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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 3, 2022 10:00am-10:30am AST

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a number of global safety indexes rank cut are at the top. last year 200000 fans attended the air of fever. com. there's hope that perhaps this november's world cup will some day be a kind of dry rod for hosting the olympics. ah, america stance with taiwan, u. s. how speaker nancy pelosi meets ty, ones, president china reacts with anger, saying it will conduct targeted military actions around taiwan. ah, i carry johnson. this is al jazeera laurie from doha, also coming up ukraine's 1st grade shipment. since the russian invasion is just off
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. is turnbull with hopes it will ease a global food crisis? the truce in yemen is extend it, but to aid agencies say the death toll is still rising. plus ah, voters in the us state of kansas, reject a change that were made or the spike warnings from china. america's 3rd most powerful politician has made a high profile visit to taiwan. how speaker nancy pelosi match president, sighing when after her visit to parliament. she reiterated washington's commitment to protect democracy on the self govern island are respecting beijing so called one china policy. tie one's leader gave place, he one of the highest civilian honors and promised to defend the ireland from beijing's threats. now, more than ever, america solidarity with tom i want is crucial. and that is the message we are bringing here to day to day. the world's face is the choice between democracy and
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autocracy. america's determination to preserve democracy here in taiwan and around the world remains iron clad. it's really clear that while china has stood in the way of taiwan participating and going to certain meetings that they understand, that they will not stand in the way of people coming to taiwan. hello. so looking at rush us invasion of ukraine earlier this year has made security over the taiwan strait. another focus of world wide attention aggression against democratic ty. one would have a tremendous impact on the security of the entire in the pacific in facing deliberately heightened to military threats. ta one will not back down. we will firm yup, hold our nation sovereignty and continue to hold the line of defense for democracy . will they be a couple in there is the international editor of taiwan plus. she joins us on skype from taipei. so up china has been threatening military drills. that's why they made
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that announcement about 30 minutes of your i've saying that they are going to have exercises. now the notary exercises around tie one can send up, been putting out maps and lay out their plans of what the site might look like. now it's worth noting that every time at delegation business, especially high level delegation from another country, but the trying to does from kind of military provocation as us just touching the boundary around taiwan, but not necessarily directly going to try one term creek. but this time it's largely being seen as something that i've been escalated and elevated from its previous military exercises or grills that it uses as a warning against ty, one. and in fact, the ministry of defense here is probably one has been quite quite vocal about the rate, the alert level of ty wants to be in their ability to defend itself. and i've also called out china on these military actions. and these drugs that are good to take
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place, they're saying that it's amounts to a blockade of pie one. it violates un rules and saying, but i, one will take action on anything that seems to by late high one sovereignty. they've also warned the ministry of defense here is warned that it is likely to block shipping routes top supply chain chain. know the supply chain issue has been a huge problem across the world. so once again, calling out and telling the world or the global community that this is a problem on then national page, not just for taiwan. and nancy plays, he's been saying that several sentences have visited taiwan with not nearly as much reaction. that's right, there have been a number of high level visits from the us but not high level not below the. in fact, the last time someone in the position visited with mighty 97 and i was new finger at she was the house speaker, and he at the time was with the republican party. one has always been
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a bipartisan issue and support for ty, one cross party lines, but the point to where he makes saying that china has not responded as strongly with these previous senators that came and were men may also be, may be circumvent thing. another issue is not necessarily be a gender base issue, maybe about the fact that this is such a high level issue that is happening at a very different environment, very different time from what china watson, 997. it's happening at the time and trying to far more powerful at the far more mighty people's liberation army and military, and at a time and trying to been very vocal against this visit, even taking it to the higher levels beforehand, calling on joe biden thought not to miss the from coming to tie one. okay, leave it there for now to viagra fall and in type a thank you for joining us. now the furious china has responded by suspending in
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ports next ports a several goods to and from taiwan. as he said soon after close his arrival, the chinese military conduct to joint errand see not. i munition drills narr taiwan . the us ambassador to beijing has been summoned, trying to consider taiwan a part of its territory and is not ruled out using force to bring it under control about your focus during this based in beijing. but it has been some very strong reaction from china as have been expected. vice foreign minister c fung summons the u. s. ambassador to china, nicholas burns to lodge stern representations and protests. the foreign ministry also issued a statement occurring, a lot of what we've been hearing the build up to this visit. also, in particular to say that the executive branch of the u. s. government had the responsibility to stop this visit from going ahead and the china does not accept that this is an unofficial visits and part of long standing u. s. policy on the military front moments after nancy pelosi touch,
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dan and i pay the purely announced that ever be conducting long range live firing drills and waters off the east of taiwan. and that there would also be drills from thursday in 6 locations encircling taiwan. no doubt designed to demonstrate that china has the ability to overwhelm at the islands. and the saw saying that it is unlikely though that china will take any hostile act wall. nancy pelosi is still in taiwan, but at the same time, the response is likely to be far stronger than anything that we've seen in recent years. it is important, of course, for president she jumping not to be seen to be weak on this issue and to be seen to be in control, particularly at what is a very sensitive time for him. but there are concerns also that this will be used as a pretext for more regular, a military aggressions and provocations towards ty, one of those chinese military drills of all. so spot concerns in japan. google gaga
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. darienne nouns by china as region of military exercises to be conducted from noon on august. 4th, include japan's exclusive economic zone. japan has expressed his concern to the chinese site, taken into account that the contents of the military activities there include life fire drills, or meal. or more than 5000 indonesian u. s. and other troops are holding a joint military training exercise. until august, the 14th, the annual drill is expected to be the biggest, yet i will include 14 countries. they've been held to every year since 2009. the us and it's asian allies have expressed a growing concern about china's increasing influence in the pacific. washington says the drills aren't aimed at any country
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when i were going to casa to jessica washington in by to raja for more on this indonesian not drills. so we're a jessica to tell us. this comes at a very tense time. obviously with china threatening military drills close to taiwan . so what's been happening well, that's exactly right, but it is important of course to note the wider context that these drills have taken place for around since the early 2 thousands these annual exercises between the u. s. and indonesia, but what is important to note is the context now, not just the immediate news of nancy pelosi visits to taiwan and the tensions that that may have stoked but the wider context of rising concern within the us about china's increasing military assertiveness and jessica, forgive us, we're going to interrupt their we're going across to china's minister of foreign
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affairs, which is holding its daily news briefing that as the speaker of the us house of representatives speak. and i suppose the visits taiwan, which of course, the chinese have objected to. let's, let's have a listening. oh speak of hello, says provocative visit to taiwan. and we have made that a marcia's both in beijing and washington, and i stay counselor wonky, issued remarks this morning as well as to the so called the statement by nancy pelosi that you mentioned, let me say that the nature of her visit to that i went to region is not about democracy. this is an issue about china sovereignty and territorial integrity. what she has done is definitely not about according which will counseling to engine ciao . see coaching fan. joe and dorian agency ensure that she sure hello, she weighs in that. how seemingly change your wheeler loud she go in there since it's the been no much in there to she's how shuttle cheerleader, faith. how chola ginger, not you?
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i think she's how much whole or the love to them and there we apologize for the temporary loss of her translation there. we will of course, get that back as soon as we can we will come back to that when we can some technical difficulties there. but for now, i can say that while per se, asians, if that meeting income bode year for the a c and from it turned security concerns on top of the agenda. those include the crisis in me and law intentions about taiwan. for the saying block has said any more executions by me and mars military gentle could force the block to rethink essential plan to resolve the conflict that me and my executed for anti to activists. last month, competition condo, gerard, um i took the car, check kimberlia, as well as old as the member states,
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is deeply disappointed and disturbed by the execution of those opposition. activists that might be appealed from me and others for the death sentence is to be reconsidered for the sake of political dialogue, peace and reconciliation. but if more prisoners are to be executed, will be forced to rethink the role of a id and 5 point consensus. and russian foreign minister, so he lab rove has arrived in me in my life and official visit. moscow is a supporter of men, most military governments. well, i've always holding talks with the military gentle to discuss security and economic issues before traveling to the offense summit in cambodia. joining us now is tony chang from bangkok. so what reaction is that in to? so he lab rose business oh, well i think the, i think the original be watching very interestingly,
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they've looked at how russia has engaged with me on my, over the course of the last 18 months since the military co, it has been very supportive. we've seen visitors from defense ministry in moscow going into myanmar particularly sensitive times like armed forces. the. we've seen the continued sales of weaponry, including high powered jets and rockets from russia to me. and my particular time when there are arms embargoes from many countries, many parts of the world trying to stop near mars military government, getting their hands on on these weapons. or rushes still seems to be forging ahead . and it is a close bond that this seems to be developing. at this stage, miramar looks very isolated within this region. the news of the executions of for political prisoners was very badly received. malaysia's foreign minister said it was a crime against humanity. and her son who had earlier in the year been trying to pull
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me on my back into the assay unfold, trying to encourage them to adhere to this 5 point plan that they said could get me on my back on the road to peace and back within the sort of go fold of the i see an family well, they seem to push that aside. a couple of days ago, men on lie, the senior general and myanmar said, issued a sort of an apology saying that it hadn't been possible to follow that 5 point plan. because if covert protocols that had got in the way. but really, i think he was just paying lip service to it at that stage. and what we're hearing finance from finance penn in the last couple of hours is that mir mom really has to do something soon, or it will be completely excluded. okay, believe it there, tony chang in bangkok, her thank you very much. indeed. marcella heads on al jazeera ah
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. iraq's influential sheer lead them of todd al serra tells his followers to leave parliament and continue their protest outside. ah hello, we got some warmer weather. pushing back into parts of western europe for a time at the moment. the main feature you noticed is its mass of cloud rolling in the cross c, pretty shouts through the allan vall, some wet weather coming through here for a fact, i suppose, some breezy weather as well. that wet weather will gradually make its way across c, and are we to see pushing into norway, showers longest bells of rain coming in to west sweden for a time more than passing their mark or to sing some of that wet weather, but it does dry up across southern parts there, england wells, not too bad as we go on through wednesday, but we need the rain. having said that 27 celsius here, 35 celsius,
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the power says at warmer weather, coming through that was will, grassy. not a little further east, which as we go through thursday, 36 celsius there in berlin. and that is still somewhat of whether it's eastern parts, if you it for the south and is generally fine, and dry. one or 2 showers down to spain. and portugal may be the chow to into italy, now lively showers, making the way across. central africa, the easterly waves doing quite nicely rolling off the ethiopian hot as pushing across to down south sedan. chad sinks and big downpours. look at that little touch of storms. could bring some localized findings, northern parts of nigeria on wednesday at what's the weather makes his way a little farther west for thursday. ah, out his ear is investigative unit goes undercover in the caribbean, we'd all use the word bribe. we'll give you a token of appreciation, exposing trade of diplomatic passports today. it's $250.00 unless you're hot than
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the price will go over a $1000000.00 involving from other regions. highest officials. my work. oh, well, out there at investigations. diplomats for sale. lou ah, it was al jazeera reminder about top stores this r u. s. house speaker nancy pelosi is in taiwan unless she met to president sy in when off a visit to parliament. she reiterated washington commitment to protect democracy on the self govern on china has condemned blows his visit and says it has
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nothing to do with protecting democracy. it's military has conducted joint errand. c, drills near taiwan, so says suspending impulsive exports of several goods top southeast asian diplomat saw meeting in cambodia for the a c in the summit and security concerns on top of the agenda. those include the crisis to me and more intentions about taiwan. was immense more than 5000 indonesian u. s. and other troops are holding a joint military training exercise to august the 14th the annual jose expected to be the biggest, yet will include 14 countries. they've been held every year since 2009 u. s. and it's asian allies of express growing concern about china's increasing influence in the pacific. a washington says the drills aren't aimed at any country . addition to jessica washington, i should say, joins us again from back to roger in indonesia and tell us we understand they're
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going to be more observers this time around. is that right? well that's exactly right. as you just mentioned, i carry that these are the largest exercises. this is the largest iteration of this car. rude, a shield that we've ever seen. these exercises have been held since the early 2, thousands and in their early stages. they were really just a bilateral exercise. now we are seeing perhaps a move towards if many lateralism involving other countries, not just as observers, but as participants as well, significantly a, quite a few milestones at this august. as this training begins here in indonesia, we have more than 5000 personnel participating. the majority from indonesia and from the u. s. significantly, the australian army participating for the 1st time japan participating for the 1st time and also a number of countries at least 13 observing and in some capacity that includes
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france, canada and, and, and also include some of indonesia, smaller neighbors, including tim or less, a, or east timor and puppy new guinea as well. and the reason it is significant to note those observers is that last year, at that time, it was the, the largest iteration of these gruder shield exercises. last year. japan was an observer. now they have gone on to become a full participant in these exercising exercises early today. they participated in some para trooping training just held here in san sumatra. so of course, this iteration of grid a shield is being called super gruder shield because it is so much larger than exercises that had been held in the past. earlier today at the opening her ceremony, we heard from general charles flinn, who noted that these exercises are taking place place in the most consequential region at the most consequential time. and while this might be the super gruder shield, they hope that next year's versions or future future iterations may be even more significant. so at a much larger scale and scope than even this years. these exercises, as you noted,
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are taking place at a time of increased tension, not just between the u. s and china, but also between china and other countries in the region, particularly when it comes to this issue of maritime incursions into the south china sea. jessica wasn't and live in that bar to roger. thank you for that. the 1st cargo ship carrying grain to leave ukraine since russia invaded more than 5 months ago, is now in turkey. and inspection team has set off in a boat towards the missouri need to carry out the checks before the vessel heads on to lebanon. but the ship is being monitored by the new joint coordination center in is turnbow turkish, russian, ukrainian, and un stuff of that. as part of a deal find last month, an em, cassie oakley, joins us live now from a stumble. so to them, what's the latest you can tell us about this grange and well
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find out the leon flagged vessel named rosalind reached a turkish black c at the entrance off the bus 1st last night as you said, and just see behind me the vessel behind me it is carrying nearly $27000.00 tons of corn and we are expecting the inspectors from the joint control center to begin their inspection in less than an hour. they are both is about to leave the coast and we will hopefully see them reaching the vessel for the inspection. and according to turkey show floor it is as this vessel inspection is completed today, they are expecting one vessel every day, leaving 3 ukrainian pores bringing ukrainian grain is through the turk is straight to the, into the world markets. and according to the u. n. and this is also confirmed as well. so currently we are expecting the inspection team to arrive by the vessel and
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ask for the un, the representatives that we spoke yesterday. this is a test run. and if the inspection, and if the transportation is completed safely without any problems, as this is a very delicate and complicated transportation. as you can imagine, this will pay the way for other ships and according to the information given by the u. n, there are nearly 27 vessels waiting, sitting at the cranium ports, 3 ports waiting to transfer, ukrainian grain it through the same method, same navigation to the world like it's so we're waiting for the inspector to come by. okay, live for us in it's time, both of them close shortly. thank you. russia has said its forces of killed up to $250.00 foreign fighters in ukraine during strikes on the southern city. of nikolai of ukraine has not responded to the claim,
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but its regional emergency service shed footage of damaged oil storage tanks and workers clearing up after the strike on tuesday. it says a multiple launch rockets system was used to destroy university dormitory shocks and several high rise buildings or humans, warring parties have agreed to extend a 4 month truce for 2 more months. just hours before it was due to expire. the un invoice m n said the truth between the government and the rebels will now last until october. the 2nd now incident came hours after an ammonia delegation concluded, 3 days of talks with the who's the leadership? kristen salumi has more from the united nations. the 2 month extension of yeoman's truce is being welcomed by members of the un security council and the humanitarian community who point out the positive impact it's had since it was 1st adopted back in april, reducing the number of casualties. the longest period of calm and 7 years,
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and it had other positive impacts as well, allowing fuel to get into the country and displays people to return to their homes . but there are sticking points that remain. they want to get more supplies into the country and they need to work out how to pay civil servants. and one major sticking point has been re opening roads, particularly around the city of ties, which is controlled primarily by the government, but who the aligned militia seemed to be stopping access, getting in. so all of this comes also with some worrying signs in the country. the organization save the children, points out that the last week of july was one of the bloodiest in years, a total of some $65.00 civilian casualties. they were killed in that time. some $38.00 of them were children. so all of this is raising concerns and putting pressure on the process going forward. but the un special envoy for yemen. hans
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greenberg says that the parties have agreed to intensify their negotiations going forward in an attempt to reach a more permanent political solution. inferential, sheerly, them of tod asada has told her supporters to leave parliament and continue their protest outside. thousands of them stormed the conflicts in baghdad on saturday. so the hood called on all the rockies to join what he calls a revolution. but his opponent say it's a qu, the unrest polos months of that school deadlock which was prevented the formation of a new government. bought mood of the law had reports now and how the political chaos is taking its toll in the lives of baghdad, citizens iraq is have been waiting for a chain hello. taxi drivers are no exception. they say the recent unrest has worse in an already over a stretch transportation system. the huh. all right, that's all crowded. so jammed,
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all wake has been affected. we spend long hours to get a few passengers. with this crisis, men are reluctant to travel to bagdad as america, canada, as some of the most of the roads are blocked because of the security measures imposed following the demonstration. so, we have to make turns that take hours within iraq's political system is in crisis. there hasn't been a government for my mom's. poor image has been occupied by supporters of influential she alida mac, that a solder. he and his backers reject the nomination of how much he, a sudan, e for prime minister, and those who support the raven, the coordination framework, have stage it counter protest. eventually what's other did is that he actually provoked the coordination of frame by saying ok, i want, i want to change to put the whole political process. so what the coordination frame is that may demonstrations and show the sunlit is that we are capable
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to go to the edge. so that means eventually they will be negotiations. so that's it . it's eventually a political game. it's not really going forward for some so the freeform for the whole political process. this political standoff has disrupted work across several state in institutions. iraqis are facing scorching summer temperatures and possibly weeks of political unrest. many have been hoping for a new government that get enhanced services and improve their lives. although it's an oil rich country, iraq remains one of the least developed nations in the world. poverty and unemployment on the rise. high shallow godaddy up, we count on new authorities to create jobs. we need jobs, we have been waiting for so long people he had were hopeful for change, especially after last october. the elections,
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but recent events have overshadowed those hopes that were had al jazeera, but people in the u. s. state of kansas have a boat to uphold abortion rights in referendum votes is reject to the proposed change to the states constitution. it would have allowed the republican control legislature to ban or restrict access to the procedure of kansas is the 1st state to vote on reproductive rights. since u. s. supreme court overturned versus wade, allowing states to make their own abortion laws. pro abortion rights activists gathered at a watch party suburban town near kansas city, where they started back to the decision. i worked so hard for the last couple of months to really, you know, get with voters about with fake and really what it, what was the state was our constitutional rights in our freedom of coalition of voters across the political spectrum. keep together today and voted no
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a voted no to protect their neighbors. they voted no on teaching the constitution and really demonstrated our free theories here on campus are alive along. ah, this is alex, is here, and these are the top stories. now us how speak to nancy pelosi is in taiwan, but she's met present, saw in when off to have visit to parliament.


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