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tv   People Power The Femicide Detectives  Al Jazeera  July 30, 2022 7:30pm-8:00pm AST

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on decisions that impact their lives, the move brings anthony up uneasy. a step closer to fulfilling a campaign promise. he said his government would hold a referendum on a voice in parliament for indigenous australians. i 2025. 1 lackey person in the u. s. state of illinois woke up this morning like we think he would be a normal saturday, but they'll be going to sleep to night. and newly minted billionaire. yes. billionaire not millionaire. a single winning ticket worth one point. $28000000000.00 was sold in that state for the mega millions lottery. the odds of winning that jack out. war one in 303000000. to put that in perspective, your odds have been crashed to death by a stray meter, right? a much better at just one in one point. 6000000. incredible. ah. hello, are you watching out his ear? these are the stories were following this hour. thousands of protesters have
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stormed the iraqi parliament in baghdad. for a 2nd time this week, supporters of shia cleric looked at it. al sadi, a trying to block a political rival from britain named prime minister will than 125 people were injured after police fight t guess at demonstrators of jimmy. and we should all work together all of us. in order to avoid falling into the abyss, we have to rely on our minds, our ha and rally around iraq and the iraqi people are not a full r o narrow interest. everyone should have responsibility, political parties, the political class, the social forces, and all other in frances, that we have to say to everyone. everyone should bear the responsibility every one should behave in a court wisely and with a long side for the sake of iraq. on the 17 ships loaded with grain. awaking to
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leave addresses, port ukrainian farmers harvesting more in the middle of russia. shelly, tens of millions of tons of grain, a judy, exploited under deal last week. washing energy produce against tom says it has stopped supplying they bring lap here with gas. the company accused lapierre of violating conditions for gas withdrawal, but didn't specify which conditions. russia also kind of supplies to poland, bulgaria, finland, the netherlands, and denmark when they refuse to pay in the local currency. spain is reported its 2nd monkey pox related death in the past 2 days. the country's case numbers europe's highest, and almost 4300 men are disproportionately affected. only 64 of the people infected in spain, a women and new york state and the city of san francisco have both declared a state of emergency due to rising monkey parks infections then new york's now home
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to one in 4 infections across the us. with 1300 cases reported. okay, those are the headlines. i'm emily angland. the news continues here on al jazeera, after people in power, news, news, news, news. news, the around 10 women murdered in mexico every day. almost always by men, heretic, gender based violence that threatens to spiral control, specialized police courts. and i'm trying to reverse the trend and bring the
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perpetrators to justice. but can they become years, much of culture and societal indifference? i ah, police unit is assembling at a quiet residential compound in mexico city. are these detectives from one of mexico's new fem aside units formed only 2 years ago to investigate violent crimes against women that only 60 and then over recovered in vehicles like got in be a little bit better, but as an estimated 10 women a murdered every day the amount of blog visible here in the hallway tells
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a powerful story, not just of the violence and rage that was here, but the vulnerability of mexican women in the supposed safety of their own homes. why is there so much violence against women in mexico? as the screaming us young, it's all of you as jak in his son is whole. now a pretense young name get better man is scamarus in radi and iraq is the element and was brass in last year. thousands of women from all over the country fed up at the torrent of violence against them came to protest in mexico city. the suppressed rage of these women boiled over in the capital. when a joke, ambien m for the door, the guard basil. inaudible la bon, bonded as we as pacific us and told him not gospels,
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i guess was going north koreans was well built castles. gainey. see, i don't see an though is we see the us us with that on from in the see those, he not even a axial gone then the then they list, dial me iraqi for stress. young, you know, yale, any more or classical has come been the head of the 1st famous i'd unit in mexico, city, sorry, herrera directs investigations of violent deaths involving women. she's also reopened hundreds of cases previously ignored by police. a saw lost normally if they laughed more credits, gay and pretty little will be that. the former yolande adult lizzy akerson said to santa mister hutton, in mexico cities sprawling police headquarters, known as the bunker detectives,
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from the famous side unit, a called out to a crime scene. norma beltran and her colleagues are on their way to a downtown hotel, romeo, where they know most of them are hiwassee and he's going to have the pre minisey views. he's on the he does more. marie delton bechtel good big i'm with ford, they'll associate that many of their investigations, a crimes of domestic violence, murder, or attempted murder of a partner or spouse for soccer. okay. it's a lot of your disposal and see what's going on with you. and then he to a go into the they love there so much loss in positive, almost right on the other. good it. if we order up there's harness will more bankers us, they asked me for my smoking as me must have broken it down, you know,
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expecting to be believed by old school homicide detectives, perpetrators often alleged their victim committed suicide. is any man he naturally no k a is when the seat he ss, but a sally's egoless with a use last and as his he now was gas us e lessons have when balance was gas ass, edith boise. so man, you'd like i bought a bank or more this her party seat us. this is on. we're good at the most. more good at the will. bad at the senior as soon as this of west was, we see the all but aqua bad less a yes. yes boys than i k vamos ah, a good a at least 4 glasses it out a little models. amberly's. hello, last on room 7. on the 3rd floor, a young woman was found dead in the bathroom. police won't give us details,
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except to say, it was reported as a suicide. unlike in the past all violent deaths involving women and now investigated by the famous side unit as potential crimes. ah. one of salaries, 1st actions, was to re examine hundreds of cases where violent deaths were classified a suicide theme. bessie gala company whistles yesterday at the pas. a hannah had also re lucas egan, e feca animal hair, summers more you must anal is more. you will see you ask is there, but i see last, no bulk or rationale is casey. what i meant that the medium of that is, indicate that ma, flabby, them, through an ascii dress young, the fishy less will be at the hotel crime scene. luminous spray reveals evidence hidden to the naked eye.
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back in the office, detective norma beltran files her report. after 16 months in the unit, she has a sense of mission. is one way more than dare come up. feliciano lower love it because he bought a gay was among credit 9 was one, it was a little bit last week. the must. elaine may end up with sadness was familiarity with some of my company. and also just means most every country has homicide units. why do you need a separate institution dedicated to women in michigan, familial seo as the fed, and they, they receive? i don't know, seniors as morales is very will adam and then us got us get. then emma's said as, as, as he now bore us on as a handle and that, i mean, he'll separate us well,
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maybe your lens. yes, ex wife. i said as morris alfred inhaler homeless, you say you re herrera, was a remarkable choice to run this unit. she was a human rights lawyer and an activist. last, meredith, this is leanne, this con, con, last k o n e. at that our handle on less gay. madam chair, for the last guy. yes than b n. c, him the host this year, m j. k is that 8 and my stuff is caliah. j a. the amazon was that body stuff. he's get every jamiracle, baydar, noise dressings, fetus, eunice, to tackle the 700 open investigations in mexico city. there are 18 lawyers in her team, 42 detectives, doctors, and an intelligent unit. you understand why there are so many murders of women in
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mexico? coco much is more lovelace off, along with the one that goes along with us. and so i spent the last e and not have my own. okay. cameras, muhammed weddies office at the residential compound on the outskirts of mexico city, famous, i detectives and forensic technicians piecing together the story of what happened in the blood spattered apartment. a little girl massa with detective jorge pamlico, is in charge. is the causal to wonder among those lamar?
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are some minor bears on lunch, are those you are the gaza about bill that the for the monitor, the progress and going through a lot of my jermanti go in this ha. okay. job said, well, my chevy won't go to your love. he would. are they uncle to you? okay. well, dante officer, la garza, wonderland victims, brother. what she's on my sister. she was facing a monster. she was facing a real monster. ah, a guy that did this to her, it's an atrocity. what he did he took me by my arms i. he pulled me away from the bedroom and then he was with the knife
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donna was stabbed multiple times by her ex partner. it's a miracle she survived. can't believe it. i don't believe that. he or he did it this to me. i mean, choke, after her attacker was her ex partner, marco. they were together for 8 years, but had separated not long before the attack. i didn't see it coming never. we have not the perfect relationship, but it was not that bad. my mom, i mainly noticed this guy was a ne and he didn't wanted to relate the warehouse with my sisters
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hong. she was controlling my sister. that's was what happened on the day of the attack in early january. a few days after new year, marco came to see her at the apartment. she start to say that he is going to kill himself. he go to the kitchen she. he took a knife and she was like, i am going to kill myself because you don't love me any more. donna thinks he saw messages on her phone from her new boyfriend after that a name. he was another person, a. he was like your tongue. isadore. ah, and they was like, i had tried to struggle my sister twice. he hit her in the face. she punched her in the face and then he took the knife. the 1st
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god heath was in gwinnett. that is all over my neck. and instantly i started home to screen for shop. and then the hip started to was after he got my hands on my arms, he perforate my, my love a doll him mark. you're going to kill me. and she says me, yes. oh wow. donna's neighbor heard her screams and called the police folks her mom and that was very good. us. it is all school goes, all school does is meant for longer, you know, partial normal torso, m, remember mile blanca from children bumping to you all. settlement those almost one 3rd bush include your your economy. sure. i was at the floor. he was over me.
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so i can't move donna's life, which probably saved because marco slipped in a pool of her blood. i find the keys i took there and i opened the door. how did you get to the door? i don't know. i don't know. i remember i wake up. i'm and i said, oh thank god for these body for this to embody take you go far by chance. because the setback that i have here, i i put my my, my left can i am right. what i put my left hand and i can
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i can defend myself and my hand is good and now i can't move my my 3 fingers foot. ah, i don't it's okay, it's okay for me because i'm a life. we are a society that cannot tolerate these anymore. we breathed the violence every day in this country and maybe you read it. maybe you see it on to on to me, bard, you'll never imagine. ah, this can happen to your sister. for me is very important that he pay for these. ah, extend. luca is only 35 kilometers from mexico city. with the progress we saw in mexico city feels remote here in mexico state. more women are killed than
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anywhere else in the country. and the age of the victims is getting younger. a pink cross marks the spot where a famous side is taking place. this is the latest murder to have happened here, and it's left the mother of the victim. isolated and terrified in this harsh landscape milan moya, does what happened to your family in december? me half way, viola. he has his he nother in the c. m. well look, no lovely. no. if we win a mother in mexico,
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are you not barnett? he said, he said, who had a sting, gone. it is what it is. you're a jenna this who joyce. verily that get the and this is in your mood ching gone. so so, so more just cause as the year it will not exceed linbeck extra, the envy me lemonade, other may yellow amanela the combat, lift my dear list of the left or no rock began. necessity, but k yet i'm here will, you know? so the melody was only 13 years old. her pink school bag still hangs on the wall a day that an umbrella she had 2 little
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sisters, fatima, and julia one morning in december, and helen asked melanie to help her. you met him? the amount in dunces is the least they are fatima is say, the emily, not the war. glasses 11. they live out gala yada. no, no, i see a for a good get them in the well as well. they do a say the i live by the, if her, what can let you, i'll, i generate a little with the, like them in their library, maryann points or mice 25, the man miracle griff, at the mercy of our gala. melanie lobby law the heart, give me one last, had we. we saw shortly after melanie's body was dumped a few yards from the primaries school gate. i went out, are you another theodora garcia?
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that's good for comedy. we and your alley, i mean, that'll anonymous. to cut it gum. what ela gala not big. seattle glass will rock by. stella truss gather. killing him below. they thought until you until now when you get that again. now a simple pink cross marched the spot where melanie's body was left, connecting her death to the thousands of other women and girls killed in mexico in recent decades. me like see the feel only got a call on left in a moment. i hate to hear that they'll by law,
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get anyone. i'm a big it out as is me? yes. him all week. the 40 so 50 then in this was and this is lowanda is comalla soda. that was what he says young, the corporate christ, every country has manifestation of violence against women. but in mexico, why is the violence so extreme and most the needle a when they come back, i mean important they, they a well not fabric like apple makes, but if you then they control traffic, most of us will be still framing the c ds in los k l model. and if somebody bought us the lobby that left him quite is, is up in the back because given the chemist for my part that they will pose 11 when
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children is look at a my a lower to keep angela's has received welfare visit from the local police but she hasn't heard anything from the team investigating the murder the we scalia. wellness does in little do you think an aim, lynn? if can i get in on that either called bubbly. gone though. is where we began you the state has a firm aside unit, but it's got little funding. the police response here seems totally inadequate. was your loaning, could kill if all of this hit against them was in mexico. challenge, paulina and don says nice. possibly give that up
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and i said, input then see what gay in mr. by is see 9, you know, not m women less causes the causes cultural, but also are impunity. ingrid sir escobar is the minister for women in mexico city . fermi side is a crime that we have in to the sig, a secret, or if he was on the thought process bubbles that our handle of that got. damn the income, be a little cheap. i'll happily, sir, i will 90 to soon dan berkeley, gal, dan masculine duncan was lab only see at ambien quest that was that, that our hope donna
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is home from the hospital tending to her wounds and in the care of her family. my family is my entire work without my family. i don't on the way that i can survive to leave this the school he thought o was o causes versus i was come. her dealings with the famous side unit have been positive. her attacker is in jail awaiting trial in mexico. not all the cases have just i want to leave that most of the cases cost just the spot. we know that these doesn't happen length. so i, i hope this, this casey's fine with just, ah,
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last you that in measure coils when neither standard, unless transfer miss young, this in a saw the us in the lead to i from you see the off, we must, the last book you cmos as 1000 level only got got a little humorous not dollars last year. that is not balls, losses dollars has been in me is money will they're in for as little good out now. so could almost almost conformist lagossi mas as daniel green was gone. federal credit in mexico state and halley's passes the place every day where melanie was abandoned me as leopards on a gallery of yummy faced. anybody know what you said. thank you luck.
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all she has left is a grave to visit and no one to stand with her. ah ah a new voice is eating out the airway. lot of chinese listeners with, kimberly here, but i really think in their own country shifting power they case the rise of citizen journalism has changed everything. how do happen?
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it happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative. australians went to the pole with those images front of mine is a war that very much came forth out in the media as well as on the battlefield there listening post. dissect the media on al jazeera on counting the cost. the european central bank raises interest rates to rain in inflation. good wising borrowing costs and political turmoil was italy's death book, or the e. you agree to cup natural gas use in winter? will that help to avert an energy crisis? counting the cost on al jazeera august on al jazeera, kenya, braces for a title contested votes. as the country goes to the poles and elections that will shape its future. the listening post examines and dissects the wealth media how they operate, the stories they cover up to 5 years on since mia mars muslim minority were forced from the country. we look at the plight of the rocking. i'll just say we're well
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showcase is the best documentary from across the network, including a new 3 part series, the sixty's in the arab world. as protests continue following the swearing in the new president could sri lanka, economic and political crisis lead to humanitarian 1 august, which is the route ah to o. supporters of shia cleric a occupy a ranch parliament for the 2nd time in a week to pro.


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