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tv   Witness Maya A Tigers Tale  Al Jazeera  July 29, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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breaking decisions on whether to leave behind their homes and loved ones when people need to be heard. and the story told that if they leave in the home, we hope to return one day with exclusive interviews and in depth reports al jazeera has teens on the ground. president biden need to contain fuel prices with way to bring you more award winning documentaries and live knees out as we are. as investigative unit goes under cover in the caribbean, we don't use the word bribe. we'll just use a token of appreciation, exposing trade of diplomatic passports today. it's $250.00 unless you're hot than the price will go up over a $1000000.00 involving from other regions, highest officials with low outages era investigations. diplomats for sale. ah,
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hello there, i'm sorry, attained ohio, the top stories here on al jazeera, the u. s. and chinese presidents have held more than 2 hours of talks and what's being described as a tense phone call on the subject of taiwan. she's being warned to joe biden, not to quote, play with fire. our white house correspondent can be healthy as well. well, what we know is, is there is right now, no change to u. s. policy. the united states is sticking firmly to is one china policy. in other words, that taiwan is a part of china. but where things get murky is that under us law, there is also an obligation of the united states to defend taiwan. a if it is attacked in any way that is something that it would be obliged to help support. and so that is why there is a bit of a diplomatic problem for the united states. if nancy pelosi were to visit the
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island, the potential that there could be some sort of military confrontation, given the fact that right now in the c surrounding the island are not only the taiwanese military, but also the united states military and also the chinese military. now in terms of the phone call, there was a very strong word of caution by the u. s. president to chinese president chic paying. but any sort of effort by china to try to absorb taiwan our, to in any way. try and obtain the island by force would be strongly discouraged. in fact, the u. s. strongly opposes any unilateral efforts to change with united seems called the status quo, or undermine peace and stability across the top. the taiwan strait is the message that was conveyed by the u. s. president. so both of these leaders really sending a very strong message. well, the u. s. economy has contracted for
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a 2nd straight quarter, but the biden administration and says it is not in recession. gross domestic product held by 0.9 percent in the 3 months from april to june. and on wednesday, in the federal reserve, it chose to increase its key interest rate for the 4th time this year, as part of an aggressive plan to carbon inflation. now ukraine says, russian forces have launched a missile attack on the key of region for the 1st time in weeks. the regional governance says the settlement about 20 kilometers from the center of the capitol was hit. russian troops withdrew from the area, months ago, after failing to capture it. the northern region of cheney here was also targeted on thursday. meanwhile, ukraine's grain exports through the black sea are expected to resume in the next 24 hours. 25000000 tons have been stuck in ukrainian ports since russia invaded, causing global food shortages. we are hopeful, of course, sandy,
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but hopeful for the 1st ship movements to take boats within days, hope reach more articles, votes, there are vessels, of course, in those ports with grain on board, ready to move a baby to the 1st move of then we will start having ships going in inspected again, the hold of west african block echo us says guineas military rule as of scale back the time table for a transition to civilian rule from 3 to 2 years. and there's been no confirmation of this from the john top demonstrators in the capital concrete defied a ban on protest to court for an end to military rule. one passion died in those demonstrations. a large coalition of political parties and civil society organizations have been encouraging people to join the protest movement. opposition and peas of heckled, peruse, president, calling him corrupt as he delivered a speech knocking the end of his 1st year in office. pedro castillo is survived to impeachment votes and is being investigated for allegations of corruption protests
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as have been calling for the left wing leader to resign. a large fire on the german cheque, florida is threatening to destroy a popular forest. the fire broke out from the czech republic side and the bohemian, switzerland national park over the weekend, and then spread to the german side where the region is known as saxon switzerland. hundreds of fire fighters from both countries are battling the flames. and local authorities are wanting tourists to also stay away. well, those are the headlines. i'll be back with another update here for you on al jazeera, after witness do stay with us. oh,
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am royal movie today again, which alleging machine to show the just an image, fernandina caliber pedro carnegie turner in norwood as your out. but it to roy, your of a hobbies you're moving on to i thought ask about a will go further, your pager or bizarre again or not. i mean a job most in will. that is her mash who should live. but as one of the economy ship on my younger mos in pish,
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non duty philipo loose authorship course has the boot that oh you my young one. but i have many more. that puzzles honey. as both of ashby didn't me matter why y'all or dog or dog? the horse? good. the widow. what have you? what am i know? i'm, i'm here for about gosh, on before world portal invited my yeah. oh my yeah. oh, very with michelle. she know me that as a said, don't funny. she caught all heading up amazon. that oh, there was issues too bad that he thought. oh, put that in as the she had daily has that i just wish my daddy, his them on the school had asked me about a
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a little bizarre, a been a big dad a with your son high and much hands on do dish to battle. eat any, put in, put all tomorrow. your photo on better. she car would in sunbeam and i'm ashes of
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with a room with ah! here we'll move. bob, how you all would you rich hard down the tree, michael and i found that shouted just when you missed the article be done. it had was been all about said, i love the barbara. i mean beetle was there. how what do you buy in after? hi haley john. invite you,
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danny. i think bob hall maybe need to as well. i don't home anymore to for which are they bought it? or what did you tube all the others to revise. he's actually on lassie. quotation bob home about appear to have anybody any more to tie b. i wanted to see tom in the gym over the drive yet and on which i rearrange. i'm only voiding that. i mean, it was a veteran on chicago and jonathan, well, you off to sort of, she called me going to go. yeah. and i will roger and what not the bas yahoo either my yeah. chicago regarding my what do we have for the with the facility? who being coin i sure. sure. well, yeah. well yeah. mr. bush, auto auto auto. oh, do you? well you live in judge it was did he just shoot from the car?
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that i'm about us. i miss the huge role jojo, sheila crew, talk to you. cheer. sherry's romando scared thee a mumbling shy odd as jargon by friday by wonders at bash foods by this friday. as all i was king was mine get f t m. i buy yasmina chia, my leech affiliate, quit chair, really as a war one. it was my now i joseph one dash pam nicholas. this is john. one of those who was one man, i'm never dressed. i'm sure by george without i've
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worked it out as their english since it's law shit as a principal presenter and as a correspondence with any breaking the story we want to hear from those people who would normally not get that voice is heard on an international news channels one moment i'll be very proud off was when we covered the depaula quake of 2015, a terrible natural disaster on the story that needs to be told from the hall of the affected area. to be that to tell the people story was very important at the time lullabies of defiance. it really touched my heart deeply where she starts.
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ready i see out is there a world remembers palestinian singer reached audiences beyond the middle east, born into a korea, to family and nazareth, she sung out, a powerful and emotional message, the personal story of re bender, the voice of palestine on al jazeera from the world's most populated recheck in den and untold stories across asia and the pacific to discover the current events with diverse coaches and conflicting politics. one 0, one east. on al jazeera lou .
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hello there. i'm this darcy attainder hall with the headlines here on out as in the u. s. and chinese presidents have held more than 2 hours of talks and what's being described as a tense phone call on the subject of ty, one season being warned, joe biden not to quote, play with fire. meanwhile, the u. s. economy has contracted for a 2nd straight quarter, but the biden administration insists it if not in recession. gross domestic product fell 0.9 percent in the 3 months from april to june. ukraine says russian forces have launched a missile attack on the key region. the 1st time in weeks, the regional governor says a settlement about 20 kilometers from the center of the capitol was hit. meanwhile, ukrainian forces say they're stepping off a counter offensive and her song, the southern region fell to russia in the early days of the war. cave says it struck 5 russian strongholds around the city on thursday as strategic bridge is now
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out of action after ukrainian forces hit it with long range rockets. the family of murdered al jazeera journalist, serene abruptly, has demanded out accountability during talks with the u. s. secretary of state in washington, they say antony blank and promised transparency and to keep them informed but didn't make any further guarantees. any family of us citizen who is skilled abroad expects their government to put its resources behind an investigation. this is the very least, the biden administration must do. they cannot rely on israel's word. war criminals cannot investigate their own crimes. to many palestinian families suffer every day as our families suffering now. they all deserve to live in safety with their families. they all deserve justice. they all deserve freedom. the head of west african block eco ass, says guineas military rule is
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a scale back the time table for transition to civilian rule from 3 to 2 years. that there's been no confirmation of this from genta demonstrators in the capital con agreed to find a ban on protests to call for an end to military rule. one person died in the demonstrations opposition and peace of heckled, peruse, president, calling him corrupt as he delivered a speech mocking the end of his 1st year in office. pedro castillo has survived to impeachment vote so far. well, those are the headlines. i'll be back with a news update for you here after witness maya tigers. tail. ah yeah. why not?
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yeah, yeah. yeah. well yeah, yeah. i'm here because i work with over a very by the gym is on that you are a current will be all but other does heidi williams, i cindy moore, you know that bullish to what about a
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a 10 that bad you to adapt to feel really mesh tedious sure. scared mckee. oh yeah. so his name is a tulip at nasdaq, give me a saw who both of ash pito should have called without walker. she thomas has fish modular she kazi apparel and amazon roast them. uber dog go
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his i'm sure you should. they would kill semi to live after that. i think of when i scored any message in the bellagio in a tone latin bad hoshevely them can moisten ro, semi can't even with the phone with yasmina, cause you're part of an hook me. so then i can use i, mitchell hoses, m also hosp, sheesh, my bad charitable rash. i selected with m as how do you do what i'm about to get see my come with harder than bose is group. and me from woodrow. what you think of all as tabulating political dig georgia with gas butch ashley
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about will you join to me about my dad? i said he talks to jeremy about that action mash had embodied action was to have been part about it should be shot at the bob baffled and shit. date up on your on ha, should asked. i'm on my screen. he bolted ashes in latin mac, puerto senior bono by down. you will, you know, i see it on jordan darby yet on the hub i saw as money mojitos east heart attack. it was a comment, should it by taught ocean should ended up or the comment about i don't both action mash had to teach. what questions. com major roster mazda more likable verbage was sophia bow, a version as a pedagogy i'm totally was which was chancellor, who done as the way shes sudden she had r. m to in bull. a rush to get in general knob with amber does. and a lot more my to me, joe joan at mcclendon when i was should keep it on
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a month for just a little sammy yet massively fuzzy image as a virus on a home at sasha dom or the kid. yet head of bab, in jaw cost, issue then rabbit philip, who stole her full fish with a o. jacobo? hardly yet. when a man drag g chest eve daughter ali here monkey ye, no batch about lads. enjoy food or they should they here do now? i got here to let you. but when the kiss isabella book on again, maniachi. i love you jam monsanto. sure. my god. i'm you know i'm year to natural bought american. no, i'm not a bad guy yet. so i have enough trouble almost all over the synagogue when you are savage, i'm and as well from the go when it is turned out that i haven't had that i live as a yet wish i don't go. the son of was over all of this other pan john mitchell.
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what about? he grabbed at the school, we just had a pan. jackie do met him when i saw that notion, i saw the pendulum with them when i buy it online. gatto, your niece in had that, that he has behavioral to actually is it is necessary, which has of messy da, never to love. love that he led mother audra a lot. you for william, i got a bullet navigate him. hold on while he was found on board with home on that was the number i got to do it. i will not one of our advisor. well, i thought you were going it a blog about my benefits. it it out, it was a minute to not to to how do you, are you able maybe that would have you had me there to welcome back from you today is my valet me just, i was just no thought all demo with i want to slam down what was there was
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a might look like job with oh, cheer, cheer cutty, which oh gosh, no job. duty t. listen. he says he's a really nice yeah. needs. did any go do the year. does that mean he sure love all he o'clock by a local the door boiling missiles it on me as you did and you cannot do. i wish you had me them, but we love, it's me again. what was in the corner there? is it already here? 0 also me, i may want a level, i look with ownership. what
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i think unless i call it a bank with that. i like it. i it. oh ash bowel. when i'm on the phone with this young, i'm yet image old body available though i type in with the offer or the socialist again. with my mortgage on loose with are 2 others i'm you know what i mission to get i guess and blue shield just oh. gov engine with them was good to go. yeah, the, what, his schedule was on the bobs with b t bullish just said he would also that is still detox. he did me studies that
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you know, man, one of the galaxy who's also the same shannon lucid, the little cottage to boulevard is tablets at his zeal that he does in congo, if on word is found on that new found on the bill you thought value, but you feel it because i'm, i'm your bad, the good that you guys them done in big him money that's good. should require for valley and i'm by way. when i time ship we're shuttin, marty. i'm to room for shadow awarded fella. bring a more, jo ba's into your thousands on on as on the you hold on will her michigan hold on
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one to hop job with grow honey. tatty boise barry's address. i'd be started out and after a while she'd asked off till the 13th i'll meet about her did on chapter job. will you have oh gosh, each have somebody or insult? oh, how do you should that to go down with my yamaha keyboard, this enough novice in hand. i opened the anger betsy, could you live with them as more motion causes are the cat that bad as black to get
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over the issue and and i sat there though some but today's no, but cash behind me database a body car that we were care over this family yard does not cause that one back to you, but thank you back. i would numbers. okay. it was a claim on fact, it was. every time i go as we get and dazzled me, had that been tango sure. i'm teasing. ah, well, don't pretend to begin names to phone any. gotta go back to what me showed me yesterday . but cam cam caballo showed car door. i'm eager to meet you. she called me john. the obama, a large boot. mazama is who sent me shows. huh. yeah. wish i accumulate point awesome. usually it adds the animal versus if you marry him, get prime on me square me can what partial bama latch put if i hadn't
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eyes was also there would be either such also was ha ha mclaughlin. the names of marsha i probably will do my job to get the jacket. oh sure. well maybe how about your dish dish as well before you have you have to pay the bill. i don't wanna bother a 2nd job with under the hood can was they switched over contributors? just official officials to stun about that in my at the table not to value whole. they were not in harm your data. the ocean for that is, i mean,
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my 2nd par michelle law, much the hard, michelle jennifer, so berkeley bastard, welcome, russia. my other one is the role that is used to fish bug chalicia tissue proffered rifleman. that's a good one with a
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somebody whether you met, landline with a mobile in early do holiday was a credit that's always going to get i would feel you just from does our job. what is going on? i want to invite you to get to i enjoy it, but i didn't. it's been around for the corporate. good news what he's with a bushel with his 1st. thank you. sure. sure. what to do to make it short. she's a beauty. well that wasn't in
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a new plan. i have to type a membership down here that might be my with them being blocked out on the rationing how to work that except that, i mean it should open up a sebastian master the big the system don't position. i use as i'm to both bathrooms on monday, if not a problem with with
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show you and then he has the medical background teach which has mesh chair with my master that has a unique song as he needs in the he tells me when to barrow bash with cast mccoy's cod above the bashful bus. but tammy fisher, randy that honda bad se manageable for them both of actual de la boss and mm ah ah,
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we should make sure i'm sure i'm not sure if it's him anymore. as i'm on i'm a mostly doing a 2 year mac as a heavy battery. nobody should watch those kids go much question.
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love loyal as chaps. a mom who she the fishing? sure. there was a choice that neck ah ah huh. yeah, just as their home with clear. yes or no. i said we are sung never said you disco, child. my church, old war daughter class. i'm on her phone her. i'm a lot of her by such as vale ability
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so neither with m to russia. oh but i will i'm gonna include will. oh no. i mean i'm kind of after my to notice from or i move between you will fiddle. i'm kind of a huge ah,
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was of that a bush nominate and gonna are more sense. there's no one to show it was on on pushing him harm is obviously not flood parishioner with ah,
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he's all hiding custody sketches or cinema? yeah. that of herself in my to forward to chill stood is my media been left the boat rash, real bad . wendy? mary. give barbara and was that all the bad last year? was there me as you've been neil, that in a chair. place
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a ball of asha vanessa. i'm here the in draw it on the medicaid, but i didn't ish, it was. it took us about all need of them. ology marquez, it's jody that i've tactician for body. dana. more sin that canada celebrated g o h u barrel year is to toil to the actual let it down with a dish without kid. 2 thirds i missed his last ah,
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she's because i love men of been loyal jest can show you that reality into told me to this book with dish pia dabble. cheesy boots chick. she's the vast, is, had a, was, should, in his says alley this ticket to this, so better yet with the to potato lumps ish. each of each is in the game over the vs. bull as equal then bit chin in, hey roney, lose chin popo love back. she
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in a post colonial world. the scars of european imperialism, run deep nowhere more so than in the democratic republic of congo, where her history still shapes the presence of visceral yet infamous insight. through the eyes of a whistleblower and a patriotic military commander. witness presents this is congo. honor
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jessina. ah . hello, thank you for joining in tens of millions of americans are under heat alerts in the pacific northwest. so here's the details. no surprise, right? when portland is closing in on 40 degrees, heat warnings also for british columbia including vancouver and alberta for both edmonton and calgary. as as temperature is cross at 30 degrees threshold, flood warnings in place for the u. s. states of nevada and new mexico. this is mon sooner moisture and this next frame i paused because look how heavy this rain is
4:59 am
from kentucky right through to arkansas, tennessee. as it dips further toward the south finding its way into louisiana, tampa at 36 degrees wall to wall sunshine. your record temperature for the month of july is $37.00. so we'll see if we can get you there. some of that rain is also extending into d. c and eastern portions of pennsylvania. now from mexico, that pacific coast just getting hammered with some rain. same goes for mexico city with the high 20 degrees and off to the top and of south america. really for a guy and as sir an arm and french, diana persistent rain falling here. and after a cold front, swept through look at these dropped pin temperatures at sunshine at 19 degrees. and a big drop for porto allegro chest a high of 14. but hey, at least the sun's out that trap, they will soon take care. ah, they watch us. they gather evidence with so can we
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and american cyber activists develops and used in brazil to monitor the police. we have more cameras than they do because where the people, a bigger brother rebel peaks on are just 0, bolts journalism. the police violently dispersing protest this, these are some good tens of thousands of people try to play hobble inspired to program making. welcome to generation chains, unrivalled broadcasting. white people did not want black children in the schools. we have to fight for al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster the year award for the 6 year running. ah.


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