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tv   101 East South Koreas Musical Prodigies  Al Jazeera  August 6, 2022 6:30am-7:01am AST

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rights advocates, none of this was in the movie one another film about his administration. however, open on the same day. dips is about student activism and how the marcus government then responded with brutality. our corporate theories up, we went to be more than that that we're here to read to be the one in the used to be something which was were regarding already was this board that and revise. so we really need to remind our young people about the importance of these believe that tips which was a musical before it went on. the big screen has been earning re reviews and reaping awards and hailed as being more accurate in its depiction of the senior. marcus's iron breast, cruel critics affording and mark with sooner say his victory in the election was a victory or dis information. now that this information has come to the movie theaters of the philippines. those critics will be hoping to will prevail this high winded, below all 0 manila. ah,
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hello. then this is out of here. and these are the headlines. israel has carried out a wave of air strikes and garza and armed fighters that responded provoking phase of a full scale conflict. palestinian islamic jihad says it's find a 100 rockets. it is railey cities, including television. israel says it's i and i miss our system has intercepted them . air raid sirens hasn't had in the southern and central end of israel. while the fast israeli airstrikes hit a high rise tower, and garza city, one of those killed was, ty, say, al jabari, a commander of the, our could brigades. that's the military on that islamic jihad, at least 10 others have also died, including 5 year old gal. dozens of other people have also been injured in those strikes. the palestinian presidency has called on the international community to press israel has stopped its attacks on gaza. hundreds of people protested in
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ramallah, showing their support from the people of casa tensions had been high and the occupied west bank of the month of raids by his reading. security forces won't want defense. ministry says troops of 5 flares to warn off drones and an identified aircraft flying over to outlying islands. meanwhile, china's foreign minister one v has defended military drills in the taiwan strait thing in line with international law. beijing launch to the exercises after us. how speaking nancy pelosi visited the island in the white house to summon the chinese ambassador to protest against the exercises. the national security council also responded on friday, saying beijing can reduce tensions by stopping the drills. the u. s. phase of indiana has approved a near ban on abortion the 1st day to do so since the supreme court overturned the land won't grovee wade ruling in june. the republican controlled state senate had voted to restrict the procedure except in cases of rape or incest. when the mother's health is it, with abortion,
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was previously allowed up to 20 weeks after pregnancy. a jury in texas has ordered conspiracy theorists, alex jones to pay $45200000.00. john jones falsely came to the sandy hook school shooting the hoax. the info was host, had also been ordered to pay more than $4000000.00 in compensation to the parents of a child killed and not choosing and 2012. jesse louis, his parents had comments by joins led to years of emotional distress and harassment for them, including death threats. well, there is the headlines. i'll be back with more news here after, at 11 east to stay with us on cal, the cost the widening mortgage boy caught in china could from the fact that grumbled as columbia and venezuela agree, the men ties businesses. i afraid revival bloss russia wants to pull out of the international space station wants next in all the county, the cost on al jazeera, the winner of the shopping competition 1st prize,
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and gold medal goes to san jean. ah, south korean performance has taken the world of classical music. why stall? with from prestigious concert hall to international competition. it was $23.00 application from cornea, for the co and companies. and we are german. who are these young musicians i and how with south korea transformed into a classical music superpower, one 018, meets those who are redefining the world of classical music. with
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a $630.00, i am in salt just a few hours before the vibe. recording of one of south korea's most popular tv talent shows a among the my guess is solved, yawn. she is come with her mother at only 8 years old. this young violinist is already one of the country's favorite classical virtuoso. oh okay. a j young is a roger on the show. she's invited young talent, but today's program ah,
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a continued young did on she don't, did each one is it didn't in terms of advantage on moody e needs is putting to puddle toi, my bank a c u. m. a video and audio. and i do a one to 2. now i know you got a lot to collect mental a . oh
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oh, i mean a plan that humans mother him suji thinks her daughter. but play well, i can go with it. okay, well what are your policy file because of all the cable terminals or whatever because like a good a fool chris on got them with him. oh no, i could. i don't, i don't. oh, well, you don't close to laugh this
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. she was 3 years old unit mother had uploaded her best performances on the username. ah, today, june is a star with more than $85000.00 followers on youtube. videos have drawn as many as 6000000 new offers to play a public event and dante bait of port in since she was very young. but her mother is determined to keep her grounded pony to willard hale or by hor, fully known. what bull since about another, until february is only pulling it hides its hunky coy about noon to wiggle more toppled what i'll do. you don't want horn your oil so bob couldn't go to it, don't and wouldn't you know clean and how you like it. for woodall or 2 hours from man dug ladle koba every morning. so jean helps her daughter prepare for another
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jam packed day. oh oh oh yes. in my own, do i talk about it or how was the one that goes in on the tape? i listen one ends up the lewis and the group is accurate and i had it a kitchen or probably going to it had operational law. anyway, i suppose they up at all to watch and go with all american ford. it's more, it's not as it goes into the door. i gone to the house in a little no history. so it's a hectic schedule for both mother and daughter. i alfred her to boys it, it will have until void. how one anyone, how one little taylor to put the pilot in which i think i'm gonna kill me. and katie, kato, kale hazel cutting divine is inadequate. there was on a big well known. 1
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ah, oh, every month your records, a new video for her youtube channel in a studio in downtown. so here to her mother keeps an eye on every date. how long? oh oh. and you spoke with don't tell us. no from audio. technica on kyoto in okay. good. when they were logged in, diana by new sega,
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i'm gonna do dial tone. all marla says little hunt in all my logic. got all you. that's what i want. oh lord, let to let you go in. and hale needs it, although ha, ha, ha, ha ha, it's a long way to do that till the london. i own a little thought. paul, money, curly, who told on you could learn. oh no. there are more than $50000.00 south koreans. under the age of 18. studying music at a professional level, but only a few will ever perform on an international stage or build a successful career. as a concert artist ah,
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ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. busy despite these odds, 16 year old john so has chosen to pursue a career. as a concert pianist, i saw kathy on board, the harkell anika quite as had always plan with tires. she had that with him to go to car ego. they were taught done in get a while you go that now it's on a piano that had, i wish, put her coder pennsauken to if it's it on for cooling. ah, we're not going to talk to the chicken. you some got cut out one can you will.
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could you tell us? yep. and john, do i'm good. how wish pin you could put dan, talk you taco and pomp? palms always from pounds. okay. toggle ah, piano and take as i said, a singer come up or down, impaled when the audio of the co audio and tommy turner has his ticket to tell the girls all are out of ban from gave them a yard of to my box id to joe tellerman awkward to on that should be a lot harder said dinner. don't one item down that giggle. i don't dance. who didn't dare court her to intention going and her to long would it? ah, since i don't so has one mealy, 50 prizes in piano competition at home and abroad like young. she has gained fame and public attention early age. but in this single minded quest for recognition
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these young prodigies and not safe from emotional scars and the possibility of fractured careers or hadn't did a sheet on her. took them for them, so ballanger put her to bonnie for them. well, oh ah, ah, letter and earth at the door above her am what i said, i'm very clear to quality woodson that was younger than her generic i at that. so in about another told her tim, i couldn't, i couldn't get in and i think a couple couple other questions. i took it. what's it hayton that uncle? don't worry about. monica could on down, as long as it can be a highlander guy to take it to get, put in a van, yelling with the auto care to take it to go buy the tick. i thought that's all i have fell apart to say come down here in the attic saying they thought they could on on it and i hadn't done. i'm gonna taking audio awesome
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. in a few days, john saw will perform one of south korea's most prestigious concert halls. she is also preparing for 2 piano competition. a busy schedule that includes weekly piano lessons, hundreds of kilometers away from home in ah, it is young. so his mother who drives her to the busy capital of soul agent on the phone. okay. then i said, i think she got an at that i saw either that and gave me your extension total credit to bucket. gonna get along at that at all. i need to order cornish to in then when it can take it. they gave them all the take it put on, i guess, and kind of deal. so. yeah, she jenna got terry thorough at that abandoning cuz i might
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have some time forgot. feel with chris wanted to discuss further real time considering employed with like 250 a month to do any good cuz it's not going on as long as it's in good of any man. no lawyer knows what on the back girls have got fiorella. how many of them i said it is i and in your life, it's a long while now gets old group to listen on and hadn't got any. so hunter little pu nina cookie again. she'll have to go on again. get him. mamma is
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indicator talking. boy, who will not turning on at all, i should not. or any of those, ask them in panini has a way in gustavo popular guys, the hall with young. so goes to the korea national university of one of the most prestigious schools to study music in the country. tie us was set up about those years ago to help south korea achieve greater autistic success on the global stage. a special training program for young adults from 8 to 18 years old has help, professes discover and train students from a young age like young. so there are a back to 100 young south koreans here through dream of a korea in classical music. so
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could we can talk to the total is globalization. kimberly's or not? professor kim isn't a claim pianist, and one of the country's most distinguished teacher. he often judges national and international competitions. me congress jargon that and nothing to me. and then i'll just take a whole ton you to giving daniel, my next in kim de june believes that talent alone is not enough in combining, joins on july that the good so welcome to the thing. go ahead
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and have a good evening, jenny. man, you know, at the collegiate medical mission and if it could have been a human that i didn't go in and 10 people in can be stated at west slayton. i'm going to tell you man is there with her dealing with any young and discipline. he said it and i did, it is clean and cool, and i ended up teaching cooking video and really bad and tell you to knuckle cold yet this clinical man and job. how cool are you doing? what did you have chose could on cobra now? is maureen, that asian boy, dr. young and to me it is our georgia has its own gauge, would over and go concrete in a minute or 2 in the
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new hope you don't go to any of the holy men out there to put hunger. however, that would kick the toner and then pin joni kung ginger, coming up with the new is equal to me up money and it on board and on there. so good on counting, jan. shewmaker jenny, he can come, jen, she me hung too young to get in. i told her for the last week or 2, my condition is open conga had in both tan hanging out with a simian, heard on the wall to kick up a couple more conversation. but i think you can go, ah
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okay, one that i just made a check or one. yep. we're doing the book. they're gonna read all cornea again. said total. you did. it says yes, janice, deb window young yet is to kim's jani canada born today or tomorrow. louis, are you today as the winner of the shop and competition 1st prize and gold medal? you goes to san jean ah 1st prize green elizabeth international gump ice cream until the price named g young korean is making its mark on the global stage. over the last 60 years, south korean musicians have taken out the top awards in more than $150.00 international competitions. ah, to hone their skills and preparation for the biggest event. many students travel to europe,
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the traditional home of classical music and the most sacred destination is sold but the faint birthplace of moses at the university named after the virtuoso professor gilly law is a highly sought after piano teacher. he is especially popular among south korean students to his long experience with international competition. oh, good. good. i know he has 7 south koreans in his class, a number that has steadily increased over the years. lost the vehicle. i did to press election for battle and competition, and born and her. it was 2 into 3 application of, from korea
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this is really kind of renaissance feeling. ah, in your age. very often the feeling that the thing that they know will this, ah, this is so, but it's not really deep knowledge is about this. and this excitement of people coming from marsha and sir make this music or octaves or fresh. ah, so my last bit owen, competition 1st prize, chinese 2nd prize,
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jump on is filled prize korean bomb . they toe and got that it were german for journalists. was surprising. can warranty or how it's possible dental and vision. all right, is it i think this is also very positive. it's mean that this culture is wall wide. yeah, this is not does on the ours says on everybody's welcome. ah ah kim john, who knew from salzburg from sold to study under professor gilly love?
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2 years ago i did get along with a total label and i was when you're done and i gave it will give me one moment. we'll go over time and she's on the line. do you want me to renew up to you totally get it done. i saw and don't go to superior level. don't you talking to him when i was i think okay, i would go with that. it's a little hungry because on report done good. we're going to get done with that or i'm going to manipulate is all type of guy that isn't doing the year hiring that
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whoa whoa. is one of 16 south korean pianos preparing for the prestigious chopin competition. taking place in a few months time under it on your home, going to church on or course upon toil. she ordered a little or humbling good on it. i'm going to have one motor. don't go so cool when and so we don't get him as well. mm. all or i and to down her room and i soon and when you bowl the seller. underwear winter williams. okay. i got it all. all. oh, i saw it to the toyota howard
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ah, back in south korea, thanks to her many awards in piano competitions. young so received regular office to play at the country's most famous concert halls. today she's been invited to tom young for a special concert, organized the heads of the korean music industry. oh, i knew that i could look again. oh, you don't have his high school money, you don't look to know him going on and go to collections of a little bit of a sudden beautiful co op has a book was on the. ready days of the month, i almost month with a lawyer that day because homeless and that is a whole hog is willing to class on me. although me she don't kish took little consult with me to vicky guy and i should take it. john come 9
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vanilla ice all children. i get a hug. law duncan, tom antonette and kiffany to go only got cut the wood, isn't them kipling, each one of them on you said to us, and if danielle just saw under complicated coming game, but i put a watching on to someone to his taste in ah,
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it is a dream shared by many south korean children including noon tonight, she is real to be performing at her music schools, concerts, a condo with a boy. oh a oh. 2 ah, what is life like in maximum security prison in this true park, special report,
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one or one east goes behind bars. it's singapore chung in prison. on out to a 0 reason the stand, the differences and similarities of culture across the world. so no matter where you call home will be the news and current affairs that matter to you. our diet, define who we are. but who are we? if we don't know what we're eating in a disturbing investigation into globalized food fraud, people empower, reveals long hidden scandalous practices that have infiltrated international wholesale markets and supermarket chains and asks, what's really on our plates. food in glorious food park, one on al jazeera, ah.


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