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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 22, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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and how many and then international anti corpse, him excellence award? both now for your hero. a discipline records in poland. the accused judges refused to tow the states line. witnesses follows to courageous judges, spearheading to stand against reforms. critics claim leave the highest guardians of the constitution, vulnerable to politically motivated sanctions, based on their rulings. judges under pressure on a just ego. ah sir lincoln's new cabinet has been sworn in hours after security forces crushed down on an anti government protest camp in the capitol. ah,
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you're watching alger 0 live from our headquarters and del himes, eddie and abigail also coming up for him to tweet out the message about mike pence . it was him pouring gasoline on the fire and making it much worse. a us congressional committee here is from donald trump's, former aides, who say the president refused to call off the mob. that storm capitol hill hopes are high for a deal that would restart green exports from the ukrainian ports of odessa and in bay roots intense heat sets off fires at the sight of the 2020 explosion that devastated the city. ah, hello, we begin and sure lanka where a security forces have rated the main anti government protest, camping colombo, just hours after renelle. what from a single was sworn in as president rochester say. they had planned to vacate the
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area by friday afternoon. woocommerce single has threatened to cracked what he calls the undemocratic demonstrators and toppled his predecessor. shortly after the protest, i was clara jean as good words, and i was sworn in as a link as new prime minister. he's an ally of former president, justify roger black. so the rest of the cabinet is expected to be sworn in later on friday. let's get more on this with michelle fernandez. she's joining us from colombo, so a lot of the new faces have showed up once again, me now in this new cabinet as well as the new prime minister, tell us what the reaction has been to that. it's almost what the people new. it's just the same old, same all just by a different description. and this is borne out by the fact a, by a when president ronald vicar missing her, chose that tribe in a say, it's very much a roger puts a loyalist in terms of the cabinet list. i was sent
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a list, obviously in the cabinet. the new cabinets on in is more or less the very same cabinet as the old one. even the defense secretary of very staunch supporter of the former president, go to our b roger boxer. ah, one of the leading commanders during the war. a major general retired major to come again to ratner has been re appointed as defense secretary, which all goes to show that there might be a new name and a new person in the top office. but it very much seems to be that those who have been appointed are all raj fox loyalists. so that's what it seems like. so the reaction, i mean if i can just show you here, people are still protesting. we haven't seen a violent pushback quite frankly. but the anger, the frustration is still there, but just step out of view to let you see behind me there is this silent demonstration or sat to grow her by protesters are sitting right opposite of the barricade. now for them. or what they have said is the crack down that was launched
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in the early hours of this morning at 1 o'clock in the morning by hundreds of military and special task force. police commanders was completely unwarranted against peaceful protest. ers, and as you can see, the, the line here of the barricade and just beyond it, i mean right now within what we can see, the 1st line is police are equipped with their gas masks. the 2nd line is special police commanders, again, are all armed to the t obviously, and the line behind that is our members of the army are all again, are ready with riot gear and things like that. so there's a lot of anger about the we that drunk become missing him, his government have launched this crack down. so it is a new cabinet, old faces as we are saying. what will the protesters though sitting behind you do next, and how much pressure are they putting on the cabinet and the prime minister if any
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at all it's obviously just a black an of a little while yet. since we had that swearing in, but the protest as that massive movement of public anger that we saw in the lead into this that ultimately blew up on the 9th of july, where people literally overran the president's office, of forcing him to flee, be evacuated to see if safety and then literally freed the country in a military plan because he couldn't get the get out any other way. that was the level of anger that the people had. and the reason for that was what they had done to this country. now the fact that there is a new cabinet, you have a president, ronald vicar, missing her a yesterday saying publicly that he's not a friend of the roger boxes that he's a friend of the people and that he will work for the people. ah, strangely, the people don't think so. i mean, it's the same people that he says he's the great friend of that voted him out because they had no confidence. enron, nova grimacing her. and that hasn't changed. and it's just got all the worse.
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because he seems to be saying one thing and his actions demonstrate completely the dire opposite of that. because a way this cracked down was launched when he was a mid prime minister by go to a barrage boxer, he began to make sort of conciliatory gestures like saying, he respected the protest as right to descend, to speak up. or, you know, essentially saying that he would have their voice represented in sort of negotiations with the government. all of these things have turned out just to be rhetoric when you see that massive of a sort of show of force that we saw yesterday. obviously, the, the attorney general, the attorney general, ah, you know, also being consulted about what and where the protested can be. but at the end of the day, this was a show of force to intimidate and to dissuade protested from taking a stand or a thank you so much. we're now fernandez reporting from colombo. are you
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a house committee? investigating the january 6 riot says that the former president, donald trump chose not to act as deadly violence unfolded on capitol hill. to former white house offers have given evidence, suggesting trump, initially just miss coles to de escalate the situation. she returns the report earlier. the committees focus was the 187 minutes between donald trump finishing his white house speech to the followers he summoned on january the 6th, out of the ventral video message cooling on the writers to go home after they've reached the capital and more evidences present the trump wanted to join the protest is and let me go into a heated argument with secret service agents who refused to take him. but now we got a suggestion about why they refused for security official who chose to remain anonymous . i don't know if you want to use the word insurrection, qu whatever. we all knew, that this would move from a normal democratic public event into something else. having been rebuffed, trump retired to the white house dining room where he remained for over 2 and
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a half hours. the cool logs blank for that time and the official white house photographer was prevented from entry. but fox news was displaying the unfolding chaos. a few kilometers away, witnesses, se trump made no effort to intervene during that time, but was well aware of what was unfolding. are you aware of any phone call by the president of the united states to the secretary of defense that day? where are you aware of any phone call by the president united states to the attorney general of the united states that day? no. be aware of any phone call by the president of the united states, the secretary of homeland security that day. i'm not aware of that. those in the white house growing more alarmed, desperate to get the president to do something. so with trump, children, his closest allies, the republican leadership in congress, even fox news hosts, but to no avail. on capitol hill, members of the vice president security detail say they were terrified. the members of the b p. detail at this time,
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we're starting to peer for their own lives. but instead from twitch is an attack against like pants that inflamed the crowd further, it looked like fuel being poured on the fire. donald trump's daughter, vanka, managed to get her father to agree to cool, and his supporters quote, to stay peaceful, but only after protracted negotiations that the president did not want to include any sort of mention of peace in that tweet. pending the committee argue that only when it was clear that any attempt to stop the vote certification would fail, and the national guard was on its way to donald trump speak. but even then, he refused to use the prepared statement. it was a land slide election and everyone knows it, especially the other side. but you have to go home now. we have to have peace. she, i can't see it for the next day of the address. the nation trump still would not conceive, but this election is now all congress has certified the results. i don't want to say the elections. i just want to say congress has certified the results without saying the elections over. okay. the committees argument is the trump broke the
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oath of office by not acting on january the 6th, but it just failed to act. he chose not to act. the committee will hold more hearings in september to make the argument a trump isn't fit to ever hold office again. she advertise the al jazeera washington 1st find the former us associate deputy attorney general and the constitutional lawyer. the says former vice president mike pence needs to appear before the committee to explain donald trump's directions on january, the 6th. even the statement that a trump issued that were ambiguous, in the sense that on one hand he says you should be peaceful, but we love you and your patriot is that way he never ever consider doing was saying president biden won the election according to our processes never, he's won, there'll be a peaceful transition. and unfortunately, you know, you have violated the law and our point is special task force that the justice
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department you're going to be prosecuted and go to jail and don't think you're going to get pardons just what someone would be saying when they have an obligation to faithfully execute the laws you want and the violation brazil flagrant that everybody in the white house except for him could see the criminal al with that was going on. and it is, it seems to me a very important at some point that the committee forgetting the actual words of president trump, when he was told repeatedly, you have to do something, you got blood on your hand. this is really terrible. i remember in the nixon impeachment it was very important when john d testified about raise money to pay off the water in the burglar. then he would say the nixon that, oh yeah, well, we could do it, but that would be wrong. and you know, that would be wrong. there was a famous free that would use woodward burge the in, in watergate because it add
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a very personal dimension, giving you insight into the state of mind the president. and that's why i think the committee is going to be darrell. it talks about dereliction of duty. if they do not insist on getting mister pens, his testimony and having mister chip alone back in others and tell me you need to tell us. what did the president tell you? you have no privilege your duty as a government lawyers to the constitution. this is not nazi germany or you take an oath to dare pure you take no st. up all the constitution of the united states. what will needed in my judgment, if you want to say the smoking gun will be direct testimony from mister pen, stating this is what the president was doing to me harassing me. he use these curse words. he said, i don't care x y, z. the that will gravitate all eyes in the whole nation, that in my judgement could be sufficient to push this into a credit prosecutor by the justice department. us president joe biden is
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experiencing mild symptoms after testing positive for over 19. it's the 1st time the 79 year old has had corona, virus, vice president, pamela harris has been identified as a close contact. our white house correspondent, kimberly hallett report. wednesday was the last time the us president joe biden was seen publicly returning to the white house from an event in massachusetts. he appeared in good health without everybody, but on thursday the white house confirmed by didn't had contracted coven. 19 president biden is currently experiencing mild symptoms, mostly a runny nose and fatigue. with an occasional dry cough. folks guess you're heard biden's positive case was discovered during routine whitehouse covered, testing was detected, his travel schedule is halted and he was put in isolation still by him. released a photo of him working at his desk in the white house residence and also
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a video to reassure the american public. i'm doing well, did a lot of work done going to continue to get it done. and in the meantime, thanks for your concern and keep the 3 b, okay. 5 in is double that in twice boost it most recently on march 30th. so despite his advanced age of 79 years bite in is experiencing only mild symptom, his risk of serious illness is dramatically lower. he's also getting treated with a very powerful anti viral. and that further reduces his risk of serious helps, that antiviral is packs low bit and well, it's not clear which strain of kobe the president has contracted. thousands of americans have been hit by an uptick, the arm across a very it be a 5 responsible for a wave of recent covered cases in the united states packs low bid if taken early is
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one of the top treatments. oh, those closest to the president are so far testing negative. dr. joe biden. the 1st lady reassured americans. she was in good health and had no intention of halting her public schedule. vice president comalla harris has also tested negative biting isn't the 1st u. s. president to contract co bid in october of 2020 donald trump also got the disease eventually requiring 3 nights of hospital care. for now, the white house staff has been reduced to essential employees only. well, the president recovers, but given his mild case, there are no plans to transfer his executive powers to his vice president. kimberly hell can al jazeera, the white house still had on algae 0. 0,
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anger robson, a brazilian fellow after another. police raids chose 18 people on rule here from the 200 meter rural champion, who just around the 3rd fastest time in history. ah, richard, he has begun the faithful world copies on its way to the castle. brook. you will travel package to the now a very dramatic co front came through the metal platter the other day. and that's the result that kicked up the sand is what you call her boot. like the sandstone brought day darkness that was day time. by the way, you look, you have that is the sharp edge, like cold front on its way through northern china. so it may well bring briefly a sandstone through beijing, but it catches up with the rain for the size and we get this generation of
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a huge amount of rain this time about time we get to say it's going to be in the korean potential with fine weather behind and the winds dropping down to get progress of that rain keeps going eastwards, once again to japan. it exists, bit weaker by this time is left behind a law. she dry. china, once more, even up in, you know, there's not much going on from the point of view of developing rain temperature the high, the, and we've, once again got warnings, an expectation of effectively heat way for a good part of china. as has been the case since early june. now the monsoon rains, monsoon showers, are developing all over the place in india. the latest forecasts will have them in magic pradesh and further north and west in pakistan. so once again, the chances are is going to be some significant flooding from these rather big thunderstorms. cats are always official ally of the john cypress, a european island openly offering citizenship to those who can afford it. in august
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al jazeera made global headlines with the cypress papers, confidential documents that reveal a murky passport by investment scheme barbie support court. now al jazeera investigative unit goes undercover to expose further revelations that go to the heart of the cypriot state. al jazeera investigations, the cypress papers on the cover, ah, the hello again, the top stories on al jazeera. sure lincoln security forces rated the main anti government virtual camp and colombo. just hours after running. what from a single was sworn in. the president threatened to crack down on demonstrations,
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he considers unlawful. the u. s. house committee investigating the january 6 on capitol hill has heard how donald trump watched events unfold for hours before taking action. former white house staffers say the former president, twin fuels the insurrection. churches says russia and ukraine are expected to sign a deal later on friday that will reopen black see ports. green shipments have been stuck in ukraine since the war began in february. that's led to a rise in global food traces. i'll just do understand that the deal calls for a joint control center to be set up is stumble, which will schedule shipments. ukrainian vessels will guide the grain ships through mind waters in and out of ports. russia agrees not to attack any of the shipments as they move. turkey with support from the united nations will inspect the ships to lay any rush and fear of weapons smuggling. the agreements will last 4 months and
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will be renewed, automatically said in kosovo. glue, isn't it? stumble with more, the parties are delegations from ukraine and russia. also, the un secretary general antonio torres and turkish president will be attending in the signing ceremony. this is an important step, very important step since the beginning of the war. and as for the previous statements by the officials and turkish defense ministry after a meeting that was held in the stumble. recently, there will be a joint control and coordination center that is going to be established. most probably, in a stumble at the parties will have representations. but this coordination and control center will be led by the you and also the inspections are going to be clarified in the agreement because both, both russia and ukraine have some concerns. as you know,
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ukraine has 3 ports that are open for trade and exports. 2 of them are all were the under russian control on it is only or best support which is under the control of the ukrainians, but the shores of the port are mind. so the inspections are very important as ukrainian se ukrainians are actually curious about how safe their grades are going to be delivered to the world markets without a russian a. let's say infiltration or impact. on the other hand, russians are very sensitive about that ukrainians. there won't be any weapons brought to ukraine and through a through or they support a while. exporting ukrainian a grain. russia says it has destroyed for hugh mars. rocket launchers in ukraine since the beginning of july. those are the longer range precision missiles provided
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by the us after pressure from cheve. this alarm, it is in donia city with more. when was here to hear from the commander that they have been something a new attack on of the got it the city thinking meters away at the north of doing it's what i'm talking. it's literally just behind the horizon that they have not that the new attack 4 days ago they launched the attack on the city. and they thought that from yes you know about the town which is controlled by the russians. and they're a light the troops, they try to advance towards the got to cut the highway, which connects with the width from which it gets all the more and all the lights from the back line. but after 3 days of the go, we heard the calmness, it was very quiet here in the city of don't yet. and the local here were thing that thanks to the abutment of those defenses of the brain. now that they have this
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situation of government as the city has been broken by the dozen golf, besides from the sky and muddy the 3 surrounding towns controlled by the canadians . but just as a very things the, the like on going yet, cities are not to the game. and the commanders who we talk to mentioned that that means that the defense of jeff got very strong and they have been getting more and more of the heavy artillery from the way at least 18 people have been killed in a police raid on wanna rio de janeiro, largest vellows or low income communities. authorities have described the success of the operation. but many brazilians are choosing the police of brutality. laura burton, manley reports, oh, tales, blood shed and fury in rio de janeiro and mal complex. oh,
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forties bundled on to make shift stretches into cause whatever people would find others strewn on to the streets along with bullock shelf. i thought it back on you fellow fam, i got older than the police say bomb. you're going to die now. bombs going to die, but it could be his son, right. it could be his son, a worker, but the people from the for validating hub a voice. 3 0, this is the aftermath of a launch scale. police raid on a complex of breo slums, known as the fellows who silly and media publish, video of helicopters, aspiring into the region and one of exchange of fire from the ground there. ahmed theaters forced their way through the labyrinth of alleyways. some full 100 offices were involved in the operation. police say they acted in self
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defense. jo presidio kid is all just he has you. i would have preferred for them not to react and for us to arrest the 14 or 15 people who would have faced justice . unfortunately, they chose to react and attacks the police officers, brazilian president j a both scenario has long favoured heavy handed police tactics . little here, so crime and gangs growing in this area and the police find it difficult to fight these criminals. it's similar to when we watch cowboy movies in the past, whenever someone committed the crime in the us and ran away for the public defender's office says there are many signs of human rights violations. most the victims are accused of being gang members. please say they robbed banks, still cars, and we're planning a tax on rival fidelis, debbie, debbie, debbie, you go to a bicycle even if he was a criminal. this is wrong. he has to be arrested. are you going to kill?
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are you going to co oh, with the police describe as an operation, mucous, a cooling a massacre thing the punishment doesn't hit the crane nor about him on the on to 0 fire crews and lebanon's capital or warning that the remaining grain silos at the bay route port are at risk of collapsing, raising temperatures on the fermentation of the grain sparked fires at the storage facilities last month. the silos were badly damaged in the explosion at bay report and 2020 that killed. more than 200 people in a hood that has more from beirut, the silos behind me at fable ports, experts as well as firefighters tell us, yes indeed, they risk collapse. it's hard to say when they could be in the next few hours, days, or, or even weeks. but the bottom line is this, the wheat,
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the corn that is stabilizing the, the structure, thousands of tons of leaf and corn. they are slowly burning. and if they continue to burn, or if you remove them, them the structure collapses. if i just get out of the way you can see the smoke rising in recent weeks, there has been really a series of, of fires. the last one was ignited last night. fire fighters are telling us that the army created a cordon around the structure, not allowing them to get close because of the risk of, of, of it collapsing. and they don't have the equipment in order to reach the source of the fire. so if this continues to burn, then the what really holds the silos up to keep it standing will continue to burn and there's 9 meters under ground, filled with grain filled with corn, which is turning into oil. so really, this, the silos is it has
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a lot of symbolic meaning for the, for the people of the city and of this, of this country. but in particular, for the victims, the families of the victims of this devastating blast which really killed more than 200 people and devastated neighborhoods. they see this as a witness, a witness to a crime that still has not, has not been sold to the world of flooding championships. now noah lyles has retained his 200 metres title by running the 3rd fast this time in history. and in the women's event, sharika jackson broke the championship record. david stokes would be action. oh that you under me to final was billed as a jewel between the defending champion. no, a los and its fellow american 18 year old arion nitin. but not long after the starting gun was fired, it was clear that loyalty was in
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a class of his own. he had to settle for a bronze at the tokyo olympics last year, but made no mistake this time round. after running an incredible bend he powered over the line and the time of 19.31 seconds. the 3rd, fastest time in history, the hon. you st. bolton go. hm. blake. it surpassed the u. s. record set on michael johnson. 26 years ago. just like the 100 meters earlier in the week. it was an american 123, with kenny bed direct, taking silver ahead of notes and. and 3rd, when you're always dream emerald, the big moment that you're going to do something amazing. that's what this is. you know, having the whole crowd increases and intensifies that moment. you don't have to go out and get the crowd excited. they're already excited just to see, you know, that makes you want to run faster. that energized you in class. when i walked out there, i knew that we were going to do some special. it was jamaica he dominated the women's to under meets his final sherika jackson, one golden championship record time i had of chevy. i'm fraser price. britain's d,
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the asha smith took the bronze i don't dublin and has great will vote just to be here. last 0 is the in the 290 the semifinals of just here in the final running a championship rick. and i'm so grateful. as for phrase, a price, she now has a silver medal to go with the gold she $1.00 in the 100 meters. how did you feel tired? i've been consistent in, you know, just working hard. i mean, passionate about what i do. and just making sure that every time i show up on the line, i compete the best of my ability to make his women will hope for more success in the 4 by 100 me to relate as will allows inspired us men's team. both those finals are coming up on saturday. david stokes al jazeera ah hello again. the headlines on al jazeera. sure.


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