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whitney the end witnessed life with miss when outs, lira and egyptian dr. training and britain in the 1980s, shocked by famine and injustice worldwide, and driven to set up a charity to help those in need. that was his dream to create an organization that would serve anyone in serving people of all religions and ordeal for free across the world. nearly food decades later out there well meets the co founder and one of the biggest islamic agencies in the world. hannon banana the giving business on al jazeera. ah, she looked directly at me and in a hushed tone, shared with me that the president did not want to include any sort of mention of p, send that tweet. former aid, say president trump watched capitol hill riot. i was on
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t v and had to be persuaded to ask them to leave peacefully. ah, i'm roberson, this is audra 0 live from doha. also coming up, security forces dismantled, shall anchor's main protest comp hours off to run over trauma. singer is sworn in these presidents. president joe biden test positive for coven 19. the white house says he's experiencing mild symptoms. not election triggered, and natalie parliament's dissolved off to the prime minister resilience ah. the u. s. host select committees, had how former president donald trump sat and watched the january 6th wyatt's unfolding on capital hill for 2 and a half hours before taking action to farmer. white house staffers have given
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evidence, said matthews told the panel a tweet sent out by donald trump. as a supporter storm the capital helped to fuel the giant 6 wyatt, former deputy national security adviser for donald trump. matthew passenger said he quit his job in response to another trunk, tweet one that accused the former vice president mike pence of not having the courage to overturn the 2020 presidential election result. i was disturbed and worried to see that the president was attacking vice president pants for doing his constitutional duty. so the tweet looked to me like the opposite of what, what we really needed that moment, which was a di escalation. and that's why, like i, it said earlier that it looked like fuel beam port on the fire. so that was the moment that i decided that i was going to resign. that, that would be my last day at the white house. i simply didn't want to be associated with the, with the events that were unfolding on the capital were hearing heard that trump
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had to be convinced by numerous other people to publicly call for his support as to calm down, including his press, office and members of his family. miss matthews was maggie and he told us she came right back to the press office after meeting with the president about this particular tweet. what did she tell you about what happened in that dining room? when she got back, she told me that a tweet had been sent out, and i told her that i thought the to eat did not go far enough. i thought there needed to be a call to action and he needed to condemn the violence. and we are in a room full of people, but people weren't paying attention. and so she looked directly at me and in a hushed tone, shared with me that the president did not want to include any sort of mention of piece and that tweet. and that it took some convincing on their part, those who were in the room. and she said that there was a back and forth, i'm going over different phrases to find something that he was comfortable with.
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and it wasn't until a vanka trump suggested the phrase stay peaceful that he finally agreed to include it. well, has been concerning the hearings of not reaching a wide audience in the u. s. a shall baton suit reports from capitol hill. this is about talking to the american people about donald trump's fitness told office in the future. is that having a big effect? it doesn't seem to be the polls. so suggest donald trump is the front rather to be the republican party against joe biden. the next presidential election, and when you see the mat drops even after all the series, not this one, yet the, the trumping bite and pretty much neck and neck varies. and the level of the level error in any, and any kind of polling. and in fact, when you look at the poles as to what people are actually concerned about if the economy it's inflation, it's joe biden to see a lack of lack of presidential activity. frankly, the main demographic we're interested in in these hearings is the white college educated constituency who used to actually remain the republican. but now switch to
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the, the democrats for everyone else. the majority of it is, it is about the economy. they owned us concerned about this. this just seems to be some have something according to the pose that is out there. and yes, of course, it may be wondering, but the economy will be the major, major issue. and we've seen the ratings. the ratings fall precipitously from the 1st, the 1st committee hearing where they got about 2xw2xw viewers in the 1st week. but that was also the prime time thing. then the committees went into, into the daytime hearings. they switched about 10 to 11000000 and they went to about 13000000 and for comparison. but like the news on the networks gets a combined of about 20000000. but real political events like a presidential debates, they get 75000000 or something like that. and of course, we have an electorate of about 270000000. so how, you know, who is this, who's actually talking to that's, that's really unclear. and i think there is a suspicion that the committee is preaching to the converted. and it's
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a little faster perhaps getting older bruce finds a former us associate deputy attorney general and a constitutional lawyer. he says former vice president mike pence needs to be called before the committee to explain donald trump directions on january 6. even the statements that trump issued that were ambiguous, in the sense that on one hand, he says you should be peaceful, but we love you. and your patriot is that way he never, ever considered doing was saying president biden won the election according to our processes. he's won, there'll be a peaceful transition, and unfortunately, you know, you have violated the law and our point is special task force that the justice department you're going to be prosecuted and go to jail and don't think you're going to yet pardons just what someone would be saying when they have an obligation to faithfully execute the laws you want and the violation for so flagrant that everybody in the white house except for him could see the criminal al really that
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was going on. and it is, it seems to me, very important at some point that the committee, forgetting the actual words of president trump, when he was told repeatedly, you have to do something, you got blood on your hand. this is really terrible. i remember in the nixon impeachment it was very important when john d testified about re getting money to pay off the water in the burglar. then he would say the next. oh yeah, well, we could do it, but that would be wrong. and you know, that would be wrong. there was a payment free that would use woodward burge the in watergate because it add a very personal dimension giving you insight into the state of mind the president. and that's why i think the committee is going to be darrell. it talks about dereliction of duty. if they do not insist on getting mister pens, his testimony and having mister chip alone back in others and tell me you need to
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tell us. what did the president tell you? you have no privilege your duty as a government lawyers to the constitution. this is not nazi germany or you take an oath to dare pure you take no st. up all the constitution of the united states. what will needed in my judgment, if you want to say the smoking gun will be direct testimony from mister pen, stating this is what the president was doing to me harassing me. he use these curse words. he said, i don't care x y z. that will gravitate all eyes in the whole nation. that in my judgement could be sufficient to push this into a credit prosecutor by the justice department. you as president jo biden's tested positive for covered line teen biden's has a symptoms are mild. it's the 1st time the 79 year old is tested, positive for the virus, vice president come on. horace has been identified as a close contact. our white house correspondent, kimberly halted as for wednesday was the last time the u. s. president joe biden
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was seen publicly returning to the white house from an event in massachusetts. he appeared in good health, put out every way, but on thursday the white house confirmed biden had contracted coven. 19 president biden is currently experiencing mild symptoms, mostly a runny nose and fatigue, with an occasional dry cough. a folks guess who heard biden's positive case was discovered during routine white house covey tastic was detected, his travel schedule was halted, and he was put in isolation. still biden released a photo of him working at his desk in the white house residence and also a video to reassure the american public. i'm doing well. yeah, a lot of work done to get it done. and in the meantime, thanks for concern. keep the faith dubuque biden is double vaccine, twice boosted most recently on march 30th. so despite his advanced age of 79
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years, biden is experiencing only mild symptoms. his risk of serious illness is dramatically lower. he's also getting treated with a very powerful antiviral. and that further reduces his risk of serious else that antiviral is packs low bit and well, it's not clear which strain of covered the president has contracted. thousands of americans have been hit by an uptick. the arm across a very it be a 5 responsible for a wave of recent covered cases in the united states packs low bid if taken early is one of the top treatments. oh, those closest to the president are so far testing negative dr. jill biden. the 1st lady reassured americans, she was in good health and had no intention of halting her public schedule.
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vice president comma harris has also tested negative binding isn't the 1st u. s. president to contract co bid in october of 2020 donald trump also got the disease eventually requiring 3 nights of hospital care. for now, the white house staff has been reduced to essential employees only. well the president recovers by given his mild case. there are no plans to transfer his executive powers to his vice president kimberly held can al jazeera, the white house for lack of security forces of rated the main anti government protest. compton, colombo, dismantling tense and barricades. just hours after ronald victrum, a singer was sworn in as president protesters who being come to the presidential secretariat since they stormed the facility earlier this month, active as had planned to vacated the area about friday afternoon. or come
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a singer had warned, he would crock! down on the protest that toppled his predecessor whilst at vaskins in columbus. she's joining us not alive at the step. so if i understand correctly, the protesters were going to leave on friday. but in the preceding hours, the prime minister decided to send in the forces anyway. yes, absolutely. that's what happened to present an elite common saying a has used his emergency powers to rate this protest side. it's been the scene of a large protest over the last 1012 days when it was occupied by a large mass of people coming from overseas lanka. they've been rallying here. they've been holding speeches here, but they came in with a large military and police force at 2 a. m, even if you, as you say, while the professors had already announced they want to clear this site today at 2 pm in the afternoon. it's clear that the president is showing his muscles, his, his power, so to speak, to use the military and police right now to what he thinks is gonna be a restoring
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a law and order. he has already warned that he would deal harshly with what he called trouble makers, that one to topple the government a dozen the people got injured and around 8, as far as we know, have been arrested, including also a lawyer and several journalists got injured as, while they were beaten and there was a lot of for fighting going on. there was a real serious well aggressive attack happening on this brought aside, the police has now completely caught and off the area, there's a large barricade. the old defense that was standing here behind have been cleared out, but there's only one proto site right at the end of this. and that's where protests are now sort of locked in by all these security forces. there's a lot of speculation about who's going to be making up for new government in particular, the cabinet, if we get any more information about who's going to be part of that.
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but we're still waiting for it. we're still waiting for the announcement at the was supposed to happen like around half an hour ago. i know we come a single had announced that you wanted to build this national government, a unity government to a deal with the very serious economic situation that the country is in. but what i've been hearing now in the last last hour or so is that maybe it is not going to be this national government. there wasn't a meeting yesterday, but also the opposition leader did. they were offered also to take part in this government. but at this moment, it's still not clear where this is going, so we're still waiting to see if this is gonna succeed. this unity, government or not stop. thank you very much indeed. to have awesome talking to us from colombo, stella had an auto 0. we're going to tell you about the diplomatic deal that could help ease our global food crisis and disturbing numbers as europe's wildflowers rage on experts say more than a 1000000 hectares of land to go up in flames this year.
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ah, richard, he has begun the faithful world copies on its way to the castle group your travel package today. hello there. we'll have a look at africa in a moment. the 1st to the middle east. it's hot and it's dry and it's relatively settled to be in the northern areas down in the south going to smudge of unsettled weather, working its way west, but temperatures remain well above the average for western areas of iraq and kuwait . we could see 50 degrees reached in the next few days, a few showers in coastal areas of yemen, as well as saudi arabia. as we move to north africa, refuse showers, coming into the likes of morocco, is what is my retainer and the western sahara. but the heavy rain can be found once again in senegal, coastal areas, he has seen some very heavy down pools and is more rain on the way for the likes of
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nigeria where we have already seen flooding. and when we move further south of this, it is a much try a picture. lots of cloud lingering around central areas. pushing further east shall, was coming into townsend. he is stretching down into most and be much dry of life and new namibia and western areas of south africa. but as you can see, the rain starts to creep into southern areas. by the time we get into saturday, cool of a cape town and your hand is book and we'll see scattered showers, sweeping the city. by the time we get into saturday, that weather update. i saw air with issue airline of the journey. new boise heating up the airway. lot of can you listen to actually with kimberly here, but i really think in your own country shifting palate, a case, the rise of citizen journalism has changed everything. how do you happen? it happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative australians went to the pole with those images front of mine is
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a war that is very much going forward out in the media as well as on the battlefield that they're listening page. dissect the media on al jazeera ah ah ah, watching all the 0 reminder of our top stories, this are the u. s. house committee investigating the january 6th attack on capitol hill by donald trump. supporters as hard evidence suggesting he did little to stop it. the former president's been accused of inaction as the riot unfolded. us, president joe biden has tested positive for coven 19 biden says his symptoms are mild. it's the 1st time the 79 year old as tested positive for the virus, vice president, capital harris has been identified as
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a close contact. security forces of rated the main anti government protest camp and colombo, dismantling tense and barricades. protest as a boot camp, tad's shank, his presidential secretary at since they stormed the vicinity alley of this month, italy is going to hold a snap general election on the 25th of september after the government collapse. and prime minister mario target reside adam rainy reports from rome. italy's president sandra montela announcing a 70 day timeline for early elections. clearly a decision he did not want to take, nor shirley went on to ship out of that parliament or the early his own of parliament is always a last resort. particularly if the government, as it is the case in this period, he, although the parliament has many important tasks to complain, more in the interests of our countrymen. but the developments in the political situation have led to this decision. his announcement came hours after mario
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draggy stepped down on thursday. the prime minister made his last statement in parliament before tendering his resignation. jerbill thank. busy inquiry, mchugh, children, ivan central bankers, hearts are touched some times. thank you for this, and thanks for all the work we're done together during this time. draggy lead a government for less than 18 months. many leaders across europe, som as a steady hand to pull italy and maybe even the whole continent out of the pandemic . he helped steer billions of dollars of recovery funds to italy, the largest recipient in the years own, and was a leading voice and europe support of ukraine against russia. but in the end, this central banker couldn't wrangle the diverse group of parties in his coalition . each with its own priorities, he couldn't tame the populace because populace fivestar movement splintered. and that's why we couldn't jane. the other populace the leg from the, from the right wing and because they're living. so there's
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a great payoff right now underway while i'm are lamenting the government's collapse . one party is thrilled the far right wing brothers have italy currently leading in the polls looks likely to win more seats than any other skeptical of brussels and policies. it's not clear, it will be able to manage relationships with other e. u. leaders as well as dragging in some worry could even put further e recovery fund, pay out at risk adarine algebra, rome turkey, i says russia and ukraine will assign a deal on friday that will reopen ukrainian post. the black sea grain shipments from ukraine came to a halt at the start of the war 5 months ago. now, food prices have risen dramatically across the world. united nations secretary general antonio good sellers has traveled to turkey to oversee the agreement. the wildfires across europe in recent weeks have been an alarming reminder of the impact of climate change. now the scale of destruction is becoming clear,
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but you satellite monitoring service says fires have already raised more land this year than in the whole of 2021. that's 517000 heck tears so far. it's feared the record of $1000000.00 hectares lost to wildfires in 2017 will be broken by the end of this year that we fires in france, portugal, greece, italy, slovenia, and albania. but more than a 3rd of the devastation has been in spain. odyssey to zane bessler ivy is in one of the worst hairy areas in spain's avila province. according to at least one european environmental organisation, these are the worst wildfires this continent has seen in a century spain easily the worst effected country and where we are now. and sir, bred us in vila province this morning, took the unfortunate mantle of being the worst effected part of the country so far this wildfire season. and you can see why when you come into this area,
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we've driven through valleys and hills all completely charged by the wildfires that have been had that has been ongoing for days and that are still going forward. now the police are much more strict in this mountainous area. it is easy to get lost in the mountains and caught up in the ongoing fires. so there are road blocks everywhere and they won't let us near any of the fires. but you can hear water bombing helicopters go overhead, you can see them heading in directions of the fires and there is a thick smoke hanging over all of the countryside. i'm going to show you exactly what a fire here leaves behind. all we see is charred black land and burned trees, but where the fire was stopped in its tracks. you can see a stark contrast from the black and burn trees to the green foliage. really indicating how harsh these fires were and how quickly they came up. luckily they were stopped, that would, no doubt have come as a relief to the people that live in these valleys. and just to give you a sense of how close a call this was for the people living here, the fire just stopped short of buildings down their homes and farms where people
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live and work very close to where these fires were in logistical terms for the firefighters this is exactly what a close call looks like because of your pan, just a little further. a veritable stones throw away from the fires is the town of subarus, just moments really the fires that were here would have been moments from engulfing this town. and no doubt the work of the fire rescue teams at the time was dramatic and desperate to try to save the town. the headquarters for the regions firefighters is based there in subarus. we've been down there and we've been told that they are still continuing to fight ongoing fires all across this area. the roads continue to be blocked and people there continue to be on high alert. emergency crews and graces capital are on alert for the sight of more blazes and surrounding forests, dry conditions and high temperatures. their persist tosses or body reports, muffins. one of the last remaining forrest overlooking the greek capital cassidy.
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annie towers, hundreds of meters above athens and his home to about 3000000 trees and preventing them from going up in flames is the number one priority for firefighters. that's why the area is patrol 24 hours a day during the wild fire season. gania, ram on do is one of those keeping watch here. she's a seasonal firefighter. during the rest of the year, she teaches high school with each passing year. her summer job is proving more of a challenge. this here is more difficult than last year because of her send her a tour sand hair when it's difficult to stop the fire from now to my prevention is so important and it's all hands on deck here. very well. i'm having a w, a scheduler route here for pick nunez if forest with my archives, i don't hear what we are watching out on the other mountains. but lily by martha
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wicker and she sons moved somewhere and we have been form our center, her communication for the for the other. gosh, i don't the other mothers. and we are in all the time where somebody the government has already spent more than $100000000.00 on prevention strategies along with training volunteers. there are $600.00 up to now in athens alone. mobile clearing and maintenance of forest is another way to prevent blazes, but it's not just up to fire crews to keep the flames a bay. one veteran firefighter says residents should be helping when the territories high and the humidity's low. that helps fire to grow up and to move very fast. and people learn the symptoms. half of the stem that they're in such a days when conditions and the temperature is very high. as i said,
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human get very low. they can stand products, they can not stopped, for example, a barbecue, no a or they can not make a walks with them. and it was stalls that that can cause a fire with the current threat level. at its 2nd highest tier, people are prohibited from venturing into forests. a warning these firefighters are hoping residents, he'd this is the largest and oldest fire station in athens, home to a 120 permanent crew members and 60 volunteers. they're all well aware of the risks they take fighting to while fires are greater every year. but they're determined to keep the flames as far away from the capital for as long as possible door. so jabari al jazeera athens syrian state media has at least 3 soldiers have been killed and 7 others injured. the claims israel launched airstrikes targeting
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miniature positions around its capital, damascus. the t. v station also said the missiles were fired from israeli occupied golan heights, and that city and air defenses intercepted some of them. iraq is declared a day of morning for 8 people killed in a rocket strike in the semi autonomous kurdish region on wednesday. it's blaming tucking for the attack mcmahon. abdulla had reports from baghdad, funerals for the victims of when is days artillery attack in the semi autonomous kurdish region. women and children are among the victims when a multiple rocket hit a tourist resulting zango. the foreign minister has described the assault as a tragedy. politely went to letty. the information that we received is that there was a bombing of this safe juris site artillery, and this comp beautiful tourist village was hit. iraq's as turkish forces are responsible and has some of the it's georgie, to fit an uncle out for consultation. it has also halted procedures to appoint
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a new ambassador, angry protest her as her trying to storm the turkish consulate in bagdad. as well as visa offices in karbala and basra. nobody been hooking it up myself. a recall on the government to close the turkish embassy to spend all time with turkey. a rock must have the right to take legal and military action on bobby turkeys. foreign ministry has denied responsibility, suggesting the attack was an act of terrorism. the government has opened an investigation into the incident, but these protested as one turkey to switch its military operations away from iraq . turkish forces regularly carry out airstrikes in the region. targeting members of the kurdistan workers party or p k k, which it classifies as a target group anchor. i says it's willing to cooperate with baghdad through
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children. as soon as the news broke, we laced with of elephant institutions and shared information according to information we received from the turkish armed forces. we did not carry out any attack against civilians. we believe the p k. k, terrorist organization is responsible for the india is only a few kilometers from the turkish border. it has been declared military soon since the attack ah, euro quantity approached the end security council saying it's a violation of it's a sovereignty and threat to national security. turn key is waiting for the investigation to conclude. and victims. families are waiting for justice mod abdougla had edges era above that that he 7 people including a 12 year old boy have been killed in violence and libya's capital tripoli. a state of emergency has been declared flights, have been suspended of the airports of whittaker,
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and miss latter is not yet known why the fighting began at least 18 people have died after police rated one of the largest low income communities in rio de janeiro . o. please say 16 members of organized crime groups have been killed. a police officer and a 50 year old woman are also among the dead police. were targeting a group involving bank robberies and vehicle theft. brazil's former leftist president lewis in nashville, lily the silva has been officially nominated by his workers party to run an october's presidential election as as the stage for the country's most polarized vote and decades pulls of lula 15 points, a head of current president geral sonata ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories, the u. s. house can.


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