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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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towards the end of the week for south east asia, we've got a bit of a system, a brewing in the south china sea. it hasn't got itself together, but it's still chucking some heavy rain towards western and southern areas of the philippines where a severe flood advisory remains heavy, rain as well for coastal areas of cambodia. when the news breaks, you're on more intense wildfires that the best case scenario is this. when people need to be heard and the story told, it was exciting to have this icon of the line be shown to everyone. with exclusive interviews, an in depth report approaches, awful damage being brought al jazeera has teens on the ground to where you more award winning documentaries, and lives. ah,
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this is al jazeera ah hello lauren taylor. this is the amazon news. our live from london coming up a ceasefire is declared in garza after days of his ready bombardment that killed more than 40 people. warnings of a looming disaster in easton ukraine by russian and ukrainian forces are accusing each other of shelling a nuclear power plant. cuba struggles to put out a fire that's been burning an oil storage facility for nearly 3 days. mexico and venezuela deploy teams to help about pete stems in dough with the sports news. a loss for manchester, united american house 1st game bar to a dream league debuted for man. so he's earning whole, he schools twice in
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a to know when over waste ah, after the deadliest escalation and violence since last year's war in gaza sees far between israel and the palestinian group is let me do you had, has come into force 40 for palestinians including 15 children have been killed since the fighting began on friday after israel launched what it described as preemptive strikes on godaddy. it claimed it was only targeting members of islamic jihad, but palestinian officials say at least one 3rd of the deaths have been civilians to senior. if you had commanders have been killed in the strikes, including the groups leader in southern gaza colored men saw a group has retaliated with hundreds of rockets far across the border some as far as jerusalem. but israel's army says 97 percent have been intercepted. all this
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while food and few was fast running out for people living in garza most are only getting 4 to 8 hours of electricity a day with crossing points into the strip closed since tuesday. when, when i'm is in west jerusalem festus, go to suffered uncle lute who's in gaza. what is the sci fi or truce holding so far? well, we can say that the, the situation is relatively quiet. there were 2 launching rockets attempt by the policy and fractions to worse israel, and there have been no israeli response on these 2 attempts. are still we can, we could hear the israeli drones flying over over our heads. but there are no exclusions in the law for at least 15 to 20 minutes. so yes, relatively in comparison with the last couple or last 3 days,
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we can say the sci fi r cam to effect and in the last half an hour, do we know what the terms of a top of, according to islamic jihad, the main point of dispute in the last one to 4 hours was the egyptian guarantees the they were seeking no guarantees from egypt that it will work. i mean, egypt, on the release of islamic jihad senior lead up that was arrested in the west bank. but some i thought the so since they got these guarantees that egypt will work on that on there will help and relieving outside the so as them get accepted, the fees fire. there was another point which is also moving the islamic jihad or the telephone and prisoner was in a hunger strike for more than
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a 100 day moving to the hospital to receive the medical treatment. so these are the disputed points that seems at the end. they reach an agreement on that. so after the, solving this issue is let me, she had said that, accepted the egyptian a proposal for the sci fi up color. thank you very much. and let's get to that. i should, i'm in west jerusalem. what is israel saying about the sci fi since the ceasefire went into effect about 30 minutes ago, there have been a sporadic reports of incoming rockets into israel. the sirens were activated in the south just a short time ago warning people to take shelter. but as far as israel is concerned, this operation is over. it is saying that the military said a short time ago that it used helicopters fighter jets. an armed drones were among
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the tools that used to target is thumb that you had across the gaza strip. it has thanks egypt for its role in mediating the cease fire, but says if attacks continue into israel, it will not hesitate to quote, act forcefully and says it will take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that the daily lives of israelis will not be disrupted earlier this evening, the prime minister. yeah. your la peed went to the central military base in tel aviv to assess the situation. he had said earlier that the objectives of the so called operation breaking dawn had been fulfilled and that there was no need for the operation to continue. what were these objectives from the israeli strategic mindset? the objective was to neutralize islamic jihad with most, if not all of the senior leadership being killed, as well as the feeling that
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a kind of divide had been created between is found that she had and hamas, which governs garza with hamas remaining on the sidelines. there was a concern that if this operation was protracted and the death toll continued to rise, that perhaps hamas might enter the fray. it appears for now that that has not happened into her going. i thank you very much indeed. well, she follows another day of violence as we've heard which left several people dead here is that you know? so it has been following developments in gaza and is more of a days event. israel has carried out the 3rd day of air rates of the gaza strip. messiah struck refugee counts and destroyed apartment building. eye witnesses say the attacks took place without warning. knowing what to say. we were praying. suddenly we found a miss. silent now home. we didn't know where it hit us from. it was so sudden and
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a little rough fashioned. israel says the target was pals, tina islamic jihad, and the 2 of the armed groups leaders have been killed. handed masoud, a senior member of a puts brigade, the group's motor wing was killed in rafa near the tips border. israel also essays, tunnels, alpha rocket launch, size and weapons stores had been destroyed, is slavic to had responded by firing rockets still with israel. system which were shot down by the i don't mess file system. other small loop house. mean groups are also believe to have fire rocky separate countries in organizations have condensed the violence. the un humanitarian coordinator for garza said, she's gravely concerned by the civilian death is in injury while another you, what official says the israeli attacks are not just legal,
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but you are responsible and that god is on the verge of the humanitarian crisis. with border crossing, still crone, no humanitarian or medical aid is able to enter, caused a fuel shortage, has already forced the sole power plant to shut down and hospitals are warning of dire consequences. if assistance does not arrive soon, you may see al jazeera garza city therein, reporters, a journalist, and co founder of land for all and organization seeking a peaceful shad homeland phase. readies and palestinians joins us live from televi . thank you very much for being with us. do you expect the spot to hold? it seems to me so there's no reason for for either side to break the fire. it seems that he will hold full for the route for, for the next few weeks or months. not too long, but for the next future. yes. i mean,
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a bill. this is very much an operation against the internet. you had what else was hoping to achieve. i think it's really very much clear what you wanted to achieve because because you so what was special about the separation is that is a topic without being provoked. usually there is some excuse for us to, to launch an attack on guns. rockets being fired into this time, we did not happen said attacking in order to prevent an attack came after attack. so it's really not very clear what were really the objective. yes, may be one of the objectives he's to reinforce scene away from us, which is a bit strange. but anyhow, this is starting to view commerce as it uses the p a
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in a way that some kind of a deal of peace and quiet in return for, for a couldn't make benefits, started to giving workers from garza to enter after long years that preventative. so maybe there is some kind of an effort to reinforce some aspects, but it's, it's not the it, it will prevent the next classes. and tony seizing that in some ways. hum us stance to gain by is, i mean you had being weakened. is that what you're suggesting? that's what it seems. now, that's what even aim seems to reinforce from us and make it even stronger in whether that will work. we don't know because how much may be will be
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portrayed a little bit as, as badly as the p a is portrayed for, for being software as well. so we don't know how what pressure will be on from us. but yes, a seems, at least for. busy for know, for the short term from us is coming out to stronger as an initial, did you people pointing out that is where this comes ahead of an election in israel . what, what do voters think of an operation like this being so close? opportune election, many commentators, especially for the student teachers, but also in the radical lesson. israel claim that you know, went into the trying to repeat, went into the separation in order to make himself look stronger. and before you actually, he's viewed, it could be tweak, use a civilian, he was never really in combat in the army and he's
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being accused of being soft with the premise teenage of having any ceramic parties coalition. so yes, it could be that he wanted to any comes up quite well to show it to ration only 3 days with no casualties. and lisa the side and it was ran quite calmly by le pete. he may gain, he may gain, he needs this credit because he's so new in amy's office, only less than a month. so it could help him to make it look a little bit more responsible compared with him. yeah. with his experience as 12 more than 12, he has a power report. thank you very much for your thoughts. so he offers news
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are from london historic shift of power in columbia, where a former gorilla has become the country's 1st leftist president. and the 2 front runners via to become kenya's, next president about a stand out corruption, but voters question their records. and the nightmare start from manchester, united to new manager in the premier league, peter will have details in sport. ah ukraine as accuse russia of again shelling, europe's largest nuclear power plant in upper asia. keith says russian forces damaged 3 radiation sensors on saturday night. at least one worker was injured. was a parisha plant, was captured by russian forces in march, but is still run by ukrainian technicians. you endotomic, observers, warner military activity. the site could cause a nuclear disaster. ukraine's state emergency service as well as video showing the
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aftermath of shelling in the southern port. city of mich alive, emergency personnel can be seen putting out a fire on the roof of a building. it is not known if there were any casualties in the attack. on saturday, ukraine's state security service detained to men accused planning strikes on ship building. infrastructure in mich alive, russia deny is targeting civilians in what it describes as a special military operation in ukraine. the 1st grain ship to leave ukraine since russia invaded, has experienced a delay, and as not docked in lebanon as planned. the recently left to desa last monday, carrying tens of thousands of tons of corn. it was due in tripoli by sunday, and it's not clear why it hasn't arrived. a delay comes as for more cargo ships, sail out of ukrainian port in the black sea, the left with almost a 170000 tons of grain under an export deal negotiated by turkey and the u. n.
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before the war, russia and ukraine accounted for nearly a 3rd of global grain exports partly supplying some of the world's poorest countries. john hendern is in ukraine's capital. keven has more on the latest nuclear facility attack. zillow, as he wants to have an international investigation, he wants officials from the international atomic energy agency to go to that site and to investigate what's happening he's, he does call it nuclear tear what the ukrainians are saying is that the russians have been firing from the site of that nuclear facility. well, that naturally draws return fire, but ukraine says, it wasn't the military that struck that cited insist that russia was the one that did that. and today we had a worker injured during yet another strike on that facility. so there is a legitimate concern around the world. this is the largest nuclear facility, not just in ukraine, but in europe, and it could cause a nuclear disaster,
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as we saw, ensure noble, back in the eighty's. so this is a major concern, not just as a lensky, but also the international community, the head of v i. e. a raphael grossi said he was extremely concerned. he said there was a very real risk of disaster invite his ass or he doesn't just mean in ukraine. so there will perhaps be an investigation. but it's a difficult situation because van facility is behind the ration line. that means there are russian troops around it. russian troops firing around it and inside our ukrainian workers essentially working at gunpoint under the direction of the russians. so whether or not this investigation will come off or not, that is unclear at the company that owns that particular facility. it's a ukrainian company, they said it was sheer luck that in this strike today, there wasn't a radiation late because there were spent nuclear rods and those are left out in
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the open air in that portion of the facility. and there was a risk of radiation coming out if that actual site had been breach. so that is the concern of the a zelinski concern is who is to blame for this? he says it's the russians. and it ran burgeson also and expert on nuclear weapons proliferation. joint is live now from los angeles. thanks for being with us. how dangerous is the situation at that power plant? do you think was very dangerous. if the warrant comes, is the plant that is, the russians are remain there, or if there's a conflict around the plant out there, 6 reactors, this could be a catastrophe where these reactors breached the radioactive elements released, and the material are dispersed across the landscape. so broadly, and indeed do you just as if they were radiation, nick, it wouldn't only be ukraine affected. that's correct dog. depending on prevailing winds, the winds could go south as well as north north,
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west or north east. it all depends on the prevailing williams or at the time of the release st. i mean, do you think that russia is deliberately targeting the plant to raise fears about a nuclear incident and in order to try to discourage the west from continuing to support ukraine in the complaint that we are a cynical thing in the part of the rushes, the rush. ready evidently, are using the plan to bombard our local locality. so you have missiles, their, their stories, storing munitions. they're evidently, are they reportedly $500.00 russian troops at the plant to plant as a hostage, radiological, hostage for the rest, as at this point time. so are there any safeguards in place at all to, to avoid a disaster over for the safeguards the left of the well, the russians and the russians had, frankly, leave the plan to allow the previous or operate the plant out there for the ultimate safeguard. i mean, it is lensky you on said that russian nuclear tara requires a stronger response from the international community sanctions on the russian nuclear industry and nuclear fuel. and in response,
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we had the foreign policy to saying the u condemns. rushes. miniature activities runs a parisha. this is a serious and responsible breach of nuclear safety rules. and another example of russia disregard for international law norms. but beyond the condemnation what, what do you think the community needs to do to try and prevent a disaster? really, the rest of the time we get to jesus pleaded with all parties to keep away from these nuclear plants. and nonetheless, the russians occupied general, they left church and the actors default and they have focused on taking this particular plant. again, the, the largest land in europe is $63.00 actors, largely reactors at the plant. and this poses a very, very concerning risk. there have been reports that the cranium may have dropped. what's called kamikaze drones against the plant that the wounded of several people cruise missiles oversaw the plan. here is the risk of accident, the risk that the russians were goes south for the russians. what would the
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russians do? would be making the plans for the night, the plan as revenge. you know, this pure speculation of course, but the risks are palpable if conflict would end up the plan. so we could have a very significant release. i mean, a major relation in europe. is there any kind of attempt alert at the moment to try and come up when you conventions that would mean these kind of things are out of bounds or people are dear to a sort of particular protocol when it comes to nuclear power stations. it's a good question. the, there was an effort in 1970 some to immunize the plants, but that efforts the additional protocols, the geneva conventions, $977.00, allow attacks against nuclear reactors. they contribute to military efforts. and that can be brought to find. so the plans in effect are legitimate to military targets. and what we could have, however, is a review of the international atomic energy agency. the committee on the sermon and
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geneva should review the matter. and there should be a prohibition banning attacks on any reactor. there's a present for this between india and pakistan. the 19th latency negotiated an agreement which forbade attacks under to power plants and other related facilities . that should be the international standard. dr. bennett ran that. thank you very much indeed. have your analysis. thank you. thank you. and i, jerry is turning to it's old, abandoned oil refineries after the cost of importing fuel rose sharply in just 3 years. despite having the largest oil reserves in africa. and the country loses billions of dollars, importing refined petroleum products. how many days reports from port? how caught my some of nigeria is oldest refineries associated rusty components of nigeria is old refinery. every mood to be replaced with new ones. it's a biggest repair project at this prowling 56 year old facility we are looking at
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been able to operate this affinity us, at least in a more of 90 percent of this install capacity will really have some freedom and have some reduction in the importation of this products that we're going to do for decades, the countries 40 finer is we're allowed to rot, as it imports refined product and subset the regime that last year, cost nigerian nearly $4000000000.00, despite having the largest crude oil reserves in africa. after turning this plan to round, it's expected to meet only a 3rd of domestic requirements of refined petroleum product. for the refineries are located here in port taco, but even at full capacity, they can only process 210000 bottles of oil by day. so to make up for the shop for the nigerian government has bought shares in a private facility owned by africa's richest men, a liquid equity, which is due to come on stream. next year. head of nigeria, oil company says reviving the facilities was overdue. as the subsidy program
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becomes increasingly costly, the combination of our own ability and capacity and also that to be done with anybody we. we met nigeria init if foot over at william our products that we didn't stop at this in a number of what us money into dishes that we had in small model larry primaries of 10 to 20000. but as my day of he should say, putting the refineries to work, we'll have concert forming exchange currently being spent on important products of nigeria can refine with good management. now, judas, all refineries may be on the path to revival after so many years, but only after hundreds of billions of dollars are lost to corrupt officials and government in decision. i'm a decrease al jazeera, pawtucket nigeria, firefighting teams from mexico and venezuela, a health in cuba battle flames that have engulfed a major oil storage facility. oil tanks at the facility and kansas have been
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burning since it was struck by lightning on friday. at least one cuban firefighter has died and more than a dozen others are missing. officials say a 122 people have been injured and august in that joint as life and that answers. and so they make any progress at all and trying to get to the far under control. they mean here in our hosting that they finally making today, venezuelan and mexican specialists, firefighters with specialist knowledge. and also it's crucial that you need to put out the industrial fire arrived. and as of an hour ago, state media is reporting that they have successfully without the fire one of the tanks to thanks for banding. when i write that today, not only one is burning, but the situation is still critical, not least because right next to the 2nd time. so burning is the 3rd. thank. the idea is to keep the temperature on that as low as possible. keep it down. so that, that in turn doesn't explode. and does any of this effect power supplies in cuba?
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big time, i was recently just about one of the top energy specialists on latin america press florida. and he said to me that it sounds terrible, but the file is not really the story from an analytical point of view here in the system, a thumbs up where i am right now. there's a huge pause on the ports receives every day and times around $440000.00 barrels. i should say, of cuban crude oil. now that oil is processed in times, that's why i'm not where the biggest power station is the center of the summer electric power stations in cuba. so, so in his analysis, really the whole question is whether or not that poor infrastructure that sends the oil that docks to, to the silos, to one of which is still burning. and then it's transported. so the rest of the countries generate power. whether or not that infrastructure has been critically damaged. i think it's really a question of how about the situation is going to be obviously it's going to affect things on the situation. and here in terms of power is already dia,
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for many months now, in the province, at least not so much in the castle. people have been going daily, millions, we've been going daily without power for 5 hours, sometimes 14 hours. and you can imagine in august the rushing food and the mosquitoes kids not able to watch watch tv do the homework. like without electricity, would be going anywhere in the world, not least in the caribbean, in august. so it's a very serious situation and august, and thank you very much indeed. rival groups and political factions from chad or a step closer to piece members of the transitional, military counselor among those, do to sign an agreement in the country capital on monday. as ma'am, and reports from doha, it could and decades of instability. chad may finally be on the brink of peace, a government of national unity disarming and integrating fighters and a general amnesty are set to be among the main articles of the long awaited peace
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agreement. to be slight katara, the talks got off to a difficult start in march from factions walked out demanding greater presentation, assisted members of the transition military council or t. m. c. not run for office. there is a commitment from the government. so what if you look at the rebuild side? the issues of that is a way to begin to get very complicated because you have new demand going to like the mama they be shouldn't stand for reelection or a ton of assets. you have to also reconcile the competing rival we will between the opposition. i rebel one because while the might be for me, for the position you have about 40 experience in, in the process into the draft agreement, he's meant to pave the way for a national dialogue later this month. and the new constitution, chad has been locked in internal conflict for 3 decades. it's debbie came to power in 1991 in
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a military coup and served as president until his death last year. so fighting among alms group has hundreds of thousands of people from their homes. when his father died, 37 year old mohammed debbie took over as president and heads the 15 member transition military council. his creditors with bringing rifle the militia to the negotiation table. but the absence of some of the main opposition figures from the signing on monday rekindles doubts about the sustainability of the deal, or move a hazard a. those are the things may go the way the military won't just. but if the talks and don't fail, the groups that of refusing to recognize the military council continued to do so, the country will enter into a new conflict and when they have sizeable forces, if not weapons. and chad is surrounded by countries that are unstable. so without reconciliation, chances of sliding back to a major conflict as hi chad is one of the poorest countries in the side. and with
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decades of dogs and ahmed conflict, it is an urgent need of stability hammered fun. alicio. china's military staged a 4th and final day of drills near taiwan. ty, ones defense ministry says at least 2 dozen chinese aircraft entered. it says base fighter jets. andrews were deployed as a warning to tie pay after hosted us house because nancy pelosi earlier this week around $10.00 warships from both china and taiwan and also sailed close to each other in the taiwan strait with some chinese vessels crossing the median line of an 80000 tourists locked down in a popular chinese coastal city due to a cave in 19 outbreak. 483 cases were reported in sonya on sunday. outbound flights had been cancelled and train ticket sales are on hold. travers must present 5 negative p. c, r t s over 7 days before being allowed to leave the city. essential services remain open, but entertainment venues have been closed since last week. china is the only major
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economy still following a 0 covey policy. fires destroyed a 900 year old bridge in china. the one on bridge in few john province was the longest wooden arch bridge in the country. it caught fire and collapsed on saturday night. no injuries were reported. investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the blaze. the bridge was on a list of china's national cultural relics to be protected. so the head on the outers, their news are a major victory for you as president joe biden. as the senate passes, a sweeping spending package to tackle climate change forms chords are called in notre severe drought in italy, dredges, relics from the 2nd world war and in sport. well, number one secures his 1st title for the here.
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ah hello there. it's known as the land of july to so it's no surprise that italy is seeing an ice cream boom. as temperatures continue to rise now that's as heat cleans on. to the south east of europe, we're going to the temperatures continue to rise in places like romania. but we've got another plume of hot air moving in from the southwest. that's going to knock temperatures up, not just in spain and portugal, and france, but also in the u. k. now, if we have a look at the 3 day for london, we are expecting to touch 30 degrees by thursday, clear skies and sunshine to be enjoyed. now while it is a hot and dry story, we are, however, things in thunderstorms triggered by a lot of that heat for places like more than it's the trickling down into the south and across some of those balkan states. like remain near a lot of that, where,
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where the edging up into western areas of russia knocking temperatures down in places like moscow, but fine and dry to the west of that. across the iberian peninsula, just a few showers. the set for northern areas of spain, temperatures continuing to climb, however, for cities like madrid and that's reflected across northern areas of africa, particularly in egypt to temperatures on the up $38.00 degrees in cairo on monday. ah, olivia, like everywhere, connectivity is paramount. and yet for infrastructure and dependence on foreign corporation means to many remain offline. now, a politician uncheck activists are building a home grown solution. connect with nations technological sovereignty.
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rebel beats, the citizens network on o, g, u mm hm. and newly ah lou ah and one of the top stories here which is 0 of the deadliest escalation and violence
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since last year's war in gaza. a ceasefire between israel and the palestinian group is lemay. she had as coming to force 40 for palestinians including 15 children have been killed since friday. ukraine is accused russia of again shelling, europe's largest nuclear power plant in upper regia keeps, as russian forces damaged free radiation senses on saturday night. at least one worker was injured and fire fighting teams from mexico and venezuela helping cuba battle flames that have engulfed a major oil storage facility oil tanks at the facility in ma tons, us have been burning since it was struck by lightning on friday. thousands of origins of march through the capital to demand better paying jobs. the rally and the catholic countries taking place on a day the patron saint of work. and brent bread st. so your don okay. donald demonstrates his waived banners and signs,
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saying piece bread and work as they march through downtown as aires, argentina, who battled high inflation for decades, a huge foreign debt to putting more strain on an already fragile economy. millions of canyons were elect a new president on tuesday. the 2 candidates leading the race to take over east africa largest economy, a promise to make tackling corruption and main priority. but both run dinner and william router has been part of government modern scandal, and many kenyans remain unconvinced. as malcolm went, reports from nairobi. this new highway running through nairobi is the most expensive road per kilometer ever built in kenya. it's initial cost of nearly $600000000.00 rose by about a 3rd with little explanation given by the government. anti corruption activists say just the latest overpriced infrastructure project, enriching corrupt politicians. most road uses still stuck in traffic on the old
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road, unable to afford the toes and motor by taxi drivers like duncan, a callo on allowed to use it. the government all getting out of very much bigger. what the problem kenyan did g to vote in general elections on tuesday. the empty graft commission recommended $241.00 candidates be disqualified from running because of corruption. but almost all of them have been allowed to run, and it has been always questions about where he got his wealth corruption scandals of the subject to he. many of patrick dishonor as political cartoons is often drawn . both of the main contenders for president former prime minister royal over dinner and deputy president william retail, they've all been kind implicated. and i've been part of this system that has been looting from kenya's for
12:38 am
a long time. one of the reasons why can you develop sort of what a calling pace you know, and it would be running in lots of resources actually not spent on ourselves this spend on the crop and politician. when roy dingo was prime minister, some of his family members were implicated and scandalous, stolen a subsidy, do setting is supported. he's the one who can play both of the main kinds of corruption and both of them. denial of william root over school days may subsidies as agriculture minister he's so promising to fight corruption. 8 he's been deputy president for the last 9 years during which to be se corruption has balloon as have borrowing to funded china lend the money to build a new highway. one of several costly infrastructure projects built by the government of router and outgoing president who kenyatta,
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who in the present administration was, was elected for every $100.00 of tax collections. debts, everything was 20 d. it's close to $56.00. and now that can continue, because then it means that they didn't sufficient money. luckily, pay for the public's services or more bordering is going to talk to dictates. meanwhile, candidates a promising to tackle this flooring cost of living. that things may get worse before they get better. you know, i m f ones kenya to end food and fuel subsidies to prevent upset crisis. officials in the incoming government will expect their share of patronage. kenya faces a massive economic challenge. whatever the next leader does, kenyans will likely pay the price. malcolm web al jazeera nairobi. can you go to the columbia is 1st. ever leftist president has been sworn into office in front of thousands of supporters in bogota. sub petro has pledged to reshape the deeply
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polarized country with a long list of social and economic reforms. the former m 19 movement rebel defeated the business magnet for an unders in june. his rise to power is a historic turning point. for a country that's been scarred by decades of war, between the government and rebel groups from 50 georgia live now from bota. how's the ceremony been going so far about lauren? this has been a money field. symbolism and transfer mission promises and expectations for the ends of set up the streets of downtown boca usually playing in ceremonies for quite a while, even sombre upstairs with just a few 100 guests that participate. but in this case, it was promising that his will be the government that the people up to called for
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the citizens and the cities and towns across the columbia to participate with the screens that have been set up in different way. and not only here at the capital, across different places in columbia, there has been a little drama surrounding the stores, i believe, the liberator of columbia. and they're not going american countries from spanish, rural, back in the 1800s. that's because they had requested this story to be as another symbol in for hey, i'm when i started giving a speech which is different right now that last night late last night, outgoing precedent by do k a instead issue that the committee and that allowing that to happen so that was the 1st order that federal gave right after swearing in and calling for the sort of human believer to be brought to the ceremony. and that
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the ceremony itself was suspended for 15 minutes, said waiting for it as sort to arrive. this just gives you an idea of the many symbolism in place here and the kind of a fracture that the m bethel is presenting when he's calling for his government to transform deeply this country. and you told me that the transformation that's required what were present finch was biggest challenges o k o. well, petra has a very, very ambitious agenda program that his allies in and the president himself has said that will not be able to realize in just 4 years. but he's hoping that his government will at least put the country on a road map towards change. he's essentially promising to tackling a number of very, very fundamental reforms in the country health reform. agricultural reform,
12:43 am
land reform, which has been at the center of the internal conflict and columbia for many decades is also calling for the possibility of total value promising. and that only to implement fully the 2016 percent agreement between the columbian states and far gravel. something that the previous government of evil will do. okay. it's sort of let go. but also it's calling on the remaining arm groups at to sit down with government and start a series of new dialogues and piece processes with the yellow, the last rebel group as standing in the country, but also with drug trafficking. moss: yes, but it's 1st priority starting on monday will be to push forward the congress said and you tax reform and a very ambitious one. no more than a 1000000000 jewish dollars, which he says it's necessary to find that there are many social programs that he's
12:44 am
promised in. obviously things will change tomorrow. when this government actually at will start that he's going to have to prove that he will be able to transform as many provinces as realities and hope for change that a majority of columbia and so see, and we have a paper in his scholar middle says was anderson, thank you very much. greece is prime minister has apologized to the leader of the opposition over a wire tapping scandal. gary echoes mitchell. turkeys says he didn't know the greek intelligence service had spied on the socialist party chief and never would have allowed it. nicholas and the rockies and cnn journalist denazi's cookies say they were spied on in 2021. greece's head of intelligence resigned on friday, out of the allegations were made i use president joe biden has expressed solidarity with the muslim community in albuquerque, new mexico. after a series of killings,
12:45 am
then police and federal agencies investigating the murders of for muslim men, would have been described as targeted attacks. the latest death occurred on friday, and 3 of them was the men were murdered in the past 9 months. 2 victims were members of the same mosque, but he say they appeared to have been targeted for their religion and race. the senate has passed a sweeping, $430000000000.00 climate tax and health care package, in a major victory for president joe biden. the vote was split down the middle with vice president, common harris, casting her ballot to secure the when $370000000000.00 will go towards climate projects, making it the largest investment in the sector in u. s. history, mostly jordan reports. after round the clock to beat on saturday and sunday, the u. s. senate passed the last major economic bill of jo biden's agenda, the inflation reduction act. on this vote. the age of 50,
12:46 am
the nase of 50, the senate being equally divided. the vice president votes in the affirmative and the bill as amended is passed. the bill will raise $430000000000.00 for a wide range of priority, improving health care coverage, tackling climate change by investing in electric cars and renewable energy. imposing a mandatory 15 percent income tax on corporations and cutting the deficit. this bill will kick start the era of affordable, clean energy in america. it's a game changer. it's a turning point, and it's been a long time incoming. the bill had been considered dead until democratic leaders negotiated a compromise name with senators jo, mansion and kiersten cinema that guaranteed their support. senate republicans offered amendment after amendment in hopes of destroying the democrats unity. they
12:47 am
blocked a plan to require private health insurers to charge no more than $35.00 a month for insulin, but that wasn't enough to derail the overall bill. after the vote, senate republicans issued a statement calling the bill a disaster. earlier on sunday and just out of cobit isolation, president joe biden signal to reporters, he thought the bill would pass. now it's up to the house of representatives to approve the bill before biden consigned it into law. that vote is tentatively set for friday. rosalind jordan l 0, washington frances, bracing for its 4th heat wave of a summer are struggling to cope with its worst drought on record. temperature is expected to hit 37 degrees celsius in the south. west. many villages have run out of safe drinking water. fortunately, government to deliver water by truck pharmacy for photos, supplies are also low, which could cause milk shortage. and this is corn harvest is expected to be nearly
12:48 am
20 percent lower, just as europeans contend with higher prices, partly caused by the war and ukraine. not just franz. italy's drought is so bad. it's dredging relics from the 2nd world war including a bond that had to be detonated. naomi had to evacuate around 3000 people from a nearby town. the $450.00 kilo explosive was found in italy's longest river. the po which is drawing up in the countries worse drought in 70 years. the government is to create a state of emergency for areas surrounding the po, which account for roughly a 3rd of italy's agricultural production. locals and tourists and rome have been left amuse. doctor ly size statue appeared on a famous bridge made of marble that chose sleeping refugee st. artist de go install the peace on the sun to under the bridge. over night. one of the main surface
12:49 am
connecting the vatican city to rome. immigration is dominating the national debate in italy right now. a right wing alliance found to fight illegal, immigration seemed likely to win. next month, snap collection throngs of tourists are continued to make a 5 hour track to see interrupting volcano in southwest iceland, the volcano has been erupting since wednesday, spring fountains of red hot lava. iceland, civil protection agency is warned. hi, has to be careful saying the risk crossing lava, but it's still fragile and boiling beneath the surface. 3 tourists were injured, tracking through the rough terrain. last week. the same volcano last erupted for 6 months last year. from here from 2 days ago. oh yeah, you're in the not bargain thing that yeah, i with robert and i'll come here to the site.
12:50 am
i can wanting to have a friend. so anyway, i came and we ended up having a big burglar, dana, we'd like your david around it basically offer me some good working at the airport . was like, just for like, no, he didn't hear about the volcano still to come on al jazeera. peter will be here with the best of sundays action from the commonwealth games. ah, the 19th sixty's was a period of change around the world, including the middle east and north africa when we dreamed of the fair and democratic society, which means every revolution. the 1st of a 3 part series out as they were world, explores the regional events, people and forces that shake the decade on one of our dreams were many. we started
12:51 am
with great dreams, but ended up with sad set by the 60s in the arab world. politics on al jazeera, examining the impact of today's headlines is that both hotline is what then? setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions. i would likely is that, that ukraine is actually going to get the rebuilding support that it, me international filmmakers and walcross journalists, bring programs to inspire protector, government. i all think i can return to my own life. any more. france is eroding some of its most prize freedoms on al jazeera. ah ah.
12:52 am
how his peter with the sport. thank you. lauren earling, holland as school, twice sony's premier league debut to fire champions, manchester city to a to know when at west ham norwegian opened his account for his new team with a 36 minute penalty. heck, audio la signed the 22 year old from barissi, adornment for around $60000000.00. and that investment was already looking like great value. when holland near said he, 2nd of the match, final school man said he to waste them mil. of course our link score, the 1st 2 was important for them for him. of course, for us in any sir? yes. with threat and other weapon that we have now and but in the us in times she is not going to solve all our problems. she's going to act something like we wanted to was a team director and half iraq majesty. united is off to
12:53 am
a losing start of the $21.00 home to feed, to brighten in their 1st match of the new premier league season. right, and strike up pascal grows. and met at the opening goal after 29 minutes to some home ground. sali marsh, by the away fans increased their volume just 9 minutes later when ghost double the advantage for the visitor's inquiries, i had hold one back through an alexis mcallister own goal. but it would not be enough as bryce had won a league match at old trafford for the 1st time condemning 10 half or 2 defeats in his 1st game in charge of the united head coach i think was a good start. and then after we got down the level, we joked only belief and we make mistakes and the opponent bonuses, but it think it's a good opponent. i worked long to get it and you know, when you make mistakes and you could punish for that offense should inch. ashley bu
12:54 am
high has become the 1st south african woman to when a golf major in 42 years of the winning the women's open championship at near field . incidentally, that is also the venue where her hero ernie l. one. the mains open championship in 2002 who hi started the day 5 shots clear of n g chun. but the south korean managed to draw a level as to high wind for over paul in her final round. the pay went through a play off and off to 4 holes. it was the south african who emerged victoria, emulating sally little 1980 major when at the l. p g, a championship in tennis world, number one, the new meddler. dave is finally back in the winners circle. the russian took the title in last couple mexico claiming his 1st turn them in victory over year. mad that was too strong for cameron nori in the final 756 love. that's now 14 atp title
12:55 am
form invested in the us as almost 11 months ago. every match was good, but i mean the final is always special. and then the final you play the best player of this week. so yeah, it's always a high level match. and i'm really happy that i managed to show some grade levels some good shots in such an important match. in motor gp francesca bonnie, i took victory in the british grand prix and called it the biggest win he's ever had. frenchman, jo and zacko started on pole at so boston and was leading until he crashed out on lap 5. i know you passed alex rims to hit the front with 9 labs to go and the italian writer stayed there while behind him. he's to carty teammates. jack miller was overtaken by maverick virginia, less worth 3 laps, remaining, and had to settle for 3rd place. but for benya, he picked up where he left off before the summer break, making a 2 winds in a row and 4th of the season, charitably the fabio, quite out,
12:56 am
or finished down in 8th. these family, while shami elsewhere ought tanner curs, one the rally, feminine for the 3rd time in his career, hon bay driver entered sunday's final stage in the lead and held up the challenge of will, championship, leader haller of unpaired or the estonian. eventually winning by 6.8 seconds grove, unpaid, it still leads the standings with 5 rounds remaining it was a busy, athletic stay at the commonwealth games in birmingham on sunday with 8 events dishing out metals. there was some joyful zambia as mozilla. some one comb took 1st place in the mains, 400 meter final. this is just the 2nd metal, the zambian of one of these games and their 1st gold, england's matthew hudson smith was 2nd with jonathan jones of the bahamas in 3rd. there was gold for barbados in the women. so want to be the final say the williams's time of 49.90 seconds is
12:57 am
a new commonwealth games. wrinkled williams crossing the line ahead of victoria oguchi and jody williams, both from england. so england having to settle the so then both those events, but they turned the tables in the men's 4 by 100 meters relay. the english team, comprising of jonah and for locos on el hughes, nathaniel mitchell blake, and o g, a to bowden, finished 1st in a time of 38.85 seconds to take the gold middle ahead of trinidad and tobago. and my guerria, nigerian women managed to improve on that bronze medal performance when their turn came. the nigerians beating england and jamaica the 1st place in the women's 4 by 100 meters read a final of her coming home in 42.10 seconds in birmingham. more nigerian success came in the women's one and meters hurdles toby emerson. taking the gold medal in a time 12.30 seconds imus and setting a new games record in the process. as we finished ahead of devon charleston of the
12:58 am
bahamas and england's cindy simba. and it was a great day in the boxing ring for india. they managed to win 3 gold medals in the men's flyway final, our mates beats englishmen, karen mcdonald, 50 to secure gold. the other 2 gold medals, one by women boxes, in the 45 to 48 kilogram category, meter needs, who was too strong for damage tests than of england. and at the women's light. flower final, zarina cats proved too good for northern islands. carlie mc normal to complete a great day for india until the sports is lauren back to you in london. thanks very much, and that's it for me for this news out our here in a moment with more of the days news. thanks watching. ah ah.
12:59 am
a frank assessments the heat waves we're seeing now, are they a product of global warming? we will say more than you know, what is happening is that climate change it making them work in depth. analysis of the days headlines inside story on al jazeera, for intelligence, social, and playful. this vulnerable species have being caught in the wild, sold online, and smuggled illegally by criminal syndicates from southeast asia. one of the main markets is japan. in recent years, a new phenomenon has been sweeping through this concrete jungle animal cafe by customers, by a cover charge to sit in the cafe and pets, a number of cute,
1:00 am
domestic animals. but as businesses compete for customers, this being a disturbing shift to ever more exotic species, we want to find out more about how offers it being taken from the wild. and so, justine gar remark, it is a spooling hops, the animal trade a plethora of exotic species. seat and tiny metal cages, distressed and sweltering under the hot sun on calling the cost the widening mortgage boy caught in china. good for the sake that grumbled as columbia and venezuela agree, the men ties businesses. i afraid revival bloss russia wants to pull out of the international space station once like in the orbit. counting the cost on al jazeera ah.


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