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tv   War Hotels Saigon - Caravelle  Al Jazeera  August 3, 2022 1:30am-2:00am AST

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is on tuesday, or while energy bills saw, there's no denying that environmental wheels are in motion. but as a summer of alarming weather continues for the scientists who'd be warning about climate change for decades. it called happen soon enough. people go to sierra london was more and everything we're covering right here, a round up of all of our top stories berta can also get live streaming access as well out 0 dot com. ah, let's just take another look at the main stories this our define warnings from china and against the advice of our own governance. us how speak a nancy pelosi is in taiwan. she is the highest ranking american official to visit the territory and 25 years. the trip had not been backed by president joe biden. pelosi says her visits honors the united states unwavering, quick commitment to supporting taiwanda vibrant democracy. she is expected to meet
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ty, ones, presidents on wednesday or by jane condemned her visit as a, a serious violation of the one china principal, which i'll have a severe impact on diplomatic relations, says it will launch targeted military actions around long island. ahmed vehicles were seen patrolling the port city of jan men across the straight before pelosi arrived in taipei. meanwhile, the white house has distanced itself from a visit, but to stress that it does not violate the one china policy. let me be clear, the speakers visit is totally consistent with our long standing one china policy. we've been very clear that nothing has changed about our one child policy, which is guided course by the taiwan relations act. 3 joint u. s. p r c communiques. in the 6 assurances we've said that we oppose any unilateral changes to the status quo from either side. we said we do not support taiwan independence. and we said, as i said again yesterday that we expect cross street and differences to be
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resolved by peaceful meet in our, the headlines, the usa department is worn. the killing of al qaeda's leader might prompt the group supporters to target u. s. facilities or citizens. i mean, also, while he was reportedly struck my to hell fire missiles while he was standing on a balcony and central cobble on sunday, u. s. president joe biden approved the dr. strike last week. off to months of planning, confirming the strike biden's had justice had been delivered to the man who help coordinate the 911 attacks which killed almost 3000 people. and yelman's warring parties have agreed to extend a full month truce for further 2 months hours before it was due to expire. the united nations envoy to yemen said the truce between the government and the who feasible. now last until october, 2nd, those are the top stories this hour that we one is coming out from dough hard bit later on wor, hotels, is the program coming out next. se, without his era. on the 9th of august, the kenyans will head to the pole,
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the country east brain for a closely contested general election will determine if to president i'm a growing political and economic pension, who will be the winner and can vote is expect a free and fair election join us for special coverage on all the 0 ah, caravel, saigon was built during the time that the very turbulent era the caravel was the great vantage point. from the roof of the caravel hotel, we could see very clearly the evacuation. this was sort of the front row seat if you will, on the top of the caravel to the final stages of the war qualified and my mind is the perfect war. oh, tell me. ah,
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ah, ah ah, oh g min city in vietnam. once sy gone the old capital of south vietnam at its heart islam soon square, where journalists, diplomats, military staff and spies rub shoulders in its famous hotels during the vietnam war . the area around loves filed square. you've got the caravel on one side, the continental on the other, the old passage, a den where the
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a p office was in my office, the nbc office, and the vis news office. all of these agencies were there and then down the other end of the square, the wrecks hotel. this was the nucleus of the life that we led as war correspondence. at that time. this is the sy gone that we knew a very small but very pivotal area of shy god where we sort of made our home for a number of years. 2 0, the caravel was built shortly after the 1st into china war in 1954. at 10 stories. it was the tallest building in the city. and it became a significant base for reporters who arrived in saigon in the early 19 sixty's to cover the vietnam war. joan gardner once a general manager of the caravel, remembers those war reporters from his childhood. the famous journalist so that i
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recall were david hel, bostrom peter arnett, niel. she in molly cypher. tim page. they were names that i grew up with as a teenager watching the vietnam ward on tv every night. fellow new zealander peter arnett, is credited as being the only western journalist to cover the 20 year war from start to finish. i was assigned to yet by the associated press as a correspondent with their saigon bureau. and i arrived there in saigon and june of 962 at that time, saigon still had the atmosphere of the french colonial city. when i arrived in saigon, i checked in at the caravel hotel. that was a residence where a peas start,
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those who were in and out of the country always stayed the war then was between north and south vietnam. but as it intensified, american presence in saigon grew. the 1st 400 u. s. military advisors checked into the rex hotel, but some stayed at the caravel enough to interest the journalists there. what was interesting to me as a journalist, that in the hotel the caravel were staying. there were crew cut, young americans in the bar and walking around and the restaurant of it turned out that they were american soldiers on leave, from the, from being military advisors in the country side. clearly things were moving along for me as a journalist to indicate that there was
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a real story at that time in saigon. arnett, journalistic intuition was spot on. in 1963 south vietnam was in disarray. the unpopular and autocratic president was deposed in a qu, backed by the u. s. and the caravel was at the center of the war reporting action. the caravel hotel proved its usefulness and burst under the headlines. november 1 of 963. that was when those a military coup, a tar, against the covenant of president, no din z m, which led to the assassination of the president. and his brother. in the course of that action of a 24 hour period, the center of saigon was of was zone. the press retreated in
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effect to the caravel hotel. and that was when many of the stories were basically if not date. why and the caravel. we certainly mention that a lot of the, what we were saying was from the caravel, the u. s. military officially joined the war in 1964 and hundreds of reporters camera crews and photographers descended on saigon. hotels quickly filled up the passage, a din building the hotel continental, the majestic and of course, the caravel. it became a desirable location for journalists, particularly the american networks, c, b, s, and a b, c. not only did they have correspondence, like dan rather morally safer. and others out in the field covering the actual
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war. but they had an administrative staff that occupied the sweets on the corners of the building lodge sweets and also where it was meant dozens of brooms. they rented permanently, ah, for locals. these press, hotels was something of a spectacle. as a boy hung vanco lived in a small traditional house behind the caravel. from where he watched the news crews come and go, hung will become a war photographer, himself. cash i got, i ran our talk on the man that the one going show me getting food on a junk tori. like on your name, given your name on the matter that they should some need to see more go
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bad and yeah, i will go back my mouth and to get all my nice show of our boat. the co got r n shout. no need lamarche to me thought cook lane soon and got an end you me . but soon the hotels themselves became targets. a huge explosion shook the caravel in 1900. 64 after a bomb was planted on the 5th floor, where many journalists, state, acting latin can call. i know the law long pe last long, acting one, know why, but gotten you guy, nor laugh been thought rock song by the he whom mom mom note. like and one long thing, mom. not only wow. you go back now guys, watch like a linda song. t king my we really didn't want cold. no rooms
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were damaged the windows of several cars in to dose to were blown out. and some passes by were injured. most of the journalists were out in assignment, so there were no casualties amongst them that day. the caravel was not a safe haven. in the sense that there was no protective environment around it though or no security people were no bunkers in front of that. it was just open. it was an open hotel just for civilian hotel. no place in saigon was said through the war escalated and by 965, there were around 200000 american soldiers in the region. when the marines landed in south vietnam, they were accompanied by more news cruise. this 967 photograph of the a,
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b c. news crew in the care of our rooftop restaurant has become an icon of vietnam's use coverage. caravel hotel was built with bulletproof glass. it also had a backup generator for in those days, there were many blackouts of electricity's. it was also the only building in the city that had air conditioning. and the communication was one of the few buildings in the, in the city that had a fax machine. so the journalists considered it a good communication center. first of all, it was a well run, modern residency. excellent stop. it had a very supportive management that catered to the needs of journalists, keeping the bar open most of the night. for example,
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making show communications systems existed so the caravel became no one as the press. so towel in 1967, half a 1000000 us troops were in vietnam, and saigon hotels were again packed. the western media presence doubles that year, including bbc, cameraman, eric's data. my 1st trip to vietnam was with a real wonderful veteran correspondence, b, b, c, antony lawrence, and the counter man who subsequently taught me everything. i know mother's man, bill baghlan, we were sent off, seemed a long way away. we had now. i know i'd never been to asia. and there we were in the country with a war. $968.00 was the bloodiest year of the war. and the extensive coverage of the infamous tet offensive rock to the us and started
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turning american public opinion against the war. again, the war came to the cow from the evening of january, 31 through several months. the saigon itself was subject to frequent battles. the american embassy was, was attacked the palace. again, the caravel was a refuge for journalists. so figured it was too dangerous to live in houses and we'll check into the caravel. and again, from the roof top, you could get a sense of the mayhem and difficulties being faced by the by the american vietnamese military and by the civilian population. came out
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and show me that molten thought need done. won't get back to me wanting, catching not the t la fung. you didn't you eat my them from being you doing new or way fin brand new a new men me both sides suffered heavy losses. but the offensive heralded shifts and the war. richard nixon became us president in 1969 and began withdrawing troops and started secret negotiations with hanover. but then in 1970, he bombed neighboring cambodia. a new wave of correspondence had to shuttle between vietnam and combo dia to cover the spreading story. jim laurie was one of them.
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i arrived and shy gun in april of 1978, 22. not knowing very much about vietnam, nor about the war. i was a back packer turned freelancer, and in those days, the places to stay or the caravel, the continental, maybe the majestic on the waterfront, but i didn't have the money for that. so i stayed at basically a $5.00 a night run down hotel. it was called the royal hotel. there was nothing royal about it at all. but i simply, you know, given the money that i had, that was the place that i 1st stayed in 1970 the last war years were intense on all sides. for those fighting it, and those reporting it in 19731 year after americas most brutal bombing of north vietnam. the paris peace accords ended us direct involvement in
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vietnam. but the war was not over in 1975 events in cambodia shook the u. s. on the 17th of april, the cambodian capital town pen fell to the communist commerce roofs and the americans had to walk a straight, a southern evacuation. it was clear, the united states was about to lose sophia now to so the war reporters shuttled back to side guns hotels. when cambodia fell to the commander rouge, i came over to vietnam. i arrived with a brilliant and very experienced dusty, alien camera man named neil davis. we arrived in saigon and we're trying to decide where to stay. we thought about the continental, we thought about the majestic. we thought about other hotels. and we felt that maybe the caravel might afford a bit more security. it was a sturdy or hotel we felt than the older continental. so on the 26th of april,
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we checked into the caravel hotel. i was in the car of was a handful of other journalists who had decided to stay behind to see what happened when the communists took over the city. mm. on the 29th of april, the communists closed in on the side door. the americans ordered their 2nd regional evacuation in 2 weeks. most of the dramatic footage and photographs of the withdrawal were taken from the caravans hotel. for many of the reporters that were here in saigon from april 29, april 30th of 975. this was sort of the front row seat if you will, on the top of the caravel to the final stages of the war.
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me from the roof of the caravel hotel, we could see very clearly the evacuation at the american embassy. a bas, just 2 or 3 blocks away. so all of the network cameraman set up. so a lot of people were fighting to get into the embassy over the war, whatever. ah, nearly a 100 journalist chose to stay inside on the carnival was a frenzy of activity in the last hours before the city finally fell. nearly as of april 30, i was awakened in my room with the thundering air strikes and attacks. i quickly got dressed and went to the roof. i could see a bit amazed transport plane take off from the airport and start climbing
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into the sky. it exploded in flames as breached just a few 1000 feet. and it was clearly indicated that just a matter of time before they communist forces, barinello, the son 30 neil davis at iowa, late morning of the 30th, had a very nice breakfast. and then we went to the embassy itself. we happened to get there around 7 o'clock in the morning of the 30th of april, 75, and we watched the last helicopter leave the roof of the embassy. as the last american culture lifted off from the u. s. embassy, rooftop, 100 north vietnamese tanks, packed with soldiers, advanced into the gold plus van comb was assigned to cover the advance lane. jap. guy won't bout, not too long bow. what are they to take on?
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i knew defending my pain. i met those long. those some low hot they'd get a kiss hallowed off here. so you take 13 and one though mall. now though more exact get though, mom, the god bocce man. hiking might and towing i know the l toll now t shirts into bowie. hello, auto stop thought all the sad you get on panel? dante hall, yo yo kato, oh, from when from we my g, my g la, your satellite, home mode or ledger, i walked up to the american embassy and it was being ransacked by vietnam ages. many of them angry because they hadn't been able to leave in the, in the helicopter. many of them taking the opportunity to grab anything they could of value roughly an hour or so after the chaos at
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the u. s. embassy and after we photograph that, we decided to split up deal. i went with neil initially over to the, the palace. he felt as i did that soon. the north vietnamese force would be arriving. so i my way back to the n b. c. news office. and then we heard on saigon radio, the unconditional surrender of general min, who was the provisional leader of south vietnam at the time. around noon, the north vietnamese tanks reached the presidential palace gates. the 1st north vietnamese tag came through failed at 1st to break down the gate and then backed up tried again and crashed through the gate of the palace and deal got that classic shot with the flag of the national liberation front, waving from the top, the tank to heal the monk from those if you
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will come go. the monk come to georgia and the guy need more. i mean more and a lot of long more. come go. hi, tali. fema, mockingly. oh, phone meetings i hope laugh and new navy. now me . i came back to the caravel hotel and i was very much in this location, came out to the balcony and spotted in this direction, north vietnamese tanks. this area which is now a subway construction area, had a passable road. the road took the north vietnamese tanks out to the square. they made a right turn, which in those days was freedom st. heading down towards the saigon river, me returning to the count of cameras on eric,
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tighter and corresponded. brian baron filmed the rising victory scenes. this photograph taken from the count of el hotel, shows eric on top of an american car advancing ahead of a communist tank. we found a convoy of tanks, in fact, heading towards the street where the caravel hotel in the continental palace hotel . ah, so we followed it and then one of them overtook us. and then another one came behind us and i said to brian, why don't we just get out on the to take some great leads, try. we had to do a tracking shot. wonderful. and we got some great images of the welcoming crowds on today's street. one of the interesting moment for me, i looked over the caravel and there was a large con minutes flag hanging from the
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middle windows of the hotel. that full store full of rooms wide and 3 or 4 deep. that the staff of the hotel clearly had preparing in advance. the caravan would be regarded favorably by the new communist occupiers, ah, in april 30th, 1975, marked to the official end of the vietnam war. with heavy loss of life on both sides, nearly a 100 journalists were killed. all went missing during that war. on his roof overlooking the caravel hotel, one van combe delta memorial, to the journalists killed in the 2 endo china wars. for some long
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look now though i'm hungry, i don't know who read. i didn't feel at all. my voice looked now sheeny good. i have been down in the carnival hotel, continue to prosper and thrive. in the postwar years to day, it remains a landmark in the city and the repository of the treasured memory of those journalists who made this war hotel, their headquarters, their sanctuary, and their home. i was speaking about half a century ago in terms of being a war hotel for correspondence delivered. it was what
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the ward in a sense, really never ended for me. the 1st impressions that you have when you're a young person, are the deepest impressions you have when you show up in a war zone in a place, cambodia, vietnam at age 22. that sticks with you for the rest of your life. ah, when the war action ever came to saigon, like the overthrow of node and z and the military code the tet offensive. and now the fall of saigon. the caravel was the great vantage point. and i and because the hotel continued to operate and provide food and lodgings, it qualified in my mind as the perfect war. oh tell and does to this day when i think about it? ah, ah ah
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. oh did the john virtuosos racing constables and dominating international competitions? $1.00 oh, $18.00. make south korea's musical prodigy. one out to 0. i'm russell beard in southern england where 2 farmers turn safari park pioneers, a bits that track this put nature in the driving seat. i was just absolutely astonishing the life report back even that very 1st summer. and i'm again, sophia santiago, t lee. when one by you near in companies revolution, i seem to put, if you think funds in the artificial intelligence hearing site, you have science, you have a technology that fries bono jazeera. ah
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al jazeera with hell speak. yeah. nancy. nancy pelosi is in taiwan and has to to meet the president and visit parliament. the u. s. traces, it's not supporting. taiwanese independence. china has reacted with fury to her visit, saying it's planning targeted military actions around taiwan. ah, i'm told mccrae this is.


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