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corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. very when i rip this deal apart, if they take the white house of 2025, what is the world hearing? well, we're talking about ply, american today, you'll weakly take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter why you call hand out you 0 will bring you the news and current affairs that matter t out is there. ah . ready spain's prime minister says more than 500 people have died from the heat wave as wildfire, rage across western europe. ah,
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omni barker, this is al jazeera alive from dough, are also coming up for lancaster parliament to lex, renelle, vikram, a sing as president in the midst of a political and economic crisis. european union proposes member states current gas usage by 15 percent in case russia comes off supplies. us, we take a deep dive into the world of penguins the scientists gay new insights into the evolution. ah, a punishing european heat wave is fueling wildfire and stretching emergency services. grease fire fight as a struggling to contain a huge while fire boy, burning just north of the capitol, athens. thousands of people have had to flee their homes. it follows more than a week of blazes that are also banning across us france and portugal explains prime
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minister says the soaring temperatures of already led to the deaths of more than $500.00 people. say bas ravi has more from the more a province, which is one of the worst affected areas in spain. we're here in the town of tomorrow. and where we are, is that the command in control center, the central hub for the coordination of all great air and ground rescue and firefighting operations in this part of northwest spain. and what the people here are doing is using satellite communication technology and spotter plains to try to track wildfires in real time to try to make sure they can get to them before they spread before they grow too big before they become far too unmanageable for the teams to take on the work being done here is vital and what we're hearing. the latest information from officials is that there is reason for optimism just a few days ago. there were 37 wildfires 20 of them out of control yesterday. there was 30 wildfires, most of them out of control today that number has dropped to 16 and only 9 of them are very, very serious. but that, that success comes after some very,
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very dramatic, and often desperate efforts being carried out by the teams being coordinated out of this hub. now wildfires may be under control for the moment in this part of the country, but there is one in it's capable ground reality. it is still very, very hard. there was a reprieve from high temperatures yesterday, but today it is hot once again. and what that means is that heat related deaths may go up once again. prime minister pedro sanchez did announce that in spain, at least 500 people are estimated to have been killed from the heat wave that number. if you include portugal on, the beer in peninsula goes as high as a 1000. since the heat wave began, almost 2 weeks ago, thousands of people in greece who had to feed their homes as fires burned the athens cruiser on the slopes of mount antelli, battling flames. which are being found by strong winds. and these 15 plains and 9 helicopters, the trying to douse the fires 25 kilometers north east of the greek capital. tulsa
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jabari has more from drafting in greece. according to officials who we spoke to from the fire department. the main concern and the challenges they face overnight was the high winds and the changing direction of the wind, which was helping the fires continue. and this now spread to the region. just about 10 minutes drive north of here, behind the mountains, behind me of the valley. region and those flames continue as we speak because they have affecting nearly 30000 residents in that area. in this town about 3500 residents were evacuated on tuesday afternoon. and as you can see, as there is very little activity going on right now, because it is still very much off limits to most of the residents, we have to ask for special permission to enter here. see what is the pause, what is the fire, the damage cause we also saw a number of homes that have been burned in this town. now they are nearly 500 firefighters and about 125 trucks that are in working in
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this area, trying to control the situation. this is of course, one of the many fires that have been ongoing since the start of the fire season, according to the governments that is as of may 1st until july 14th, they've recorded new 2500 wildfires in greece. and of course, the hottest weeks have not even approached that that is in august. so there is certainly a concern about what is to come yet. the parliament and sir lanka has elected rather vic, grandma singer as the new president a week after go to buy a raja packs of fled and then resigned. rick famous singer was serving as interim president after mass protest force roger pike's of the step down. the 6 time premier will finish the remaining 2 years of his predecessors term, but he's unpopular with protesters to see him as partly responsible for like as economic crisis, rat, 8th elementary, and where it is not necessary to say how hard the country's economic condition is.
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we have to embark on a new program to go forward that we have to work together to do that. i am thankful to the other 2 candidates. i invite them to work with me for the development of the country and that our fi severson is in colombo and she describes the public anger of a parliament's choice to score so scene, very large protest against a new vehicle missing a last week when he became the acting a president, and something is gearing up to dad's again here in columbia. we've heard very angry and passionate speech is against them. they say they feel betrayed by the parliament. they say they haven't listen to the voice of the people. and they also say that we can say guys, basically a continuation of the policy is a part of the class. so they fear that nothing is going to change. now, gonna become a singer is now chosen as the president by 134 votes in parliament. there's also accusations of money politics. a lot will depend on how we come a single will react and the response to the enormous crisis lanka is now facing the
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country is bankrupt of no foreign reserve state. it's a serious fuel crisis, but also aid organizations. i say there is a humanitarian crisis, there's not enough food. half of the families are not capable at the moment. some feet, their own children, italian prime minister mario druggie is told, pol amenities prepared to stay on us despite tendering his resignation. last week, he says he will remain in his post if the policies in his coalition are prepared to support him. the prime minister announced he would step down after the populace. 5 star movement refused to back his coalition in the parliamentary confidence vote for president, sergio matter rayleigh rejected. his resignation. rainy has more from rome. just after the speech, you had the head of the p. d. one of the largest members of this unity government tweeting out that if we didn't know we should vote for that argue 5 days or a few days. so we definitely know now what, what is speech, what, what
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a leader we have. so clearly they're trying to push and get everyone on board. but just moments after that tweet from and recollected at leader of the p d. we spoke to a member of the fivestar movement here outside of parliament. and he told us, it really wasn't what that party was expecting. again, for our viewers. the fivestar movement is this shrinking political party in italy that is playing this key role and did not vote in that confidence vote last week. so it's hard to tell how they will vote later in the evening here in rome, but there's a lot of pressure building for them to get on board. druggie is extremely popular nationwide and you see other members have this ruling coalition saying, let's just get this important work done. the we have to get on board. we need to support that. are you get into 2023. solve some of the big problems at least facing and have elections then. whereas if he weren't to win a conference and the government were to collapse, you would see a lot of uncertainty in the following months. it probably an early election in the fall. the budget would be postponed,
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so many things to italy need to solve would be intractable and probably hard to solve in that kind of political condition. conservative m p 's of the u. k. are about to narrow down the parties leadership race. the final 2 candidates, they will then enter run off votes among policy members. former chancellor richie su, neck phone secretary live trust, and trade minister penny more than a fill in the running. the weather will replace both johnson as prime minister in september, johnson has defended his record while facing questions in parliament for the last time. as prime minister. he resigned this month after a series of scandals engulfed his government. we how guy helped get this country through a pandemic and helped save another country from barbarism. and frankly, that's enough to be going on with mission, largely accomplished. so now i want to thank you and this is becoming like, all the wonderful stuff that's going on with my friends and colleagues. i opposite
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. this is mika. i want that everybody here and hostility sta. katie, yes, you are being commission is unveiled an emergency plan to scale by gas consumption in case russia totally cuts off supplies. it includes a proposal for countries to voluntarily cut their gas use by 15 percent until next year. in a crisis situation, each member states will be obliged to help each other by providing gas and exchanging information with asha butler is in paris and explains what the move could mean for each member states. the ease commission is effect effectively issuing a warning to member states that unless the block does more to sure up its gas supplies is going to be facing a very difficult winter. now the e. u. a receives just over a 3rd of its gas needs from russia, but what the head of the commission should have on the land has been saying is that
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russia is weapon ising, its gas supply. the russia is trying to blackmail the european union and that a could cut off his gas supplies a to the block either partially or even completely in. of course that would have a very devastating impact on parts of the e u. countries like the czech republic and hungry rely very heavily on russian gas . now this would be ursula frontline is saying that if russia was to move in this way, would of course been retaliation for ease sanctions on moscow over moscow's warn ukraine. what the commission is proposing to member states as they try and reduce their use of gas by 15 percent or in the coming months that would in a way help alleviate the burden on the european union. now the european commission is saying, of course, this is just a proposal. these are reductions in gas usage would be a voluntary,
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they would not make the mandatory. however, they will look at the possibility of trying to impose these reductions. if there is a real risk that a dropping gas supply could, in fact have a great impact on several e u. member states economies still had allowed to 0 in energy crisis and bangladesh . ross is the government to take drastic action plus will tell you why this award winning iranian filmmaker is facing a 6 year tail centers. ah . with. i think we'll see flooding once again. all over the place in thailand, me and mar, cambodia that time the year. but when the reading gets heavy,
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it gets heavy. that gives some relief, i think, to the philippines. but you could well see that risk increase in lose all on the line, then stretches down towards bornea. java. it's quite dry. most. the su monitors drive quincy, malaysia, even so the ways he's got a scattering, a big shout, but not persistent, no heavy ones. and then you go back to the seasonal rate, which is rather broken it's line, but it's gathering again in the western high ground in china that will come out later on thursday. the existing wave has gone through south korea and he's like, bring some flooding. i think to home, shoot now. sure. on thursday, by friday. read of out into the city through shan, running up to the eastern side or northeast part of a china, which means south. vito still remarkably dry between the yanks in hong kong belly, a cloud in the sky till bit draft is tom. yeah. and then showers light is showers, i think in hunt shoe. the heavy rain now were full monsoon season has moved bit further east maggi per dash up through bestbuy go up towards the pole. and knowles,
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in pakistan, there is some rained on the western gaps at bay street much try and are in western india. ah, oh i oh, wherever you go in the world, one airline goes to make it for you. exceptional katara always going places to go. ah
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ah, you're watching al jazeera reminder of our top stories this our a punishing european heat wave is fueling wildfire and stretching emergency services to their limits. spain's prime minister says soaring temperatures have led to the deaths of more than 500 people. for lancaster parliament is elected ronald victor, i'm a singer, is the new president. he was serving as in trim leader after protests, over an economic crisis force go to buy a range of products that out of office. european commission is unveiled to the emergency plan to scale back gas consumption, in case russia completely comes off supplies these urging members to reduce that gas use by 15 percent until next year. the government bangladesh is closing fuel stations for one day a week because of an ongoing energy price crisis. tomba child re report some data. none of those government on monday announced fresh measure to save oil and power
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consumption and made escalating energy prices in the global market. this means a suspension of power production using import did live. the government also plans to reduce import of liquid natural gas. the plan also include to shut down, but draw prompts all across the country for at least one day a week. i got it. i got a high fuel price is a problem for public transport and car owners because the increase in fuel price will hit the me and the transport owner will end up charging high affairs. that will be also power costs all across the country at different location. and areas at different intervals, at least for one to 2 hours that day. under the new measure, the shopping malls and shops will have to shut down by 8 pm every day. essentially cutting down the business hours by one to 2 hours. so on again, customers will eventually get used to the new shopping time and the beginning there
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might be some confusion, but then they start coming to the shop earlier. the government also plans to cut down office hours by at least one to 2 hours every day. all for the sake of saving energy, i'm barely recovered from the impact of kobe pandemic. yet, it has been able to maintain study economic growth, but economic one that is high port prices, along with inflation and subsidy. while i land, along with heavy spending on mega project, put pose a major challenge for the government and coming months. because of the increase in fuel prices in recent days, we've had to raise the bus there because of our passengers are getting upset and frequently get into fights and arguments with the international monetary problems volatility of the exchange rate. and the fears of doing ling due to the load on of the global economy because of the ukraine. russia was put back on the main barrier
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for macro economic stability in the country spell after nearly half a century operating as a government monopoly nigeria state oil company is now officially a commercial company. but many nigerians fear the move will lead to higher fuel costs in a country this benefited from some of the lowest prices in the world. am it interest reports from a boucher it took nearly 20 years of parliamentary debates and concessions to commercialize nigeria is all a company. the government hopes the new firm will attract private investors and cut waste and corruption. we are transforming our veteran industry to strengthen its capacity and mike, at the relevance for the present and future global energy priorities. leading the transformation is an industry veteran that is company can make quick decisions, can invest quickly, can borrow quickly compare bach. last, when did do and also,
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but most importantly, to be accountable to shareholders. the oil and gas sector reforms, commerce global attention moved to its clean energy with proven reserves of $206.00 trillion cubic feet of gas. and hoping to grow that to 600 trillion. official expectations here are understandably high for a country. so blessed and gosh, like ours. we cannot be happier and more excited. but concerns remain. many here are worried that you know of chip oil they're used to will soon be over. in the absence of these non walker refineries. we import this and if you embodied eh, hiden and they had to be honest, they say limits. i don't see. i don't see how government can continue with the subsidy in now, in virginia at about $0.40 per liter,
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nigeria pen less for petrol than almost anyone else in the world critic se subsidies. how stifled growth and bread corruption now with private investors coming in. nigerians may have to pay more for fuel. the new company wants to offer shares for sale as early as next year. it's hard to say whether this commercial venture will go the way previous privatized companies which struggle with assets tripping and corruption all. what proved to be an exception. ahmed edris al jazeera, a boucher nigeria, a protest movements in panama is calling for a national strike. after a deal with the government, i'm fuel prices collapsed, roadblocks of shut down a major highway, resulting in food shortages, laur, but a bodily reports. ah, this rally in panama city is a consequence. the collapse deal between the protest movement and the government. it aimed to reduce fuel prices in exchange for ending 2 weeks of demonstrations.
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but these people are calling the fresh action by putting out on us a little quote with the national coordinating committee and indigenous peoples of panama, colon the entire indigenous population to a national strike on thursday. the agreement was signed in cherokee province last week. it load the price of fuel by about a 3rd exchange of unlocking the pan american highway, a crucial trade link that protested, tore up the deal thing, paying less that the pump won't solve acosta within crisis or end corruption. oh, plan is like this. a displayed across roads. this one cools the cheap medicine and justice for the poor. the international monetary fund says, recent figures show the economy is improving. since for pandemic, there is still a high rate of inequality. and the protests are having
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a direct impact on supermarket shelves. i said he, oh, luckily we got tomatoes, buddy no on it, but there is a problem. the one soup market here that sells vegetables and fruit has practically closed marine coffee lamoya quickly. as you can see, most of the stalls are closed early because they don't have anything to sell. let's hope the government and leaders reach a solution soon. protests to say they will take to the streets until the price is a basic goods already. but at market struggling to stock up, panama is 4 and a half 1000000 people risk going hungry nor that man the auntie 0. the un mission in afghanistan has documented allegations of rights abuses as the taliban swept to power last year. the report accuses the group of extra judicial killings, arbitrary arrests, and torture. it sites more than $200.00 instances of cruel punishments, including some targeting people accused of violating religious codes. the u. m says
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women and girls have been subjected to severe restrictions on their rights and excluded from public life. ali latifah has more on the reports findings from cobble in the press conference announcing the report the you hadn't made it clear and they kept reiterating that they have been consistently meeting with their slamming camera and they have been showing them this for their findings ahead of time but also that they have sent this report ahead of time i and that they really want them to take it seriously. and they just kept saying that, you know, we're in constant contact with them. and this is part of our mandate, and we're making sure that they are informed and that we're hoping that they can take this information and move forward and do something with it. ah, but again this leads to questions and that this was the question that was asked repeatedly by the other press. i in the press conference was that, well, what are concrete steps that the un has taken to show that or to put force and, and to, and to give an example that they are pressure has actually resulted in some kind of
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a change in the activity of the of this law mc emory. ah, so you know, it's really important for people to see that these reports and that these instances, you know, the united nation, the, is a big organization. avalon as far as the leading organization right now, it's in charge of ages tribulation. so people are hoping that this will be something that the islamic emerett really take seriously and leads them to take some kind of real action because over the last 10 months, you know, even if there have been talks between the united nations and this law, mc emory, the fact that this 40 something page report exists seems to show some kind of a disconnect or some kind of a shortfall between both groups. the court has told a claim to rainy and filmmaker jaffar, but now he must serve his 60 a jail sentence, originally handed down in 2010. but now he has been accused of supporting anti government demonstrations. he was arrested last week after he went to the prosecutor's office to inquire about 2 other filmmakers who'd also been detained by mood, masula fun. mustang fowl,
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amid were arrested after they use social media to condemn the government's response to protests. asada is research director of the national iranian american council. he says the arrests are part of a government crackdown or people regarded as dissidence. it's the volume with which we're seeing it is actually even unusual for iran. of course, iran is an authoritarian state. it's a state in which the iranians themselves have been repressed in many different ways . but over the course of the last several years, as economic and domestic pressure have increase, you also see an increased crackdown coming from the top down from the iranian authorities and security forces. whether it be a protest that they meet with deadly force, which we saw in november of 2019, whether it be increased arrests of dissidence. one of the things to keep in mind is while artists have come under increased pressure and attacks this, these particular arrest coincided with that of most have a touch of inches in iranian political figures, as some served under the ha time he read under the hot army administration,
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so it's not, it's not one group, it's really a crackdown on any form of dissidents within the state. i certainly think that external pressure has something to do with what we're seeing happen. this is, in fact, you know, proponents of diplomacy, those who wanted iranian civil society to thrive, argued for years that these, the sanctions pressure, the pressure that externally being put on iran name, the ordinary iranians. not the iranian government will create this kind of pressure from within, which will then create a crackdown from above. that's what we've seen, not only in the case of iran, but really in any situation where you see domestic pressure. what the iranian authorities have shown is that their number one priority is not their citizens. it's not the people of the country. it is sustaining their own power and they are willing to take any measure to do so. that a new study taking a deep dive into penguins says to flightless birds, evolution is directly linked to climate change research. as i lost the dna of extinct and living penguins and find what they call signatures in the genomes. the
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suggest that not only do penguins adapt during unfavorable conditions, but the populations increase when conditions improved. the study identify several james that allow penguins to thrive in some of the most unique environments on earth. the sea birds are among the most threatened marine species in the world. 10 of the 18 types of penguin a considered endangered. the video streaming service, netflix as it lost nearly a 1000000 subscribers between april and june. there's fewer than the $2000000.00 it was expecting, but nevertheless, it's still the largest quarterly loss of subscribers in the company's 25 year history. competition from other streaming services and soaring, inflation being blamed, the company still earned more than a $1000000000.00 in revenue. a 6 percent increase from the same time last year. the case by and will farber air show is back after a 4 year hiatus. as the industry tries to recover the effects,
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the pandemic is offering a glimpse into the future of air travel as well. we challenz reports the gulf between vision and reality rarely yawns as wide as it trade shows that farm bureau and travelers green high tech hassle free in the real world. q stretch baggage piles up and pilots strike at farm bureau. boris johnson is a top gun in an hour a f typhoon in the real world. his angry party has just given the british prime minister, the boot scolded her speed and safety engineered for sustainable features. but if we to a glimpse how we might fly to morrow, it is at farm bureau boom, supersonic wants to bring back supersonic air travel to decades off to concord was grounded. we deeply believe in a future where more people can go more places more often. we believe that speed enables that future and therefore it's not good enough just to make a little bit of progress on efficiency. we need to make
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a big leap forward and completely remove sustainability as a reason not to travel. and hybrid air vehicles is making the air landers part and ship part plane part helicopter. it's low emissions, won't need a runway and would carry passengers all freight, the landscape developing harrison airway, her developments towards implementation of sustainable aviation fuels, people and going patients. the improvements that we get from jet aircraft and to move to hydrogen, which is a lot of our story here. our plan here to bring hydrogen powered aviation into making makes and we need all of it. we need all of them. we need more. begin, falcon is from spanish, carry an ostrom. his company is buying 10. alan, this is erica does not require an airfield such any kind of line a water ang online. so that opens up. it wasn't really to do, has how network. and so those are the key aspects of why we decided to go with these ica and hopefully to present a disease. it'll be
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a reality. the u. k. government has just launched jets 0 requiring domestication and airports to reach net 0 carbon emissions by 2040 other governments. and moving to calvin was an earthquake for the aviation industry with air travel olva, shutting down the current stock shortages and disruption showed that off the shocks . is still reverberating and may consider you into 2023 according to where bosses add in the knee to minimize how polluting aviation is. and these are turbulence times for the industry storage. helen's. how does era to farm brasher? ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories a punishing european heat wave is fueling wildfire and stretching emergency services in greece, firefighters struggling to contain a huge while fire burning.


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