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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 30, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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is taken on a new element past rise, ornell jazeera when . oh, this is al jazeera. ah hello, i'm so robin. you're watching the al jazeera news, our lives, my headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes,
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supporters of shia cleric without the al serra storm. the iraqi parliament again to protest against the nomination of a new prime minister will be live in baghdad. the secretary of state and the russian foreign minister discussed ukraine, taiwan and a prisoner exchange in the 1st phone call since the war in ukraine began. every time, like, every thing is going to love is divine. search and rescue efforts are underway in kentucky. what to ensure rains have swept away homes and businesses at least 25 people, a dead. and how undocumented migrants crossing the mediterranean are playing a role in the latest italian elections. we report from lam producer. i'm gavin ashwin sports. phil mickelson is hacker at the live golf tournament. donald trump is hosting in new jersey a protest. she is
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victims of $911.00 families of $911.00 victims expressing that anger and a sally funded event. ah welcome to the news are we begin with the situation in baghdad, where hundreds of people are stormed the rocky parliament for a 2nd time this week. that protesting against the nomination of mohammed, a sheer, i'll sit on it as prime minister take as has been fired at crowds outside the heavily fortified green zone. dozens of injuries have been reported. saturday session in which sit on his nomination was expected to be formally announced, was canceled, dosage worry is lie for us outside the parliament. inside the green zone where protest as have been stormed at the building again, we'll try to get in touch with dos or shortly these alive pictures from inside the parliament building. on the whole, the whole protests and the demonstrations have been peaceful. it's like
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a sit in protest outside the building itself. people have been swarming towards and through that green zone as they make their voices vericlaim looked at her al sadder, their political leader, who gained the largest number of seats in parliament, but was unable to form a government back in october. had told his supporters earlier in the week to go back peacefully, they made their voices heard to what he described as the corrupt politicians of baghdad. he's now called out his supporters again to come back into the parliament, build again into the greens and that's exactly what they've done on saturday. i could go now to a dosage vari, our correspondence who's following event said, dall. so even now we can see more of more people heading towards that parliament building. what's a situation like that so far? while it is now very much
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a calm situation as the protestors are making their way peacefully to the parliament building, which is only a few 100 meters away from where we're standing. we are now in the green zone, behind me at the area where you see the people walking towards us from there is a wall that was up there that divides the other area zone where we are and they broke down a portion of the concrete wall. and since then, you see the crowds walking towards this area, there's been a few 100, it's probably over a 1000 people so far they are continuing to come in as we speak. and what we've been hearing them chanting. we walked in with a group of them. they were chanting, we are here, toby, and we will follow you talking about cleric and politician because they're all southern, these are his supporters. they are the ones that have been protesting. and they also are the ones that form the part of my building on wednesday evening. they say
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that they are not happy with what is unfolding this country. they want it change not only to the politicians on power, but very much the entire system. iran has had a parliamentary system of government since the us led invasion, overthrew saddam hussein in 2003. the constitution that was voted on by the iraqi people in 2005, if you like that. this is the system that they agree to, which is a parliamentary one, which means they vote for party and then the party vote for the prime minister and the president. this is the issue right now. these people were having and this is not the 1st time it's been the case in 2019. in october we saw hundreds of people taking over the main square in baghdad. that's work for weeks. they occupied it, demanding the then prime minister to leave office. and that took a while to happen, eventually the current prime minister, the stuff all cut me,
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came into power. and he's been in power since early 2020. the problem now was he so it can take him, the prime minister, the elections were healthier and october for 10 months. they have had no formation of a new government. and last month looks either a souther whose party i think i lost. i feel that i'm not quite sure if you still hear us dosa, but we're trying to reconnect with you again. of course, he's a live pictures from inside the rocky parliament of call, of course, so many as looked outside. one of the, you might say, most prominent political figures in iraqi politics who was the largest block of seats in last october election, but was unable to form a government has cooled on his supporters to ahead to through the green zone, towards parliament to make their voices had not happy with the nomination of mama she, elsie, donnie, the nominee in waiting,
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you might say by the other political parties that he's an acceptable to outsider. they did this sort of protest a week or so ago. and now this is the 2nd time that protested has again crushed through the greens and barriers and headed towards parliament is all very good natured, noisy and boisterous. it is, but there has been no violence, certainly from the protest as it has been can take us in certain areas, but we'll get more of that for mood. the wider correspondent twos, you might say over the other side of the tigris river, not in the green zone. ma'am it, we believe connected to you just described to us what's going on around you right now. with number that is the common common coming, moving green coming from some of
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the other. it is also that some of them will go to the doctor. we had a talk that's probably the guy that was taught him doing get a number. busy of those, those are the i was on the way on the doing that is probably to help the move by that because it was a big greenville hope that they didn't have to buy the 9 minutes that caused me to do because because you know, with data but by the fact that. 5 many because i've been calling on the call,
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call me back. all they want to do is get a big deal. they have been very violent today. they have been have been trying to. busy been more that is the 18 minutes and then we had them counted again. it reminded me i get a lawyer. he's one of the political leaders. he's very well known for his high for him because they bill him for the concrete, for what he was trying to say that they cannot afford to have those up. because again, they said that they,
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they will not close until until the government department. did you know that today i was supposed to be getting paid for the other day that is via go by the low make or was president of the thing to do like a high and nobody did 5 minutes to govern why but that that that has never happened because it was days because the days violence of the parliament, but yet they say that they will continue. they want to be on the move on. i don't again because they don't
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believe that department is it called them today? they said that was hold a 2nd behind it was that they might why, why come put it? because i'm out that they have mama, again as a minister by the they don't have to be, don't want to let they haven't, don't want to wait until they have that. okay, we'll leave it. that will leave it. that's my mood with you and we'll just go straight back to dosage of our here. we can speak to outside the parliament building itself in the green zone. obviously we understand that the technology g a isn't a great deal of pressure door, so you can hear us again and you can sweet, we're still seeing people streaming towards at parliament building in terms of the anger that said,
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does supporters have in terms of the nomination and he's been able to call out his supporters in their hundreds yes, certainly. and i think that you something i'll say a 1000, it's a hell a behind the people are wanting to work that day. was when hank or yeah. yeah, we soon seem to be having a few problems or dos as mike there, but you can see that it's also of the, of a fluid situation an a, an ongoing situation there in baghdad for view as joining us here on al jazeera, these allies pictures from inside a bag dads, parliament, iraq's parliament were supporters of booked at al serra. thee a politician cleric who gained the largest number of seats in last october's election,
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but was unable to form the government has called on his supporters to head towards the parliament building within the very fortified green zone. to demonstrate and make their anger known towards a potential prime minister domination that's been put forward by other political parties. he doesn't agree with it. he wants his supporters to come out in force. they have that has been a bit of a tear gas or the hell towards those various protest as a few ambulances. we're hearing of also being brought into the situation. according to our report, who's outside the green zone. as a fluid situation, we will continue to monitor what's going on in the rocky capital within the news our go to the days other news now ukraine and russia have accused each other attacking a prison in the town of allan, if in the separatist held don bus reach of the missiles struck killing at least 50 prisoners of war. most of them were from the battalion which defended the city of
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merrier pole for weeks before it fell to russia. table seemed to me, this is a deliberate war crime by the russian. a deliberate mass, murder of ukrainian prisoners of war by shape as agreeing to everyone who abuses ukrainian to tortures and kills, should know that there will be punishment for this if some of the russian killers hope that they will not be brought to justice. they will hide somewhere and let them know they will be held accountable. meanwhile, the secretary of state and russians. foreign minister, has spoken for the 1st time since the invasion of ukraine. in february, anthony, blinking said the t. tulsa, elaborate of the world expects most get on its pledge to that grain shipment safely leave. ukrainian ports, townships that come and be loaded with grain, ready to depart from a desa. lateral says sanctions on russia, partly responsible for the global food crisis. john henry is not correspondent and joins us from the port city of a dresser in ukraine. and john,
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we have been waiting patiently for news about when the shipments will depart the port. that is true and we're going to need a little more patience because those ships are still in the port. it's been more than 24 hours since volota volota mirror zalinski, the president of ukraine, announced that those ships would be leaving the port and we had g 7 ambassadors there as well as, but it's a complicated process because it involves at the it, it involves turkey in the united nations, both of which brokered that agreement and it involves an unusual amount of trust between ukraine and russia to maintain these so called safe shipping lanes for those ships to leave front. but we are told that we have a number of them in port loaded up and ready to go, and they're just waiting for the green light. but i have someone with me who knows a lot more about this. this is michael, but church of he is a senior fellow at the atlantic council. why is he?
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what is the latest you've heard on these grain shipment? sure. well, the latest we're hearing, we're talking about 17 ships in total, including the polar, not the turkish flag ship that they were loading yesterday with president zalinski there. it's a lot of grain actually out there on the water. we're talking almost 600000 tons. and if you think that there's about 20000000 tons stored here, a stuck here, that's a big dent already in that. but so as you mentioned, there's a lot of complications along the way, not least to which are the marine mines that are there. so those ships will have to rely on very good mapping and information from the ukranian russian side. and how about the insurance? so guys as well, are they going to feel confident enough to insure these ships? but the fact that president zalinski was here yesterday, g 7 ambassadors actually met right behind us. here. i was a quite a big vote of confidence. it almost looks like the ukrainians are trying to will this into progress that they are loading the ships. the infrastructure is working, so fingers crossed that it will start moving, so it does seem like it's taking
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a long time for this to happen is after all is last year's crop. farmers are now reaping this year's crop. there can't be too much storage space left. it at these ports, so it must be urgent to get it out. why does it take this long for these ships to leave once this agreement has been reached? well, there's a lot of complications involved, i think come the fact that the ship loaded yesterday was turkish flag. they're doing that as a kind of security thing. i find it hard to believe the russians would target or bama turkish flag ship, especially when you're thinking that a president or to one of turkey and president of who to the rush are going to be meeting next week. the turks have a lot of skin in the game on this thing, and i think that gives a lot of pickup people confidence that the whole process will work. but tom, look, we're also talking about 3 ports here that have been designated to ship that brain . people have to come back to the work to work and they have to get it up and running again. so a lot of complications there and you got an update on the number of ships. so i wanna, i want to hear about that. but there's also, i guess,
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one of the biggest concerns here is that there would be a strike on one of these ships. you mentioned that possibility. we did have a strike at the port of odessa earlier. i just shot it. tell me about those ritz. it's a, it's certainly a, a real risk, isn't it? well, look, come, i worked with you. i see here in 20142015. we broker many ceasefire agreements with the russian side to russian, back, thugs, and denounced. and almost all of them were violated by the russian side. the russians have made a habit in this war, of violating agreements, whether it's humanitarian aid corridors, whether it's evacuation and civilian. so, ah, it's very difficult to trust them, but there's a lot of people's lives at stake here. absolutely. why want to thank you, michael. the church of senior fellow at the atlantic council. as we all wait here in front of the odessa opera house for those ships to move, i should mention that if you're a viewer and you're wondering why we've changed locations, it's because police were, are so sensitive about everything we show, including just a view of this see that they made us move. i don't know if that's out of fear that
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those ships would be seen or not. but in any case, we will update you throughout the day and do this very delicate situation. thanks very much, shall 104 sla in odessa. well punch morehead, here on the, on their knees are including looking for alternative sewing gas prices of the canyons. switch to charcoal, the cooking and heating for home. but a spike and micro to rivals in italy is changing the compensation ahead of september's election. also in both are all reason top the time sheets. in fact, just for the for me, the $100.00 gary and go on the wall and actually coming up with general ah about fighters of the military base on the small ethiopia board. now the armed group, which is linked to all kinds of says it's killed more than $180.00 opium troops.
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however, the government says its soldiers killed dozens of fighters who tried to infiltrate the base. a senior us military officials as algebra, is expanding its operations from smalley into ethiopia. several tanks have been reported raising concerns about regional stability. let's get the very latest on this from jen. mr. samuel got you. he's in at his i, but it was a very confusing picture of what actually did or did not happened on that border area and who was involved just give us an idea of the clara official picture that we're hearing now. well, the state government, a somali state government has been supported by the open courses trying to fight with our shabbots. there was a story that came out saying that 150, i'll shabba a least members have been killed. but throughout the week and even a earlier this months, there has been different kind of claim and counter claim of victims and victory, and so on. enough for the u. n. r
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w p to start removing some of its employees. the somali region is one of the areas where it has a comp that's taking care of thousands of your been displeased people. and this goes to show you that, that this conflict is really moving forward. i'll show bob was claiming that they have been killing our winning the battle so far. but this is the 1st time that the open side or the region outside. the somali regional government forces have really clean this many victims or this many killings. and in a way to stop algebra from advancing to the capital of the somali region and far beyond local cta, present the pressure from a different side from the un commission that says and did an investigation into human rights abuses during the to grow operation. any theory p, alaska? are we expecting to henny? hear anything from either the government all from this you and commission as they
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leave the country. they've been mom so far things hope and government really speaks to the media or really, really says a statement that we've seen some of the comments on social media. there are in the field there for the last, almost week. speaking to the head of the field and human rights commission. daniel . but colleen meeting with vice president of the deputy prime minister of the mac. i'm a conan who is also the foreign minister of ethiopia. i, i'm, we're, we can't confirm if the have really gone to, to great to speak to the leadership of the t p left. but again, they've, there has been difficulty in terms of conducting human rights investigation in ethiopia because of lack of space for our interest. for this kind of international investigations to move forward and also access access to much of the country is limited. 2 the open government is insisting it's because of a t p and left the t p
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n f. as it's insisting it's because of ethiopian government. so it's been a catch 22 for this international actors. we've come to yoga to really investigate what happened, integrate the conflict, and to grey has been going on for almost 2 years and has affected millions of ethiopian st. displaced ethiopians. and also i could, these are some researchers after 500000 people have died in this conflict. and this has been a real interest from global players to come to yoga and really tell you what really happened in the conflict of the last the almost 2 years. so we'll get to that and i decided with thank you. thank you. and emergency has been declared of your state of kentucky or at least 25 people have died and severe floods. amongst the victims of 4 children from one family who was swept away. gabriel, alice older has more. the appalachian region of eastern kentucky is under water.
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several days of rainfall have caused rivers to overflow their banks and entire towns to barely remain above water lines. the area got 2 months worth of rainfall in the matter of just 2 days with recovery and rescue efforts ongoing. in some areas, the flood waters have not even crested yet. for those residents who did survived the storm, they told stories of horror. everything is going like, every thing is going. oh love is going. i'll like, i will miss apartment to buckle with me in this. like under other be in the inside the apartment, the flash flooding is so severe. even rescuers were shocked by what they were dealing with. probably 95 percent of people in his area here loved oversight, houses, gars, animals. it's, it's heartbreaking to really use these 4 siblings were all swept away in the flood
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waters. they drowned and their bodies have all been recovered. the governor who declared a state of emergency on friday to are the hardest to areas elsewhere in america. overnight monsoon range in las vegas flood waters seen coming through the roof of at least one of the cities famous casinos. there was also flooding in west virginia, and hundreds were rescued from flood waters in missouri. while parts of america are soaking wet, other parts are melting. it all comes after the north east of the u. s. saw unseasonably and dangerous record high heat earlier this month. and meteorologist know what's causing it. these type of events that have been occurring over the last couple of weeks across the country are directly attributable to climate change. these are big signals, extreme. he heavy downpours. that parking back to the changes in our atmosphere
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because of the additional carbon because of the warming. in kentucky cleanup, we'll mostly have to wait because they're still in this search and rescue phase of this storm. officials say the death toll is likely to climb gabriel as anto al jazeera, there's also flooding in iran, at least $56.00 people have died in flash floods that have devastated more than a dozen provinces. several people were killed at alongside into rom, while more than 30 died in 2 villages, north of the capital. such a rescue operations are continuing with fears. the death toll could rise. well still had here on out, is there a rebellion by indigenous groups puts the leadership of chiles young president to the test and it's vote will show you who the writers who the writers whose tightened her grip on the yellow jersey in the women's tor ah.
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the journey has begun the faithful world copies on its way to catherine book. your travel package today. now it's not unusual following heat wave to have floods. we've got some a flood developing i think you look at is cloud hick curling up in germany just running across and to check republican poland. that's got a pretty significant rain the next few days. and of course, it was hot here, but it was a couple of weeks ago still warm in western europe. it's pretty hot down the southeast and particularly in turkey. but his development for saturday or the blue is rain. if you get the orange bits, that's like to be pretty big. thunderstorms is going to bring the temperature down and i suspect to be flooding from it, cuz the ground is pretty much baked and cracked. but they were in poland, centered for the south, were going through hungary, into romania. so all these countries was he something in the way of rain temperatures will drop as a result, morsels down to about 17 by sundays, at rain,
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really kicks it. but the following it, the sun comes out again. and what is falling apart from the british isles, which remains not predictable? is a warming trend? so warsaw goes up to about $25.00. our target to tuesday back in the sunshine. but it's really hot, further west. next week, paris, for example, is up to 36 by the time we get to wednesday in africa, the story is more about heavy rain over parts drown, particularly in the south hell, a long way west casa, airway issue and line of the john frank assessments. how much the board laugh at street protests we've seen in hotels across the rest of the country street and has been, has been very good. that's happening into the cold confound people across the country . informed opinions, we will say more of what is happening is that climate change it making them work in depth analysis of the days global headlines draw. he is credited by some way where they were storing italy's credibility this critics would say he couldn't play the
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part of a politician. what do you think went wrong inside story on al jazeera? ah, the shake him on a ward for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year for more information. go to w, w w dot h t a dot q a slash e n. ah, ah a book back to the news on the whole rom, the reminder of our top stories,
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hundreds of people are still drugs, parliament for a 2nd time this week that protesting against the nomination of how much she out sit on the prime minister to gas of being 5 testers outside the reporting, find green. so in back does also, ukraine and russia have accused each other of attacking, of prison and the separatist held by region. can i get the 50 percent of all? most of them were from the as of italian, which defended the city of merrier pope before it fell to russia. and the us secretary of state has urged his russian count party like grain shipments like the levy painting and bolt under deal signed last week. it was the 1st time the anthony blinking and love had spoken since the russian invasion let's get more on top story now. those protests in baghdad dawson jabari joe's been. i live outside the parliament building inside the green zone. where protest is have stolen the building and it seems doors so that many more are still arriving.
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that's right. sorry, we can see behind me this is the way to the parliament. we're about 500 meters away inside the green zone. i think it's fair to say that the mood has certainly changed share with the past hour. we were outside the green zone or by the wall, the concrete wall short while ago. and we saw the protesters break down a portion of that wall and enter the green zone. and this is where they're coming in from that area that they broke down. they are now trickling in. we've seen waves of people chanting that they are here to stay as long as needed. they said they are the sons of other all other that they will stay with him till the end. these are feathers, supporters of course. and this is certainly a change in tone that we've seen over the past few days. and in the past, when we seen demonstrators like this and these numbers trying to get to an area to
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improve a point, they have been met with very heavy security response today. even though there has been a tremendous amount of security, ryder police all over the city, there has been all the main roads to every square. that's the main gathering points for these protesters, the phone and all the main roads leading to that where were blocked from overnight . and so ours we understand. but still the protests as managed to get there and then walk over to this area. now that they are here, they're making their way towards the building. we understand they have been making the way that they are going to be here as long as needed. we've also heard from other all others a to issue the statement just a short while ago, urging both the police and the demonstrators to exercise caution for everything to be peaceful, and that there should be no bloodshed when people are trying to make a point. we understand, according to health officials here, we're 60 demonstrators have been injured. we don't know whether or not those
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injuries are very serious at this point. from what we know, there are meetings going behind closed doors between the various political parties to try and bring in this deadlock that is going to have money in these people went to the polls in october of last you're trying to like the new government and of course the other party got the majority of the vote, and since then over the past few weeks, just last month, federal father said that he was withdrawn from political life and that's the m p 's . but he had 73 of them, also resigned as a sign of support. they said that the system is corrupt and they don't want to be a part of a political system from what we know about the ongoing this piece of the moment is that in between my father himself and also newer molecules, former prime minister of iraq, the 2 men have never seen on to i to i and now we are seeing their arrival really busy fill out onto the streets. we've also heard from the demonstrators here that
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they are saying they don't want no re mulkey. there were words that he could be nominated yet again to resume the post of prime minister once more, but just has gone away since the demonstrators were very much against this idea. and also number of competitions within countries, governments, they said that they're not going to be put back in power. but for now that i'm serious have said they're not willing to support the decisions made by the government, which has as called off a emergency meeting. that was supposed to take place to nominate a candidate for president for the prime minister position because of these demonstrators. and what also took place on wednesday when they saw the parliament that session has been postponed. what happens later on today will be very important as to what will happen down the line here in the countries government to report that force outside parliament. cost also will continue to depend with you as and
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when the situation develops in baghdad. thank you. let's take a look back at once led to this restaurant and also touched on much of this nearly 10 months after those national elections. iraq has failed to form a new government in that seal tensions pre supported the influential shia cleric without al sutter and the pro iranian group named the coordination framework. it's led to a power struggle and a political deadlock, even though both groups a sheer now with recent protest support of the pay to be sending a warning to starters adversaries. after the iranian back parties, nominated arrival politician to the position of prime minister zyden alec and annie is a middle east and list focusing on iraq and a fellow of the arab center. we're in washington dc. joys be nice here in kentucky with us on the program. are you surprised to that? so those supporters have have gotten towards parliaments again on his word
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the federalist supporters in iraq or in the rocky elliptical understanding are known and a very and for the late to be blind supporters of the photo. there's very little criticism that can be towards their leader within the sup, just movement, like many other political or religious movements in iraq, which is not the 1st time that's most of the for the direct or demand. his followers or support there is to a target or march towards governmental promises. whenever there is a disagreement between his political movements and the government for future government during governmental formation following any election, father is currently moving away from the defensive to the. ready he was being a bit defensive in the last few months when he struggled to form a part of the century for him to form a government without the support of a very few other mt. whether they be then dependent m p 's,
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where new the elected the recent, the rocky 1st parliament or the coordination framework, as you rightly mentioned currently. so that is trying to build the new if you may, rebellious, parliamentary opposition role, which he and he's movement is preparing for. but at the same time, also trying to create the obstacles to the coordination framework. whenever a nomination of asserting candidate is being put forward in one way or another would not meet their interest for agendas in the future. we witness very similar obstacles from the coordination framework towards the subject. movements on the ball was there a court date for the governor if i could just pop in? because of course, obviously, you know, my book that also tries to portray the image and certainly in his speeches and sermons, that he is a nationalist. he may be a, she must have been a nationalist, he cares about iraq. and he tries to portray anybody in the other political spheres as influenced by outside forces,
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whether they be the west europe and the u. s. or ron does that work across the country because he wasn't able to get that majority that he needed in october. and so therefore, he one could assume that he's not liked across the country, but he does have a core support which believe what believes what he says. well, a lot of the discourses or the forms of discourses in the cards. ready tries to exploit and the rockets society are very popular ideas and also. ready principles and values iraqi people or the new iraqi citizens share across the spectrum. and that is non interventionism and limit to rain intervention is a limit to western vention is a more other regional interventionism. nationalism is a very popular course across the world and not just any rock and reform for the past few years as a major discourse or rhetoric not for the has been heavily relying on, especially since 2016 up until today. reform is a, is
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a major off idea, a lot of the new rockies, especially since october 29th. this movement is the thing that really catches the hearts of the winds of the rockies motors or non participants and the electronic system. so father might find a power vacuum and thoughts and ideas. a lot of we're going to the rockies, we'd like to hear from their political or religious leaders. you would notice most of the she or prominent she political leaders and the iraqi parliament have very direct affiliations or associations or connections when we iran, proxy interest and iraq. so it's a very good opportunity for others to exploit, to be id, to gather the support across the spectrum in iraq. and then just within the sub this movement. however, there has been a very rising mythical consciousness amongst the iraq youth since the sober 2900
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for this movie as previously mentioned. and this is why we noticed a very low voter turnout. this is why we're noticing, i'm increasing intensity and this interesting elliptical rivalry between the coordination of framework and the subjects movement, which is very far away from the interest of the ordinary. iraqi said as those both equally both be the people who voted on the people, the boy cut the b last action. the self clean he just brings is running out of time here. if both sides don't agree with a potential candidate to become prime minister houses going to play us. are we looking towards another general election in some shape or form that could be a possibility. however, another another possibility or another thing that we're currently what's missing here. as the sun just movement is trying to delay the coordination frameworks possibility to form the government as much as possible. so it does not stay in the
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record that took the coordination framework for shorter time than the fund just movement to form a government. and they might find a middle ground solution and agree on a candidate that would satisfy all the political parties. and iraq is similarly to the, to the agreement that took place with former prime minister that i've been met in 2018. well, we'll see what happens. i'm can any the from the arab center, thanks for joining us in. don't thank a recent increase in the number of asylum seekers reaching the island. a lump joseph is being politicized ahead of italy, snapple exquisite september, prime minister muttered rocky resigned early this month when his coalition government fell apart. as i should get reports now on how the arrivals or influencing voters inland producer, the aquamarine waters of the mediterranean, surrounded by craggy cliffs. keep loring tourists to these codes. however,
1:42 pm
vacationers aren't the reason the small italian island has made headlines in recent years. in 2013368 migrants refugees died when an overcrowded boat capsized dear lamp ado said it was one of the worst ship racks in modern european history. francesco verandas, father was fishing with a friend when he heard cries for help. he rescued a dozen people and became a national hero. reloads empty, and the people tinkled migrant. so criminals don't understand what he means to suffer for something in forget that they're worse than nerves exploited this same africa. they came from after people protested the days when asylum seekers arrived and roamed the narrow streets are long gone. now their presence is invisible to most prompting one woman to accuse our crew of spreading misinformation. if rewards attributed the gandhi english to one the church, one archer, there is
1:43 pm
a problem. when the sea is very calm, like to day, we see at least 1500 people arriving each week. they are immediately transferred to syllis. he was somewhere else. oh yes, we don't see them on the island when every one. yet the migrant welcome center is overflowing the uptake and arrivals coincides with the collapse of prime minister mario dry geese coalition government. this month he announced his resignation twice . far right and populous parties, torpedo draggy government, and are expected to prevail in snap elections. on september 25th, the majority, siblings come from one of the oldest families on lump a. do so make a living selling produce out of a truck in the city center. we've been over a lot of us and we should vote for the far right and give them an opportunity to run the country before we say the and no good. currently, my grants are coming here every day without any rules. florida hopes italians won't allow far right and populous candidates to scape goat migrants. almost
1:44 pm
a decade later, his father has remained in contact with some of the people he rescued, and he says the sadness in their eyes remains. natasha. your name al jazeera lampa, dosa italy chilies congress is send to the state of emergency in the arrow county region. indigenous groups have declared war against the state and big business. they're demanding the restoration of their ancestral lands. and self determination is a test for president gabriel burridge just months into his 1st term. our latin america editor lucy, and even reports not from santiago michigan. this is the aftermath of the latest attack against chiles. multi $1000000000.00 forestry industry by an indigenous map put a rebel group in the south central part of the country with foreign order. foreign congress is approval of the government's request for yet another extension of a state of emergency in the albany, a region wasn't surprising. but it's come with
1:45 pm
a high dose of ridicule against left wing president gabrielle body each that we represent. i feel about got that. i think though the same people who are highly placed in government today and who not only attacked the previous government strategy but voted against all the extensions of a state of emergency last year. have the nerve to come here to ask us for the 4th time to approve the same measure. the conservatives voted in favor of allowing the army to patrol alongside militarized police in the rest of region. but several left wing deputies from body to his own coalition, especially the communist party voted against the measure. they accused the president of betraying his electoral promise to promote dialogue and not use force . earlier the spokesmen of come the oldest, my butcher resistance group took responsibility for the new attack laboratory. trace our priority is to channel violence towards well directed acts of sabotage
1:46 pm
toward supplies and machinery. the government said it would not press charges against the indigenous leader, much amid an uproar, backtracked seen as another example of flip flopping on the part of the western hemispheres. youngest president. if not, that's why we're. this is a government of a young generation of millennials, and they're learning to manage a complex state apparatus and a country that some patient with many problems. this is a year for learning the ropes a year of transition. the hope is the body to has been in office for less than 5 months, will learn the ropes soon without losing the confidence of those who elected him. every new president has to come face to face with the reality that being in the opposition is easier than being in office. president gabrielle body is learning the hard way that reconciling his convictions. and there's a lot of promises with the need to make pragmatic decisions. is a delicate juggling act. lucy and human al jazeera santiago princess says,
1:47 pm
call the treatment of indigenous peoples in canada's residential schools genocide. the head of the roman catholic church spoke to reporters on the flight back to italy. he delivered an official apology on canadian soil to the indigenous people who were abused at residential schools, most of which were run by the catholic church. they are all set on a barrel up again. i mean it's true that i did not use the word because i didn't think of it, but i described genocide. i apologized. i asked for forgiveness for this work, which was genocide. i condemned this taking children away and trying to change their culture, their minds change their traditions, race, and an entire culture is genocide is a technical word, but i did not use it because i did not think of this, but you can say that i said it was a genocide, i don't waste of the cost of girls as becoming untenable for benny canyon's on the search. wal turnitin is leading some to the forest for charcoal as a result environmental and so worried about legal logging in protected areas.
1:48 pm
catherine, so reports are from kit to e county in eastern kenya. ah, a man well knew seeley owns this restaurant in kitley county in eastern kenya, but his gas panels have not been used for a while. he tried to use gas for cooking, but the cost has been rising globally with silly says his expenses were too high, so he switched to charcoal of quality care, but then roman butter as times goes to be more harder. it's come becomes a time that if you don't mind about the environment, but to take yell the cost production. here's the problem. mazili is not the only one who has decided to put a site. he's got cylinder. the demand for chuck will is growing. the government has had use the cost of god, but many people here say they still cannot afford it for cooking. they say they use
1:49 pm
chuckle instead because it is cheaper kenya's chuckle, trade is worth nearly half a $1000000000.00 and employs thousands of people. but it continues to threaten the survival of trees and what are catchment areas? this is despite the fat chocolate binding is restricted. this is a protected forest in kitley south resolve. it's vast and some of the trees have been here for many years. sacks of charcoal are transported to different markets daily. now the guam and buzzer. when the liver, i used to work in mombasa, but because of corona i lost my job. that is how i decided to bun chuckle, i have needs, and life has to go on. the business is my livelihood. i remember i feed my children and take care of my for many officials whose work it is to protect forests, try to replant what is destroyed and talk to communities about how they can harvest
1:50 pm
or prune trees sustainably. we are where we below the recommended the international levels of them by st yacht. it's point 3 percent country weight, which of course is it is on the commended their level in the world. would you send, present? ah, most silly says he wants to protect the environment, but he's priority. he's keeping his restaurant afloat. and awning i leaving catherine sawyer all to sera kittley in eastern pena told was paula his. trevor. thank he is a hell let start your sports news with phil mickelson, who was heckled on the tae while competing at the live tournament, hosted by donald trump in new jersey, is what happened the 3 day event is the latest in the lives series, backed by saudi arabia which is divided the world of gulf in recent months. but the occasion of this tournament am its links to trump, has drawn
1:51 pm
a wider criticism. kristin salumi reports the trump national golf club in bed minister, new jersey is hosting the live golf series. bankrolled by the sovereign, while fond of, sorry, arabia the tournament has sparked outreach among those who lost family members in the 911 attacks was standing here in the back yard were center. see people were turned to stuff, but eagle son's father was killed. that was if it were not for the kingdom, he port goes hijackers. what i had is 0 percent chance of success. and we, that's our goal is to educate the world. family members have accused donald trump and the pro golfers who are participating of taking blood money. my 2 brothers were murdered on 9. will i live every st. launching and add to remind them that 15 of the 911 hijackers were saudi citizens when they say recently declassified documents show. the hijackers had help from the saudi government. something the kingdom has denied. tromp has expressed sympathy for the families,
1:52 pm
but no regrets about hosting the event. well, i've known these people for a long time. no. saudi arabia had been friends of mine for a long time that they've invested in many american companies. they own big percentages of many, many american companies, and they're frankly what they're doing for golf is so great. what they're doing for the players. so great. the salaries are going to go way up. the former president has promoted the live series with its huge payouts for players as an alternative to the pga of america, which yanked its 2022 championship from his bed minster course after the january 6 capital attack. terry strata lost her husband. tom in the world trade center says she's equally disturbed by president joe biden's recent interaction with crown prince mohammad. been salman, it was disgraceful. it was painful to watch such a, you know, such an nonchalant way of meeting him when we were trying to get our point across.
1:53 pm
you need to have a really serious conversation with him about september 11th and he blew it. 911 families aren't the only ones outraged by the saudi backed golf tournament. the national press club pointing to the killing of journalist jamal cars shoji has called the event a revolting attempt to whitewash the kingdoms image. kristin salumi al jazeera bed minster, new jersey joining a golf may have cost henry extents in the european ryder cup captaincy, but his davy at the controversial series couldn't have gone much better. the 2016 opened champion, his 8 buddies and one baggy to take a share of the lead as 7 on the paul, the sweet says is the best he's played. yeah. then it's in his joined the top of the leaderboard by valerie major. when patrick read a one shot clear of the field, just a reminder, the winner of this event takes home a for $1000000.00 in prize money. to time off as champion bubble watson is the latest live recreate. but the american won't play until next year. as he's
1:54 pm
recovering from the surgery, everybody's enjoying it. finally, you're having people on your team, it's not an individual anymore where you are just out there trying to be. busy to figure out how to play the game by yourself. you have people, you can bump ideas off of and then with the kathy so involved with the golf. it's just another atmosphere. another thing that we didn't have. and now we're bringing it to the light and it's i've heard nothing but great thing. everybody that i've talked to want to or said it's amazing. the players who remain on the p g, a tour or an action in detroit, canada's at taylor bender. that leads the way the rocket mortgage classic on 15 on the fall, but that's only one shot clear of this mount american tiny feet. now at the halfway stage. for the 2nd day in a row, we saw a hole in one will re santini with the honor. this time his a coming out the 15 ho. and that helps him just make the call. the 3rd practice
1:55 pm
session starts in the next few minutes had of the hungarian grand prix for our it looks like it's in both opening sessions on friday. the 1st column fight that the pipe was offered a shot record at the time of the day in budapest championship be the max us back when it was full quickest. while louis hamilton, while he was while back in 11, they've been a very productive day. we changed quite a lot of things on the call on my side if the one was quite tricky if between the rights road so confident that we did the right workforce and they yeah, i think i've been ahead of us and i think it will be hard for us to, to beat that, but i think over night, you know, we'll try to close the gap as much as we can and see what the, the weather will give us as well. tomorrow there were just 2 stages left in the women's told of france, and marianna voss has increased her late. but i tried a one stage 6 to move 30 seconds clear at the top of the standings. it was a 2nd stage one of the week vases of form and im pick i'm molten well champion. and if she comes through the final couple of days in the mountains, she'll add
1:56 pm
a yellow jersey to her collection from the road to the track cycling at the commonwealth games. australia dominated the opening day with 3 gold medals, including in the women's $4000.00 meet at sea pursuits. the aussies came out on top in the pool as well that with 2 all australian podium lockouts and the mens of 400 meter freestar and women's at 200 free. and they also on the 1st woman's cricket latch to be played at any commonwealth games about champions beat, india by 3 wickets in the c 20th edge, boston to get their group campaign off to a winning stops. the all these unsurprisingly taught the games meadows hable head of new zealand and england, england, alec see when the 1st gold of the competition in the trial flung. although he would have got a fast to time if you had done so much celebrating before crossing the line. there was one more gold for england on day one, with the men's artistic gymnastics team becoming the 1st nation to win 3 successive commonwealth titles. to major league baseball and aaron judge has become the 1st
1:57 pm
player to reach a 40 home runs this season. he hit 2 for the new york yankees in their win over the kansas city royals. this one saw him become only the 12 player in history to hit 40 homeless before august. and then with the bases loaded, he smashed another for a grand slam, which took him to $41.00, and that got the yankee stadium bouncing met. you'll say, did this earlier in the game, somehow pulling off a stunning catch to deny voyle's batter empty melendez, a home run of his own yankees, one this 111. fight hard quarters of reason, sir. and that is all your sports news for now. i'll have more a little bit later, so thanks very much. shut it. let's just take you to our top story again as we had towards iraq or you can show you. image is all by many thousands of people certainly occupy the parliament building there. you can see on the right and the reception area to it as well. but many still heading towards and through the
1:58 pm
perimeter area of the green zone as they head towards parliament on the instruction of the shia cleric and politician. but kind of outsider who disagrees with a potential prime ministerial candid at teeth pulled out his supporters for a 2nd time this week. well, bring you more analysis on that situation as it's developing here on out zera carries up next with another full half hour to stay with us here all afternoon. ah, this audit is difficult and so unless i la la la la, nationwide ish one on one. the how do you to visit one of cancel the philistine whitner from the switch for yeah. so will that and about the fisa can of little sob . is it done? well, i can clinic dish out in the car there, topics how that was thought that i could valuable camilla coffee and like in the past on my gun a yanine that a fee alida is like
1:59 pm
a month hot body. i mean for the shuttle in the cool, shy fucking groove bonded even before fucking at the ha ah ah ah
2:00 pm
ah. safe then he'd been home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat now for your hero. ah, supporters of shia cleric montague al saddest storm the iraqi parliament again to protest against the nomination of a new prime minister with he lives in bagdad.


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