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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  July 26, 2022 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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landlady, poor maggie mother, grandmother its best. the fuel is continued to be provided to us through the bus depots that with its not possible for us to queue overnight. and then dr. children to school in the morning who love this is very difficult here. that feel is not the only problem. skyrocketing prices have seen school transport fees double in recent months. and many families have been forced to look for cheaper options. students have not been spared. the effects of sherlock has worst economic crisis in decades . but following 2 years of pandemic related locked downs, it's not been easy. bonaire fernandez al jazeera colombo, german airline. left hand sir is canceling at nearly all of its flights from frankfurt and munich. g. 2 at shuttled strike by its ground staff on wednesday, around a 1000 flights will be scrapped starting from tuesday, impacting about a 134000 passengers. staff are striking to pressure management in ongoing stuttering negotiations.
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ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories now. each member states have reached a compromise deal on making emergency gas cuts this winter. europe is facing an energy crisis, as the russian owned firm gas prom. it reduces supplies from the north stream, one pipeline, to 20 percent of capacity. the new head of moscow space agency says russia will quit the international space station after 2024. you rebar a soft for said its focus will shift to building its own station. for nasa says it hasn't been informed about the move because like you're still, as you know, we're working within the framework of international cooperation on the international space station. of course, we will fill all our obligations to our partners. but the decision to leave after 2024 has been taken. i think that by that time we will begin to follow russian
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orbital station and i believe or to the future of russian man space travel. first of all, should we based on a balanced and systematic scientific program? at least 5 protest isn't. 3 peacekeepers have been killed in protest at the un based democratic republic of congo. it happened on the 2nd day of writing the eastern city of duma, demonstrators, se peacekeepers has not protected them from bondage from region one to leave the international monetary fund to slashed its global growth for cost to just over 3 percent as conflict in ukraine in the slow down in china, take their toll on the world economy. it says high of food and energy prices are expected to push up inflation more than expected. israeli forces have rated the palestinian village of car wet bunny hassan and occupy the west bank. they demolished the homes of 2 palestinians who have been charged with killing of god in april. the illegal is very settlement of r. e l. i protest have been held outside the unmarked embassy and bun cook to
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condemn the execution or pro democracy to the or for accused of helping to city and resistance. and schools have reopened in sri lanka, after the government said it would provide fuel so children could get to classes. it was shots at nearly a month ago because of the shortage is caused by the worst economic crisis in decades. there's all the headlines here. the news continues here and i'm just here after inside story to stay with us. ah, there's a global outrage after me and my executed for pro democracy prisoners. it's military
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john to has brushed away criticism. can international precious stop such killings? and what are the chances of me and mar returning to democracy? this is inside store. ah hello, welcome to the program and burns the execution of 4 prominent pro democracy activists in may and mar, a spark anger in the country and abroad. the military john, so which took power in a cool last year had accused the man of conspiring to commit acts of terror. the activists, including several high profile opposition figures were tried in secret military courts. news of the executions triggered condemnation from the united states. the european union, britain, australia, and the united nations, as well as
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a rare rebuke from the association of southeast asian nations. and hundreds of people protested outside me and mars embassy in bangkok will bring in our guest shortly. first, this update from tony chang in bangkok, reactions the execution of 4 political prisoners inside man mar, by the military joint. her has been shock and horror. hundreds of people took to the streets of bangkok to protest outside. mamma's embassy. there have been statements of condemnation from the un secretary general, the us secretary of state and politicians all across the you. a little this condemnation here in the region, se asia will the malaysia's foreign minister did say this was a crime against humanity. but to a certain extent, assay, and the association southeast asian nations has tried to engage in miramar, military shown, curb their excesses. they say this was be seen very much as a slap in the face and
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a rear comment from me on mars military on the executions at a press conference, an answer to a question from local media. they said they had nothing personal against these men, and they had been given every opportunity to prove their innocence. that said their charles took place in the military court in secret process, many people deemed to be very unfair. and that feeling of unhappiness is also being seen and the streets of murmur, flash mobs take into the streets of yank on a mandalay, many of the main cities demonstrating their anger and calling for revenge. and that is the big concern, that with this conflict getting worse and worse since the military coup and 2021. as both sides become more entrenched, the conflict will just get worse. tony chang for inside story. malaysia's foreign minister spoke out against me and my executions at
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a press conference in kuala lumper takes place about less than 2 weeks of the special and why visitor nephew door. and just about a week before the us here in 40 minutes just meeting infinite. so we look at it that as if the hunter is making a mockery of the 5 point consensus. and i think we really have to look at this very, very seriously. my should not be invited to send political representation to our ministry meetings. this is to, this is to, to show that we are very serious on the issue of political representation. the justice spokes person says the executions were legal off you would if you are not. and we knew that there may be criticism and objections when the death penalty were 100 down and conducted in accordance with domestic law. however,
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we did it for reasons of domestic stability for the rule of law and order and for security. not personal position groups have 70, it was done legally. these criminals were given the chance to defend themselves in the very dick. some of the trials are based on eye witnesses and facts. if we compare their sentences with other the penalty cases, they have committed crimes for which they should have been given many death sentences. mammals, military seized power from the civilian government in february last year. since then, it's been accused of widespread human rights violations view and rapport to tom andrews has accused its army of deliberately targeting children with nearly $400.00 killed or injured since the coo amnesty international says last year saw a worrying rise and death sentences with nearly 90 people put on death, row view, and human rights commission. so security forces have shown a blatant disregard for life. while the army denies the accusations and at least
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a quarter of a 1000000 people have been displaced since the military took power last year. ah, let's bring in our guests. minka ny house is a freelance journalist, an author. she knew 2 of the activists to executed co, jimmy, and they a tour. and she is covered their journey extensively in geneva. we have way nana campaigns, officer at burma campaign, u. k. and daughter of maya i, one of the $88.00 generation student leaders, and in scoggins, denmark, we have helen. maria cared a senior research focusing on justice and security, and me in mar, at the danish institute for international studies. a warm welcome to all a very difficult subject for us to day or 1st of all, minka. are you surprised that the army went ahead with these executions?
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well, i was very concerned that this time they would be very serious about it. even though that sentence has happened been carried out for the last 30 years. but there were already before the execution. there were rumors and, and there was you skiing, circulated deliberately that it was going to happen. what had happened already? that seemed to be like a sort of testing to watch. i swore to react, she would be and then i came especially concerned then i heard that the family, some of the family members had given that a chance or even though it was in my meeting to have an encounter with the prisoners. because that is an indication of execution is, is about to be implemented to be carried out. ok when ended, are you surprised that service has happened? is executions were carried out. well, it's very hot breaking. we kept thinking they wouldn't do it because it's and know
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in the military interest to carry out the execution off to decades or not having done so. but if this is a sign that the military is very desperate, because even over a year or the attempt to prove, because i'm say attempted to because they haven't been able to consolidate color, they haven't been able to control the general population. who, being standing up against the military coups, a business defined of desperation. and they trying to use free effect to, to start a revolution on the ground. and, but in reality is, has the opposite effect of marie. i see you nodding away. there is, is this a sign of desperation from the military? i very much agree, i think from the specter of the unit itself, it's part of instilling increasing fear and terror in the population. warning the resistance fighters that they will go. as far as you know,
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they can to stop the resistance and they don't been to any international pressure. but i'm very, very, in agreement that it is a sign of weakness both on the battlefield in terms of territorial control, but also in terms of not really being able to run the state apparatus. the economy is in ruins. and what we've been researching over the past year or so, it's also how soldiers within the ranks of the military cells are increasingly demoralized. there is a growing fatigue. we see a gradual increase of defect this over the past year as well. so even within its own ranks, there are weaknesses and a sense of kale minka you, you've 30 years covering me and mod you agree with d. c. this is a sense of of weakness for the 1st time executions in 30 odd years. yeah, i certainly, i think then the military ceased power on the 1st of february,
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2021. they expected that they would get back control pretty easily by using brutal force as they have done for decades. and the complete opposite is what we are seeing now. after months of peaceful protests and very brutal violence by security forces, it hasn't worked. so there are still daily flesh co tests. large amounts of people are still on strike. and there are military groups operating in various parts of the country, as well as the several armies of ethnic groups who has been fighting for more autonomy and equal rights in a vote. they hope to be a federal state. so the military really is finding itself in until actual forces here and have to fight on so many phones and all the day. and i think that that is also where there is an element of anger and revenge on those for people who have
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been execute said that it wasn't only meant to terrorize the population, but it was also an expression or free french as far as i see it i mean, can you knew they at or, and co jimmy? i'm laugh families. can you just tell me a little bit about them? yeah, i wish we had the whole program to talk about them. of course, it's so much to say both of them are very highly respected, active face. and so let me started called jimmy who came to fame in 1988 protests against the machine as a member of the a t h generation. and he was very soon after this process of having a reference and he spends between his course of s and another release in 2012 almost 20 years in jail. but every single time that he came out of jail, he should make money. he was still advocating them,
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of course he likes and free country and he also was known for doing a lot of social activities to address the ills into society. so you can often be seen, for example, when, when there were crisis or each needed to place people, people to do money, cherry and work, there was also ferry and an appeal at all is about 10 years younger than the 53 year old co, jamie, he came to fame as bringing out, releasing the 1st hip hop album, which really galvanized a generation that was the price of freedom and hunger for, for a better life and a nurse for 15. and then he decided the most of the not 14 take and, and he, what he established and underground use movement all generation people who present
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them. and up on the 25th, 2011, he joined the party of functions switching. alright. and i should also mention flom you on and on tours or the other 2 man who executed as well. and wine in we heard mention that from mnc of the flash mobs have been in that been takes incredible bait bravery to do that. but is there any way really, to hold me in mars military accountable for all of this? well, yes, aspects of all you know is that we have been telling the international community to refer to the international criminal court. and even countries who are supposedly interested in human rights, like the u. k. and the u. s. they are very hesitant to do so. and we have a case going on a forward ro hinge a genocide at the c j. and countries like the britain can joined, that is a part of the accountability process for the military because we believe,
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after all, the international community helped create the cycle of impunity felt by the burmese military because it's been decades they've been getting away with human rights violations. genocide against their hinges, and if they get away with this state execution, the worry is that they will continue execute 90 other political prisoners on death row. and we don't want that because all of these people, they were wrongfully accused, and they were tried without proper judicial process, and they shouldn't be in jail let alone on bedroom. alan murray in terms of holding the military accountable as has been totally an effective. it hasn't, it's, it's really not a strategy of attempting to engage the military has not worked at all 100 well, i mean its own chair or the converge in huntington. he, he actually told the command chief,
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me on line not to carry through these executions. and we've seen a statement coming out today of disappointment. i think it's, it's, it's a clear sign that the 5 point statement that was, or consensus that was agreed upon in april last year that was mentioned earlier, has simply not been followed by the military. doing so. i mean, this idea that they would us and would bring together the different parties, including on some so cheap, who is now behind bars, has simply not worked. i mean, and people on the ground in me and my have consistently said that every time in comes and visits mit it's, it just legitimize us. the units are, it's part of what they fear, a form of normalization, of the situation of the military going to empower and it plans to hold elections in 2023 and this could be part of that normalization. so it's really, really important that the intentional community steps are broaden. it gave the mandate to us in the you and you and others to do this. but at the moment it's,
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it's just not enough. and also in the un security council, what's happening now is that china and russia are protecting the military going to, if not directly, then it these indirectly. so there is a need to find another course internationally to actually show action rather than just words, whining back to you will not. i mean, the cambodian prime minister on son he's been, he would have been humiliated really having to because he was the one he had resisted condemnation of my while, maybe singapore, the philippines, malaysia and indonesia have been outspoken. he resisted, tried to persuade the johnson not to cut out the executions, and they've just ignored it. yes, and i hope, you know, usually asti and use the policy of non interference. but i hope this is the lesson for the asi, and that the military is not something you want to engage in. because since the
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started, the military has shown over and over again that they don't really care about any international law international agreement, they continue killing and arresting people on the ground. and of course, these 4 executions are the one that we know and his well known execution. but there are so many unvil who killing happening in integration from press retention center . so these things are happening every day and what kind of military would be interested in engagement while they continue committing human rights violations. so i hope this is the lesson for asi and it's time for proper and effective action rather than going along with the military and hoping to engage and make them respect about human rights because it will never happen. but i think from your experience in may and ma, do you see anything that i see and could do that would make the military change its plan would make the military return to democracy? bell?
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i think i'll feel it. you still have this policy of considering the situations in countries internal affairs for at the same time, there is some leverage here. if i can, can ask the political will because it was really very important. spec for me on march will become a member of asked young, and i am not happy to have a black sheep in its middle, and every single international gathering. surely they will be caught up on what they are going to do about the situation in your mar. so it all has to do with the political will. and at the same time, they can also do a lot more to engage with the various groups that now form the position. and for example, the government of national unity, the test stablished by among others elected members of parliament who have been
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dismissed by the military. so there are definitely more things to be explored and what has to be done so far. and i think the military regime has been where also, national community is busy for the situation in the u. crane. and all ours are on russia as well. and they are trying to get to see how far they gets away with this. incredible. ok. ex allen maria. tell us help us understand a little bit about the people's defense forces. now how effective all day and how effective could they be if it's a hard question to answer, but we know that there is around 400 the peoples defense forces that more it's very important to recognize here, as was mentioned briefly earlier, is that in the past before the qu, the main battles or resistance against the military was in the s, the border areas, but we also see very, very strong people's defense forces in birmingham berg bama majority areas in
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psychiatry, mac wy, and other regions. and this makes a huge difference from previously in the last history of, of conflict. and this could make sure difference from before, because the military has to fight on so many front. and that's also why what i said earlier is that it's combat units are now getting tired out. they don't get any rest. they are losing the belief in what they're actually fighting for because we're talking about a broad sector of the population resisting the military amongst the majority population where most of the soldiers are from. so i think that by fighting on all these funds at the same time and the building in alliances with the compensation that have been fighting, the military that has experience, finding the military for the case. it could make a huge difference. and we already seeing it in these sections that are happening from the military that we've been looking at. and wayne in this,
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these people's defense forces came out of the peaceful protesters that erupted, but started after the coo last year. they claim to control more than 50 percent of men miles territory. that is a realistic calculation. well, we fear that the people deformed forces are growing in burn that because even like, you know, they came out of the peaceful protest because they felt that was the only way to defend themselves and also attacked the military on the ground. and of course, the military has much more advanced technology, and when it comes to weapons, they have much more advanced weapons as well. so what we've seen is that on the ground, people found supported and the military can, you know, the military is losing. but on the fighter jets as front then military is using tied to just to bomb civilians and ethnic areas. and that's
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why you know, part of or human rights activists are calling for functions on a be a fuel. because if we stop applying the ation fuel to burma, then they won't be able to slide these 5 projects to bomb people in ethnic area as well as people who are operating people defense forces in on the ground. main, could you see too much store puts in the strength of the people's defense forces? are they really any match for the chinese supply supplied me and mar army. well, this is not only about military strength as such. it's the fact that there are groups in various parts of the country, including very close or even in urban areas that gave the military regime essential in security and fear. and that is quite unprecedented in, in recent history. so when you speak to a pdf,
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they will tell you that the case is referenced, they don't allow owing all, it is quite high. and that is certainly also a factor that needs to be taken into account. when we often hear this cold for the pdf, people's events forces their short of weapons showed an outside organisation or country b arming the pedia. well, this is not. i mean, a lot of people on the ground, especially pdf or asking for arms, but also they are asking for a humanitarians help as well because most of them don't have any funding for food and other fun shows loan. so as of course, firmer is not only facing a human rights problem bill, but we are also facing a huge humanitarian across this in the country. so i think in the national
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community and outside organization should be healthy people in the country including, you know, countries like us and they can allow the cross border aid from tie them aboard so that people in the can live and they have food and other sanctions to essentials, to operate i think is very important to get support from the international community. allen, maria, just very quickly from you. how do you see inside me and my the what the best way to combat the jump to that the best ways by 5 to unite the forces against the military doing. i mean we have seen forms of unification. we haven't seen historically before in the mob, but there are also challenges. there are also differences amongst those resisting the military gym to so if people can stand together and the ethnic armed organization can join hands with the people's defense forces and also the political entities from the ethnic minorities and the national unity government. i think that
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is definitely the best way forward seen from inside me. and mine, of course, is to be supported by us from the outside as well. all right, thank you very much. we are, unfortunately out of time, but thanks to our guests to make a new house to wayne inn and hello, maria, tired and thank you too for watching. you can see the problem again. any time by visiting our website, al jazeera dot com for more debate, go to our facebook page, facebook dot com, forward slash ha, inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter. we are actually a j inside store for me, bernard smith and the entire team here, and by the ah
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and a blue lullabies of defiance. it really touched my heart deeply when she started to sing y'all that. ready i see out is there a well remembers of how the simian singer who reached audiences beyond the middle east, born into a creative family in nazareth, she sang out a powerful and emotional message, the personal story of rain, bena, the voice of palestine on al jazeera. when the news breaks, people haven't to make haul breaking decisions on whether to leave behind their homes and loved ones when people need to be heard. and the story told. so if they leave in the home, or we hope to return one day with exclusive interviews and in depth reports al
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