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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 31, 2022 1:00am-1:31am AST

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0 and just under a year's time kept us out. a stadium will host the opening match of the 2022 world cup. the official opening of the stadium came on day one of the ira cup, but many fans were already counting down to the big kickoff next november 10th, 22. as this tournament on fall over the coming days will play a key role. but organize is getting ready to host the middle east. the biggest ever school thing event next year. for the castle national team, they get used to playing in front of expected home crowds. they'll be hoping to convince both the fan and themselves so they really are ready to take on the world . ah, i protest a storm iraq's parliament for the 2nd time this week blocking the appointments as a new president and prime minister.
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ah. hello, i. marian lives in london, you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. a precious cargo in the port said she was just a 17 ships laden with ukrainian grain, awake orders to set sail an attack on the somali, ethiopia border is the group ship. bob seeks to expand its footprint in the region and new york in san francisco declared emergencies as monkey bogs cases continue to rise. ah, welcome to the program. we begin in the rocky capital baghdad where protest has remained camped inside iraq's parliament. after storming the building for a 2nd time this week, police find tig to crowds in the heavily militarize green zone. more than
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a 125 people have been injured. supporters of chicago, hydro solder, of protesting against the nomination of hammered. as the danny, as prime minister, i'm would under wyatt, has been a parliament in his antique. this report. ah, once again, supporters of shia cleric more to the southern occupy iraq parliament. but this time, the vote to stay put until their demands are met. we reject corruption and corrupt politicians. so don is a tool in the hands of foreign powers. he and his colleagues work against iraq. he won't do anything for our benefits. what i'm one of them harvey. we won't leave until we kick those corrupt politicians out of iraq approve iranian book called the coordination framework has nominated mohammed t as with any for play minister. these protesters have linked with him to former
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premier movie american. i saw that the health ministry has confirmed dozens of people including soldiers were injured when police file t, a guess at the clouds. a jimmy. everyone shares the responsibility, political parties of the political elite of the social forces. i'm influential figures. we have to say it to everyone, and everyone must act wisely with the rock in mind in order not to lose again the saudi. today's session had been dedicated electing to a new president followed by the naming of a minister who would be in a new government all that is now giving graven politicians
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a chance to meet. but these protesters are worried that m. p 's could hold then announced session to approve she, danny. so now did in for the long haul and she will inferential shad toddress under one the most support in elections in october last year but has been unable to form a government that excludes she rivals who support iran last month. so there withdrew his all makers from the parliament after competing factions fell to agree on the composition of a new government. fueling a power struggle with rival political groups more closely aligned to and supported by iran protest, as in parliament of chance against others adversary's after iran back policies nominated veterans shall politician, next cabinet minister, homage us. the donnie to the post of prime minister or 0 is dosa. jibari is in baghdad and says that the ongoing political instability is making countries
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economic crisis even was this is the longest, this country has gone without a functioning government. and even though they had elections in october last year, they were not able to form any kind of a, a government to oversee how they spend the countries revenues. they have not had a budget for 2022. and there is a lot of money that is pouring into this country as a result of their oil sales. and of course, oil prices being at all time highs over the past few months. their revenues this country has as grown as well, but they need to spend that money on the much needed infrastructure. they're still power outages on a daily basis in baghdad. there is a shortage of medicine for people that really need it. it's an unemployment. is that an all time high? so there really needs to be is a systematic change. and what we're hearing now is possibly a move to having some kind of a referendum as to whether or not they want to continue with this parliamentary
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system. if that is the case, then there could be possibility of fundamental change in how this country is run. but whether or not all the sites can agree to that. and also the other card and their countries that are very much interested in what happens here. whether or not they will stand by and love that to happen roomies to be seen. but certainly i think what is clear now is the system that they have is not working regardless of how many elections they have. ah, ukraine's present as ordered the mandatory evacuation of the eastern city of danielle and the white a don't boss region as fighting with russian forces intensifies. meanwhile, both ukraine in russia invited experts from the u. n and the red cross to probe an attack on a prison complex in ali mujica, in which dozens of ukrainian prisoners of war were killed. a facility was an a separatist held don bass region of east in ukraine and
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a part of that region earlier. the red cross said, had requested access to the prison to help evacuate survivors and assist the wounded. russia and ukraine of accused each other a striking a prison. meanwhile, 17 ships loaded with ukrainian grain are ready to depart. odessa, for the 1st time since rushes invasion in february, more wheat and corn is being harvested while the war continues. ukraine is a key global exposure of wheat, barley, corn, and sunflower. oil, and the loss of thy supplies is res, global food prices, threatening political instability and has helped push more people into poverty and hunger. and countries that were already vulnerable and food insecure. john hendern has more from odessa. ukraine in the world are waiting for 17 ships filled with grain to distribute food across the globe and help avert a global hunger crisis. prisoner volota mir zalinski on friday said those ships would leave soon, but they haven't left yet. there are
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a number of logistical problems involved with that. some of. ready could be insurance, the fact that the waters are mine, and most importantly, security because those ships will be traveling through an active war zone. we've also been told that the secretary general through a spokesman has offered to send a team of experts to a prison in eastern ukraine to determine whether it was a russian strike or an ukrainian strike that killed 50 people. those people were prisoners who fought on behalf of ukraine. in merrier poll, one of the things they'll look at is whether that was an external strike. as the russians claim, they say it was a ukrainian missile, or whether it was an explosion from inside. that is what the ukrainians claim. volota murs alenta. he says it was a war crime. i'll shall fight his attack to military base on the smiling. if you be a border. the arm group, which is linked to al qaeda, says it's killed more than a 100 feet in troops. but the government and not as amber,
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is saying it soldiers killed more than a 150 fighters who try to infiltrate the base. i'll show bob controls large swathes of somalia and as long sought establish a base in ethiopia. several attacks have been reported. seeing raising concerns about regional stability, samuel got to choose a john listen artist of a. he says, conflict on the somali, ethiopia border is on the rise. the somali state government has been supported by the european courses, trying to fight with bob. there was a story that came out saying that 150 a least members have been killed. but throughout the week and even earlier this month, there has been different kind of claim and counter claim of victims and red tree. and so on enough for the u. n. w p to. 2 start removing some of its employees. the somali region is one of the asked where it has a comp that's taking care of thousands. so if you open displeased people,
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and this goes to show you that this conflict says really moving forward. show bob was claiming that they have been killing or winning the battle so far. but this is the 1st time that the people inside or the region outside. the somali regional government forces really. 3 clean this money victims or this money killing. and in a way to stop, i'll show bob from advancing to the capital of the somali region and far beyond spain is reported. it 2nd monkey pox related that in the past 2 days, they are the 1st confound monkey pox, deaths in the european union, spain case numbers are europe's highest, almost 4300 global monkey pox outbreak as seen more than 21000 cases in nearly 80 countries since may, meanwhile, new york state and the city of san francisco to quite a state of emergency because of rising numbers of the wires yolks now home to one
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in 4 infections across the us with over a 1000 cases reported that california is not far behind with 800 more than a quarter of which are in san francisco. and there is mike counter is in washington, he has more now on response from u. s. government. what it means is that, for example, in new york state, the public emergency has been declared. this allows the state to permit paramedics nurses, for example, to administer doses of the vaccine. it also opens up the door to greater federal assistance. now it is interesting in terms of the fact that you have had observed to say that it's very difficult to coordinate on the basis of the 7 entities. now that is the u. s. s. 50 state plus the 7 regions and major cities that are involved in san francisco for example, which is the 1st city to declare public health emergency. once again, that opens up the avenues of assistance from the state as well as from federal
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level. so it is a bit of a hodgepodge response in terms of the health department way of dealing with this and what i must note as well. very importantly, on wednesday, the cdc said that there was some 4500 cases reported last night. those figures were updated to some 5 to 4000. and so clearly this is a health problem that is non to stabilizing. it is, in fact, mounting the death toll off to flash funds in the us day of kentucky has risen to 25 kentucky governance as it could take weeks to find all the victims of search and rescue operations continue. hundreds of people had to be rescued by both after days of torrential rain in a mountainous appellation region flooding time. many roads into rivers, with some low lying houses, almost completely submerged. more heavy rains now for cost for sunday were $25.00 confirmed casualties. if there is one piece of good news,
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we now believe there are only 4 children and not 6 children in that number. the original 2 children that were reported have turned out to be adults. those are still 2 people that we have lost. still trying to get an accurate way to cal missing persons when we can't get to certain areas. cellphone service is still down in so many areas. and in some of these areas, it's gonna be hard to know exactly how many people are living there in the 1st place. here with out is there a lie from london still had fully on the program? hundreds, rescued from the mediterranean allowed to dock in italy as mo, migrate the refugees trying to make the journey to europe as gas prices. such canyons tend to bonnie chuckle, but at what cost to the environment? ah,
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they're more on topic as being trained in the systems that are coming across the bite, but also be getting some from the topic. so between the 2 you get some fairly heavy rain full cost to come into purse that makes it on monday. fairly stormy system attempts is risen. your latest, but the coldest definitely. the current frontal systems on his way through tasmania . so you see some snow there on the high ground obedience there in the the victorian alps as well. and then rain showers in queens and all of this looks like is heading to new zealand. well, it is. this is the picture though, on monday, hasn't quite don't there. so you go to mostly a day off unless you happened to be in the cargo what it will probably start to rain to sleep. northly equates now the rains leaving java fairly dry and a good part of sumatra, but singapore, across borneo, up towards the central philippines troops court where it's true also in cambodia allows vietnam and thailand. otherwise, we looked to the west the,
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the notion that interesting the although the warnings are at the moment because of heavy rain full, the northern states of india. if you look further south, particularly later on monday, once again tamil nadu starts to see some pretty big down poles. you get the orange bloom on monday afternoon, which stretches up towards go us out southern india again. ah, state propaganda media, censorship and the rise of their italian rule in wake up one day. this system has been turned from an electoral democracy into a competitive authoritarian regime. a look at the loss of power in hungarian experiences. if those who live in every day, there is a pressure on us that we had to be very careful, of course, and we have to be brave enough to support that question. how democracy dies. democracy may be on al jazeera
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lou ah, a comeback. look at made stories now and thousands of protest is of stone, the rocky palm and baghdad for 2nd time this week. support of shall, clock mach terrell solder a trying to block a political rival from being named prime minister with russia and ukraine of called on the you and in the international committee, the red cross to take action over an attack on a prison complex in orland. you've co, dozens of ukrainian prisoners of war were killed. zelinski is also ordered. the mandatory evacuation of the eastern city of danielle scammed the wide dome bos region as fighting with russian forces intensifies and al sure bob fights of
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attacked and military base on the somali ethiopia border. the on group says it's killed more than a 100 troops. but to governments in ethiopia is saying it soldiers killed more than 150 fighters. well, over 400 migrants and refugees of distant box from the and jo ship, the watch in toronto, italy ship rescue people from the mediterranean last week in 4 separate operations . been in search of a safe port for days in temperatures over 40 degrees celsius. well, the number of people heading to europe is rising, is put in 84 percent rise compared to last year with nearly a 115000 so called irregular entry so far. according to the border agency from tx, the number of people taking the eastern mediterranean route has more than doubled from a year ago. most had to greece departing from turkey, syria, and egypt. a majority on jerry and congolese, or syrian crossings along the central mediterranean route, up 23 percent asylum seekers hoping to reach each of these shores,
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leaving from libya. but most start at johnny's and bangladesh, egypt, anton easier, interesting. there's also been a, a 20 percent drop in crossings in the western mediterranean. most of the undocumented migrants departing from morocco to spain, from algeria, syria, and morocco of this recent spike in the number of asylum seekers reaching the southern island of lamb, producer is being politicized that of italy snap elections in september. as i shall go name reports now on how the arrivals or influencing votes as in lamb, patricia the aquamarine waters of the mediterranean, surrounded by craggy cliffs, keep luring tourists to these codes. however, vacationers aren't the reason the small italian island has made headlines in recent years. in 2013368 migrants had refugees died
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when an overcrowded boat capsized dear lampa do so. it was one of the worst ship racks in modern european history. francesco verandas, father was fishing with a friend when he heard cries for help. he rescued a dozen people and became a national hero. reloads empty and the people tinkled migrant. so criminals don't understand what he means to suffer for something in forget that they're worse than nerves exploited this same africa. they came from after people protested the days when asylum seekers arrived and roamed the narrow streets are long gone. now their presence is invisible to most prompting one woman to accuse our crew of spreading misinformation. if rewards attributed the gandhi english to one that you're born archer and mother, there is a problem. when the sea is calm, like today, we see at least 1500 people arriving each week. they're immediately transferred to sicily or somewhere else. we don't see them on the island to rest of the one
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everyone. yet the migrant welcome center is overflowing the uptake and arrivals coincides with the collapse of prime minister mario druggies coalition government. this month he announced his resignation twice. far right and populous parties, torpedo draggy government, and are expected to prevail in snap elections. on september 25th, the majority, siblings come from one of the oldest families on lump a. do so make a living selling produce out of a truck in the city center. when you remember when we should vote for the far right and give them an opportunity to run the country before we say be a no good. currently migrants are coming here every day without any rules. corrado hopes italians won't allow far right and populous candidates to scape goat migrants . almost a decade later, his father has remained in contact with some of the people he rescued. and he says the sadness in their eyes remains. natasha. your name al jazeera lump. a deuce
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italy chillies congress is extended, a state of emergency in the auto county region. indigenous groups there of declared war against the state and big business, and demanding the restoration of ancestral lands and self determination to test for present gabrielle boris. just months into his 1st tongue and latin america added to lease in human reports on this. now from santiago, been since this is the aftermath of the latest attack against chiles, multi $1000000000.00 forestry industry by an indigenous my put a rebel group in the south central part of the country. from furlough interference . congress is approval of the government request for yet another extension of a state of emergency in the albany. a region wasn't surprising, but it's come with a high dose of ridicule against left wing president. gabrielle bought each. le, personify obama got a bit of it, though,
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the same people who are highly placed in government today, and who not only attacked the previous government strategy, but voted against all the extensions of a state of emergency last year. have the nerve to come here to ask us for the 4th time to approve the same measure. conservatives voted in favor of allowing the army to patrol alongside militarized police in the rest of region. but several left wing deputies from body to his own coalition, especially the communist party, voted against the measure. they accused the president of betraying his electoral promise to promote dialogue and not use force. earlier the spokesman of come, the oldest my pulcher resistance group, took responsibility for the new attack labriola and with dr. is our priority is to channel violence towards well directed acts of sabotage towards supplies and machinery. the government said it would not press charges against the indigenous
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leader, but on need an uproar back tracked seen as another example of flip flopping on the part of the western hemispheres. youngest president, if the mechanism were versus the government of a young generation of millennials in their learning to manage a complex state apparatus and a country that some patient with many problems. this is a year for learning the ropes a year of transition. the hope is the body to has been in office for less than 5 months, will learn the rope soon without losing the confidence of those who elected him. every new president has to come face to face with the reality that being in the opposition is easier than being in office. president, gabrielle burridge is learning the hard way that we can siding his convictions and his electoral promises with the need to make pragmatic decisions. is a delicate juggling act. lucy and human al jazeera santiago, cuba announced electricity concent capital, havana, beginning on monday,
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city will have schedule blackouts, and the annual carnival has been cancelled. this is in response to the worsening energy crisis. eleanor is home to more than 11000000 people and has been spread from the islands daily for our pockets until now. of the cost of gas is becoming untenable for many canyons, and the search for alternatives is leading some to the forest for charcoal. as a result, environmentalist, so worried about illegal logging and protected areas. katherine sawyer, ports room, kitley county and east and kenya. ah, a man, well knew seeley owns this restaurant in kitley county in eastern kenya, but his gas panels have not been used for a while. he tried to use gas for cooking, but the cost has been rising globally. with silly says his expenses were too high, so he switched to chuckle of quality care bobbin readily butter as times cause to
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be more harder. it's coming becomes a time. but if you don't mind about the environment, but to tackle the cost production, he is a problem. mazili is not the only one who has decided to put aside his gas cylinder . the demand for charcoal is growing, the governmental reduce the cost of god, but many people here say they still cannot afford it for cooking. they say they use chuckle instead because it is cheaper. kenya's chuckle, trade is worth nearly half a $1000000000.00 and employees thousands of people, but it continues to threaten the survival of trees and water catchment areas. this is despite the fat chuckle, bonding is restricted. this is a protected forest in key to south reserve. it's vast and some of the trees have been here for mid. yes. sacks of charcoal are transported to different markets
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daily. now the guam and brother when the liver, i used to work in mombasa, but because of coroner, i lost my job. that is how i decided to bun chuckle, i have needs, and life has to go on. the business is my livelihood. i remember i feed my children and take care of my for many officials whose work it is to protect forests, try to replant what is destroyed and talk to communities about how they can harvest or prune trees sustainably. we are well below the recommended the latter levels of them by st. yup. it's point 3 percent country weight, which of course is it is on the commander level in the world. would you 10 percent? ah, you silly says he wants to protect the environment, but he's priority. he's keeping his restaurant afloat and awning a leaving catherine soil to sierra get to eat in easton pena. china space
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agency has been criticized for failing to warn fellow agencies of the trajectory of an uncontrolled rocket re entering the earth's atmosphere. china says most of the long march 5 b rock. it burned up during re entry over the sea. 20 island of borneo in the philippines. the 3rd time china has been accused of not following its natural protocol over space debris. nasa released the statement on the debris sang . china did not show a specific she jack, gerry information as their long march 5 be rocket fell back to us. all space during nation should follow establish best practice and do their part to share this type of information. doing so is critical to responsible use of space and to ensure the safety of people here on earth. on sunday, the england women's football team faces germany and the euro 20 tiny to final. so how much wembley, where the crowd of $90000.00, it's expected to deliver the biggest crowd for any or his final men's or women's
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and with millions more watching around the country and a team that takes it up. now, what the tournament means for the women's game in england. oh, the crossing bl, invest something in the air, i guess maybe. i mean, this was sheffield after england's women learned as the lioness is thrush, sweden, to reach sunday's euro 2022 final nationwide screenings like this or bringing people together in public and nearly half a 1000000 fans of attended matches so far more than doubling the figure for the last tournament, 5 years ago, like this federalist is a completely different atmosphere to the maze. it's not that i 5 and a small, fine, a like joining saying a mexican lives and underpinning the euros. there's a whole ecosystem from the women super lead to semi professional clubs like damage, hamlet here in south london to school teams. how to believe that for decades,
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women were bought from competing in a game that the english football association called quite unsuitable for females. a grounds up and down the country. women's teams offer the fans. quality football we can we count, but there's no doubt the euros tournament has opened many more people's eyes and for clubs like this, that can only be a good thing. i've got nights, texting, they have had no interest in lemans hopeful and really excited about it. so it meant lots of guys as well, which is i see people all ages. i was on my bicycle again. they can home, i don't stop, i actually lice. and it was 3 old men and hint and talking about england game it was on the not for, i'm just things like that. that not just for me is really special in recent years. women's and gills cripple has really taken off by 2020. the number taking part in england had reached almost 3 and a half 1000000. but they're still a long way to go before the dinner anywhere near as much as the men do or make a living from the sport outside the top. here. i play that with the year, i was going to bring a little bit more attention to the game and the women start getting
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a bit more recognition because i do trying really hard. it would be nice for them to be more expensive piece of that. my actually i as the national team gear up to their biggest match ever, they'll be hoping the home crowd come, give them the edge over germany. but it's not just about the result. we hope that yeah, that we got everyone so antagonistic and that at the end actually the hope country she is proud proud of us and that more even more girls and boys will start playing football. because for the lawyer, this is going one step further. the ling lives made it last year and lifting the trophy is the ultimate goal. o n d baba al jazeera london. ah, just a quick look at the main stories of following this. allen allen in iraq protest is remain camped inside the parliament after storming the building for a 2nd time this week. police fight take.


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