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throwing out as they were well, showcase is the best documentary from across the network, including a new 3 part series, the sixty's in the arab world. as progressed, continue following the swearing in the new president could sri lanka, economic and political crisis lead to humanitarian 1 august, which is the era i'm russell beard in southern england, where 2 farmers turn safari park pioneers, a bits the attractive nature in the driving seat. i was just absolutely astonishing the life that port back even that very 1st summer. and i'm again, sophia santiago, chile when one by your mirroring company is revolutionizing to put the thing you think fund an artificial intelligence. here inside, you have science, you have a technology that price on it, which is 0. a
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a rocky sheer politician looked at the al serra demands of fresh elections saying supporters should continue their occupation of parliament. ah, hello there, i'm the start the attain. this is our 0 life. also coming up, u. s. president joe biden signs a 2nd executive order, making it easier for women to travel between states for an abortion. china ramped up military drills round taiwan after us. how speak and nancy pelosi visit the island and southeast asia nations express their growing concerned and the 1st grain ship to leave ukraine. since the russian invasion passes inspection and assemble the next up 11th. ah,
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no rocks influential, she a politician, look better, asada is demanding an early election. he says dialogue with the government has proven to be futile. he delivered a televised address urging his supporters to continue assistant parliament until their demands on that saturday block won the most seats in last year's parliamentary election. but has been a political deadlock ever since been the need audi? don't who all i am not willing to engage in dialogue. we have just to dialogue with them before and gain nothing but corruption and harper, despite their empty promises and gestures, promises have not been fulfilled by i will not approve of bloodshed, but to reform could not be achieved without sacrifice. and also jibari has more now from baghdad. they here lead are very defiant and determined and standing his ground. he put to rest all speculations ever ongoing. here, over the past few days that there was
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a lot of behind the scenes meetings taking place and that eventually he would join a dialogue process. but certainly that is not going to happen. as he said, what is critical now is whether or not the various other factions within the government will accept his call. and there is no really functioning government at the moment after the elections that were held last october. since they're all souther instructed his m p. 's 73 of them to withdraw in june. the country has been in limbo. so the question now is whether the other side will accept the fact that there should be another election health. the next process that will come is the speaker of parliament would have to basically dissolve parliament. and then they will have to announce new election. it is unclear what the other side that will be involved in this will have to say in the coming hours, we'll have to wait and see, but certainly most southern standing his ground urging these protesters to continue . what he calls is a peaceful revolution that will eventually,
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hopefully get their demands. met the ordinary iraqis. we've been speaking to say they are tired of all these politicians and they're back and forth and their divisions. they just want to see their country back on its feet and the infrastructure to be funded properly so they can get on with their daily lives. taiwan has scrambled jets to warn off at $27.00 chinese aircraft in its defense and the move comes after us. how speaking nancy pelosi ended had a controversial visit to the island america. the 3rd most powerful politician was there for less than a de stressing washington support for taiwan on china's military responded, conducting a series of drills and 6 exclusions owns that surround taiwan. 3 of those urns overlap areas that taiwan says a part of its toil waters. the drills include long range live ammunition shooting in the taiwan straits. china has warned all vessels to avoid the area for 72 hours . now,
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almost half the global container feet passes through that waterway every year. what policies visit is posing new questions about china's relationship with the us, managing reports for us, how speaker nancy pelosi, a high profile trip to taiwan, fraught with both complications and contradictions. america's 3rd most powerful politician, repeating washington's commitment to protect democracy on the self governed island, while also respecting beijing so called one china policy. today, the world say says the choice between democracy and autocracy. america's determination to preserve democracy here in taiwan and around the world remains iron clad. taiwanese president citing when who gave pelosi, one of the highest civilian honors, promised to defend the island from beijing's threats. since hello,
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aggression against democratic taiwan would have a tremendous impact on the security of the entire into pacific. the man facing deliberately heightened to military threats. ta one will not back down. we will firm yup, hold on nation sovereignty and continue to hold the line of defense for democracy. china, which considers taiwan a part of its territory, has said it once a peaceful reunification and views, policies visit as a direct provocation with her wonder tie one sighing wayne and her ilk a clinging to us and turning their backs on national justice. these behaviors that go against the trend of times will not change the international consensus of one china and will not change the historic trend that tie one will inevitably return to the motherland. those who play with fire will not come to a good end, and those who offend china will be punished. even during policies visit china's reaction was fast and furious. suspending imports and exports of several goods to
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and from taiwan, conducting joint air and sea live ammunition drills near taiwan. and summoning the u. s. ambassador in beijing pelosi strip has come to an end. but with chinese american relations at such a low point, it's not clear yet what the long term repercussions of this visit will be. mamma, jim durham as yet. while patrick falk is a journalist based and beijing, and he says, china is cooling these drills unprecedented. while the mother to provocations are far from over, remember, china begins live drills and 6 areas surrounding taiwan to day, effectively encircling the island and demonstrating china's ability to overwhelm it . so i want to fence ministry has criticized move, calling it effectively a thi and air blockade. but one of the reasons why this is happening today and the say is because as we know nancy pelosi has now left the islands and try to wanted
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to avoid direct confrontation with the u. s. but it's difficult to say just how far beijing might push the envelope of assertiveness towards taiwan. and that something we're going to be watching very closely today. china has described these drills, including the drills that we've already seen as being unprecedented. and officials quoted in state me to day said that they were to demonstrate a war plan rehearsal and also to show the u. s. in taiwan. the consequences of further provocation. chinese analysts quoted in state media also said that the fact that china did not intercept nancy pelosi, his flight was not a sign of failure. but instead this is being used as an opportunity to progress the goal of reunification or pelosi is now in south korea. and she said to meet with speak at that country's national assembly and chang is tracking the story for us
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from bangkok. tony, after all, as the can try to see the last few days play see is now missing more traditional formal. you have allies indeed, and i think the fact that she's not getting the kind of attention she's had in the last 24 hours will be a relief to her. and to the extent to her south korean hosts today, she's as you said, you to meet the speaker of the house and they will release a joint statement we understand later on they probably touching on human rights issues looking across the border into the d. p. k. it was thought she wasn't going to have any communication with president you and he's on vacation at the moment. it was yesterday evening. there nouns there would be a phone call today. south korea is foreign minister is down in nor meant 10 to the meeting. so i think to a certain extent, the south koreans a, quite pleased that this is really just a visit, a full mouth. she will visit the dns z,
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the exclusion zone between north and south korea later on today. but really, this is about 4 minutes, is the south koreans a keen, not, of course, not to stir up too much control the control the sea, particularly after the time one visit china remains then number one trading partner . and yet they are still a very close ally, both economically and militarily of the united states. so i don't think they want to be embroiled any further in this. nancy pelosi, i think also keen not to stir up too much fast after the taiwan visit. but she will go on later today to japan, where she'll probably have rather more substantial talks. she said you'll to meet prime minister because she there in tokyo. and there's going to be the final chip of the visit, but also whether she'll probably do slightly more substantive business than she's doing. and so today, tiny chang there for us following that visit for us from bangkok. thank you tony.
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well, in the wake of nancy pelosi taiwan trip, a foreign ministers from the association of southeast asian nations have expressed concern about the possibility of open conflict between major powers, delegates from the 10 member r c. and group holding talks at the moment in cambodia as capital minister say they're concerned volatility could lead to miscalculations and the region and their aging maximum restraint. well, let's bring in florence louis. you joins us live now front and on pen. i flew a lot on the agenda there, but all eyes on what's happening in seas around taiwan, presumably absolutely. in countries, in se asia are concerned what's happening in the taiwan strait. good phil over to the region and we've heard the are the in foreign ministers issue a statement saying, but they are concerned about the volatility that could lead to miscalculation that miscalculation means that there is a risk of conflict, a risk of confrontation, and urging maximum restraint. in the saying that they are ready to play a role in facilitating dialogue. now, all of that, of course,
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is taking place against the backdrop of a long standing territorial dispute in the south china sea, where several member states of ozzy and have overlapping claims with china. now, you know, we've seen china use increasingly aggressive tactic in the last few years to take its claim. and that has led to confrontations with, for example, the philippines, vietnam in the past 9 that causes concern that member takes. don't want to see that happening and southeast asian country want to have a unified code of conduct, but that's proving to be quite difficult to achieve. member states, non claim and member states have been accused of fighting with china in the past. for example, cambodia, when it was the host last year, the last time 10 years ago, it was the 1st time that the member states were not able to agree on a final joint communicate number. things are keen to not see that happening again now and add to that mix is the us with it pivot to asia as glad commitment of one
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thing to keep the indo pacific region we open its use of its conduct of freedom of navigation operation in the south china sea to make that point something that china has become increasingly vocal about that. now all of those things are going to be on the agenda at these meetings, in pet and flow more control the see on the agenda to with who hasn't been invited to the meeting that that's right. so there's one very notice that noticeably empty chair, and that's the one longing to myanmar. now the member states have not extended an invitation to me on most foreign minister, but because of my failure to implement and are the in that piece, black, it has said that man, my can send and non political representative, but on. but my has refused to do so. now, me on my of course, a problem. a crisis for the region because of the humanitarian quite says that the military will have killed more than 2000 people according to
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a civil rights organization. more than 11000 people have been detained or have been sentenced since the coo last year. and the member states agree that there is a problem, but they can't seem to agree on the way to move forward. down. there is some sort of agreement that the piece plan didn't agree to in april last year doesn't seem to be working, but member states competing to agree on how to move forward now about coal for aren't into engage with the national unity government of me on my that's a shadow civilian government, but there is no unity on that matter. and of course, complicating the issue is the support that non life getting from other authoritarian countries. china and russia and russia made a very point to show of that support by having its foreign minister so gay lover of visit the capital nathan and hold a meeting with military june to lead at min bang. just the day before flying through the at those i see on meetings for some on pen. thank you so much for well,
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as france was just saying, russian foreign minister elaborate has paid an official visit to mamma ahead of his trip to cambodia to join those us in meetings. elaborate how talks with the military gentle discussing security and economic issues. russia has supported the country's rulers since they seized power last year. a solid. there is a reserve for it. so feel brendan is still your government to normalize all the lawyers, the situation young. we know that you're planning next year to have fallen through election so we, we shall success in promoting your country in making your country stronger and more efficient. stella had here on out as in giving word by politicians ahead of the general election, but many young canyons may not those and where there's smoke, there is a red hot lava. a volcano has erupted in iceland and officials are now wanting people to avoid the area. ah,
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with hey there, good to be with you. here's her headlines for the america, as it said, down forecast for the pacific northwest and western canada. we've got a big divide between cooler air and hotter air. look at saskatoon at 38 heat being pumped up through montana. so billings has a high of 30 degrees on thursday. okay. it's our usual moister mon sooner moisture through the desert southwest, which we would expect to see this time the year. and here's an update on that rain for kentucky's. i've stopped the shot here. this is on thursday, pretty heavy rainfall through missouri. it's going to clip western kentucky move in to missouri, and we've also got some rain ramping up for our louisiana around the new orleans area, some high temperatures for that east coast of the u. s. boston at 38. then we've got a line of some storm,
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so that's going to flush out the heat and humidity around the great lakes. had seen some flooding in honduras says still getting his showers, but for the capitol region to gucci gilba. i think it's going to be dry with a high of 27 degrees. persistent rain through that pacific coast of columbia and we've got a call front sweeping across. so it's knocked down the temperatures in asencion porto like great your next you go from 22 degrees down to 17 degrees on friday. that sharp they will cease him. ah, no place. and so i gone with say the press retreated of the car about a media hub and vital vantage point. during the 1st truly televised war from the roof, we could see the vacuum at the american embassy, where the most iconic images of the conflict of vietnam were transmitted to the world. this was the front row sheet to the final stages of the war cycle and
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caravel war hotels. on l. g 0, lou ah, ah, hello there, i'm associate a in durham that's remind you about top stories here. this are iraq's influential sheerly. them locked out, outsider is demanding an early election, dismissing any dialogue with the government, father urged his supporters to continue the assistant parliament until their demands on china has been conducting military exercises around taiwan. the drills began on wednesday when you asked how speak and nancy pelosi visit the island aging had warned the u. s. of serious consequences. if trip went ahead and south east
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asian block, austin has now expressed its concern about volatility in the region. while you, as president joe biden has signed a new executive order on abortion, the move could make it easy for women to travel between states to get the procedure . it's biden's 2nd executive order on abortion, since the supreme court overturned the roe v wade decision. that ruling protected the right to terminate a pregnancy for nearly 50 years. mike, hannah reports now from the white house. another salvo in the battle to restore reproductive rights. the 1st meeting of a task force which will explore ways in which to restore a woman's right to choose and protect her. in the process, executive were made sure health care providers comply with federal loss. women don't face delays or denials, medically necessary care. this executive order advances research and data collection to evaluate the impact of this dr. health crisis is having on to hell and other health conditions. president biden signs and executive order
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director of the secretary of health to advance access to reproductive health care services. and we're going to continue forward, including, for example, in making sure medication, abortion is available to women throughout this country. and we won't stop. but the executive order is limited in scope. and president biden has long insisted that congress needs to pass legislation, restoring the rights embedded in roe. v wade. president biden says he'll support removing the filibuster in the senate in order to allow reproductive rights legislation to pass by a simple majority. this is described as a nuclear option, which president biden has generally opposed in the past in a possible sign of things to come, the head of november's midterm elections. the fight to restore reproductive rights was posted by
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a significant victory at state level. voters in the conservative state of kansas have rejected the measure that would have repealed the right to an abortion that had been part of the states constitution. they voted no particular neighbor and no one can. you make up the voters of cases of publishing. this for the american people vote to preserve and protect the rights and refuse to let them be ripped away by competitions. and my administration has their back. the department of justice has also weighed in announcing that total through the state of idaho, which is one of the many in producing an abortion ban. in the wake of the supreme court decision. the contention that the state is contra beating a federal law that guarantees the right to emergency medical treatment. my kind of, ouch is era washington, now the 1st grain cargo ship to leave ukraine since the russian invasion is now
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heading to lebanon. a team of inspectors boarded that vessel and turkey checking the cargo and documents on wednesday for them cause we already report now from a stumble. the final inspection for the sierra leone flagship carrying ukrainian grain its had into lebanon, whether its been foot shortages and high prices for month, rush and ukrainian, turkish and un officials check the cargo while the ship docked and assemble there part of the joint coordination center. that was set up here after a deal to resume ukrainian grain exports last month. the most had our nation state with respect to the graham's topic. a short, a shortage is 1181 percent off grains depending on the ukrainian grains, carrying nearly $27000.00 tons of corn, the ship to 4 to the ukrainian port for best on monday,
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an estimated 20000000 tons of grain husband stock in ukraine since the start of war . this ship behind me is not the 1st commercial vessel to transfer ukraine's trapped grains to want the 5 month war. but it's also find the un brokerage green deal sign last month is working. hundreds of ships will now follow the same route and method to export ukrainian grain and fertilizer for he is global foot shortage . u. n. a turkish official hope the agreements can lead to a cease fire between russia and ukraine. the vessels journey along the newly established maritime home. and terry cory door in the black sea has been a complex but historical achievement for the joint coordination center. but for your queens president, follow them are zelinski. it's more complicated. yes, this should done thanks to the you in partnership with turkey. we've heard the 1st ship delivery of grant wish, but it's still nothing. we hope it's
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a tendency that will continue the course. courses of this war are horrible. not only for ukraine, but for the war me. now it's good to go for the ship carrying critical foot supplies. it crossed turkey's boss for straight and heading towards the mediterranean 3 ports. and ukraine are due to resume the export of millions more towards a, wheat corn, and other crops, c, m. q, sulu al jazeera is stumble while meanwhile, british intelligence says a ukrainian strike could disrupt russia's operations near hassan. the strike hit a train that was reportedly carrying ammunition and intelligence officials say the rail tracks have also probably been damaged. that railway is used to ferry arms and to russian. occupied cassandra from crimea. the u. k says, there's a strong chance that moscow will repair it in a few days, but russian forces and near sip, my roots will be vulnerable. in the mean time, russian forces have continued to target ukraine, southern port city of mich alive. and the eastern region of dawn,
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yet moscow says its forces have destroyed for warehouses, storing rockets, artillery and ammunition. but nigger lives mer, says russian stripes destroyed a supermarket and damaged a residential building. the city is a strategically important site ordering the russian occupied hassan region. now talks to revive the 2015 around nuclear deal are due to resume in vienna on thursday. officials will meet after stalemate lasting months, but the u. s. says it's expectations are in check. the u. s. special envoy for iran, robert malley is heading to the austrian capital for those discussions. to iran and washington have been holding indirect negotiations in a bid to revive the deal. it broke down and 2018 when the u. s. pulled out under president donald trump all the worlds major oil exporters have responded to months of diplomatic efforts from the u. s. with one of the smallest production increases in their history. the $23.00 nation opec class will add only a $100000.00 barrels
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a day in september that increases equivalent to 0 point one percent of global demand. president biden used as recent trip to saudi arabia to ask opec to pump more oil. that's as fuel prices surged in the us. well, meanwhile, germany's chancellor is looking for answers as he tries to avoid a difficult winter. russia reduced gas flows to europe through the north stream, one pipeline last month. it. it cited a problem with a turbine. that turbine is being stored in western germany after it was repaired and canada. moscow says it's waiting for documentation before it can import the equipment, but shalt says there is no technical reason to delay its return to russia. germany it relies on russia from much of its natural gas at one point buying a 40 percent from moscow was me, a vicious, is glad to mock and us. what is important to me is to make it clear that this turbine can be used at any time. there is nothing to prevent its transport to russia. buffalo, except that the russian buyers must inform us that they also want the turbine. the
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buyers must provide the necessary information for costumes transport to russia to look well un secretary general, antonio gutierrez says, oil and gas vans should not be allowed to make huge profits, as people face rocketing energy bills. he, once governments diff, to tax corporate profits and use that money to help those in need. it is immoral for oil and gas companies to be making records profits from des, energy crisis on the beck of good borders to people and communities. and that the massive cost to the climates, the combined profits of the largest energy companies in the 1st quarter, the vizier, are close to $100000000000.00 us dollars. i urge all governments to tax these excessive profits and used the funds to support the most vulnerable people through these difficult times. now shall anchors, new president has announced a 25 year plan to cut public debt as the country tries to recover from
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a crippling economic crisis. many other grimacing had told parliament his government is negotiating with the international monetary fund for a 4 year ban. our plan, he says it will take me like at least 25 years to rebuild a competitive economy. last month, formerly it had got to buy a roger box or resigned after weeks of mass protests against corruption and shortages of fuel and medicine. well can years elections are less than a week away, but many young people have not even registered to vote. some are disillusioned with politics and more concerned about making a living. as catherine's where reports now from nairobi, canyons in ne ruby's industrial area are rushing to beat the evening rush hour. a majority of them are casual laborers looking for jobs. some left early in the morning. many will walk home having aunt no money. the composition here is about the upcoming general election. some young people say they're still undecided
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with a slightly closet eager. i'm not would have been, i'm angry. we are hustling. they say they want to help us. they say this all the time said yes, without the change, we want to change. nothing has changed yet. we need to change or to change. more than 22000000 painters have registered to vote. most of them are young, but they are also frustrated. they say they have new jobs, the cost of living is unbearable and they don't trust politicians. those buying for electoral positions have been trying to woo young people with lofty promises. no, re my walk or runs a non profit organization that helps young people to get involved in politics. nearly some are making an effort. others say they're not bull that the major to coalitions. they have very similar because they focus on the economy a lot. so they both focus on the economy, they were focused on agriculture,
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they both focus on social welfare. they might use different methods or avenues. but a lot of them when we need a lot of money. so a lot of youth are concerned about where you going to get those resources to pull suggested to presidential frontrunners opposition leader. i low dinger and the deputy president william router who have made promises to the youth in the past. so our politics is not delivering to people is not putting money in their pockets is not giving them a sense of security about their future. ah, they, and they don't believe the politicians. they feel that there's a game being bullied by these big guys. medical doesn't produce up there and that's not all is a healthy thing. ah, people we have talked to say they want to leaders who will make their life easier, but they also express doubt it will happen.


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