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tv   Democracy Maybe How Democracy Dies  Al Jazeera  August 3, 2022 5:30am-6:01am AST

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only think actually that if despite import an assistance by the national government, hospitals are again dealing with $30000000.00 in debt for assisting migrants. and we need new schools and teachers were worried. columbia has made a huge effort in it. it also requires a joint international assistance some hope that the arrival of a new colombian government, promising to re establish relations and international trade with venezuela will help offering much needed opportunities for venezuelans on both side of the border . allison that i'm p a d i g e r g. until mccrae with the headlines on al jazeera during a visit to taiwan us, health speaking in the pillows he has described. the island is one of the free societies in the world. hello. so he went ahead with a visit to taiwan, despite warnings of severe consequences from china,
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which considers the island to part of its territory. she is about to meet the islands presidents in the last hour she held talks with the deputy speaker of parliament. we come in friendship to taiwan. we come and teeth for the region. we look forward to our conversation about how we can work together, learning from you and, and sharing some thought ourselves on how to protect the planet from the climate crisis. how to accelerate and learn from you, how you addressed the coven crisis. how we advance of respect for all of the people in our countries as we go forward? beijing's is pelosi visit is a serious violation of the one china principal and has found to launch targeted military actions around the islands and vehicles were seen patrolling. the chinese port city of sharm in across the street from taiwan, women's warring parties have agreed to extend a full month's truce for
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a further 2 months. the deal was reached just hours before the current cease. fire was due to expire. the 1st cargo ship carrying grain to leave ukraine since rush are invaded, more than 5 months ago has been cited off the coast of turkey. it's expected to dock there for inspection on wednesday before hitting to live in on the ship is being monitored by a joint coordination center and stan bull turkish, russian, ukrainian. and you in staff of the as part of a deal signed last month, influential sheely to mac ta ta al sada has reportedly told her supporters to withdraw from iraq's parliament, a continued protest outside. santa had called on all iraqis to join what he considered a revolution, but his opponents of called the parliament takeover a cou. well, those are the headlines up next is democracy. maybe let's get to the bottom line. what does a new forever proxy war mean for america?
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and nato, it's very hard to say where the escalation stopped. is it a mistake to open up? is that a pandora's box? if you want to be ready for the next pandemic, you figure out this, the bottom line we can take on us politic in society. ah, all the new party i thought that my journalistic camera, 44 years ago in 1985, i was appointed the most school bureau, chief of hungary and television. those were the board by 12 years.
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nobody at that time wanted to go to the soviet union. and when i came back home, communism was over in hungary. it was a completely new and strange world. all troops must be withdrawal for important that everybody in hungary had great expectations about democracy and about changing to capitalism. and that that time hungary was in the forefront of the changes hungarian society, created legislation model type artist and new parliament, elected by the people and old all the institutions of democracy were billed when the old bond government came to our in my view,
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it market sharp change i would say it is much closer to dictatorship, where the exclusive only ideology is to retain power at whatever cost the you want to do the height of 120 and he sent or not or not on the load. i spell out your buffet as the guys asha are and i'm made the on actual we did as a frequency on got as if they get and i don't thing that we all are bound to be voted out of power. no prices is high enough. just he wants to be in power. that
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is his only goal in life. this is why i think he's so dangerous for getting to the prime minister all came to power for the 1st time. very young, still in his thirty's, in 1998. when he lost the elections. i think he made a while to himself that he will never let go with the power to keep them keep up with me. i mean the yeah. or by the lord the lecture me was defeated in 2002. that the reason why he was the election because he didn't talk to by the media a 2010 when feed us came to power with
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a 2 thirds majority. it meant that politically, he can do anything he wants because he had a full even constitutional, strong position in parliament. my daughter, my going on with if you wanted he could have introduced a kingdom in hungary because of the process you saw majors, you can override the constitution. you can change the, the car, the lows, you can do, whatever you want. they changed it within 24 hours. so when he came to power in 2010, i think he had strategic plan off not letting go for this power. and the more that you were growing dressy with respect, sir, it's not for us is not free here, less free and hungry 1st before he occupied the institutional system, prosecutor's office. therefore there can be no high level investigation started in
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government with his corruption. and of course, he needed to conquer the media because he understood that the media is the 4th key element of any democracy or power. the media with the central bank and many other bodies. so the so called independent institution of regular laws there independently, it has, it really became a typical populace politician. i think the only thing that matters is himself retaining power and making himself ready to reach abraham lincoln once said mm, if you want to test a man's character, give him power. ah, it's important to recognize that democracy without constraint can be extremely dangerous. in some places what we've seen is
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a decay in those liberal rights. i'm without actually seeing an elimination of free and fair elections or the if you could give me the planet though. i don't see them a little bit. i'm so fucking dark. but in to go more systematic runway during most of modern history, up through the mid to late 20th century. the main way in which democracies died was through some kind of violent break. with the past, you know the military out on the street with the tags and the guns over throwing democratically elected governments. these days, democracy doesn't die. suddenly, it dies by a 1000 cuts step by step and a di silently and incrementally as elected leaders like victor or bon and hungry. rather than autocrats violently over throwing democratic regimes.
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they come to power through the ballot box. and rather than ending free and fair elections, they gradually undermine the norms and institutions of democracy from with. and so what am i supposed to do with this is that sometimes citizens don't know exactly what's going on until you wake up one day and you're free press is gone. you wake up one day, the system looks the same, but deep down the system has been turned inside out and transformed from an electoral democracy into a competitive authoritarian with shame. i think in the also is there an playbook, the 1st thing. what you have to do if there are still elections, is to change the information environment.
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10 years ago when the code or bank came to the polar tv allies, that he has to control the media. and they started to buy media outlets one by one . they have different tactics. if they can buy one media, they are buying. if they intimidate the other one, they are intimidating. and if they close one media, david, close it. so there is a pressure on us. but we have to be very careful, of course, and we have to be brave enough to support the pressure ah, i was working for the largest daily newspaper at the time called hungarian nation on them that and 2 days after the collection stay announced that the largest
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newspaper at the time we'll be closed so we decided to estimate weekly magazine called hungary voice he had no money told me or starting from scratch. ready unfortunately in hungary it's nobody brave enough to print the newspaper. so i had to find. ready another option since the beginnings we are printing or newspapers inflow achia ah, you're watching, i'll just hear that. we're going to bring you some light fixtures from ty pay us how speak and nancy pelosi is meeting, ty, ones present, citing when she's already met the deputy speaker, parliament, they're actually going to meet the local business leaders later. and the president
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of taiwan is speaking now. let's listen and hello, see their guests, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, good morning. i like he bounce back. we're welcome, but a much closer to visit with the whole tawan. and again, if we think i received a question welcoming, move from modem and gushing. take lucy, i, when i was visited, my would like to which i was very warm vulcan. i choose to eat her policy and the delegation in our previous transit stops in the united states, vice president light and i had always receive calls from the speaker to welcome us in exchange views with us on taiwan u. s. relations. i am delighted to meet face to face with the speaker in taiwan this time and i think i had a me can think that you already moved away. yeah. that those are gone. yeah. so now
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go in show to my should like said he paid off. i mean, like she 13 if i can take away to say like half hour and gentle thankful for wait. faith. hi one, general. this speaker pelosi is truly one of tie. one's most devoted friends. the representatives here to day are all important leaders in the house and have long made proactive efforts to promote progress in tie one you as the was relations in all areas. we are truly grateful to you for making this visit to tie one is showcase the u. s. congress is staunch support for taiwan. hey, lashida, anti way ill and cindy again. they go, jo nancy and he is on cindy highway acid. you're going to enjoy the whole sheet face the whole the as and yet i one with dental toola till i even j. e.
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i share with you. then lou she cove location the speaker policy has deep and long standing ties with taiwan. in october 1999 as speaker visited taiwan and was particularly concerned with the 921 earthquake and its aftermath it a 2 decades following the earthquake. how one not only made successful post disaster reconstruction, but also weathered multiple challenges. one after another. as a tony and i had or she's on the she went to take my domain to other think it's how she says is how i feel for the time when they sit down that same. dayton says that in the past 2 decades. speaker pelosi continue to pay close attention to democratic development in taiwan and demonstrated one wavering support for ty, ones, international participation. madam speaker, i must extend by most heartfelt gratitude to you. oh yes. then seemed pe pedal. he
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thought he like in getting home with lisa who entering jackson the way back to jackson that yes, she couldn't say when they come in. i think her gentle, i have great admiration for speaker pelosi, who has long stood firm in safeguarding freedom, democracy and human rights. who never hesitates to confront head on rhetoric and activities said to undermine democratic values. the speakers, courage, and actions are deeply inspiring and touching. yes. hello. so chamberlain, since i tend to which i think it went to the way we could judge angel. however, it that showed actually in the, in high feature the engine. okay, so she's either when she rushes invasion of ukraine earlier this year has made security over the time was trade. another focus of world wide attention, aggressions against democratic tie. one would have
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a tremendous impact on the security of the entire indo pacific. i said the lad, ha, ha, ha, i was in the deep and i thought i would like to take this opportunity to explicitly express to you. tie once key principles in facing uncertainties. a mandate said she could you send out a visa or a share? her one or wait facial. wait, jim being like what? dental jan. jen. so mean to the on shit. healthy. yes, she wanted to get me to work out fine. yes. i thought, oh, wait, hold main to the jeff. first, facing deliberately heightened military threads, taiwan will not back down. we will firmly uphold our nation's sovereignty and continue to hold the line of defense or democracy. at the same time, we wish to cooperate and worked in unity with all democracies around the world to jointly safeguard democratic values. yet i'm thinking 3 donnelly right now. huh.
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and then to walk away betty, down in city way food. i had her cooking when b. now i hate to lay she i'm kinda good when you when that he yeah, she bought i see. okay. in kite 8 she, he change her mind. second, we will do whatever it takes to strengthen. tie one's self defense capability. i want is committed to maintaining peace and stability in a tie one straight. and we will make tie one, a key, stabilizing force for regional security. ensuring a free and open endo pacific, as well as the stable development of global trade and supply chains. the fat taiwan said make walker car. i check and she neither does all that. well, no pets to here. hm. they provoke asian gentlemen, bay in height. she unfit, inky father. then type hey, going yeah. her to let them good term. yes, chaco door that hi me, why she k june 3rd tie one is
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a reliable and trustworthy cooperative partner of the united states. we will continue to work with the u. s. congress, as well as the administration to strengthen cooperation in areas such as indo, pacific security, economic development, talent cultivation, and supply chains. so as to further elevate taiwan u. s. relations. where they took i ship and i, he has the way they to the point in this and she told ya catholic helen king. this is a jeep alba angle. it says i went to, well, i went in for once again. i welcome speaker pelosi and a delegation to taiwan. thank you for taking concrete actions to show your staunch support for taiwan at this critical moment. and for expressing the u. s. is consistent policy supporting tie one's self defense says all basil t. she's out of benson that the woman they will,
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she eat and ship it should that she that hoboken with a shuffle for 2 or 3 she that she said the order of propitious clouds with special grand cordon, represents our gratitude to speaker pelosi. and it also expresses our wish to continue progressing taiwan. he was relations for more co operation. i hope i think i should go at the light. he wow, i wasn't handling what he shuffled. so each against the ici. now mean for the bama can gather thanielle or men each and leave it to close. thank you. all again for coming. taiwan and the united states shall continue with our mutual support and be steadfast partners to one another in our joint efforts to make them oversee shine. again, thank you. seems oh wait. oh, adam president, please be seated. seen pay lucy, john should see. speaker pelosi will now deliver her remarks. thank you,
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ma'am president. it is such a high honor to receive the order of the bishop files, the special grand cordon from you were so proud of your leadership. a woman, president of the free society in the world is very meant an admiration for your leadership in great personal humility that i accept this award humility because i accepted not for me only by 4 are members of congress who are so instrumental in all that you said about our accomplishments together, democrat and republican, health and senate, both sides of the united in our support for child women. this time i am so excited to receive this at board on behalf of the united states congress has said that it is just unwavering. the response that we had to our visit was so
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positive from our colleague. i look forward to displaying this award, the speakers officer is wearing it and the capital is a symbol of our childhood friendship. here don't go shall face our own thing. now. go dear. so put on $200000.00 things on and so if it's all wrong, she way way don't pony furnishing the the $1000.00 the young if you will to you. so when you're standing dollars way wrong now down with a to go hope answer sions on was to fix on shooting years older before she she is in wake or put this is that i was a g. b that go to gov, make war the or is that they said i from the saw the make or that you and then each additional tensions on j. e. com. seeing the you, amanda, you gonzales all the time when he comes, you know, to come and thought, can you find a tillman down to the continent when i say mental doc?
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overdone, wouldn't i tell you? and thank you, i got the 28. you to go look out, look, now we have a solid sheen vino gold i belt on the only you know that i out of a make what's on full. go just hold. sounds like a shoot song. we can cheat. i know go path also t and she's on that way to just as i would go up and going so dumped on beating with a tendency beeble way turned item about. so i'm president. i think it's important to remind from an inform others of how we are here 43 years ago with taiwan relations act, american made a bedrock promise to always jan with child one and on this on foundation we have built are driving partnership grounding in our shared values of self government and self determination focused on our mutual security. it is in the region and across the world committed to the economic ties that power
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prosperity for all of our warranty, to the life of no heat on which i'm tom didn't go. so y'all teaching patch up in culture, says the sanction woman tumbled by one by she fall. i'm sure she's hello. good. how one feet on sending us from nor you taiwan jones, i eat, she had to go eat with her song. all machine fluffy tongue tongue found on the hotel when she go on going. she woman jogan, put on to your papa woman, the golden, meaning that says the g i o through door and i've gone to entering the e t. when i says i to the teacher has a tricity at the convention, e g, or be for y'all, john woman in there. so how woman does things going? she should the woman the young or they're going mean local how to some form to day our delegation, which i'm very proud, came to taiwan to make unequivocally clear. we will not abandon our commitment to taiwan. and we were proud of our enjoying friendship. and may i mention it all co
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chairs of this delegation care of the foreign affairs committee with the care of the foreign affairs committee cap listed to cano california. if i hear of the ways and means committee on this moment, delta of washington state the member of the intelligence committee, the leader in coven fight, in so many things in the congress. congressman roger christian morty, from i say, eleanor, he says chicago. and again, one of our newest members of congress serving the diplomat as a state as a diplomat in the state department before coming at congressman andy kim. of not only the i'm services committee that also fine is community and others are very proud of our delegation. and when you hear as you like and hearing from them in the course of is it, you all know even more why we are. thank you dr. delegation,
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and we're proud to be here with the vice president. mr. will with other distinguish leaders who are here with you, madam president. thank you for your leadership. the story of taiwan is an inspiration to all freedom loving people and united states around the world. out of the crucible of challenge, you have forged a flourishing democracy, one of the freest in the world, proudly to be led by a woman president. that's an applause line. from a data from one recently reasonable alti one. i'll be huge on why did she's to woman . we don't seem to look out that woman today, weight aid. she thought i wanted to have no teeth to live on the she thought, even, i mean those as i go go where, you know, we don't on faren till she awful to see what she had a yell to. he was all right away away that and she because it,
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who would you and she'll where you're going to. she called you sweetie when i'm quite affordable. she thy be me. shall we away g fang you, she'd well for me in the contingent could he should. um what he fish away, what did you right away away the tongue and to 90 thunder hammond dorothy tarantino gl alti one, if you dont garcia to hit you in a gum was facing each it i far now we can go she. yeah i don't, she now go that are being turned off was on top or bottom a g a on call. if you found social g h will that how undertone children, daughter being daughter, they dont i said go editing dar calendar, call sheila cheese. you'll see, chin relate to your mental there, remy, the coercion. but she's the woman i make while you are transit j both. she brought say, anson, who writes the other, i mean and it's how one has been an island of brazilian in the world. indeed that people have wine had proven to the world that with hope, courage and determination, if possible, to build a peaceful and prosperous future even in terms of the challenges you face. and
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now more than ever, america solidarity with tom i want is crucial. and that is the message we are bringing here today. how long she go wrenching to doll hollander in english and white year juggling look, jail she young, you're young. she go tracing it in a go doubts out. that's all we go hooking. you're fine on the away. life jingle and how i mean either tomorrow or the internet help john. tell me what you'd 120 a fatal a john? yup. former jay said i found georgia on what you're john shit, shantelle. that made me heights it in the 20th. when we travel and leave the country as a congressional delegation, secure again checked our people as well as global security economy to spread the asperity in our own country. and others and governance are 3 principal pillars, a ranch have and all 3 areas. we have great collaboration and friendship
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with taiwan. and we value that, i, dest you want to mansion, and congratulate taiwan for your governance of the coven issue, the coven at pandemic. your model to the world in terms of the cooperation of the people and the success of your initiative. gradually hint madam president, congratulation to the people of taiwan following the lead and, and suggesting their own proposals. today the world faces the choice between democracy and autocracy. america's determination to preserve democracy here in taiwan and around the world remains iron clad. and we are grateful to the partnership of the people of taiwan in this mission. i'm very grateful to receive this award. i'm faithful to you, man, present to the people for their enduring friendship. i'm very blessed as on my tale with many have one americans who are very excited about our visit. and in fact,
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when i came before in 99, i came with them and we learned a lot. and that's what we came to do to participate in the asian pacific initiative in a way that is appropriate for taiwan to be successful with tre, security and et cetera. and to do so, in a way that opens many more possibilities. we came here to listen to learn and whether you know, i got the beautiful, beautiful, beautiful award order or propitious cloud with special ran home then. thank you man. the to the woman thought from when ya go go cool. let me on sundial, jewel singleton dog. a luncheon remy dungeon trenches dungeon.


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