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the thing went wrong inside story on al jazeera setting, the discussions i'd love to see every time there was an attack on a mosque all the right wing organization. thank me. don't approve of it. examining the headline, it court is the political court that is making political decision explorer and abundance of world cloth programming, designed to inform the biggest paradigm autocrat his crowd of people on the streets motivate. and in 5 years, he's opening an area that a blind person never thought they can do on al jazeera stay off a counter media censorship. and the rise of authoritarian rule. you wake up one day, this system has been turned from an electoral democracy into a competitive authoritarian shade. a look at the left for power in hungarian to the experiences of those who live it every day. that is a pressure on us, but we have to be very careful, of course, and we have to be brave enough to support that question how democracy dies.
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democracy may be on al jazeera ah, iraq's influential. she a leader mom also tells his supporters to withdraw from the rocky parliament to the next 72 hours. ah, hello again, i'm adrian for the good. this is al jazeera alive from dough, also coming up. the santa ty pays chunk. shun at port words believed us. how speaker nancy pelosi is playing will touched on within the hour. justice has been delivered to the news. terrorist there is no more. the u. s. s. a drones strike is killed al qaeda leda. i'm and i'll, so are free in the african capital kabul, and turkeys control center, weights for the 1st grain ship, have blessed
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a ukrainian force since russia's invasion. ah, the reports that iraq's influential sheer leader, mac tulsa, has told his supporters to withdraw from parliament, they took over the building on saturday, occupied it since let's go live about 2 apartment building. i'll just say we're still strawberry is inside door, so mobile, can you tell us about these reports? well, we can confirm that, according to the age of the shia cleric, the protesters have been asked to leave this building within the next 72 hours. certainly being here today this afternoon, the numbers are much less than we have seen over the past few days. now. the statement that was issued by the federal southern says that these demonstrators should evacuate this building specifically. but they should continue the
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demonstrations in and around at the compound that belongs to the current government . the feeling here is that there are. 5 and you go, she's going on behind the scenes, and certainly the sense is that there's some inspiration should be wrapping up in the next few hours and at least the next 24 hours. the goal of these demonstrators has not been achieved yet. and a statement that was issued by the 8 to the shia cleric says that they should continue the demonstrations and that they will provide further instructions about where they should go next, hinting that there could possibly other buildings that these demonstrations will be instructed to move towards for the time being, we're seeing less and less of a crowd here. even entering into the compound. there was a much more of a security presence. people's ideas were checked, even ours coming in. so it's clear that they don't want any more demonstrators to enter the ones that are still here are going to be leaving in a few hours. the question now is, oh, what's will come of this massive disruption?
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that's why they're all southern supporters not managed to carry out in the iraqi capital. this government was taken over about 72 hours ago and they will have into the 72 hours to get out. that means that it almost an entire week. the government has been brought to a standstill, the iraqi prime minister mustafah alchemy did issue statement last night, saying he wants the demonstrators to leave this building and to respect government situations. whether or not they've been managed to come to some kind of an arrangement or an agreement with most other us other what needs to be seen in the coming days? i think that was significant as to how this usable has moved forward. here. there is dorsey jibari reporting live from inside the parliament building in baghdad. many thanks indeed, dosa tension is escalating between china and the united states because of a possible visit to taiwan by us. how speaker nancy pelosi is alive. pictures from typeface, chung shan airport is believed to speak,
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a could touch down here within the hour. earlier policy left quite alone. but after finishing her trip to malaysia, these are images of american military plan that she used to travel there that our aircraft took off with no wood on its destination. or if indeed, nancy pelosi was on board in taipei securities, being tightened to run a 5 star hotel, the speculation that policy and her delegation may stay at the grand hyatt overnight. if her trip to taiwan is confirmed, she'll be the 1st city a u. s. official to visit it more than 25 years. officials in taiwan said, though they will warmly welcome any guest playing the trigger made he ultimately do make war. we did go to several speculative news reports about whether the speaker of the us house of representatives, nancy pelosi is visiting taiwan, the ministry of foreign affairs. this reiterating that it does not have further information to share in this case. and it is not commenting on it dealing with the
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visits of use politicians as of course, one of the foreign mysteries mean duties as well as that of a representative office in the u. s. t. i once government has always welcomed foreign friends visiting ty, one to increase their understanding of taiwan and express the support to our country. the u. s. says that it's killed the leader of al qaeda. i am an o is or what heavy in a drone strike in afghanistan view as president joe biden said, that intelligence trunk summary to a house in social cobble where he was hiding with his family by an approved the operation last week or 2 months of planning on just the rehab returns he report the u. s. presence of a be execute of i'm and i was that we're hearing with proof that the u. s. could be effective and it's counter terrorism operations. even after the troop withdrawal, he ordered from afghanistan, when i entered our military mission of kansas almost a year ago, i made a decision that after 20 years of war, the united states no longer needed thousands of boots on the ground in afghanistan to protect america from tears who seek to do us harm,
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lack in administration. officials said that the 2 hellfire missiles fired onto a balcony of a residential block in downtown cobble on sunday morning with the result of patient painstaking analysis that lasted months throughout. the administration says joe biden was deeply involved in the planning, even commissioning a muslim of the building and his determination to limit civilian casualties. intelligence revealed of what his family 1st moved to cobble earlier this year before being joined by the leader of al qaeda. he never left the building but was also seen on the balcony where he was eventually killed. the u. s. says there were no other casualties. the u. s. of long insisted. there's a relationship between the taliban and al qaeda. but taliban leaders have denied that. now with this killing and downtown cobble, it will be difficult at the very least, to deny that a fraction of the government dropped it out to a safe haven. think this is a proud moment for joe biden, tempered only by the fact that it took place in cobble which thus raises the
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spectre of the withdraw from afghanistan. and of course, the terrorist organizations clearly reestablishing themselves or that the attack took place, just as the afghan government is in negotiations to free $3500000000.00 in foreign reserves. it desperately needs to feed its people. there's also a focus of some and i'm, i would where joe biden is in need of good news to quell domestic critics of, of handling of the u. s. economy, and following a trip to the middle east received mixed reviews. the white house is clearly relishing this news. she advertised the al jazeera washington. this is where that drones strike happened shortly after dawn on sunday. it's at the heart of what was cobbles, diplomatic districts, a busy neighbourhood where there are several embassies, some of which suspended operations after the us led coalition withdrew from afghanistan last here. i'll just serious ali latifah is on the scene. his report were here in the neighborhood where i'm and although he was allegedly killed and as
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you can see, this is a perfectly residential area. there's travel agencies, there's grocery stores, there's banks. all of these things are leading to increasing worry among the us who feel that the outcry the leader was being housed in a perfectly residential urban center of the city. and at the same time, the tall a bon is upset that a year after their occupation ended, the u. s. is still conducting drone strikes on what they consider to be sovereign. i'm on territory at sienna, from out 0 come ohio has more from the chi about tribal district at afghan histones border with pakistan. the hybrid boss connects deep provincial capital of di, booked, and quote for shala to the city of july bod, which is situated rift from here. and i've got means that the shower is one of the clergy major cities to the avalon front. dea, therefore, it would not surprising to find that osama bin ladin along with ida arab fight dead,
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came to pakistan along with i'm in a de why, harry, i do fight against the russian. fortune of one is done. they made me shall, were day home from head, they would able to regroup, to be able to get logistical supplies and add their time to had all the head from the u. s. government from the fia, which engaged out of re james and out of quite a to go and fight against the soviet communist fortune, and of honest, on eminent july he became a close, trusted, new den, and over some of in loudon. there were several games to kill him, and a driver ladia to drone strike doors drone strikes, of course, also led to much of numerous civilian casualties and a large government which was out there just recently led by him. ron hon. if you wish to provide basic to the united states or even to allow them air bachelors to
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budget dawn of god, the united states said that your good of the right to carry out overrides an attack . the question now is where the bug is danye spades. warden indeed huge in this particular tag inside of one asked on which was condemned by the of $1.00 bond. and aldo emma de why he may be treated as a ryland order dated aisd outside in western countries. many people in of wonders, dawn and budget on him as a hero of the of one wall, al jazeera mohammed jumped june reports now on the man who was al, kind, a 2nd most prominent figure after some within law, a man. and so he had long been a deputy to some of that, but after the u. s. killing of the vin and car, the leader in 2011. so he took charge of the armed group attempting to expand its reach while never engendering the kind of loyalty afforded his predecessor. so
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while he did inherit the mantle of leadership, he did not inherit was on but led his legitimacy as a well jed leader. all his a credibility and legitimacy on karima amongst the various mil jayden groups born in egypt in 1951. so ari came from a distinguished family, studied medicine, and became a surgeon. in 1973, he joined the egyptian islamic jihad group. the assassination of president unwell said that the nice and $81.00 for which the group was blamed proved to be a turning point for so i think, well, he was not charged in connection with. so that's killing. he was imprisoned on conspiracy charges. one of thousands of religious activists jailed and tortured after the assassination. many analysts say that experience would eventually lead him to violence after his release from prison. so i had he left egypt for pish. shower in pakistan, where he worked as a doctorate, treating afghan fighters. then it was on to afghanistan where he fought against the
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soviet occupation and where he began his partnership within latin. within a few years, both men would become part of the core group that became al qaeda. under their leadership, the armed group accused the west of waging a modern day crusade against muslims and set as its ultimate goal. the establishment of islamic rule throughout the world. at a car does ideology, along with its international campaign of violence, culminated in the 911 attacks. washington offered a reward of $25000000.00 to bring the wiley to justice off shoots of the armed group in yemen. somalia and algeria are widely believed to be his work days off to win those on the blood and was assassinated and aim of the lady took over. you can see the fracturing of the organization becoming more and more apparent once the syrian civil war began. so i had he found that alti, this dominance was being increasingly challenged by isolate which had carved out territory for itself in it up syria and libya, and had fighters in yemen in 2016. so i had a urged afghan fighters to rally around the taliban and reject isolate branch in
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afghanistan. a duel is clearly loosely me. when i call upon the brotherly muslims and jihad, he's in general and in afghanistan in particular, to get behind the jihad, the patient and the steadfast emerald, and not to respond to the calls aimed at dividing the ranks of jihad himself in the death of a minutes. why had he brings an end to one of the most turbulent times in recent international security? the world will now be watching to see how elko the handles. the death of its 2nd prominent leader still come here on al jazeera us both sides mourn. they're dead protested in democratic republic of congo. say they will keep up the pressure on un peacekeepers to leave ah color. we got a couple of old tropical systems now, making the way across the cream peninsula,
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pushing some wet weather into southern parts of north korea. northern parts of south korea, so central air is of the peninsula, fitness in wet weather, in across the region here. and eventually that will slide across the sea of japan, northern parts of honju seeing some very heavy rain as we go on 3 weapons day. that rain becoming a little wide spread across western areas of hon. she, by the time we come to thursday, hot and humid, pretty wet to foundry, down paul's theft, toe kick around $35.00 celsius. he made him as well into the northeast of china and went to whether they're in to where beijing central areas generally tribe as a wet weather, just breaking the heat down towards south hong kong. around 28 celsius western lives down paused good scattering of lively downpours across southeast asia or the showers coming into the philippines. typically, northern areas of the country so much a weather, also coming into western parts of borneo, so as western parts of malaysia, seeing some wet weather play, a shower santa, some parts of indo china now is longest bells of rain still continuing cross southern parts of india red wally still enforce here. a lease for the next couple
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of days into corolla should turn a little less. where shall we say into tom on that day by the rain there still nevertheless, with one or 2 showers, the pakistan. ah. the life and robust debates, a lot of folks when they hear the word refugee think stranger, they think other la latrice stuck in these cam. it's regardless of your range. the way you're coming from. you said give everybody safety from global issues to those that need to be high. human rights and land defenders and brazil thing live in a circumstance of permanent violence and intimidation. the street for a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera. ah
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ah hello again, this is al jazeera was to remind you of the main nearest to south. united states says that it's killed the leader of al qaeda at a drone strike and the african capital cobble president joe bible says that intelligence officials trucked, i'm an o, is our hearing to a home in the center of the city. there are reports for the influential iraqi shia leda mccarthy. asada has told his supporters to withdraw from parliament in baghdad . they took over the building on saturday out of occupied it since attention is escalating between china and the united states because of a possible visit to taiwan. by us, how speaker nancy pelosi online slide truckers show a military aircraft which took her to malaysia is now approaching the island to china. has walled to us of serious consequences if the visit goes ahead that day
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though. so you'd have on quincy back recently the u. s has claimed this commitment to the one china policy back to why the has been back tracking planning and how you're not the one. and the principal and the u. s. has also gone against the commitment on maintaining non official ties with the taiwan region. it has upgraded its level of contact with taiwan and he has increased sales to taiwan. so on that, many people on the inside have been very clear about this domestically and internationally. and half pointed out the danger of those actions that you want from patrick folk in beijing. one of the things that's been talked about in the u. s. is concerned over whether all china really grasp the concepts of separate branches of government in the u. s. and the foreign ministry here in beijing address not to day spokesperson watching, said that when there is a provocative visit to taiwan by a us politician, it cannot be considered unofficial, especially when that politician is the number 3 u. s. government official. and especially when she is traveling to taiwan on
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a military aircraft watching also addressed the issue of precedence, referring to for my house speaker newt gingrich is, is that i 1997. say that just because it has happened before, doesn't mean the you. i should be repeating that mistake. so that was a clear rejection of the point that was made by whitehouse national security advisor john car be saying that this is part of long standing u. s. policy. and that there was no reason to escalate any sort of crisis because of this. she was also off today whether not the lines of communication were being kept open between beijing and washington. and she said that china had repeated to washington many, many times, that it was opposed to this visit and said that since she hoped it was clear, washington about the severity of this visit and how dangerous it might be to be the
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pollen is the international editor of taiwan plus see join just now live via skype from type a good to have with us again. dea. what's the word that it now looks over this though, nancy paul, as his plan is headed to type pay that's right. still no official work from the government, but it looks like she is very close to typing. in fact, we're hearing from japanese media that but 13 us air force aircrafts of departed military bases in japan and so have 5 tankers from japan. all so and there believe to be an ass court for nancy pelosi at the sanctions ratchet up between the u. s. and china. and of course, between taiwan and china as it's i want is waiting very cautiously for nancy pelosi to arrive on like on like china, where, you know, it's been spread across social media, all the rhetoric, all this national music fervor. taiwan is largely remain quiet. but i must point
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out to you i'm, i don't know if you can see it very well behind me and barely unsure that is taipei, one, a one bad building right there by me and it's been lit up with messages. welcome, welcoming. nancy pelosi saying welcome to taiwan speaker of the house, taiwan heart. usaa. i just had to mentioned that that is a commercial entity, not a government entity, but it does seem that various excitements building up to this here. to be reminders, once again why this visit is so contentious. so you know, taiwan has always tried to maintain itself on an international stage, but it only has more than a little more than a dozen. diplomatic ally said you to china one china policy, right. you either recognize china or you recognize taiwan and the u. s. subscribes to that policy where it doesn't have diplomatic size. it's i want but the same time and according to u. s. lloyd has to help. so i want to protect itself. if china invades not china is
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very clearly said that i want is part of it. surgery and a visit like this, in a sense, gives taiwan legitimacy as its own entity where it's has its own government. one is a country or an island us want to pull it with a 24000000 people. it would democratically elect their government. so china is always it said the tie one rules itself by the same time, it is part of china. so now this visit by nancy pelosi is seen as the u. s. legitimizing sy, one as being its own entity rather than being part of china. and so that's, you know, raising tensions on either side. and so china's had lots of strong words has made some aggressive moves, being incursions in to time wants aerospace or chest on that line between taiwan and china and sending warships over there. but it also has the power to economically really affect taiwan. so this is a very contentious issue. good. see again, vivia, but thanks. and that's
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a friend of former colleague david palin. now the international editor of taiwan plus, reporting the from todd pay. ah, the 1st ship transporting ukrainian gray and under an internationally broke a deal is heading for turkish waters. after leaving the port odessa, on monday, the vessels being monitored by the joint coordination center. it is tom bowl, turkish washing ukrainian or the united nation star for all. that was part of the grain deal. sime last month. will the return a left portion odessa, early on monday morning. it's puff is direct as it moves to avoid hitting c my him . so the black sea, the ship is expected to drop and come near is tumble late on tuesday night to undergo checks before carrying on to its final destination tripoli in lebanon out a 0 sim casino reports. now from istanbul. the 1st commercial rascal, carrying ukrainian grains will cross by stumbles boss for
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a straight on wednesday. the sierra leone flag rezani is expected to arrive by the turkish trades up north in the lexi after midnight tonight. according to the joint control center, a u. n. leg buddy that overseas the grant ship is from ukraine. the vessel is going to be inspected by a team of a u. n. russian ukranian and turkish military personnel on wednesday morning. then after receiving to go, i had the vessel as expected a continuous journey. his final destination triple a port 11 on this is a pass from, according to un officials in their joint control center. and this will serve as a proof of concept that the process wayne initiative process is functioning properly. russia supreme court has designated ukraine's as off regiment. a terrorist group. volunteer force has been one of the most prominent military units fighting russian troops in the east. it has far rights,
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an ultra nationalist roots. oscars often referred to the regiment to support its claim that ukraine is controlled by fascists. the group says its new designation is aimed at justifying russian war crimes. the un has apologized utterance. peacekeepers, open fire a boarder post in eastern democratic republic of congo on sunday, killing 3 people. violence came just days after a number of peacekeepers dozen to protest as were killed during anti un demonstrations in north cuba province. odyssey was catherine sawyer. reports. un peacekeepers are moaning soldiers in benny, not keep province. some were killed during last week's protest in the eastern democratic republic of congo. the demonstrations against the un mission monasco started in goma the provincial capital and spread rapidly. a still tense in the
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region, some congolese are calling for the force of about 16000 troops to leave with a longer, but also the way that is going on in so his of been, he's in front of your own. and each time you go under circumstances disease, we recognize immersive his sacrifice that oh and he hasn't a protest. his were also killed during the riots. police and the army had to be called in to contain the situation for families of the protest is our morning, their loved ones. they show pictures of 3 young men who they say got caught up in the violence in munich, the new and queer morning. and we are sad, but we will not stop protesting against muskogee. we say we want the peacekeepers to leave. we have lost our family members. i. so we have to continue the fight and
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keep their memories alive before. oh, eastern d r. c is rich in minerals, but it's also volatile. more than a 100 armed groups operate in the region. they have plundered. village is killed civilians and forced more than 300000 people to leave their homes. many kimberly say they want to feel safe. and the peacekeepers are unable to protect them. catherine, soy all jazeera. the white house has pledged $1000000000.00 in aid for sates, dealing with the consequences of extreme weather. wildfires of burning in california while dozens of died and devastating floods in the state of kentucky. rob rentals reports heartrending scenes in rural kentucky. as intense rainstorms have caused flooding day after day in mountain valleys, many people in the impoverished region have seen all their possessions washed away with laugh for houses and couple of vehicles,
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all our farm equipment. i mean, technically, there's not enough left or ethylene homes gone. my new home and you were children goin dismemberment scratch all over again. even worse, the floods have claimed at least 30 lives. these children were ripped from their mother's arms by the rushing water. all 4 siblings drowned. the death toll is expected to rise. there are hundreds of on accounted for people minimum. and we just, we just don't have a firm grasp on that a wish we did more than 12000 people are without electricity. and there is more we're ain on the way. intense weather events like the one in kentucky are a consequence of global heating. scientists say this is exactly the fingerprint, the signature that we would expect with global warming due to the increase in
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greenhouse gases from human activities. as the atmosphere warms, the air can hold more moisture, unleashing epic storms. in las vegas, the desert city better known for casinos than catastrophes. thunderstorms inundated the famous strip and flooded hotels. when conditions are right, we can get these catastrophic rein events, several inches per hour from flood to fire. in northern california, a wildfire sparked on friday, grew to consume more than 23 square kilometers of forest land. the biggest blaze in the state. this year firefighters found to people dead in a burned out car in their homes. driveway. firefighter sate years of drought and unusually high temperatures, also linked to global warming have created more intense and fast moving fires. the biden administration and democrats in congress are pushing a bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and moved toward clean energy. but senate
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republicans including their leader, mitch mcconnell, part of whose own state of kentucky is under water, oppose the climate legislation for those affected by the back to back disasters sweeping the country. the legislation is far too little, too late. rob reynolds al jazeera fossa. this is in western canada. i have 2 people to leave the homes because of an out of control wildfire. several planes and helicopters have been dispatched to tackle the crimea house creek fi and british columbia. people living in 25 homes in the area have been told to leave a more than 350 of them put on alert. reco, temperatures, and dry conditions have fueled fires in the province. new cove at 19 infections have risen sharply and south korea with more than 100000 recorded on tuesday. that's an increase of 60000 cases from the day, but.


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