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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 2, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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for temperatures thought batch just 90 degrees celsius. so freshening things up nicely. where to where the coming in to bolivia, western parts of brazil pushing a little further northward, up towards the caribbean, some lively showers there too. across the western side of the caribbean for a time had some heavy rain recently into the eastern islands that now pushing further west, which was that weather weather coming into southern parts of central america. in particular, just wanted to shout to enter espanol a bit. luca de la try whether am plenty of sunshine or we could do with more sunshine into that he's the side of the u. s. chiefly across kentucky. im afraid tuesday does bring further heavy showers into parts of kentucky. the wet weather will sink further southward into tennessee lively showers out of central canada just around the mid west. while that is gathering and i'm afraid by the end of the week, we are going to see more wet weather pushing all the way to those affected paths. cats are airways visual airline of the journey. here are some of the media stories, a critical look at the global news media spread out easier. government shut off
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access to social media. mm. mm. this is al jazeera, ah, hello, i am adrian from again. this is that he is a live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. influential she a leader, mac todd asada, sells his supporters to withdraw from the rocky parliament in the next 72 hours. just as has been delivered in this terrace, there is no more. the u. s. says that a drone strike has killed al qaeda leader. i am a our is our hearing. the african capital called us how speak a nancy pelosi visits police here, while china warns against extending her asian tour to taiwan and turkeys control center, waits for the 1st green ship to have left the ukrainian force since russia's invasion
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. and i am sort of hired to sports as it emerges. tiger woods, sundown up to $800000000.00 to playing the saudi back live series and noise for basketball stop. brittany greiner expects a verdict in her russian drugs on trial very soon. ah. so we saw this news all with breaking news from iraq, whether our reports that influential cheerleader mac taught asada has told his supporters to withdraw from the parliament. they took over the building on saturday and occupied it since i was jills dorsal jibari is inside the public building in baghdad. she's with a certain out life, da. so what, what do we know about these reports? what did they say? well we've just heard over the past hour from the media relations departments of
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that most other us other who issued a statement saying they're asking these demonstrators to lead this building. now they're not saying they should lead this compound altogether. they are just saying to evacuate the parliament building itself and that they have 72 hours to do so that means these people behind me have been here for 72 hours and now have another 72 hours to evacuate. this specific structure itself. now, they are also asked to stay within the grounds of this building. that means the outside area and the surrounding areas of this building are fair game. the statement also said that the city must continue and that they are going to achieve what they want. now the media relations department of federal center also said that they will provide further instructions as to where they would like them to go next . so indicating there was a possibility that other government buildings could be up for grabs vide these demonstrations. but it's still too early to tell for the time being,
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as you can see, i'm sure from the pictures where i'm standing, there's a much smaller crowd that we've seen over the past 72 hours. there is a sense that this building itself when now have to have evacuated and they'll have to get to the task of cleaning it up after these demonstrators made it their home for the past 3 nights. we also had heard from the iraqi prime minister mustafah alchemy, who on monday evening issued a statement saying that government buildings and institutions must be respected. and he called on the demonstrators to evacuate the building itself. there is a sense that there must be some kind of discussions going on behind the scenes between the current prime minister and mccloud, or else others. that camp about what will be happening in the coming days. but certainly, it is a relief because there was some people that were worried about possible clash was happening here. not only between security forces and the demonstrators here, but also from various other factions within parliament. and in this country who are
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not supporters of most federal center, and so they accused him and these demonstrators of planning a coo. and they said, what they've done here is tantamount to a coo and that it will not be tolerated. the counter demonstrations were held on monday, but they did not manage to get through to this green zone area where this building is located. i'll deserves to also jibari reporting live from inside iraq's palms in baghdad. many thanks indeed to do so. the us says that it's killed the leader of our keita. i'm an hour is our healey. in a drone strike in afghanistan, us president joe biden said that intelligence officials tracks our hittie to a house in central cobble where he was hiding with his family by an approved the operation last week. after months of planning, i'll just say we're chaper tons. he reports us present of the execution of i'm and i was that we're hearing was proof that the u. s. could be effective and it's counter terrorism operations,
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even after the troop withdrawal. he ordered from afghanistan when i entered our military mission of kansas, and almost a year ago, i made a decision that after 20 years of war, the united states no longer needed thousands of boots on the ground in afghanistan to protect america from tears to seek to do us harm in administration. officials said that the 2 hellfire missiles fired onto a balcony of a residential block in downtown cobble on sunday morning with the result of patient painstaking analysis that lasted months throughout. the administration says joe biden was deeply involved in the planning, even commissioning a model of the building and his determination to limit civilian casualties. intelligence revealed of what his family 1st moved to cobble earlier this year before being joined by the leader of al qaeda. he never left the building but was also seen on the balcony where he was eventually killed. the u. s. says there were no other casualties. the u. s. a long insisted. there's a relationship between the taliban and al qaeda. but taliban leaders have denied
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that. now with this killing and downtown cobble, it will be difficult at the very least, to deny that a fraction of the government dropped it out to a safe haven. think this is a proud moment for joe biden, tempered only by the fact that it took place in cobble which thus raises the spectre of the withdraw from afghanistan. and of course, the terrorist organizations clearly reestablishing themselves or that the attack took place just as the afghan government is in negotiations to free $3500000000.00 in foreign reserves. it desperately needs to feed its people, is also a focus of some at a moment where joe biden is in need of good news to quell domestic critics of his handling of the u. s. economy unfolding a trip to the middle east. the received mixed reviews, the white house is clearly relishing this news. she herbert nancy al jazeera washington. this is where that strike took place shortly after dawn on sunday. it's at the heart of what was cobbles, diplomatic districts,
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a busy neighbourhood where there were several embassies, some of them suspended operations after the us led coalition withdrew from afghanistan last year. i'll just serious ali latifah has been to the area his his report were here in the neighborhood where i'm and although he was allegedly killed. and as you can see, this is a perfectly residential area. there's travel agencies, there's a grocery stores, there's banks, all of these things are leading to increasing worry among the us who feel that the outcry, the leader was being housed in a perfectly residential urban center of the city. and at the same time, the tall barn is upset that a year after their occupation ended the u. s. a still conducting drone strike on what they consider to be sovereign. i'm on territory a 10 out from 0. come all hider, who has more from the cab, tribal district, afghans border with pakistan. the hi, but by connect the provincial capital of the hi booked and quote for shaw to the
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city of july bod, which is situated rift from here. and that of course, means that the shower is one of the clergy major cities to the avalon frontier. therefore, it would not surprising to find that osama bin law then along with ida arab fight, dead came to pakistan along with eminent de why he re, i do fight against the russian fortune of one is done. they made me showered their home from head. they were able to regroup, to be able to get logistical supplies, and add their time to had all the head from the u. s. government, from the t i. e, which in got out of re james and out of white day to go and fight against the soviet communist fortune of one is done. am in a july he became a closed, trusted, new den. and over some of in loudon. there were several attempts to kill him, and
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a tribal lady had to drone strike door drone strikes, of course, also led to much of numerous civilian casualties and a large government which was out there just recently led by him. ron hon. if you wish to provide basic to the united states or even to allow them air batches to budget on of god the united states said that you did of that i to carry out overrides an attack. the question now is, where the bug is danye spits warden, indeed huge in this particular tag inside of one asked on which was condemned by the of $1.00 bond. and aldo aminada why he may be treated as a willin order, dated, aged outside in western countries. many people in of one hist on and budget on here, major heat, all of the of one wall. i'm 0 is my the jump june has more now on the man who was our kite, a 2nd most prominent figure off to some of in latin,
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a man. and so had he had long been a deputy to some of in london. but after the u. s. killing of the vin and car, the leader in 2011. so he took charge of the armed group attempting to expand its reach while never engendering the kind of loyalty afforded his predecessor. so while he did inherit the mantle of leadership, he did not inherit was on but led his legitimacy as a which i had leader all his a credibility and legitimacy on karima amongst the various which i had in groups born in egypt and 951 so ari came from a distinguished family, studied medicine, and became a surgeon. in 1973, he joined the egyptian islamic jihad group. the assassination of president unwell said that the nation, $81.00 for which the group was blamed, proved to be a turning point for so i think while he was not charged in connection with the dots killing, he was imprisoned on conspiracy charges. one of thousands of religious activists
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jailed and tortured after the assassination. many analysts say that experience would eventually lead him to violence after his release from prison. so i had he left egypt for shower in pakistan, where he worked as a doctorate, treating afghan fighters. then it was on to afghanistan where he fought against the soviet occupation and where he began his partnership within latin. within a few years, both men would become part of the core group that became al qaeda. under their leadership, the armed group accused the west of waging a modern day crusade against muslims and set as its ultimate goal. the establishment of islamic rule throughout the world. at a car does ideology, along with its international campaign of violence, culminated in the 911 attacks. washington offered a reward of $25000000.00 to bring the wiley to justice off shoots of the armed group in yemen. somalia and algeria are widely believed to be his work days off to win those on the beloved and was assassinated. and a man of the lady took over. you can see the fracturing of the organization
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becoming more and more apparent once the syrian civil war began. so i had he found that alti, this dominance was being increasingly challenged by isolate which had carved out territory for itself in it up syria and libya, and had fighters in yemen in 2016. so i had a urged afghan fighters to rally around the taliban and reject isolate branch in afghanistan. a duel is clearly loose. the me, when i call upon the brotherly muslims and jihad, he's in general and enough, con a son in particular to get behind the jihad in the patient and the steadfast emerald, and not to respond to the cause aimed at dividing the ranks of jihad. he's off today the death of aimen, and so i had, he brings an end to one of the most turbulent times in recent international security. the world will now be watching to see how al qaeda handles the death of its 2nd prominent leader. michael simple as a professor at queen's university. belfast. he joins us now. live vos, skype from belfast. good to have you with us. a professor. your thoughts, michael on this drone strike and the other claims that it killed the winery.
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i think it's fairly clear that of the drones strike did kills oh harry, what we have to do now is assess the security and political implications of it. because this is a remark of development. not so much for archive itself. m l kind of will find a new amir, her, it's a, it's a massive blow for the, the taliban movement, including all its different fractions. and also i'm, it poses major questions for the us about what to do next. yeah, on the u. s. as long claimed that there is a relationship between al qaeda and the taliban. taliban leaders of always denied that it is clear now though. i mean it's undeniable that there were at least some elements within the taliban that we're protecting the worry. well absolutely, and i think that what we've seen her to some extent since the end of the february 2020 agreement between the u. s. and the taliban signed. and doha until now that all the more so over the past 11 months is the u. s. cautiously pursuing engagement
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with the taliban movement on this was like a sort of hypothesis they wanted to know. is it possible for us to achieve our objectives by dialogue with the taliban movement? and given that one of the key objectives for the u. s. was now getting it's counter terrorism targets. the answer to their question is decidedly no. no the the the taliban denied on all occasions that they were on protecting al qaeda. another be caught red handed and it wasn't the taliban who handed over the unkind a leader. it was the americans route to do it themselves. and so, i mean, in a sentence, i would say that this marks the end of the viability of they, their policy that the u. s. has pursued in afghanistan over the past couple of years. they're going to have to think what to do next. it's also clear that the u. s. must have had intelligence operators on the ground in cobble the fact that that
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zone he was reported be killed in this drone strike in which no one else was killed or injured at it was a pretty surgical strike. well, on the, on one level, you know, we shouldn't be too surprised about this is called counter terrorism. the, the u. s. is invested considerable resources and we are both in the technology and of course in some of the human operations. and nobody should be surprised that given that we're, we're all quite quite aware from evidence that any anybody who chose to look could see that the al qaeda leadership. and there's of there also, there are feel commanders and operatives, they were in afghanistan and deal. of course, only a few people had sight of zoey harry, but other members of the movement and could be seen and just being a little bit more relaxed and being hosted by the the taliban in afghanistan since the us withdrawal. so nobody should be surprised that the, the u. s. was out to get him on the, on this time round. they've got lucky,
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so that shouldn't be surprise for anybody. and the question is, now, what will be the, the repercussions? because just as the u. s. policy of saying ok dialogue with the taliban will solve everything they're gonna, you know, they're going to abandon not they have to think of okay. of on us as too big to ignore what we do on the country. but also the taliban have over the past 11 months, the the pragmatists in the leadership have been banking on the idea that eventually we'll win international recognition. and on the back of international recognition will be able to unlock, access to international finance, will be able to run the state and more sense. we will be offer something spoke to our own which id and, and our people. and over all of the afghan population they are and they, the region and the world will accept us as a reality in the country that and that policy has been blown up because nobody's going to recognize a regime or which no said all things that the taliban of said and then turns out to
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be hosting the head of al qaeda and its ministerial enclave. the just not going to get recognition is of it. and, and just briefly, michael. i know you said that al qaeda will fight another leader. and what state is the movement at the moment, how much of a blow to it to al qaeda is, is our he is death at is our kind of still a potent threat. acted certainly as a threat. um and i think they expected to benefit from the taliban takeover in afghanistan to be able to rebuild their capabilities. they were probably some way away. are there any over a year or so away from building up networks who could carry out major international attacks at no doubt the and the movement will be able to reorganize and am your and continue. it's not going to to go away. and the question is, how vio, how will they have the same kind of safe haven in afghanistan that they been
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getting used to over the past year or was good talk to professor many thanks. did michael simple that and belfast here with it is all from al jazeera still to come on the program palestinians more the 17 year old boy killed in israeli rates and the occupied west bank at later in sport. thanks. but no thanks. find out how much money tiger woods was offered to play in the live series. ah, tension is rising through the walls to biggest superpowers, the u. s. and china over taiwan. that's because of a possible visit by us. how speaker nancy pelosi, she could touched on in taiwan in the coming hours. these alive pictures from ty pays shock. shan airport. earlier policy left her hotel in columbia, missouri wrapping up a visit to bellagio, the r images of an american military plane that she used to travel there, took off towards an unknown destination. it's still unclear where the policies
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actually on board. now, china has warned the us of serious consequences if the visit goes ahead. santana, so if you haven't quincy back recently the u. s. has claimed this commitment to the one china policy back to why the has been back tracking blaring. and ha, now the one china principal to the u. s. has also gone against this commitment on maintaining non official ties with the taiwan region. he has upgraded its level of contact with taiwan and he has increased arms sales to taiwan. so on that many people on the inside have been very clear about this domestically and internationally, and a half pointed that the danger of those actions, sleazy judiciary warner from patrick falk in beijing. one of the things that's been talked about in the us is concerned over whether or trying to really grasp this concept of separate branches of government in the u. s. and the foreign ministry here in beijing address not to day spokesperson watching, said that when there is
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a provocative visit to taiwan by a u. s. politician, it cannot be considered unofficial, especially when that politician is the number 3 u. s. government official. and especially when she is traveling to taiwan on a military aircraft watching also address the issue of precedence, referring to for my house, pick a new ding which is in the taiwan and 997. say that just because it has happened before, doesn't mean the you, i should be repeating that mistake. so that was a clear rejection of the point that was made by whitehouse. national security advisor john car be saying that this is part of long standing u. s. policy and that there was no reason to escalate any sort of crisis because of this. she was also off today whether not the lines of communication were being kept open between beijing and washington. and she said that china heads repeated to
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washington. many, many times that it was opposed to visits, and since she hoped it was clear, washington about the severity of this visit and how dangerous it might be. a while, taiwanese official said a warmly welcome, any foreign guest. why anything major? do you make war? we did notice several speculative news reports about whether the speaker of the us house of representatives, nancy pelosi is visiting taiwan. the minister of foreign affairs is reiterating that it does not have further information to share in this case. and it is not commenting on it dealing with the visits of useful tissues as of course, one of the foreign ministry mean duties as well as data for representative office in the u. s. taiwan government has always welcome form friends visiting taiwan to increase the understanding of taiwan and express the support to our country. that's her last not of taipei. i was gonna say al jazeera is dileo capella, but not me more. she said the international editor of taiwan plus our old friend vivia. paula nasa with us live from taipei,
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vivia. we've just heard the official line from taiwan. what are you hearing on this? that's right. you know, they're just remaining deliberately vague about whether nancy pelosi is going to land here in the next half hour or so i would say and, but there is a reason for this. and mainly the fact that china has been very vocal, as we've heard there about the post, what consequences that taiwan could face, although they haven't quite laid out exactly what the actions they will take. they have definitely hinted at what's possible assent planes that warplanes on that median line that separates taiwan and china that said naval ships lining up on that medium line again on the waters down below that separates the 2. and what they have done and taken concrete action on is economically they have band agricultural products and several companies from tie, one from coming in to china,
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saying that this is due to costumes. but people here are weeding it as a punishment for not to close use possible visit. and so what they can do very quickly and very easily is punished. i want economically china's tie wants largest trading partner. so of course, simon's government is in somewhat of a quandary. with this, where they do want this high level visit, it does get legitimize them. but the same time they don't really want their anger, china, i think we can show you a flight rate of the moment. this is where the plane, which is thought to be carrying nancy pelosi is right now, just passing the philippines clearly on its way to southern china or towards taipei anyway. divvy, just remind us why this visit is so contentious. well, you know, in the u. s. has always subscribed to china as one china policy. that means that recognizes china, which means that tie one does really have diplomatic ties with the u. s. so theoretically the u. s. does not recognize taiwan on an international stage or
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diplomatically now a high level visit like this in turns. and as being translated here us that the u. s. recognizes tie one and legitimizes tie one as its own entity with its own government. and that is something that china definitely awesome ones. nancy pelosi has mentioned is 3rd in line to the u. s. presidency though this kind of a high level visit. it's really irking china on this because it's basically saying that you know, that while the u. s. s. it subscribes to china's policy that i want as part of china surgery. at the same time, it's not towing the line when it calls on the u. s. not to take such such actions. and this also comes at a time and washington and beijing. tensions are. i'd highs and beijing and taiwan ty, paid tensions are at high to their relationship has deteriorated since 2016 when tying, when the current president came into office. and this is likely to even cost
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a further deterioration of that. and you know, if you listen to local media here and other sources to say that for those, these visit will definitely have a meeting with ty, once president sighing went along with the press conference along with meeting legislature. so once again, while it's being read here that you know, this is the u. s. recognizing taiwan. it's also china realizing that taiwan is being recognized by the u. s. good. see again, develop that sir. uh, old friend and colleague, dubuque apollo. now the international editor of taiwan pasha type leo. i suspect nancy pelosi has been critical of china throughout her political career. 2 years after the 1989 tiana min square crackdown policy. as a young congress woman went to the iconic spot with a pro democracy banner, she campaigned against b. james bid to host the 2008 summer olympics to advocate for human rights. she is met the tibetan spiritual leader, the dalai lama several times added 2015, made a red trip to lhasa. for decades. she's been representing various congressional
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districts in california, which has the nation's largest asian american population, including those of taiwanese descent, julia styles law from what washington d. c is a hydro plank for a u. s. deputy assistant secretary of defense for east asia could tell he was a hydro. what's going on behind the scenes here, at least diplomatically, you've got china threatening serious consequences and yet president biden, and she have spoken and it still looks as though nancy pelosi is on her way to taiwan. now how will china actually react if she touches down that well, thank you very much for having me. i anticipate as we all do that speaker pelosi. ready be arriving in taiwan shortly. ah, the chinese and certainly o conveyed and telegraph of their anger at the visit of the speaker. and
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have already ratchet up the tension even further in the taiwan strait. by appearing to have sand warships and war plans towards the median line, as well as conducting some live bar exercise. i anticipate that taiwan will bear the brunt of beijing's anger. and i also anticipate that in the days and weeks to come, we will see chai, wall of china continue to pressure taiwan in both military ways as well as 3 comic orders. given that a, given the fact of the, the visits likely the anger, china for a china is likely to react in the way that you say it will white as to how speaker seems so determined to go ahead with it. what's the gain when the so much to lose in terms of further damaging relations between the us and china, and the negative implications for taiwan?
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well, let me say up front that i see, or speakers. a believe you're traveling where she goes. that being said, hindsight being 2020, i would've prefer for her visit not to be late, not to have been late. because i think part of the problem here is that it will lead to the press in a way that forced china's hand into doing something. if something is in the public domain, the chinese authorities will have to do something again in the public domain. so i think it per trip had been kept confidential and she would have just arrived there that would have mitigated central little damage. and that being said, yes or no, carry on, please. well, what i was going to say was all that be said. the relationship between the united states, china is at a low her visit is not going to make that even worse. in my opinion,
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china has demonstrated stick literally under the leadership of she jan thing that it is conducting a or a policy. and the security policy that is assertive and aggressive towards neighbors as well as others all over the world. we have seen the regression in hong kong. we've seen the abuses and she and john mentioned the office cation coming out of cobit 19. so i do not think that whether or not speaker travels i was going to make things any worse. the being that i would have recommended would have been to keep it a low profile visit without any advanced notification. and i don't, and just very briefly, with more rapidly when i got a time here to have to explain for the benefit of, of a global audience here in international audience. why the speaker of the house is
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going there? why? why not some other a senior by the administration official? well 1st of all, she's not a bind administration official. she's the speaker the house. again, separate branch of government. so to be clear, she's not a bind administration. is that being said, we routinely the nice, it's routinely sounds. parliamentarians, congress, people to taiwan. it happens all the time. frankly, not just the united states. there are many parliamentarians from europe that have and other asian countries that have travel. i want why the chinese are upset is because the speaker, the house, and it hasn't happened since 1997. okay. i always couldn't talk to many thanks to you for being with us. hunt click there in washington dc. hi time we got a wonderful costa. i think we're the midway point in this is our, his everton. hello. we got some really nasty weather pushing across southam, parts of australia at the moment. so deep area of low pressure swirling through
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ferry, active weather system. this, this cold front that's rattling through the bite, it did bring some violent winds destructive winds into perth, sudden parts of a w way. some of these areas seeing their strongest gusts on record, so augustus hydro, 130 kilometers per hour has caused some problems. lot ways as well in excess of 10 meters in places now that wet or whether that windy weather will continue to drive its way further eastward, south australia now in the path. and that will gradually feed its way into victoria western parts of victoria, grassy seeing some very wet, very windy weather as we go through. wait and stay come. thursday it does sweep through. next system starts to pushing north east and parts of victoria could see some flooding. southern parts, southeast and parts of new south was also seeing some very, very heavy rain. she make her way to the latter part of the week. a nasty we can shoot, thor. here's a set warning force from perth to melbourne. head of that it's largely dry for new sale. a bit wet. a weather will make its way in here. for the weekend. got some wet
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weather to pushing across the korean peninsula with some heavy down pools, grassy pushed into a good part of japan, evanson, many thanks still to come here. all that is on both sides. more that dead protest is in the democratic republic of congo, said they'll keep up the pressure on un peacekeepers to leave. the u. s. government announces a $1000000000.00 a package for states hit by 5. i'm flux at in sports. welcome on thousands of fans to and as for paula, we swat us, which one says, 1st club in europe like ah ah
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ah safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero, lou. ah ah.
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hello, get adrian sort of get a here in doha with the news. from alex's here up the headlines, the united states says that it's killed deleda of al qaeda in a drone. strike in afghanistan's capital kabul president joe biped and says that intelligence officials tracked. i'm an o z y healy to a home in the center of the city. the all reports that influential iraq, you, she, a leader, mac, tulsa, has told his supporters to withdraw from the parliament building, in fact that they took over the building on saturday, but have occupied it since and us house speaker, nancy pelosi has left malaysia on line flight trackers showing a military plane which carried hood that is now heading towards taiwan. beijing says the us will pay the price if policy visits, the self government violence. a funeral has been held for a palestinian teenager in daneen the in the occupied westbank 17 year old. did our
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ca free me was killed on monday, following violence with israeli forces that been near daily raids across the occupied west bank in recent squeezed weeks. let's take you live bout to ramallah. i'll just you as needed abraham. is that just want us through? what exactly happened overnight veto the cemetery of janine has been seeing a lot of funerals lately, the latest of which was for the 17 to get all of the odd to 3 unique and of the 80 palestinians killed wise radio forces since the beginning of the year a 3rd of them were killed in jeannine, including our beloved colleague, city in a ball cliff. all in all the israeli forces at face a lot of attention and jeanine because there are estimates of around a dozens and the lower hundreds, even of armed simian men who often confront with his ready forces coming into jeannine. this is the case yesterday and there are,
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has been shot in the had now it's not always that these really forces manages to get inside the refugee camp itself. this time it did it. and these really forces arrested the senior slamming you, had needed a sat id. now we know that israel considered this victory, but we're for palestinians. they say that's a shift. a sab has been living his life in the camp. he wasn't necessarily the hiding, but well, it's seen here as a provocation. and we've also seen the israeli media sharing pictures of them aside . the f that he was arrested. it's rare for us to see is really media shading pictures of palestinians who have been arrested. but it's senior as a way to assure people that he's ok because there were reports that he was shot while he was being arrested. all in old days. let me you had, has breathed its level of alerts and palestinian. see that all of these actions,
4:38 pm
by the way, the minute 3 is provocation and a continuation of a decades long, military occupation. i'll just, seriously, don't ever him live in ramallah many thanks. indeed, anita the 1st ship, transporting ukrainian grain under an internationally broke a deal is heading for turkish waters. after leaving the port of odessa on monday, the vessels being monitored by the joint coordination center in istanbul, turkish russian, ukrainian, and united nation staff for all that. as part of the great deal that was signed last month or the rezone left port in odessa early on monday morning. its path isn't direct though as it moves to avoid hitting c mines in the black sea. the ship is expected to drop anchor near istanbul late on tuesday night to undergo checks before it carries on to its final destination, which is lebanon al jazeera, as 7 casino reports. now from his stumble. we had
4:39 pm
a short briefing by the officers at the joint control center here in the stumble. the ship was supposed to arrive and assemble 3 pm local today, which is like in to 2 to 3 hours. but they informed us that the vessel rezani carrying ukrainian grains mainly a corn and the ship is going to be arriving at the shores of a stumble up on the north, up on the north. lexi calls after midnight today and around 5, gmc 8 am local to morrow morning. the inspection team that has members from russia, ukraine, turkey, and the united nations will be getting a ward and inspecting the vessel to check in whether the process, the products and everything. the paperwork is aligned with the with the deal signed by the parties. recently in a stumble, for do j. c. c representative,
4:40 pm
joint control representatives ra, sony vessels arrival to stumble is a test run. it is a sole russell. it is only one vessel after this test run is completed, other vessels are going to be leaving ukrainian ports and reaching towards the turkish rates from black sea to mar mercy to egypt, and to other parts of the world. and for world sunni, we were told that after the inspection is finished, which is in an established system around 3 to 4 hours, the vessel is going to be sailing golf to its final destination. tripoli. a favorite rush about a cover is the great news. price reports up a fast markets agri census, she joins us now live from the neat bro in ukraine goods with a set nasha. what is the one of the markets making of this, this 1st grain shipment from odessa? ah, hello. so, people are happy about this mess, this dest west,
4:41 pm
has finally all left the waters, and he's pe forward, you know, she stays but people back sex. and that will more vessels who believe in today by the fire we see and asking has left and i have, i have opinion that they are probably way t and how they inspection no go symbols. so than other view from leave as we talking about the market so far, people are still conscious, so they still want to see more vessels leaving and normally result in tax or anything else. and so now i, you, it's too hard to see how the vessels move to come in to ukraine. and as of now, i know that there is one bustle that there's already go into ukraine,
4:42 pm
but i'm not 100 percent. sure. but it seems, it's a vessel that was moved by the you nation, united nations, because there was a tender last week where they bought some ukrainian b. so my guess is that this is the bus. so that was being booked up for the course. but in the open market for now, people do not really indicate some idea for the rest of because they still are not really sure about how it's going to happen. and if you're talking about the ukrainian market, i see that there are some more prices from the sports, more selling ideas from this was a be from deport. but for now, it's also, it would be stuck and not to the movie and say, stuck in stock and not really moving. what is,
4:43 pm
what is happening to the price of grain. what's happened to it over the past few months since rushes invasion and, and, and what's likely to happen to it, once, grain shipments become more frequent. yeah. so since the, based on their prices world lives have been rising and they have been reaching some records. but if you're talking about the ukrainian market, our prices have been for them drastically because the trade was just eating, call for the prices and it was a future issue for ukrainian in the us through the costs. producers have been fell in at the cost price. so they were not getting more money at the time than they need them more money. and so we open port, there was an estimation that it will help our domestic market to, to be more stable to be like prices can be a bit higher. because of that,
4:44 pm
so it's. ready send over to you can hold that, that producer who gets more money for their next lent him. and if you're talking about the global market, i feel that the boy, yes, especially. they see that as oppertunity for another job in prices. but what, yeah, yeah. let me see, like, carry on masha. sorry. yeah, sorry. so on the futures market, we shall be in high volatility since that tray deal was discuss, like any, any little progress in the trade. your discussion was movie and the prices on cheat, the future prices down. and then any other like, any other thing that's happening in ukraine, that is like crazy. the grayson or the question if that 30 was
4:45 pm
again pushing the market higher. so it was high volatility. and i think right now people and just watching and expect there will be another drop monday, the i just my he canal horace, masha. good stuff to you. thank you for being with us. measure belk over there in that he, thank you. russia supreme court has designated ukraine's as all regiment a terrorist group. volunteer force has been one of the most prominent military units fighting russian troops in the east. it has far rise an ultra nationalist roots. moscow often referred to the regiment to support its claim that ukraine is controlled by fascists. the group says its new designation is aimed a justifying russian war crimes. that of the united nation says that the threat of nuclear catastrophe is greater now than at any time since the highs the cold war. until yoga tennessee was speaking at a conference on monday, reviewing the 50 year old nuclear non proliferation treaty on to serious kristen salumi reports from the un. the un secretary general kicked off the 10th review
4:46 pm
conference of the n p t by sounding the alarm to the day humanities. just one muse, understanding one miscalculation away from nuclear at any lation. we have been extraordinary. lucky so far, but luck is not the strategy. his pessimism stands in sharp contrast to when russia in the united states signed on to the treaty in 1970. this is indeed an historic occasion. it was the height of the cold war and the goal was to prevent a nuclear conflict. nations of the world. moved from a period of confrontation to a period of negotiation and a period of lasting peace. as recently as january, the 5 permanent members of the un security council, who also happened to be the officially recognized nuclear weapons states, the united states, the united kingdom, russia, china, and france, all pledge not to further disseminate nuclear weapons. but a month later, russia invaded ukraine,
4:47 pm
while russia claims full compliance with the n p t. others consider that a threat, and it's engaged in reckless, dangerous nuclear saber rattling with its president. warning that though supporting ukraine, self defense, quote, risk and consequences such as you have never seen in your entire history. and then there's the iran nuclear deal agreed in 2015. it was heralded as a step toward reducing proliferation until the u. s. withdrew. now iran says it has enough uranium to build a nuclear weapon. it's under unloaded, movable, while few nations have gone as far as north korea and trying to build them anti nuclear campaign, or say other countries are expressing a new willingness to host them as a deterrent. that's what frightens valerie. a has a nuclear expert from ukraine attending the conference. so there is a widespread belief that nuclear weapons have prevented
4:48 pm
a big war. and it turned out not to be true signatories to the n p t. r. meant to gather every 5 years in an attempt to advance the goal of disarmament this year. thanks to global tensions. experts say there's little hope of action. kristin salumi al jazeera, the united nations pakistan selection commission says the party of former prime minister m ron con, received illegal funds. it accused the party of getting the money from abroad, which is against the law. the finding could mean that sir conn and his party are eventually banned from politics. the white house is pledged $1000000000.00 an aide for states dealing with consequences of extreme weather. wildfires of burning in california while dozens of died and devastating floods in the state of kentucky. rob reynolds report. heartrending scenes in rural kentucky as intense rainstorms have caused flooding day after day in mountain valleys. many people in the impoverished region have seen all their possessions washed away with laugh 4 houses,
4:49 pm
couple of vehicles, all our farm equipment. i mean, technically there's not enough left earthly homes gone my new home and just like which isn't going to separate scratch all over again. but even worse, the floods have claimed at least 30 lives. these children were ripped from their mother's arms by the rushing water. all 4 siblings drowned. the death toll is expected to rise. there are hundreds of on accounted for people minimum. and we just, we just don't have a firm grasp on that a wish we did more than 12000 people are without electricity and there is more rain on the way. intense weather events like the one in kentucky are a consequence of global heating. scientists say this is exactly the fingerprint, the signature that we would expect with global warming due to the increase
4:50 pm
greenhouse gases from human activities. as the atmosphere warms, the air can hold more moisture, unleashing epic storms in las vegas. the desert city, better known for casinos than catastrophes. thunderstorms inundated the famous strip and flooded hotels. when conditions array we can get these catastrophic rein events, several inches per hour from flood to fire. in northern california, a wildfire sparked on friday, grew to consume more than 23 square kilometers of forest land. the biggest blaze in the state. this year firefighters found to people dead in a burned out car in their homes. driveway. firefighter sate years of drought and unusually high temperatures, also linked to global warming have created more intense and fast moving fires. the vital administration and democrats in congress are pushing
4:51 pm
a bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move toward clean energy. but senate republicans including their leader, mitch mcconnell, part of whose own state of kentucky is under water, oppose the climate legislation for those affected by the back to back disasters sweeping the country. the legislation is far too little. too late. rob reynolds al jazeera people in western canada have been told to leave the homes because of an out of control wildfire. several plans and helicopters have been dispatched to tackle the crimea house fire in creek fire, rather in british columbia. residents of 25 homes have been told to leave a more than 350, had been put on alert reco, temperatures, dry conditions of fuel fires in the province. so come here, all that he's up action from major league baseball including this incredible catch for the detroit tigers. that's coming up with sarah in this world.
4:52 pm
ah ah. ah.
4:53 pm
save that. mm hm. and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero. oh, a good time for his. sorry, thanks very much jim. well, the lawyer for us basketball stop, brittany greiner says, had drugs trial in russia should be over very soon. if all are going to 7th court appearance last week, washington step up from attic efforts to secure her release. but on tuesday, the kremlin worn the any talk of a possible prisoner what must be discreet? finance pleaded guilty to drug charges, but deny is trying to break russian and she's still focused on she's still nervous
4:54 pm
and she still knows that they and this is near and of course she heard the news. so she's, she's hoping that sometimes she could be coming home and we hope to now it's a merge that tiger woods turned down as much as $800000000.00 to join the controversial live golds golf theory fact by saudi ravia. that's according to it. see, greg norman, he says the offer was made before he took the job. the big names like phil mickelson, the johnson and bryson shamble have signed up, but which remains committed to the p g a to he says he disagrees with those who joined live and as compared it to the senior her and her expensive one, the most recent live events of pocket $4000000.00 bond, he's now officially even replace of european cup captain englishman donald is the man to step into the role of dispensing with sex. donald, the former was number one and played in for right to call fuel say served as a vice captain for the past 2 additions. this is probably the greatest on a,
4:55 pm
you know, of, of my lifetime. to be announces ryder cup captain is certainly extremely exciting. and the biggest honor that i think you can bestow upon a golfer. he has almost like a lifetime achievement award. i'm obviously very excited to get going and looking forward to getting to rome in 14 months. i'm is cricket, female to pakistan for the 1st time in 17 years starting in september, they'll play 7020 internationals in karachi and the whole before breaking for the 2020, bold cop. well then returned to play 3 test matches in december and previously pulled out of it's her last year, security concerns, but pakistan has since successfully hosted australia. now the nfl is weighing up whether to impose the strict punishment on cleveland, browns quarterback, the show watson leagues. the senate re officer recommended a 6 game ban after an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations font the in
4:56 pm
the fall has 3 days to appeal. if it wants to go further, watson is settled. $23.00 of the $24.00 law sues. he faith. now the allegation center around massage sessions between 20202021. earlier this year was and find a record $230000000.00 deal to join the browns. i believe the sean has told you guys in a press conference is told me privately. he wants to be the best version himself. i believe that whole heartedly he's working on that and i'll let to sean at some point speed for him. so i would go back to what we said when we 1st acquired to sean out to and that hasn't changed. i feel incredible empathy for anyone who's been impacted by this decision. it's something that i don't take lightly. i've spoken to women and organization. i've spoken to women in the community. and that's something that i'll continue to do, and our fans, whether you're a man or a woman,
4:57 pm
our fans are really important to us. so i want to make sure they understand that. and that they're never going to be dismissed in any way. was trying to continue to dominate at the commonwealth games with 31 gold medals. so fall, most of that success is come in the swimming pool. kaylee macewan won the women's 200 me to back stroke to pick up post 2nd golden bombing him. and in the gains record time and australia is men also set to new commonwealth record time by winning the full by $200.00 meta freestyle relay. that helps gets australia to 32 goals. now, 9 more than any other nation. now to get another amazing catch by ryan agreed and major league baseball. let's take a look. you know, he was at tigers closer rochelle mer to white sand. a danny pie wiley green. the detroit tigers. outfield is sprinted across the field to snatch the ball after the yeah. not, it's not the 1st time he's come up with
4:58 pm
a spectacular catch this season. but sadly for him, it wasn't enough to thought the tigers losing 53 to the minnesota twins and thousands of fans turned out in uruguay to welcome home there. while the famous football i saw louise so out as the strike as rejoined his 1st time nasty and al, which he left in 2006 for europe. and he played fire ex liverpool, barcelona, and most recently outlets comb madrid. suarez says he's hoping to deliver titles to his new club and also represent uruguayan national team. the cops i woke up late to this year in the same group as portugal gonna and south korea. well it so you support from me for now, but the rest of the sports team will be back on later. so many action date of that is it full, but here's our of, of course, the years never stops. i'll be back with more of it for days, views of this for just a few moments to them. ah,
4:59 pm
it's time for a memorable holiday with pegasus. it's time for turkey. set sail for new discoveries. enjoy. have new experiences. hit the shops, make wonderful memories. travel to turkey with pegasus and with direct whites to istanbul and tribes own book your ticket now for a memorable holiday. c y p g. yes. for our best prices. frank assessments. how much support is there if it's street protests that we've seen in hotels across the rest of the country? the statement has been very good. that's happening into the core concerns of people across the country. informed opinions, we will say more of what is happening is that climate change it to making them work in depth analysis of the days, global headlines drowsy is credited by some way where they were storing italy's credibility. this critics would say he couldn't play the part of a politician. what do you think went wrong inside story on al jazeera setting,
5:00 pm
the discussions i'd love to see every time there was an attack on a mosque and all the right wing organization. thank me. don't approve of this. examining the headline. this court is the political court that is making political decisions, explorer, and abundance of world class programming, designed to inform the biggest paradigm, water cra, is crowd of people on the streets motivate. and in 5 years, he's opening an area that a blind person never thought they could do on al jazeera, j, gander, media censorship. and the rise of authoritarian rule. you wake up one day, this system has been turned from an electoral democracy into a competitive authoritarian machine. i look at the left for power in hungary, in the experiences of those who live in every day. that is a pressure on us. but we have to be very careful of course, and we have to be brave enough to support question. how do.


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