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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 31, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm AST

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pandemic restrictions, growth, financial hardship to many years valley. now as the island reopens for international travelers. some say they want more just to return it to the way things work before. community groups have helped form a tourism work is learn how to cut. it used to be a tour guide. now he farms, cabbages, and at the mcdaniel, i don't want to go back to tourism. i want to continue to be a farmer. as the island prepares to welcome visitors, again, many say the pandemic has told them valuable lessons. never forget, ah, follow us of the rocky politician mac tada. i'll set a stage, a city to parliament against the nomination of a new prime minister. ah,
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again, i'm adrian finnegan. this is al jazeera life, and doha also coming up a show of strength of home. russia marks its annual navy day and promises a new hypersonic missile. hot and windy conditions cause wildfire in the us state of california to spread rapidly. and will be live at wembley stadium for the women, the 0 final is the total months. most successful team germany take on post nation ah, supporters of iraq's powerful she a leader mock taught al serra still camped inside parliament. on saturday, thousands of people stormed the building in baghdad for the 2nd time in a week. they vowed to stay put until the demons of met sort of supporters reject the nomination of mohammed char i'll so donnie was prime minister. it's been 10
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months since the election, but a deadlock remains over the formation of a new government out a 0 mock board of the war. head reports that quarter of iraq's parliament is in limbo. that is censor supporters of the iraq's. she a clinic and influential political leader looked at us other heavy occupied headquarters and they are now in an open sit in since saturday. they say they will not leave this headquarters until their demands are met. they want the parliament detect how much a i sued any, was been nominated for prior minnesota by that through iran, parliamentary block known as the coordination freight framework. now these protests that had been sitting here sleeping, praying, chanting against the coordination framework and chanting again as naughty,
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and mattie, whom they accuse of corruption and mismanagement. they say chaos. who danny is at applica of northern medicaid. we have been praying here. you have been sleeping more protested as have been joining from other provinces, encouraged by the success that a colleagues achieved on saturday when they saw them with the green zone and headquarters of the pottery. now, despite despite cold, for calm, from local and international institutions, these protest has seemed to be determined to continue their sit in until their demands are met. now this is, it has led to a hold of operation in the green zone. that's where the parliament is located, of abrasion and all the state in institutions. and degrees of the game zone is home to government offices and also international diplomatic missions.
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president flooding may a person has signed a new naval doctrine which designates us nato military infrastructure. moving towards, wash has brought up as it's main challenges. futon attended the navy de ceremony in saint petersburg, warships, submarines, and hundreds of personnel to pass in the parade. the president is also confirmed. that's a new i persona. cruise missiles will be delivered within months. glitchy always getting into was more list of i key thing here is the capability of the naval forces. our navy can respond with lightning speed to all of those who infringe on our sovereignty and freedom. he had honorably fulfill strategic tasks on the border of the country. and in any part of the ocean in the world, he has high readiness for active operations of its coastal surface air and submarine forces. and it is constantly improving. like with the latest zircon
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hypersonic missile systems, which have no counter types in the world. yes. and no barriers, dear comrades, their delivery to the russian armed forces will begin in the coming months. alexei moreover, his an associate professor of national security and strategic studies of cooking university. he says the navy provides an important supporting role in russia's operations. the navy continue to provide raso with an element of strategic insurance, russia to raise the 2nd largest. believe you all the summer, instantly ballistic missile submarines. the russian navy continues to engage and during the operations against the united states. on the latest you need to make the brain. yeah. which actually explains the composition of the current main naval array in st. petersburg. the absence of major capital ships like guided massage courses because they all mass in the rain, in the great shadow in the united states. and crop carry,
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embed code rules. so it historically played an important role and it continues to play an important role. and certainly the navy is important to let you know as a form of the policy indian leave alone. just an effective instrumental and the deterrence and defense. historically, a russia, as a landlord nation, have this, i'm going to lam on how to be that. so as a military power, this is, and mary can power and they will power. obviously, if you look at the history of roches, military company, the main and the majority of threats came from a land areas in russia, the invasion, so that the russians came on russia invasion of its neighbors. they're all operate on my land. on my see, having said that, russia would use agencies and 3 has access to the ocean. so clearly it cannot really afford to be negligent about it's mary band, flanks, and certainly the russian navy will continue to play an important role. well,
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here's the situation on the ground in ukraine right now. the areas in red controlled by russia, and it's separately stylized. that's been heavy fighting in these parts of the eastern front and on that sc at, in the south ukrainian forces pushing towards the city of castle. they've been targeting bridges to cuddle thrushes, slight roots, while grain ships in ukraine's black. c port, wait for the all clear. the sale has been a blow to the farming industry. growing next seasons crop. the owner of one of the largest agriculture companies in kia has been killed along with his wife in a rush and strike. and nikolai of alexi, the sky was one of the ukraine's richest businessmen is nibble on. some specializes in the production and export of wheat, bali, and corn. i'll just here as john henry reports now from the talk up and south west of ukraine, a turkish presidential spokesman said those ships might leave the ports on monday.
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at least the 1st ship we would expect there would be a number of ships and we spoke to a captain of one of those ships. these are the port of tournament. he told us that he was told to be prepared to leave to morrow, to follow a pilot ship and to follow it to easton ball. after that 2 destinations unknown. he was not told where the next destination would be, so it does appear that if everything goes right and all the paperwork is done there, they're doing the bill of lading, which lists everything that is going to be in the ships as we speak. if all of that happens, the ships could leave tomorrow we, it could be delayed if there are other issues because the dangers for those ships traveling through a war zone are very real. the russians have already struck the port of a death. and here where i am ins, atoka, we are in a residential area, looking out at the bay as a token. and you can see what happened here when a series of russian missiles struck that is
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a child's bedroom up there. and if we walk with me here, you can see this enormous crater and that's just made by one of what appears to be several missiles that struck this area on tuesday. those 2 strikes have both come from russia during that 9 day period since an agreement was signed, allowing those drain ships to leave. so russia has argued that it has the right to hit legitimate targets even if they're at or near the port, and the other strike was on the port of odessa itself. so that's why it's taking so long to get these ships out of those 3 black seat ports and to get that grain out to a world that is waiting and looking to avert a global food crisis. voting is, underwent a parliamentary election in senegal, opposition. parties are angry, some of the most popular candidates were disqualified from running. that worried that if president mackey's house party wins a majority,
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he may try to change the constitution and run for a 3rd term. i'll just here as a bent, everybody has more from outside of podium station and dot com. we have more than 15000 center votes in the car and all the car people started to vote from the 8 a. m. and they will keep voting until the 8 we have, it's b, m. we have more than a 7000000 electors who will vote in 46 departments. this election is very important for the country. we have 8 coalitions who are competing to get the majority in the parliament, which is composed by 165 feet. the biggest i coalitions in these 8 are the government coalition,
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supported by the actual president like yourself, and a opposition coalition. when was months, uncle with the leader of the opposition? and ob, delay was for is a former president. and in synagogue what we are expecting. we cannot predict. until now we have the to wait more hours because the votes started the just at 8 o'clock. so in 2 hours before, and we have to wait, but we can say that in the box, the base rates and the vote of the young electors were you. we know that the young people are like 50 percent of the population in the car. so these 2 items are very important to a little mind or the rest of the election, and they really mean
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a lot for all these 8th co, allison, some africans president sewell, run a poser. i was promised to focus on helping the poor at his party's palm, the conference. the african national congress has been losing vote to support while facing criticism for corruption and failing to address inequality. leaders of the 3 day conference of discussed ways of ending poverty, inequality and violence against women. angela fixed, spoke to al jazeera, corresponded, finally to mila earlier today, he says the a and c must make a huge effort to alleviate the challenges that many south africans are facing. so this is a 110 year old organization that has have control over the countries governance for the last 28 years. and it now faces the challenge of having to drag itself from the 20th into the 21st century. many of its leaders are really in the sort of sixty's and older their governing over country that has the majority of people under the age of 27. and so the challenge really is to not only fix their own errors,
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catch up on the legacy of colonialism in apartheid. but also they have to now prepare themselves on the country for the new challenges of the century head, which includes the climate catastrophe, hunger. and this is not going to be easy, given the corruption issues, given the maladministration issues. and this is part of what seizes them in these committees. now the and see has been criticized significantly in recent years because of these issues like corruption. but you also touched on the use where we're facing air 2 thirds of young people in this country can't find jobs. issues around inequality and poverty are significant in south africa to what extent can be a and see specifically be blamed. so it must take a huge part of the responsibility. so guess there are massive global forces that have to be taken into account. but maladministration, poor management of the economy, particularly in the state and enterprises are not doing what was actually indicated by in c, governments in the late 90 ninety's around securing the energy sector. having
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a better education system at both basic am tertiary level to ensure that people are employable and to transform social space as well as the economy. so that more people find ownership in it to broaden the taxpayers. none of these things have been done and the a and c in power since 1994 at one point with a 2 thirds majority able to really run its policies through parliament without opposition of any significant kind. none of that has happened. and so this is a party that must take some responsibility for the lay of the land in the country at the moment. still to come on out here, a torrential rain triggers, flash floods in the us state of kentucky, leaving a trail of devastation. and the entrepreneur has become a driving force and efforts to keep women safe on the streets of mexico. ah
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hello, we've got some very heavy rain in the forecast for the korean peninsula over the next couple of days and see this massive cloud just pushing up to tropical systems here. actually song that's been making its way further northward. so recently that's running up towards yellow sea and it will slide across the korean peninsula . then we got this next system which is going to be weakening, is having trouble developing into anything significant. but it war grassy. bring a little more rain into south korea as we go on through monday and tuesday song by that state. already pushing across a sea of to pan to was hawkeye. the legacy of showers just rolling in behind that. and you can see some wet weather coming in to where north korea as we go on through tuesday, for honju generally drive 535 celsius here in tokyo, on the human side. similar temperature to, to northern parts of china, southern areas of china, seeing some live dish out there. that 2nd system i was speaking about there that's enhancing the monsoon range that we have across the philippines. expect to see some
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big now port across central and northern parts of the philippines as we go through the next few days. usual rush hours across much of south east asia, barrier showers across india, particularly to the south. we have got orange. one is in force here over the next couple of days with very heavy rain for a good part corolla. and tom, when i do, ah, the new voice is heating up the airway. lot of chinese listeners with, kimberly here, but i really think in their own country shifting palate a case, the rise of citizen journalism has changed everything. how do you happen? it happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative petroleum point to the pole. with those images front of mine is a wall. it's very much going for it's out in the media as well as on the battlefield. they're listening page. dissect the media on al jazeera lou.
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ah, hello again. this is al jazeera reminder of the main use, the south supporters of the iraqi politician, mac tulsa, still camped inside parliament on saturday, thousands of people stormed the building and banked, and for the 2nd time in a week, they found to stay put until the demands of met president vladimir putin has used russia's annual sure of naval strength to promise a new hypersonic missile. who, to the attendant, the navy de survey of saint petersburg? well, we'll ship submarines of weaponry were on. displayed. the founder and owner of one of the largest agriculture companies and keith has been killed along with his wife and a russian strike in mc alive alexi fountain. tusky was one of ukraine's richest businessman
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nebula. the firm specializes in the production and export of wheat volley. and crew excitement his building arrived london's wembley stadium. i had of the women's european championship final which happens in a couple of hours from now. oh. c c station england, facing tournaments most successful team, 8 time champions. germany, history is against england. they've lost 21. off 27 meetings against the germans. but if allied us to succeed, they'll clinch that 1st major trophy. as we begin with this one, it says peak say it's no exciting. it's brought the country together. it's just unbelievable. i mean, i never was in london before and never knew when blake so i'm surprised and yeah, i hope germany will when i think we can do this as long as you say, peace, god,
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game, right, play the right talk to settle, who smashes live to london. houses here is that a baba is following the build up to the game at wembley stadium. how much of a bus is that in the u. k, over this final a g. and there really is not just here at wembley, but around the country where people are going to be watching the game in, as you said, just under 2 hours at special screenings. but i am here at the stadium, it's a sell out and it's going to be the biggest ever euro's final men. all women around 90000 people attending their already tens of thousands of people here turning up early to soak up the atmosphere. it's a really interesting crowd, very mixed. lots of families with children. it's quite a bit. it's fairly quiet. it's not, no less passionate and no less enthusiastic about the game, but for a wembley crowd. and it's just starting to get
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a bit noisier with chance of coming to england now. but yet people have been coming through for the last couple of hours. and it really is quite noticeable. how many women and how many children are attending this much. there are german fines here, of course, as well. and one of them is the chancellor oliver shots. but on the english side, while the prime minister of great britain and northern ireland boys, johnson had sent a message of good luck to the lion assays. as has the leader of the opposition kissed alma and the royal family were expecting an old female fly past by the royal . a force before kickoff. ah, which is at 16 g m t. now and we've already gone past attendance records for the whole tournament, a doubling what it was last time, it's over half a 1000000 people have already gone to matches in person. of course, england will be hoping to lean on the crowd during the match to give them the edge over germany of zeros nadine bella, there live at wembley stadium in london,
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but he thinks indeed let him police have arrested a man on suspicion of killing a disabled nigerian st vendor in italy, the attack prompted wide spread outrage and protests in the country video shows an assailant wrestling. alika or gord chuckle to the ground and beating him with his crutch bystanders in the town on italy's adriatic coast called police but didn't intervene. the victims, wife and members of the nigerian community of calling for justice. iran's president has visited various hitting but hit by flooding at landslides, in which at least 69 people died. abraham lacy and iranian red crescent officers went to the city of federals, cook, east of terran, heavy rain, cause havoc, havoc in dozens of provinces over the past week. thousands of people are still missing. 20000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. wildfires in the u. s. state of california have grown rapidly in size,
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do too hot and windy conditions overnight. the fast moving the kidney fire has set burn some 160 square kilometers of land and burned down at least a dozen homes. governor gavin newsome declared a state of emergency on saturday in response. dozens of people have died in flooding in the u. s. state of kentucky and i was expected to rise as the search for survivors continues. flash floods destroyed roads, bridges, and disrupted cellphone service, which is hampering rescue efforts in one of the poorest parts of the united states and jesse resemble swaby rebels. torrential rains and flash floods sweeping away homes up brooding trees, tearing families apart. at least 4 children are among the dozens killed in the us state of kentucky. siblings, the oldest 8, the youngest, just to mother nature's fury has left behind. little more than
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debris and destruction. my him? oh ross, i even say no. no, no, he that nathan mat, weather forecasting models that governments have used for decades are obsolete in an ever warming world. this is what the rainy season is going to look with each flood, it keeps getting higher and with each flood we hope that's the biggest one. and it never seems to, in, as people try to come to terms with what they've lost grim predictions and more warnings from the governor. i'm worried that we're going to be going to be fine bodies for weeks to come. as people in these areas are looking at the next couple days, make a plan for sunday afternoon through monday. when the storms leave,
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make sure you are in a safe place. i don't want to lose one more person. we care about you. it's not fair. this going to rain again, but it is a search and rescue operations continue repairing infrastructure remains a problem for another day. thousands of people don't have power shelter or clean what the appalachian region is home to some of the poorest communities in america. extreme rain has wreaked havoc on their doorsteps. people who didn't have much to begin with, have lost everything. zane bus ravi alta 0 here as president joe biden, his back in isolation after testing positive. again for cove at 19, the white house says it's a rebound infection, which can occur after treatment with the anti viral drug tax limit. a function you're right here just to pause is weren't working
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fine. can i over and houston, texas, people have surrendered more than 700 guns to police and exchange for compensation . it's part of the city's fust gung buyback program, funded by the federal government in total, houston police gave up billy $100000.00 in gift cards. in exchange for firearms. he was secretary of state entity, lincoln has raised the killing of sharina obliquely during a call with israel's defense minister. the state department says the blinkin told benny ganz that there's a need for accountability with the killing of the veteran al jazeera journalist been can met with members of the abil enclave family at washington. d. c. on tuesday. serene was shot dead by israeli forces, while em assignment in the occupied west bank. it may the number of women killed or missing, and lord mexico has risen by almost 40 percent of the past 5 years. now. one, entrepreneur of the city of monterey has decided to do something by launching
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a taxi service exclusively for women and girls. this is how story. nobody has no somebody, a coupled one felice. but that is the most i give. my name is due to my decomposition . sandy's founder of girls taxi monterey, a family owned and to price out that i will for transport services for girls and women, and guarantee they get to their destination safely. if they mentioned that my not our 1st week and we started trending and we were shared more than 42000 times, that made me very happy. but at the same time, it got us thinking why such a reaction. it means that there's a vacuum in our community that women are scared, ah, look eligible. that's what made us start this service for the fear of how unprotected we women of any age are in our community. and i'm of the name of napoleon. we have more than 3000 clients on what's happening. credit, our other social network accounts, also food that we can't handle any more requests, less money than less than the think us give us
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a winner. many girls tell us why they chose us. some were harassed, mistreated even sexually abused by a driver when they are terrified, abusing any service with male drivers. they miss young, not open some of those. we think that whatever a girl is doing on the street, she shouldn't feel threatened or in danger. oh it's am i use that to them and then the business is called girls taxi and i me but it will always remind me of do to solicit my daughter. i founded it for her. i went the fema driven cabin every corner of the world and so she can feel free the form of philippine president fidel ramos has died at the age of 19 fall papers for head of state between 19921990. 8 ramos was one of the leaders of the 1986 pro democracy uprising, which toppled footed on marcus priyanka got to take a look at his life and legacy that they wanted to make. the day before individual or collective endeavors is to indeed he was called the kingmaker because of his
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ability to endorse would be precedent for his own presidency as seen as the most successful and stable in recent philippine history. fidel ramos was a graduate of the west spine military academy in the united states. upon his return, he joined the philippine army and served in the korean and vietnam war deal. ramos was a cousin, a former precedent for the non marcos who appointed him as head of a joint police and military agency which was established during the marshal all years in the 1970s. the presidential election of 1986 was marred by allegations of large scale fraud. i came here to go. so far, ramos effected to the opposition with 10 defense minister, one points, and really that led to the illusion of $986.00 a people power uprising that resulted in the downfall of the marquess leadership by word you of the followers rested in need during cody aquinos presidency ramos
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served as her secretary of national defense and military chief of staff. the romulus ran for pristine 992 and one in a bitterly contested election. jose, he was reluctant politician, but when he became one, he completely embraced it. including all the traditional ways that sometimes affected his own ambitions for the country. he encourage the filipino nation to look beyond its shores. his administration's main thrust was economic and friendly liberal democracy. he was known for philippines, 2000 program, to turn the nation into a more industrialized country under administration, a peace agreement with the moral national liberation front. a muslim separatist movement was signed in 1996 and he pursued
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a comprehensive reform program which aimed to protect agricultural communities across the country. but he was widely criticized for his rinsed easement of the death penalty and his proposal to change the constitution to shift or parliamentary government. and in 1998 of the serving for 6 years ramos stepped on as president. i wrote the book, the administration said, came after him, face corruption scandals and military coups. he spent the last few years of his life writing and advocating for an independent foreign policy in the philippines for a country that seen its share of instability and political upheaval for their ramos as time and offers will likely be remembered as a time of peace and prosperity ah .


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