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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  July 24, 2022 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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and the completion of chain gone, which is set to coincide with another milestone. on his 10th year in office. china's goals go well beyond earth orbit. a man move mission could be on the cards . by the end of the decade, i want to say laughter. this was a lie deal 3 or 5 years ago, but now we have to take everything but china says very seriously indeed. the 1st building blocks for the project, the mission will lounge. the 1st chinese people on the moon is already under construction. they've shown us pictures in the factor of the modules, so this is going to happen. they won't have a base on the moon by the end of this decade, but there is now a realistic possibility that a chinese woman or a chinese man could be the next person to set foot on the moon. china has been excluded from the international space station since 2011. when the u. s. ban nasa from working with it that's only heightened beijing's desire to establish the
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station of its own law. and as china continues to reach for the stars, there's no telling what else it space program might achieve in the decades to come into marlin al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera and these other top stories. russia has now admitted carrying out an attack on the ukranian port. odessa, on saturday. after tax came just hours after russia and ukraine signed an agreement that would allow essential grain shipments to leave the port. with a great deal signed on friday was broken by the united nations and turkey speaking in egypt. russian foreign minister said the lover said that moscow remains committed to reducing the backlog on green exports, which would be easier because we have confirmed the commitment of russian grainy exports to meet all their obligations. president vladimir putin also emphasized
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this in a recent telephone discussion with egyptian president l. c. c. for the cookie i was just, you in secretary general has taken the responsibility to get the illegitimate restrictions taken by the us and the you against the russian logistical and financial channels lifted. we will see to what extent he fulfills his obligation volcano erupt in southern japan sakura jima, started spewing us just after 8 pm local time on sunday, japanese meet logical agency issued the highest level, the latest that it's not expecting any major reactions. a funeral has been held for to palestinians killed in an israeli military operation in the occupied west bank. another 19 le winded 2 of them critically, re anonymous within precedence. both nora was being officially nominated as his parties. candidates for the election in october, opinion pulse, shobel snyder was trailing his main rival. the former president knew that the
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silver the pope has landed in edmonton to apologize on canadian soil for the catholic church, his ro, in running dizziness, residential schools. but frances is calling to visit a pilgrimage of penance. okay, with a nice continues here on out there. that's after inside story, stay with ah south africa is heading for its own version of the arab spring. last the warning from former president turbo and becky, he says,
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current head of state several run. the poser has failed to tackle poverty, unemployment and inequality. it's a rare attack by vacate, on the leadership of the governing african national congress. why is he speaking up now? this is inside still ah hello and welcome to the program. i'm burnett's. it was an unprecedented outspoken attack on his own party and its lead tarboe becky warner, that one day south africa is going to explode. the former president was speaking at a memorial for a veteran member of a have governing african national congress. becky, who in 1999, succeeded nelson mandela the 1st democratically elected president warned of
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widespread civil unrest comparable to the arab spring. he says south africa is facing unsustainable levels of poverty and unemployment and blames current. president 0 ram, oppose a, and his government failing to address a legacy of a party. you can't have so many people's unemployment. so many people or people faced with his law listeners, i'm talking about seized with a leather soup into which a bit he says, agency people, one after another called corrupt wendy, is going to explode from a poser is a form, a freedom fighter who was once jailed by their party government, he took office in 2018, succeeding jacob zoom, whose term was mired by scandals. corruption, mismanagement of millions of dollars in tax payers. money from a pose as presidency, has faced several challenges. his response to the kobe 19 pandemic was applauded.
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but his party was accused of mishandling millions of dollars in relief funds. most recently, he is embroiled in a scandal known as farm gate, from oppose it is accused of corruption in connection with the theft of around $4000000.00 in cash from his farm. with a criminal complaint filed against him for alleged money laundering, kidnapping, and the concealing of a crime. ah, well let's now go to our guests all in south africa in durban, dakota la, where tease the a and see national spokesman in cape town, we have mercy my money. he's a founder of these one south africa movement on a former leader of south africa's opposition. and in johannesburg, william ga, made a is an associate professor at the school of governments at the university of whit waters around. thank you all for joining us. can i ask you 1st dakota is tarboe and
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becky, right. when he says south africa's ready to explode? no good german babies. she does a 3rd. there's no gun that loosen. ready system, so we've become a government oxygen rights for option to day a couldn't just says, oh, don't say it's d n 2 days. so why don't too much don't you mention all races? that's grades problem. ok. thank you. ok. so let me see, what do you think? south africa are ready to explode them? baker says, certainly i hold the view that then see like any other liberation movement have come to a point where they've mismanaged the economy leading line,
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the lines of unemployed south africans. lat, literally. we live in a country where the majority of citizens living below the poverty line and youth unemployment now constitutes close to about 2 thirds or 2 thirds of young people get cannot find a job. so given those sets of circumstances without the prospect of it tomorrow present in big is correct in the summation that south africa was facing an explosion. where would edged for him to go further. is the reasons that come through that have been part of his own party, the mismanagement of economic infrastructure. and ultimately, the lack of policy direction amongst the government has brought us to this particular point willing. what do you think has prompt to top him back to speak out now? i think, you know, we are, if you look at our environment, speaker compare where you know the speak to you know, the months ahead of the out of things because exactly the same environment. now, i'm going to 1st thing of really, really
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a total fight after states to deliver to the social order breakdown in the country, nor a rule of law and order a breakdown. and then combined with the biggest financial crisis into africa in generations course of course, by the coban, the financial crisis mind and the latest kind of crisis. and now the impacts of their loss or ukraine will. and any linkage with that mismanagement of the states and management companies, it economy by your combined tax. and then you know, i'm high, the highest levels of unemployment recorded in any other emerging market. and then you combine it with something else into something else the recombined south africa . really, if you're an elite who's in charge, but who seems to be not have the ideas or seems to be socially just then looking the bubble who seems not to understand what's happening because it's social distance between the governing part. in the 2 leafs and ordinary citizens will
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struggle with struggling, you know, as to why it's and so there's a responsiveness from the companies and then the internet is also out against a, by daily. so what happens then if you've got that, it's really an explosive situation, particularly also when a company party try to continue as business as you. so in the biggest crisis, certainly in loving memory on a rescinded last last week, for example, an interest rates were where you please, you know, across the economy to state has been increasing rates and services. but yet, the state is not getting dakota william that talks about an elite living in a bubble. a bubble has the a and c last. the confidence of south africans is it? does it lead? not understand what needs to be done has been empowered for too long. good. no.
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is see. it says the students is on its own fixes because in swimming on these other mashed on this one doesn't match the faucet. that's great. but didn't, it was his me grocery defending against who defend up in this. i will and you'll go said of them. it's in terms of national and teach. it's a country african national congress is a kind of that something let in see to assist us on. oh we're not we're not let jamie with here would c r
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a or reach national any not a national this is not so good. news is little for all over miss we we are lady so rich. you are really true. let us it. we're going to find a better own sort of kids and all or you might be inclined kids always. thank mercy. the coat there, defends the legacy of the a and c. acknowledge is its weaknesses, but you are, i'm a poser should resign. but would that make any difference in the current circumstances while it would start the direction of the country in the right way? i think president from a person who's government have proven that there. and i think we need a fresh reset in south africa. new government that has led a competence of africans was focuses on the future of this country. the key
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failures unjust in economic mismanagement. the n c in and of itself is delivering a situation where 80 percent of our learners in this country are in schools that are dysfunctional. which means that the long term trajectory of south africa aren't furthermore, that it's the same in c that's allowed corruption to thrive simply under president zoom. and it has continued on the person who he, himself has now been allegedly been embroiled. and so whatever emerges out of the new leadership that mr. cortez talk about self connection will be a compromise to preserve status quo and lead no one to job. so if you really want to reset fall africa, we need a new leadership. when a new question, and we need to can only vision that says, how can we cannot on the inter trade with an africa for compete globally with other markets in recovery to a post closer universe. and furthermore, to ensuring that you found employment become the trained ok. william after be well documented, rampant corruption of the, of the zoom
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a years around the pose. it was supposed to be a new broom, wasn't a what's, what's gone wrong. i think, you know, very sad because do not understand that, you know, the corrections i did is jacob's president, she was systemic. i mean, you know, there was a corruption, know how many of the states crossed up policy is cross and rhetoric of ideas. you know, for a procurement i'm, it was sort of corruption of the policy of the governing party. now normally a society is once you get that kind of systemic corruption. and jacobs was there for 10, almost decades. because, you know, the last decades it takes at least not a 10. yes. to get back to where he sponsors, and that's normally, you know, we, i, 6 of the kind of, so it's i to looking at other competitors of developing countries and, you know, how they go out of production of, in, according to corruption, how long it takes to get out of it. so if you look at an african situation,
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you know, some african grayson lucas's independence. not at the moment. you know, if it comes to spend 5 or 10? yes, systemic caracas apart. you think it takes about 10 to, to even some cases. 20 yes, and then of course i've seen some countries. i'm never gotten out of the corruption where the buck where i'm so you can't get out of the space if the company is still there. so what we need, we need a step down actually off the governing party. i get new people to come in. i mean, that's really the only way to renew the company to state farm. the society countries, our culture, dakota, not much confidence from other guests in the agencies capability to manage this. we've had the final findings of the 3 year inquire into state capture present, said it revealed endemic corruptions. we've talked about from a post as promised, a plan to implement the reports, recommendations in 4 months time, because the agency realized how critical this is for the policy on the government.
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indeed work to come. this is a said for we're an instrument, or is she does? she is she is in soon come on corrupt since we're little extenders. do not wish that goes look out. and what part of it to us, our monday, was liberally from children in african countries. at the coach. okay, if i may interrupt you briefly, i don't think many people dispute very and sees revolutionary credentials in terms of and ending apartheid. but with youth unemployment, the highest in the world with record levels of poverty and equality, the agencies failing to deliver those now, isn't it? it's revolutionary credentials accepted, but now it needs to deliver for today. in did it need to do what
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to do in a month or so and i made some money. he said that the issue of the problem, it's such late a minorities who are made from. ready and you sent decorum in such a while and i think see, we don't have to assess 2 point whether we deal traps or social grants while people will scroll the go button. i mean they've got a big on. ringback our country as well as the okay, all williams, look at. okay. 32 of our
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country is still in william. are you confident that? so rom, oppose a cannot, can come up with those recommendations in 4 months or is the, is the rock to deep? i think there are still very tricky folks now because you know, you also understand that some of our president, i'm a poster is also not in golf in allegations of corruption. what has happened that his father called us africa gate and i think he's focus not really if in trying to you know, to survive particularly survive that scandal. what any amc you know is out for you for the election. and he answers december conference. so between now and the end of the year, the answer is electric. contra. spect. i don't think i'm a force i will be focusing on the crisis. need a family. the answer will be focusing on the one hand present because i seem to be focus on trying to campaign to get reelected, and to try to clear his name until december. and on the other hand,
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what you're seeing in the company, and maybe there is, but he's generating so much hopelessness and anger in the country is that he is really, is focusing on his own internal battles from with him. and even the conversations that he has, the conversations this so far from, from the crisis, somebody saw king and engine leaders are talking, blaming apart dates, maybe colonial or somebody else has been a powerful, over 3 decades. you have to imagine over 3 decades, you know, the increase in charge of the status and chops of the economists in charge of the companies policy writers domestic reform policy. you know, no one off the decades can still blame off what one if one half have a party such a monopoly control over the states. since mostly i know you've written recently the south africa, african leaders that she should look to what's happened in natural anchor about ensure lanka was a revolution against elected representatives. and certainly in south africa had
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violence last year. that might be a taste of what to come. that makes it different from the arab spring. and that was a revolution against dictatorships. is democracy letting people down in south africa? no, i think that i think they economic circumstances often hard in this country. but what i'm starting to realize at this point in time is that as the maturity of the electron to start to realize that even though they exercise the vote and the promise that the n c puts forward of the so called renewal is not occurring their frustrations are bubbling over into the streets and i would argue that their frustrations will soon bubble over to the state. because then see as the liberation movement is no different than any other one in the rest of the continent. at 1st they got another state. they must manage it and then they find creative ways to stay in power. so project, hopefully you realize that the future of the n c is not different to that. it was
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on p, f, in that these could become liberation. movements that start to infiltrate the judiciary, frustrate media and dependence, and ultimately obfuscate election results. so we have to work hard in the period now though the democracy is maintained in this country all we face the real prospect of outside interests that can motivate and disillusion youth to be able to create just instability in the country will come back to that subject in a 2nd a but the co to what do you think, ceramic, those as rama poses, chances are of winning reelection as it be a and c lead a later this year. you see this huge of in the. ringback dance is a neary mitchell with bins on the crash. what it's for now normally this guaranteed in the ledge.
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now leader finance. eat a li is stay in the past. what happens in, if he does, would've done what he supposed to been done in terms of the last conference ocean's last conference from his positions in, in, in was that leader is determined research as the in c. it will go back and decide to look at it for what is the office to cranberry once, and i'm jalencia, florida. okay. who's performance? visibility? jim tribble really just a leader to deliver the money. it's ok, william thanking this william just help us understand the day to day living circumstances of ordinary south africans at the moment. like in many developing will countries. people live day to day, what they are not days, what they spend on food at the end of that day. there's no weekly shop hedging
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against inflation. that sort of thing. how ordinary looks african surviving in the moment? i mean, i think, you know, because this is the bigger finance crisis, a lease in the post democrats yet, but certainly that's maybe because i'm financial crisis since the end of the 2nd world war made you think about the numbers. 2 types of or young people are unemployed. if you change of, you know, another number just in terms of adults, be almost 60 percent of doctors and employees. we're now getting fuel prices because of the fact off the russian and your claim was your price is soft caps of sky high. and most people, i mean most people are just are just to be example. i mean about 3040 percent of people's income at the lower end spectrum is spent on transports. so all this money goes day, we might even have now potentially the highest inflation rate in the post office
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. a very happy coast space. then you know, a public house of state house system because they don't fail. obstacles collapses, go to hot puppy boston. now to joke, east africa, you go there to die. public education system, schools, and townships, if we can pay for you know, let's just say mathematics compared to an emerging market and even our african counterparts, we certainly among the west to compare with public education but other countries. and then of course we got over 800 state own entity, certainly any emerging markets. yes. so most states companies, if you compare to other emerging market, but almost 90 percent of all of those companies will failed. i mean, they bank up in the last decade, just 1.5 trillion run has to be used to bailout just companies. this is a real crisis. i mean, it is, as i say,
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the biggest financial crisis in loving memory. ok. a most season. the problem for you that the politicians that a capitalizing on the circumstances, william talked about of a one from the populist and of the spectrum. you've had to new policies and making began the municipal elections that run an anti migrant platform. you have julius malay mer of the economic freedom fighters who went round with people into restaurants, demanding to know if they employed foreign workers the other day. they are the politicians making in route wrote say, whereas people like you who want to try and bring races together, a struggling against the populist wait i think globally, we went through that wave and you described periods that occurred even pre covalent and maybe to some of the time we saw in the us what that meant, we saw even some of the french elections and all of those, all that global phenomenon was in place. but i would argue william, that in fact,
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we are now getting to a point where is more and more people realize that actually the rational center argument has to be restored back to south africa. there are more people now trying to correlate around the center. and i would argue the case that come 2024, you will see that in place because the plans for majority of south african citizens, they realize if they all blame the immigrants or sometimes even the hand see wants to do, you would have had a far greater growth, but we are now describing $65.00 or fives, 5 to 10 percent. i want to say this equally. so, and this is a very important point. is that what the greatest appointment with the n c has been? is that we've been through periods in the past when we actually gets economic growth. what we did see infrastructure being told in the democratic era and that is all dissipated, nancy is not going to be able to redo it. and that is what we still need. we need that 5 percent g d p growth, we need that infrastructure rebuild. and i think citizens like myself in many others are now starting to form that coalition in the center. that will be able to
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bring about that middle ground, that central vote to be able to bring about the change in 2024. ok. very last very quick answer to the add to the independent hair at the table. william, do you think the i n c can recover in time for the national elections order? part people like a movie have a chance. you know, my sense is this is in the decline of the i can see, you know, i'm an african, if you look at african history outside of it also, what about a decade? you know the generations that both are free for liberation passes and, and they are recent party fail. i'm take what. okay. so we are states now it does appear, i think really should be very well dropped below 40 percent. if it's lucky, it would be, you know, 40 if, if president, i'm a 4th has not had a very likely to texas and i've talked to load and my touches it won't be able to
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put a congregation. but if it's sort of in my phone, it should be able for the coalition, but it will never be able to govern on its own anymore. all right, well gentlemen, unfortunately out of time. but thanks to all our guests to dakota for, wait a to move, see my money. and to william made a thank you to for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com. after more debate, go to our facebook page, dots, facebook dot com, forward slash a j insights. you can also join the conversation on twitter. we are a inside store for me, bernard smith, and the whole team here by the me. ah,
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a disciplinary court in poland. the accused judges who refused to tow the states line . witnesses follows to courageous judges spearheading the stand against reforms. critics claim leave the highest guardians of the constitution, vulnerable to politically motivated sanctions, based on their rulings, judges under pressure on a just sierra lullabies of defiance. it really touched my heart deeply when she started to seeing y'all that. ready i see out is there a well it remembers palestinian singer who reached audiences beyond the middle east
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. born into a creative family in nazareth. she sang out a powerful and emotional message, the personal story of rain, ben, the voice of palestine on al jazeera. in just under a year's time catalyst al bait stadium will house the opening match of the 2022 world cup. the official opening of the stadium came on day one of the arab cup, but many friends were already counting down to the big kickoff next november. see you cut back those $1020.00 as this tournament unfolds over the coming days. it will play a key role. organize is getting ready to host the middle east's biggest ever supporting event next year and for the castle, national teams, they get used to playing in front of expected home crowds. bobby hoping to convince both the fans and themselves. so they really all ready to take on the world ah.


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