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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 31, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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a little bit that wouldn't be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet school is incredibly rare species for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly here in chinney. this. ready will be got to collect the segregated sales, re saying this is extremely important service that they provide to the city i. we need to take america to trying to bring people together and trying to deal with people who could left behind. ah, this is al jazeera ah, and i won't carry johnston. this is
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a news our live from dough coming up in the next 60 minutes. oh. but target outside the doubles down on the baghdad, protests and calls for a radical change, the political system in iraq. russia flexes its muscles on navy day and identifies the u. s. and later was it's 2 biggest threats. holes close and center goals. elections, but turn out was low as critic slammed the disqualification of the opposition candidates partial collapse of beirut port. so those 2 years often explosion that killed more than $200.00 people, add in sports max the staff and extends his late in the foreman, one championship off to victory and hungry, plus england and germany have gone the extra time in the women's european championship final in london with
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ah, welcome to the program. now iraq's, she, a politician that tod asada is asking all the rockies to join the protest as who are camped inside parliament. on saturday, thousands will be supporters stormed the building in baghdad. the 2nd time in a week. now they are demanding a complete change to the political system, though. so jabari has the latest on the iraq apartment in baghdad. the morning after the remnants of what's taken place here. this is the area outside iraq's parliament building. now home to demonstrators, for the foreseeable future, they come and go under the watchful eye of security personnel belonging to the man they follow. she a leader, mother of sutter, ah, known as southern as they're fed up with the political system. they have come from all over the country. 27 year old ali arrived in baghdad on wednesday and took part in the 1st storming of this building. the odd to say that god looks at the saga
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promise book to dos other to stay here as long as it takes we reject the government and want the cra petitions to be punished, including former prime minister maria molecule. we are waiting for orders from our leader said what for the souther was leadership represents reform and let me get to what the law jawad could whom who jamie is a cleric from now jeff. he's also been in the capital since wednesday. he teaches in one of the seminaries in the holy city, belonging to this other family and says he's helping me, federal sutter fulfill his wish for a better iraq, oklahoma out here. what, let me, this is what we want a united iraqi government. we want to achieve one solid iraqi government. we don't need anything other than that. we're staying here because of demands that were presented by the representative of the iraqi people. so i had looked at our solder little so these protestors are making themselves comfortable worried if they leave and he's could hold an unannounced session to approve the candidate nominated by
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the ron back group ma much. i also donnie. this is iraqi, closer to said it was hosted by the americans in 2003 and it is one of the main reasons is documented amended implemented the like the video. doris is a very back a fossil easter body is the director of the center for the study of the middle east at indiana university and a former iraqi ambassador to the year and he joins us from london. that thanks very much for being on the program. so just how dangerous a situation is this. now, do you think it's a very dangerous situation because they political system in iraq and the political parties are an absolute deadlock and have been since elections were held
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in october 10 months ago. and this, so there's a history of these kinds of hacked by frustrated iraq isa taken over this so that government building very little good has ever come from this kind of conduct. ah, but it has the potential of spiraling out of control. and, and unfortunately too many of the iraqi political class, it seems to me all prepared for engaging and violence, including buckhead, our seller. and indeed, this is not violence in the sense of directing violence at individuals, but it is an assault on the institutions in iraq. however, floor they are to take over a parliament building and to prevent parliament from meeting no matter how much you disagree with their. what they may seem to do. it sounds very
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trump, ian, if i may say. so given what you say then, to what extent is, why the public opinion on their side or not. hi, dave judge, i made an, i don't think anyone's done pulling bots are judging by these social media. this is a very popular thing that they're doing. however, rome i think it is in what in the specific acts on taking over parliament. i agree with the goal of the protesters and have since 2019. but i suspect that a lot of iraqis of formerly fed up with the political process in baghdad. ah, and i suspect that they are, they have wide support, but this is simply not a formula for going forward. marcella sanders representatives may say he's a representative of iraq of the truth of the matter is out of 329 seats. he only
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$173.00 of them. so he, why is he the representative of iraq who can impose as well or rather prevent parliament from carrying out its constitutional function. fossil ester body will leave it there. thank you very much. indeed for your insights today. thank you. not president vladimir putin has signed a new naval strategy, which designates u. s. a. nato military infrastructure, moving towards russia's border at its main challenges. contin made the announcement during russia's naval day ceremony in saint petersburg. he said that russia would protect its maritime borders by all means necessary, including in the arctic and black seas. you know, so said that the delivery of new hypersonic, cruise missiles will happen within months, richer was visited. if there was more, let's do a key thing here. is the capability of the naval forces. our navy can respond with
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lightening speed to all of those who infringe on our sovereignty and freedom. it honorably fulfill strategic tasks on the border of the country, and in any part of the ocean in the world. it has high readiness for active operations of its coastal surface air and submarine forces. and it is constantly improving like with the latest zurich on hypersonic missile systems, which have no counter types in the world. yes. and no barriers. dear comrades, their delivery to the russian armed forces will begin in the coming months. let's take a closer look at that statement that identifies us in nato as rushes to biggest threats . the $55.00 page document says, washington is trying to dominate the wells oceans and that nato is moving towards russian borders. it outlines moscow's plans to broaden this exploration of the arctic while loosing its northern and pacific naval fleets. and it announce is a comprehensive strengthening of russia's geopolitical position in the back and as of seas. while lawrence brennan is an adjunct professor of laura at fordham
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university, he's also a retired captain in the u. s. navy and advise the u. s. department of state on defense on march time, he joins us by skype from new york. thank you very much for being with us here on the program. so let me ask you got him put in his came to show that his navy is top class, but how does it actually compared to other countries like the u. s. the u. k. and china, for example, is difficult to make comparisons in the absence of true experience between the navy's. i've spent a lot of time in the u. s. navy, over the past, 50 years or so. and i operated with and negotiated with russian and their predecessors, soviet naval officers and semen. they're good, they're equipment, however, is substantially different than us naval equipment. and their ability to deliver weapons is somewhat questionable. we've had series of good negotiations and
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attempts to resolve peacefully the risk of disputes starting with the inks, the agreement between the russian, the soviet navy and the u. s. navy, nearly 50 years ago. following some bad incidents that did not lead possibilities during arab is rarely wars. and we've had a history of peaceful negotiations and working together from the american revolution world war one and world war 2. when the us and russia and soviet union, where allied or associate of powers. the building of these new hypersonic missiles is a change in form. but the delivery systems are still risks of the soviet, the russian navy has, does not have really a credit carrier. similar to the ship i served nearly 50 years ago, the nuclear aircraft carrier limits that has a tremendous range with its air wing and missile systems. the ability to destroy the missiles in air, as president says, is questionable. the ability to locate,
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destroyed the weapon system to carry those missiles and destroy them before they launched is more probable. we're not looking forward to direct hostilities between the russian navy in the u. s. navy, particularly as they celebrate their navy day, and u. s. navy will celebrate its navy day in the middle of october. these are we have, we have celebrated victories many times together. one into this, this navy day is a domestic ceremony or exercise, but how much is it a show of international strength? well, there's tension in the world in the us in russia have had tension for more than half a century in the arctic, probably 60 years and many of the nuclear power us submarines and russians. so be at submarines in the past have operated in the arctic waters and the us and russia share borders in those waters, particularly the u. s. state of alaska and admiral work over designed and implemented nuclear submarines in large measure top rated order quarter where
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things are closer to the periphery of russia. and also missile systems can be launched defensive system. okay, we'll leave it there low and be very much we can leave it there. but thanks very much. and if your comment said today on out there, while grange ships in ukraine's black seaports wait for the all clear to sale, it's been a blow to the farming industry growing next season's crop. the owner of one of the largest agriculture companies in t if has been killed, along with his wife, in a russian strike in the clive next see about a turkey was one of ukraine's richest business people is naval on the firms specializes in the production and export of wheat, body, and corn of russia and ukraine of both agreed grain ships will be free to depart from 3 ports on the black sea, including a desa. the vessels will be monitored to make sure they do not transport weapons, whether backseat coast is still mine. so commercial boats will be guided out of the
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area by ukrainian naval ships. and in this town, bought personnel from turkey, ukraine, russia on the un, or operate a joint coordination center where ships will be tracked and inspected as they enter the bus. for a straight was or henderson has more on this. now from odessa, those ships carrying ukrainian grain might leave. as soon as monday, turkish presidential spokesman says, if all is well, if there are no logistical problems, and if there are no security issues, those ships are expected to sail tomorrow. he says there's a high likelihood that that will happen. we'd al jazeera talk to one of the captains of a boat at church mores loaded with grain. he said he was told to get ready to leave on monday to follow a pilot ship to istanbul, and then to places unknown. he said he has not been told that grain ultimately will go. but there could be security problems in one reason for that is there was
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a loud boom audible from near the port in odessa where we're standing right now. and that could signify a russian strike if that is the case, it's possible that those shipments could again be postponed. and just to give you an idea how dangerous the situation is right now. in nikolai of a challenge that the russians have struck multiple times. the head of a major grain concern called alexi about a tour sky of a company called nebulizer was killed along with his wife in one of this strikes there. in another instance of farmer in eastern ukraine drove a combine over and explosive and was injured. so from the harvesting to the port, it's a dangerous mission and then going through those newly safe channels that were brokered in an agreement with the united nations and turkey is also perilous because the waters in the black sea have been mine. so the effort here is to try to get those ships to their destination and to make sure that their grain can get out to the
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world at a time when there is a threatened global food shortage. red cross says it still waiting for russia to granted access to a prison in east new crane, which came under a russian missile attack on friday. russia's defense ministry says it has invited the international committee of the red cross to investigate the facility in dumbass . these 50 prisoners of war were killed on thursday when the, when, if kurt detention count was bombed, another 70 were wounded. russia and ukraine are accusing each other of attacking the facility, paid to moorhead, almeni's r, including protest has returned the streets of cartoon to margaret an end to military rule in c, dot torrential rains trigger. flash floods in the us state of kentucky, leaving a trail of devastation. and they transport the final state of the women's tour to france with a dutch rider taking roll on. ah,
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the poles of officially closed in sunny gauze parliamentary election, an official numbers suggest that few people made their way to the ballot box. local media are indicating the voter turnout was 22 percent. opposition. parties are angry, there was some of their most popular candidates were disqualified from running. they're worried that if a present, mattie souls party wins majority, you may try to change the constitution and run for 3rd term. was in a bent on a b, r, joins us live from outside. one of the polling stations in dak are. so what's the later situation? well, what we can say now is the time is up. and all the appalling stations are supposed to be closed. the counting of devices will begin immediately, but we still don't have an official announcement of the turnout in this or the turn
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out in these elections, lockout media are talking about a rate of 22 per cent, which is the low. if we compare it to the same a rate in 2017, in that latest a parliament elections, which was 54 percent and the, the coalitions, the leader of the coalitions are, are worried about this sir low turn out. that's why or early in the morning the ask the electors to go and vote massively, or to change this street. we are waiting for the latest informations about the counting, but we know that all these coalitions are competing to have the majority in the parliament, which is $83.00 seats, or at least, and especially the government coalition. and the opposition coalition and the other
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coalitions are want to have at least a significant number of deputies in this, sir, in these elections. these are parliament elections, but they look like a presidential one, or we can say a 1st round of the presidential elections expected in 2024 months on call. who is the leader of the opposition? or said earlier in the morning that the people or electors, guy have to go to the pool to vote against mackey. her son, the president. he said they have to punish him. and his regime becky sailor told all so early on in this morning that he is confidence and he, it was proud of the democracy and synagogue okays anna bent, our beer in dark, our life for us. thank you for that. our protest isn't sedans,
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capital. khartoum have returned to the streets, demanding that the countries army handover power to a civilian government. the military took power late last year, derailing a 2 year transitional government that was formed after power showed signs in 2019 talks to form a new government of stalled. as some groups boycotted, negotiations of zeros, him morgan reports from cotton it's been more than 9 months in sedans, military took over power over throwing a transitional government that was meant to lead the country to democracy. and since that take over on october 25th last year, people have been taking to the streets to void their anger against the military and demand it hand over power to a civilian government. now on sunday, in order to him once again, protest this took to the streets. they tried to make their way to the vicinity of the presidential palace to voice their anger against the military and demand a civilian government. they were met by tear gas by security forces,
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who tried to disperse them away from the vicinity of the presidential palace. now the army itself, in early july withdrew from talks between the military and political parties. thing that it wants the political parties themselves to reach an agreement to form a transitional government. but that has been the issue of political parties. incident have had their differences with some groups demanding the military takeover power last year, and others demanding the military handled power to civilian government. and the army itself had stated that the differences between the political parties was there was the reason they took over power in the 1st place. now, despite the fact that the military said it was withdrawing from talks to pay for political, for political parties to form a government, people here on the street are not buying that. they say that the army has simply withdrawn tactically and will continue to be in finance. politics and they've been demanding that they should be a complete civilian rule. more than a 100 protesters have been injured and anti military protest. hundreds of others have been injured, but people here on the streets they, they will continue to demonstrate,
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continue to voice their anger and continue to demand a civil in government until that happens. south africa's preston, the serial at rama poser has promised to focus on helping the poor at these parties policy conference. the it is of the african, the national congress have been meeting for 3 days in johannesburg. the party has been losing a vote to support while facing criticism for corruption and failing to address in the quality. for me, the miller has more south africa's governing party. the african national congress has been plagued by internal divisions for years. a poorly performed economy, a lack of service delivery, and allegations of corruption have added to a decline in support. this has demonstrated more than ever before. i went to the midst minutes to read organization. frictional is actually an option to renew and to rebuild. our organization is quite an urgent. she quit explained. the
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parties lead us will fading to address some of south africa's challenges. despite 3 decades of democracy, inequality is right, and many poor communities still don't have access to running water and electricity . president obama process is fraud and corruption not to blame, but his efforts to end the scourge have been weakened by a corruption scandal. he's been accused of concealing the theft of $4000000.00 from his game farm. there are massive global forces that have to be taken into account, but mal administration, poor management of the economy, particularly in the state of enterprises. i'm not doing what was actually indicated by in c governments in the late ninety's ninety's around securing the energy sector, having a better education system at both basic onto a sri level to ensure that people are employable and to transform social space as well as the economy so that more people find ownership in it to broaden the talk space. none of these things have been done. the conference aim to come up with
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solutions to some of the most urgent problems, including unemployment of 35 percent and rising poverty. but it's not expected the an see will immediately resolve any of these key challenges that instead will put forward recommendations to be discussed later. for me to mila al jazeera johannesburg, police have arrested an italian man on suspicion of killing a disabled nigerian st vendor. the attack has prompted widespread outrage and protest. video shows an assailant wrestling alika of a chuckle to the ground and beating him with one of his crutches, bystanders in the town on his knees, adriatic coast called lease, but did not intervene. victims, why from members of the nigerian community calling for justice? oh, once it still says my husband, one job not done, is it just the thought? what did i give you? i wonder why that was what i want. more
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tennesseans are heading to europe in search of better opportunities. rising unemployment and the cobit 19 pandemic of taking a toll on the economy for leaving for europe can also me risking your life, as were so said on reports from tunis. at 1st glance, they seemed to be resting under the shade of trees, but not because of hot summer sun there embarked on what could be the most dangerous journey of their lives. they could it harker, it's the word, yankton is his use for clandestine crossing off the mediterranean to europe. abdulla is just 17 years old from cardon, a city in central tonisha for the past 3 months. he has been coming to this park to look out for containers as ships that he can't jump on to hitch a ride to europe. poorly. i have to evolve a thought. my father is out of work. my mother is old and sick. i have a sister studying i studied, have to great 7, then dropped out to help my family. i tried to get training for a job, but i couldn't find one. i have to help him. i know it's risky. i don't have any
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other solution but to go abroad and get a job. wife's waiting, sometimes 4 months. they said they are often arrested, beaten, and even have dogs set on down by police several times. 19 years old are tiff shows the scars on his leg, where he says ponies dogs bip him. we'll divide that the last year my mother sold the land that she'd inherited to pay traffickers for me to cross to italy, off the coast guard round and sank. our boat, i nearly drowned, even though i'm a strong swimmer to his. he has a beautiful country, but only for those who have money off i had some money. i'd start my own business here. we've lost everything. i can't afford the traffickers. i have to do harker. i just want to work and live with dignity, nearly 40 percent of tenicia youth or unemployed every year. many of them come to this park alongside the port of la goulet every cargo ship. or laurie presents an opportunity of the days of watching and wait him under the code of darkness. these, the caled his walls and store board one of the ships. and if they are lucky,
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they make it to the next port. but for many of them that journey and before it has even begun, this video shows those who hid themselves inside trucks being caught by police. however, these young men are undeterred and for now the patiently was the skyline to catch the next right. rescue said that algebra tunis, spain has reported its 2nd monkey box related death in 2 days. the 1st confirmed deaths from the virus in europe stains monkey box case numbers are the highest and e u. it's almost 4300. they've been more than 21000 the cases in nearly 80 countries since may the u. s. san francisco in the state of new york of declared that public health emergency is monkey pox case is rise. new york accounts for wanting for american infections with 1300 cases reported their california has recorded 800 infections or the quarter which are in san francisco. so the
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head on al jazeera housing advocates in the us raise the alarm over surging housing costs. and when that renters are being forced from their homes and will explain why people spain on chasing off the baby to mingle with sticks and in sports, the formula one chairmanship, media continues his dominance by winning the hungarian ah ally, there is still some writing the forecast across the middle east, hoping not as fly spread, not as heavy as it has been. recently you can see chain of showers there into a southern and western parts of iran. still want to shouting to a man here in kata. i think we should stay large dry car without the possibility of an old spot or to have right. but the line of showers they're coming across saudi
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arabia, down to was a southwest enhancing that wet weather. the flooding ways that we have seen recently into western parts of yemen, said still a chance of some wet weather coming in here. as we go through the next few days farther north, it is generally dry, hot and sunny. a 45 for baghdad near the low thirty's rathermore grabel. 31 celsius there because at east side of the mediterranean, we got a 30 want to therefore algiers. lot of hot sunshine across northern parts of africa . he pushing land. that's where the temperatures asked it up into the forty's can you shall, was rolling off the ethiopian highlands through our south sedan sudan itself pushing across southern parts of chad, even into southern areas of new jersey, a long way further north than we had expected this time of year, where to weather, also sliding over towards the gambia could see a chance to some wet weather to into and maybe over the next day or so botswana seeing some showers. she, i was there for mozambie and some showers last parts of kenya. ah,
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they watch us. they gather evidence with so can we and american cyber activists develops and used in brazil to monitor the police. we have more cameras than they do because where the people, a bigger brother rebel peaks on, on just 0. ah,
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we ah ah, the watching al jazeera reminder of our top stories, iraq's sheer politician that target asada is asking all iraqis to join protested, but camped inside climate. and his supporters are demanding a complete change to the political system and the constitution. president vladimir putin has signed a new naval strategy, which designates us and nato military infrastructure as its main challenge. it, he said, russia will protect its maritime borders by all means necessary, including in the arctic and black ceased. the founder and owner of one of the
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largest agriculture companies. keith has been killed along with his wife in the russian strike and mc alive reached lexi. but a tusky was one of ukraine's richest businessman, his libya on the firm, specializes in production, export, wheat, body, and corn. are you asked? how speaker nancy pelosi has begun a tour of asia? her office says she'll visit singapore malaysia. soft career in japan to discuss trade, co be 19 and climate change. there's been no mention of a trip to taiwan as part of her itinerary. china has warned against a visit to the self governing island, which it claims as part of its territory and has vowed to retake by force if necessary. okay, but how could joins us live now from washington d. c. so kimberly nothing about taiwan not yet, but that does not mean that it can't be added on in the future. and this is
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certainly something that was on the schedule. the spring, nancy pelosi had been scheduled to visit taiwan, then canceling the trip to, to concerns about coven exposure. so this is something that could still happen in the future. and just the prospect of the trip has fuel. the enormous tension between the united states and china's so much. so there was a to our phone call that was held between you as president joe biden. and chinese president, she on thursday where there was a stern warning issued to the u. s. president that there was an accusation that the united states was meddling in china's affairs. i took a little bit of reassurance on the part of the u. s. president to re assure that there was no intention of doing so. but this is really turned into a bit of a foreign policy issue for the u. s. president. so as it stands right now, be the sort of a temporary, the official itinerary does not include taiwan. but again,
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this is something that could change. and given the fact that the speaker is already now traveling in the region, this is something that can be added at the last moment as you saw your bit of a headache for there. so is there any official shift at all when it comes to america's policy towards taiwan? there is no official shift, and this is something that the u. s. president had to re assure the chinese president is that when it comes to ty, wine, the united states still firmly recognizes what's known as the one china policy. in other words, there are no diplomatic relations between washington and taiwan. in other words, it's washington and beijing. i and while there is a recognition under u. s. law that says under the u. s. congress, there is this belief that if taiwan is attacked,
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the united states does have an obligation to help tie one defend itself. and that's where things get a little bit complicated. and murky, and so this is what is making china and nervous is the feeling that nancy pelosi is traveling there. she has said in statements that she believes it's important to support taiwan, given the fact that she has a history of visiting genamin square back in 1991 very pro democracy in her stances. in the past. there is this feeling once again from china, that she is meddling in the affairs of the, of china. and this is something that they do not want on their strongly discouraging. we should also point out that the pentagon has also discouraged her from making this visit, saying the timing is not right. the problem in all this is that to when it comes to how government is set up in the united states, the white house and the congress are equal branches of government. in other words, the president can't tell nancy pelosi what to do. so this decision ultimately is
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really up to her and whether or not she'll go visit taiwan or not. okay, will he be there? kimberly health, thank you. the former philippine president fidel ramos has died at the age of 94. he was the head of state between 992 and 998. most was one of the leaders of 1986 pro democracy uprising that toppled ferdinand marco senior from power. brianca takes a look at his life and legacy that they want to make the day before we individual or collective endeavors is to. indeed he was called the kingmaker because of his ability to endorse would be precedent for his own presidency. as seen as the most successful and stable in recent philippine history. fidel ramos was a graduate of the west point military academy in the united states. upon his return, he joined the philippine army and so in the korean and vietnam war deal ramos was a cousin, a former president for the non marcos who appointed him as head of
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a joint police and military agency which was established during the martial law years in the 1970s the presidential election of 1986 was marred by allegations of large scale fraud. i came here to go. so far, ramos effected the opposition with 10 defense minister, one points, and really that led to the illusion of $986.00. a people power uprising that resulted in the downfall of the marquess leadership by word you of the followers vested in lead. during cody aquinos presidency ramos served as her secretary of national defense and military chief of staff. romulus ran for pristine 992 and one in a bitterly contested election jose, he was a reluctant politician but when he became one, he completely embraced it. including all the traditional ways that sometimes
9:37 pm
affected his own ambitions for elijah, he encourage the filipino nation to look beyond its shores. his illustrations mean thrust was economic roller and friendly liberal democracy. he was known for his philippines, 2000 program, to turn the nation into a more industrialized country under his administration, a peace agreement with the moral national liberation front amongst them. separatist movement was signed in 1996 and he pursued a comprehensive reform program which aimed to protect agricultural communities across the country. but he was widely criticized for his reinstatement of the death penalty. and his proposal to change the constitution to shift or parliamentary government. and in 1998 of the serving for 6 years ramos stepped on as president. i wrote the book, the administration said, came after him,
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face corruption scandals and military coups. he spent the last few years of his life writing and advocating for an independent foreign policy in the philippines had been for a country that seen its sheriff and stability and political upheaval for their ramos, as time in office, will likely be remembered as a time of peace and prosperity. the northern part of the grain at silas by roots ports have collapsed for weeks a fire has been burning slowly in the storage facilities. they were badly damaged in an explosion in august 2020. and to modern has more a grim reminder of a tragic day. these green sailors withstood the impact of a massive chemical explosion at bay report in 2020. now nearly 2 years later, they come crashing down loud law of fire hastened the collapse grain fermenting in
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the hot weather. caudle light and they didn't try to extinguish the fire. and today we can see that the silos are light collapsing. gasoline has ruthie was one of more than 200 people who died in the 2020 disaster. his daughter says the silos should never have been allowed to fall on this and ruling state as doing to remove and to demolish our collective memory. this is the only, this is the only thing that has been has been there since the explosion. and now they're trying to remove that the explosion was an accident waiting to happen. thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate had been sitting in a warehouse for years. investigations that revealed senior government and security officials knew about the dangerous material stored at the port. but the inquiry into who should be held responsible has stalled so far,
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no one major has faced any consequences. i blame all the war leaders that now are winning switch in the parliament. i name everybody is none going to invest to the investigation and everybody is not executing that. asked lawrence to continue the investigation. i'm lynn. everybody who knew about the ammonium nitrate and didn't do anything about it. we need to know the choose. we need to know who did this to us and hold them accountable. once we one, someone accountable for this crime, nothing as will happen again. it seems likely these green silos won't be the last to fall. the lebanese government is warning more could collapse in the coming days and weeks. further reminders of the devastation of 2020, and of justice and accountability that continues to be denied. been small him al jazeera, a housing cause, so surging around the world and rent is all fitting the pressure. new york singapore in london are among the cities that have seen the biggest average rent
9:41 pm
increases so far this year. across the u. s. monthly asking costs are up 15 percent compared to this time last year nationwide. says i, nashville kentucky in cincinatti, have seen rinse climb by more than 30 percent in austin, texas. whence increased by nearly 50 percent when as christian swimming reports from new york working class, families are being worst hit. so this is the master bedroom. you can find apartments with amazing views, but affordable housing is hard to come by in manhattan. average rants recently topped $5000.00 a month here and the increases are spilling over to neighboring communities like jersey city, new jersey, $3400.00 for it battles too much already. that's where this man took to social media to vent about his 2 bedroom apartment, jumping up more than $1200.00 a month. this last one here is a $37.00 more than 37 percent increase from rent. he's hardly alone. new york city has historically had high rents, but now everybody's having historically high rents, you know, in the southeast
9:42 pm
a particular where there's been a lot of growth in it. atlanta, charlotte, nashville, texas. the corona virus pandemic said many city families looking for larger places to live while supply chain issues and rising costs have slowed down new construction. a study by the u. s. census bureau in june found that more than 13000000 people nationwide were behind on ranch or mortgage payments, and there are signs of rising homelessness. michael de luca ended up on the street when he could no longer navigate the stairs to an apartment. he was sharing with a friend. now despite a fixed income of $2100.00 a month, he can't find a landlord willing to take him. benita. again, in the palm of the studio, the $1500.00. i have that $42000.00 income. i don't have it, i need a co signer. i go to the people, they have to make 84000 who signed to me. they want to make sure they're going to get their money. he's getting emergency shelter from the city wanting it. but
9:43 pm
advocates say that's a costly short term solution. we need government support. we need public private participation to help incentivize private capital on private partners to come in and help solve this problem. they're demanding plans for a luxury tower to be built here in lower manhattan, on public property, be made 100 percent affordable for working class families. we have lots of luxury. we have luxury apartments, if they can't fill a building right behind you. that was i went to foreclosure because they couldn't sell these luxury apartments, but we don't have affordability developers under pressure have committed to making 25 percent of it affordable for those. currently looking for a place to call home. it is too little too late. kristin salumi al jazeera new york iran suppressed and has a physicist areas hit by flooding and landslides, and at which at least 69 people died. abraham rice, he and iranian red crescent offices went to the city of mosca,
9:44 pm
east of tehran. heavy rain has cause to havoc in the past week. 20000 houses have been damaged or destroyed. dozens of people who died in floods in the southeastern u. a state of kentucky, a number is expected to rise as a search for survivors continues. vash, floods have destroyed roads, bridges, and destructed cell phone services. hampering the rescue efforts, one of the poorest parts of the country. same was robbie has more torrential rains and flash floods sweeping away homes, uprooting trees, tearing families apart. at least 4 children are among the dozens killed in the us state of kentucky. siblings, the oldest 8, the youngest, just to mother nature's fury has left behind. little more than debris and destruction. my hand o ross, i even say very mail junky.
9:45 pm
that nathan, weather forecasting models that governments have used for decades are obsolete in an ever warming world. this is what the rainy season is going to look with each flood. it keeps getting harder and with each flood we hope that's the biggest one. and it never seems to be in as people try to come to terms with what they've lost grim predictions and more warnings from the governor. i'm worried that we're going to be going to be fine. embodies for weeks to come, as people in these areas are looking at the next couple bags. make a plan for sunday afternoon through monday. when the storms leave, make sure you are in a safe place. i don't want to lose one more person. we care about you, it's not fair, that's going to rain again,
9:46 pm
but it is the search and rescue operations continue. repairing infrastructure remains a problem for another day. thousands of people don't have power, shelter or clean water. the appalachian region is home to some of the poorest communities in america. extreme rain has wreaked havoc on their doorsteps. people who didn't have much to begin with have lost everything. is in basra of desert while falls in the us state of california or a spreading quickly due to houghton windy conditions. the fast moving can eat, fire has scorched 160 square kilometers of land and burned down at least a dozen homes. different is a professor for wild fire science that swung university. he says extreme weather conditions will continue to get worse. but since leave the weather conditions that promote wildfire has become more extreme around the world, we now have 50 percent more days around the world with extreme fine weather. and
9:47 pm
this is particularly so in the western united states. so we will see more extreme conditions. however, we can at this, mitigate, to some degree are these extreme clients, one of which is of course by party resources. california is already very well resource, but undoubtedly now this such a be call on those resources from different fires that more resources will be useful. but there are other things that we can do, for example, not building in areas that are particularly fine prone, where we have buildings, 5 rolling areas to make sure that these are lot far enough away from the level of vegetation it will be affected. and also very effective have a creation for example, which is carried out at the moment impossible, california, the weather conditions will get worse. we have to do everything we can to reduce the climate change, but we are locked into at least some degree of further warming and that for some more extreme on whether hearing u. k. we've seen the office temperature as ever recorded. and we've had nearly 60 structures destroyed in pious, this is completely unprecedented from the u. k. perspective. it's not only the
9:48 pm
lowest, but it's also the public understanding of the race. so the policy, u. k. for example, most of those that affected buildings court fine because of the surrounding vegetation, which was graphs. this could be very easily removed. that's done in other areas of the world is simply that we as population, have to learn much more how we can actually prevent those fires, reaching our buildings or support is coming up off the break. we'll go live to london, things in that celebrate victory yet women's youth didn't challenge male and female to win girl. ah ah
9:49 pm
ah. safe that mm hm. and then international anti corpse excellence award. bought now for your hero, lou. ah,
9:50 pm
now every year, tens of thousands of flamingoes migrates to a reserve in southern spite to breed for the warming climates is starting to threaten their natural habitat during wolf cripples. an hours drive north of the spanish city of malaga lies this lagoon home to one of the largest flamingo colonies in europe. it's been a protected area for nearly 4 decades and the birthplace for more than 200000 chicks. 0100. the volunteers flocked to the front. it appeared that a lagoon every year to help tak the birds is the at you that boy, after the 2 year biological holds, we had because of cove it. of course people came with a lot of hope to participate. they have been happy to repeat the tagging after 3 years. flamingoes are born gray and develop their signature color from the plants and algae they eat. the chicks are guided into a pen, them carefully fitted with a ring before the release to rejoin their colony. the tags,
9:51 pm
unable conservationists to monitor their movements around the world. yes. yeah, i definitely, thanks to this kind of tagging. we know whether these animals are eating in finance, libya, morocco, or here in spain with the little buffer. it also provides vital information about the birds mating habits and lifespan. but climate change is having a negative impact on their natural habitats. salt water lakes are drying up and during a drought bird struggle to build their nests, which are made of mud, making them less likely to mate with after a very dry past few years. the lagoon is started to show its layer of salt with no water. thankfully, there are spots handled by the nature reserves, water supplies, which allows the flamingo colony and other birds to survive. the warming temperatures and reserves like these make survival of the fittest. all the more real joint wolf al jazeera,
9:52 pm
best time for the sports news. now hes gemma. thank you, carrie. we start with a formula. juan and max estoppel has continued his dominance by winning the hungarian grown pre office, starting from 10th on the grid. the dutchman has now $18.00 of the 13 races this year and leaves the championship by a massive 80 point. louis hamilton finished 2nd in b. as that of miss his mercedes teammate, george russell, started on pulsation. we change the strategy, went on a soft, and then i'll set up as well, the remain calm even with little issues, with the clutch and the options as well. would you have to manage the whole raise? i think. yeah, we just had the right goals, right on the cards, the right tries on the car all the time. i was taking a cup of coffee stop by and then they just couldn't get close to the mexico. me then the and the company and thing and yeah, that is not great for the win, which i was hoping to try and catch up and but the 2nd half really,
9:53 pm
really was able to turn it round. balance is much better. and that last in england have beach in germany and extra time to in the women's europe for the 1st time. the match was a sell out with 87000 backing out wembley stadium for one second top substitute as soon shipped to the germany keeper to give england the leave to minute finish their time champions. germany was back in it with levin minutes to go and go, making it one. 0, which is how it's finished off the $93.00. the game went the extra time, and it was one of the highest england who wanted to another substitute chloe kelly to one at the final school english women celebrating the 1st major tracy medical stores. let's go live now to london and join and the baba who is outside wembley
9:54 pm
stadium, where we just saw all of action that it's about to get pretty busy. what you are wembley way then it's aim. just tell us about the excitement among and fans when that final with it was blank. oh, absolutely. so it was not far away from the stadium and that was a huge role. the final whistle a sense of relief as much as anything else because game was close. the england money jets, a serino, vagrant admitted that germany fought for everything. everyone predicted it was going to be close. it was also physical. there were number of yellow cards, but it was a great attacking game. you saw those goals, particularly the nerve of that chip and at the, for the 1st go by, by england. but then the way that they held that nerve, when germany came by in extra time to school, the winner england now had put behind them that defeat in 2009 to germany. and although statistics saying that germany with a huge favorites with their head to head reco, it's beth,
9:55 pm
me being the striker has just picked up the player of the tournament. and the golden boot for the top striker with 6 goals, lots and lots of praise, particularly for serena vitamin the manager, the way that she stuck with the same team right throughout the tournament. but gave substitutes an important role and brought them on at crucial times. i think really this is just the crowning achievement at the end of a whole tournament, which has seen people really get behind the women's team as never before. here in england's he just touched on that. let's talk about the tournament as a whole. at we had, for example, 11th was manner. he hadn't cops had the quality of the football in the time that has been quite insane. so, and how good an advertisement has this event been full at the women's game? i think it's been the best advert you could get. obviously some people in the women's game don't want comparisons with the men's tournament, or they want to be respected on their own for their results and their achievements
9:56 pm
. but listen, this, this says brought reco tv audience. his record attendance is at the grounds around england, more than $500000.00 people attending matches, it's put the lion s's in the spotlight. so many of those players in line probably for big sponsorship deals with sports brands in the like. but let's not forget that even at the elite level here in england, many women players do not earn enough money to dedicate themselves to the professional sports. and there is a big, cool now for more equality, perhaps not parity in the short term, but more investment. and more pay that will bring in a greater crowds with the increase in quality and football that we've seen over the last couple of decades. it will all feeding to boosting the women's game. there's no doubt now in anybody's mind that the women's game a's a high quality entertainment experience and that's what it's all about when it
9:57 pm
comes to those tv revenues and so on. but at the grassroots level, lots and lots goes already in the sport. people are now saying it has to be fair for girls to have access, for example, to academies, and so on. this is just the start. and in a day now we better gainfully get caught in the crowds. thank you for that. that try to animate, found the blood and has won the fuss women's tor to france for 33 years. she entered the 8th and final stage, leading by more than 3 minutes that she came under pressure because of mechanical issues, which included the re bite changes on the blood and recovered that when powered up the final climb to win the stage by 30 seconds. she adds this type of limpid gold and the time trial last year it take you games that women sort of france returned for the 1st time in more than 3 decades. debit back on the calendar and then again the fear. so we meant to win is in this new version while it's and i think, i hope it's a big start for more. and if you can build this event to
9:58 pm
a bigger events for women, also men and women. but i think it's a milestone to be the dad is the 1st one of this and hopefully 4 way more events of this. that is all you'll sports from me for now. i'll have another update to little bit later. kerry. i'm a thank you very much indeed. well, that's it for this nisa, but in a few moments we'll have more of the days to do. stayed with us. you can hear when i was just ah ah, and when the news breaks,
9:59 pm
people having to lay hold breaking decisions on whether to leave behind their homes and loved ones. when people need to be heard. and the story told that if you're leaving home, we hope to return one day with exclusive interviews and in depth reports, al jazeera has teens on the ground. president biden need to contain fuel prices with way to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news. talk to al jazeera, we ask for the rebound you speak of is clearly coming at a high cost for airlines and the industry. what's going wrong? we listen, you were part of the arm struggle in the 19 seventy's if you have any regrets. no, we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the stories that matter. on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world. so no matter how you take it out there,
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we're bringing the news and current affairs that matter to you. how does era i'm russell beard in southern england, where 2 farmers turn safari park pioneers, a bits the tractors and put nature in the driving seat. i was just absolutely astonishing the life, the poor back even the very 1st summer. and i, mcgill, sophia santiago, chile when one by you mirroring companies revolutionizing to put system you think once an artificial intelligence. here inside, you have science, you have a technology. first prize, cornell jazeera ah, iraq's parliament paralyzed protest is occupied the complex for a 2nd day. continuing their demand for political reform.


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