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you as how speaker nancy pelosi says the foundations of america's relationship with south korea. i'll stall on several levels. she's meeting with officials that one day off to a controversial visit to taiwan. ah, hello there, i'm to start the italian. this is al jazeera life and also coming on a rocky, she, a politician, looked outsider, demons, fresh elections, saying supporters should continue their occupation of parliament. us president joe biden signs a 2nd executive order, making it easier for women to travel between states, french portion, and the 1st grain ship to leave ukraine since the russian invasion process inspection and a sample. the next stop is lebanon. ah,
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ah, you as how speaker nancy pelosi is currently in, sol, her talks with south korean officials, one day after a visit to taiwan, that is stoked tensions with china. she'll reportedly was that the, the demilitarized zone on the border with north korea, for lucy's tour of asia is also included stops and singapore and malaysia. it will end in japan. she's that to discuss regional security and economic cooperation. while she's in south korea. and my friends that when we come and travel as the delegation are $3000000.00 pillars or security economics and governance in all 3 of those areas. the you with self career u. s. career relationship is very strong. and tony chang is in bangkok with more on the talks between pelosi and no south korean officials. it wasn't expected that she would see a president yoon on this trip is on holiday. but it was announced yesterday evening
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. they would exchange a phone call. south korea's foreign minister is at the and meeting him non pin. but i think that in some ways is an advantage for the south koreans. they have been slightly caught out by the controversy regarding the taiwan visit. their keen not to offend the chinese who remain their largest trading partners, but they are also a very strong ally of the united states. there are u. s. forces based in south korea and they remain a i think, very close in that respect. so i think to a certain extent, this trip by nancy pelosi, what she couldn't come to this part of asia without visiting south korea. she is doing that. she'll be on her way or to tokyo later this evening. but i think the most substantial part of this trip that remains will be done in tokyo when she meets prime minister, cuz she did to morrow. interesting also to note that nancy pelosi will be the 1st or the highest level us official to visit the demilitarized zone between north and
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south korea. since donald trump did it in 2019. and i think that it also illustrates just what a change there is in policy or regarding the trump administration, the by the administration of trump. but put very the dpr k, very much at the top of his foreign policy, a gender in asia. there were those 2 summits or where he at, she met kim duncan, but there's been, it's been much quieter under the bi biden administration. i mean, while a senior chinese diplomat has described nancy, place his visit to taiwan as planned and provocative. meanwhile, taiwan has scrambled jets to one of 27 chinese aircraft in its defense zone. now because at that most powerful politician was there for less than a day, stressing washington support for taiwan. china's military has responded conducting a serious address and fixed exclude zones that surrounds ty, 13 of the zones overlap areas that taiwan says a part of its territorial waters. the drills include long range live ammunition
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shooting in the taiwan straits. china has warned all vessels to avoid that area for 72 hours. almost half the global container feet though it passes through that walked away every year. well, percy's visitors, posing new questions about china's relationship with the u. s. manage, i'm jim reports. for us. how speaker nancy pelosi, a high profile trip to taiwan, fraught with both complications and contradictions. america's 3rd most powerful politician, repeating washington's commitment to protect democracy on the self governed island, while also respecting beijing so called one china policy. today the world's face is the choice between democracy and autocracy. americans determination to preserve democracy. here in taiwan and around the world remains iron clad. taiwanese president citing when who gave pelosi,
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one of the highest civilian honors, promised to defend the island from beijing's threats. since hello, aggression against democratic taiwan would have a tremendous impact on the security of the entire in the pacific. the man facing deliberately heightened to military threats. ta one will not back down. we will firmly up, hold on nation sovereignty and continue to hold the line of defense for democracy. china, which considers taiwan a part of its territory, has said it once a peaceful reunification and views, policies visit as a direct provocation. oh, okay. one, tie, one sighing wayne and her ilk according to the us and turning their backs on national justice. these behaviors that go against the trend of times will not change the international consensus of one china and will not change the historic trend that tie one will inevitably return to the motherland. those who play with fire will not come to a good end,
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and those who offend china will be punished. even during policies visit china's reaction was fast and furious. suspending imports and exports of several goods to and from taiwan, conducting joint air and sea live ammunition drills near taiwan. and summoning the u. s. ambassador in beijing, policies trip has come to an end. but with chinese american relations at such a low point, it's not clear yet what the long term repercussions of this visit will be momentum job as it oh, there is ng has in the last allied described to lucy's visit as a manic, irresponsible, and extremely irrational act of the us, patrick fuck is a journalist based and beijing, and he says, china is calling these drills unprecedented. while the mother to provocations are far from over. remember, china begins live drills and 6 areas surrounding taiwan to day, effectively encircling the island and demonstrating china's ability to overwhelm it
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. so i want to fence ministry has criticized the move, calling it effectively a fee and air blockade. but one of the reasons why this is happening today and the say is because as we know nancy pelosi has now left the islands and try to wanted to avoid direct confrontation with the u. s. but it's difficult to say just how far beijing might push the envelope of assertiveness or towards taiwan and that something we're going to be watching very closely today. china has described these drills, including the drills that we've already seen as being unprecedented. and officials quoted in state me to day said that they were to demonstrate a war plan rehearsal and also to show the u. s. in taiwan. the consequences of further provocation. chinese analysts quoted in state media also said that the fact that china did not intercept nancy pelosi, his flight was not
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a sign of failure. but instead, this is being used as an opportunity to progress the goal of reunification and the weight of nancy places, township foreign ministers from the association of southeast asia, nations had expressed their concern about the possibility of open conflict between the major powers delegates from the 10 and our cmg park county holding talks in can that is capital minister, say there concerns that volatility could lead to miscalculations in the region. the aging maximum restraint, frankly, has one half and an on pen countries, in se asia are concerned what's happening in the taiwan straits, phil over to the region and we've heard the audience foreign ministers issue a statement saying, but they are concerned about the volatility that could lead to miscalculation that miscalculation means that there is a risk of conflict, a risk of confrontation, and urging max memory strain in the saying that they are ready to play a role in facilitating dialogue. now, all of that, of course,
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is taking place against the backdrop of a long standing territorial dispute in the south china sea, where several member states of rpm had overlapping claims with china. with seen, china use increasingly aggressive tactics in the last few years to stake its claim . and that has led to confrontations with, for example, the philippines, vietnam in the pine members. they don't want to see that happening. and southeast asian countries want to have a unified code of conduct, but that's proving to be quite difficult to achieve. member state, non claim and member states have been accused of siding with china in the past. for example, cambodia, when it was the host the last time 10 years ago. it was the 1st time that the member states were not able to agree on a final joint to communicate and members are keen to not see that happening again. now and add to that mix is the us with it. pivot to asia is declared commitment of one thing to keep the indo pacific region we and open it use of conduct of
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freedom of navigation operation in the south china sea to make that point something that china has become increasingly vocal about that. well, i mean, the russian foreign minister ross has paid an official visit to niana ahead of his trip to cambodia to join those meetings. elaborate how talks with the military agenda discussing security and economic issues. russia has supported the countries rulers since they seized power last year. awe in solidarity was effort. so feel prime minister your government to normalize on the delay the situation young. we know that you're planning on next year to have a problem in 3 elections sung we. we shall success in promoting your country in making your country stronger and why fission and moving on and iraq's influential. she, a politician, looks out, outsider, is demanding an early election. he says dialogue with the government has proven to be futile. he delivered
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a televised address urging his supporters to continue sit in at parliament until their demands on net. that is block one, the most seats and last year's parliamentary election. but there has been a political deadlock ever since been the need audi will. who are, i am not willing to engage in dialogue. we have just to dialogue with them before and gain nothing but corruption and have it despite their empty promises and gestures. promises have not been fulfilled by i will not approve of bloodshed, but reform could not be achieved without sacrifice. dawson, jibari has worn out from baghdad. they here lead are very defiant and determined and standing his ground. he put to rest all speculations, ever ongoing. here, over the past few days that there was a lot of behind the scenes meetings taking place and that eventually he would join a dialogue process. but certainly that is not going to happen. as he said, what is critical now is whether or not the various other factions within the
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government will accept his call at there is no really functioning government at the moment after the elections that were held last october. since we'll cover all souther instructed his m p, 's, 73 of them to withdraw in june. the country has been in limbo. so the question now is whether the other sides will accept the fact that there should be another election help. the next process that will come is the speaker of parliament would have to basically dissolve parliament. and then they will have to announce new election. it is unclear what the other side that will be involved in this. i will have to say in the coming hours, we'll have to wait and see, but certainly most southern standing his ground urging these protesters to continue . what he calls is a peaceful revolution that will eventually hopefully get their demands. met their ordinary iraqis. we've been speaking to say they are tired of all these politicians and they're back and forth and their divisions. they just want to see their country
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back on its feet and the infrastructure to be funded properly so they can get on with their daily lives. still ahead here on our 0 push back on the pipeline, john these johns, the step, some pressure on russia to take back a turbine at the center of an energy stand off. and it might look spectacular, but it's extremely dangerous. this has a ruptured me. the main air force will have the nation and italy a he has begun. the faithful world camp is on its way to cattle hoop your travel package to day. it's what you would expect to hear at this time of the year here for one we've got high temperature is across the middle east. so look at this box at at 51 degrees. that heat coming into kuwait as well. at 49, and we've got some really soaking rains to that, he jazz mountains pushing into western yemen. i think we'll see some flooding in
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this. so on. ok, let's push this a day for go into the gulf states. the winds are going to shift around. so that's going to bump up the temperature and dough to $42.00, which is what will it expect to be for this sum of the year in august, still more of that rain on both sides of the red sea, which could certainly lead to some flooding. we know there has been flooding across pakistan, particularly in baluchistan, a province, but things are now starting to dry out. so that certainly good news that is wet as it has been. after turkey, we go, the winds still a bit breezy through the boss for a system. ball has a high 31 degrees on thursday, and after africa we go. it's our usual bursts of rain coming off the ethiopian highlands moving further toward the west. but order this batch of rain just toward that southeast corner of chad that could certainly produce some flooding that will dip to the south. it's a fairly quiet pitcher, but some showers for the free stayed in kazoo luna tall and we'll see some more cow cover filter in to cape town with a hive. 16 degrees on thursday. susan kat official
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airline of the journey they watch us. they gather evidence with so can we an american cyber accuracy develops and used in brazil to monitor police. we have more cameras than they do because where the people a bigger brother rebel peaks on a just 0. ah ah, there i'm associate hey,
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in durham. let's remind you of our top stories here in the south. u. s. house speaker nancy pelosi is meeting with south korean officials, one day after a controversial visit to taiwan. china has condemned to that trip as irrational and irresponsible beijing as now conducting military rolls around the island or in the wake of policies, town trip. foreign ministers from the association of southeast asian nations have also expressed their concern about the possibility of open conflict between major powers in the region. delegates from the 10 member asi and group, holding talks in cambodia as capital. iraq's influential, she, a politician, looked at our center as demanding an early election, demanding dismissing any dialogue with the government. sutter has urged his supporters to continue their sit in parliament until their demands on them. r. u. s . president joe biden has signed a new executive order on abortion. the move could make it easier for women to travel between states to get the procedure. it's biden's 2nd executive order on abortion. since the supreme court overtime to the roe v wade decision for nearly 50
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years, that ruling protected the right to termination pregnancy icon reports now from the white house. another salvo in the battle to restore reproductive rights. the 1st meeting of a task force, which will explore ways in which to restore a woman's right to choose and protect her in the process executive order, make sure healthcare providers comply with federal law solutions. don't face delays or denials, medically necessary care. this executive order advances research and data collection to evaluate the impact of dr. health crisis is having on to hell and other health conditions. president biden signs and executive order director of the secretary of health to advance access to reproductive health care services. and we're going to continue forward, including, for example, in making sure medication, abortion is available to women throughout this country. and we won't stop. but the
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executive order is limited in scope. and president biden has long insisted that congress needs to pass legislation, restoring the rights embedded in roe. v wade. president biden says he'll support removing the filibuster in the senate in order to allow reproductive rights legislation to pass by a simple majority. this is described as a nuclear option, which president biden has generally opposed in the past. in a possible sign of things to come, the head of november's mid term elections. the fight to restore reproductive rights was posted by a significant victory at state level. voters in the conservative state of kansas have rejected the measure that would have repealed the right to an abortion that had been part of the states constitution. they voted no particular neighbor. and no one can you make up the voters of cases of this for the american people go
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to preserve and protect the right and refuse to let them be ripped away by competitions and my administration has their back. the department of justice has also weighed in announcing that tool through the state of idaho, which is one of the many in producing an abortion ban in the wake of the supreme court decision. the contention that the state is contra beating a federal law that guarantees the right to emergency medical treatment. my kind of ouch is era washington. now the 1st grain cargo ships leave ukraine since the russian invasion is now heading to lebanon, a team of inspectors board that vessel and turkey checking its cargo and documents on wednesday, the ship is being monitored by the new joined coordination center in san bull. for them, cost yearly reports now from the the final inspection for the sierra leone flagship carrying ukrainian grain. it's added to lebanon,
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where there's been foot shortages and high prices for months. rush and ukrainian, turkish and un officials check the cargo while the ship stocks and assemble there part of the joint coordination center that was set up here after a deal to resume ukrainian grain exports last month. the most headman, our nation state with respect to the graham's topic. the short, a shortage is lebanon. 81 percent off grains. depending on the ukrainian grains, carrying nearly 27000 tons of corn, the ship to 4 to the ukrainian port for best on monday. an estimated 20000000 tons of grain husband stock in ukraine since the start of war. this ship behind me is not the 1st commercial vessel to transfer ukraine's trapped grains to want the 5 month war. but it's also find the un brokerage green deal sign last month is
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working. hundreds of ships will now follow the same route and method to export ukrainian grain and fertilizer for he is global foot shortage. u. n. a turkish officials hope the agreements can lead to these fire between russia and ukraine. the vessels journey along the newly established maritime home and terry cory door in the black sea has been a complex but historical achievement for the joint coordination center. but for your queens president, follow them are zelinski. it's more complicated. yes, this should done. thanks to the you in partnership with turkey. we've heard the 1st ship delivery of grant best, but it's still nothing. we hope it's a tendency that will continue the course. courses of this war are horrible. not only for ukraine, but for the war. me. now it's good to go for the ship carrying critical fruits of life. it cross turkeys boss for
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a straight and heading towards the mediterranean 3 ports and ukraine are due to resume the export of millions more towards a, wheat corn, and other crops. c, m. q, sulu al jazeera, is stumble. home in my british intelligence says a ukrainian strike could disrupt russia's operations near her son. the strike hit a train that was reportedly carrying ammunition and intelligence officials said the rail tracks have also probably been damaged. that railways used to ferry arms into russian occupied curse on from crimea. the u. k says there's a strong chance that moscow repairs in a few days, but russian forces and their supply routes will be vulnerable. in the meantime, on russian forces have continued to target ukraine's southern port city of mc. i've and the eastern region of don yeske. moscow has its forces, have destroyed for warehouses during rockets, artillery and ammunition that michael lives mer says. russian strikes destroyed a supermarket and damaged a residential building. the city is a strategically important fight bordering the russian occupied. her san region now
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talks to revive the 2015 iran euclidian are due to resume in vienna on thursday. officials will meet after a stalemate, lasting months. but the u. s. says its expectations are in check. the u. s. special envoy for iran, robert malley is heading to the austrian capital for those discussions. terren and washington have been holding indirect negotiations in a bid to revive the deal. it broke down in 2018 when the u. s. pulled out, and the former president donald trump. now the world's major oil exporters have responded to months of diplomatic efforts from the u. s. with one of the smallest production increases in their history. the $23.00 nation opec plus will add only a $100000.00 barrels a day in september that increased equivalent to 0 point one percent of global demand. president biden used his recent trip to saudi arabia into ask opec to pump more oil. that's as fuel prices surged in the us on german tangela. allen schultz
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is looking for answers as he tries to avoid a difficult winter there. russia reduced gas flows to europe through the north stream one pipeline last month. it cited a problem with a turbine that turbine is being stored in western germany after it was repaired and canada. moscow says it's waiting for documentation before it can import the equipment. but schulte says it has no technical reason to delay its return to russia. germany relies on russia for much of its natural gas at one point buying 40 percent from from moscow. now she'll anchor's new president has announced a 25 year plan to cut public debt as the country tries to recover from a crippling economic crisis. ranier, the grimace singer told at parliament that his government is negotiating with the international monetary fund for a 4 year bailout plan. he says it will take sri lanka at least 25 years to rebuild a competitive economy. last month, formerly there got to buy a roger pucks that resigned after weeks of mass protests against corruption and shorted as of essential import, such as fuel and medicine. argentina's government as struggling to rain and soaring
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inflation there, and financial instability. president, alberto fernandez, is hoping a new economy minister will be able to turn the country is finances around theresa by reports on what the appointment means for one of latin, america's largest economies, member of the equator, police. he's the 3rd economy minister in a month. he never sat here, massa faces the difficult task of tackling argentina's economic crisis, the hoarder. he says, season politician who plays a crucial role in the ruling parent is coalition formed by president albert at the for man, this and vice president, christina fernandez. the kirschner in the, with the name of audio friend, this article color. so we have several issues to resolve and we need to work towards resolving them. there is no magic solution and it won't happen over night. or we need to tackle inflation. loss of income, lack of stability, and problems that working people face. if you go home is matter will be in charge of the ministry of economy agricultural production and will implement measures that
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will reduce the fiscal deficit, increased exports and promotion. i grew industry oil and gas exploitation and the knowledge economy la argentine is in the middle of an economic crisis with inflation close to 70 percent. a year. groups were presenting, being formal specter, have been taken to the streets on a weekly basis to demand more government assistance. the middle class says high inflation and exchange rate controls make it difficult to make ends meet. many have lost hope. if we can agree on empathy and i don't think anything is going to change because there's no trust in the government, you don't know who rules. it's a disaster. the economic situation is uncertainty about every day. thank you, martha. we're still central. carry out the tough but necessary reforms to reduce argentina sewing inflation way, but also to rebuild this countries a debt ravaged research. but his biggest challenge will be to restore the faith and credibility in the government of precedent about the fatherland list. but there are
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no guarantees that must have worn face duffel position from his own powerful vice president. christina kirschner, who has been challenging many of precedent, albert at the foot, a man this economic policies, including a $40000000000.00 agreement with the i, m. f. nakeema. i might be the boss is an economist, he says that government needs to do much more, is independence or longer than that on to control inflation. you need an independent central bank and a government that cannot touch it. that's how you find placement, and that's how countries in the region do it except argentina. it's, or there is an ideological debate and how to fight inflation on how to carry out the necessary forms to improve the economic situation, playing the memory many believe said he'll massage known locally as the super minister has enough authority to start fixing argentina's economy. me and for now he seems to have more power than the precedent. it is. i will, i'll just see them when a site is. now a jury in texas is deciding how much
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a conspiracy theorist had paid to the parents and the child killed in the sandy hook. masika, alex jones came to the mass shooting and 2012 was a hoax, and he has not been sued for libel. rosalind jordan has at his house long after the 2012 sandy hook school massacre, alex jones called the deaths of 20 children and 6 adults. a hoax. a plot he said to expand gun control in the united states. that was too much for many of the children's families. they sued jones, a high profile conspiracy theorist for libel isn't. now a jury is deciding how much jones should pay in damages to one of the families. on wednesday, prosecutors revealed jones apparently didn't turn over all of the evidence required during the original trial. they announced they had a copy of every text, an e mail from jones's mobile phone, about sandy hook material. they say they just received from jones's lawyers. that
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is how i know divide to me recently been asked mr. bluffing, did you know that she, i told you the truth, this is your very major moment. the judge told the jury to ignore the lawyers allegation, but to remember that jones had been uncooperative during the original trial. jones tried to apologize to the families for his earlier claims while testifying on tuesdays to out of percent real as a summary of yesterday. and as i said, your, your stay as a 100 percent real and the media still ran with lies that i was saying it wasn't real and area stay. it's incredible. they won't let me take it back. they just wanna keep me in the position of being the sandy hook man. this isn't the end of alex jones is legal problems. at least 3 more families are waiting to find out just how much he'll have to pay for denying their children were murdered.


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