, i don't want to see iran or any country with nuclear weapons. i think they should be abolished. but as long as powerful countries can threaten other countries with impunity than there is on logic that those countries are going to see the sense in nuclear weapons oral angle, single kind of tony's that need or is that just for public display?
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that hot line attitude is at the public display that behind the scenes as a better conversation going on. that's been my experience, frankly. when i was in the bush administration, george w bush at the time designated iran as a charter member of the axis of evil. his rhetoric against iran was visceral, and was incredibly bellicose. but at the same time, i worked in the white house and he said to me, if there's anything that we could talk to, the iranians about, you find it and you talked to them about it. and we did. we talked about afghanistan, we talked about counter narcotics, we talked about al qaeda. there were a range of issues that we actually have in common. so while there are these list of grievances, there are also a lot of issues we have in common. the united states and the sonic republic of iran are never going to be allies, but we don't need to be allies. we can work on issues where we have, we have shared interests and we can work through a dialogue to try to at least bracket or contain the issues that we just agreeing.
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saying i'm going to show our audience a graph of how iran, stevie p has fared. from 2014, up until 2022. so we're going to put this on screen for our audience. leave out there for a little while because i also need to work out what is going on here. it's a 2014. if you see the orange, the bright orange, that's when the g d p was going up, the economy was doing well. 2015. the company plummeted far less well, when the nuclear deal was signed and sanctions were lifted. look what happened in 2016. it was a really great for the economy and then following present, trump withdrawing from the nuclear deal, reinstating sanctions 2018. 20. 19. incredibly bad for the economy. now remembering we still have sanctions in place but 202-2220. 2020. to 20. 22. the economy in iran is growing and not is due to the impact of china and russia,
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working closely with iran, say it this idea of sanctions being punitive and making iran change its mind about how it's going to approach the us. is that over now because of russia and china? ah, ah, if you had it on on screen, i could talk about it for one hour. what happen? 2014. i'm not going to put it on the screen and say that it has made a difference. look at that, the numbers between the years of 20, all 152016 when the deal was arrived, that then suddenly iran started crude export. so iran had over 8 percent growth rate. but the next year it dropped to 2 percent. as you can see, because the u. s. has started defining its undertakings and when donald trump took
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office and exit at the deal, you know that they, they started the, you know, that the sanctions program, the sanctions produced their impact for a maximum of a one. and a half years, according to many american experts, and we have experienced that as well somewhere around one half years to 2 years would be the climax of the impact of the sanctions than it falls on. now as soon as prison, racy took office, he started a warning regional program in order to increase foreign trade. and guess what? in the 1st one year, he has improved iran spar and traced by over 20 percent without a nuclear deal. iran is already exporting over $1000000.00 barrels of crude per day . sometimes it's up to one and a half 1000000 barrels per day, and a plan to increase it. and we could say that, considering the ukraine war is ravaged,
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and as the pre cold season per chases to start off, prices would start rising. i mean, in the energy market and iran's crude supplies would be demanded more than before. all iranians do not see really, you know, much interest in expanding size. i mean, in reviving the deal is what they have requested would not be given to them. that's the removal of hundreds of you. we need competence from the redness of sanctions, as well as economic guarantees requested by asian and european companies are expanding ties with the russians and the chinese. well, of course it's been a major help, but that's not all of it. you are on as it has been expanding trade with. it's all, you know, neighbors now right now too. i mean, tonight, iran and turkey sign a long term foreign trade cooperation. so this is harmony with regard to your car
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with other countries as well. all right, so and i, at that point can, and i, we have one minute left synagogue and ask if, if i may, if you can help me with looking here at what we promised we would do for our audience to have a look here on my laptop and you're all going to have a sentence to answer this, but i know you can handle it. is the iran nuclear deal dead? make god in a sentence? no, it's not dead, but it needs serious resurrection to come out of a coma. hillary? well, the nuclear crisis, so called crisis in my view as a manufacture crisis to begin with. so while this chapter in iran, iran, us negotiations are deal making maybe over there and there's more, yeah, i went to be interesting that we had together. all right, this chapter may be dead, but we're going forward anyway. i said, one sentence is the around the can until dead from to run around. you say what?
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now? but i believe we need to wait for about 4 to 6 weeks to see a last ditch effort by either either side. i still see a 5050 jan and i still believe and have high hopes that by then without the right way of wood. i'm gonna try and make god and use you as anew shave, thanking fear analysis. i see you next time. take everybody. ah. is only 4 months to go to the world cup and the clock is ticking as teams and fans prepare the cat. so a 2022 we'll have updates from different regions across the globe this month. the focus is on africa and cynical mount a challenge for the tropi to winning the africa cup of nations with the cameroon,
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gona, to nicea o moral cope. it's the alicia, join us for the wilco countdown on al jazeera. ah ah sake that mm hm. and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now
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for your hero, the rip a hotel is the oh i tell that i've i've stated in the biggest box you have ever seen had it explode or have taken out the hotel? this was germany. we loved it when it was built and we loved it even when it was bombed. a major target of the conflict in northern ireland in the late 20th century belfast europa war hotels on al jazeera. ah sir, lancaster, parliament elect, prime minister rental with from a single president as the country faces it's worse political and economic crisis.


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