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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 20, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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ah with oh, i wish fishing and on the journey. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello rodney barker, this is the news i live from doha,
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coming up in the next 60 minutes for lancaster parliament, lex ronald, victor. i'm a singer as president of the midst of a political and economic crisis. the decision has cause outrage in colombo would protest is gathering on the steps of the parliament building firefighters in western europe, butler, heat wave, and strong winds as they try to extinguish wildfires. it's lease prime minister tries to salvage his coalition government after it was pushed to the brink of collapse. i'm satisfied with sports, including action from the world athletic championships, brazil's alison dawson, forsakes gold in the men's 400 meter hurdles on the day of upsets in eugene. ah hello, we begin this news in sir lanka where the parliament is elected ronelle vick ricker,
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a singer as the new president a we can of to go to buy a raja packs of fled and then resigned for grandma singer was serving as interim president after mass protest force roger packs of the step down. the 6 time premier will finish the remaining 2 years of his predecessors term. but he is unpopular with protesters. you see him as partly responsible for, for like his economic crisis ratty. it's elena valerie. and where it is not necessary to say how hard the country's economic condition is, we have to embark on a new program to go forward and we have to work together to do that. the i'm thankful to the other 2 candidates. i invite them to work with me for the development of the country and with our being when, when el fernandez joins his live now from colombo manella despite the protest is not wanting vick rema singer to be in this position. he's taken the top jaw of what's the response there and what's vic, we're missing a promising to do to put the country's economy back on track.
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it's not a very happy reactions from the general populace and the protest as many of them who have camped here or just outside this building. i'm here at the president shows secondary, the president's office outside which for 3 long months there was a concerted campaign 1st to send home, go toby roger boxer as president when he did not heed those cause. we saw him literally being chased out of office. he had to flee the country and then run a vicar missing a who he had brought in as the prime minister, as now assumed the top job of the land. because he has been voted in by a majority of the parliamentarians, a 134 to 82 at that secret ballot. but for people what they see is the parliamentarians have not heeded the will of the people. they said they have very clearly indicated that they have no confidence in run novick promising her who was
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in an acting capacity after the departure of got up a roger boxer. and they had urged the parliamentarians as they went into that session this morning to reflect the views of the people, the dissatisfaction with run over promising her and that entire brigade of people that they said we're mainly looking after the interests of the roger boxes. so even here we don't have massive numbers just yet, but those here at the protest site, i have had a meeting that come together. they've asked people to rally literally in this location. we've seen small pockets of people coming through and getting together. now i have with me a, one of the protesters who's been with this campaign right through modular summer, saker modular. why don't you tell me what the key sort of reaction is to the appointment of runner vicar missing her? or we simply do not accept his appointment as the president or simply because of a 2 man visas of unease. he's the defender of a garage box or family of the 2nd reason is he doesn't have a mandate to be
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a member of parliament at least. so we do not accept his appointment. the fact that he has been a basically voted in it is within the rules and if you like, i mean within the constitution. but obviously, as the people, the professors say, you don't accept it because this is not what you want. but how are you going to push back against us? what can you do? yeah, this, so this decision does not reflect the real will of the people in this country because the parliament are the election to place does not reflect the bill of the people either. so that is the main reason or you know, we, we do not accept a, the, a, the appointment this appointment at the same time. ah laker there if you are little become a singer, we have the d months. we have released the demands from online uh, from the protest us and so we are just waiting to see what his reaction about these
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are the demands as well. rather, the grimacing her has been described by some as the only man who is able to help she lanka, back on it's feet. obviously, a career politician, very astute with a lot of international experience, dealing with donors, the international community. and given the kind of current crisis, shalanda is facing, people have said to certain people that he might be on be the only man for this job to deal with this crisis situation. how would you respond if he was genuine? he could have releases the agreements a deeper former, but the president got arbitrage or puncture to the public. or if there was an agreement, if we knew that was the agreement, we could have responded at that point at amber at that point itself. but the, you know, we do not know what kind of a, an agreement that he has with this are longer a deposit done impediment. who is the of you who is the former ruling party. so
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that is, that is what we out think about you. thank you. and that was modular summoner, saker, one of the protests isn't, as we have seen. and what the protesters say is that they don't want run of improvising or in fact, one of the members of the 3rd party i spoke to last night, told me the election will be a battle between money and conscience. and looking at the result. you can see which has one renault many folks. michelle fernandez in the colombo are providing from secker, is a senior research for the center for policy alternatives. she says big ring singer is a season politician, but he will need to rely on roger paxis party for support. he seems to have got quite a significant support by getting 134 awards. so the members of parliament as decided that the next president should be iranian recro massena, they say is going against the cause and the demands of the protesters and abruptly . so it will be very interesting to see how the president will be able to move
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forward when there's real anger towards him. and i don't know how he's able going to be able to cover and in such a context. and he'll be promising, has served as prime minister 2 car garage pants and was then appointed acting precedent by go darby. raj said is no doubt that they the league to the raj about their family. now. dance said ronald, promising. he's a very c send. really. titian, so we'll see how he is able to govern. but we need to also remember in parliament, he only has one seating parliament. he will have to rely on the raj. a puck says political party that he says b. b, for any legislative reforms that he wants to push through handyman. so i suspect there will be influence from the raj about her family. what we will have to see is, what is the extent of that influence? he seems to have considerable support among the members of parliament in terms of
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getting this number to day. i'm and opposition on the other kennedy did dallas sell out there? i'm only getting 80 to so he he and at least at the election, ronnie re promising. i has received the support of a significant number of employees now would then translate to continuous support from the members of parliament. what he's legislative agenda. that is to be seen because this is very, very uncertain tidings where a member of precedent will have to re layer under political parties to get anything done. so we could see major push back in terms of his own proposals, not getting the support of parliament. and this might get to a steel made in argument. that is one dimension. we need to think about that. the
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other is whether he still will be able to rally around the public. he's extremely unpopular and he's ledge from as he has been question. so can he actually govern as the 8 president needs to see a polishing european heat wave is fueling wild fires and stretching emergency services. you k recorded it's highest temperature on tuesday, surpassing 40 degrees celsius for the 1st time. at least 34 locations of exceeded the previous national record. only 1700 firefighters are battling to contain 2 massive blazes, and southwest france. authority say a man has been arrested on suspicion of arson. fires have also broken out in italy, in the greek capital athens. more than 30 while fires are burning in spain, which is nearly 10 days into its heat wave. most of the country is on high alert. zane bas ravi is in spain's north western, some over a province where dozens of villages have been evacuated. the sound of salvation
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in the skies over northwest spain. right now, every drop of water from these hill tops, it is clear. the situation below is dark. on the ground, things are much worse. tabatha is on fire, panic residents look for any help they can find. as the flames near with these wildfires comes chaos. desperation the animals she says are still inside the ship. i'm trying to sell their homes, their livestock, their livelihoods,
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every 2nd campus, the door, the town of tomorrow's, a key strategic location. the command and control center based here is coordinating air and ground operations throughout the castillo, known province. precious little rest for teams working around the clock to keep pace with wild fires in real time. this is my 25 year. has it ever been this bad? and no, of course. absolutely, no. it came up, change his very person. i'm busy questionnaires. related with that, right, we did wrote these fires have a pulse. the most danger firefighter say is the late afternoon. the hottest part of the day when the sun is highest and the winds are strong. this fires happening all across this part of spain, but these flames represent the kind of change in the profile of these wildfires.
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the fires are moving from the hill country down. they've burnt up all the fuel. they get fine in the hills and now they're looking for more fuel moving downwards towards more populated areas. as they put out one fire more come alive. climate change experts say has altered the behavior of wildfires. they now burn faster, hotter and longer. people living here say everything can't aspire, and you cannot trust the ground. zane basra, the ultra 0 tobacco and thousands of people in greece, had to flee the homes as far as birth near the capital athens cruiser on the slopes of mount pen tele battling flames, which are being fan by strong winds. at least 15 planes and 9 helicopters, the trying to douse the fires 25 kilometers north east of the greek capital would also jibari joins us now from brofy, which is just north of the capital. athens said dorothy,
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how serious is the situation where you are? well as the fire sir is now been put under control, this is of course a town in the valley region. you mentioned the town of draft, the which was engulfed by flames. on tuesday. we arrived here in the afternoon as we left the airport and we could see the smokes in this town and we drove to it towards that. and we did film what took place here. and we now see what has happened since then, according to officials who spoke to from the fire department. the main concern and the challenge they faced overnight was the high winds and the changing direction of the wind, which was helping the fires continue. and this now spread to, as you mentioned, the region just about 10 minutes drive north of here, behind the mountains, behind me of the deli region. and those flames continue as we speak because they have affecting nearly 30000 residents in that area. in this town,
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about 3500 residents were evacuated on tuesday afternoon. and as you can see, as there is very little activity going on right now, because it is still very much off limits to most of the residents, we have to ask for special permission to enter here and see what is the pause. what is the fire? the damage cause we also saw a number of homes that have been burned in this town. now they are nearly 500 firefighters and about a 125 trucks that are in working in this area, trying to control the situation. this is of course, one of the many fires that have been ongoing since the start of the fire season, according to the governments that is as of may 1st until july 14th, they've recorded new 2500 wildfires in greece. and of course, the hardest weeks have not even approached that that is in august. so there is certainly a concern about what is to come yes. dosage of are just north of the greek capital
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athens, the town of draft, many thanks. plenty more had on the news hour, including an energy crisis and bangladesh. forces the government to take drastic action will tell you why this award winning iranian filmmaker is facing a 6 year jail symptoms. and his sport, we catch up in a football fans and sannicolas the national team prepares to compete in the welcome . ah no news. italian prime minister mario draggy has told parliament he is prepared to stay on despite tendering his resignation last week. track he says he will remain in his post if the parties in his coalition are prepared to support him. prime minister announced he would step down after the populace. 5 star movement refused to back his coalition in a parliamentary confidence vote for president sergio matter. ella rejected his resignation. louis cars that are the only way forward if we want to stay together
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is to rebuild a fresh this government packs. courage, selflessness, incredibility. adam, rainiest, lie for us, say in rome on their son adam. will this sir speech she made by dragging just a short while ago impact on how the the senate votes later on wednesday? well, they were seeing some signs that it might just after the speech. you had the head of the p. d. one of the largest members of this unity government tweeting out that if we didn't know, we should vote for 5 days or a few days. so we definitely know now what, what is speech, what, what a leader we have. so clearly they're trying to push and get everyone on board. but just moments after that tweet from and recollected at leader of the p d. we spoke to a member of the 5 star movement here outside of parliament. and he told us, it really wasn't what that party was expecting again, for our viewers. the 5 star movement is this shrinking political party in italy
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that is playing this key role and did not vote in that confidence vote last week. so it's hard to tell how they will vote later in the evening here in rome, but there's a lot of pressure building for them to get on board draggy is extremely popular nationwide. and you see other members of this ruling coalition saying, let's just get this important work done. the we have to get on board. we need to support that. you get into 2023. solve some of the big problems at least facing and have elections then. whereas if he weren't to win a confidence vote and the government were to collapse, you would see a lot of uncertainty in the following months. would probably be an early election in the fall. the budget would be postponed, so many things that italy needs to solve would be intractable and probably hard to solve in that kind of political condition. we've either, we've already already heard of course, from the president who refused to accept druggies resignation. and in this speech, a drug of alluded to an out pouring of support, what sort of support does he come on nation?
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why do you think was fascinating to see in italy. something that's very, a typical and out of the ordinary. here you have some 2000 mayors across the country, signing on to say they support, but i use government, they want him to continue. you have a doctors who are now facing yet another spike in cobra. their organization coming out saying, we have a panoramic that continues to really rapidly and make it hard here. please continue . you have members of civil society, you have every day people, the plotters in some parts of italy on monday, were full, maybe not with tens of thousands, but with hundreds and thousands of people in different cities around the country saying, please stay. so you have something that's usually this kind of parliamentary deal kinda hashed out in the cloakroom of parliament in the senate, being voice instead by the public in the street. and that's clearly impacting the political players. are they know that the, the country and
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a rare moment of solidarity just wants you to continue? because they know he commands some respect, not just in italy, but across the whole continent and the use down to get some of these problems. solve those problems, include passing reforms that will allow lead to receive tens of billions more dollars in this recovery fund from the e u. they also know that he, they think they don't know. they think he's the guy to, to help italy face this inflation crisis that isn't just happening here, but making prices here very, very high and difficult for, for people here. so this is not normal to see this. so we're having people who watch politics, year for year in italy, tell us this is going to impact these political leaders. and if for whatever reason the government collapses, people going to be very angry that the politicians in the country couldn't save the government. that is pretty popular right now. i'm rainy in room. thank you very much. well, let's bring in cecilia. i'm a lotta who's an assistant professor of global politics at american university of
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rome. she's there now and join me live. is this unusual to see this outpouring of support for an italian leader? i read that ever been 63 governments in italy since 945. it sounds like affection for any leader in italy is short lived. yes, absolutely. so 1st of all, thank you for having me. i wouldn't qualify it as a not a sport to be fair. i mean many i'd be discussing this with many colleagues that actually numbers are not overwhelming manifestation of support. we're not so impressive. as some observers are actually portraying them, i think there is a problem and easily there is these long, you know, last thing, you know, long term crisis of, if you want of democracy, you know, democratic representation. that sometimes causes these kind of the course whereby, you know, there's a savior coming up, right? so driving a fee for trade by the press especially,
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but also by some of the public opinion as to say, you're going to fix it problems. i'm not so optimistic to be honest. the country has issues that are long term. so i completely agree that you know, having situation of political disability, the fall is highly undesirable for 3. but at the same time, political parties reactions. and they have to take responsibility for a policy. they cannot seem to delegate these function to, you know, whatever federal credit political leader may be called to fix the situation. now this course is, was initially triggered off to the coalition partners if i saw movement. so they wouldn't support the prime minister anymore. would you explain the dynamic within this power struggle? the ruling coalition?
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this brain was really clear from the very beginning of a druggist monday. he was called to be gross colleague, sean is a very broad calisha and there's just one party who did enjoy with enjoy and brothers, obviously. so there were many contradictions already, i think, within the scholarship. by the way, it is interesting to know that the only position party has been doing great in opinion polls, meaning that the support for tracking, for, you know, for drug and his government is not so overwhelming again, as you would seen from the outside. so as far as the movement is, you know, is going through an identity, crisis it off the loss, it lost the pieces, you know, the minister of foreign affairs region. you might have basically left the bus or movement. and he was one of the problem figures in the party, and it's really
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a party that lost its identity. you know, they won the election with, with an agenda, you know, based on transparency support to, you know, income for families. but then the sort of changed and they have that like to start losing pieces. right. and i think this crisis really on an example of identity, isis. sure. cecilia, i'm a sort, a lot of professor of global politics the american university. right. thanks for speaking to us in the news i ukrainian forces of damaged and important bridge soon, the southern curse on region. the russia has been using to deliver supplies to its troops. the temporary administration in the russia controlled region says key f struck the de ne pro river bridge with us supplied rockets. despite the damage, the crossing is still open. the bridge is one of only 2 that russia can use to supply or withdrawal forces to in the area. ukraine's president of dismissed the
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deputy head of the security service loaded me as a lensky, made the announcement just 2 days after suspending the head of the organization and the prosecutor general. the president says they fail to root out alleged collaborators working for moscow. ukraine's 1st lady elena zelinski, will address the u. s. congress. later on wednesday, she visited the white house on tuesday, where she met with you as president joe biden. and the 1st lady joe biden made a surprise visit to ukraine in may, where she visited a school sheltering displaced people. the un mission, enough gun, a stand has documented allegations of rights abuses since the taliban swept to power last year. the report accuses the group of extra judicial killings, arbitrary arrests, and torture. it sites more than $200.00 instances of cruel punishments, including some targeting people accused of violating religious codes. the un says women and girls have been subjected to severe restrictions on their rights and excluded from public life. allie latifah has more on the reports,
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findings from kabul in the press conference announcing the report, the you hadn't made it clear and they kept reiterating that they have been consistently meeting with this lama camera and they have been showing them this for their findings ahead of time but also that they have sent this report ahead of time i and that they really want them to take it seriously. and they just kept saying that, you know, we're in constant contact with them. and this is part of our mandate, and we're making sure that they all are informed in that we're hoping that they can take this information and move forward and do something with it. um, but again this leads to questions that this was the question that was asked repeatedly by the other press. i in the press conference was that, well, what are concrete steps that the you, one has taken to show that or, or to put force and, and to, and to give an example that they are pressure has actually resulted in some kind of a change in the activity of the, of this la mic, emory. ah, so you know, it's really important for people to see that these reports and that these instances,
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you know, the united nation, the is a big organization. avalon hassan is the leading organization right now. it's in charge of a distribution. so people are hoping that this will be something that the islamic emerett really take seriously and leads them to take some kind of real action because over the last 10 months, you know, even if there have been talks between the united nations in this law, mich, emery the fact that this 40 something page report exists seems to show some kind of a disconnect or some kind of a shortfall between both groups. still ahead on al jazeera, wherein students blue oil state where tribal fighting has left nearly a 100 people dead. in a matter of days, this travellers battle long queues at airports. we look at how we could be fly in the future and explore. we'll show you around mistake by one of baseball's biggest stalls last coming up with sar. ah,
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it's cool down a lot since yesterday's reco breaker, in the british isles, in fact that cloud come across all the u. k. and a good part of france has dropped temperature significant. brought just a little rain, which means it's pushed the hot air just a bit further east than it was. so now with give heat weighs from belgium through the airlines i would think and then into good part of germany. this whole line is quite hot, to be honest, and this cooling is any way affect his central northern france. and british hours is still hot all the way through the mediterranean countries. my barrier really crossed to greece and wildfire as a result of that. so all the heat over land just keeps this line is as far north as sweet and everything else is cool down a little bit with attempted to start to rise again in bordeaux. so southern france is going to pick up that heat once more. i'll probably get to friday. it's ready. usual culprits. we usually see quite hot,
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down in hungry romania and then the balkans ality has been all year his the where the proper then you see the rain doesn't show very much on wednesday, the hint period. these darker builds of probably thunderstorms really show themselves even as far north as an event. once again on thursday was the sun prevails in the still fire prone southern countries. ah, is only 4 months to go to the world cup and the clock is ticking as teams and fans prepared the cattle 2022. we'll have updates from different regions across the globe. this month. the focus is on africa and cynical man to challenge for the tropi to winning the african nations will be cameroon. gone into new z, o morocco, it's the alicia. join us for the welcome countdown on al jazeera.
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o. the shake hammered a ward for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year for more information. go to w, w. w dot h t a dot q a slash e m. ah ah ah, you're watching out, is there a reminder of our top stories this up? dozens of wildfires of burning across from spain, italy,
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in greece. thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes as a severe heat wave leads to soaring temperatures. italian prime minister mario druggie has told the senate he's prepared to stay on despite tendering his resignation last week. drag. he says he will remain in his post if the parties in his coalition are prepared to support him. for like his parliaments is elected ronald. victor, i'm a singer as the new president, he was serving as interim leader after protests over an economic crisis. forced to go to by roger pox are out of office. ali and cody gama is a political economist, the senior electro, the university of jeff. now he says for like his political class is protecting itself. once again i think one of the fears most of the protesters. ready here a given that the roger boxes and they are talking. ready as opposed to a majority and memory. embodiment is like the mom,
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even though the, the president had to run away. and all of these been to that change to protect themselves and their interest and prevailed now with all the members entirely and working to ensure the interest, the self interest and the interests of the roger family. and trying to become a thing is why do seem to have need to talk to one of the president, both of my rather self appointed him as prime minister. and that is why 2 weeks ago and the other very powerful in this country. the protest as demanded president mister money get permission should resign because i've already given
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a chance that should have been given back to months ago on may 12th when he was appointed prime minister that has not been getting different. 2 to the country, he also does not have the credibility to the people in the worst economic crisis since the 19 perkins and what the country needs is a credible leadership will aid organization's insur lanka have warned of a looming humanitarian crisis. saved the children has found half of all families can't feed their children properly or put them through school. so bras and reports from the central city of candy. miss our beautiful little carano up it up. what does kia get about before the past 4 years have barely seen the inside of their schools 1st, it was cove it but now it's a political and economic crisis. keeping school shot most of the time underneath that history teacher, but that money can traveled 120 kilometers to columbus last week to protest against
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the country's leaders. he was injured when police try to disperse protests us with tear gas and water cannons lemayne. but i want students to re educate as a good citizen, father and teacher. i want our school system to be improved. well, that's why i took the st. hammer with your grandmother. he uses a class from inside his house to prepare students for their exam soft despite school closures. but it's hard to study if there's not enough to eat since an economic crisis. price of a food have gone through and 1000000 or she longed, has been only poor to consume one or 2 meals a day, aid organization say, many children may severely be malnourished. only one of you finding pi deepest 3 daughters is receiving an education. the single mother, aunt, one mobile phone for elders uses it for online classes. her to youngest were forced to drop out of school. giovanni earnest money by making containers for paint, and i can't think of her father because of the economic crisis. it's very difficult
1:35 pm
for us. we only eat twice a day. i can't feed my daughter's breakfast because i don't have enough money to buy food. i also can't afford to stock up on food and have to see what i can buy on a daily basis. it's very difficult living with 3 children now. her eldest daughter, 3 to become an accountant aid organizations fear one 4th of all 3 lumpkins are at the brink of malnutrition. that's the worry. and that we are assuming it's about 6000000 people already in that. that crisis level and what will happen, $6000000.00 is almost one port of the population. so that is a huge worry for us. what will happen to sri lanka and this large population in the next 3 to 6 months with a concern she had by be di monica was ready to go back to colombo to protest if a new president and his government do not improve the situation quickly,
1:36 pm
fastened al jazeera in canada, conservative m p 's and the u. k. will later narrow down the party leadership race to the final 2 candidates that will then enter run off vote among party members. former chancellor, re, she's tonight foreign secretary lists trust and trade minister, petty morgan to still in the running the window will replace boys johnson as prime minister in september. okay, let's go straight to join a whole and what looks like a very warm westminster. what's the political weather like that? show you how we are inching closer? well, it's been an extraordinary spectacle, as you say, reaching its final stage. now at least this phase of knockout votes among conservative party m. p. 's, for the part is next leader. and the countries next prime minister, we expect the wednesdays ballot will deliver us a final to candidates who will go through, as you said, to a vote among conservative party members. later in the summit with a new prime minister to be known by september. the 5th, i say should because so tight is this race so unpredictable. at this point,
1:37 pm
there are said to be contingency plans being made in the house of commons among boat organizers for a potential further ballot. if this vote on wednesday afternoon results in a tie and what a bitter contest it has become. arguably, the 2 leading candidates among these final 3 ritchie, soon as the former chancellor, he's seen by many as downing street is having betrayed bar as johnson is having conspire against him and lives trust the foreign secretary who is seen by many as being the candidate most likely to continue boris johnson's brand of populace politics if she gets in and the most likely to benefit from extra votes from the right of the party, supporters of can be paid no. who fell out of the race on tuesday. but all of that said, you cannot count out penny morton. she's the least well known quantity in the race, a relative outside a trade minister, but not inside bars. johnson's cabinet, she is the only candidate offering anything like
1:38 pm
a real break with the past to get boys johnson. and it is of course that his last appearance of prime minister questions it will be very shortly. yes m. p. 's go on summer recess. i to this afternoon, they'll return in september to a new prime minister we expect for his johnson to at be at the dispatch box for the last time. very shortly. having said that, a week ago, this time he appeared for his penultimate performance, said, well hinted that that might have been his last one that led to a flurry of speculation that he may have been planning a last minute trip to ukraine or something similar. but we've not heard any changes to the prime ministers shed. you also, we are expecting to see him remember last week he said he was leaving at a time not of his own choosing, but with his head held high. well, we can expect similar sentiments and a final opportunity for boys johnson to you to join his achievements in a relatively short premiership. in about 20 minutes or half an hour's time came any
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thanks joe. joe hall in london. the you says it will set out emergency plans on how to reduce russian gas demand within months. the block fears moscow may not restart gas flows through the north stream. one pipeline is being closed for maintenance this month and supplies due to resume on thursday. some gas flowed through the pipe late on tuesday during pressure tests. the government in bangladesh is closing fuel stations for one day a week because of an ongoing energy price crisis. tanveer child reports from doco. none of those government on monday announced fresh measure to save oil and power consumption and made escalating energy prices in the global market. this means a suspension of power production using import. i did live. the government also plans to reduce import of liquid natural gas. the plan also include to shut down, but draw prompts all across the country for at least one day a week that i got it. i got a high fuel price is
1:40 pm
a problem for public transport and car owners because the increase in fuel price will hit the me and the transport owner will end up charging high affairs. that will be also power cuts all across the country at different location. and areas at different intervals, at least for one to 2 hours that day. under the new measure, the shopping malls and shops will have to shut down by 8 pm every day. essentially cutting down the business hours by one to 2 hours on again, customers will eventually get used to the new shopping time. in the beginning, there might be some confusion, but they may start coming to the shop earlier. the government also plans to cut down office hours by at least one to 2 hours every day. all for the sake of saving energy. i'm fairly recovered from the impact of kobe pandemic. yet it has been able to maintain study economic growth, but economic one that high port prices along with inflation and subsidy. while i
1:41 pm
land, along with heavy spending on mega project pose a major challenge for the government and coming months. because of the increase in fuel prices in recent days, we've had to raise the bus there because of our passengers are getting upset and frequently get into fights and arguments with the international monetary problems volatility of the exchange rate and the fear of doing ling due to the load on of the global me because of the ukraine. russia was put, become the main barrier for macro economic stability in the country. thousands of students, house of people have been protesting across multiple cities, demanding justice for dozens killed and tribal violence, blue nile state. at least 98 people have been killed and nearly 200 wounded in days of fighting between the berty and house of tribes. hipaa, morgan reports from blue now state were here in one of the residential districts and were serious locality. incidence blue now states and this area here was
1:42 pm
a scene of fighting between members of the house, the tribe, and members of the font tribe. it's a coalition of various other tribes. now it's has thought had over land dispute with members of the french tribe, saying that the house of tribe had tried to take overland and claim it as bears. this has led to a curfew being declared in the state after at least 80 people were killed. and more than $200.00 injured as a result of the fighting houses and properties have been burned, including shops at the market, and members of the house, the community had to flee to the capital them as in or to neighboring harder to mm state. no, it has also led to a wave of protests in several other states, including the eastern states of godaddy if and casela, where at least 3 people were killed and a curfew was announced, as well as the capital harpoon. where on tuesday, hundreds of members from the house, the community protested in the capital, demanding the government take action against the latest round of violence. boon al state is no stranger to violence. it's been the scene of fighting between
1:43 pm
government forces and rebel forces for decades until a peace agreement was signed in 2020, and was hoped that that peace agreement will bring stability to the region. but the latest wave of clash as the tribal clash, as has shown that even with the peas, they'll find balloon out. state has a long way to go before permanent stability and security settles m. twitter has won the 1st round and it's legal battle against the law. mosque, the social media platform wants to force the billionaire to complete a $44000000000.00 buyout deal after he walked away from his bid earlier this month . lawyers from oscar mosque have been pushing to have the trial delayed until february next year, but a judge agreed to foster the process. we're proceeding center start in october, video streaming service, netflix as it lost nearly a 1000000 subscribers between april and june. that's fewer than the 2000000. it was expecting that it's still the largest quarterly loss of subscribers in the company's 25 year history. competition from other streaming services and soaring,
1:44 pm
inflation of being blamed. a court is told, acclaimed iranian filmmaker jeff up and i, he, he must serve as 60 a jail sentence originally handed down in 2010. now he had been accused of supporting anti government demonstrations. he was arrested last week after he went to the prosecutor's office to inquire about 2 other filmmakers who had been detained. mohammed masula from the stuff i'll ahmed, were arrested after they use social media to condemn the government's response to protests. i saw rad is research director of the national iranian american council. she says, the rest, the parts of a government crackdown on people regarded as distance. it's the volume with which we're seeing it is actually even unusual for iran. of course, iran is a authoritarian state. it's a state in which iranians themselves have been repressed in many different ways. but over the course of the last several years as economic and domestic pressure have increased, you also see an increased crackdown coming from the top down from the iranian
1:45 pm
authorities and security forces. whether it be a protest that they meet with deadly force, which we saw in november of 2019, whether it be increase arrests of dissidence. one of the things to keep in mind is while artists have come under increased pressure and attacks this, these particular arrest coincided with that of most have a touch of inches. in iranian political figures to someone served under the hot army re, under the hot army administration. so it's not, it's not one group, it's really a crackdown on any form of dissidence within the state. i certainly think that external pressure has something to do with what we're seeing happened. this is, in fact, you know, proponents of diplomacy, those who wanted iranian civil society to thrive, argued for years that these, the sanctions pressure, the pressure that externally being put on iran, namely ordinary iranians. not the iranian government will create this kind of pressure from within, which will then create
1:46 pm
a crackdown from above. that's what we've seen, not only in the case of iran, but really in any situation where you see domestic pressure. what the iranian authorities have shown is that their number one priority is not their citizens. it's not the people of the country. it is sustaining their own power and they are willing to take any measure to do so. that way you can use biannual farmer asha is back after a 4 year hiatus. and as the industry tries to recover from the effects of the pandemic is offering a glimpse into the future of air travel is where we challenz reports. dealt with revision and reality rarely yawns as wide as a trade shows that form bra, travelers, green high tech hassle, free in the real world. cues rach baggage piles up. and pilot, striking at farm bureau. boris johnson is a top gun in an r, a. f t my food in the real world, his angry palsy has just given the british prime minister, the boot go did the speed and safety engineer for sustainable
1:47 pm
future. but if we to glimpse how we might fly tomorrow, it is it fond supersonic wants to bring back supersonic and travel to decades. after concord was grounded, we deeply believe in the future where more people can go more places more often. we believe that speed enables that future and therefore it's not good enough just to make a little bit of progress on efficiency. we need to make a big leap forward and completely remove sustainability as a reason not to travel. and hybrid vehicles is making the air land is part and ship part plane part helicopter. it's low emissions won't need a runway and would carry passengers or freight the landscape developing here isn't there with development towards them to medication and sustainable agents? do the ongoing efficiency improvement that we get from jet aircraft and to move to hydrogen, which is a lot of our story here. our plan here to bring hydrogen powered aviation and to make, make, we need all of it. we need all that. i'm going to be going,
1:48 pm
falcon is from spanish, carrier and nostrand. his company is buying 10 and this is, hector does not require an airfield such any kind of line or water and on land that opens up the possibility to enhance our network. and so those have a key aspect of why we decided to go with the attacker and hopefully it'll be a reality. the u. k. government has just launched jet 0, requiring domestic aviation and airports to reach net 0 carbon emissions by 2040 other governments and moving to covey. it was an earthquake for the aviation industry with trouble all by shutting down the current stock shortages and disruption show that off. the shocks is still reverberating and may consider when to 2023, according to way bosses add in the need to minimize how polluting aviation is these all turbulent times for the industry. average helen's al jazeera barbara asha
1:49 pm
. still ahead on al jazeera action from the world athletics championships, including the leap of a lifetime for this australian hijack ah ah ah.
1:50 pm
safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero, lou. ah. but it's time for sar with the sport. thanks a lot name. well let's start with the day of upsets at the world athletics championship. several olympic champions. miss thompson, a gold medal on day 5 day mistakes has latest with this report. ah
1:51 pm
no waste kirsten var home is arguably the biggest star in athletics right now. the olympic champion in the 400 meter hurdles was going for his 3rd straight will title in eugene. but after tearing his hamstring last month, he faded in the closing stages and eventually finished down in 7th place. and instead it was the brazilian alison de santos, who took gold. i'm so happy i'm really happy. is life with dream i dreaming for their their words idle and now i have it now is my i am the words april, so i'm so happened so proud. there was more disappointment to norway in the men's 1500 meters, another of their olympic champions. yet having a bridge then suffered a shock defeat to britain's jake whiteman. he pressed him on the back straight to record the 1st this time in the world this year. ah, i was a born to silva. i would be very happy besides you come away with the flipping gold . i last asked. the dream isn't oxygen. australia's elena patterson literally came
1:52 pm
up with a leak of a lifetime to take gold in the high jump. she cleared and oh she on a record of 2.02 meters to take gold ahead of ukrainian favorite. you have a slab. i'm a huge it actually, i'm honestly in disbelief. it's, it's crazy. i think i'm going to be shaking my head in disbelief. her for the whole month's wake idea, her nose ha devine, as christian che, unleashed a huge throw in the men's disc is fine all his efforts of 71.13 meters was enough to claim gold and dethroned the olympic champion daniel stole. oh, and who secured a new championship record as well. they been stokes al jazeera when any 12000 people have signed the petition calling on us tennis authorities to allow novak jock of ich, to play the us open. joker, which is a 3 time champion in new york, but he's blocks from entering us because he's not vaccinated against covey 19. and
1:53 pm
he was banned from competing at the australian open back in january after being to ported over his vaccination status. now moving on to cricket, and ben stokes, one day career with england has ended in a defeat. they were off against south africa, and the 1st of 3 matches at his home. ground in durham stokes was a hero of england's wild cup when 3 years ago. and was given a standing ovation as he came out to bat. but he was then out the just 5 runs and england went on to lose by 62. not the fair. well, he wouldn't have wanted, but stokes could now focus on his main job as captain of the test team on lawson in o. d. i cricket, mister edison, the going to be england's gain and test cricket bands always been very much. that's his favorite format of the game that's his pro, to especially now as, as captain as well. so i'm sure this decision move, give him much more longevity in the peers form of the game as well, which is
1:54 pm
a bit bit of sweet, i guess as a, as in england fan because you think that should guarantee you see him in touch cricket for a lot longer, which is obviously a big positive for english quicker. now, 5 science from africa become it's cat, off one of amber's football, wild cat. one of those is senegal. you are the african champions and highest rank team on the continent. our correspondent liquors hack as in decker to tell us how their fans are feeling heading into the tournament. welcome to senegal, country between the arctic ocean and the edge of visit how there's very little rain fallen. it's terribly hot. so it's when the sun sets that people come out to play football on the beach and it's in places like this, that champions are made. meet 13 year old jamil soap and his friends in downtown to car. there's no space for a football pitch. so this is how they train,
1:55 pm
it's become a trend, shared on social media and cynical young players, showing their skills away from the pitch. trying to stand out and get attention. looks is i don't want my dream is to become sergio money order. my dream is to become a famous football player and where does jersey of the national team that like money to look at my score, a lot of goals for the national to login to look up to one other, one of the top scores in the english premier league during his time with liverpool buyer linux, new signing is senegal hero. this is where money learn to play in the village of bumbling in southern synagogue. in june, he came back to play an exhibition match with former players of the national team. we st. j was part of the squad that beat france reaching the quarter final of the 2002 world cut rodeo from it. so i wanted to put more casa, the fact that we don't have green football pitches is actually an advantage. because when you play in the sand, you learn a lot of technique,
1:56 pm
like how to control the ball to dribble and make accurate causes. it makes us better players. senegal are the reigning african champions. the fans are hoping cutter is a place where senegal make history. and become the 1st african team to reach a world cup final nicholas hawk al jazeera de carr. well, that's how the sizable next report is part of our 2nd world cup countdown show focusing on africa. as well as cynical we also look at the other qualified scenes which is come room to nicea morocco as well as gonna you can watch the show online or it's next on al jazeera at $1130.00 gmc, now that's just over half an hour from now. well, one of japan's biggest athletes is retired from kids compared to rather figure skating to time and pick champion user hon. you will turn professional mocking the ends of an incredible career which is included more than
1:57 pm
a dozen world records. and we spoke to figure skating john this jackie wong. the whole idea of being professional or really being out of competitive skating is that he can now focus his time needs chosen to focus his time on topic other than competition bell. you know, he talk a lot about building shows and taking advantage of the incredible interest and figures getting from both japan and around the world in him, in the skaters that he has inspired. and you know there's, there's a lot to be that about the next phase because career. ready where he continues to basically, you know, be, be an ambassador for the sport. and finally, to some baseball action from the m l. b. all star game in los angeles. there was a ram mistake from soup saw show high oh, tawny, when pitcher kites and casual picked him off at 1st base. i was
1:58 pm
a bit embarrassing for his honie, but luckily for him he finished on the winning. it's he, john carlos johnson with one of 2 home runs for the american league who went on to win 3 to not say 9 straight victory in the all star games. well that, so you school for me for now, but i'll be back in a bit. thanks lot sir with us. if me need barker for this news, i dream will be back in a moment with more of the day's news to go. so i go to al jazeera, don't comfortable. ah ah. 11 years after 2 missy us,
1:59 pm
both the arabs bring up or i think the only democracy too much from the up people is to vote on a controversial constitutional referendum one that it's critics via could paid the way back to authoritarianism. stay with al jazeera but all the latest developments and in depth analysis and egyptian dr. training and britain in the 1980s, shocked by famine and injustice worldwide, and driven to set up a charity to help those in need. that was his dream to create an organization, it will serve any money made, serving people of all regions and old yoga free across the world. nearly food decades later, outages are well meets the co founder and one of the biggest islamic agencies in the world. hannon banana, the giving business on al jazeera from the world's most pop. they did reach an in depth stories from across asia and the pacific with diverse coaches and
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conflicting politics. one 0, one east on al jazeera. ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, al jazeera, with construction. ah, my sir, thank us parliament elect serrano, which from


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