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tv   War Hotels Belfast - Europa  Al Jazeera  July 22, 2022 5:30am-6:01am AST

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of congress were in secure locations, and the officers defending the capital began to turn the tide that then president trump engaged in the political theatre of telling the mob to go home. and even then, he told them all they were special, and that he loved them. whatever your politics, whatever you think about the outcome of the election, we as americans must all agree on this. donald trump's conduct on january 6th, was a supreme violation of his oath of office and a complete dereliction of his duty to our nation. it is a stain on our history. it is a dishonor to all those who have sacrificed in died in service of our democracy. when we present our full findings,
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we will recommend changes to laws and policies to guard against another january 6. the reason that's imperative is that the forces donald trump ignited that they have not gone away the militant intolerant idiology is the militias, the alienation, and the disaffection. the weird fantasies and dis information. they're all still out there. ready to go. that's the elephant in the room. but if january 6th has reminded us of anything, i pray it is reminded us of this. laws are just words on paper. z mean nothing. without public servants dedicated to the rule of law and who are held accountable by a public to believes oath matters. oaths matter more than party, tribalism, or the cheap thrill of scoring political points. we,
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the people must demand more of our politicians and ourselves oaths matter, character matters. truth matters if we do not renew our faith and commitment to these principles, this great experiment of ours are shining beacon on a hill will not endure a yield to the gentleman from virginia. thank you mister kensington, sir. throughout our hearing this, we have provided many facts and painted a vivid picture of the events of january, sex, the violence, the human toll both emotional and physical, including the tragic loss of life. the threats to our constitution, the rule of law and the danger to this nation. a nation we all love as americans.
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and to night hearing, we've gone into great detail about the events inside the white house on january sex . we've described how the president of the united states, who was bound by o c to the constitution and by duty to assure the laws are faithfully executed. took no action when the cornerstone of our democracy. a peaceful transition of power was under attack. but it's more than last, donald trump summoned a violent mob and promised to lead that mob to the capital to compel those he thought would have to that kind of pressure. and when he was awarded in his effort to lead the armed uprising, he instigated the attackers to target the vice president with violence, a man who just wanted to do his constitutional duty. so in the end, this is not as it may appear, a story of inaction in
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a time of crisis. but instead it was the final action of donald trump's own plan to assert the will of the american people and remain in power. not until it was clear that his effort to violently disrupt or delay the counting of the election results had failed. did he send his message a message to his supporters in which he commensurate it with their pain? and he told them affectionately to go home. that was not the message of condemnation and just punishment for those who broke the law that we expect from a president whose oath in duty is to ensure the laws are faithfully executed. but instead, it was his newest version of stand back and stand by to me, this is personal at 1st sworn oaths to support and defend the constitution against
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enemies foreign and domestic. when i entered the u. s. naval academy at age 17, i spent 2 decades on ships at sea, defending our nation from known an identifiable foreign enemy his who sought to do us harm. i never imagined that that enemy would come from within. i was not as oppression as abraham lincoln who 23 years before the civil war said, if destruction be our law, we must ourselves be its author and its finisher. donald trump was the author and we the people for ourselves and our posterity should not let donald trump b. the finisher. thank you and i yield to the vice chair. thank you very much, mrs. maria. i want to thank our witnesses for joining us today. the members, the select committee may have additional questions for today's witnesses, and we ask that you respond expeditiously in writing to those questions. without
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objection, members will be permitted 10 business days to submit statements for the record, including opening remarks and additional questions from our witnesses. i'd now like to turn things to sharon thompson for a few closing words the members of the committee, and i appreciate and thank all persons who come forward voluntarily to provide information to help protect the democracy. and our work continues, as we've made clear throughout these hearings, i investigation is going forward. we continue to receive new information every day . we are pursuing many additional witnesses for testimony. we will reconvene in september to continue laying out our findings to the american people and pushing for accountability. in the 1st hearing of this series,
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acts american people to consider the facts and do it for themselves. the facts are clear and unambiguous at thank the american people for their attention over the past several weeks. i wish you all a pleasant evening and let me again thank our witnesses today. we've seen bravery and honor in these hearings, and miss matthews and mister passenger, both of you will be remembered for that. as will cassidy hutchinson. she sat here alone took fios and testified before millions of americans. she knew all along that she would be attacked by president trump, and by the 5060 and 70 year old men who hide themselves behind executive privilege . but like our witnesses to day, she has courage and she did it anyway. cassidy, sarah,
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and our other witnesses, including officer, caroline edwards, shay, moss, and her mother, ruby freeman, are an inspiration to american women and 2 american girls. we owe a debt to all of those who have and will appear here. and that brings me to another point. this committee has shown you the testimony of dozens of republican witnesses . those who served president trump loyally for years. the case against donald trump in these hearings is not made by witnesses who were his political enemies. it is instead a series of confessions by donald trump's own appointees, his own friends, his own campaign officials, people who worked for him for years and his own family. they have come forward and they have told the american people the truth. and for those of you who seem to
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think the evidence would be different, if republican leader mccarthy had not withdrawn his nominees from this committee, let me ask you this. do you really think bill bar is such a delicate flower that he would wilt under cross examination? patsy, bologna, eric hirschman, jeff rosen, richard donahue. of course they aren't. none of our witnesses are at one point in 2016 when he was 1st running for office. donald trump said this, i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody. and i wouldn't lose any voters that ho came to mind last week. when audio from trump advisor, steve bannon surfaced from october 31st 2020 just a few days before the presidential election. let's listen in what i do surgery ready for their victory? it was a need for one of the democrats,
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more of our people vote early that cow, their voting there is so. ringback going to have a natural disadvantage in from some take advantage of veterans affairs of water. so when you wake up wednesday morning it's going to be 1st. oh, it is losing by 10 or 11 o'clock at night is going to be even crazy. you know, could you just to write down to the soul advice when trump is ervish? pretty sure and of course, 4 days later, president trump declared victory when his own campaign advisers told him he had absolutely no basis to do so. what the new steve band and audio demonstrates is that donald trump's plan to falsely claim victory in 2020, no matter what the facts actually were, was premeditated. perhaps worse. donald trump believed he could convince his
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voters to buy it. whether he had any actual evidence of fraud or not. and this same thing continued to occur from election day onward until january 6. donald trump was confident that he could convince his supporters the election was stolen no matter how many lawsuits he lost. and he lost scores of them. he was told over and over again in immense detail that the election was not stolen. there was no evidence of widespread fraud. it didn't matter. donald trump was confident he could persuade his supporters to believe whatever he said, no matter how outlandish. and ultimately that they could be summoned to washington to help him remain president for another term. as we showed you last week, even president trump's legal team lead by rudy giuliani knew they had no actual evidence to demonstrate the election was stolen. again, it didn't matter. here's the worst part. donald trump knows that
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millions of americans who supported him would stand up and defend our nation. were it threatened, they would put their lives and their freedom at stake to protect her. and he is praying on their patriotism. he is praying on their sense of justice. and on january 6, donald trump turned their love of country into a weapon against our capital and our constitution. he is purposely created the false impression that america is threatened by a foreign force controlling voting machines, or that a wave of tens of millions of false ballads were secretly injected into our election system. or that ballot. workers have secret thumb drives and or stealing elections with them. all complete nonsense. we must remember that we cannot abandon the truth and remain a free nation. in late november of 2020,
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while president trump was still pursuing law suits, many of us were urging him to put any genuine evidence of fraud forward in the courts and to accept the outcome of those cases. as january 6th approached, i circulated a memo to my republican colleagues explaining why our congressional proceedings to count electoral votes could not be used to change the outcome of the election. but what i did not know at the time was that president trump's own advisors. also, republicans also conservatives, including his white house council, is justice department, his campaign officials. they were all telling him almost exactly the same thing. i was telling my colleagues, there was no evidence of fraud or irregularities sufficient to change the election outcome. our courts had ruled it was over. now we know that it didn't matter what
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any of us said, because donald trump wasn't looking for the right answer legally, or the right answer, factually. he was looking for a way to remain in office. let's put that aside for a moment and focus just on what we saw today. in our hearing tonight, you saw an american president faced with a star, an unmistakable choice between right and wrong. there was no ambiguity, no nuance. donald trump made a purposeful choice to violate his oath of office, to ignore the ongoing violence against law enforcement to threaten our constitutional order. there is no way to excuse that behavior. it was indefensible . and every american must consider this in a president who is willing to make the choices donald trump made during the violence of january 6th,
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ever be trusted with any position of authority in our great nation. again. in this room, in 1918, the committee on women's suffrage convened to discuss and debate whether women should be granted the right to vote. this room is full of history and we on this committee know we have a solemn obligation not to idly squander which so many americans have fought and died for ronald reagan's great ally, margaret thatcher said this. let it never be said that the dedication of those who love freedom is less than the determination of those who would destroy it. let me assure every one of you this. our committee understands the gravity of this moment, the consequences for our nation. we have much work yet to do,
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and we will see you all in september. i request those in the hearing room remain seated until the capitol police escort and witnesses and members from the room. without objection, can a stanza jack that was the select committee to investigate january 6th attacks on the u. s. capital. just over a 165 minutes to discuss a 187 crucial minutes has been under discussion now. in 7 different hearings that was the 8th ah, were gonna speak to she had returned, see, ah, who is live at capitol hill. but before that, let's have a quick up. some a began or with bernie benny thompson, the chair who gave us 3 key sentences. how to over a don't wanted to overturn an election. he summoned a mob and he recklessly blazed a path lest chaney then set out the case against donald trump. introduce to key
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witnesses, murphy, passenger, and sara matthews, one of former national security adviser, and the other one a trump aid. ah, and then there was several committee or investigations and interviews. ah, and then we heard from pat a triple oni, who introduced a couple of very strong statements and then cast the hutchinson who provided more detail on what had happened, particularly about the mob or wanting to attack v, p, vice president, vice president mike pence, and also that extraordinary video that part 2 then took us from post 88 minutes or of that $187.00. my just talks about more from this matthew passenger and sarah matthews. are they also looked at the inner circle or 3 key themes emerged trumps. tweets trumps. in a circle saying, are trying to get him to send the mob home and trumps language in his final video,
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asking them to go home. and his words that was subsequently used. she m will stood out for you several things i suppose. i think we need to, to, to go back in the, in the narrative that you just laid out. i mean, the idea that's the secret service ever we've heard before. we've already heard that there was some sort of altercation and some sort of an angry exchange between trump and the secret service about him wanting to join. a protest is on, on capitol hill. but we got more, more information about why the secret service was a concern. we heard from an national security official wanted to remain anonymous. and he was worried that trump, the head of this band of a protest is it really would start looking like a cool some sort of insurrection which was, which was quite striking. i think the fact that trump didn't call or attempt to go any one in the, in the, in the a 2 and a half hours. you spent watching everything on tv in the white house dining room of the defense department, homeland security, the police, the f
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b i. he just didn't do that a tool and then fax, the logs seem remarkably scrub clean as to who he did. cool, but there was information that he called rudy giuliani and he was calling senators who are supposed to be supposed to be certifying the election still trying to persuade them not to certify the election but complete lack of concern. as to the pictures he must have been seeing on fox news off the road on the way back to the main issue, the why with the so come from said, how could a man be watching this? the president of the united states be watching this man is given an oath of office for the peaceful transition of power and he seeing the obviously not the peaceful transition about he's thing is support his run run in the capital trying to prevent that transition about why didn't he stop that? and clearly that's what the committee are trying to suggest is that there's a direction of duty. but i tried to suggest some kind of intent, right, but no dots joining him to the actual ropes. but certainly if the constant theme
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was, you know, how on earth could he be doing is it's because he didn't, he didn't act when he failed to act because they were doing what he wanted them to do. ross is one of the most extraordinary things. i think of pseudo, amongst many extraordinary things, is the people that emerge as almost the voice of reason. yvonne control donald trump junior, particularly saying that this was going to be bad for the president. i'm not gonna use the exact words that donald trump june. he used but these were the voices of reason, the present donald trump wasn't listening to his inner circle people that he should have been missing too well, it was in dalton junior's case. clearly it was because he was worried about the sort of legacy he was saying, look, the last 4 years will just be remembered for this now to that's that, that was the main motivation for him. and it didn't seem that he was as concern as, as early as we didn't see the bit way was going. this can't be happening on capitol hill. yvonne could trump again. yes. she tried to get donald trump to use the,
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you know, to try and get the tweaks to demonstrate to stay peaceful. but then we heard that there was a discussion amongst trump's aids about or should we say use the word peaceful is acknowledging the violence. going to give the media when a narrative about trump support is now we're not going to do that in the entropy did an action also, you know, fox news hosts republican congressional leaders. you know, they were all saying you got to do something in the in the truck did tweet anna, and he said, look, you to respect law. enforce would remember what was so striking was we heard from his supporters, who were there say, well, he said we should respect law enforcement said nothing about respecting members of congress or the certification process. so that's why you know, that the argument was it didn't stop what was what was going on. and only them, the committees was arguing only when things were dying down only when the national guard had been pool. only when it was clear that if there was some kind of attempt crackpot attempts to try him to his attention to say that i wasn't willing to help them. i do have to,
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we are running out of time and i do want to go to bruce fine. who is our former u. s. associate deputy attorney general had a constitutional lawyer. he's worked on air, the impeachment of richard nixon and bill claims, and he joins us from washington, d. c, via skype. again, a tremendous amount of detail, even rich and nixon, a one point being, being mentioned, what stood out for you are watching the 2nd half what stood out was even the statement that a trump issued that were ambiguous. in the sense that on one hand, he says you should be peaceful, but we love you and your patriot is that way he never, ever considered doing was saying president biden won the election according to our processes. he's won, there'll be a peaceful transition. and unfortunately, you know, you have violated the law and our point is a special task force that the justice department you're going to be prosecuted and
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go to jail and don't think you're going to get pardons just what someone would be saying when they have an obligation to pay for the execute the laws and the violation brazil flagrant that everybody in the white house except for him could see the criminal al really that was going on. and it is, it seems to me, very important. at some point that the committee, forgetting the actual words of president trump, when he was told repeatedly, you have to do something, you got blood on your hand. this is really terrible. i remember in the nixon impeachment it was very important. john d testified about rate eating money to pay off the water, the burglars. then he would say that at nixon said, oh yeah, well, we could do it, but that would be wrong. and you know, that would be wrong. there was a famous phrase that was used woodward birds day in watergate because it adds a very personal dimension giving you insight into the state of mind the president.
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and that's why i think the committee is going to be darrell. it talks about dereliction of duty. if they do not insist on getting mr. pence is testimony and having mr. chip alone back and others and tell me you need to tell us. what did the president tell you? you have no privilege your duty as a government lawyer is to the constitution. this is not nazi germany or you take an oath to dare your you take a note up, hold the constitution of the united states. i remember when, when warranty at the justice department, when there was a lawsuit over presidential nixon's, president nixon takes, there was an argument initially well, who is going to be the united states who's nixon or the defendant that the justice bar represents the united states. mr. nixon can represent himself, which is what he did, he hired his own private attorneys. and that's that theory and understanding of how the system works has got to come back into play. because through candid what will needed in my judgement, if you want to say the smoking gun will be direct testimony from mr. pence,
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stating this is what the president was doing to me haranguing me. he used these curse words. he said, i don't care x, y, z, that will gravitate all eyes in the whole nation. that in my judgement could be sufficient to push this into a credit prosecution by the justice department. one last observation for we go on to perhaps other matters. you'll notice that the very end that vice chairman cheney mention that mr. trump could not be trusted to ever hold public office in the united states again. but what she didn't mention in my mind rather puzzling section 3 of the 14th amendment specifically, addresses an issue. it states that anyone who has taken an oath to support and defend the constitution, then later engages in insurrection against the united states, is disqualified forever for holding any public office, unless congress exculpate the individual by a 2 thirds vote on. and she didn't suggest unfortunately,
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why isn't there resolutions and congress that she could sponsor saying under section 3, we are disqualifying president trump from running in 2024 because he took an oath to support the constitution. and of all people who know that he sponsored an insurrection the one on capitol hill, who are the victims of his dereliction of duty. well, that's good. so she help returns it out. who is in capitol hill? she help? ah, if you will, if thing, if well, i think we can come to you, i think we can come to she have are bruce for he's just been talking about the fact that this has been a list that there was a dereliction of duty when it came to punch hipaa learn you almost. it wasn't a tough enough in interview with him that he hid behind executive privilege that really wasn't there. is us something that we think we're going to hear more about in the coming days? i think it runs rather rather please would simply shipment i bruce is of is it,
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you know, clearly a very tough crowd. that's where we have all. but i think actually though the committee has been crone about papillon, his testimony, up to up to showing us all these, all these snippets. they're very happy. they think they have made this case. but i mean, i just, the point is i didn't you were getting it was to when you have every on telling you look, this is unacceptable. you can't let this happen. it. yeah. that what they're trying to say is, look, this ma'am, the center of it all, just refused to act. and i think that's the picture. larry successfully, they successfully communicated. i'm only evolved when they showed this amazing out takes the following day. when everyone around with the white house was saying you've got to address sedation, he was resistant. even then he finally does address the nation and he refuses even them to use the words about the election being over. he says, oh, the electoral college was she? absolutely. i am certified, sadly she had were out of time that was the 8th,
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the 8th, a hearing, the 1st one began during 9th. this will probably go down in the history, how it goes down in history remains to be seen. but like i said, we are going to have more about this in the coming days. it's something that has captured at the american imagination. but that's it. from me. american robertson's back. in a moment when more of the day's news. ah, in cambodia, thousands of following slate forced to carry up fraud it to us investigation, one in one east. expose his those behind the side. the scans built on slavery on al jazeera ah al jazeera ah,
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with all there's only 4 months to go to the world cup and the clock is ticking as teams and fans prepare the cat. so a 2022, we'll have updates from different regions across the globe. this month, the focus is on africa and cynical mount a challenge for the tropi to winning the african help of nations. will be cameroon . gonna to nicea o moral cope, it's the alicia. join us for the world. go count down on al jazeera ah airborne vehicles harvesting every pick. you take every click, you make pulling everything to all the waves. most of this a good time to watch the watch. we believe that the deep sleep is the 1st civilian to stratosphere in. we are created. we are
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acting. rebel. great, continue to view weakness the oceans. witness. planes. witness difference is witness. change. witnesses, happiness, witness. lod. witness. sunlight, witness the flood. witness. last witness. charity witness. confusion. which is clarity, witnessed family, i'm witness friends, witness the beginning, witness the end witness, life witness. on al jazeera i she looked directly at me and in a hushed tone, shared with me that the president did not want to include any sort of mention of peace and that we former aides say president.


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