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gender based violence that threatens to spiral out of control. now specialists police squads run by women, a trying to reverse the trend and bring the perpetrators to justice. but can they overcome years of macho culture and indifference? behind the scenes with the fem aside detected on a jazz eda ah ah, al jazeera with construction ah, the. ready
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ready e u member states agreed to reduce gas use to prevent a winter crisis in anticipation of russia announcing more supply cups. ah, hello, i'm darren jordan. this is out as they are alive from dell are also coming up at the end of an air in space. diplomacy, russia says it'll leave the international space station with plans to build its own orbiting out of the i. m f warns of high inflation and a global recession, but says russia is doing better than expected. despite sanctions and relatives of murdered al jazeera john machine of our clay, meet the u. s. secretary of state demand accountability for her death. ah, european union nations had agreed to rush and gas supplies after russia announced
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another cott 2 deliveries. you members agree to voluntarily reduce gas used by 15 percent from august until march, russia says the reduced outputs due to a faulty gas turbine. but each lead is a choose mosque of playing politics. abdullah shami reports from brussels. the energy crisis looming over europe dominated the meeting of u ministers in brussels, russian and gas ahead of winter, the best and only way to reduce the eas reliance on russian energy. $45.00 b sam correspond stay 15 percent cut in our usual gas consumption deeply in the beginning of august and the end of march. that's why we have pointed to they specialize each as the target or member states should stay forward. russia is said to per the reduce supplies through the north stream pipelines, blaming a technical fault at one of the us stations, something even ministers dispute. you need to say there is no picnic
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a reason for the last reduction. some singh gas prom disputes of the short national g. as up to day there is no solution to the ongoing equipment issues at the party about compress the station near but there is no solution whatsoever yet seem as, as saying nothing. they're trying to find solutions, but there are monotonous, come out. as the west and russia exchange economy blows in response to russia's war in ukraine. european leaders say moscow is not a trustworthy partner. the width is coming ah, and we don't know how cold it will be, but what we know for sure that the in the will continue to play his so don't the games her in misusing and blake mailing cur, by ha ga supplies. so you, grace president, one of the major lensky says, europe is already at war with russia just on a different front. i see him,
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his bride. all this is done by russia on purpose to make it as difficult as possible for europeans to prepare for winter. and this is an open gas war that russia is waging against the united europe. this is precisely how it should be perceived. and they don't care all happened to the people, or how they will suffer from hunger g to the blockading of ports, or from winter cold and poverty, or from occupation. these are just different forms of terror yak wellness does that . nearly half of all the gas europe needs it comes from russia. the supply is now down to our relative trick all come winter if european countries don't have enough supply stored up in time. it means certainly almost, it will be a struggle to heat homes and power cities. abdullah shami other sierra brussels united states has express regret over russia's decision to pull out of the international space station or the 2024. if russia does stop sending cosmo not to
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the i assess, it would mark an end to an ear of space diplomacy. you are state department spokesman, ned price says washington has been taken by surprise. it's an unfortunate development given the critical scientific work performed at the i s s valuable professional collaboration our space agencies have had over the years and especially in light of our renewed agreement on space flight cooperation. fenton monahan has more on rushes announcement. the future of this beacon of international cooperation may be in doubt when the war and ukraine prompted the west to sever nearly all ties with russia. the international space station was one of the few exceptions. 3 to one. now, after more than 20 years of partnership, russia says it's pulling out. not only dancer, of course, we will fulfill all our obligations to our partners on the decision to leave after 2024 has been taken. i think that by that time we will begin to follow russian
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orbital station and left off to many this move with a surprise or wealth. nasa and the russian space agency had only just signed a new agreement to the very astronaut to the station. in may, the head of the european space agency said cutting type russia on the i s. s. with technically impossible for both sides are responsible for different technologies on the station, and neither is trained to operate the others without assistance is going to cause problems. the, the russian for the side of things is in charge of several key systems on both international playstation. probably one of the most key ones is it propulsion system. so that's the thing that stops it from it. it's just about in us atmosphere . and over time, it's over, it does slowly degrade, does it get closer and occasion you need to get it a little bit boosted up again. and the russian segment is responsible for doing that. first through the hatch is denise match since the war and ukraine broke out, even like a space hasn't gone untouched by the politics of earth. in april questions were
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asked about the russian crews. choice of space suit was which matched the colors of the ukrainian flag. they denied any hidden messages, but many sort of a protest against russia's war. in july, the russian crew made a much clearer political statement. they post for photos, with the flags of hans and the next to russian back break way regions in eastern ukraine. it's unfortunate that the politics on the ground have now reached up into space before the i s. s. was the one common ground that we had where, you know, it was in everyone's interest that it work. and we never neither side use the i assess for these kinds of political posturing for events on the ground. the i assess was 1st established back in 1998. research on the station has led to breakthroughs and battling cancer. all timers and heart disease monitoring natural disasters from space has also helped relief efforts here on earth. but with russia
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and china now planning to complete their own space stations in the coming years, a period of space cooperation may be giving way to a new era of space. competition. benton monahan al jazeera, the international monetary fund is predicting a slow down in the global economy and its latest report that i'm, if projects the growth will slow to just 3.2 percent this year. high of food and energy prices pocket brought on by the ukraine war along with supply chain bottlenecks are also expected to push global inflation up to 8.3 percent. that's higher than previously projected in the world 7 leading economies. the i m f says the probability of a recession is now estimated to be nearly 15 percent. that's 4 times higher than usual. well, the ins says, well, the outlook is bad. there are measures, countries can take to mitigate the worst impacts. the outlook is dark and significantly since april the world may soon be teetering on the edge of a global recession. only 2 years after the last one multilateral cooperation would
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be key in many areas from climate physician and pandemic preparedness to foot secuity and that distress. amid great challenge and strife, strengthening cooperation remains the best way to improve economic prospects fall and mitigate the risk of g economy fragmentation. well, let's bring in william lee. he's the chief economist at the milken institute. he previously served as deputy division chief at the i. m f he jones, his last guy from washington dc. william, good to happy with her. so this i m f report makes for some very gloomy reading, but we shouldn't be surprised by this outlook. we all knew it was coming. didn't leak. oh absolutely. in fact, the i met outlook generally reflects the consensus of opinion about what impact various shots i've had on the global economy and the russian ukraine. war has become a well known shock and the you are the i m. f analysis is pretty clear in what consequences are higher prices and slow growth. so, so let's talk about russia,
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william, because while major economies like the usa, like china, a slowing down, rochelle and the other hand appears to be weathering the sanctions storm over the worn ukraine is purely down to russia, benefiting from the high energy prices. do we think what russia certainly is getting a lot of revenues from its sale of energy on the, even though the sanctions have been in place and the west has tried to restrict rushes access to the global financial system. russia has been managing out quite well since 2014, when it initially was subject to global sanctions because of its initial incursions into ukraine. ah, it has become much more of a self sufficient domestic economy where it substituted imported goods with domestically produce goods. so and so, so russia has feared quite well, but the sanctions are hurting. we can see the consequences of the lack of imports from the west in the equipment. the soldiers are using in their battles. it very antiquated, analog type devices that the stroke clearly have lacked the benefit of imports. and
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it's worth pointing out william, the analysts say the picture in europe could get much worse if moscow cuts off. old gas supplies in the e. u imposes. this ban on russian oil that of a by see next year. how is that then? like to play into the overall inflation picture? well, clearly inflation will get worse, saw it before it gets better. and i think the europeans are doing some chest thumping and saying that all we can do without the russian gas imports. when the winter gets cold, i think people are going to be clamoring for more of that gas. so i question the, the voracity and integrity on those are those, those on our initial arch calls for kind of golf russian guess william, just to final thoughts you, i mean, we've been hearing now for some time, haven't we, that a global recession is now likely how can country's been insulate their economies from the worst impact of a global downturn and give us some good news. is there any light at the end of the tunnel? well, the good news actually, his hearing united states, we talk about
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a recession, but we're starting from a point where the unemployment rate. ready is that the lowest in, in history, a 3 and a half percent. and so even if we were to start to slow down the amount of layoffs and disruption in the labor market will be really much smaller than what we've seen in past years. in the european economies on, i'm afraid to say the, it's energy intensity and energy dependence on russia makes it very subject to the price of, of, of energy coming from russia. asia, on the other hand, is subject to other shocks. and i think the best part of the world right now is still is united states willingly, really good to get your thoughts. thank you very much and have a talking to us. thanks. want him back up. not more. so to come here now does air including fire fighters begin to gain ground against california's largest wildfire are report from the yosemite national and celebrate in any 7 decades since the start of the cuban revolution. we look at the challenges that lie ahead for its leaders more not status.
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ah cal, i, we got some slightly fresh weather for ne and parts of the u. s. eastern areas of canada. this weather system makes his way out into the atlantic. behind this, a cold front to the north of that we have got a somewhat cooler air, but to the south of that still some very high temperatures coming in across many southern parts of the u. s. and in fact, we are going to see that warm, that plume of warmth all way pushing up across the other side of the rockies, easing up towards the pacific northwest as well. so temperatures getting up around 40 celsius in, idaho, for example, pacific northwest, well satellite, 34 degrees. well, about the seasonal average in that will continue to cause that really doesn't help . espoused wildfire zone can said in california. so no less up in the hate. the
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showers where we have got some wet weather just around the desert southwest. not where we need it into good part of california, one or 2 where showers coming through here. not helping the situation, any wet weather, they're over towards the northern parts of the appalachian central areas of canada . sliding a little farther south with some sundry downpours on that from time to time. so that could cause some localized flooding. some sharp showers too, into western parts of the caribbean, but for the most part is more the way of sunshine than showers. ah, the latest news as it breaks this decision basically said that the robi way decision was simply wrong. it is highly unusual for supreme court to overrule precedent with detailed coverage. the pub rates will not only significantly reduce the travel time, but it is expected to any shadid acreage damage both from around the world. this
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one here depicts the late poets was off what no up who was revolutionary poems in his play at the many. lou ah, welcome back, a quick reminder about top stories here. this al, a european union nations of agreed to ration gas supplies after russia announced another cock to deliveries. each member's agreed to voluntarily reduce gas use from august until march. russia says the reduced output due to a faulty gas turbine. and russia says it will quit the international space station after 2020 full moscow has announced that it will shift its focus to building its own outpost. the u. s. has expressed with red and the i m. f has slashed its global
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growth forecast adjuster with 3 percent as conflict in ukraine and are slow down in china. take their toll on the world economy. it's as high a food and energy prices are expected to push up inflation, more unexpected. now relatives of murdered al jazeera journalist, shirlene barclays, have met the u. s. secretary of state in washington to demand accountability for her death. sharina was shot in the head by his ready forces. while she was an assignment in jennine al jazeera chaper tansy met sharon's niece. lena barclay, who spoke about what was discussed during the meeting with antony blinker, we continue to reiterate our demands and our concerns, especially regarding the 4th of july statement that was released. it was not an investigation and we expressed how damaging it was to the truth. and to all the multiple reports that were released ah, by respect of news outlet, and most importantly by the u. n. o, we clearly demanded an independent and
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a transparent investigation by the u. s. considering that cheating was an american citizen. we also asked for accountability and the justice wasn't really acknowledgment there about how absurd it seemed. when the u. s. government said that they couldn't make any definitive judgment about who killed shrink, and yet they decided it wasn't dumb on caucus. by the idea of was, was that contradiction discourse perhaps what we asked for them to retract, or to correct the statement of considering the fact that it lacked the evidence at clack transparency. and until today, we were never aware of how the process went. and the secretary blinkin, he, he studies committed to providing us transparency moving forward with any process that involves the case of shooting. or is there a timeline though, or are they gonna furnish information as to exactly what role that, how that means,
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investigations and whether they really went forensically or with the evidence. so there was no timeline. we were not given a deadline as to when we would receive the information. we will continue to ask for accountability tanf for you as lead investigation that is transparent and independent because that statement was not an investigation. we weren't the only ones who are not satisfied, but even us senators. and members of congress expressed that in a letter they sent out to the, to the president. so we are expecting an independent investigation and justice for should in but finally, do you think that taking this seriously or is this now a public relations exercise? they've decided they're not going to make these radius uncomfortable in any way. am i just trying to get through this without? well, we are hoping that this is taken seriously. oh,
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we are hoping to see meaningful action and not just statements, but we want to see action. we want to see accountability. so we can prevent this from happening to other american palestinian citizens or palestinians in general. oh, shootin was a, has she was a human being at the end of the day. so she needs to be protected. journalists have to be protected. and it's important for us that the u. s. administration takes this seriously. we also requested her to meet with the president since he did not meet with us when we were back in when we were back in palestine. and the meeting with the president would show us that the u. s. is taking this matter seriously. tennessee has electoral commission has confirmed preliminary results suggesting a when the poor constitutional changes. but critics are alleging fraud 95 percent of those who voted in monday's referendum that the reforms proposed by president chi said, but turn out was extremely low. only 20 percent of registered voters turned up. the
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constitutional changes will give side extra powers. the vote was held a year off to a side so the government unsuspended parliament rules have seized control of the judiciary. i'm direct tool commission. laser boatman as more from the capital tunis was quite a little cynicism in the opposition camp. obviously high side support is going to be please el, they'll finish as of validation the the total amount of voters in the final time was over 2600000 thought she higher than was said previously. and the results are 94.6 percent is actually higher than the exit polls. so what we're seeing the comments suddenly the same from sort of expense on twitter is that both sides as sort of saying that they've won and it's a victory to side. and it's a victory for the opposition who's been calling. this is of illegitimate prices and completely legal. in fact, they are feeling more empowered. they like to say,
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they've been saying this electoral fraud. certainly, i've talked to people have been in piling stations facing some irregularities. and what we'll see over the next month, which is the period where people can lodge complaints and appeals as the independent election authority will assess those. and the final results will be given towards the end of august. this is a preliminary result pending those appeals. what's been happening already today is that groups that oppose side have been holding press conferences. they've been talking about how they're going to move forward. i was talking to a member of the national salvation front. and he was saying that actually this is really an opportunity and most of ation to try and he'll a lot of the rifts between the different factions who are opposing side. and we have a real dialogue across divide murder charges against the former prime minister. suits who and his wife have been dropped, a case forced thomas to bonnie to resign his leader 2 years ago. for me the miller
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has been following developments from john is the suitors, former prime minister tom to bonnie and his wife missio were accused of arranging the murder of his estranged wife to paulina to bonnie his estranged wife was gone down outside a home in my cell room 2 days before to barney's inauguration as prime minister that was back in 2017. it was alleged the former prime minister and his current wife paid assassins thousands of dollars to kill his former wife, to bonnie and his wife missy. i've always denied the charges and claim they were politically motivated. now those charges have been dropped. the prosecution says because they can't locate a key witness. the case has been a highly device of one in the small mountain kingdom where some argued the former prime minister should not have been charged to begin with due to his advanced age. while others had demanded justice. however, he was forced to resign in 2020 due to the charges and the political scandal that
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ensued canyon's will had to the polls and 2 weeks to choose. the next president, several candidates have taken part in a tv debate in the capital nairobi. but one of the main contenders reino dingo boycotted, the event accuses his main rival william router was trying to avoid certain topics such as corruption from politicians are homeless and change. malcolm, when, as more from nairobi, one before candidate running for president, 2 front runners, riley didn't william route, so they went to debate together just the 2 of them. but it was william roots are alone on the stage. just answering questions from the moderators. because viola didn't show up, one of the things that came up is the cost of living. something that the candidates have been talking about in the campaign. price of fuel pumps here in kenya has gone up by about 60 percent since the beginning of the, the price of some food staples as almost doubled over the same period which is
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crippling for tens of millions of kenyans william router who was there says he will reduce the cost of living within a 100 days of coming into office royalist promised to give stipends to families. but economists of raised questions about all of these manifesto promises that basically increase spending, but don't address another big economic question here can years overseas death is external debt, which is reco levels. and that's also connected to corruption. another issue that came up because it's massive in the infrastructure projects on the, the current government and previous governments have been mined and corruption scandals have turned out very expensive according to anti corruption activists. many of them cost double what they should do. this is contributed to the growing debt which the i m f says is not dealt with become a problem. and british politicians had to put
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a debate on hold during an unfortunate turn of events on tuesday. he's going to challenge the freedom and democracy. conservative lives trust and re sooner. we're debating on live tv. when the host collapsed, kate mccann fainted midway through the event. producers later issued a statement saying she has now recovered. the rest of the debate was cancelled for my years, president donald trump has returned to washington for the 1st time since leaving office. he's been speaking at a republican summit and devoted to his america 1st policy delegate, saw crafting an agenda in case trump runs for a 2nd term in office, just hours before the event from vice president mike pence spoke at a separate summit nearby. we gather today on the verge of a historic midterm election. the american people are poised to reject the failed reign of joe by nancy pelosi, chuck schumer and the radical left and
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a momentous landslide. this is an incredible opportunity. this november, the people are going to vote to stop the destruction of our country and they are going to vote to rescue america's future. i am here before you to begin to talk about what we must do to achieve that future. when we, when a triumphant victory in 2022, and when a republican president takes back the white house in 2024, which i saw half firefighters in the usa, they're making progress and battling california's launches. while far this year, nearly a quarter of the blaze near yosemite national park is now contained. the oak fire started burning on friday and as destroyed an area half the size of san francisco. thousands of people had been moved from their homes. 41, buildings had been destroyed, a heat wave, and long term drought conditions of fuel. the blaze. rub reynolds as more from
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mariposa county. this is the aftermath of a fast moving powerful wildfire that swept through these sierra nevada foothills of california. the fire has scorched thousands of factors leaving many areas as you can see, covered in ash with smouldering debris still are apparent in many areas of pall of smoke. as also drifted all the way from this area to the san francisco bay in the west and into nevada, in the east making air quality hazardous for thousands of people. this is one of the dozens, if not more, of structures that have burned. this was a, apparently, a house we can see appliances in it and bits of broken roof and so on. the number of people who've been evacuated from this area is
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close to 4000 about 3700 by last count. and there are thousands of firefighters 2900 firefighters working on the fire. we've seen them all over this area heading out to the fire line, carrying their equipment. and also the fire is being fought from the air, with drops of water and fire retardant. you can see here just get a, a look at how hot this fire was. this is molten, or was molten aluminum from some of the appliances and vehicles that are stored here nearby. so that was a lot of heat. ah, there is some good news. however, the fire is now considered 29 percent contain that's up from 0 over the weekend. so that is very good news. firefighters are feeling optimistic and they even started
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to allow some people who had been evacuated to return to their homes. but no one is going to be returning to this house to live anytime soon. not, but frances is held mass in canada a day after he apologized for the catholic church is roland running residential schools for indigenous children. thousands were taken from their families and abused in the schools is a live pictures from lexington where the pope and members of the indigenous community. ah, now the service was held at become well stadium in edmonton, in alberta, tens of thousands of people attended. a mass was held in honor of grandparents on a catholic feast, up st. anne's ally fixed their coming on the pope's tool. o canada tuba is mocking 69 years as the start of a communist uprising that eventually led to fidel castro, seizing power. but it's a bittersweet anniversary for most cubans. as the nation faces its worst economic
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crisis in 30 years, our latin america added to lexia newman report, who was most celebrated anniversary, the sale to tackle the moon by the military barracks by fidel and raoul castro, which marked the start of the cuban revolution. 69 years later roll gospel, now $91.00 still appears to be going strong. but it's his successor miguel via scan in who must deal with escalating disenchantment with the revolution law. hearing very young, the imperial logic is betting on amnesia of that history and social paralysis. they are betting the material needs provoked by 63 years of the infamous blockade will break the spirit of resistance of our people in it awful. he was of course, referring to the world's longest economic embargo imposed on cuba by the united states. cuba is undergoing its worst economic crisis in 30 years. power blackout this month in the me.


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