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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 3, 2022 6:00am-6:31am AST

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many taiwan americans who are very excited about our visit. and in fact, when i came before in 99, i came with them and we learned a lot. and that's what we came to do to participate in the asian pacific initiative in a way that is appropriate for taiwan to be successful with in tray security and et cetera. and to do so in a way that opens many more possibilities. we came here to listen to learn and whether you know, i got this beautiful, beautiful, beautiful award. the order of her peaches cloud was special, ran home them. thank you, matt. and then we'll move on from when ya go go call me on sunday. i'll do some good to go, but i don't get you go to austin engine. i mean, dungeon trench engine. ting
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t. you're watching our da 0 bringing your life fire press conference estate, and rather that's being made by our top us democrat, nancy pelosi, who's visiting taiwan as part of a total of asia, despite sharp warnings from china. the trips not backed by president biden. it's the 1st by such a senior us official and about 25 years. we've also heard from president saying, when i am the president of taiwan, want to bring in our corresponded dea gorsline, who's the international editor of ty, one plus actually she's joining us via skype from taipei and deviate much of the conversation that both women were having much of the statements that, that both women were making, i'm referring to the history that was shared by taiwan and the interest that sir and nancy pelosi has taken in it. and also at the am president saying, when referring to the fact that rushes invasion of ukraine and it's aggression against a democratic taiwan, would have a significant impact on security in the indo pacific. it's not really how what
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these people are saying and what is being said in public. it's the very fact that nancy pelosi is actually there. that is significant, isn't it? very significant. it's indeed and you know, it's the 1st time in 25 years we've seen such a high level visits from such a close. i lion is super power in taipei last time. it is new, new england. choose how speaker that for the republicans in 1997. but you had to remember in china was very different at the time. 25 years ago, china was not as powerful as military did not have as much. you might now nancy lucy's coming at a time that china's been really flexing it's muscle. it's ron tie, want with both language and in a military moves around the islands and, and it's also come at a time. and as you mentioned, russia's invasion of ukraine, you know, once again we've, taiwan, has been watching that really closely seen the superpower and gulf, a smaller, neighboring country with less resources. so you know,
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all of this place into the fact that nancy pelosi is visiting at a very tense time at a very delicate time. but also at the same time, it's being read on the ground and say, you know, the u. s. has your back the u. s is going to support taiwan, and the u. s. has, by law has to protect, give taiwan the means to protect itself. so, you know, if china does make any moves, this is not just of molding tie. one. this involves the other superpower, which is washington. and where our attentions already are at a really high point between washington and a gene. so there's all kinds of geopolitics around this, vivia they've, the interesting thing is going to be china's reaction to this, of course. and there is a suggestion that and it is not going to be so much china's reaction to the u. s. in terms of a response is actually going to be its reaction to taiwan. is there any indication?
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oh, how that might manifest itself is the stuff that we could be looking for to see how china is going to respond to this. particularly as far as taiwan is concerned. right, so on, on a much more practical level that affects the daily life period by one china, already in the run up to the landing band, thousands of import the food and agricultural product. the law beat a few more bands, again by one each product, you know, a huge issue here, china, taiwan largest trading partner. and so this could really hurt economically and hurt everyday life here. but also trying to band export band what you call natural sand to tie one. and that's something that time on rely on for it building up the island . so that's another very, although it may seem innocuous and in congress, it's actually a very strategic move. but what's also incredibly strategic and perhaps more alarming for everyone. here is the fact that china and military drills just about
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half an hour after he landed here at the time when military have confirmed that the way their learning level. and these drills are surrounding taiwan waters. but not unusual, but now they're now i think miss, i'll drill and miss out. entered taiwan water. so come across that island that would be on printed into the mac. again, could set up another chain reaction which could be very dangerous for i want to thank you very much indeed to go plunder at the international editor of ty, one plus i want to bring in 20 chang who is talking to us from bangkok, one of the things that will be quite interesting is a lot of people is the timing of this. nancy pelosi does have a long history of criticizing china, but she's chosen to make this trip. now, what do you think is the explanation behind this? the thing that we've seen, the biden administration in general trying to maintain pressure on china,
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trying to make sure their presence is felt in the region, not just by the chinese. but i think by the conscious here in north asian, down here in southeast asia to we're seeing this week, there's a very significant meeting of selfie station nations foreign meters, ministers in non pen. and i think part of this is designed to get the message to regional leaders and politicians that the united states is here. it's committed to its presence in, in asia, generally, and it's not going to bank down. this is again, this trip from 9. suppose he doesn't have the explicit backing of the biden administration in the white house, but one would imagine the behind the scenes there has been a certain amount of collusion between the 2. very certainly he would've been aware and i think this does certainly fit in very much with the policy we've seen in the last couple of years of the white house,
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his attitude towards china. i think also there's a feeling at the moment that while china is a very different country from the country 25 years ago, while it does wield a much greater amount of military might than it did in the past. it also, it is also a country under certain amount of pressure. the covert shutdowns of the last 2 years and for the foreseeable future within china are really starting to bite you can on weekly. and that's putting quite a lot of pressure on chinese president shooting thing and the communist party. and i think to a certain extent the united states is trying to capitalize on that to reassert itself. what i think will be interesting is war, regional leaders, what other regional leaders see? we've seen the pivots to asia in the past of famous the president barbara and bama said he was going to do the same thing. and i think there was a lot of expectation then that at a time when china was very much emerging as
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a regional super that the u. s. might step back in as a counterbalance, but it didn't happen. i think what regional leaders will be watching this time is whether this is actually a sustained amanda pressure and a sustained presence. or this is just a flash in the pan. tony, is there any indication amongst the leaders of countries local to, to tie one that this is perhaps, are necessarily provocative of provocative at a very difficult time in the world generally, is that a concern that this could actually be a miscalculation and things could escalate? i think there will be a certain amount of consternation that that is the case. and again, given the amount of military action we're now saying we got for america more ships in the region. we've got low drill, fly far drills going on all around taiwan at the moment. there is the potential for an accident of some sort,
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some sort of escalation which could very easily get out of hand. and i think that would be a real concern. but i think we've also seen several calls between the white house president shooting thing over the last couple of weeks. i think both the united states and the powers and beijing are acutely aware of the potential here. while beaching will be very keen to put down a market here to show its military might i think it will also be very aware of the potential for any kind of escalation i think in the wider term. so after nancy pelosi has moved on, which we expect she will do later on today, how much china decides to maintain that presence and how much the united states decides to maintain that presence. and again, thinking back 25 years ago when another speaker, the house visited taiwan. at that time, there was also an increased military presence that last for several years. and
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resulted to a certain extent in a clash in 2001 of us, an american spine playing that was nearly downed off the chinese island of high none. and when you speak to american officials and chinese officials over the last 20 years, they often point to that incident as the closest point of conflict, the 2 countries have come in the last couple of decades. and i think is a real concern that if this generally heightens tension in the region, and we do see both the chinese and the americans flexing the power, there are lots of potential flash points in the region that could lead to something that, that, and that is a real concern for other nations here, and i think they'll be hoping that while this trip hopefully goes off without incident, that everyone will then pull back. tony, thank you very much indeed for now tony chang in bangkok. thank you. i want to bring in david, mom, he's a political economist and he's founder of mine that china, it's an investment for him. thank you very much indeed for being with us. so tony
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was describing there that says that the military exercises that we're seeing going on or around taiwan at the moment does have the risk of a flash point. but nevertheless, both washington, taiwan and beijing of course, will be very aware of, of the risks. how do you think that beijing is and viewing that potential for an escalation? i think be jean with that question. is avoiding any possibility of conflicts and sharing the accidents or anything. shina was a conflict with us and any circumstances at that stage. you know, so i think looks at the research understanding this is very much for a good mistake, consumption us. and it said the prisoner biden's isn't, doesn't think it's a good idea. and nancy pelosi is using her independence and she could make that
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choice to make the visit for other purposes. but unfortunately, we seem to have lost the sound on our line to david mon there. of course we're going to be covering this story as it continues over the next few hours as nancy pelosi continues to make her visits to tie, pay an entire $1.00, despite warnings from china. but for now, we're going to carry on with more of the world's use while the u. s. in china and now having to navigate the implications of policies visit she have to fancy reports from washington dc. after days of expectation, nancy pelosi landed in taiwan. the 1st time a u. s. how speak has built that type pagan, 25 years at the airport. she was greeted by thailand's foreign minister and stuff from the american institute in taiwan, the de facto u. s. embassy and i pay i pay storage building also proclaimed its welcome. soon
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after her arrival, pelosi tweeted that her visit was part of an ongoing effort to support democracy against autocracy. comparing it to a trip to ukraine in april. but also after she touched down, there was swift condemnation from beijing alan announcement that live ammunition drills would take place surrounding tie one of the white house national security space president, john kirby emphasize as he has for several days that there's been no change in policy. the u. s. does not support taiwanese independence and speaker pelosi was acting in our own capacity. united states will not and does not will not seek and does not want a crisis. we are prepared to manage what busying chooses to do. at the same time, we will not engage in saber rattling, however, some analysts say the beijing will not be reassured by such statements. instead, suspecting that this visit is just the latest example of the biden administration, shipping away of the one china policy. i think china's concerns around taiwan is
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the us pursuing this, quote unquote salami slicing strategy and posing landing. and taiwan is a slab not a slice already have been multiple reports of heightened military activity by the people's liberation army or the white house as it expects. the main consequences of police his visit to unfold in the medium term. she had a chance the al jazeera washington. i'm glad to say we can now return to david man, just to remind you, the political economist. he's always so fonder of mon china. it's an investment from david. thank you very much. indeed for sticking with us. we had a few technical problems you were describing to us were of course talking about nancy pelosi visits to taipei anti one. despite warnings from china, you were describing to us how beijing was going to be very aware of the risks of an escalation, given the fact that it's increased the it's military activities around the coast of
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taiwan. and yes, i think that while it appears china room, the us is seeking a taishan because the tension has risen throughout the trump presidency. even obama's dividend asia was all part of america's attempt to contain china and the sanctions against china, which has been little impact on the economy and use at the moment, not the current things, quite tuffy. but china is not looking at the conflict, but it is looking to demonstrate that you're still in today. but the fact that shy one with chinese territory is something that all those in a traded china last 2 years. if hendricks, it's the one china policy. ah, for 13 this is gone. fortunately again,
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we seem to be having some problems with our the line that we have with david. and we will of course, try and get back to david as soon as we possibly can. but we are going to move on to some of the world the world. so other news now, yeoman's warning parties have agreed to extend a 4 month truce for 2 more months just hours before it was due to expire, the un envoy to yemen, the said the truth between the government and who the rebels will now last until october, the 2nd announcement came hours after on a mani delegation included 3 days of talks with the who the leadership. kristen salumi has more from the united nations. the 2 month extension of yeoman's truce is being welcomed by members of the un security council and the humanitarian community who point out the positive impact it's had since it was 1st adopted back in april, reducing the number of casualties. the longest period of calm and 7 years, and it had other positive impacts as well, allowing fuel to get into the country and displace people to return to their homes
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. but there are sticking points that remain. they want to get more supplies into the country and they need to work out how to pay civil servants. and one major sticking point has been re opening roads, particularly around the city of ties, which is controlled primarily by the government, but who the aligned militia seemed to be stopping access, getting in. so all of this comes also with some worrying signs in the country. the organization save the children, points out that the last week of july was one of the bloodiest in years, a total of some $65.00 civilian casualties. them were killed in that time. some $38.00 of them were children, us. so all of this is raising concerns and putting pressure on the process going forward. but the un special envoy for yemen. hans greenberg says that the parties have agreed to intensify their negotiations going forward in an attempt to reach
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a more permanent political solution. the extension of the choosing. yemen husband widely welcomed but many families. so they're still waiting to feel the benefits of the agreement. your locals are audio and as more on the streets of humans, capital santa, there's both hope and skepticism. the 2 month extension of a un brokerage truth comes as a relief, but many say the benefits of the agreement have yet to reach most people across the country. quickly the rogue. yeah, extending the truth should lead to peace. but we're still waiting for summary to be paid on for the integration of the central bank and national currency. people are suffering a truce like the previous one isn't away, useless because there's no war, but there's also no peace with the extension. the focus now turns to expanding the terms of the truce that alum and the i let the good on. the bernoulli infrastructure has been completely destroyed, both civilian and military. there is nothing left daddy. so when a settlement the people of yemen have the right to benefit from it,
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starting from humanitarian aid, health and education, and everything has been effected. this medical center is a painful reminder of the conflict and it's victims. for months the truth has led to less violence. but for many, the damage has already been done. fighting between the saudi, let coalition and who the fighters have scored the country and its people shouted many or even a la we want the truth to remove this dark period from our lives. the siege to be over, for salaries to be paid. we want peace promises of cease fires, have repeatedly been broken in yemen. there is hope repeated truce extensions will bring them closer to a permanent p steel parts yellow piece of the yen al jazeera or the war in ukraine's crippled the countries economy. land mines planted by the russians are making it difficult for farmers to reap their harvest. the ones thriving, fishing and tourism industries have disappeared. john hendern as more on the
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economic toll, the war has taken place in here are difficult and hot over there. some explosion, lot of love lost his job as a cargo sailor and angelina discovered she was pregnant. they just bought a new apartment. these were the 1st days of the war. now they borrow for the mortgage medicine in doctor visits. sometimes it's not enough. i have friends thumb, low family essay morrow at this people, money for pay because i can't pay. i, our, our company own that company's us apartments. a say you should pay, you must pay it at that, not have any choice in the southern port, city of odessa and across ukraine. the war has shut down, fishing tourism nearly everything leak a best java owns 3 restaurants here too were closed,
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but she reopened the 3rd. she considers it an act of patriotism all the years that will have been working were successful. so i can afford to keep myself busy unto keeper people working. and i think in the way it is between elliptic so i can, i can afford that. i mean, i, i am ready to, to lose here. sometimes it feels almost normal here, until it doesn't outside is allowed boone, a russian strike. then an air raid siren. it feels it feel safe from here and being here. feel safer from the inside a box. it's, it is a big illusions, but she says she won't keep it open through the winter. the few remaining tourists will all be gone. just south of the ports in odessa is the town of z atoka, a resort area where people come to vacation, but they're not coming here anymore because of the perils of war. a russian missile
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strike hit this residential area and you can see the devastation somehow. no one was killed in these destroyed homes, but little is left intact. fee re crying for faith. something like this, beth, you got. that is not my that left here after this. expose little left little work in constant danger from, with explosions. oh, our to leave high risk and 3 can bite and everybody can, that is why we afraid fall to life. they also fear for their child's future. it will be our chapter in our life and the we should to be stronger. i want the skin over country with all ukrainians, flawed islov and angelina journey through a perilous presence to an uncertain future. john henderson, al jazeera,
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odessa ukraine. the 1st cargo ship kind grain to leave ukraine since russia invaded more than 5 months ago, has been cited off the coast of turkey. it's expected to dock fare for inspection on wednesday before heading to lebanon. a ship's being monitored by a joint coordination center. in this stumble, turkish, russian, ukrainian, and un stuff are there. as part of the deals signed last month's ship left the ukranian portable desk on monday. and of course, you know, has more from a stumble. the 1st commercial vessel carrying ukrainian grand will cross by some vos 1st raise on wednesday. the sierra leone flag red zone is expected to arrive by the turkish praise up north in the sea. after midnight tonight, according to the joint control center, a u. n. lead but the overseas, the grant shifted from ukraine, the vessel is going to be inspected by a team of a u. n. russian ukranian and turkish military personnel on
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a wednesday morning. then after receiving that go, i have the vessel is expected to continue the journey. the final destination for the full of port 11. this is a test run according to un officials in their joint control center. and this will serve as a proof of concept that the process rate initiative process is functioning properly . rushes as its forces have killed up to 250 foreign fighters in ukraine during stripes. and the southern city of nikolai of ukraine's not responded to the claim and but its regional emergency service, shared footage of damaged oil storage tanks and workers clearing up out to the strike on tuesday. it says a multiple loans rocket system was used to destroy a university, thomas re shops, and several high rise buildings. russia supreme court has designated ukraine's asshole regiment as a terrorist group. the volunteer force has been one of the most prominent military units fighting russian troops in the east. it has far right routes. moscow's often
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referred to the regiment to support its claim that ukraine is controlled by what it calls fascists. relatives of as of fighters detained in russia, a calling and international groups to do more to secure the release. craftsman locust. early on i saw we have a lot of questions for the un and red cross and there have been 0 answers from them . i am witnessing complete in action on their behalf, a refusal to fulfill their responsibilities. that's all i can say for now. additional years basketball saw brittany griner has made another appearance in moscow court, his efforts to secure her freedom, continue grinders accused of drug smuggling. after she was found carrying a small amount of cannabis oil in vain cartridges or supporters say her detention is politically motivated and she has been caught up in the stand off between russia and the west pole brennan reports. brittany griner is a superstar of american women's pro basketball. he's also become a central character in an international diplomatic wrangle between russia and the
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united states. greiner was arrested in february on arrival in moscow. should a match of o airport customs officers discovered she was carrying vape cartridges, which contained small amounts of cannabis oil. despite testifying that she has a doctor's prescription for medical cannabis greiner has pleaded guilty to a charge of drug smuggling, in the hope of avoiding a maximum 10 year prison centers. at this latest court appearance, her defense lawyers challenged the forensic findings of the prosecution. experts when issue new issue in your brochure, we meet the exact legal basis for this case that will depend in particular, whether the seas substance is prohibited and what is it to mount forensic evidence tells us that it's impossible to reliably established the amount with the existing case materials for the user, even as griner trial enters its final stages, her fate is bound up in bigger diplomatic negotiations. negotiations made more tense by the impact of russia's invasion of ukraine. the bible administration has
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proposed a prisoner swap to secure griner freedom. the u. s. state department is understood to be willing to release victor boots, the notorious russian arms dealer who is 10 years into a 25. he a jail sentence for supplying weapons to designate a terrorist groups. in return, america wants russia to release brittany griner and poll wheeler, a u. s. corporate security expert who russia has convicted on espionage charges and sentenced to 16 years in prison. appears to marcia kisha, k. m. o. w. stow thing by any exchange of information regarding this topic should be made discreetly megaphone diplomacy. public exchange of opinions will not achieve results. we will continue forecast griner to every step of this process. and as long as it takes to bring your state and will continue to support every usa in prison. greiner herself is
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understandably following the news closely. she still focused and she's still nervous and she still knows that the and this is near and of course she heard the news. so she, she's hoping that sometimes she will be coming home and we hope so. the next court date is thursday, a swapped dale could come at any time, pull brennan al jazeera voters in the you are state of kansas, have rejected a measure that would have made it more difficult to get an abortion. i said held a referendum to decide whether it's constitution should continue protecting the right to terminate a pregnancy. kansas is the 1st state to vote on reproductive rights. since the u. s . supreme court overturned roe vs wade decision. kansas is on a monthly approach or a state like most americans, most kansas or a basic right to abortion access. but with certain limitations that tend to be popular nationwide as well. we're not too different or too much more conservative.
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the nation overall in that picture. the u. s. justice department's finding a lawsuit to protect an abortion access and the state of idaho. it's the by the ministrations 1st litigation since the supreme court struck down legal guarantees for the procedure in june. the suit seeks to compel the conservative western state to provide abortions for women experiencing medical emergencies. we promised that the justice department would work tirelessly, protect and advanced reproductive freedom. that is what we are doing. and that is what we will continue to do. we will use every tool at our disposal to ensure that pregnant women get the emergency medical treatment to which they are entitled under federal law. and we will closely scrutinized state abortion laws to ensure that they comply with federal law. far cruz battling the largest wild far and california is here, have fun to bodies in
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a burned out car. forensic investigators sifted through debris from the vehicle and collected the remains for identification. the mckinney fire near the states boarded with oregon, they ruptured on friday. this forced more than 2000 people to leave their homes. critical infrastructure has been destroyed in the cisco county, which is home to klamath national forest. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories, the speaker of the us house of representatives, nancy pelosi has been meeting the president of taiwan, despite warnings of severe consequences from china. pelosi is the most senior u. s. official to visit the self governing island and 25 years earlier, she visited the parliament and explained the purpose of a visit. we command how wine for being man, the free society in the world are delicate.


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