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of an acting on the law. this is sadie low. again, it's normalization and we have been buddy and this by the grace of god. and so we have that c majority majority. we were crippled by molest les and how we knew. yes, it is not an individual, it's monday. then the other person's not taking the animosity again as any other person, even though i need to thing my life as that he's been li paula de la. but i still got on my t v. anyway, guys, forward not for the sake of them, but the love of the country and the people in the my home most willing to engage in dialogue while mom we had stayed
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with them before and we gained nothing but corruption. and despite their empty promises, the germans and 2nd nature, there is no fruit of dialogue, especially that they iraqi people have had those say, when you needed them, as your has always been my habit, i will not grew up on the bloodshed way enough. even a single drop of blood because they fall, come all cannot be seen without sacrifice, as has been the case of jose and who sacrifice or live in our law. and i am prepared to fall as much
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for the sake of for, for the right people. it was my fellow countrymen, if you are genuine, on the fall and tame. i am here waiting to have your cold. yet, if you agree to reside the data squad was also willing to live on a bit of a lucian started by the surgery movement. and the 3rd remove is part of the iraqi people. we have some good rub my us. we will have, you know, what i'm and if i'm wrong with, then i never claim that the remove made is above suspicion. but you are aware that those who are being cut away, but this isn't a lot inside them, but the rubber,
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the dry and still fine. and then report to audio cable accountability beyond belief that all of law, they continue to wreak havoc among our people, and they are revert to the gold market. they are easily exonerated, gratefully to say that my fellow countrymen. well, this one statement is the 3rd remove and have my team men strong enough to press on one for when you might see in the 2nd advice or live. may god reward them, the billing date with the family will have the benefit prevailing upon our goal. and i am totally certain that the majority of the people
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be clued in the you know, the day that all in redeem a lot of the moment the, and that's why i call on you to take advantage of my present. gone and right. they came go rupture that we will have no place or the whole godaddy, no matter what year. and they will be. i see that all the projects please listen to me. this will be through a peaceful democratic revolution, a prophet followed by another democratic book that are presented in the elections once they've got a problem, it is based on what i'm the mom. yes, i'm not seeking power nor i'm thinking the best and i gave. but the laws thinking law change are only seeking for the
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so salary for for $1.00 to $2.00. all right. those a lot in bob of the country. both us in these move forward to walk. we are all ready for those was a thing as you continue on your peaceful demonstrations and in all our demand made on the old appreciation to the people both supportive off the the know the validity and of a loose and of iraq. thank i. we're listening there to mark that as follow the prominent iraqi political leader head of these other splunk. they're saying there is no place for the old guard as he went on to exalt his followers to continue their protest, saying,
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i urge you to continue or sit in until all of our demands met. he went on to say he is prepared to fall as a martyr for reform. think we can go over to the dosage of boundary that she joins us live from bank dance. listen to the call for his basically for his followers to continue this protest movement in the parliament. yes, sammy, we had heard conflicting reports about a 72 hour deadline that was issued to the demonstrators by the aid to move the other solder on tuesday about the fact that they should evacuate the parliament building. but now when he heard from that, she had reader himself, he said he wants the so called peaceful revolution to continue. and he's urge his supporters to remain in the parliament building and the surrounding areas too, until their demands are met. he calls for as the current parliament to be dissolved
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and for early elections. he very much took the tone of a person who is not seeking any personal gains from this process. he is just looking for a way of getting rid of the corruption within the system that exists. and he was adamant that of course, corruption exists in all various levels of government. he said, one of the ways we can get rid of it is to by having another round of elections to bring in and new people. of course, most other, all other took part in the previous election, which happens in october here last year. and he had 73 m p 's and power, but in june decided to withdraw from the political sphere saying that he could not take part because it was corrupt and he didn't want to have any part in it. since then things have certainly escalated on saturday for the 2nd time. within a few days, his supporters known as southern stormed into the green zone area and they occupied
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the parliament building, fearing that the other groups that were going to nominate a candidate to be put in place of the new prime minister, something that they were not going to support so this later statement is the 1st time we've heard from most other all southern and certainly there has been ongoing negotiations between various factions within the parliament that still exists with the current prime minister myself to me. and they were saying that they're ready to sit down and talk. we've been waiting to hear from us. and as we just heard, he's certainly not ready for dialogue. and he said there is no point. he said that they have had discussions and dialogues in the past. with the same group of people, he said that he's not willing to engage all that came from those discussions were corruption and havoc and that they are pointless at this point. so he urge to supporters that again to continue their peaceful demonstrations. he said, and he also took the opportunity to unity,
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to thank the security forces for their help and assistance throughout this period. at that point, when he mentioned that there's no fruits to be borne from dialogue, an indication perhaps that the hopes that this might be resolved through negotiations behind the scenes that that is not going to happen right now. no, certainly not. and we know that the negotiations have been happening behind closed doors over the past few days. and what was clear was that all the different sides were ready to come back to the table and talk to pardon, members of other else others party. even though not himself specifically, but it is now clear that he is not interested, nor are his representative, going to be taking part in any kind of a national dialogue at this stage, which really sets a different tone. now there was some kind of a hope on many levels that since there was talk of the demonstrators evacuating
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a parliament building itself by friday, that it was an indication that other southern was willing to sit down with the remaining politicians in parliament and tried to reach an agreement, but it is clear that is not something he's interested in at all, and he just wants to start from scratch at this point. of course that will be a whole other issue now to go back to the polls where the country went in october and they were not able to form a government. they iraqi government to shall not form since the elections were held in october. there are still no budget for the year 2022. when this country has been making a tremendous amount of money on oil sales record oil sales really. up to the month of july, they have made more revenues over over $70000000000.00. that is more than the entire year of 2021, and yet the money is not being spent because there is no budget, there is no government in place to be able to allocate where the funds would go. so there really is a lot of frustration among ordinary iraq. you saying that this political
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instability is just hurting the average iraqi more than anything else? all right, thanks so much. stilson jabari now talks to revive the 2015 iraq nuclear agreement, sent to resume in vienna for us special envoy, robert malley is on his way to the austrian capital for the discussions that begin on thursday to head on the washington of been holding in direct negotiations until now. the agreement broke down in 2018 also the us on the president, donald trump pulled out the wrong, says it's ready to reach a deal that guarantees its rights. i'm just here, as i've done, the shami has more from vienna. this round, oh so cold discussions that suddenly i, you know, that every and no one actually knew this was coming. it was such a short notice for all parties. but deb, this is actually based on what the policy chief of the european union has a stated on the 20th of july when he wrote an op ed in the financial time saying
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that this is the only chance and the last chance to actually revive this deal. on the a, his, his deputy who actually leads there, these are discussions and these negotiations and rekey mora is already in vienna. and all the parties are also on route to vienna. the, the meeting would be a, mostly a discussion on this text. the text that is been labeled as 20 july texts. and they seems to be some kind of agreement or understanding from all parties on this text. and not really much is known on what exactly they were peons as being the mediators for this m a, you know, this a deal that was established in 2015 has in, but the only fact we know for now is that a all the parties are coming to town to vienna here, and that they seems to be a possibility that the opinion and see is the last chance to revive this deal, especially that there is no actually much left of the a period that was established for this deal. it was supposed to end up in about 2
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years from now, but the way the robbins have seen it is that there's been so much exhaustion from all parties and everyone needs to see a result of the year. the, the iranians need to see sanctions imposed by the u. s. letter, you know, been lifted to see actually benefits of this deal. and at the same time, the other side, the united states needs to see an implementation or regarding the nuclear program by the iranians mohammed man. and these and advisors, the radian delegation in vienna. he says the energy crisis is left western powers in a week and negotiating position. there are a number of issues. one is the crisis in europe and the high energy prices that the world is facing, the americans and europeans, desperately need more fuel and lower prices. there's also the fact that the russians and chinese have been improving their relations with iran, and iran has been improving its relations with both the europe, europe, and the united states on the relative decline. whereas non western countries,
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such as iran, china, russia on the rise. and if the europeans and americans waste more time, it's not going to be to their benefit, especially with the fries coming this winter. so the iranians, as they negotiated in good faith in 2015 and also a few months ago, they are willing to have a deal. they're willing to restart the nuclear deal, but the americans have to accept that day because of the violations that they committed in the past that they have to give you run the necessary assurances so that the iranians are not fooled again by the americans at the romance are not harmed again by some mac, some southern policy change in washington the 1st grain cargo ship to leave ukraine since the russian invasion has sailed through turkey's basra straight on its way to lebanon. earlier, a team of inspectors boarded the ship to check its cargo and documents. the ship is
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being monitored by the new joint coordination center. in the stumble, turkish, russian, ukrainian, and u. n. staff are taking part under deal signed last month. earlier i spoke to stefan de jody, the spokesman for the un secretary general. he says he expects more ships to be allowed to leave the ports in east and ukraine soon. i think it is very good news to have seen the pictures of a cargo ship carrying more than 26000 tons of corn make its way from odessa to the boss 1st and now on its way to lebanon. whereas we know it's a country so dependent on food imports, we are very realistic. i think we need to take things one day at a time, one step at a time. they are more than 25 ships in ukrainian harbors that need to make their way out. this of course, this deal will cover is intended to cover all ships going in and out of those of
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those harbors. but things are working and they're working well today. and i think we can only be, be moved by the images that we've seen coming out of, of his stumble today. the, the people who run odessa and the 2 other ports will need to let us know when they can take inbound traffic. obviously we're going to have to see some outbound traffic 1st, but we hope things will start moving at a quicker pace. soon. yelman's warring parties have agreed to extend the full month truce for 2 more months. just hours before it was due to expire. the un envoy m and said the pact between the government and who the rebels will now last until october, the 2nd, the announcement came hours after no mommy delegation concluded 3 days of talks with the healthy leadership. that's on yardage also spoke to us about the morning yemen. he says the extension of the truce shows commitment from rival factions. we
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want to see all the of all of the obligations and the promises made by the parties having to do with more oil, a coming in to who data more flights coming out of santa more roads. b, e. reopen, entire ease and other governor. it's a and it also gives us the space to try to expand the agreement with a view ultimately to reach a political agreement amongst the parties in yemen for sustainable peace. but this is really that this news is really good news for the, the women, the men and the children of yemen. the civilians who have endured years of conflict of bombings, of deprivation and of suffering. frankly. it's about being realistic and take things one step at a time. this is yet another, a extension of the truth. it's better than the alternative and any it shows that the parties are willing to continue to move in a positive, a direction. it them,
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it will to mad a lot of hard work from all the parties involved. also from are r u n. n. for mister greenberg, from a, from regional players, including oman. as you mentioned in your introduction, what, what all of us want to see is a peaceful yemen. and that with the way that's going to happen is threw up a sustainable political agreement. and that continues to be our goal. yes. how speak and nancy pelosi has ended her controversial visit to taiwan. america's 3rd most powerful politician was there for less than a day, stressing washington's support for the self rule territory. china had strongly warned against the trip. it's now begun military maneuvers around the island. i'm a jump, june reports for us. how speaker nancy pelosi, a high profile trip to taiwan, fraught with both complications and contradictions. america's 3rd most powerful
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politician, repeating washington's commitment to protect democracy on the self governed island, while also respecting beijing so called one china policy. today the world say says the choice between democracy and autocracy americans determination to preserve democracy. here in taiwan and around the world, we may iron clad, taiwanese president, sy, in when, who gave pelosi, one of the highest civilian honors, promised to defend the island from beijing's threats. since hello, aggression against democratic taiwan would have a tremendous impact on the security of the entire in the pacific. he, in facing deliberately heightened to military threats. ta one will not back down. we will firmly up, hold our nation sovereignty and continue to hold the line of defense for democracy . china, which considers taiwan a part of its territory, has said it once
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a peaceful reunification and views, policies visit has a direct provocation with her on the tie. one sighing wayne and her ilk a clinging to us and turning their backs on national justice. these behaviors that go against the trend of times will not change the international consensus of one china and will not change the historic trend that tie one will inevitably return to the motherland. those who play with fire will not come to a good end, and those who offend china will be punished. even during policies visit china's reaction was fast and furious. suspending imports and exports of several goods to and from taiwan, conducting joint air and sea live ammunition drills near taiwan. and summoning the u. s. ambassador in beijing pillows, his trip has come to an end. but with chinese american relations at such a low point, it's not clear yet what the long term repercussions of this visit will be momentum
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to him, i just didn't have a go. paula is the international editor of taiwan plus. she has the taiwanese of concerned about chinese, new economic restrictions and military activities. the people i want are used to china, aggressive language and posturing. but what is concerning them at the moment is one of those economic actions that the china has taken against taiwan batting a number of products, particularly agriculture, oil and food products. although china was quite careful not to buy the products the china does actually need. the 2 sides have very robust trade with china being i want the largest trading partner by the same time china needs tie wants for supply chains, rarely public goods and semiconductors. so there are businesses or smaller businesses here that which will be affected. on the other hand, there is also the specter of china imposing its military. mike,
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on taiwan and china is made that very clear by releasing a map of its plans of the large scale drill that it's planning to do from august 4th to the 7. then this map shows these live fire drills that are due to take place that even fly by possibly this i want their phase, which is unprecedented. that will be taking place during those day said that map is also shown that china drill to come very close and impede on time one territorial water is coming close to tie one soil, just about 16 kilometers the way. so people here and i want to watching is very closely and trying to make a sense of nancy pelosi. this is on the one hand, it's given time legitimacy. and one people have seen that that support from the us . but on the other hand, while it's huge on symbolism, they also feel that perhaps there could have been more substance to its top southeast asian diplomats are meeting in cambodia for the a g,
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an summit. security concerns, our top of the agenda may include the crisis in me and my intentions over taiwan. florence, lower reports from non pen. oh, asi and foreign ministers. i am pin on pen hoping to find solutions to deal with the crisis in myanmar. cambodian prime minister, who had sent in his opening remarks admitted the situation and military run myanmar can even be said to have deteriorated after last month's execution of 4 antique who activists canoga night. when the po, not the least there are. and the more prisoners who will be executed, then we will go through their, our roles in the grid, fight points. consensus oper, sheehan the audio. let peace plan was agreed in april last year. but since then, that's been little progress. myanmar, once again is absent from the meeting after audience members, bart, it's military appointed foreign minister from attending, extending the invite to
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a non political representative. instead. some diplomats have admitted myanmar absence at the regional meeting, may make it more difficult to find a solution. there's also pressure from civil rights groups and some members of parliament in asean countries for the organization to do more to resolve the situation in myanmar many have suggested it's time for us into engage with the national unity government. a shadow civilian government made up of those who oppose the con, myanmar will not be the only item on the agenda in panama pen. in the next few days, he taught diplomats from the us, russia, china, and other countries will also be here for minister meetings with their asi and colleagues. as in has to deal with challenges of different types and level but never before. never like this year. never like this moment how we've been confronted. at the same time with so many
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perils for the region and the world at large. russia's invasion of ukraine, tensions in the taiwan strait, the competition between the u. s. and china. these old matters that will occupy the delegates in the next few days. when florence lee al jazeera, cannot pen bother them, russian foreign minister, so gay lover of his paid an official visit to me in my head of his trip to nom pen to join the jan summit. moscow is a supporter of men, miles military government. leverage held talks with the military john to discuss security and economic issues. tony chang has more from bangkok on lab profs. visit sir gay lover of russia's foreign minister arrived in me among capital navy door on wednesday for talks with his counterpart. and he asserted that the relationship between mamma and russia was strong. there's a relationship that has got stronger since last year's military coup,
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which has seen high level delegations passing between mamma and russia, including the defense minutes to be invited to man was on forces day as the guest of honor. mamma has also seen in russia a seller of arms and weapons, including high powered jets, which it's using to fight against insurgents and rebels that oppose its rule. not only in the board areas, but also in central men. but it's a difficult time for me. i'm a foreign me to minister shem asha and have been meeting in the cambodian capital non pen the shoot statements suggesting the rejection of their 5 point piece plan to try and bring an ma back into the fold with the execution of 4 political prisons . a couple of weeks ago is unacceptable. mis elaborate will be visiting for non pen later in the week. may be in the rather strange position of carrying a message from your mas generals to their neighbors. german chancellor,
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allah shawl says there's no technical reason to delay the return of a gas turbine to russia for the north stream. one pipeline sholtes made the comment during a visit, the seamans energy sites in western germany. the turbine is being stored there after repairs and calendar. we have a speeches this got so much of what is important to me is to make it clear that this turbine can be used at any time. there is nothing to prevent its transport to russia, except that the russian buyers must inform us that they also want the turbine. the buyers must provide the necessary information for customs transferred to russia. indonesia and the us are holding their largest ever joint military exercises with more than 5000 personnel. taking part. this year's drills include additional participants, including japan, more than a dozen observing countries. i come at a time of heightened tension in the region. jessica, washing to report from south sumatra, indonesia,
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a show of unity and strength. indonesia and he went, had held annual military exercises for more than a decade. but this year is different, as the exercises expand to include other countries in asia pacific, earliest on thursday than region 14 and home govern for armies. military's at home to the other 2 to do this kind of buying training. and when we're together like this for stronger, we're going to war and we're better join partners. troops will participate in live fire exercises, medical training, search and rescue operations, amphibious exercises, and more. in its 16th iteration, the guru to shield exercises have expanded with its largest, ever roster of participants and a number of countries participating for the 1st time. japan is among those countries,
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including in paratrooper training here in south sumatra. australia and singapore are also taking part furniture and other countries, including france, south korea and india, are invited to observe the 2 week drills. the exercises are happening at a time of growing concerns among the us and its allies about china's military assertiveness on issues such as ty, one and the south china seen. they'd be willing to pull out the washington is trying to protect confidence in the existing international order food and take steps to help ensure it fully. because the u. s. neglected china's unilateral behavior for a very long time. and now they're making more of an effort to be able to respond militarily to china in that regard. indonesia is not a u. s. ally and as long pursuit of foreign policy which it describes as free and active. but it has also pushed back against china's maritime incursions into its waters. with journalists here asked the indonesian armed forces commander,
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undeclared, that a casa, whether the exercises were intended to send a message to beijing. so as i do not at all, we have always done this training if someone wants to read it that way. well, that's not our intention at all. these drills involving several countries will continue until mid august. jessica washington al jazeera but to roger indonesia. a volcano has erupted in iceland just southwest of the capital reykjavik, you're looking at pictures of molten magnets seeping up to the surface as the live pictures of the situation. there is the 1st time the volcanoes are opted since september was since then. pressure has been building up under the earth, that's what's causing the lava to burst through again. i, since authorities are monitoring the situation take you through the.


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