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ukraine, you, i bribes, you've been corrupt. i've been not corrupt. i did just what is it and see al jazeera investigations, the oligarchs august own out, is there one kenya, braces for a title contested votes. as the country goes to the poles and elections that will shape its future, the listening post examines and dissects the wealth media. how they operate to the stories they cover up to 5 years on the since me on mars, muslim minority were forced from the country. we look at the plight of the rocking . i'll just say we're well showcase is the best documentary from across the network, including a new 3 part series, the sixty's in the arab world. as protests continue following the swearing in the new president could sri lanka, economic and political crisis, lead to humanitarian 1 august, which is the era ah
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the rocky sheer leader mac tada l. santa demands fresh elections and calls on his supporters to continue the occupation of parliament. ah, i'm told mccrae this is al jazeera alive from dar ha. also coming up. you as president joe biden signs a 2nd executive order, making it easier for women seeking abortions to travel between states for the procedure. china ramps on military drills around taiwan and response to you as how speakin nancy pelosi visit to the islands and the 1st grain ship to leave. you cried since the russian invasion passes inspection and is stand bolt and heads to lebanon. ah,
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the rocks influential. she alida mac, tada al sada, is demanding in early election and has, has said dialogue with the government has proven to be futile. in a televised address, he urged his supporters to continue with this in the parliament building until the demands of mid southern block won the most seats in last year's parliamentary election. but there's been a political deadlock ever since. i've been shot barbara on hockey man, most of the people are tired of the ruling class, the whole of it, including some of those who belong to our block. therefore, take advantage of my presence and corruption, god willing, there will be no place for the old guard regardless of their affiliations, but this will happen 1st through a peaceful, revolutionary democratic process. second, an early democratic election should take place after dissolving the current parliament. dawson bowery has more now from baghdad. they share lead,
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are very defiant and determined and standing his ground. he put to rest. all speculations, ever ongoing. here, over the past few days that there was a lot of behind the scenes meetings taking place and that eventually he would join a dialogue process. but certainly that is not going to happen. as he said, what is critical now is whether or not the various other factions within the government will accept his call. and there is no really functioning government at the moment after the elections that were held last october. since will cut off souther instructed his m p, 's 73 of them to withdraw in june. the country has been in limbo. so the question now is whether the other side will accept the fact that there should be another election health. the next process that will come is the speaker of harlem. it would have to basically dissolve parliament and then they will have to announce new election. it is unclear what the other side that will be involved in this will have
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to say in the coming hours, we'll have to wait and see, but certainly most of us other standing his ground urging these protesters to continue. what he calls is a peaceful revolution that will eventually, hopefully get their demands. met the ordinary iraqis. we've been speaking to say they are tired of all these politicians and they're back and forth and their divisions. they just want to see their country back on its feet and the infrastructure to be funded properly, so they can get on with their daily lives. will fossil is true, body is director of the center for the study of the middle east at indiana university. he also served as a wrong deputy ambassador to the you when he joins us live from london now. thank you so much for joining us. festival. did so those comments come as a surprise to you and what are the chances he'll force an early election know the comments on not
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a surprise as your report or reported instructor, the $73.00 members of his parliamentary party to withdraw and they are all complied. they apparently thought that, but for some sort of deadlocks, in fact, under the rocky electoral system, whoever came in 2nd for those states was elevated, which is to say, it gave the other parliamentary parties. actually he did them a favor. so now he's trying to gain the system and it seems that the only thing he can think of us to call for new elections, which actually is not unreasonable 10 months after the elections in october. we still don't have government. and the democracy is, might well go to early elections, but of course the parliament would have to approve the dissolution of itself in order for us to go to new elections. what are the chances?
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do you think of that actually happening? not out of the question, not impossible, but i think it's when one of the flaws of the iraqi constitution is that the president, for instance, does not have the authority to dissolve parliament parliament or actually have to vote to dissolve itself. and you know, it happened before we had the early elections in october of 2021. that parliament prior fall a month. it does all of itself. but only after the political leaders thought they had sufficiently, sort of play with a new electoral laws to give themselves a leg up somewhere, right? some are wrong, but it's, it's hard to see parliament actually voting to dissolve itself anytime soon. but it's certainly possible. okay, well, if he's rejecting any dialogue,
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then how do you see this being resolved? is there any possibility of negotiations at this point? well, keep in mind those parliamentarians resign. he has no seats, and part of those seats have been filled. they are radically, if you could get the demonstrators out of the parliament building or a parliament met somewhere else. it could be like the government. they seem to be taking matters somebody out of order ordinarily a constitution, things to suggest or that the president be designated and voted on 1st the office of speaker, and then the prime minister. but there is a candidate who radically kept the confidence of parliament, at least as a prime minister designate to form a new cabinet in bath monster,
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the salo dealt himself out of parliament by through the resignation. so on the other hand, i would not be the 1st time that matter has reversed itself as a career of that since 2003. so it's entirely possible that bunker standing what he says. now, he may enter into negotiations. he is somewhat vote taught it in his speech, satta said he will not accept bloodshed, but reform cannot be achieved without sacrifice. so does that indicate that the protest codes may be potentially turned violent? well, unfortunately in iraq that is always possible. the remarkable thing is that as discourse is as if he has been outside the political process, he has been in the political process since 2005 at the very least. and he has himself engaged in violence. he has a militia that anger has engaged in violence from time to time, including,
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of course, during the 2000 circuit, 2006 civil war. and so, but his discourse of reform, he's speaking as if he's some outsider, one demanding reform. he has been, pardon, are so all the political class and iraqi has had parliamentarians since the, at the very least, the 1st parliament elected under the constitution. i'm an he is a, i suppose, in the eyes of many a part of the political elites. he is railing against, but he has the populace message and his resume within the circles in which he is already popular. a fight, a less trip audi. thank you so much for your time and your insight. it's my pleasure. thank you. were you, as president joe biden has signed a new executive order aimed at making it easier for women to travel between states to get an abortion? it's a sick and executive order on abortion,
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since the supreme court overturned the rosie, why decision? the guaranteed woman's right to the procedure, like hannah reports from the white house and other salvo in the battle to restore reproductive rights. the 1st meeting of a task force which will explore ways in which to restore a woman's right to choose and protect her. in the process, executive were made sure health care providers comply with federal loss. women don't face delays or denials, medically necessary care. and this executive order adventures, research and data collection to evaluate the impact of people dr. health crisis is having on to help and other health conditions. president biden signs and executive order director of the secretary of health to advance access to reproductive health care services. and we're going to continue forward, including, for example, and making sure medication. abortion is available to women throughout this country
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. and we won't stop. but the executive order is limited in scope. and president biden has long insisted that congress needs to pass legislation, restoring the rights embedded in roe. v wade. president biden says he'll support removing the filibuster in the senate in order to allow reproductive rights legislation to pass by a simple majority. this is described as a nuclear option, which president biden has generally opposed in the past in a possible sign of things to come, the head of november's midterm elections. the fight to restore reproductive rights was posted by a significant victory at state level. voters in the conservative state of kansas have rejected the measure that would have repealed the right to an abortion that had been part of the states constitution. they voted no, their neighbor, neighbor and no one came across the borders of cages. placene. this for the
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american people vote to preserve the protector right and refusal let them be ripped away by politicians and my administration has their back. the department of justice has also weighed in announcing that total through the state of idaho, which is one of the many in producing an abortion ban. in the wake of the supreme court decision. the contention that the state is contravene in a federal law that guarantees the right to emergency medical treatment. my kind of out 0, washington taiwan has scrambled just to warn off 27 chinese air craft sentenced to fin sewn. shortly after us house speaking, nancy pelosi ended her controversial visit to the island. america's 3rd most powerful politician was there for less than a day. stressing washington support for taiwan. in response, china's military is conducting
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a series of drills and 6 exclusions owns that surround ty, $13.00 of the zones overland areas. taiwan, sa, says a part of its territorial waters. the drills include long range live ammunition, shooting in the taiwan straits and china has warned all vessels to avoid the area for 72 hours. almost half the globe will contain a fleet passes through this waterway every year. mohammed gem june reports for us. how speaker nancy pelosi, a high profile trip to taiwan, fraught with both complications and contradictions. america's 3rd most powerful politician, repeating washington's commitment to protect democracy on the self governed island, while also respecting badging so called one china policy. today the world safe is the choice between democracy and autocracy. americans determination to preserve
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democracy. here in taiwan and around the world, we may iron clad, taiwanese president, sy, in when, who gave pelosi, one of the highest civilian honors, promised to defend the island from beijing's threats. mingled helen aggression against democratic taiwan would have a tremendous impact on the security of the entire in the pacific. the men facing deliberately heightened to military threats. ta one will not back down. we will firm yup, hold our nation sovereignty and continue to hold the line of defense for democracy . china, which considers taiwan a part of its territory, has said it wants a peaceful reunification and views, policies visit as a direct provocation repair under ty, one sighing wayne and her ilk a clinging to us and turning their backs on national justice. these behaviors that go against the trend of times co will not change the international consensus of one china and will not change the historic trend that tie one will inevitably return to
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the motherland. those who play with fire will not come to a good end. and those who offend china will be punished. even during policies visit china's reaction was fast and furious. suspending imports and exports of several goods to and from taiwan, conducting joint air and sea live ammunition drills near taiwan. and summoning the u. s. ambassador in beijing, policies trip has come to an end, but with chinese american relations at such a low point, it's not clear yet what the long term repercussions of this visit will be. momentum job as it still ahead on al jazeera talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal, a cit to resume in vienna and an unprecedented for country bid to host the fifo will come ah
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hey, there, good to be with you here, sir. headlines for the america, as it said down forecast for the pacific northwest and western canada. we've got a big divide between cooler air and hotter air. look at saskatoon at 38 heat being pumped up through montana. so billings has a high of 30 degrees on thursday. okay, it's our usual moisture mon sooner moisture through the desert southwest, which we would expect to see this time the year. and here's an update on that rain for kentucky's. i've stopped the shot here. this is on thursday, pretty heavy rainfall through missouri. it's going to clip western kentucky move in to missouri, and we've also got some rain ramping up for our louisiana around the new orleans area, some high temperatures for that east coast of the u. s. boston at 38, then we've got a line of some storm. so that's gonna flush out the heat and humidity around the
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great lakes had seen some flooding in honduras, says still get the showers, but for the capitol region to gucci gilba. i think it's going to be dry with a high of 27 degrees, persistent rain through that pacific coast of columbia and we've got a cold front sweeping across. so it's knocked down the temperatures in asencion porto la. great. you're next. do go from 22 degrees down to 17 degrees on friday, that you're up, they will soon. ah, the 19th sixty's was a period of change around the world, including the middle east and north africa. and we tween to the fair and democratic society between different revolution. the 1st of a 3 part series, i'll just say, well excludes the regional events, people and forces that shake the decade with our dreams were many we started with great dreams, ended up with sat, sat in the sixty's in the politics on out his era. lou
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ah, you're watching ill, just hear a reminder of our top stories, the salad, the wrong influential sheely to mac ta ta l. sata is demanding an early election and dismissed any dialogue with the government in a televised address. urge to supporters to continue their sit in parliament until the demands and meet us president joe biden has signed a new executive order aimed at making it easier for women to travel between states to get an abortion. in june, the supreme court returned to landmark ruling, but guaranteed
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a woman's right to the procedure. china has begun military exercises around taiwan just hours on the u. s. l speaking nancy pelosi ended her controversial visit to the island. beijing had warmed the us of serious consequences. if the trip went to hit russian foreign minister sig, i left for all for has paid an official visit to me in march ahead of his trip to cambodia to join a meeting of southeast asian foreign ministers. moscow is a supporter of mean mass military government leverage held talks with the june to late is to discuss security and economic issues. and sort of theory to reserve from so few prime minister your government to normalize on the delay the situation. young. we know that you're planning next year to have a parliamentary elections sung though we, we shall, success in promoting your country in making your country stronger and
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more efficient of the crisis and me and my intentions and the taiwan stroke are some of the issues being discussed at the asi, on meeting in cambodia, mean most foreign minister has not been invited. florence louis reports from phantom pen. oh, assay and foreign ministers. i am pin on pen hoping to find solutions to deal with the crisis in myanmar. cambodian prime minister, who had sent in his opening remarks admitted the situation in military run myanmar can even be said to have deteriorated after last one's execution of 4 antique who activists mancha night. linda thought not the least there are. and the more prisoners of who will be executed, then we will go to their, our roles, the agreed fight points, consensus oper, sheehan. the axiom. let peace plan was agreed in april last year. but since then, that's been little progress. myanmar, once again is absent from the meeting. after hours in members bought its military
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appointed foreign minister from attending, extending the invite to a non political representative. instead. some diplomats have admitted myanmar absence at the regional meeting. may make it more difficult to find a solution. there's also pressure from civil rights groups and some members of parliament n, as in countries for the organization. to do more to resolve the situation in myanmar many have suggested it's time for us in to engage with the national unity government. a shadow civilian government made up of those who oppose the con, myanmar will not be the only item on the agenda in pen on pen. in the next few days, he taught diplomats from the us, russia, china, and other countries will also be here for minister meetings with their asi and colleagues. as in has to deal with challenges of different types and level but never before. never like this year. never like this
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moment how we been confronted. at the same time were so many parallels for the region and the world at large rushes invasion of ukraine. tensions in the taiwan strait. the competition between the u. s. and china . these all matters that will occupy the delegates in the next few days. when florence lee al jazeera and on pen the 1st grain ship to leave a ukrainian port, since russia's invasion has passed the boss for a strike. it said our founder, a deal broken by turkey in the you, when that aims to allow the export of millions of tons of grain and ease the global food crisis. the mays shipments lift the port of odessa on monday, before docking at the mouth of the boss for us on tuesday night. it will now travel on to live and on a country which imported most of its grain from ukraine before the war began. earlier, a team of inspectors boarded the vessel to chick its cargo and documents so named
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conceal glue reports from istanbul, final inspection for the sierra leon flagship carrying ukrainian grain. it sat into lebanon where there has been foot shortages and high prices for months. russian, ukrainian, turkish, and un officials check the cargo while the ship docked in a stumble. they're part of the joint coordination center that was set up here after a deal to resume ukrainian grain exports last month. the most, who had been, ah, a nation state. oh, with respect to the graham's torch, which was a shortage is lebanon, a to one percent off grains? depending on the ukrainian grains, carrying nearly $27000.00 tons of corn, the ship to 4 to the ukrainian port for best on monday, an estimated 20000000 tons of grain, husband stock in ukraine since the start of war. this ship behind me is not the 1st
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commercial vessel to transfer. you queen strapped grains to one to 5 month war, but it's also find the un brokerage green deal sign last month is working. hundreds of ships will now follow the same route and method. plaque sport, ukrainian grain, and fertilizer. 2 is global food shortage. u. n. a turkish official hope the agreements can lead to a cease fire between russia and ukraine. the vessels journey along the newly established maritime home and tearing corey door in the black sea has been a complex but historical achievement for the joint coordination center. but for your current president, follow them are zalinski. it's more complicated is as they should done, thanks to the you and partnership with turkey. we've had the 1st ship delivery of grant best, but it's still nothing. we hope it's a tendency that will continue. the cast courses of this were,
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are horrible. not only for ukraine, but for the warranty. now it's good to go for the ship carrying critical foots of life. it cross turkeys boss for straight, and heading towards the mediterranean 3 ports. and ukraine are due to resume the export of millions more towards the wheat corn and other crops. the am counselor al jazeera assemble, the world's major oil exporters have responded to months of diplomatic efforts from you as president joe biden, with one of the smallest oil production increases in the groups history. opec plus a $23.00 nation alliance will add only $100000.00 barrels a day of oil in september. the increase is equivalent to 0 point one percent of global demand. president biden used his recent trip to saudi arabia to ask, go pick to pump more oil. as prices surged in the us while talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear dealer due to resume in v in or on thursday. after months of
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a stalemate, though the year says its expectations are and chick, the us special envoy for iran. robert melee is heading to the austrian capital for the discussions. to run in washington have been holding indirect negotiations to try to revive the deal. it broke down in 2018 when the us under president donald trump pulled out. who mohammed mirandi is an advisor to the iranian delegation in vienna. he says the energy crisis has left western powers in a week in negotiating position. there are a number of issues. one is the crisis in europe and the high energy prices that the world is facing, the americans and europeans, desperately need more fuel and lower prices. there's also the fact that the russians and chinese have been improving their relations with iran, and iran has been improving its relations with both the europe, europe,
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and the united states on the relative decline. whereas non western countries, such as iran, china, russia on the rise. and if the europeans and americans waste more time, it's not going to be to their benefit, especially with the fries coming this winter. so the iranians, as they negotiated in good faith in 2015 and also a few months ago, they are willing to have a deal. they're willing to restart the nuclear deal, but the americans have to accept that day because of the violations that they committed in the past that they have to give you run the necessary assurances so that the iranians are not fooled again by the americans. that the iranians are not harmed again by some mac. some southern policy change in washington. chill anchors new president has announced a 25 year plan to cut public debt as the country seeks to recover from a crippling economic crisis. rental with from a sing, a told parliament,
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his government is negotiating with the international monetary fund for a full year bail out plan. he says it will take trill anchor at least 25 years to rebuild a competitive economy. last month, former leader got a buyer. roger poxy resigned after weeks of mess protests against corruption in shortages of essential imports such as fuel and medicine. adap. i'm one of their ne, today we are facing an unprecedented situation that our country has never experienced in its recent history and we are in great danger. we, the country can escape from the danger. and if we all faced this challenge together as one people, it is vital that the honorable members of this parliament, as well as the entire population contribute towards the efforts of nation building . the expectations of citizens of this time is for all of their representatives in parliament to work together in order to build the country with uruguay, argentina, chile, and paraguay. i have launched a joint bid to host the fif,
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a world cup and 2030. they want to bring the tournament back to where it all began nearly a century ago. david stokes reports the scenario stadium in montevideo hosted the 1st ever well cup final in 1930 with house uruguay becoming the 1st world champions . now uruguay is teaming up with argentina, paraguayan chile to host the 2030 world cup. so that 100 years on they can bring the tournament home, is who in a jewelry, it will be the jubilee, the celebration of 100 years in the place where it all began, where they had the guts, the bravery, the courage, the intelligence and the effort to stop things up. the unprecedented full country bed is called hunters 2030, which means together 2030. all the countries except paraguay have previously hosted the tournament individually. they'd be working for more than 3 years to get this bit off the ground, alongside south america's football, governing body, coma, bowl,
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and ethic. on the other, i can point the thumb with this joint bid marking a 100 years. we believe that it is very important and deserving that the world recognizes that south america has contributed and continues to contribute to world football, nickel knock at the little. if successful the tournament could not be more different to the one held a century ago. in 1930 there were only 13 teams and the whole thing was played in the same city and just 3 stadiums in 2030. that will be 48 themes with around 15 stadiums used across the 4 countries. fee for expect a decision on the hosting rights within 2 years. but there will be competition. romania, greece, bulgarian, serbia, also lining up a full country bid. there's a joint bid from spain and portugal. and morocco was trying to become the 2nd african country to host the tournament. it's still 8 years away though while cats are 2022.


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