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tv   101 East South Koreas Musical Prodigies  Al Jazeera  August 7, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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history, there has never been an individual who has a greater threat to our republic than donald trump. it was clear that cheney had had no impact among delegates, not least because his daughter is one of 2 republicans on the january 6th commission in congress saying it's dick cheney. what does that mean that he used to be a vice president, people supported in the republican party? what's changed? isn't that live chinese father please? the problem dick cheney was a war guy. you know, we love the war where this country may, you know, you know, made money. and i just wish that all of these politicians were just, they had their time. they had their time to make a difference on the country to shut off and what trump do, what it needs to do. as far as those here are concerned, the last presidential election was stolen and in fact trumps popularity has increased in the c pack straw po by 10 points since the commission began its hearings. his status as a victim of an establishment conspiracy has been confirmed for those here. as far
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as the pack is concerned, the republican party is the trump party. now, in addition, if trump does run in 2024, there's the expectation that the republican establishment will riley behind him anyway, just as it did the last time she ever tenancy al jazeera dallas. ah, let's take you through some of the headlines now. there are reports of an imminent seas fire in gaza between israel and the palestinian islamic jihad. egyptian mediators say both sides of agreed to the truth. be no confirmation of that from either the palestinians or the israelis comes on the 3rd day of the military offensive on the strip. at least 31 people have been killed in more than 200 inches . earlier a stomach, you had fighters launched the barrage of around 100 missiles toward southern israel in response to the killing of one of its leaders by israel palestinian prime
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minister. how much he has condemned the israeli strikes. he's calling on the un security council to intervene. suffer de luca salutes has more from gaza that the garza crossings earth. oh, for individual, for an unfathomable salem and the roads for goods are closed for 6 days now. which means that garza her about her look to run out of the basic essential for goods including her food, her cooking, oil, or patrol on other essential elements for needed for the daily life tie ones defense ministry says it's detected dozens of war ships and air craft in and around the strait, china has been holding military exercises near the island for a 4th day. the drills are in response to the visit to taiwan by us. how speaker nancy pelosi, ukraine's president is accusing moscow of nuclear terror after shelling as
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a plant in rushing occupied territory. the head of the un atomic watch dog is worn damage to the upper izzy of plant could cause a nuclear disaster. for found gross is calling on all parties to show restraint to round europe's largest nuclear power station. give moscow accusing each other of firing at the site. cuba is appealing for international help to find a fire burning out of control as an all des po, one body has been recovered from the site and more than a 120 people have been injured. 17 firefighters missing. it's $1.00 0 $1.00 east. now stay with us here on out jazeera ah a winner of the shopping competition
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1st prize and gold medals go say sandino. ah, zachary and performance had taken the world of classical music by storm. first, the from prestigious concert hall to international competition. it was 20 through application, from korea, bought a cohen cup, it is and book where german, who are these young musicians know. and how with south korea transformed into a classical music superpower, one hour and 8th meets those who are redefining the world of classical music. with
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any 630, i am in salt just a few hours before the vibe. recording of one of south korea's most popular tv talent shows a among the my guess is solved. she has come with her mother at only 8 years old. this young violinist is already one of the country's favorite classical virtuosos. oh, okay. a change young is a riser on the shore. she is invited young talent,
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but today's program ah, a continued young did on she don't, did each you don't. is it been in council, dan? she told me he needs is putting to puddle to lee. i to my the door if you will. i see you in the door. i'm with a parent meeting on the one i didn't hear back to you know, did i did? did you already talked to like 2 minutes home a i know that he's a oh
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oh, i mean a plan that humans mother him. so jean thinks her daughter did not play well, but he can get this done. miss. okay, what, what is it possible you, paula fi. all because of all the cable terminals or whatever the case a couple times in will get on like a white glove. the water gets home and running with the foil. chris on, got them with him. oh, let on let. could i don't take a look at all. well, you don't close. last time
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i did, she was 3 years old unit mother had uploaded her best performances on the internet . ah, today, unions of star with more than 85000 followers on youtube. videos have drawn as many as 6000000 new offers to play a public event. and dante bait of port in since she was very young. but her mother is determined to keep her grounded pony it over. or by haul fully known, what bull cinnabar never had to what fable. you don't look wondering at houses, how get coy about noon to wiggle more copper. what, how do you don't want horn? yo, i so bob couldn't go to it don't. and wouldn't you know kinda how you like it for one or 2 hours from unaccompanied or koba every morning. so jean
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helps her daughter prepare for a nother jam packed day. oh, oh, oh, yes. in pion. do i tongue? was it all? was the wild that goes in the gum tape. i listen one ends up the lewis and the cookies allison opportunity kitchen ago for the gun to it had operational and they were supposed to be up at all plugged in and gone with or not completed. my mortgage and i was looking for the door. i gone to the house in a little hitler, so it's a hectic schedule for both mother and daughter. a alpha to why isn't it? it will avant, ohio. i want anyone how one little taylor to put the pilot in which i think i'm a candle coolio cartoon. okay. so kill his cut seat line of divine is inadequate.
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there was on a big well known ah, oh, every month your records, a new video for her youtube channel in a studio in downtown. so he had to, her mother keeps an eye on every day. how long with long. oh you said with don't tell us is no tomato failed, can cut on kill it all in. okay. when they're in the oil,
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they and they will buy new st. i'm gonna do die art on all. my now says little tongue in all my logic are all you that had i went old or lunatic you as you go in and he'll need to talk to him about it a long way he that killed the tooth number of thought paul bonnie: curly with with her there are more than 50000 south koreans under the age of 18, studying music at a professional level. but only a few will ever perform on an international stage or build a successful career. as a concert artist
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ah, ah ah, ah, ah, ah, despite these odds 15 year old john so has chosen to pursue a career as a concert pianist or girl her c ward or her go on a car car that had always pla, mid tire is sure we had our we have had to go to cart. okay. you got they were taught done in get her body both with no. this is on a piano that had always put her cur pennsauken to if it's a gun with a cooling. ah comes when i'm going to talk to her. she gun usanga cut out one. can you will.
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could you tell us she done? john? do i'm ok. i wish pin you could put dan, talk you taco and pump pumps always from pansy toggle. ah, it down piano and take as i said, a single color for that impaled when you audio. well, the car audio and tommy turner has had to get to tell the girls all hands are out of band. jim gave them a yard up to my box id. joe rotella, your mom no. could sue on that should be lot harder, said dinner. don't one adam though not giggle. adam doors who didn't dare caught patter, intent on one and potatoes. what is? ah ah, since june saw his one mealy, 50 prizes in piano competition at home and abroad like young, she's gained fame and public attention at early age. but in this single minded
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quest for recognition these young prodigies and not safe from emotional scars and the possibility of fractured careers, offered and that a sheet on her took them for them, so belanger put her to bonnie for them. well. oh, lou ah, if at the door or what or somebody could do, well, it's him watching that wasn't gonna, janelle integrate that. so in about another told her team of a canal could or kits in and i think a couple, couple other questions her towards it. but as hating that uncle, don't worry about monica could on don as long as it can be, hadn't got to take it to get poor minivan yelling with the auto care to peggy to go buy the ticket. thought so i had thought i'd have to come down any, i think i talked saying i thought they get cut on your knees and i hadn't done and only taking odom with
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them in a few days young. so i will perform at one of south korea's most prestigious concert halls. she is also preparing for 2 piano competitions. a busy schedule that includes weekly piano lessons, hundreds of kilometers away from home. ah ah, it is young. so his mother who drives her to the busy capital of soul agent on soda, then i'm found that i sent a gun at that i saw it was out and gave me your extension to handle credit to backache on up to talking about us all i need to order quarterly stay in england cookie take it, they give them all that i get put on. i getting a kind of
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a kitchen and i got a total of that abandoning cuz i might have some forgot feel with just wanted to discuss further real till i consider employee with like a $250.00 a month to do any good of cuz it logged on as long as it's in good of any man, no lawyer, you know what on the back of those have got fiona with someone in science and in the all right. it's on the market. so group to listen me on on and hadn't go any, some little twin in a cookie. again,
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the show it to know i didn't give him home is indicator talking boring, cool, little tiny. got it. all. i said no, hold on honey. i'm gonna need me guys away in gay thought you are going to the hall with young. so goes to the korea national university, a box, one of the most prestigious schools to study music in the country. tie arts was set up about those years ago to help south korea achieve greater autistic success on the global stage. a special training program for young adults from ice to ice haney is old, has help professors discover and train students from a young age like young. so there are back to 100 young south koreans here, the dream of a korea in classical music. so
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could you can talk to me via photo your total is globalization. kimberly's or not? professor kim isn't a claim pianist. and one of the country's most distinguished teacher. he often judges national and international competition. me tongue in jargon that nothing to be on me and then all the g, g i n s h e. go chung, you know, giving him either but kim de june believes that talent alone is not who has a companion to go get his welcome depending on how many
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children and how the different journeyman in the collegiate had approval mission. and if it could happen to him and but i didn't, i couldn't tell people to be stated at west sladen and it had you learn it, they would hit dealing with in any young and discipline if they did. and i did, it is clean and cool. and i ended up teaching cooking video, them really bad and tell you to code yeah, this, pliny man and today, oh good. how cool you don't. what did you have to couldn't cocoa? now we can maureen, that ation and watch with dr. young and to me it is our georgia has its own higgins. you would over and go confident of mine into which will go to the good news. i
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hope you don't go to any trouble goldman there temporary to humble. however, that would kick the toner and then pin joni kung joke is how ingle the good to know is a call them up money and it on board and on and so on. counting jan shewmaker jenny, he can come and she me hung up to him to get her. no, i told her last week, but it's monday. the congregation is, you can go ahead and book tan hang out to see me on her. gonna watch it. okay, cool. well come junction, but getting, getting go. ah
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okay. one that i just wanna check on. yeah. we don't able debreto. oh yeah. again said total you did it said yeah. janice did wendy on? yeah. yeah. there's to kim's, your nick, another one to the oracle to muffle lewis are you today is the winner of the shop and competition 1st prize and gold medal goes to san jean ah 1st rice elizabeth international gump ice cream until the price named g. n. korean is making its mark on the global stage. over the last 60 years, south korean musicians have taken out the top awards in more than $150.00 international competitions. ah, to hone their skills and preparation for the biggest events. many students traveled
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to europe. the traditional home of classical music and the most sacred destination is sold but the faint birthplace of moses at the university named after the virtuoso professor gilly law is a highly sought after piano teacher. he is especially popular among south korean students to his long experience with international competition. oh, good. good. i know he has 7 south koreans in his class, a number that has steadily increased over the years. lost the acre. i did the press election for battle and competition, and born and her. it was 2 into 3 application of, from korea
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this is really a kind of renaissance feeling. ah, in europe. very often the feeling of this thing that they know it, it will this message ah, this is so, but it's not really deep knowledge is about this. and this excitement of people coming from marsha and sir make this music or octaves or fresh. ah . so my last bit all in competition shows price changes.
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second prize, jump on is still price korean bomb . they tow it and got it. we are german for journalists. was surprising warranty or how it's possible dental and vision. all right, is it i think this is also very positive. it's mean that this culture is world wide. yeah, this is not, does only ours says on everybody's welcome. ah, ah kim john,
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whom news from salzburg from sold to study under professor love 2 years ago. i have no idea how to get along with a total and i wish when you're done it will get me one moment. we'll go over and we'll have time and she's on on monday. i don't know if you want me to renew it. she totally don't go to superior level, don't you talking to him when i was i think i already pulled angel forward. your call from that? it's a little hungry because on the report, don't good want to let them go. when you get done with that, are you, i'm going to, my mom is all on top of that is and doing the year. hiring the la
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june. whoa is one of 16 sat serene piano preparing for the prestigious chopin competition, taking place in a few months time. under it on your home, going to church on her course, upon the toil, she ordered a mental or humbling cood on it. i'm going to have one motor pool has a when and so we don't get him as a good a will me orders. we have all or i and to down her to me and i so you know, when you i was told you saw on where, where williams. okay. i got it all. all, all it's all good to go to hawaii.
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ah, back in south korea, thanks to her many awards in piano competitions. young so received regular office to play at the country's most famous concert halls. today she's been invited to tom young for a special concent organized the heads of the korean music industry. oh, i remember that could look good as a whole, we just had, i mean is, has a little money you to look to know who do not and go to collections of all of the can was association. here to pull up has eagle group was on the days of money, i don't with numbers for luis that day because homeless and there's a whole hog is willing to cut me along. she don't kish took little consult with me to vicky. guy has to take it, john, come dying, vanilla ice,
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all. jim brown, i get a hotel, can tom antonette and kiffany to go on? he got could visit them. kipling each one of them, and you said look to see if danielle just saw under complicated gambling game, but i put a watching on to someone to taste. ah
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it is a dream shared by many south korean children including noon tonight, she is real to be performing at heard music schools concerts, a panel with a boy o a oh. 2 ah,
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what is life life in maximum security prison in this 2 part special report? $1.00 0, $1.00 east goes behind bars. it's singapore chung, you prison on out to a 0. ah ah, on cali, the cost the whining mortgage boy called in china could from the fact that grumbled as columbia and venezuela agree, the man ties businesses, i afraid revival bloss russia wants to pull out of the international space station . what's next? in all of it? counting the cost on al jazeera ah
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