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o, an explosion or to refugee camp in northern garza kills at least 5 people. israel and palestine. blame each other for the deaths. palestinian fighters launch a barrage of rockets towards israel, but her mass appears to be staying out of the violence. ah, lauren taylor, this is al jazeera, alive from london, also coming up warships and attack plains deployed around taiwan as china is accused of simulating an invasion. ah, the men leaving the ways to be 10 years next president make a final push for votes. the country goes to the polls on tuesday. ah,
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at least 5 people, including 3 children, have been killed in a blast at the age of aaliyah refugee camp in northern garza. the garza health ministry is blamed israel for the deaths. these are any military says the explosion was caused by a rocket misfired by the palestinian group is la g, had both sides have been trading far and what's become the deadliest escalation in fighting since last year's war. 24 people, including 6 children, have been killed in garza since friday suffered collude. sent this update from garza. we talked so i witnesses enjoy ballier who said that those are forces targeted, targeted a car in job ballier. meanwhile the people were leaving, the one of them nearby mosque was sure cause such big number of casualties on the other side of the gaza strip or the other side of the gaza strip. mainly in drop off. also they are about is q on the civil difference. few,
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they rushed to the 3 buildings that were bombed and offer, which according to diet, does alias i assassination attempt to one of the top commanders of islamic jihad. ah, which know that which the report by islamic judge under guerrillas could not confirm if he was killed in this and this assert, finish and attend the more even the equipment from gaza. city to ward drop off to help the rescue teams to dig and remove the rabble because they still believe that there are still people under the rubble and that some of them could be alive. and i fear that the fighting will get even worse. you know, i had looked back at the day's events for the 2nd day in row israeli war place. pound the gods. this tread missiles have flattened several homes in apartment buildings. yeah. have to ireland. yeah. nekisha may luck was having
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breakfast with her family of 10. when she heard neighbors calling for the evacuation at their home and others near by her home and for others were destroyed. now, she and her family need to find somewhere else to take refuge for peg to relock, had no way i had no place. well, i ran away quickly, we all ran. we didn't take any clothes or belongings. i took my girls there ill and some people had to carry our old man on a stretch out of the house. quickly islamic jihad replied to the attacks wiring rockets to which israel de group called their operations fields of unity and say they targeted eas, really, towns and military sites. according to his really media, most were intercepted by the iron dough missile defense system and no serious casualties were reported. israel says it is preparing for
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a week of operations. egypt and the united nations are trying to broo curry truth. but because this trip, the human toll remains severe. israel muscles targeted a civilian car in the bait had noun, refugee county. m would eat a 73 year old who was preparing for her son's wedding kilten to attack health officials say the numbers will only rise if the fighting continues. did oh no, they are affecting civilians. we are thinking for mrs. elizabeth areas, nobody knows what would happen in the coming few hours for that reason. this was an appealing fact to extend the helping hand immediately to mr. pre fingers, mr. price. now. and you know, of course, the electricity we have talked to christie. it's declared now that will be on me 4 hours a day, and 12 hours of electricity, which means that we would rely on behalf of those on variables jacobs would consume,
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like half 1000000 liters every month. we do not have this right. so look at all our skies. this is what we have and nobody knows what will happen in the coming months . the last word has caused a wide spread of devastation. urine, because this trip a year later, almost no reconstruction has been made. the isolated coastal territory is impoverished and the people are hardly recovery. the fear of another round of escalation. you miss c l j 0 gods this city is ronnie. raids have continued across. they occupied westbank. israel says it is arrested 19 members of the islamic jihad group. troops rated sites in the city of janine and the calendar area south of ramallah, a group as indicated, it will retaliate saying now is the time for resistance. not a truce. aah!
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taiwan says, china's show of force around its waters is getting more menacing. the taiwanese defense ministry says after 2 days of posturing, chinese aircraft and warships have now rehearsed an attack on the island. it also says the chinese feet crossed the unofficial buffer in the taiwan strait, which separates the 2 sides. china has been staging its biggest ever military drills off taiwan coast following years. how speaker nancy pelosi is visit to the island asian gets it is taiwan part of its territory and it says the trip violated it's one china policy. typical pollen is the international editor of taiwan plus. she explains why there could be a wider security threat. those i thought outlying islands are the closest point you can get to mainland china. in fact, one of them can men is only about 10 kilometers away from foot young province. now they're used to seeing this kind of activity around
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a military activity from china and seeing that, that kind of intimidation in that area. but this time at china's also focusing, as we know, it's military drills, not just in those areas, but also on the main island. in fact, this morning, the ministry of defense said that the, china's created a scenario with his exercises, where it's simulating an attack on the main island of taiwan, which is where the capital is. and this all comes as a anthony blinkin has confirmed and the u. s. has announced that china is broken off all communications on certain issues with the u. s. and those issues include military, that's of great worry, of course for taiwan. because the u. s. is time wants, main ally. and in addition to that, the united states why law has to help tie one protect itself. should there be a war scenario? so having those communications broken at a time and these military exercises are taking place, it's of great concern right now. a philippines,
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foreign minister has told the u. s. sector estate is region count, afford an escalation of tensions. antony blinkin is in manila, and has met president fenton and marcus junior, macos described to us philippines ties as a special relationship for the meeting was dominated by discussions in washington. similar intentions with beijing. fontanello has more from manila. after a rough patch under the administration of president would return to the philippines and the united states have reaffirmed an enduring partnership. on saturday, u. s. secretary of state antony blanket, met with the countries newly elected leader, ferdinand marcus junior. and i reiterated our ironclad commitment to the u. s. philippines mutual defense treaty and reaffirmed that an armed attack on philippines, armed forces, public vessels, or aircraft, in the south, china sea would invoke us mutual defense commitments. under that treaty, lincoln arrived from the on pen, were foreign ministers of the 10 member association of southeast asian nations
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discussed the growing tension in the taiwan strait. chinese conducting military drills until sunday, in response to u. s. house speaker nancy pelosi visit to the self ruled island of taiwan. the total does proportion between a peaceful visit on the one hand and escal, a tory military maneuvers on the other, i think is very clear and very clear. 2 countries south throughout the region. president marcos said the latest moves, add to an already tense situation. oh, i see is caisson point the south china sea where the philippines and china have had a territorial dispute. in 2016, the philippines won an international ruling, invalidating china's vast claims in the region. but china has continued its
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military buildup and incursions. the marcus administration has emphasized its adherents through a one china policy, but with pension high in water. so near the philippines it will be looking to do that is states for a renewed commitment to a longstanding military alliance. barnaby law al jazeera manila, anti government protested inter lanka have gathered in colombo, in defiance of a crack down by security forces. it comes a day off to one of their main camp. science was partly dismantled. they're angry about an economic crisis that's showing no signs of ending. despite a change in government. now fernandez has more from columbus. they marched from different directions with one common demand, stopped the repression. c ah, students, artists, trade unionists and ordinary shall lumpkins united against a government the sea is stifling descent. why?
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yeah, there is thing these people who brought some kind of teens, i'm going to disappear. we brought up the young people. why? yeah, be arresting them for normally. these scenes are war protest, as i angry about less than 24 hours after president running the crew, missing who was sworn in. replacing go toby roger pox who fled the country. military and police commanders cleared the protest site outside the presidential secretariat since then, the security forces have been hunting prominent figures from the 4 month campaign that out to dropbox. i thought about, i'm a guy i spoke out on behalf of the people. i also have a one and a half year old baby. this protest i was arrested while trying to fly out of the country. the head of the teachers union was arrested at his office a few days later. i even many robes are not spared. this buddhist monk was arrested by plain clothes officers. a catholic
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priest is in hiding, speaking after securing bail for another prominent protest her manage. now now kara was clear, policy, thin jump is a dish of our launch about the police seems to be trying to fire legal action one by one for some political requirements. but this has been unsuccessful in trying to repress the protesters by taking such action is futile. what must be done is finding solutions to the root causes of the protests is gland who is released on bail remains undeterred. to have it on the gamma justice will prevail. so let's see . this is the 4th case so far. let's see how many more, but we won't give up the fight. this struggle is for a system change, and we will continue the fight. but at the protest, many told al jazeera, they won't let the crack down stop them. they, me how to going up. i was anchor, i'm gonna jag behind him, we will not give up the struggle. we won't stop to we when we're telling ronelle roger pucks are very clearly, we will not be scared by your oppression. we will only get stronger and stronger in
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response to it. you are protested they in government is trying to silence them and they also see it warned wordly not having got rid of one president. this really won't be intimidated by his replacement law. melendez, my audio 0 here colombo, our copy, sell to come on out here. a prominent roman catholic bishop is investigated in nicaragua. why critics say it's part of a wider crackdown on descent. and the u. s. demands the seizure of a venezuelan plane in argentina, claiming it has links to iran. ah hello, there has to be a weather has swept across southern and south eastern areas over the trailer, but you see the cloud on the satellite image pulling out to see we're going to see
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things clear up. it is an improving picture that a cloud lingering around on sundays and showers here in their book temperatures in hobart tasmania as well as melbourne, expected to pick up in the coming days. no, that's not the story for the west of a strange. we've got double trouble here in the form of 2 cold fronts, sweeping into per that's going to bring quite a bit of rain and dropped the temperature down. if we have a look at the 3 day, bye cheese, they will be sitting in the mid teens with plenty of showers and talking about showers, or in fact heavy rain. we have to move to new zealand. we've got severe weather affecting the south island heavy snow and rain. that's going to creep up towards the north island and look at that temperature. dip in wellington, we dropping by more than 5 degrees into monday. now we moved to south east asia. heavy rain for northern areas of the philippines, we have got severe flood warnings out, and that's thanks to developing low pressure that's turning into a system as it pulls its way into the west. much dryer for western areas of
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indonesia, but some heavy rain to come in the east. ah, the assassination is diffident, destabilizing the democratic process. you, will you be lose it. it will be a loss for all that. a documentary explores how to protect leaders undermine democracy to consolidate their power through the eyes of those who dare to stand and defy it. our country deserves so much better than being ruled by a cleft aquatic dictatorship, opposing autocracy. democracy maybe on al jazeera lu .
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ah and one of the top stories about 0, at least 5 people including 3 children, have been killed in a blast at the jubilee refugee camp in northern garza. because the health ministry is blamed israel for the deaths. these really minute tree says the explosion was caused by a rocket misfired by the palestinian group islamic jihad. i was in fighters of launched a barrage of rockets towards israel in retaliation, setting sirens off as far away as television. no serious casualties have been reported that taiwan has china's show of force around its waters is getting more menacing. it's accused beijing of rehearsing an attack. it says chinese aircraft and worships crossed the unofficial buffer in the taiwan strait, which separates the 2 sides. commodious foreign minister says efforts to help restore peace in mid march been made even more difficult after the country executed
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for political activists. for oxycodone made the comment, sat an icy on meeting in non pen where he warned any further killings would force the regional block to reconsider how it engages with men, mot. so con, as i sounds special envoy, the country when most military jointer executed for democracy activists last month, sparking international condemnation. i see and has barred me and mar from attending its meetings until it makes efforts to implement a peace plan. i told him the thing yesterday after my briefing about our effort to help me unlock, i told them, i'm sorry, i'm just especially why i'm not a super super super hero, not superman. and i think that even superman cannot soul myanmar problem. i decided to retrieve that plan for the 1st visit, a mob threw that foot visit on on, on,
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on september. especially if and i see say it clearly publicly. if more exit gruesome arc conducted than things will have to be reconsider. our position will also have to be reconsider lightning struck a crude oil storage facility in western cuba spock a huge blaze that injured at least 80 people and left 17 firefighters missing emergency crews been trying to extinguish the flames at the mountains, us super tanker base since friday, it was hit by lightning during a thunderstorm. at least 2 oil tanks have been specialized, and the smoke has spread 100 kilometers west to the capitol. havana is not clear how much oil has burned the facility, which stores fuel to produce and electricity. cuba is currently struggling with fuel shortages above. last in a busy shopping area of afghanistan's capital has killed at least 2 people.
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explosion, targeted to minority. she a neighborhood in campbell, which was also near bus station. i sole says it was behind the attack. i taught and police commanders as the bomb was hidden on the road side. and he's 12 civilians have died after suspected fighters you'd victims into a bomb attack. as according to the f p news agency, quoting local officials, the tax took place in walkin near the city of bank us fighters 1st, reportedly killed 2 civilians in molly and ranked their bodies with explosives. the bomb was expected when the victims families came to look for them getting at least 10 people. when this is se dozens of civilians have left their homes to take refuge in surrounding villages because of a scared of more attacks. but he didn't candidates in kenya's presidential election have held a final rallies ahead of tuesday's vote. veteran opposition? he to rollo. dingo is making his 5th attempt for the country's top job
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a dingo ledges. the last 3 elections were stolen from him. he's running under the declaration of unity alliance, which includes current president, who cannot as jubilee potty, i think is main rival is the deputy president william router who heads the can your 1st alliance he teamed up with can yetta in the 20132017 elections to defeat a dingo this time opinion polls are predicting a tight race. katherine sawyer is more from ny ruby. ah, by law dingus says he is campaigning for change. it's. he's 5th run for president. this time he has the backing of outgoing president who kenyatta in a part stadium would dingo meet his spinal peach to kenyans, reminding his supporters about he struggling for democracy early in the research to hong if i don't wanna redo it because i loved her more
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than i love, but i law law who's who turned up for this riley said they trust him to one hour. about a week i, i believe things will change because rayleigh has done a lot for our work. william router, the other main presidential candidate, assembled, he supported in different parts of nairobi, central kenya, oh, router is the deputy president but has fallen out with his books. he says he wants to focus on what he calls that bottom up economy and empower kenyans financially. i oh, i do not do them about it if i can. yeah. there are many we are expecting and we know he would identify the candidates. yes. similar policies, both said they will you by the economy and do with food security,
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maintain your her for going to say the want a better life. they want good job. they're worried about. so, and if you'd public then and say they don't trust them for the dishes or dinner and root or have attracted huge crowds. but they also know such gatherings do not necessarily translate to votes. katherine saw all jazeera nairobi chance miniature liter has arrived in doha to try to finalize a deal aimed at starting piece talks with arm groups. ma'am, at interest debbie, it know is meeting country officials have been negotiating the agreement, some opposition, groups and charter opposed to the accord the peace talks seek to pay the way for elections. lisa nicaragua had begun an investigation into a roman catholic bishop who's been a prominent critic of the government allies of president. danielle ortega accused the cleric of inciting violence and disorder rights group say it's part of
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a wider crackdown on descent or latin america editor senior report. ah, billy surrounded monsignor orlando. albert is his parish to stop him from celebrating mass at the nearby cathedral. the bishop of my pag. alba is the latest catholic leader to come under attack by nicaragua, government. oh, you see yourself, who are the ones who are agitating the fights? who the people of god. oh, police patrols an agent's verse is ordinary god loving people. respect to please our lives, our freedom and our fight. oh, in worth the robber. msr. albert is, has been an outspoken critic of the government. ah, that 30 kilometers away and sim uncle, another priest, father would yield by your horse, had been hold up in his parish for 4 days, surrounded by riot police without food medicine or electricity. this incident
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follows arrayed by authorities who broke into the parish to confiscate equipment belonging to the churches radio station, one of 7 that was ordered closed by the government on monday. authority say they did not apply for a license to operate, which the diocese strongly denied. getting nearer, you're afraid we're denouncing the injustice. they want to silence us with the majority of government opponents now in prison or in exile, the catholic church has become the mean voice of dissent against president daniel ortega and his wife reciting moody. you who's also the vice president of the european union, the international human rights commission and the biden administration have criticized the attacks. the u. s. under secretary for hemispheric affairs. brian nichols has tweet id, ortega moody use google assault on catholic clergy, radial facilities and community members in cervical is another blow to religious freedom in nicaragua, as well as the freedom of expression. in march,
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the government expelled the vatican. stop diplomat. and last month, 18 nuns from mother that is of cal cut, his order will also forced out. both moves were criticized by the vatican. but some priests and human rights activists are calling on pope frances to speak out himself on the latest crackdown. it also gave you the galle in the pope as maintaining an inexplicable silence. we don't understand what's happening. is he trying to dialogue secretly with vice president marino. and while he silent, it feels as if nicaragua, catholic church has been cut off by the pope right now. oh, so far the pope has not commented upon seeing these images, vice president moody your repeated charges at some priests, are quote, servants of the devil and yankee invaders until yankee eager. neither she nor her husband, the president has offered any proof to see
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a newman al jazeera. earlier i spoke to astro monte allegra, who's the supervising advocate for the nicaraguan american human rights alliance. she was trying to situational ground in nicaragua. well, it just simply, there is no place to even register a violation of the human rights abuse that's committed by any person or any member of the government. furthermore, there are no state spaces and i'm not even the temples are safe. we know that the lights have been turned off in the cathedral of men. now why? many temples have been profaned and robbed since 2018. there have been yearly reports of abuses and false charges presented against catholic priests, merely because they have supported people providing humanitarian aid, food, or water, things of that nature, which at this point the government has considered to the terrorist activities. the
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u. s. justice department is demanding the seizure of a venezuelan cargo plane grounded in argentina since june, judges the jet previously owned by an iranian airline has ties to terra groups. iran and venezuela deny the accusations and you're showing reports. when is iris? we spilling 747300 did belong to the arabian cargo company maam, air. last year they sold it to the venezuelan club, empress or cargo u. s. as it did not authorize that transaction which brookins export control laws. they want the playing confiscated. iran denies the accusations. well, venezuela, once you cross back a full field full not with the plane that was carrying out a fundamental humanitarian mission for venezuela has been kidnapped by john tina. they robbed us on the orders of an imperialist quarterly united states. the venezuela raises its voice in protest and called for unity with the honest people
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of watching tina filled in and large and time judge release 12 of the 19 crew members. 7, remain 3 venezuelan, some 4 radians among them. pilot column rests against semi us believes he belongs to the cods force of iran's revolutionary guard, sanctioned by the u. s, but not argentina as a terror organization. it's a case shrouded in confusion and counter claims. what we do know for now is that the boeing 747 belonging to the venezuelan cargo company and the store has been impounded here. it served when the cyrus is a say ser airport for 2 months. israel has praised the argentine authorities rights action, suggesting at least some of the crew might be involved in smuggling weapons. argentina was in the 19 ninety's, the victim of 2 attacks that said iran was involved in one on the israeli embassy
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and one of the jewish cultural center. no one's been brought to justice for either bombing and jewish organizations in argentina. one of possible future attacks. they want the plane and its crew investigated in so just be wondering if we see a link. i don't know if there's a link with the attacks in 90929094. but it could be a preparatory motion for an attack. and argentina was somewhere else in latin america. the lawyer act, since the detained pilot told al jazeera, the case was political, as well as legal vault, a lot of paperwork and his, unlike keith resolved any time soon. meanwhile, the plain remains firmly on the ground. then showing the al jazeera one osiris, a cargo ship carrying thousands of tons of ukrainian corn has been checked by inspectors off the coast of istanbul. the vessel is one of 3 that departed ukrainian ports on friday under a un broker deal and addressing global food supply issues.


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