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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 1, 2022 5:00am-5:31am AST

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lemons and dissects the wealth media. how they operate to the stories they cover. 5 years on since me, on mars, muslim minority were forced from the country. we look at the plight of the rocking . i'll just say we're well showcase is the best documentary from across the network, including a new 3 part series, the sixty's in the arab world. as protests continue following the swearing in the new president could sri lankan economic and political crisis lead to humanitarian 1 august, which is iraq. ah yes. a cold for more people to join, protest is occupying a wrong parliament from the leader mac tada al serra is pro iranian, she opponents science to against the state.
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ah, until mccrae, this is al jazeera live from dog. ha, also coming up, hopes that a grind ship could sit, sail from ukraine on monday, the 1st and see you in broke a deal with russia to ease the global food supply crisis. remote communities and danger from a fierce wildfire in california and montana. and the you with, with emergency cruise battling to save homes and lands i want on had touch tight when it goes. crunch right. gotcha kelly, england's football fans a feeling loud and proud as the country winds its 1st major trophy in nearly 16 years. ah,
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ah, the rocks she, a politician looked tara al serra is asking all a rockies to join. protestors who acc hampton saw parliaments on saturday. thousands of his supporters stormed the building in bagdad for the 2nd time in a week, but demanding a complete change to the political system. but the sheer opponents accused them of trying to launch a co, de also jabari reports from the iraqi parliaments in baghdad. the morning after the remnants of what's taken place here. this is the area outside iraq's parliament building now home to demonstrators for the foreseeable future. they come and go under the watchful eye of security personnel belonging to the man they follow. she a leader of federal sutter ah, known as southern, they're fed up with the political system. they have come from all over the country . 27 year old ali arrived in baghdad on wednesday and took part in the 1st storming
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of this building. and i received a call i had looked at the saga, we promised look to thou souther to stay here as long as it takes we reject the government and want the cra petitions to be punished, including former prime minister maria molecule. we are waiting for orders from our leader said what to the us other was leadership represents reform and let me here to within those law, jawad could whom who jamie is a claire from now jeff, he's also been in the capital since wednesday. he teaches in one of the seminaries in the holy city, belonging to this other family and says he's helping much federal sutter fulfill his wish for a better iraq, oklahoma out here. what, let me, this is what we want a united iraqi government. we want to achieve one solid iraqi government. we don't need anything other than that. we're staying here because of demands that were presented by the representative of the iraqi people. so i had looked at our solder, little civil, these proto sisters are making themselves comfortable. worried if they leave m p.
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's could hold an unannounced session to approve the candidate nominated by the wrong back group. well, how much? i also, donnie iraqi. you said it was processed by the american re edited facility between 2005. it's one of the reasons you start here today until the document is amended and implemented. basically seems like the video sources of ari out to 0 backed out. the spokesman to turkeys president says the 1st ship carrying grain could leave ukraine on monday, abraham collins said the joint coordination center sit often assembled to monitor the shipments will finalize export routes very soon. russia and ukraine, a major global weight supplies. the u in broke
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a deal by signed on the 22nd of july is intended to ease global grain prices, which have risen since the russian invasion. joined. the hindrance has more from odessa. those ships carrying ukrainian grain might leave as soon as monday, turkish presidential spokesman says, if all is well, if there are no logistical problems and if there are no security issues, those ships are expected to sail tomorrow. he says there's a high likelihood that that will happen. we'd al jazeera talk to one of the captains of a boat at church mores loaded with grain. he said he was told to get ready to leave on monday to follow a pilot ship to istanbul, and then to places unknown. he said he has not been told that grain ultimately will go, why there could be security problems. and one reason for that is there was a loud boom audible from near the port in odessa, where we're standing right now. and that could signify a russian strike. if that is the case,
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it's possible that those shipments could again be postponed. and just to give you an idea how dangerous the situation is right now. in nikolai of a challenge that the russians have struck multiple times. the head of a major grain concern called alexi about a tour ski of a company called nebulizer was killed along with his wife in one of this strikes there. in another instance of farmer in eastern ukraine drove a columbine over and explosive and was injured. so from the harvesting to the port, it's a dangerous mission and then going through those newly safe channels that were brokered and in agreement with the united nations and turkey is also perilous because the waters in the black sea have been mine. so the effort here is to try to get those ships to their destination and to make sure that their grain can get out to the world at a time when there is a threatened global food shortage. printed inflated the person has signed
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a new naval strategy which designates the us and nato military infrastructure as its main challenges. putin made the announcements during rushes. naval day ceremony in saint petersburg in russia would protect its maritime borders by all means necessary. he also said the delivery of new hypersonic cruise missiles, will happen within months. pleasure when it was more than the key thing here is the capability of the naval forces. our navy can respond with lightning speed to all of those who infringe on our sovereignty and freedom. it honorably fulfill strategic tasks on the border of the country and in any part of the ocean in the world, has high readiness for active operations of its coastal surface air and submarine forces. and it is constantly improving. like with the latest zircon hypersonic missile systems, which have no counter types in the world, and no barriers. dear comrades, their delivery to the russian armed forces will begin in the coming months. and
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until leven is a senior research fellow with the quincy institute of responsible state cross, he says the russian navy will face challenges and competing with the you with and nato fleets. the russian navy, the surface navy, at least, is numbered for to one by europe's nate. nature's european members alone. and of course by far more than that by the american navy. so in terms of numbers, there is really no contact where, of course, russia is, the quality united states is in nuclear weapons, which is why president, who's in, you know, repeatedly emphasizes rushes missile technology. because this is the one area in which roger is still a super unlike the army, the navy has not for an equal, but we do know that he suffered heavy losses in the, in the black sea in the ukraine war. that may well simply
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illustrate the power of american weaponry which has been supplied to the ukrainians. the russian navy has always been considered to have had comparatively high morale and good commanders. but it cannot realistically fight nature. the only area where the navy is actually in action is in the black sea. and russia cannot reinforce the navy in the black sea. so it's not really clear what the rest of the surface navy is. therefore, of course, the submarine navy is that to threaten american the west with nuclear weapons. the un mission in the democratic republic of congo has admitted that its troops killed people during a shootout on the border with uganda. the head of the un
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mission in the d r c says that soldiers were returning from leave when i open fire at a border crossing you in chief, antonio gutierrez says he is alfred. the incident comes 2 days after 12 civilians and 3 peacekeepers were killed during violence at a you in vase in the country. at least 9 people have been killed in floods in easton, uganda, with many more fear dared. after 2 rivers burst, their banks, police and the military have been deployed to help and search and rescue operations . in the city of em, ballet, roads and buildings have been submerged and civil cars have been washed away. the again and prime minister robin and about the bungee visited the area and promised support for survivors. over to sales and residence in northern california had been forced from their homes by a mess of wild farm. the mckinney fire has scorched more than 200 square kilometers of land inside a national forest. it's the largest blaze in the state so far this year. it began
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on friday and its rapid spring, 1st governor gavin newsom, to declare a state of emergency on saturday. mike, hannah is following developments from washington dc. california's largest fire this year, the mckinney fire that is called is continuing to spread. it is in a sparsely populated area, but already some 2000 people were evacuated over the past 24 hours. another 500 people have been evacuated in recent hours. there is an evacuation, a mandatory evacuation order in place, and there is a state of emergency been declared by the governor of california. now compounding the problem with this massive fire is the fact that it's creating its own weather system. in other words, it's bringing with it, thunderstorms, rain, lightning, which is causing the fire to spread, but also starting fires in other areas. the conditions are exceedingly dry,
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exceedingly warm, and also in northern california. there are another 2 fires that have started up. they have actually joined together, which is once again, creating problems for the firefighters diverting their resources from the massive mckinney fire to actually prevent these other new fires from starting to spread. so a major issue being faced by firefighters. they have been concentrating on evacuating people. they have stopped fighting the perimeter of the mckinney fire, however, they will get back to doing that in the days ahead, once all our safety evacuated. but it is something that is going to take a lengthy period of time given the drama conditions, given the fact that there are other fires now breaking up, which is splitting the fire site as resources. so a very tough season ahead for the firefighters in northern california. in portugal, hundreds of firefighters have been battling applies raging in an area near the
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capital. lisbon, the fire has erupt. it in the mountainous region of mass for several roads blocked in a care home. has been evacuated, many locals have also lift their hoods, the chief of mine mas military june to has extended the state of emergency for another 6 months. it was 1st declared after the military deposed the government of and sang, sued she, in february last year. so she remains detained and has been charged with several offences. monitoring groups say more than 2000 people, have been killed, and 15000 arrested and a crackdown since the qu. oh fil head on al jazeera housing advocates and the you with raise the alarm. i've a surging housing costs and all that rent is being forced from their homes. helping south africa's poorest the african national congress pledges to do more as vote to support wines ah,
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on counting the cost, the european central bank raises interest rates to rain in inflation. good wising borrowing costs and political turmoil was italy's death book, or the e. u. a greased a cup natural gas use in winter that helped to avert an energy crisis. counting the cost on al jazeera ah, revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet. on al jazeera ah ah, you're watching al jazeera, a reminder of our top stories this our rock, she
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a politician mac taba elsa is asking all iraqis to join protestors who a camped inside parliament. the supporters store the building on saturday for the 2nd time in a week that demanding a complete change to the political system. a spokesman for turkey's president says the 1st ship carrying grain couldn't leave you crying on monday. the you in turkey broken, the deal sign between russia and ukraine on the 22nd of july is intended to ease global grain prices. over 2000 people in northern california have been forced from their homes by a mess of wild fan. the mckinney fire has scorched more than 200 square kilometers of land inside a national forest in just 2 days. if the largest blaze in the state so far this year, cynically is presidents. mikey solis, rolling coalition says it's one of majority in parliament up to sundays election,
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but local media report, se turn out was just 22 percent. opposition. parties are angry, as some of the most popular candidates were disqualified from running. that worried soul may try to change the constitution and run for a 3rd term. without ever, as president cyril rema posey has promised to focus on helping the poor as his party's policy conference leaders of the african national congress have been meeting in johannesburg. the a and c has been losing support as it faces, criticism for corruption and economic inequality. for me to mila reports from johannesburg, south africa's governing party, the african national congress, has been plagued by internal divisions for years. a poorly performed economy, a lack of service delivery, and allegations of corruption have added to a decline in support. this class has demonstrated more than ever before. i went to the midst minutes to read organization,
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functionality, patronage and production, and to review and to rebuild our organization is quite an urgent machine. quite explain. the parties lead us were fading to address some of south africa's challenges. despite 3 decades of democracy, inequality is right, and many poor communities still don't have access to running water and electricity . president solar i'mma process is fraud and corruption not to blame, but his efforts to end the scourge have been weakened by a corruption scandal. he's been accused of conceding the theft of $4000000.00 from his game farm. there are massive global forces that have to be taken into account. but maladministration for management of the economy, particularly in the state. and enterprises are not doing what was actually indicated by in c governments in the late ninety's ninety's around securing the energy sector. having a better education system at both basic onto
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a sri level to ensure that people are employable and to transform social space as well as the economy. so that more people find ownership in it to broaden the taxpayers. none of these things have been done. the conference aim to come up with solutions to some of the most urgent problems, including unemployment of 35 percent and rising poverty. but it's not expected the an see will immediately resolve any of these 2 challenges. i instead will put forward recommendations to be discussed later. for me to mila al jazeera johannesburg. housing costs a surging around the world and rent as a feeling the pressure. new york singapore in london are among the cities that have seen the biggest average rent increases. so far this year, across the us, monthly rents are up 15 percent compared to this time last year. cities like nashville, kentucky, and cincinnati have seen rinse climbed by more than 30 percent. and in austin, texas rinse have increased by nearly 50 percent. and as kristen salome reports from
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new york working class families of being worst, his service the master bedroom, you can find apartments with amazing views, but affordable housing is hard to come by. in manhattan. average rents recently topped $5000.00 a month here and the increases are spilling over to neighboring communities like jersey city, new jersey, $3400.00 for it, a thought too much already. that's where this man took to social media to vent about his 2 bedroom apartment, jumping up more than $1200.00 a month. this last one here is a $37.00 more than 37 percent increase in rent. he is hardly alone. new york city has historically had high rents without everybody's having historically higher rents, you know, in the se, in particular, with, has been a lot of growth in it. atlanta, charlotte, nashville, texas. the corona virus pandemic said many city families looking for larger places to live. while supply chain issues and rising costs have slowed down new
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construction, a study by the u. s. census bureau in june found that more than 13000000 people nationwide were behind on ranch or mortgage payments, and there are signs of rising homelessness. michael de luca ended up on the street when he could no longer navigate the stairs to an apartment. he was sharing with a friend. now, despite a fixed income of $2100.00 a month, he can't find a landlord willing to take him. the meeting again in the palm of the studio, the $1500.00. i have that $42000.00 income. i don't have it. i need a co signer. i go to the people, they have to make a void 1000 slang to me. they want to make sure they're going to get their money. he's getting emergency shelter from the city. one again. but advocates say that's a costly short term solution. we need government support. we need public private participation to help incentivize private capital,
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private partners to come in. and help solve this problem. their demanding plans for a luxury tower to be built here and lower manhattan on public property, be made 100 percent affordable for working class families. we have lots of luxury. we have luxury apartments, if they can't fill a building right behind you. that was, that went to foreclosure because they couldn't sell these luxury apartments. but we don't have affordability developers under pressure have committed to making 25 percent of it affordable for those. currently looking for a place to call home, it is too little too late. kristin, salumi al jazeera new york. a part of the grain silos at by roots pours has collapsed for weeks. if fire has been building slowly in the storage facilities, they were badly damaged in an explosion in august 2020. and which over 200 people died. fenton monahan reports a grim reminder of a tragic day. these green sailors with took the impact of
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a massive chemical explosion at bay report in 2020. now, nearly 2 years later, they come crashing down loud law. a fire hastened to collapse. grain fermenting in the hot weather, caudle light and they didn't try to extinguish the fire. and today we can see that the silos are like collapsing gases has rooty was one of more than 200 people who died in the 2020 disaster. his daughter says the silos should never have been allowed to fall on this and ruling state is doing to remove and to demolish our collective memory. this is the only, this is the only thing that has been has been there since the explosion. and now they're trying to remove that the explosion was an accident waiting to happen. thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate had been sitting in a warehouse for years. investigations that revealed senior government and security
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officials knew about the dangerous material stored at the port. but the inquiry into who should be held responsible has stalled so far. no. what major has faced any consequences. i blame all the war leaders that now are winning switch in the parliament. i name as anybody who's none going to invest to that investigation and everybody is not executing that asked lawyers to continue the investigation. i mean everybody who knew about the ammonium nitrate and didn't do anything about it. we need to know the truth. we need to know would this to and hold them accountable. once we warn someone accountable for this crime, nothing else will happen again. it seems likely these green silos will be the last for the lebanese government is warning more could collapse in the coming days and weeks. further reminders of the devastation of 2020 and of justice and accountability that continues to be denied. benton, martin al jazeera,
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kosovo, has delayed implementing a rule that would have forced the minority serbian community living in the north to apply for new car license plates issued by ca, suppose government. the decision had triggered protest spine serves who sit up roadblocks on the border around $50000.00 serbs living in northern cost. the vote still use license plates and documents issued by serbia. cost of declared independence from serbia 14 years ago. but city as government has never recognised it. columbia as president elect has promised to normalize diplomatic relations with neighboring venezuela. after years of tension, gustavo petro will be sworn and next sunday, and has announced plans to resume trade alessandro from p a. t reports from the border city of kuta. the catalina morris, co owner of a bio degradable detergent company,
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proudly shows off her cleaning products. when she's missing these days, our client, economic hardships meant she had to let go of 21 or 23 employees. she has only the resumption of trade with venezuela will save her piano. okay. it is extreme importance if not vital for us. i think this could offer us a lifeline. we could reach markets and clients again. it's a big opportunity and we need to take advantage of it. the border between columbia, venezuela has been closed to all but the district since 2015 the neighbors severed relations. 3 years ago now left his president elect was paid through his promising to normalize days and get goods moving again, trade was worth more than $7000000000.00 back in 2008. last year. it was just a 155000000 business. neither hopes that low change quickly or
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we can regain the 120000 jobs. we lost in a short time in just a year. and we think this is an historic opportunity for the geography costs and agriculture. we could be the venezuelan pantry for food and raw materials. i mean we've been victims of political fight last been bitter divisions amongst opposed to left the read new pattern. this is a bridge of the, in deep as a state of the art over pass with 3 lanes in each direction where houses offices in everything that needed to facilitate trade between the 2 countries. it was completed back in 2016 at a cost of $36000000.00, but it has yet to enter into service. years of closure have also led to an increase in crime venezuela. businesses of resorted to buying colombian goods, smuggled 3 legal crossings, raising costs and empowering criminal gangs. a sound with garcia,
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the 3 agents. i'm going to use my show as the few supply stuck in our warehouse waiting to cross legally. she says, restoring trade will take time as rules need to be reestablished by federal while a while it will have to be very gradual because we need to regain confidence before 2019 we had between 12 and 15, licensed public warehouses for international commerce and the duty free zone. today we have none 0. i think everyone here agrees is that reopening the border is the 1st step to providing opportunities for both sides. allison that i'm and just, you know, could star trick actress michelle nichols who died of the age of 89. you know what they say, lou, to be careful what you wish for may get in nicholas to trial of lieutenants you who are on the 900. 60 sy fi tv show, broke color barriers,
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redefining roles for black actors. her son posted on facebook that she passed away from natural causes. nichols had planned to quit star tre accounts just one season . for martin luther king junior, convinced her to stay on and african american sporting icon bill russell has died of the age of 88. russell became the 1st black coach in the m b. i. in 1966 for the boston celtics team. they won 11 championships while he was with them. both player and coach russell was also a civil rights activist and 2011. he received the presidential mit middle of freedom from brock obama. will england have been germany an extra time to win the women's euros for the 1st time? it's england's 1st major trophy in football since 1966. can you look his haughty on has more a dramatic win for england because french right. gotcha. i guess you missed
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the winning goal by chloe kelly during extra time round england euro 2022 champions for the 1st time. the final score, 2 to one against germany. scarce is history made before $87000.00 fans in a sole del wembley stadium, the highest attendance of any european championship, final men's or women's whom outside the stadium celebrations echoed across england, including london's tropical square. it just shows her mouth sideways we've hair and i was think keep guarantee winning more tre. phase atmosphere was so nice. it was warm. it was half a fancy the sport, suspense, and victory has united the nation and inspired future generations and players are
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soaking it all it. all right, now i enjoyed a moment all the find the home enjoy the moment this is going to when i get my this again. so yeah, i enjoy every man of him. after multiple championship wins, german fans were shocked at their loss but face no other option but to accept defeat. it was incredible. i truly amazing. like why like 8 times say it was very exciting. ano is great. me to be there. for you. the queen has congratulated the inspirational lionesses on their historic when adding their success goes far beyond the trophy. now the new year, oh champs, are enjoying that success for their team. our country. no, andrew sport. oh god, zillow. priscilla yan, does you.


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