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tv   Al Jazeera World Rim Banna The Voice of Palestine  Al Jazeera  July 26, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am AST

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ah ah safe good mm hm. and then international anti corpse and excellence award bought now for your hero. ah.
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hello i am i am mozy in london etiquette main stories now. the european union has agreed to ration it's gas usage. is it braces for a further dip and russian energy supplies? brussels as the new plan should see members to an average winter, even if the taps were turned off entirely. members of agree to voluntarily would you say gas usage? by 15 percent? basha says the would use output is due to a faulty gas turbine. but you leaders say the latest shortfall is politically motivated. i'm de la shami reports now from brussels. the energy crisis looming over europe dominated the meeting of the ministers in brussels, russian and gas ahead of winter, the best and only way to reduce the use reliance on russian energy. $45.00 b sam correspond stay 15 percent gut in our usual gasoline sumption between the beginning of august and the end of march. that's why we have pointed to this percentage as
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the target on member states should stay forward. russia is said to further reduce supplies through the nod stream pipelines, blaming a technical fault at one of the stations. something you ministers dispute. he usually does say there is no technical reason for the last reduction, something gas prom disputes of the short national game. as of today, there is no solution to the ongoing equipment issues at the party. i buy our compress the station near, but there is no solution whatsoever yet. seems as saying nothing. they're trying to find solutions, but there are none, but come out as the west and russia exchange economy blows in response to russia's war in ukraine. european leaders say moscow is not a trustworthy partner. the width is coming ah, and 3 don't know how cold it will be. but what we know for sure that the in the will continue to play his her da da games her in misusing and
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like, mailing her by, ah gar, supplies like so. you, grace president, one of the major lensky says, europe is already at war with russia just on a different front i see in his bride. all this is done by russia on purpose to make it as difficult as possible for europeans to prepare for winter. and this is an open gas war that russia is waging against the united europe. this is precisely how it should be perceived. and they don't cave all happened to the people or how they will suffer from hunger g to the blockading of ports, or from winter cold and poverty, or from occupation. these are just different forms of terror. jak honest. nearly half of all the guys europe needs it comes from russia. the supply is now down to our relative trick all come winter if european countries don't have enough supply stored up in time. it means certainly almost it will be
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a struggle to heat homes and power cities. abdullah show me under 0 brussels, the newly appointed chief of moscow space agency says russia, quit the international space station after 2024 year a bar self tell president putin, the national space agency will shift its focus to building its own station. but us base from nasa says it has not been informed about this many phenomena learners to, as you know, we're working within the framework of international corporation on the international space station. of course, we will hold fill all our obligations to our partners. but the decision to leave after 2024 has been taken. i think that by that time we will begin to fall a russian orbital station for over a place in the democratic republic of congo. say 7 protest. as and 3 un peacekeepers have been killed on a 2nd day of anti un protest. rallies have been taking place across north kiva, province against the united nations peace keeping force. they say they fail to
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protect them from violence in the region, and they want them to leave and fight fight is in the usa. they are making progress and battling. california is the largest wildfire this year, with more than a quarter of the blaze near yosemite. national park contained nearly 3005 fighters in 24. helicopters are at the scene. the oak fire is destroyed, an area half the size of san francisco. those that lines out. is there a well there next? ah ah
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she's so oh no. who's the law firm should all cut mine the honeymoon? a hill full ash? oh i'm in a marker i am oh oh oh oh oh oh. ready
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a . ready ah, my father, i will see my grandfather hot bed on why not shop if you'll see me on she on that he saw a daughter with a shuttle national vendor to father down here i can tell the blood or the sound like a battle, but i've been hawaii south a ah ah ah
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ah ah ah, ah, my will the 3 in control of the control band ally, sad to leave? oh, my she is margaret. what william can filter in the hold on the edge i can fit can hyphen on the on the saw him muttering, i'm a comb, saw he felt hello movement over the rim can the flu immunization done the on the montgomery room. and she was very, i'm not sure i had to call them and to hand how he is looking at
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a well my will that help me out to show me you follow me up for i it's about that of a tucker calling. it's ah, the can anthony, in the my $140.00 visually out for the the model has not had a will it can, it was you will not be at the national academy for you on the lake
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and the little about for the club level, the hollow jewel them off holiday in, in the coma law, a bit, the city they hate their me in lithia like a man for that matter. harlem, squarely lead. now. assume was a coffee or and didn't know me will for me to rob, but 3 him a whole ha. i le, dora, selina, a look only at the bomb i look was a failed rouge, 0 hub. these are you zia math? gobble jaila de la, but i do look animals you deem behave mandy o me couldn't a streaming and cassette watch double her son can the fanny model who fil hobbies. liam? yeah, no, lemme not hooked behind the fables issue. and then then upon the night and then in
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the and the bed that grew up macklin thought of him, he saw ah, been a short on friend nathan. cool. and we believe addressing and unable director general molly muscle sin. and again, i'm going to submit m m major, but of total law. so 3 m e. i'm almost like may suddenly what in the board was, why should i get my hand in? well, have them on the list theory and he can i'm going to miss you, rick. oh, a
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her. yeah. yeah. oh, about a a b o. this way here today at the about the on the beside the a good side family and lemme stuff it up. i'm a school stuff at at my because it,
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oh sure. you know i will have that emma in the school for more school. she'll amanda wash away. yeah. i oh, i can get a shot. the live i live squall and one and then sway sway. melissa, his speech t, earth to whether or 15 or get my get them in this museum, he's not from a polar zeal yeoman can understand that will say in to so long clearly, but in the system now i believe on what people are a oh
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i m o n c a oakley moon motto, little order here your law exec good. oh for ah! in happy management my hearts. ah my it's la loca. samson salter was cheryl president, the fit management for a shall twice i feared. be lazy in the whole. now i feel awfully
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a manon professor instead the fan looked local. her mom about the last summer when the club 1000000000 been up says well yes, i mean we're back. cook lisa was deserted. there are a nasa bits yeoman and mar ally. let me a the, um, wyoming, out of the hand column. what anthem bad hyatt where your car cody from to deal with shamar. he big day at the show. he was land nice going away in the come on the little louder, michel ah ah ah
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ah, it is happening. i want marriage. i couldn't, i didn't have to come and if he can and the new thought and then then i'll get the issue to sell low. he said he'll lymphoma. hardy as sure, some mecca when the we who now will that only to whom in hell i'm the mother natalie. yeah. and the more that live a soon hello. i'm a good one of them. as you see, barbara said that the only year will hannah can i will land a, a
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mother see. she is does good man is that has to la that is in the motor valley shy atlanta nekisha, but the new methodist did him that if i'm us ha, mike, i'm or something with double. ha, danny had sent a wow. one as a jill over the, at the studio by jenny asmin. mike and mr. ashley, well about the what i sure allow a high school. agree, ninja, keith rollins minute in the elko been measure. mm. ah,
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a celebrity. okay. sherman highly, shall i know. i am a settlement gunshot a half lot, how much it's a blond when pleasant. well, how profit, how i want to, what i can in the benefit that on how the i was sick, the happen i'm fee and me and we're going to have a, had a ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, alika r a n. and then the family mission and i thought they kind of travel time. can they on the alley high? and i'll talk out ha vasquez. i'm with when they had one in school like oh ah a so
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a movie but well heavy mo heber yes. ship and to so it would be of blood. it will defer an umbrella, cali yet in will add that you called it yet. then out of her daddy hole in sandy, you had, he's a low, he'll probably get good fullest linea fucker not does. who will add modesta icon on the eclipse modality icon on philistine one. what is that then a matter of phyllis leni? yeah, the apostle, what? ah, [000:00:00;00]
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a mom a, a real command. bullshit. 2, i show mom, power me a all to learn from is soleah, but the money couldn't. hey, i shut the best approach at the euro. sheffield,
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if reppidy conflict a you, i will in the mat in the show, my not mccall one me a with that call one with that them and then below the roster there be a slave can can montage in for the money model. someone was an inch 3 in decision listed in the slightly father, the cut him and tell him liable has to be at the match. i had severe the thought of her lee, and she'll fool for me and lovely as marian been now among confess, configure and half an hour off and come to the f one l to salt my the fish to fish is serv. come out for an in house in the left and all conditioned my
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d. the letter here. the fellow with the hartford had actually adopted. also see a woman love a thorough lee and will not feel that he me was you hear me stream banana, you land one more on the bill for january, your him visual. and she had half a mile us in june. the limit on see how she was emily, aton better on ross's immediately not duffy how the flow going to show her the way that you had to offer them. i do. yes. you know. oh oh oh
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oh oh, i the whole story started around christmas time in 2002 and i asked an old friend so have a hoodie in jerusalem if he could help me to find a woman who can can sing lullabies on this album. he said there is one woman that you should meet. her name is him banner. i'm sure she can sing beautiful a lot by for you. and we went with his small blue car after hills to galilee. i
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had never heard about him before and i had no expectations except that i trusted so hate because he, he's a friend he, i knew his sense of quality. i met him and she was there with her 2 twin they were babies. and we went into a small room where it was quiet, not it didn't take the traffic from outside of her small, flat in the bedroom where i sat down. and she sat on a chair and i put my microphones there. the father took care of the twins and she was going to perform the 1st lullaby. and that was a moment. i never forget. it really touched my heart deeply when she started to seeing y'all. el mirage. at that moment. oh,
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oh, michelle. oh me ha. ah, dear oh, she, i recorded richard, beautiful. and of course it's on this album that, that we made, that is called lyla, vice from the axis of evil her. and after we came, i came home, i recorded one more song over the mp's and we compiled the song scarlet marquilla
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or toilets with the deer. with connie brim this in the week. she's singing who made a duet together with the name of the song. and when he leased it quite soon afterwards her. oh oh oh oh oh no ma'am, alicia i also am i better let the fall my also little bit in there is a on the the shuffle of him on me. it's maddie him battery. finally, i believe she stole amana maha, it's been all her bet. you can guess it out as c ds had matter. i mean,
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i deal with we had already worked for 5 years together. but no, she wanted to make a children's up. she said to me that my 1st album in palestine was that trip in san and i'm famous for singing children sauce. she, she'll complain about the quality of those 1st albums that the recordings were not so good. so she was was to bring these songs out into the refugee camps
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in and around palestine. and i got some support again from the norwegian church aid to do so. and they made it possible for us to print and number of copies and to go together with him to refugee camps to give them for free to the family. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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with ah, a sanctuary for journalists. it was a haven from the wall, an shelter for civilian refugees were scattered into the garden during cambodia as bloody suits. stuff, flooring us to leave and sub nave. we have tons of exxon. the co rouge had taken anything of value out of the hotel, cambodia. let the know
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a new episode of war hotels on al jazeera. ah ah sake that mm hm. and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero lou.
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hello, i mariam muzzy in london. just a quick look at the main stories were following this our. the p unit has agreed to ration if gas usage as it braces for the dip and russian energy supplies. brussel says the new plan should see members true an average winter, even if the taps were turned off entirely. members of agreed to voluntarily reduce the gas usage by 15 percent from august till march. europe 1st test will come on wednesday when russia plans to come flows through the north stream one pipeline to a 5th of its capacity. it's the 2nd time moscow's blame to a turbine for output costs you as repeatedly accused the cremmit of resorting to black male in retaliation for sanctions over the war and ukraine. the new d appointed chief of moscow space agency says russia will quit the international space station after 2024 years bars of told president putin,
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the national space agency will now shift its focus to building its own station. but us base nasa says it's not been informed about this. move us in washer work side by side on the station since it went into orbit in 1998. because as you know, we're working within the framework of international corporation on the international space station. of course, we will fill all our obligations to our partners, but the decision to leave after 2024 has been taken. i think that by that time we will begin to follow russian orbital station as just a couple of other stories in the democratic republic of congo. police have fed 7 protest as and 3 un peacekeepers have been killed on a 2nd day of anti united nations protest rallies have been taking place across at north q province with demonstrators saying peacekeepers have not protected them from violence in the region and want them to leave emission has been gradually withdrawing. now some year and 5 fighters in the u. s. is saying they're making
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progress in battling california largest, while fi this year with more than a quarter of the plays the same as the national park contained nearly $3005.00 fighters and $24.00 helicopters are at the scene. the oak fire started burning on friday and destroyed an area half the size of san francisco. thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes and 41 buildings destroys. are more on that story for you in the news hour in 25 minutes time. i'll see you then uh ah ah ah, ah,
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let me find a box that i sharon hummel, him in her. putting a gina just in the, in the shop is on hand and it's been started by lost on a 101st to me when i had a foster neil, a name it buffy had kind of a diamond on a fee in house to talk with on the dish asha nash mcmillan, i've been how cautious handy and to show a lot of brooklyn for a in a kind of a standing out on high. i'm pretty high owning it wasn't. i'm glad to know if in the hot on my last that i can. i tell her name and cannot how it was the know how you only if you what our house sophie, and how many
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a few shots full of the that is that your mind you for a will only get a miller who get him out shy, desires a ball or a wellness, mid 3. the how you belong, michael foster, you a lot of ah
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me, it's got a, a another as will dean heard them. they can isa. good to go to day, man in the household now the bill adela. anymore. now the will help when will, does your annual muslim mean? and he asked dreamily and can lima a, shadowy, yeah. a little bit on a philosophy need be set up. an 89. it off at an elite you many ha, better yet a sharpie. are well that would have an environment ashley and will soon a let the your the had it will be ash. abner min booming the lead, better quality sam at which i can go be at the la cream either for the i think the
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1st word kind of a lot of b o a w mm. ah, hello alicia, my tv i lost the infinity law had already occurred. comes them out to be or whatever. let's certainly fin the whole southern than me look because i is a power i'm saying you almost see already him. can it was your mother mendoza and the fullest and e. okay. how do you follow and what about the 2 semesters yet? and eli have been under our amanda, have
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a lot of the elevators can with the financial stackable or little photo sort of the elevator with a c a n young enough for the for like a feelin the with doing the show what are on them a hug log fall with us a little too badly when old. seattle shahrokhi was the daughter of 0 clamour. ha ha . ronnie. connect today rob taylor. oh i
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steve has to be shuttled within more feet. camaro fi shashi, could pass on a friend of mine with america jani. which is said the young man no, can, i can sum up natasha only been going off on a spot for the episode out if miss hobbes. meg will, i shall be thought of fake without a dollar. alice will be full sunny, few limby for a few last show of miami had there any fil felicity in me and she wants to like ohio cuz i
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need a ah ah ah ah ah ah, my bizarre will measure a will marolla built a debit the machine failed a day because sandy beckett, by an old man who will band highly owe a demo time yet. oh tant osh at lots of i on the my said i should dungeon them as
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you did in within the t bay would. t must also known as school, muster yet the sally l for me there shuffles can play fan, and the lake will feed them over to you. the officer, nobody in harmony, any one at my age, most likely you will see a little for those little to suffer the head even though no one knew she call cobra. my alley. most likely you had the man come how photo united bmw in mm. mm hm
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. ah a that a the back but a touch tone in a mining mach 8th, missy. any but shed more. is it a shot? the hook for sadie? let me help you. hi didnt hey angela latoya in memphis ne william and phoenix. nicole,
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im gonna i sent and if you hate and his lady mad sir. ha caught him latest we'll have to feed busha foreseeable. hey kent ta kaya! the added demons. habit gonna quit. he had the lowest awfully the to laugh even with the to the film. the whole acumen on her hi latoya. when faster did that, i need any of these. a thorough a g, a to littleness, had that a toners her in it, daniel hersh?
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ah, a me, ah, [000:00:00;00] with a i guess evening for many a city matlab. beside the classic you where i do a ham, austria whether asi, whether monica saw either a debt, a la city, me and must equal sophia, sophie. lucy had cody, mat, wild them and i guess are you going on a digital?
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but at even been when he had the mama hot up the wessy market, matthew body shop us thought the article will be anna. and he met a lot on a year. well, how could you set up god mosher with a m. a. he'll a swath of all fema lithia, but setup amo judah. why leader in me before the leafy get the high one. how some the low thought why i got e a
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m mm. a, b i o, b, a. i s my guy eli. he, lemme him out of that. no, he, murray, the thought it can suddenly can be a been a mom, a shame. sad and has a
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watch. ash a m o. b in been turned off on friday to mom hollis team with academy math and norma can watson lead on. i've been middlefield with the money, but among the melodic one with huntingdon, be cool. same i don't of. so you a mission that got out of my whole thing through are shipping from a name can paid for player check label can
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a fat that can re cushioned hygiene back on top of that one. get stuck in there who wish i had my analytical i bet i've done with black out at the fall. i was like, an like an honest, a mental mom of these fiend should land the la henry i with less than i'm know what feed holly and i left a 50 and my dad, my math. i attended the fall. we met fat lean with the heck a little higher as you do midnight in a foul with alma a. do you not a marcella london min the as he already said, that of thought min mana will yet to her. yeah. and the another until you get done
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and then you. so i'll talk to him audi him, a one harder man, a we young. we're married as early. we're lookin and the mercer the hatley. a bird is stuck. but let me be empty sir. i'm at the helmer huda. what? because mattie huck lieber. let the gun at that you meant what i did to her for shouted to be no and minute with me. none. and the has a little a said a hollow salty her. what i can, who lim, usa island. i know we yet to her. why i let you know that he her, well, i look at it. he said, a send me a little mulatto man. she couldn't him a can in turn, a tug hub. what you, lee? my can humble a fall. ha my message, let this young fellow holly on the kilt already while jean london will feel and get shot on the muscle and bottle charl. charles star that he got a little from the nfl fed ex yellow did not
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a kid. know helium blush out cancelled lumberton window in the top. i shall also michigan, so kindly give halla will help them from austin. heathens, allah was to spot on bomb laden and as he got to the hand cetera. erin militia, what fit while murat militia to plan last a v at the bathroom and on friday for the you couldn't the show from a ham last year ahead. yeah, the that i has
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a harmony a is she had talked with a a friend the looking up on the look. oh the stock off and then that hail and then mccall me. i lived in la la mobile at the 3 this fall to puddles with beer and beer,
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the captain it's say, like in the line of me on property as a law, they can the she said the ha h o h will let know i live in from being ah, let fan with anybody that's set up on a sunday, allan to come up that i should be daddy in the ship. battling lamps that on to little has a 15 set on the deal. we did mom and all me. oh my daddy. ah shanisha thompson passed the phoenix that he calling them all in amsterdam. i saw, however, i found the lashing henry liddy at dinner, ascended them. hottest deed williams died de la harmon would heatherly fee on that
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. but masha, when heb what's the matter? ah, the other looking at the thought, jimmy at the muddle phelan with the latrina would latrina that even embellish halogen shall a lovely golden modem as yet be fairly abilene nash. who can at nathan, he, i nudged a cleverly mulatto than when sun in the moon can age. dekessa was muddled in the hall. lunk, as if, as you see him, hadn't she? she didn't. sure. could you your fight and your poems and the way you performed them would be an inspiration for new generations of palestinians, and people from many countries in the world. every way the fight for freedom goes um your memory will remain in power and peace forever. through your songs and through the example you shall to all of us
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i wrote and i signed it for your true friend. and i made i ask bella onto read it to her. i know she did. we
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are a oh a ah i, i think one of the he had that how you think it was a, an issue that it can to him up a mile and they were in the house with somebody can give
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me a call when they when we're stuck with finished heading for the i can as this felipe nod known a m, my mom for class will not be for to little, not finesse. vehicle and plenty of bob in the but hm no fee. i'll see you tomorrow. what do you like? but the law was her last name is vicki done with hey miss me? well, miss melvin, look, i was oh,
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collegiate that c o m a ah, this is a region that is widely develop thing that it's one also that is afflicted by conflict. political upheaval, we try to balance his stories, the good, the bad, ugly. and he's the people who allow us into their lives dignity, intimacy, asked him to tell his story. hello, the weather is slightly set fair across a good part of australia. but boy,
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have we seen some very heavy rifle recently for new zealand, we have had flooding. impass, hen puzzle. north ireland have seen around $500.00 millimeters of rain of this month alone. many areas in new zealand are recording that wet is july on iraq. holden, there's more weather where that came from. so these weather systems continue to make their way across the tasman will shirey rain longest bells of rain coming through as we go on through wednesday, scattering a showers into the southeast of australia, so they'll be some right around. coastal parts of new south wales pushing into f, victoria easing across tasmania bits and pieces of range as clipping. the far south is west as well as we go one through the next day or so. still some showers into the southeast for thursday. stilson wet weather. therefore, new zealand remains on the warm side as well. so warm, wet, and windy, adding to the fretting conserves that we do have of course, many parts of the country here, farther north. what us all been about the heat into china, southern parts of china,
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in particular, la, she draw here, but you notice a little more cloud to started to push its way in northern than central parts. seeing some very wet weather. we some thunderstorms coming through, some chinese showers for japan. ah, the undercover reporting works when the new no one will do. doug could finance to the whole election revealing corruption. i see. busy that in exposing criminals, if he was tell you that had a dedicated unit for investigative journalism, how much will we have to pay for the girls? it is moment i slavery, exclusive stories. explosive results, al jazeera investigations. after a like time within the walls of been a rainy into
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a bengal tiger horizons are suddenly widened when she lands an unlikely row in a feature film. but how long can have better sweet freedom? last, when crisis strikes the z? ah, witness meyer a tiger tail on al jazeera. it's time for a memorable holiday with pegasus. it's time for turkey. set sail for new discoveries. enjoy. have new experiences. hit the shops. make wonderful memories, travel to turkey with pegasus and with direct whites to stand ball and tribes


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