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tv   101 East Hong Kong The Right To Report  Al Jazeera  August 2, 2022 5:30am-6:01am AST

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some members of congress have traveled to the island that john kirby makes absolutely clear that any decision whether to visit taiwan or not is up to the speaker herself and any confirmation must come from the speaker or 1st officers. this is what kirby had to say. our constitution beds a separation of powers. this is well known to the p r c. given our more than 4 decades of diplomatic relations, the speaker, the right to visit taiwan and speaker of the house has visited taiwan before without incident. as have many members of congress including this year, john kirby emphasized so that even should nancy pelosi decide to visit taiwan. this in no way represents any change in us policy. the u. s. one china policy remains. he says, and this was addressed during president biden's phone call with president she last week in which president biden made absolutely clear that the u. s. policy is unchanging when it comes to taiwan and also unchanging when it comes to its
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relationship with china. nevertheless, john kirby says, china is adapting a threatening posture and he's express concern about any misunderstandings as he put it that could arise out of this heightening of tension. ah, until mccray, with the headlines here on al jazeera, the leader of ellicott. i'm an o hittie has been killed in a ca, drones strike in afghanistan, in a televised address announcing the strike president joe biden said us intelligence officials tracked our hittie to home and downtown cobble where he was hiding from, hired, easy coordinated al qaeda's branches and are all round the world, including setting priorities, we're providing operational guidance that call for inspired attacks against us
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targets. he made videos including the reason we're calling for as follows, to attack the united states and our allies. now justice has been delivered and this terrorist leader is no more rival protests have been held in iraq's capital bagged dead. thousands of protests is backing. she a politician mac tada l sada a camp inside the iraqi parliament. they stole the building on saturday and are refusing to leave until there is an overhaul of iraq's political system and constitution arrival, group known as the coordination framework has held counter protests against what it calls a suspicious qu. there's heavy security prisons to keep the 2 sides to pass. for the 1st time since the war and ukraine began, a ship filled with grain has left the ukrainian port of odessa under a deal ukraine and russia signed with the you in, in turkey. the agreement is meant to alleviate a global food crisis. the white house has criticized china's response to
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a possible trip involving us house b can nancy pelosi national security council spokesman. john coby says the us will not engage with cyber rattling and any potential visit is consistent with us policy policies, bane and singapore. as part of a tour of asia, civil media outlets in taiwan, our reporting policy will visit, but it hasn't been confirmed. china considers taiwan a part of its territory, but those are the headlines. the news continues here on al jazeera, after at $11.00 east. on counting the cost, the european central bank raises interest rates to rain in inflation. good wising borrowing costs and political turmoil was italy's death book or the e. you agree to cup natural gas? you said winter will that help to averse an energy crisis? counting the cost on al jazeera ah, hong kong was once celebrated as
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a beacon for press freedom in asia. but as china tightens its grip on the city, john las said they can no longer speak truth to power. today is the very top. thank you all gentle with an article we have to guess what is the limit of free speech in hong kong? won't. can you say won't, can you know, say newsrooms have been rated, publishes journalists and major executives put behind bars and news organizations forced to shop. wow, it has become a dangers of depression, but dangerous occupation for people who are still interested in reporting the facts . the government insists it's just doing its job. journalists and media organizations like or of us pass so respect and comply with the law
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with $1.00 0, $1.00 east tracks. the demise of hong kong, free media a for 2 and a half decades. i pro daily was a constant in the lives of many hong kong has the best selling tabloid redefined the cities news in the street with its fresh, often sensational reporting. it was also an honor the bash supporter of democracy and of thumb. critic of the chinese communist party with founder jimmy light was a regular and pro democracy protest. the billionaire is now in jail for taking pawsman unlawful assemblies. he's also accused of breaking hong kong, sweeping national security law,
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a charge that good see him put away for life. lying new, the legislation could be used against him, but he chose to remain in hong kong, spoke to out to 0 while out on bail. this place the freedom has given me the opportunity to create what i have today. i'm in deaf to disgrace. i'm very grateful to this phrase. i'm not going to leave maybe mouthful time to for me to pay back to sprays. even the paying back me is that i have to sacrifice ah. apple daily was able to survive and even thrive because of hong kong. unique history. britain handed its former colony back to china in 1997. it was agreed that the city would be governed under a formula known as one country to systems. and freedom of
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assembly of expression and of the press are enshrined in hong kong own constitution of the chinese leadership journalists. steve, fines arrived in hong kong 10 years before the handover to day. he still remembers a time when beijing kept its promises. hong kong had this heavy air of liberty . oh, you could say what you liked, read what you liked. you could travel freely. an intellect for the mixture. was this extraordinary large media? ha. but hung congress did not have democracy. and for years, millions of people campaigned peacefully for the rights to vote in fully free elections. ah. then in
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2019 increasing fears that china was eroding hong kong autonomy and judicial independence spot months of massive sometimes violent protests the national security law, which criminalizes terrorism, secession, subversion, and collusion with foreign forces was introduced in 2020. i critics feared it would stifle dissent and home combs cherished freedoms. the government disagreed. highway. we'll walk onto that policy seaman. good job. he bought out the lung son dab would see why ponzio with less than 2 months later, 200 police rated apple daily thing was hold on some bundled john list
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inside live streamed. this footage offices searched the newsroom, arrested a senior executive union and laid a hand jimmy lie through the building and we are moving. i know what i'm doing, right. even when i was hang, come, you know, they parade me here and there. you know, you know, i think of and i did mafia a strength of insult. he was accused of colluding with foreign forces. well, i definitely have met foreign officers. but this disco russo, i cannot have been he might be a conclusion talking to you now. accepting your interview, it substitute are quoting to what they what did the find it?
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ah, ally was released after being detained for more than 40 hours. he would be arrested again several months later on fraud allegations at his bale revoked. to journalist chris chang, the implications of the raid. what clear news media in hong kong was powerful to have been influencing public opinion for many years. say if you have a government scandal to disclose the fuss, fought most likely you would go to our body. they're going to tell you what you need to know. they're going to give you a different side of the views. and maybe that's just not allowed by the government . i. hong kong journalists soon discovered that activities, once considered routine,
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were now not allowed in november 2020, or thirty's, charged documentary filmmaker bow choice with making false statements to obtain data. ah, she had been investigating a morbid tongue against anti government demonstrators, journalists, and passes by that took place during the 2019 protests. o police arrived only after the violence had subsided, fueling allegations of misconduct. we're the white glove men attacking ordinary people nearly was well station on the evening of 721, a choice award winning documentary attempts to uncover the truth of what happened that night. on con, connection made car license plate checks and found out will serve as part of her
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research. she used a public database to track down owners of cars filmed in the facility of the attack . the vehicles are registered owner is tang 5 times a village. police said she made a false statement and in order to get that information. oh, joy pleaded not guilty, but the judge disagreed. she was ordered to pay a fine of around $770.00. to me, it's a very heartbreaking that the magistrate or the court ruled that searching public information or as us do epic data is no longer allowed in hong kong. because of her brush, with the law, joy was suspended from her freelance position at public broadcaster r t. h k, for decades the organization had operated with relative autonomy. but now it was facing growing scrutiny from the government,
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gender through dollar hanging. why can't i get it up when they tried to let you enjoy your son? in february 2021, the government announced that this man would be the new head of our t. h. k. patrick lee was a civil servant with no journalism or broadcasting experience. from day one, directors were sued. we were told that every program would be carefully examined for its content before it went out on there. they were interested to make sure that you didn't interview anybody who would be describes gum. chrissy vines was a familiar presence on r t h k. hello and welcome to the pulse. he was a political offense commentator on radio and for 15 years, host of the popular current affairs talk show the pulse. we've asked all the candidates to give their views on major a program where diverse views were regularly heard and challenged. but we didn't expect that the police would use such
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a far bouldin's to all places. that was wine says why things changed with lees appointment. it was becoming ridiculous, we couldn't really do what i considered serious work. there was so many to boot subjects that it was just safer to do something that didn't upset anybody. oh, and by the way, didn't really interest anybody either from the team and me. it's been our honor. oh, the pulse and several other r t h k. programs have since been taken off there in an email to one or one east r t h k said it enjoys editorial independence at the corporate level and uphold the highest professional standards of journalism. it also said it's new editorial process was working effectively and that program related complaints had
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dropped significantly. the broadcaster declined to comment on bell choice case. i come to you. so i took the which on tell you getting little pig ramblewood on. i got penguin polish old bay, whole life, lose your job. in june 2021 or forty's rated apple daily's headquarters a 2nd time off on it, inside journalists scrambled to live stream. the raid building top r like in dog 10 channel chow reality there law john halo or an official from the national security department addressed members of the press what any legal decorating. c, polar tomar you go the gate on both ola? by your home, by the way, i guess the all those photo, your quote or google hung up come with a logic gola, i call you both on sale on the lawyer. i mean,
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the guy who says i've tried to look up some so i know gate michael was acting like i like i got, i wanted tell you, ah, the 5 apple dating employees made the front page of their own newspaper the following day. their alleged crime, publishing articles, calling on members of the international community to impose sanctions on china. and the hong kong government authorities also froze assets belonging to apple daily and its related companies as well as accounts linked to founder jimmy lying. these, i don't good. i got say, a plan like that. yeah, i put a find your thought i face, i am. so i got on want you know why? so i be. so you form franklin nipple, who night like on sheep. less than a week later, police arrested another apple daily employee. this time an opinion writer, the same day, the newspaper announced it was printing,
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it's final edition. from many apples daily journalists, the decision came as no surprise for security reasons. one not identifying this reporter. ready or to give up, wound up audible from, from your local knoll or controlling pin reply, or is your law or a room frozen drug issue? don't go under the hood alone, or the mold schuman drawer, or neutral vehicle girl, bartold, household, your mother, to work with, your local yukon, the neutral you can go home for, you, hope cool with all the burg, federal court. but you know, as news of the impending closure spread. so porthos began to gather outside apple daly's headquarters on getting i think. so you see why didn't go through the dump a gobble to learn from. i don't get one more home from all the way he moan. thing i don't think i believe of alejandro and i guess i'm being i don't for her gun. and
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sometimes i was on my boat old some of these up either. miss owen say, inside the newsroom, the mood was tense or don't do anything from new yorker during the fall holders for all your friends. so you've been pretty short sold. we've gone from a building still the work continued. the plan was to go big with a print run of a 1000000 copies 10 times what they would normally sell in a day o side. the crowd continued to swell despite the rain. oh, they'd come from all over hong kong to this remote industrial estate, just to say good bye.
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ah, even booty. if i had roger will help me. but i think you do have a good deal. you're going to get over them again. i do have little things with their work was finally done. 26 years after expounding apple daily was finished. senior editors, luncheon and champ women thanked their team. the 2 were charged with national security law violations. just weeks later, policy,
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mom, i am. they are now behind bars and could face my sentences. sighed my poor daddy stone thanked the supporters who had come to say good bye. a they gave out copies of the final edition of the paper. the headline hong kong has been a painful farewell in the rain. ah 50 kilometers away. long lines were starting to form. but it was just past midnight, but thousands of people were out waiting to buy the last edition of apple daly.
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i left for you. i always say mine a model, meaning i only a ha of an up for some queuing was also an act of support for press freedom. toyota may be wobbled home. they come down there or say, with a young girl, they'll volume isn't young, i'm more you, are you my mother? you young son? these the young guy 3 days after the closure of apple daily. or socrates arrested the editor of its english news section form. why con was at the airport about to leave for the united kingdom, and that was the last straw for me. now joel, this, for whatever reasons could be stopped at the airport at rest as well. so that could happen to anybody. chris chang,
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left hong kong weeks later joining dozens of other journalists who fled since the introduction of the national security law. now lives in london. the missile? no. obviously chang counts himself. lucky though. he's able to continue working as a freelance journalist here. some of his colleagues back in hong kong have quit the professional together, hoping to steer clear of the law. after up at aol close, there were other people who carried on as a taxi driver. all kinds of job. maybe there's a way out, but it is. fear side, it's too dangerous to stay on. you don't know whether or not some at some point they will go back and look at what you have done in the past. after more than 30 years in hong kong, steve vines has also moved back to the u. k,
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but still prefer to be in hong kong, but that's not relevant from the basically he decided to leave. after receiving a warning from an acquaintance, he laid out what he thought was the likely succession of events. and it was frankly very scary, very scary. it was excruciatingly difficult to leave. i know this sounds wishy washy, but i do love whole cult. oh hi profile journalists and those working for pro democracy outlets aren't the only ones were fled. hong kong virginia mac was a reporter at an online use website that's largely seen as pro establishment oh, in january 2021, a post on her personal facebook page. of course, the public's attention in it mac highlighted how
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a cove at 19 lockdown was affecting lower income people in her neighborhood. in a subsequent post, she criticized the contents of a food parcel distributed by the government. it also could almost all like a hide how i can new heights either the cake riding. ha kaneen. how horse he again where i live in the la la. oh hi, she lama you all got ochoa, gazer o e. honda. okay. your name or hi said dsl. okay, hold under. it leads it. oh, hang on, go one king. hi. been that? hi, fire named zito. jody. mike was idaho. you say she came to london with just 2 bags and a press pass. yes. who every milan? premier garb. yeah. but mike is no longer a journalist. she now works as a secretary, as a law firm, i shouldn't director will do that. oh sir. oh yeah. i they,
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i kitchen from 0. they went all in regards your role. yes. the young guy would, i, what was i, what you, the fungal, a die. you move on. what i was, or when will under file, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, why? or the pano. oh, can i hung on google wagging tonight? although i don't go longing for my family policy. got sick. a handle in hong kong. the crack down continues. at the end of $221200.00 national security police raided stand news, a pro democracy news website. 7 current and former staff and board members were arrested. according to national security police. they the allegedly conspired to publish inflammatory materials. lucky paula had taught bola yog i'm of pick up up, i'll put all her young, hates on the honey water amused the hung,
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wanting wolf done hate. they hung on see if i get on done her home, gone claim on gonna button one with my looking on what we're going to call. the police also rated the home of deputy assignment editor ronson chan. chan, who is also chairperson of the hong kong journalist association. was taken in for questioning, but released without charge by all dog groomers i. e dot shows, i'm a big how get and i forgot to some go the whole call to garrison's at law young quality gay. hi george holiday. my yeah, no fault. come y'all read up to a job or the asian both for age. all them from hours after the rate stand, news announced it would cease operations days later, independent new site citizen use said it to was shutting down chief editor,
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daisy lee blamed hong kong new environment. kids had auto. oh my god. bless you up with your ego egos. it why wouldn't boy satellite so find almost as some boy being at one gain, i go to lag one on one east, contacted chief executive, john lee for comment in an e mail, a spokesperson said the government was firmly committed to safeguarding the freedoms of the press. and speech, but these rights can be restricted for reasons including protection of national security. the government said the media landscape in hong kong is as vibrant as ever it's clear,
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many disagree. press freedom in hong kong. it's only going to get worse and worse. and we may have to rely on more and more on overseas new solids. the don't jackal, don't, don't with night. so easy both full. they those in own thing. one more and more hong kong overseas have also been speaking up. it's an extraordinary thing, but if you want to talk about hong kong nowadays, you have to go overseas to do so freely all regimes that wants to control the narrative of what they're doing, feel that, but one of the main duties is to control the media. and this is being done with great vigor. it is now a very dangerous thing to be a journalist in whole, but we don't fall ah, did the young virtuosos pricing constables
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a dominating international competition? $1.00 or $18.00, south korea musical prodigy, one out to 0? 80 miles was brought to when a site is from the northern province of chuckle when she was a child, she is a member of the comb indigenous community. her family was escaping poverty. she says, discrimination has been part of her life last month in argentina, some survivors and descendants of the com and mccoy people took part in an unprecedented trial of a case that goes back nearly a century ago. the trial for the massacre in that. but if he shows the serious abuses that indigenous community suffered in this country, only 1000000 of the 45000000 people in argentina considered themselves defendants of the original indigenous groups. most of them live in poverty and continue to fight for survival. argentina has long prided itself of a european heritage, one that often neglected and persecuted, indigenous wars, trial of not by peace,
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a step to revise history and give indigenous communities the place they have been denied for too long. new voice is heating up the airway. lot of chinese listeners with, kimberly here, but i really think in their own country shifting power bases, the rise of citizen journalism has changed everything. how do happen? it happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative australians went to the pole with those images front of mine is a war very much came forth out in the media as well as on the battlefield there listening post. dissect the media on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world. so no matter where you call home will but you can use in current affairs that matter to you lou.


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