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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 22, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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ah ah safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat now for your hero? ah, this is al jazeera. ah. hello there, i'm miss darcy. hey, this is the news i live from our headquarters here in durham,
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coming up in the next 60 minutes. security forces and sri lanka had descended on an anti government protest camp in the capital for him to tweet out the message about mike pence. it was him foreign gasoline on the fire and making it much worse. the u . s. congressional committee here is from donald trump's, former aides. you say the president refused to call off the mob that stormed capitol hill, hope's a high for a deal that would restart green exports. and the ukranian port of odessa in beirut, intense heat sets of fires at the sight of the 2020 explosion that devastated the city. and in thought, american no eliles retains as 200 meters well title with the 3rd fastest time in history. ah, well we begin in sri lanka, where security voices have raided the main anti government protest camp and colombo,
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just hours after ronald become a singer, was sworn in as president protest to say they had planned to vacate that area by friday afternoon. the big room singer has threatened to crack down on what he calls the undemocratic demonstrators who toppled his predecessor shortly after that protest site was cleared danish, gwyn, or what donnie was sworn in as sri lanka, new prime minister. and he is an ally of former president got to buy a roger boxer. the rest of the cabinet is expected to be sworn in laser on friday. well, let's bring in step batson. she is in colombo and she joins us now at step. can you tell us a little more? what do we know about this new prime minister? ah, well, the prime minister is a very close ally off the precedent, omni low, become a senior. he went to school with him. so there been a close friends for a very long time. he was also in the ruling coalition for these past few years, he's gone is seen as also someone who's been supporting the right or fox or so.
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it's definitely not to change that protests. us have been asking for demanding for months because of this very crippling economic crisis, sri lanka is dealing with a blamed hatchet boxer family for putting them into all this misery. and now with the new prime minister, they don't see any change, especially not with the new president, daniel become a single, was appointed by a go to buy it back to as his prime minister just a couple of months ago. say they don't see any change. they have been very upset, very angry about these apartments and what we've seen and heard about the new cabinet. it's completely the same. the only change is the prime minister, but all the ministers are still the same faces. nothing you become a singer had promised to bring in like a national unity government to solve the problems to gather. but at that hasn't materialized, at least not until now and step now that their protest camp has been strong. do we have a sense of what the protesters are planning next?
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well, they're very angry. i since this morning of garza at 2 am in the middle of the night larch, matilda military and police presence came here to decide it was. they were basically rating with violence. the last proto site that these protests were still holding. it was their presidential secretariat. they were there for the last 12 days. they were rallying did a health speech is all very peaceful, but and this forest came in, protest were beaten lawyers were beaten journalists for beads, and people have been detained as well. and since this morning we've seen this crowd here gathering. now it's a small crowd, but they have continuously been shouting at police saying that they should allow so protest us to gather this. also international outcry about is sir tracked down from the united states ambassador, the high commission out of from written amnesty international. they all call on the government to allow peaceful protesters to gather. of course, the, one of the things that 3 lanka really needs at the moment is political stability.
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and they want a bailout package from the i am after basically forced to do this because of their bankruptcy. but many are questioning how this violence here will go down internationally and how this will will lead to possibly political stability. so there's a lot of concern about the weeks and months to come, steadfast and therefore us in colombo, thanks so much step. well, the u. s. how select committee has heard how form the president donald trump sat and watched the january 6th riots unfolding on capitol hill for 2 and a half hours before taking action to form a white house staff as have given evidence, suggesting that trans initially dismissed calls to try to deescalate the situation, she had returned the reports. the committee's focus was the 187 minutes between donald trump finishing his white house speech to the followers he summoned on january the 6th. out of the ventral video message cooling on the writers to go home
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after they reached a capital and more evidence is presented, the trump wanted to join the protest. and let me go into a heated argument with secret service agents who refused to take him. but now we got a suggestion about why they refused for security official who chose to remain anonymous . i don't know if you want to use the word insurrection, qu whatever. we all knew that this would move from a normal democratic public event into something else. having been rebuffed, trump retired to the white house dining room where he remained for over 2 and a half hours. the cool logs are blank for that time and the official white house photographer was prevented from entry. but fox news was displaying the unfolding chaos. a few kilometers away, witnesses, se trump made no effort to intervene during that time, but was well aware of what was unfolding. are you aware of any phone call by the president of the united states to the secretary of defense that day? where are you aware of any phone call by the president united states to the attorney general of the united states that day?
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no, you have any phone call by the president of the united states, the secretary of homeland security that day. i'm not aware of that. those in the white house growing more alarmed, desperate to get the president to do something. so with trump, children, his closest allies, the republican leadership in congress, even fox news hosts, but to no avail. on capitol hill, members of the vice president security detail say they were terrified members of the b p detail at this time, we're starting to peer for their own lives. but instead from twitch is an attack against like pants that inflamed the crowd further, it looked like fuel being poured on the fire. donald trump's daughter, vanka, managed to get her father to agree to cool and support his quotes to stay peaceful, but only after protracted negotiations. me that the president did not want to include any sort of mention of peace in that tweet by the pending committee. argue that only when it was clear that any attempt to stop the votes, edification would fail, and the national guard was on its way, did donald trump speak?
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but even then, he refused to use the prepared statement. it was a land slide election and everyone knows it, especially the other side. but you have to go home now. we have to have peace. sure, i can't see it for the next day of the address. the nation probably still would not conceive, but this election is now all congress has certified the results. i don't want to say the elections. i just want to say congress has certified the results without saying the elections over. okay. the committees argument is that trump broke the oath of office by not acting on january the 6th, but it just failed to act. he chose not to act. i'm the committee will hold more hearings in september to make the argument that trump isn't fit to ever hold office again. she advertise the al jazeera washington bruce fine as a former us associate deputy attorney general and also a constitutional lawyer. he says form of vice president mike pence needs to appear before that committee to explain donald trump's directions on january 6. even the
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statements that trump issued that were ambiguous, in the sense that on one hand, he says you should be peaceful, but we love you and your patriot is that way he never ever consider doing was saying president biden won the election according to our processes. never, he's won, there'll be a peaceful transition. and unfortunately, you know, you have violated the law and our appointed special task force that the justice department you're going to be prosecuted and go to jail and don't think you're going to get pardons just what someone would be saying when they have an obligation to faithfully execute the laws you want and the violation for so flagrant that everybody in the white house except for him could see the criminal al with that was going on. and it is, it seems to me a very important at some point that the committee forgetting the actual words of president trump, when he was told repeatedly, you have to do something,
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you got blood on your hand. this is really terrible. i remember in the nixon impeachment it was very important when john d testified about raise money to pay off the water in the burglar. then he would say the nixon that, oh yeah, well, we could do it, but that would be wrong. and you know, that would be wrong. there was a famous free that would use woodward burge the in, in watergate because it did add a very personal dimension, giving you insight into the state of mind the president. and that's why i think the committee is going to be darrell. it talks about dereliction of duty. if they do not insist on getting mister pens, his testimony and having mister chip alone back in others and tell me you need to tell us. what did the president tell you? you have no privilege your duty as a government lawyers to the constitution. this is not, not to germany or you take an oath to dare pure you take no st up all the constitution of the united states. what will needed in my judgment,
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if you want to say the smoking gun will be direct testimony from mister pen, stating this is what the president was doing to me harassing me. he use these curse words. he said, i don't care x y z. that will gravitate all eyes in the whole nation, that in my judgement could be sufficient to push this into credit accused by the justice department. or meanwhile, u. s. president biden is experiencing mild symptoms after testing. positive for cove at 19. it's the 1st time that the 79 year old has had the coin, a virus vice president, comedy harris has also been identified as a close contact. our white house correspondent, kimberly hallett reports. wednesday was the last time the u. s. president joe biden was seen publicly returning to the white house from an event in massachusetts. he appeared in good health, put out in every way, but on thursday the white house confirmed biden had contracted coven. 19 president
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biden is currently experiencing mild symptoms, mostly a running nose and fatigue. with an occasional dry cough and folks, nurses, herds, biden's positive case was discovered during routine white house covey tastic was detected, his travel schedule was halted, and he was put in isolation. still bite him, released a photo of him working at his desk in the white house residence and also a video to reassure the american public. i'm doing well, a lot of work done to get it done. and the meantime don't concern. keep the free book by didn't is double vaccine twice, boost it most recently on march 30th. so despite his advanced age of 79 years, biden is experiencing only mild symptoms. his risk of serious illness is dramatically lower. he's also getting treated with
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a very powerful antiviral. and that further reduces his risk of serious on that anti viral is packs low bit and well, it's not clear which strain of cobra the president has contracted. thousands of americans have been hit by an uptick. the arm across a very it be a 5 responsible for a wave of recent covered cases in the united states packs low bid if taken early is one of the top treatments. oh, those closest to the president are so far testing negative. dr. joe biden. the 1st lady reassured americans, she was in good health and had no intention of halting her public schedule. vice president comalla harris has also tested negative binding isn't the 1st u. s. president to contract co bid in october of 2020. donald trump also got the
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disease eventually requiring 3 nights of hospital care. for now, the white house staff has been reduced to essential employees only. well the president recovers, but given his mild case, there are no plans to transfer his executive powers to his vice president. kimberly hell can al jazeera the white house. well, there's still plenty more ahead for you this news hour and to day. ah, anger roberts and a brazilian sevilla off to another police raid leaves 18 people dead. desperate for help, thousands flee their homes during tribal unrest and sued on now aid group. say they can't reach them. and in sport, we have an exclusive interview with african footballer of the year santa monica. ah,
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now turkey says russia and ukraine are expected to sign a d later on friday that will we open black see ports green shipments of in stock in ukraine since the war began back in february. and that's led to a rise in global food prices out there. understands at this deal cause for a joint control center to be set up in istanbul, which will shed your shipments. ukrainian vessels will guide the grain ships through mind waters in and out of port. russia agrees not to attack any of the shipments as they move. and turkey with support from the united nations will inspect the ships to lay any russian fears of weapons smuggling. the agreement will last 4 months and be renewed automatically will let spring and send him cassie ali . she is across this forest in istanbul. and i'm can you talk us through a little more about what we know about the steel wellness? i say we are expecting the deal to take place within 4 and a half hours. 4 30 pm,
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a stumble local time. a delegation from ukraine and russia will be attending this signature ceremony and turkish president, judge, update bardon, will be a with united nations secretary general antonio gutierrez to sign this ceremony. this is what we expect for this afternoon. as you have also mentioned, there are 4 important items in this agreement, which is the 1st establishing, the joint control and coordination center, and is stumble to check it to, to audit the safety of this exports or trade mechanism from ukraine to world markets. another. another detail is the inspections of the ship. as russia is concerned, that wars might be brought through these ships to ukraine and ukraine is concerned about the safety of its wanes delivery to the world markets. also, the inspection is very important. and in terms of the safe massage as a,
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as we all know, 3 ukraine had 3 ports or trade, and 2 of them are already under russian control. know the support is on the refraining from florida and the shores of all the support are already mine. we've been hearing that the, the shoes of odessa a port will not be d mind as if it will require a lot of time to complete that the mining operation. that's why there will be some a say for saw just for the vessels afraid and agreeing of the grades and fertilizers, and to the turkish court. of course, the seal is important in another way, as you know, alone with ukraine. russia is also one of the world's biggest grains supplier, its grades even though they are not under sanctions, can not switch to the world markets because of the other factors that are
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sanctioned, like the banking system, the system that's my cell will pay the way for the russian for them for why the market as important as it will be a very success for every united nations landmark success actually, especially after the ukrainian war broke out at the beginning of this year. and this will be a very big success story when it's completed for the un secretary general. tony, i've been a warning world about the coming. he has been warning the world of multiple fan and it can be in many places around the world in 2022 and in 2023. the condition living full nations, especially in terms of food, will be worse in the coming year course within the as you play more iraq, that the full price to sorta le, close the world. and through these millions of grains reaching to the world. my
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kids, the foot prices are also expect to come down on the other hand for turkey with the agreements today. and it is also a success, as it has said, that the feel on the leadership of the night under the leadership of the united nation as turkish president is one of the unique leaders who can both speak, ukrainian, or russian presence at the very same time. keeping a sound from the conflict so far, look at the potential impact will be a little later this news hours was him only in assemble. thanks so much. now moving on and fire crews and lebanon's capital are wanting that the remaining grain silo is that the bay route forwards are at risk of collapsing, rising temperatures, and the feminine taishan of the grain. there has spunk fires. at the storage facilities last month, the silos were badly damaged and the explosion that they report in 2020,
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that killed more than 200 people, was in a hotter, joins us now live from the capital bay route anna, can you talk us through just how serious these fires have been well, the silos behind me at baby port experts as well as fire fighters. tell us that the yes indeed they risk collapse. it's hard to say when it could be in the next few hours, days, or, or even weeks. but the bottom line is this, the wheat, the corn that is stabilizing the, the structure, thousands of tons of we've been corn, they are slowly burning. and if they continue to burn, or if you remove them than the structure collapses, if i just get out of the way you can see the smoke rising in recent weeks. there has been really a series of, of fires. the last one was the ignited last night. fire fighters are telling
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us that the army created a cordon around the structure, not allowing them to get close because of the risk of, of, of, of it collapsing. and they don't have the equipment in order to reach the source of the fire. so if this continues to burn, then the what really holds the silos up to keep it standing will continue to burn and there's 9 meters under ground. filled with grain filled with corn, which is turning into oil. so really, this silos has a lot of symbolic meaning for it, for the people of the city and of this country in particular for the victims of the families of the victims of, of this devastating blast which really killed more than 200 people and devastated neighborhoods they see this as a witness, a witness to a crime that still has not had it has not been solved. so it will not be easy to
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save the structure from collapsing. a french study experts are, are talking about the structure starting to tilt, and i'm not sure if you can actually see the crack in the middle of the structure. but for many, this structure saved the western part of the city. it absorbed a lot of the blasts and zanna just looking at some of the debris there around the port. still this is obviously what is it been this close to the 2nd anniversary now of the port exclusion? what's the latest on the investigation? yes, august 4 will be the 2nd year anniversary. since that explosion, there has been no justice. there has been no accountability and there have been no answers. and this is why so many people are frustrated for them. this was a man made disaster tons and tons of ammonium nitrate was stored on safely in one
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of the course warehouse with flay, mobile materials. there was a fire that eventually led to the blast, but it is still not known what caused the fire. it is still not known who owned the ammonium nitrate, which was stored at the ports with some investigation, suggesting that when they were 1st offloaded from the ship, at least 2000 tons were taken away. and 700 tons remains in that warehouse. so. so many questions on answered the judge, which has been investigating the case has been facing a lot of pressure from the political establishment. the security establishment, as well as the judicial establishment which has been really politicized. in this case, legal losses have been filed against him. he hasn't been able to issue indictments . the investigation has been suspended for 6 months. and 2 officials who had wanted to question and he had subsequently issued the arrest warrants were re elected to parliament in may. so people have really lost faith in the domestic investigation.
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they've been calling for an international investigation, but that has not happened. then what are there for us in the lebanese capital barriers? thank you, then. now italy will hold a snap election on september the 25th after the president dissolved parliament. the resignation of prime minister mario druggie caused the collapse of the coalition government on thursday at a rainy report. now from rome, italy's president, sir, drew montela, announcing a 70 day timeline for early elections. clearly a decision he did not want to take, nor shall he went on to ship out of the parliament or the early his own of parliament is always a last resort. particularly if the government, as it is the case in this period, he, although the parliament has many important tasks to complain, more in the interests of our countrymen. but the developments in the political situation have led to this decision. his announcement came hours after mario
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draggy stepped down on thursday. the prime minister made his last statement in parliament before tendering his resignation. jerbill thank. busy inquiry, making sure that even central bankers hearts are touched some times. thank you for this, and thanks for all the work we had done together during this time. draggy lead a government for less than 18 months. many leaders across europe saw me as a steady hand to pull italy and maybe even the whole continent out of the pandemic . he helped steer billions of dollars, have recovery funds to italy, the largest recipient in the years zone, and was a leading voice. and europe support of ukraine against russia. but in the end, this central banker couldn't wrangle the diverse group of parties in his coalition, each with its own priorities. he couldn't tame the populace because populace fivestar movement splintered, and ernest, who couldn't jane the other populace the leg from the,
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from the right wing. and because they're living. so there's a great payoff right now underway while how are lamenting the government's collapse . one party is thrilled the far right wing brothers of italy currently leading in the polls looks likely to win more seats than any other skeptical of brussels and policies. it's not clear, it will be able to manage relationships with other e u leaders as well as the rocky and some worry could even put further e recovery fund payouts at risk. adarine algebra. rhone, tribal fighting and sudan, blue nile state has forced thousands of people from their homes there. the volatile security situation also means that aid organizations haven't been able to reach many of the displaced families. the violence in blue nile which borders south food on andy therapy has caused the security and humanitarian crisis in the region. have been morgan reports now from blue nile capital dallas in for the past week,
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this has been sat mohammad hall. she left the machine into dan's bloom, our faith when fighting broke out between the house and berta tribes. she and her children walked for hours to reach neighboring in our state of holland. we heard that there was fighting in parts of the blue nile between our tribe and other tribes and we meet b flat. it took us more than 6 hours of walking to get here. and now we have nothing except what we were given by the host communities. satta is one of thousands displayed by the unrest and one of the few to have settled with a host community. other families have found shelter in abandoned schools in sin. but thousands of families are displaced in blue now state itself. some haven't found any way to stay on are stuck outside in the middle of the rainy season. delivering a to those in need is no easy task. some areas are hard to access because of the violence. and while 8 organizations wait for security conditions to improve, people are becoming more and more desperate. many see they've lost everything. and
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sanity though, but i don't really, i don't, i escaped with nothing except the clothes. i'm wearing, no one has come to see what our needs are. there are people with chronic diseases and children needing help. we need someone to come and provide us with assistance. the conflicts thought that when the house tried to establish a tribal administration and laid claim to land, the berta and other tribes rejected the move and fighting broke out. more than a 100 people were killed. the government has imposed the curfew and band large gatherings into cities. but as long as tribal hostilities prefer getting help to those who need it will remain a challenge. people, morgan august 0, them as seen in lieu, now said hostile a had here on out of there because it 19 infections surge in australia as a new some very input special on hospitals and health services. i'm rob reynolds in san marcos, california with a story about how last a car owners turning their vehicles electron and and ford will hear from the
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200 meter, while champion, he just ran the fastest time. ah, that heat wave ignore nero's been swept eastwood's body in coming weather from the atlantic's. it's far more dorm or summer weather in the u. k. had been clouded rain that's been going across the scandinavia, just ahead of it is where the heat still sit. so we had a near record high attention, sweden, yesterday, friday we'll take that heat across the baltic states. so riga, for example, is it by 32 degrees in the forecast and stock runs back to 25. if you come back for the west, that's problem, we'll know there is heat for the south progs that you want to war source ticket. 32, because that is still the hot bit, the record for reger just as
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a comparisons 34th. we probably won't break it, but it's still what about where it should be. and if you take it day for the saturday now, the heat dropping down a little bit more, but it's still there for this. as in fact, all of sudden europe is hanging on to it. and if you ignore what came down from, from poland, still really from hungary back to north nifty to was spent in portugal and southern france in a night. where that heat is really high. it generates some big thunderstorms, that's the case again during saturday and to some degree in sunday. and they will come down through slovenia and probably break out in the balkans every now and again. real heavy rain, there's producing flooding all the way from senegal across to saddam ah, the cypress, a european island openly offering citizenship to those who can afford it. in august al jazeera made global headlines with the cypress papers, confidential documents that reveal
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a murky passport by investment scheme. august hall. this is now al jazeera investigative unit goes undercover to expose further revelations that go to the heart of the cypriot state al jazeera investigations. the cypress papers, under cover inequality, corruption, repression and re, to political. it just decided to cut to the piece of cake and church. i want to each other. and documentary explores the desperate stage of democracy in lebanon. ah, through the eyes of those who are losing hope every day o dreams are becoming blue. democracy maybe democracy for sale on al jazeera lou. ah
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ah. hello there, i'm ms. darcy attainder hall. let's remind you about top stories here. the salad, sri lankan security forces have rated the main anti government protest camp in colombo. just hours after renelle became a single was sworn in. the president threatened to crack down on demonstrations that he considered unlawful. the u. s. house committee investigating the january 6th attack on capitol hill has heard how donald trump watched events unfold the hours before taking action. formal whitehouse office a. the former president's tweets field, the insurrection, and turkey says russia and ukraine are expected to sign a deal. i'm coming hours that will reopen black see ports. green shipments have been stuck in ukraine since the war began in february. but meanwhile, russia says it's destroyed for him hours, rocket launchers and ukraine since the beginning of july. now those are the longer
1:33 pm
range precision missiles provided by the united states, after pressure from cuba. what for moral mis? let's speak to al jazeera fatty salami. he's in the next city body. i believe that there are reports that separatists internets do next. city are making some kind of an advance. what are you hearing her will all through here to hear from the commanders. is that so they have been starting a new attack on of the if it's at city, i don't think you don't because away at the norfolk don't ask what i'm talking. it's literally just behind the horizon that they have thought that the new r 4 days their goal, they launched the 1st attack on the city. and they started from yes, you know, brother, all in which is where gold. by the light the troops, they tried to advance towards the if got to cut the highway, which going next up, the guy with the, with, from which it gets all the more and all the lice from the back line.
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but after the free, they don't go, we had gotten, it was very quiet here in the city of don't yet. and the local here were thing that thanks to the many of those defenses of the grains. now that they have this situation of governance, as the city been broken by the dozens of sides from the sky and the money got the 3 surrounding towns controlled by the canadians. but just very strangely, the price on the done. yes, it is not for the game. and the commanders who we talk to mentioned that the, that means that the defense in object got very strong and they have been getting more and more of the heavy artillery from the west. and friday, we've also been hearing about these him as a rocket. just how much of an impact to the system have on the wall?
1:35 pm
well, actually, this 3rd presents the biggest headache for the fighters here on the maybe a very big concern. this last look at lunch, so it's got hit the target about 70 kilometers away from a better way where they are. and they have actually been able to get a lot of places, the military vision and the but the news that we're hearing today from the russian defense mysteries. but they have been able to destroy all for lunches of i must system. and that should be a very big use for the fighters here in donia guns over at regions under the control of, of the tip of this phone should have been they had very huge impact on the fight in this region. but the,
1:36 pm
even though they have announced the destruction of or system we heard yesterday from the us defense, mister lloyd austin, that they're going to deliver even more numbers of these missiles and the numbers that we know now that, that could you could nance have is 20 so they have now 1717 of this long sure, of very precise on g b as guided miss i. so the fighting here is that the need to, to be extended more. and maybe it's going to get more even more and more fire between the both parties, lama there on the ground for us in done yet, said he thank you so much, buddy, and stay safe. now protesters in iraq have tried to storm the turkish consulate and baghdad. they blamed turkey for an attack in the semi autonomous kurdish region on wednesday. that killed 8 people. anchor though, says it isn't responsible, not lit up. why hid reports now from baghdad? funerals for the victims of when his days artillery attack in the semi autonomous
1:37 pm
kurdish region, women and children are among the victims. when a multiple rocket hit a tourist result in czar ho, the foreign minister has described the assault as a tragedy. politely what letty? the information that we received is that there was a bombing of the safe juris site artillery. and this comp beautiful tourist village was hit. iraq's as turkish forces are responsible and has some of its georgette a fair and unquote up for consultation. it has also halted procedures to appoint a new ambassador, angry protest her as her trying to storm the turkish consulate in bagdad. as well as visa offices in karbala and basra. nobody been hooking it up myself, a recall on the government to close the turkish embassy to spend all tours with turkey, a rock must have the right to take legal and military action. arby took his foreign ministry, has denied responsibility. suggesting the attack was an act of terrorism. the
1:38 pm
government has opened an investigation into the incident, but these protest her as one turkey to switch its military operations away from iraq. turkish forces regularly carry out airstrikes in the region. targeting members of the corridors, turn workers, party or p k k, which it classifies as a target group. uncle roy says it's willing to cooperate with baghdad to children. as soon as the news broke williams with irrelevant institutions and shared information, according to the information we received from the turkish armed forces, we did not carry out any attack against civilians. we believe the p k. k, terrorist organization is responsible for the india is only a few kilometers from the turkish border. it has been declared military soon since the attack ah,
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euro wants to approach the end security council saying it's a violation of it's a sovereignty and threat to national security. turkey is waiting for the investigation to conclude, and victims families are waiting for justice. mod abdougla had al jazeera above that i, russian air strike, an invalid in northwest and syria has killed at least 7 people. 5 children are among the victims and 14 people have also been injured. the strike hit the villagers of al. yeah, cool. been alger dida up syrian state media says at least 3 soldiers have also been killed and 7 injured. and what they call an israeli aggression report suggest military positions around the capitol, damascus were targeted state media, say the missiles were fired from the israeli occupied golan heights. and that syrian air defenses did intercept some of them or at least 7 people have been killed in violence and libya's capital tripoli. it's not known what caused the
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fighting between members of the presidential god and the judicial security force. a large group of guests attending a wedding near by was caught in the crossfire. a state of emergency has been declared and flights between mitigate and miss rhonda airports have also been suspended. at least 18 people have been killed and a police raid on one of rio de janeiro is largest villas or low income communities . please say 16 members of organized crime groups have been killed. an officer and a 50 year old bystander are also among the dead. authorities have described the success of the operation, but many brazilians are accusing the police of brutality. though a bad man, you reports. oh, chaos, bloodshed, and fury in rio de janeiro and mal complex. ah forties, bundled on to make shift stretches into cause whatever people would find others
1:41 pm
strewn on to the streets along with bullet, shall i send it back on you fellow fam, i got a little dog, the police say bomb, you're going to die now. bombs going to die, but it could be his son, right? it could be his son, a worker, but the people from the for validating hubble voice. oh, this is the aftermath of a launch scale police rate and a complex of rios slums, known as the fellows whose alien media publish video of helicopter, aspiring into the region and one of exchange of fire from the ground there. ahmed vehicles forced their way through the labyrinth of alleyways. some 400 officers were involved in the operation. police say they acted in self defense. jo presidio kid is all just has you. i would have preferred for them not to react and for us to arrest the 14 or 15 people who would have faced justice.
1:42 pm
unfortunately, they chose to react and attacks the police officers, brazilian president j, a. both an arrow has long favoured. heavy handed police tactics. little yes, so crime and gangs are growing in this area and the police find it difficult to fight these criminals. it's similar to when we watch cowboy movies in the past, whenever someone committed the crime in the us and ran away the public defender's office says there are many signs of human rights violations. most the victims are accused of being gang members. police say they robbed bank store cars and we're planning a tax on rival fidelis, debbie, debbie, debbie, you close your bicycle even if he was a criminal, this is wrong. he has to be arrested. are you going to kill? are you going to co oh, with the police describe is an operation. lucas,
1:43 pm
a cooling a massacre. thing the punishment doesn't hit the crime in order to money on to 0. now as we've been saying, we expect a deal to be signed in the coming hours between russia and ukraine and turkey to open black c ports. so grain can be shipped from them for more on that deal, let speak now to stella nord hagan in geneva. she's a senior technical specialist at the global alliance for improve nutrition. stella, thank you for your time. this is obviously an enormously important development for countries well beyond the region. and this is a deal that specifically covers a shipping route. we know the land car doors obviously haven't been moving the grand they need to. so how much of a difference do you think this will actually make? yes, this will make a difference. this is an important deals that we see coming out of turkey and very good news for us that work on food security and nutrition to come in to see it coming out. at the same time, we need to make sure that it is followed through on. and we also need to recognize that at this point, it probably won't be enough on its own to stem the global food insecurity. crisis
1:44 pm
that we see worldwide. but it's good news. well, the speaking of the global crisis that we've been seeing, the u. s. has been saying that this was about weapon ising food. now, rhetoric aside, just how effective has this blockade been holding the world hosted, so to speak. so the conflict overall, including the blockade and also coming of some of the secondary effects of conflict that have restricted the flows of grain and also oil, see crops and fertilizers from russia. and ukraine have had a very important impact on the world's food situation. at the same time, it's important to realize that that is because it started the situation already and a position of vulnerability. the ongoing effects of climate related disasters as well as the effects of the cove at 19 crisis and the economic fall are related to that meant that we were going into this some this spring already in a week situation for food security worldwide. the effects of the war on top of that
1:45 pm
really kind of exacerbated and already bad situation and definitely have made it worse. indeed, i see russian foreign minister said caleb rob is about to head to africa and he's been assuring countries there that moscow will ensure its obligations for food and other exports. but many african countries have been feeling this grand shortage more acutely than most and the steel does also, i believe, cover russian grain. yes, certainly african nuff soup countries have been most effective here. we know that about 20 percent of africans already suffer from malnutrition. and many of those countries are heavily dependent on imports for their food supplies, including from, from russia and from ukraine. and also what makes them more vulnerable is that many of the consumers in african countries. they really spend a large part of their income is on buying food, much more than we would spend in europe or in north america and other parts of high income countries. and that means that when there is an increase in food prices, they really feel it. you really feel it's not only on what you buy,
1:46 pm
the grocery store, you feel it in terms of how it affects the rest of your budget. so it can have really important effects in terms of, of food insecurity, but also in terms of poverty. the world bank estimates that for every percentage point to increase in food prices that leads to about 10000000 people falling into acute poverty. so their series affects threat africa, one of crises. i see that the wild food program has already cut their aid to south to dawn. the horn of africa obviously also dealing with a terrible drought. now just taking a bit of a step back here. why is the world so dependent on specific countries, full grain? it's a good question and i think it's one that probably a lot of a lot of countries will be looking into seriously over the coming months and years about how they can improve their own resilience by diversifying their food supplies . partly it's a question of simple economic competitive advantage that ukraine is known as the bread basket of europe because it's a great place to produce many of these grains. it has the right climate. it has the right supporting kind of infrastructure and technology. so it's
1:47 pm
a very efficient and effective producer of these grains. that's good because it means that they can produce them ats, lower costs than you might in other places and contribute to world food supplies overall. but when we run into situations like the present, we see that being too reliant on just a handful of countries for our food supplies means that we're not very resilient, did that we are really vulnerable when shots like this happen. there's also a 2nd layer of kind of vulnerability that's brought on by the fact that as kind of the global population, we are reliant on really only a few major food crops, things like mays, wheat and rice. so when there's a shock that affects 2 of those, as in this situation, it doesn't leave us too much else to work with because so much of our diet is coming from just a few crops. so there are several ways in which in the future we can hopefully look to diversify. not only what we're important where we're importing from, but also what we're importing and build the more resilient world stellan. what hegan there from the global alliance for improve nutrition. thank you. so much for
1:48 pm
your time, stella. thank you. i'm moving on and a sub in corona virus. cases in australia is putting pressure on hospitals, hence due to a highly contagious sub variant of ami chrome that's driving a fresh wave of cove 19 infections across the asia pacific. sarah, comparable with now from brisbin. hospital admissions from covered 19 are at record levels. in some states in australia, the countries in the grip of a 3rd wave of the oma kron variant with more than 300000 cases, recorded this week and the peak expected in august. i think there's a little bit of uncertainty, but we're probably gonna reach record numbers and record numbers and hospital potentially embarrass parts of the country now, which is the concern bidding, as i said, we're starting from a complete position of disadvantage in having hospital which are completely full as they normally are. australia is among the most heavily vaccinated countries against coven, 1995 percent of the population above the age of 16 has received 2 doses. the
1:49 pm
federal government is now offering a full dose to those over 30 years, but so far has been cautioned to take up the offer. both shock give the additional protection we're seeing that very clearly from across the world. so essentially we just need to get more of those shots in the new ways evictions is not just being felt here in australia, but also across the asia pacific. even micronesia, which had been covered for you until now as has 1st case reported in the community, epidemiologist. so encouraging pacific nations to expand the roll out of the 4th dose of the covered 19 vaccine to avert a spike in infections in countries sticking the asian pacific region where a lot of countries get their infection right down. didn't have a big history of infections. but we're relying on a vaccination, we still have the same problem that we, we ended up needing to really get bash protection from these new sub barriers. when you saw the variance of the latest challenge to china. 0 type of policy was
1:50 pm
shanghai rolling out mass testing, and residents now required to take a p. c. i covered 19 test, at least once a week until august. in the chinese territory of macau, a government imposed extended lockdown will be lifted and casinos allowed to reopen on saturday. south korea, you cases are nearly 10 times higher than a month ago, with nearly $70000.00 cases on friday. at the warning from the health agency that it could serge 2 over $200000.00 daily cases next month sir clark al jazeera. now the u. s. house of representatives as pastor bill to protect access to contraception. democrats introduced the legislation after the supreme court ended the national right to abortion by overturning the roe v wade ruling. the bill would create a federal right for people to access contraceptives. it is yet to pass, though in the senate are soaring. fuel prices, wildlife have made many consumers think very seriously about getting an electric
1:51 pm
vehicle at some con, theseus con, let go of the classics of yesterday. and that not how spunk the creation of new hybrid vehicles. from panels reports now from san marcos and california work wagner's volkswagen rolled off the assembly line back in 1962. it's definitely my daily driver. and if i'm going a grocery shopping of them, if i'm going to hockey, ah, if i'm running errands like this is, this is a car. well, most beetles from the kennedy era have long since made a one week trip to the junkyard. wagner's runs like a dream and fast to because this old beetle is now an electric vehicle. it's clean, it's quiet. ah, it's reliable, is a lot less moving parts, and a lot, lessing go wrong. is a joy to drive or, and more owners of broken down or mechanically challenge classic cars or taking them to shops like evie west, where owner mike bream and his expert crew,
1:52 pm
flip them from fossil fuel to electron the sign up we remove the engine associated components so the fuel tank, the exhaust system, sometimes the transmission, all of these are replaced with an electric motor and at tesla battery, there seems to be no shortage of tesla drivers wrecking their cars in providing a plentiful supply of parts. cars being retrofitted here include a classic b, m, w, a sleek, black corvette, and even a goal wing delorean ready for a trip back to the future. the cost of an electric overhaul ranges from $18000.00 to $30000.00. if you want to convert your classic car to an electric vehicle, you're gonna need some patience at this shop. for example, the waiting list for new customers is 5 years. so our typical customer is one that really loves her car. either it has a, you know, significance to the family,
1:53 pm
maybe its been handed down or, you know, our customer has driven it since high school. so typically, automotive enthusiasts best describes our customers right now. those customers are also laughing at sky high fuel prices. bream says he's concerned about the environment and global warming, but reducing c o 2 emissions isn't his big motivation. a motorhead, i'm a hot router i might speak, i'm wagner, is proud. that is old. the w isn't making the climate crisis worse. i'm excited to . ah, you know, take it up to the mountains, driving through the national forest, not polluting anything, whether it's for going green or going for speed. classic cars are getting a new electronic lease on life. rob reynolds al jazeera san marcos, california ah, to sports and the wells athletics championships now and no alliance has retained
1:54 pm
his 200 meters title by running the 3rd fastest time in history. david strikes had the action. oh the 200 me to final was billed as a jewel between the defending champion. no eliles and its fellow american 18 year old arion nixon. but not long after the starting gun was fired, it was clear that loyalty was in a class of his own. he had to settle for a bronze at the tokyo olympics last year, but made no mistake this time round. after running an incredible bend he powered over the line in the time of 19.31 seconds. the 3rd, fastest time in history, the hon. you st. bolton, jo hm. blake, it's the past the u. s. reco. it's set on michael johnson. 26 years ago. just like the 100 meters earlier in the week. it was an american 123 with kenny bed direct taking silver i had of night. and. and 3rd, when you're always dream of the big moment that you're going to do something amazing. that's what this is. know,
1:55 pm
having the home crowd increases and intensifies that moment. you don't have to go out and get the crowd excited. they're already excited just to see, you know, that makes you want to run faster. that energized you in. gosh, when i walked out there, i knew that we were going to do some special. it was jamaica he dominated the women's to under meets his final sharika, jackson, one golden championship, record time ahead of chevy. i'm fraser price. britain's d, the ash a smith took the bronze. i can't complain. i'm does great. will vote just to be here lies. there was the in the $290.00 of the semifinals of just here in the final running. i jumped on super. got. i'm so grateful. as for fraser price, she now has a silver medal to go with the gold she $1.00 in the 100 meters. how did you feel tired? i've been consistent in, you know, just working hard and being passionate about what i do. and just making sure that every time i show up on the line, i compete the best of my ability to make his women will hope for more success in
1:56 pm
the 4 by 100 me to relate as will allows inspired us men's team. both those finals are coming up on saturday. they read stokes al jazeera while synagogue strike a saudi romani has been named african player of the year for the 2nd time in a row. he scored the winning penalty for his country to beat egypt in the final of the africa cup of nations. and he also helped them qualify for the world cup and katha. money also won to domestic cups with liverpool and reached the champions league final. the 30 year old spoke exclusively to out there ever can of they have it for him. of course the funding of all african so when of course african and qualify for the work up of the individual or it would come off to us. so for me that was them when for them to do every possible to in our fight. and we did it together, i think was the best best best moment for my left. of course,
1:57 pm
every single man, woman, people in general of my country loves that thing was the with a nice life. yeah. and you can forward a picture of the video. people were penetrating and people were happy awarded with them. so for myself, i think more so far the best because that was my doing and if you, if you're in mit and how you could be and how happy you are in life in general. so that was the case. and yeah, i think, i think sometime when i look back the pictures i just go to i just crazy how to because i never saw it before in my life you until i one jump as league and from any. but this for me is not even comparable, so forth. i think for the base my, my, my left well,
1:58 pm
money features and i was kept countdown series which focuses on africa this month. you can watch the show online on it's next airing on down to 0 at 230 g m t on saturday. meanwhile, germany had reached the semifinals at the women's euros babies austria to nel, thanks to some poor gold keeping. captain alexandra pop has now scored a 4 goals in as many games. next up the 8 time winners will face france, all the netherlands, who all the defending champions. well that's it for me as tanya t. a for this news our doreen will be here in a moment with more of the day's news and i will see you after that. ah
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hm . ah safe going home and then international intake corruption excellence award bought
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now for your hero a discipline records in poland. the accused judges who refused to tow the states line. witness follows to courageous judges. spearheading the stand against reforms. critics claim leave the highest guardians of the constitution, vulnerable to politically motivated sanctions, based on their rulings. judges under pressure on a just eda ah sir. lancaster, new cabinet has been sworn in hours after security force has cracked down on an anti government protest. come in the capital.


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