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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 2, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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ah ah safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat now for your hero? ah,
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this is al jazeera ah. hello, i am marianne mozy. very well welcome to the news, our ally from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. we look at the standoff 1st . iraq's parliament supporters of mach toddress, saw the remain camped inside the building as rival demonstrated, gathered near by. thousands of tons of corn leave ukraine's port of a desa 1st congo vessel to set sail under a un brokerage deal with russia. as speculation as house began, nancy pelosi, his tour of asia will include a stopover in taiwan, china warns have visit, will have consequences. and our exclusive report from nigeria is armed forces cracked down on illegal oil refineries. to save millions of dollars in lost revenue
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in sport, cleveland brown's course of act to show watson is suspended for sexual misconduct. and shocking scenes in argentina as a female referee is punched by a player. ah hello, welcome to the news hour. so we've continued to be, we continue to follow events in baghdad where several months of political instability and indecision of culminated in a stand off in and around the country's parliament. thousands of protest is are still camped inside. they are supporters of politician withdrawal, solder and refusing to leave until various political change and on monday, protest as opposed to solder moved in to state their own position. they are members of a called the coordination framework. a set up camp near the 14th of july,
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bridge staging a counter protest to the one happening inside the parliament grounds. the 2 demonstrations a part of a wider political struggle unfolding in iraq. saddler one the most support elections last year, but he's been unable to form a government that excludes his opponents. the rival alliance wants mohammed us to donnie to be the next prime minister. while the group includes iran, align politicians and iran trained paramilitary groups. not all the members of back by chat, ron iraq has now gone more than 9 months without a new government adding to the countries dysfunction. despite huge oil wealth, ordinary iraqis is suffering from regular power and water cuts with 2400000 people in need of food and livelihood assistance. madame de wide begins, are coverage now with this report from the counter pro teffany, the 14th of july bridge in baghdad. to different scenes in the iraqi
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capital about that too. but i, val, protest now here in this area, these are the supporters of the pro iran parliamentary block, colder coordination framework. they've come here in the thousands, near the green zone. they've clashed with a security forces and pulled down some of the concrete blocks at defense of the greens on they say that they've come here to preserve the state in institutions and took to protect the legitimacy of the state. they say they are rejecting the occupation of the parliamentary quarter by supporters of the chair clinic looked at her. i'll souther, now they have been chanting against the most of our academy accusing him as they say, of collaborating with the supporters of a sudden in order to stay in power. if they have been chanting against the united
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states, they have been chanting against israel linking both of them, ironically to another support or show what charges there is dosage of barry is also in baghdad and has been speaking to sanders supporters. his now spelled out on to the iraqi parliament grounds. these demonstrators have been here in the iraqi parliament over 48 hours, and they say they will stay here as long as it's needed. they say they will wait until they get further instructions from their leader. most other center and we are just outside the building itself in the courtyard area. and as you can see, it is full of people that inside it was very difficult to even breathe due to the crowds that have gathered. and now they have taken over the entire grounds of the parliament area center issued a statement on sunday evening urging our iraqi to come to the capital and support
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these demonstrators. but since then, his media relations office has said that they don't want anybody to come from the other provinces until further notice. we also understand that, that the counter protests that have been ongoing outside the walls of the green zone, which is about 3 kilometers from here. there been a number of demonstrators having minor skirmishes with the security forces who have had to use water cannon to disperse the crowd. they are not going to be allowed to climb over the concrete walls to get to this area. the fear is that the 2 sides will be caught, there will be classes between the 2 sides of the demonstrators. the center is here say that they want a complete overhaul of the system. the queue. suppose this is a being corrupt and that they are tired of having iraq in the hands of what they call external influences, including iraq. iran and the united states was ada elisa, former legal advisors, united nations, focusing on constitutional parliamentary and judicial reform, and iraq. you joined us now from istanbul. what did you make of the demonstration
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by fathers opponents today? the kind of numbers involved and the presence becomes stronger. if the father does not withdraw his loyalists from the parliament soon. while the, the protests, the counter protests were expected to reply and certainly something that you know, any reasonable person would expect to happen in terms of the numbers. also, no great surprises there. the major difference between the chord nation committee and this i just felt that this, i just really do have grassroots supports and it's really a very broad movement that attracts a lot of people amongst the 4 segments of iraq and people we devolving here to dissipate in such as the ministrations, whereas the coordination committee really have a lot of trouble bringing up the same numbers of people. and by that i'm not trying to suggest that one movement or one side is better than the other. they're just
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very different nature. so the, the size of the us today was not particularly impressive, but that was expected also in terms of whether or not you could escalate. yeah, of course you could ask late. and so far the most likely outcome is that the, the negotiated solution to this. but still at this stage, it's very or you days if the image is obviously very dramatic, and we won't have to wait to see how this plays out. but there's a lot of pressure on everyone's tried to fly in common ground and to reach a settlement between them. is that grass roots popular support from the fact that you mentioned the main reason why security forces have allowed his supporters to remain inside the parliament building? obviously, there is any to avoid dangerous escalation and bloodshed, but does it also suggest might be some sort of coordination going on between sovereign and other elements within the system. both of those clearly chord
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coordination of some type that's happening but i don't think has anything to do with the fact that it's a grassroots movement. so the, you know, the, the, the comparison that we can engage in to see whether or not there's coordination is one in 2000. 19. there was a real grassroots movement of unaffiliated protestors who are not affiliated to political parties. try to do the exact same thing and not that other fellow has done twice of the past few days, which was to enter the part of the building. the security forces killed hundreds of protesters and who did many helpful war. and now most of the southern can apparently send his vote just and they walk in and out of parliament will without any reaction or any meaningful reaction from the security forces. so obviously there's, there's, there's tacit approval of some type. i mean, the reason has a lot to do with the fact that nobody runs and armed militia and the state and many
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other actors are terrified that the possibility that this political disagreement could spill out into the streets in very violent form. and if the security forces decided to, to, to resist, then there would have been a very strong likelihood that this might have come back with weapons. so there's that clear element, the clear characteristic or factor that contrary to this. and then the other factor is that the iraqi state is not a cohesive state in the way that many people like it to be. you know, insecurity, sector, and security forces are, are intermingled with motions like the center swimming amongst others. and the chief of staff and many other members of the security forces in iraq have sympathies of some type or another where the service movement and don't want to engage in firefights with them. and that's why they allow to happen in the way that it has. yeah, so important point that while you have protest is on, on many sides of the political divide side loyalists,
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he and others also control some very powerful militias. would you say then the forces that would take their instructions from that of the, the most powerful i mean there's certainly a very powerful, there's a very powerful political force. you have a very powerful military wing as well. and especially, but they have predicting comparison with other groups in iraq is that very strong social base, which has deep religious roots that spans over many generations. and it's very, very distinct from groups that are in the coordination committee, which are very superficial support in iraq. currently, they're not historically significant. they exist now politically because of particular political circumstances just today. but they're very fresh and very new and certainly nothing like this interest movement in the historical context of iraq
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. but, you know, in the end, what's can determine the outcome of this isn't going to be whether or not the soldiers are historically, are still group or not. what's going to determine it is the, they're staying power. they are perceived military weight and their ability to negotiate with other groups. i've heard this address say that they want to engage in wholesale reform of the political system with a view to engaging something completely radical. but they will surely, you know, and so those from, you know, that there's no support or extremely little support in iraq's class, the types of changes that are looking for. so if they insist too much on that type of change, then they'll be isolated. so they want to too much. what they're very likely to do is to try to use the leverage out at the moment to negotiate a much better outcome to themselves that would have been possible just a few days ago. and currently that looks like the most likely outcome,
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but nothing is excluded in there could be very large amounts of violence, but for now it's not the most likely outcome said, and i mean thank you very much. thank you. but the news, our life from london will bring you on the program. you and she calls for an end to nuclear weapons, wanting total annihilation is only one misunderstanding away. nato. peacekeepers are called in attention, flare at the be a cost of order. and europe has a new captain for next year. why did cop live more in that with gemma? ah, the 1st time since the war and ukraine began a shit filled with corn as legally left poor tundra you and broke a deal struck with russia. millions of tons of grain has been stuck, ukrainian ports more than 5 months. and many hope mondays shipment will help stop
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an escalating global food crisis. john sandra was in odessa as the ship left port. oh, this is a ship that could launch a 1000 others. the rezone is the 1st cargo vessel to carry ukrainian grain through the black sea since russia invaded on february the 24th all j. a said he was a great feeling. i felt as if we became free after being detained for a long time. trailing a pilot ship, the rezone is a test run bound for ist in bold, vent, lebanon. if all goes well, many more will follow alexi gone to wrinkle a member of the ukrainian parliament came to watch history and to make its valid duration of the black sea from port him and from russian empire. he tried and did everything he can not to give this ship and other ships, disability to leave odessa port. and for almost half here,
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it was like this. but as you see, he failed. the ship departed despite several rushing attacks in the region, and on the port of odessa itself. since the un brokered in agreement between ukraine and russia for this safe passage via its timbo. it's been a long time coming, but this is a ship. every one's been waiting for coursing through war time waters on its way to feed the world. ukraine says the shipments will create jobs and provide money to fuel the war effort. as the 1st of last year's delayed crop leaves farmers risk their lives for this season's harvest, sometimes led by de mining cruise. sometimes not, this harvester struck an explosive. the danger on the grain trail continues on the black sea journey to turkey through waters dotted with sea mines in an active war's own. it's all managed through a joint coordination center in turkey, and extraordinary collaboration between representatives from the u. n. ukraine and
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russia. we believe that it's critical to and to ensuring global foot security. so yes, we need, we need to succeed. whether this is the beginning of the effort to avert a global food crisis or the end depends in part on the voyage of the rezone. john 100 al jazeera, odessa ukraine for more now on the ship's journey, elgin harrison and cassandra has more from assemble. we are expecting, thus, the journey is going to be around 22230 c miles. so the 1st ship left or the support, and we are expecting some more ships leaving their ports and joining with the zone a vessel somewhere in the black sea and like a small like a corner of vessels they are expected to reach the shores of its stumble up on the north, the black sea shores of assembled before they enter the bath for a straight. there is an end garage, a. we are all ships,
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all vessels always anchored there before they get their paperworks done. before entering the truck is trace, and for this special vessels carrying ukrainian grains, they will be inspected by a un un let the legation when they anchor off there, the vessel is expected to anchor off. on the shores of its stumble around 12 gmc, which is around 3 pm local, normally in and i deal world in a, in a, a start in an established system. these kinds of inspections take around 3 to 4 hours. but as this is the 1st crossing of the ukrainian grain vessels, this may take longer. so we don't know when those vessels will literally enter the boss 1st rate. but as they entered the bus 1st straight and cross the mind, mar, a, see through the dark. now, straight, these vessels are going to sail towards the agency and then towards sat down south
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to the mediterranean, and hopefully will carry the cords and grains all foot materials to the 1st destination triple lebanon. we cranium, prize. rosemary landscape has loaded exports resuming, but says that any future shipments and not guaranteed so the patella will good money. the implementation of the initiative to export ukrainian drain and other agricultural products from our port on the black sea. us started today, but it was the 1st ship carrying $26000.00 tons of corn left to the port though just as of now, it is not the time to draw any conclusions and predict further event. but the port has started working long and export traffic has started, and it can be called the 1st positive signal that there is a chance to stop the development of the food process in the world. the inspector general has warned the misunderstanding would lead to nuclear destruction during the review of the treaty on the non proliferation of nuclear weapons in general,
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assembly meeting on nuclear weapons comes at a time of height and global tensions over the ukraine war. the u. s. britain and france of urge russia to start what they say is dangerous nuclear rhetoric and behavior. but in a letter to the conference, present writing, the person insisted washer remained faithful to the treaty and said it could be no winners in a nuclear war. beatrice, find his executive director of the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons. she says positions previous statements on nuclear weapons of worried many countries. we've seen the actions of the nuclear arms states lately like russia, but also china, u. s. u k. france. all of them really, really put into question a lot of countries sort of commitment to non proliferation. we see for summer with ukraine, a contradictory being attacked by russia under the threat of nuclear weapons that makes a lot of non nuclear prestige, very nervous. and of course, we see them, you know, with iran, a very, you know, these kind of questions it's,
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it's good to hear that they're saying that they don't want to develop nuclear energy. but we really need to do more to make sure that not only do we not in a new context about new weapons, but also that the 5 countries to have agreed to disarm the u. k. u. s. france, russia and china actually fulfilled their legal obligations under this treaty. because if they don't, congress like your round, might be very tempted in the future to develop new weapons that have iran's atomic agents. he says his country has the ability to produce a nuclear bomb. but doesn't plan to mohammed islam. he made the remarks just hours before the us and outs, fresh sanctions on entities involved in iran's oil and petrochemical trade. i li, hashem hospital. it was an error announcement from iran's atomic agency. chief mohammed, his law, me comments, which i call those made recently by another senior governments figure it so whether it is no secret that we have become a nuclear threshold state and this is a reality. it is also no secret that we have the technical capabilities required to
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manufacture a nuclear bomb. it will be an advancement of iran's nuclear program. far beyond the limits ult lived in the 2015 deal the west. i am announcing today at 11, going to see my former us president donald trump at the united nations conference for a non proliferation. you are secretary of state anthony, blinking, criticized iran's nuclear policy on non around remains on a path of nuclear escalation. although it publicly claims to favor return to mutual compliance with the j. c. p. o, the joint comprehensive plan of action. since march iran has been either unwilling or unable to accept a deal to achieve precisely that goal. talks aimed at returning to the deal have been stalled since march. earlier this week you fought in policy chief joseph burrell, in college to both sides, to this thought negotiations. putting in new proposed text on the table. bad as have all the pay often reviewing the draft texts. it is possible that in the near
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future we can reach a conclusion regarding the time table for the negotiation. we'll probably see a new round of negotiations. negotiations to salvage the nuclear record began april 2021, but have been in deadlock since february. iran wants the u. s. to lift all economic sanctions and an assurance that the next administration went back out of the accord . but the by them administration says, guaranteeing the deal survival beyond 2024 is in boston, and it wants confirmation that iran went enriched uranium to military grade. the hashem jessia. now several media outlets in taiwan reporting that us how speak and nancy pelosi will visit the territory, but pelosi and her team of not confirm this. she is currently in singapore, on tour of asia. she's historically been critical of chinese authorities. a jing has repeatedly warned against such a visit. china considers taiwan and part of its territory. pillow hidden,
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we don't google foot, her house speaker pelosi goes to taiwan. it will be a gross interference in china is internal affairs. it will seriously damage china sovereignty and territorial integrity trample on the one china principal. seriously threatened the peace and stability of the taiwan strait and seriously undermined sinner us relations and lead to a very serious situation and very serious consequences. mike hannah has the response now from the white house spokesman for the national security council, john kirby has addressed the possible a trip of nancy pelosi to tie one. he says, this is not unprecedented. pointing out that in 1997, that then speaker newt gingrich visited taiwan without any incident. and even this year, some members of congress have travel to the island that john kirby makes absolutely clear that any decision whether to visit taiwan or not is up to the speaker herself . and any confirmation must come from the speaker or her stop. this is what kirby
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had to say. a constitution beds separation of powers. this is well known to the p r . c. given are more than 4 decades of diplomatic relations. the speaker, the right to visit taiwan and speaker of the house has visited taiwan before without incident. as have many members of congress including this year, john kirby emphasized so that even should nancy pelosi decide to visit taiwan. this in no way represents a change in us policy. the u. s. one china policy remains, he says, and this was addressed during president biden's phone call with president sheet last week in which president biden made absolutely clear that the u. s. policy is unchanging when it comes to taiwan and also unchanging when it comes to its relationship with china. nevertheless, john kirby says, china is adapting a threatening posture and he's express concern about any misunderstandings as he
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put it that could arise out of this heightening of tension. or in other developments in the us, people displaced by floods in the state of kentucky have faced another night of heavy rain battered parts of the state for days. now making rescue f, it's even more difficult. 50 bridges, a damaged or not reachable state governor says 30 people confirm to have died, but that number is likely to rise. thousands are spending another night in temporary homes. many without power is urologist say a heat spell will follow the rain. well, the white house is the amount more than a $1000000000.00 for areas affected by extreme weather. the money is designed to help communities prepare for climate related disasters. and california find she's there very satellite images of the largest wildfire seen there this year. the mckinney fire is one of several major fires burning across the west coast. been burning for 3 days. at least 2000 people have abandoned their homes and assist you
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county. my house has gone all my furniture, all my clothes shoes out. everything's gone. yeah, we got out before the fires, actually they did with the red flag to get out. we don't want to be there to when they do think it out, have 15 minutes out and figure out all those packed every to goes to get out there soon as possible. the un secretary general has apologized after un peacekeepers opened fire a board post in the eastern part of the democratic republic of congo on sunday, killing 2 people of violence came just days after 3 peacekeepers in 15 protest as were killed during anti un demonstrations in north kiva province, and target tara says your organization is totally committed to peace. catherine sawyer reports. un peacekeepers are moaning soldiers in benny, north kill province. some were killed during last week's protest in the eastern
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democratic republic of congo. the demonstrations against the un mission maletchko started in goma the provincial capital and spread rapidly. a still tense in the region. some congolese are calling for the force of about 16000 troops to leave with a longer info absence among us. but also the way that this is of been in your home and each time we just under the circumstances disease we recognize the nurses and all of all an easy shifting protestants were also killed during the riots. police and the army had to be called in to contain the situation. families of the protest is r morning, their loved ones. they show pictures of 3 young men who they say got caught up in
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the violence in munich, the new and queer morning. and we are sad, but we will not stop protesting against moscow. listen, we won the peacekeepers to leave. we have lost our family members. so we have to continue the fight and keep their memories alive. only for eastern d. r. c is rich in minerals, but it's also volatile. more than a 100 armed groups operate in the region, they have plundered, villages, killed civilians, and forced more than 300000 people to leave their homes. clinically say they want to feel safe, and the peacekeepers are unable to protect them. catherine, sorry, i'll jazeera military helicopter with 6 people on board is gone missing in pakistan . air traffic controllers contact with the aircraft in la bella, and the country south. it was helping with a flood relief operation and baluchistan province, an army general and 5 others were on that flight military has not said how long the
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helicopter has been missing. southern pock hassan has been dealing with unusually heavy monsoon rains. so that for you on the program will bring a news from senegal, the ruling party claims victory and parliamentary elections. but the turn out was 22 percent desperate for fuel. huge crowds flop towards a damaged tanka in libya, just moments before it explodes. ah, and is for england's football as party with their fans following their victory at the women's european championship. ah hello, there is a store of heat once again for europe, particularly for southern areas, but we are going to see
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a lot of that warmth rise up heading its way farther north. by the mid of the week, we'll see some pretty impressive temperatures across western areas of europe. now on tuesday, we've still got those high temperature warnings out across the iberian peninsula to spain and portugal. a few showers popping up here and there across spain. but for the north of this, for france, clear skies as you can see, and we are going to be clear as guys across central areas of europe once the showers start to shift their way further east much over the wet weather can be found across western areas of russia and ukraine, we have a look on wednesday. you can see that clears up my the temperatures, certainly on the up here. the wet to whether we have to head up to scandinavia. some really wet and windy weather sweeping its way across norway and sweden and is more in the way of showers for britain and island. but there is so a lot of wounds, a muggy, whether it should be found for the south of this clear skies. of course, much of italy's war, the se, temperatures in turkey, where we expect them to be for this time of year. they have come down slightly, but it's really gonna be western areas that see temperatures pick up rather
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dramatically. if we look at the 3 day, for example, 4 powers will be 10 degrees above the average by wednesday. ah ah, the shake hum odd award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year. for more information go to w, w, w dot h t a dot q a slash e n ah. setting the discussions, i'd love to see every time there was an attack on a mosque all the right wing organization. thank me. don't approve of this. examining the headline. this court is a political court that is making political decisions, explorer,
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and abundance of world cloth programming, designed to inform, the biggest fear of a water cra, is crowd of people on the streets, motivate and inspire you. he's opening an area that a blind person never thought they could do on al jazeera. ah ah. ah. good night stories, ma'am. thousands of protest is backing rocky ship politician what toddress other account inside the countries parliament building? still, they are refusing to leave until larry's political change, or some sort of concessions made to sather on monday supports as of rival groups moved in to stake vero, position us how speak and nancy pelosi is on
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a tour of asia where she's visited singapore, several media outlets in taiwan reporting, she also plans to visit the territory and thus drawing warnings from china. agirri saying it's destroyed more than 1500 legal, crude refining sites. in a renewed campaign to calm down on oil theft, it lost more than $3000000000.00 in one year with more losses. projected this year al jazeera ahmed address joined security forces as they hunted down the oil fields in the niger delta in their on land. and at sea, the nigerian military is under strict orders to end the plundering of the countries oil. when security forces returned to the side, they destroyed 5 weeks earlier. they encountered oil thieves as truce chased them. the bundles ran toward their boats,
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hidden in the creeks. but one is captured in towns of crush in this eli dela, refine insights. we have crushed thousands of them as you are destroying once i before you get to the auto and. and what ellen is bringing up again. this pipeline is one of the most frequently vandalized in the country. it delivers half a 1000000 barrels of oil a day to an export terminal. but for the past 5 months, not a drop was delivered as the operator shell was forced to shut it down. we've had stations where when we're going to quicken camps, august comes like this. they set fire to the camps and the engine was and i equipment most of the stolen cold is ferita elijah vessels at sea by barges like these which are usually hard to apprehend. flying over the creeks,
12:35 am
the devastation caused by all bunkering is massive. hidden under 3 copies, the old thieves are putting finishing touches to this facility capable of refining tens of thousands of gallons a day. and instead of using firewood, then i was to use gas to distill the cold military come on to say that a 100 of these illegal distilleries scattered across the oil, producing delta in addition to bleeding the economy dry. the operations also damage the environment because they are not properly equipped to process crude oil. the blunder of nigeria oil has left the country unable to be it's, it's open quarter activities are going on as i speak to you now as so much collaboration guerra with the communities to make sure that there was a board in the process of protecting his assets. at the company looks up to the renewed clamp down to return to profitability, but with all thiefs continuously changing their tactics. it could be
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a long while before that will happen. how many degrees al jazeera in nigeria is all producing delta. now in senegal, a governing coalition led by president marquis cell says it's one of majority and sundays parliamentary election, local media reporting vote a 10 out was just 22 percent know. earlier this year, some of the opposition parties most popular candidates would disqualify from running and worried that sol might change the constitution. and one for 3rd time in 2024 hours. there is zayna been to ariba has more from da com. it is the day after the elections in synagogue, and we are still waiting for the official razzles. but according to partial and none official residence, we can save that. 140 seats have been settled out of 165 in the parliament in details we can say that the government of coalition,
12:37 am
when 64 sits the opposition coalition lead by osmond sancho. the opposition leader wins 45 and the other opposition coalition lead by abdullah was the former president. when i 26. we can say also that these results are not what the president mikey saw was expecting. because if we add the seats obtain by the opposition, we will have $71.00 which is higher than $64.00 obtained by the governmental coalition. we are still waiting because the counting of the vase is still on. but if the denizens is, are going like that. 2 that means that the president will face difficulties to
12:38 am
have the 83 seats needed to obtain the majority in the parliament we go to libyan. our fuel truck has exploded. in the southwestern part of the country, medical chief told al jazeera there, 8 people were killed. 54 injured explosion happened in the town of bent buyer as a crowd flocked around an oil tanker preparing to re supply a fuel station. many of the wounded are in a critical condition mileage train hours more from tripoli. in the early hours of monday morning. a seal truck traveling in the bent albania area, which is a rule desert town in between the cities of sub her and her body crashed on the side of the road. up just to give you a little bit of context here, southern libya suffers from extreme fuel shortages and poverty. so once the
12:39 am
accident happened, the fuel, the fuel truck began gushing out fuel our residents. hundreds of residents in the area began gathering next to this truck to try to collect as much fuel as possible . or a fire then happened. the truck and the surrounding vehicles next to the fuel truck are exploded, causing dozens of casualties. 8 people have died so far. now, libya has 2 governments at the moment. both have responded to this incident. the internationally recognized government here in tripoli has said that it has sent a team of doctors and nurses to serve her or to treat the victims. the. the parallel government of basin is from libya, headed by fatigue. bizarre has said that they have open an investigation into the incident, but really events like this just highlight how people are suffering are with in,
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with the political stalemate that's happening. and libya and a lack of general services are to its citizens. to me and man out chief of the military has extended estate, an emergency for another 6 months. it's me and patience to jen to depose. the government has unsung said she, in february last year, a sushi is in detention and has been charged with several offenses monitoring group say more than 2000 people have been killed. and $15000.00 arrested in a crackdown on pro democracy protests since the crew took place. and now to india, where the opposition is calling on the government to rethink its move, to increase taxes on essential items. products including milk and rice would be impacted by the icc, poverty, metal reports. now from the deli, the engine parliament has been employed in chaos over the last few weeks and it is over the issue of price rise. opposition parties have been demanding
12:41 am
a debate. they have stage protests and a walk out several m. p. 's have also been suspended for demonstrating her recently the government increased taxes on several products and impose new ones on basic necessities like rice flour, packaged food and dairy products. this has increased prices further, as on the m m m. and the problem is that glasses have become experience. who in the price of sweet lamp is also $1.00 of these were much cheaper and you my expensive corner put in, can i not increase my guy? and i thought i even already, prices have increased 2 and a half times for to laws about $0.90. now it's more than a dollar de la mustard all used to cost a dollar and 30 cents. now it's more than $2.00. a cooking oslander was $5.00. i'm now paying more than $15.00. so everything has become more expensive, but the government is in delilah. it believes everything still cost the same for guardian as it is america. the government says the new taxes will prevent evasion.
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it also points out that several opposition party supported these. it says it will discuss the issue in parliament over the next few days. now, inflation is expected to remain high. the global economy is also having an impact. the international monetary fund has revised india's growth prospects. it now expects the economy to grow at about 7.4 percent. this is lower than what the government had projected a few months ago. cause of a police of close to border crossings in the countries north after local subs brought roads and fired shots at police subs if protesting against in order to switch their serbian car. number plates, the cost of and ones because of a declared independence from serbia in 2008, but more than 50000 subs living in northern kosovo, still use serbian license plates. government in serbia does not recognize kosovo as a country. are you? there is brianna, stay on, which is at one of the border crossings. this is regarding one of the border
12:43 am
crossing between serbia and quotes. so as you can see from sunday evening, there is no crossing on the border crossing because the government, of course, civil announced new rules that were supposed to be implemented today. for the citizen of serbia, you rules included that all the citizens from serbia want to come to call. so we'll, we'll have to replace their ideas to the temporary document, which would be for them during their, their stay in the country. let me remind you that there's the measure that serbia implemented for the citizens of gospel 11 years ago. so as you can see, there is no traffic at these border crossing and this is not the 1st time the attention is broke between serbia and cost of all a similar thing happened in september late last year. and similar things have been happening since crossover declared independence in 2008 because in the north or of the country, of course. so we have a lot of ethnic serves that are still loyal to serbia. whatever you some breaking
12:44 am
news that we're following. now that to al qaeda leader, amen. also a hearing is bleed to have been killed in a u. s. drones strike in afghanistan. now this happened over the, over the weekend on sunday. this is, according to us media reports. you as president joe biden, is you to give a press conference on know what a white house is described as a successful counter terrorism operation that's expected in just a couple of hours from now. but obviously it is a significant not just because of the role he would have played within the group, but also this would be a 1st attack since american forces left afghanistan a year ago, actually in august last year. and the suggestion is that this strike was not conducted by the u. s. military that the operation might have been carried out by the cia. but the details are a bit vague at this point, are going to try and get more information, more clarification on this. and bring you details
12:45 am
a bit later on. also gonna have sport that's coming up after the break. gemma will be here with that includes shocking scenes in argentina is a female referee is punched by a male footballer. ah, cats ha. airway issue ally of the journey with with
12:46 am
with full shatter an official and line of the journey with intelligent social and playful. this vulnerable species have being cold in the wild, sold online, and smuggled illegally by criminal syndicates from southeast asia. one of the main markets is japan. in recent years, a new phenomenon has been sweeping through this concrete jungle animal cafe by customers, by a cover charge to sit in a cafe and pets, a number of cute, domestic animals. but his businesses compete for customers. this being disturbing
12:47 am
shift to ever more exotic species, we want to find out more about how offers it being taken from the wild, and so justina, gar, a market is a schooling, helps the animal trade a plethora of exotic species. seat tiny metal cages, distressed and sweltering under the hot sun. oh, i spoke with gemma. thank you mariam the nfl houses suspended at cleveland browns, a quarterback dish on watson for 6 games for violating the leagues of personal
12:48 am
conduct policy. a 15 month investigation found. watson, allegedly engaged in sexual misconduct with 2 dozen women during massage treatments between 102-019-2021. while playing for the houston texans watson has denied or wrong doing. he recently settled over one of 24 little suits of filed by the massage therapists. in march this year, watson joined cleveland on a 5 year deal. was $230000000.00, making it the largest contract and nfl history. for more on this story, we're now joined by sports john list and offer jeff venus shaw. thank you very much for your time justin. i'd like to start with your overall reaction to the 6 game suspension. i think it's very low, but i mean, you know, reading through what the judge said, i guess from a legal perspective in a precedent perspective, it makes sense. one thing i will say is the fact that the nfl has the personal conduct policy is something that allows a suspension to happen without it,
12:49 am
there could be no suspension period. so i mean, it's better than nothing. but when you look at the damage that watson has been done, i don't think that it's enough. well, there's been other cases in the past. events that play as being bad, one play stick. somebody had a 6 game balance taking the bound substance. and another play was banned for a whole year for an illegal bet. so bearing those 2 cases in mind, do you think the nfl needs to appeal this 6 going back to this player and increase it to show you that they're taking these kind of obligations very seriously? i think they should. i think people kind of say away, like you mentioned, the drug violations that in the minds of, you know, sports organizations that's very cut and dry with sexual assault and sexual misconduct. people kind of tend to try and stay away because they so rely, it's too much on a he said, she said and, you know, not taking what victims are saying is true. so that's generally why people kind of
12:50 am
stay away from it and don't necessarily hand down the same punishment. but, you know, i know i saw that the a p a doesn't want the nfl to appeal, but i think that we're, we're way beyond the point of, you know, it, we're not, this isn't like something like, ok, we should take time to build up to the correct amount of punishment for something like this. like it needs to be done. i think it needs to be done. now. watson has been hanging around the nfl for way longer than he should have been. so i think that they should appeal and you surprise the cleveland browns would offer waltz in the most lucrative contracts and nfl history knowing he was under investigation for sexual misconduct. i'm not surprised a different situation with korean hahn but kind of a similar vein. and i'm just really disappointed like i am the daughter of to die hard, cleveland browns fans and kind of, you know, they have kind of like show their loyalties. now they did it because i think they
12:51 am
thought they that nothing would come of it. because then that one case, you know, watson wasn't whatever convicted so i think because of that, the browns thought that they would get away with it. and they're like, you know, people seem to have a misconception. if a court of law says that we're not going to charge you, it means you're not guilty, but that's not necessarily true. i think that's what the browns relied on. so they thought they'd be ok with that even a whole lot of people told them you shouldn't find him. so i'm not surprised because, you know, teams will do it all the time at the bottom line is they care about winning. they don't really care about anything else, so it's not surprising, but it's disappointing on the last and how does the and a phone compare with other major leagues when dealing with sexual misconduct cases? i think it's better than some other leagues i mentioned before. the personal conduct policy, that's something the child does not have and that personal conduct policy is what
12:52 am
allows the nfl to investigate players for these kinds of things. so that way they're not reliant on whatever court of law says it allows them to do their own investigation, which is what gets what's in that suspension 1st place. so i think the nfl stock long way to go, but i think they're in a better position than some other leaks are. definitely. well, we'll wait to see how the nfl react to this. just finish all that. thank you very much for your time. thank you. england's triumphant women's football team have been partying with their fans in central london to celebrate the european championship title at sea. one victory over germany secured the 1st major trophy in their history. it's a success to us. opened up the game to new fans as sonya geico explains o. a tribute to their skill and achievement. with the 1st time in 56 years, england returned triumphant from an international football championship. and the
12:53 am
crowds were there to celebrate their success. spearheaded by manager, serene of eastman. nice that you're all here. thank you for coming. ah, the support has been so incredible and most of all the willingness to want to win so badly. the thrill of the win, infectious, inspiring many here. when you love football, i was screaming they half pay me to say, you know, physically they acted gold doing well. enjoy themselves. it great role models. oh i know women did it and the men didn't. 6 it's taken years of hard work and determination to make this victory happen. on the line, i says,
12:54 am
have made their mark on english for falling history, and encouraging more women and girls to get involved in the game. it's been a long journey from the days when women were banned from playing to blazing a trail in the euro's battling sexism and on the funding with many hoping that this when will be the kick start to place women's football on an equal playing field to men's i think it's critical that we start to really about what happens right at the bottom, m p in schools. for me, this is about the government. this is about the government taking seriously spool and making sure that goes across the country are actually able to participate. and play even just have the basics. and from there we'll get exactly the same that the boys get across the country. inspiring a new generation to the game here where it all began. so i think i'll go, i'll just sarah london losing finalist germany
12:55 am
a touchdown in frankfort. on monday, the 8 time european champions, not bringing home the trophy this time around. thousands of german fans had turned out to welcome the scene back and celebrate their treatment in reaching a 9th. you're a fine. michael jordan has described bill russell as a pioneer and says that the world has lost a legend, the passing of the former and be a player and the american sports star sparks and out pouring of condolences. russell died at the age of $88.00. he's regarded as the greatest champion in u. s. teams, bolts having 111 m b a championships with the boston celtics and 5 m v p awards. he will say one gold at the 956 olympics and in 1966 became the 1st black coach in the n b a was a civil rights activist and in 2001 he received the presidential medal of freedom from back obama englishman elect
12:56 am
donald is the new ryder cup captain for europe replacing henry extension. who was the fact of the joining the live series, the former? well, number one played in full right, a caught sounds as a vice captain for the past 2 edition. this is probably the greatest on a, you know, of, of my lifetime to be announces. ryder cup captain is certainly extremely exciting. and the biggest honor that i think you can bestow upon a golfer. he has almost like a lifetime achievement award. i'm obviously very excited to get going and looking forward to getting to roman in 14 months as full of a man. he replaced stents in his decision to join the saudi back live competition to paid off. immediately he collected $4000000.00 off to winning the bad minster event. in the 2016 open champion, finished up and levon under
12:57 am
a boy to shot victory. benson also picks up another 375000 dollars, becoming seconds in the teams event. i think that might have been a little bit of extra motivation and this week and and when we as players have that i think we can, we can bring out the good stuff and i certainly did that this week. so i guess that's been a bit of a bit of a theme over the over the course of my career. i think when i, when i really want something, i managed to dig a little bit deeper and a lot of times not just make it happen. so yeah, very, very pleased with that and i'm looking forward to some rest now an argentinian football or has been arrested for punching a female referee after she gave him a red card. the incident happened in the 3rd division match in the province of when his iris referees down mac with todd was struck by a plan from deputy the governor's office. she sent him off for insulting. her
12:58 am
tardies says the blow was to her neck and she hurt her elbow when she hit the ground. the match was suspended on the 30 wrote it was taken to hospital who tardy, filed a criminal complaint against the player who was in custody, and wants him banned from football for life. comments condemned his actions and say, and they are sorry for what occurred and a quick update on the commonwealth games in birmingham, australia elite, the metal tally after 4 days of competition. that is your school from me for now. it's back to marianne in london. right. i'm sure i much so that's it for the news. i but i will be back in a couple of minutes with more of the daisies for you do say with us, i'll see you shortly. ah, mm
12:59 am
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