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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2022 3:00am-3:31am AST

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in your own country, shifting paleface is the rise of citizen journalism has changed everything. how do happen? it happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative. australian point to the poet with those images front of mine is a wall. it's very much going forth out in the media as well as on the battlefield. they're listening post. dissect the media on al jazeera, both germany, and the police violently dispersing protest. this, these are sort of a good tens of thousands of people trying to flee. gobble, inspired to program, making. welcome to generation chains, unrivalled broadcasting. white people did not want black children in their schools . we have to fight for it. and al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster the year award for the 6 year running. ah,
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to palestinian fighters and israel exchange fire just before a truce in garza 3 days of attacks have left 40 for palestinians dead including 15 children. ah, i'm all about this and this is all it is your life. and doha also coming up the bill as amended is passed hundreds of billions of dollars to battle, climate change and boost health care. the u. s. senate says yes to a sweeping funding package and a big win for president joe biden. we leave that most people assume the left leg in columbia is supposed to have a leftist president, has sworn in before thousands of cheering supporters in bogota. huge fire still
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burn at a cuban oil plant. often lightning strikes at least 16 firefighters are missing. ah the 1st hours of a fragile seas, foreign garza appear to be holding up to the last minute rockets were still being fired into the sky. it's hoped it'll end the deadliest escalation and violence since the 11th day war in 2021. this is far between israel and the arm group known as palestinian islamic jihad or p i. j is mediated by egypt with help from the united nations and cotton. since israel began its attack on friday, 44 palestinians, including 15 children have been killed, is really government said it's been targeting members of the p i. j, but palestinian officials to say at least a 3rd of those who died of been civilians to senior leaders all the on the group had been killed. the p i. j retaliated by firing hundreds of rockets into israel,
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most was shot down or blown up. speaking from toronto, the secretary general of pakistani, and, and slumming to had explained its demands the is limited. you had to lay down its conditions, number one to unite all the palestinians. secondly, imposed on on the enemy to release our brother who has been on hunger strike halle louder, and has also put another additional condition. wish you to release shift by some outside. the software are colored has more from garza this. this buyout is still holding. now, even local governmental offices are public offices also announced that they will re open their doors for public university is also announced that they will open open their doors, that they closed area because because of this collision for force,
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they will open their doors for students also the municipality of garza and other municipalities also the announced that they will deploy on send their equipment to remove that bill and try to do the initial assessment for the destruction. cut out for the ministry says it supports efforts to stop the violence . had that had one and i did it got to do because of this renewed aggression the guitar role was again as it always is through contacts made by the guitar, ministry of foreign affairs, headed by his excellency, the minister of foreign affairs and deputy prime minister with the various parties with the palestinian factions in gaza with the relevant international parties. and with the israeli party, with the aim to stop this aggression and stop the continuous bloodshed. in fact could tar supports the various international efforts in the framework of reaching the truth. that took place today with us or her name reports from western of them.
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as far as israel is concerned, this operation is over. it is saying that the military said a short time ago that it used helicopter's fighter jets and arm drones were among the tools it used to target is some that you had across the gaza strip. it has thanks egypt for its role in mediating the cease fire, but says if attacks continue into israel, it will not hesitate to quote, act forcefully and says it will take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that the daily lives of israelis will not be disrupted earlier this evening, the prime minister year le pete went to the central military base in tel aviv to assess the situation. he had said earlier that the objectives of the so called operation breaking dawn had been fulfilled and that there was no need for the operation to continue. what were these objectives from the israeli strategic
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mindset? the objective was to neutralize islam of jihad with most, if not all of the senior leadership being killed, as well as the feeling that a kind of divide had been created between is found that she had and hamas, which governs garza with hamas remaining on the sidelines. there was a concern that if this operation was protracted and the death toll continued to rise, that perhaps hamas might enter the fray. it appears for now that that has not happened . ali, i believe i was director of electronic intifada. it's a website which focuses on palestinians under occupation. he says, failing to hold israel accountable means palestinians and goals are on not able to go back to normal. people in gaza don't get to go back to anything like normal because they're still living under israel's sage. that is a form of silent violence against every man,
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woman and child in gaza. 24 hours a day, $365.00 days the 15 years. so unfortunately, it's fragile. this is going to happen again. i can't tell you if it's going to be in a day a week, a month or a. yeah. but it's going to keep happening because israel enjoys total impunity for its crimes against the palestinian people and not just impunity, but full and active support. remember, it was bombing gaza with weapons provided by the united states by the european union, by canada, who all stood by israel. and these are the same countries that the sending billions of dollars of weapons to ukraine, supposedly to resist occupation and invasion. but here they are helping israel perpetrate, occupation invasion and tara, against the civilian population is really just routinely call these regular
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massacres. if palestinians mowing the lawn, the idea being you have to massacre them, kill a bunch of them. so they get the message that they should just surrender and accept that faith. and it's fully supported by the united states, the european union, canada, and sadly, now you know, it pains me to say a number of arab regimes that have fully normalized, that ties with this, frankly, murderous regime. the u. s. senators passed a sweeping pack is worth $430000000000.00 covering climate tax and health care. democrats say it's a big victory for you as president joe biden. the vote was split down the middle with democrat vice president campbell horace, casting her ballot to secure the when $370000000000.00 will go towards climate projects, making it the largest investment in the sector in u. s. history muslin. jordan reports after round the clock debate on saturday and
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sunday, the u. s. senate passed the last major economic bill of jo biden's agenda, the inflation reduction act. on this vote. the age of 50, the nase of 50, the senate being equally divided. the vice president votes in the affirmative and the bill as amended is past. the bill will raise $430000000000.00 for a wide range of priority, improving health care coverage, tackling climate change by investing in electric cars and renewable energy. imposing a mandatory 15 percent income tax on corporations and cutting the deficit. this bill will kick start the iraq of affordable, clean energy in america. it's a game changer. it's a turning point, and it's been a long time incoming. the bill had been considered dead until democratic leaders
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negotiated a compromise name with senators jo, mansion and kiersten cinema that guaranteed their support. senate republicans offered amendment after amendment in hopes of destroying the democrats unity. they blocked a plan to require private health insurers to charge no more than $35.00 a month for insulin, but that wasn't enough to derail the overall bill. after the vote, senate republicans issued a statement calling the bill a disaster. earlier on sunday and just out of cobit isolation, president joe biden signal to reporters, he thought the bill would pass. now it's up to the house of representatives to approve the bill before biden consigned it into law. that vote is tentatively set for friday. rosalind jordan l. jazeera washington, a large part of cuban oil devils gradually being brought under control was helped from mexico and venezuela. the blaze was caused by a lightning strike at
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a storage facility in the city of baton says, at least one persons died and more than a 120 people have been injured. 16 firefighters are missing, and augustine's got more from close to the scene as far as you can see right behind me, there's a huge plane of smoke coming out from one of the tanks that still bindings. there are 8 that called super time because each of which has approximately $50000.00 killer metric tons of petroleum to avoid exploded. the 17 firefighters one is being from time to the other 16 i'm missing. i think it's safe to say the expectation is very low. that they are alive because they would just meet away from one of those times trying to dance it with water to stop it exploding. when it exploded. so these people will have been incinerated. the president of human met today with family members are those who are still not confront that. missing cuba. aust,
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you want to serenade is very proud country. this is a country that does ask for a this less. it really, really needs it. boy, does it need it? they low on the tech, new technology and also experience in dealing with this mostly this is the biggest industrial fire this this countries ever faced. the venezuelan firefighters and the mexicans specialists arrived hours ago. and they, they not only have with them know how to deal with this, you know, big oil producing nations. but they also have technology and that crucially the materials that needed to put out fires of the still had an al jazeera oh the sign of hard times and argentina thousands turned out to prove to the patron saint of bread and work from school to cold. and alter severe drugs in italy
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reveals relics from the 2nd world war ah, richard, he has begun the full world copies on its way to the castle route. your travel package to the hello there, the heat still dominating across east asia, but we are going to see the wet weather pick up both in the north and in the south . and that thanks to a swelling system in the south. china sea is going to pull into coastal areas of china, hong kong things, and very hot and humid weather, but also via thunderstorms. on monday and tuesday, in the wet weather, picks up for north eastern areas of china. we've got was frontal system arching its way through the korean peninsula, on woods to northern areas of japan. we are expecting some flooding rains to effect much of south and north korea over the next few days. but it is still a story of heat for the region squeezed in between these wet areas. we do have
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temperatures touching up to nearly 40 degrees across central and eastern china onwards to japan as well. we are, however, going see temperatures dipped down from the likes of sol that has the wet weather creeps in on monday, tuesday. that will be some relief to come on wednesday, but it is a rather wet story as it is so much of south asia. thanks to the monsoon rains that are peaking at the moment across central areas, we are expecting those drenching downpours to affect flood waters, particularly in odessa, thanks to low pressure that's brewing and intensifying in the bay of bengal. that to weather update cats. ha, airway official airline of the journey. the 19th sixty's was a period of change around the world, including the middle east and north africa and america. we dreamed of the fair and democratic society which we indifferent. beverly shake the 1st of a 3 part series out to say we're well explored, the regional events,
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people and forces that shake the decade. i don't, one of our dreams were many. we start to with great dreams, but ended up with sad set by the sixty's in the, our play politics on al jazeera. ah ah fortunately is it a reminder of our top stole is this are the 1st hours of our front yard seuss firing. gaza appear to be holding up to the last minute rockets were still been launched. this is far between israel and the on group. no nos palestinian islamic jihad, or p i. j was mediated by egypt with health occupations and counter sensation began its attack on friday. $44.00 palestinians including 15 children have been killed.
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these early government said it was targeting members of islam of jihad, but palestinian officials say at least a 3rd of those who died to have been civilians. the u. s. senate passed president jo biden's, $400.00 of them. $30000000000.00 spending package. and i am so fight climate change, lower medicine prices and raise some corporate taxes. democrat vice president tomlin harris cache, the tie, breaking vote more now on the ceasefire in garza, it follows another day of violence which left several people dead. i'll jacell, as yonah outside reports from gaza. israel has carried out the 3rd day of air rates on the gaza strip. message struck refugee camps and destroyed apartment building. eye witnesses say the attacks took place without warning. knowing what to say. we were praying. suddenly we found a miss island now home. we didn't know where it hit us from. it was so sudden and
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a little rough. israel says the target was pouting as loudly you had and that 2 of the armed groups leaders have been killed. crowded masoud, a senior member of the woods brigade, the groups motor wing was killed in rough or near the diction border. israel alters have tunnels. i'll post rocket launch sites and weapons stores have been destroyed . is liability had responded by firing rockets still with israel. civil switch, we're shut down by the iron go messiah defense system. other smaller power, new groups, are also believe to have fire rocky separate countries in organizations have condensed the violence, the un human trade coordinator for garza. this is gravely concerned by the civilian death is in injury. while another you, what official says the israeli attacks are not just legal but you are responsible and that god is on the verge of the humanitarian crisis. with border crossing still
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crone, no humanitarian or medical aid is able to enter, caused a fuel shortage, has already forced the soul power plant to shut down and hospitals are warning of dire consequences. if assistance does not arrive soon, you may see al jazeera garza city. columbia is 1st of a leftist president, has been sworn in to office in front of thousands of supporters in bogota. gustavo petro promised to reshape the deeply polarized country with a long list of social and economic reforms. the former rebel fighter defeated business magnets dot rudolfo hernandez in june. that says, is going to reopen diplomatic relations with venezuela. he also says he's gonna deal with climate change by leaving columbia's oil and coal reserves in the ground . carol, i feel is i thought, oh, i want to tell all colombians listening at boulevard plaza,
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its surroundings and all the columbia and abroad. what is that to day? our 2nd opportunity begins and we have earned it. you have earned is that your effort was worth it. you know, it's time for change. our future hasn't been written or portable, neither or 7 am. it is a senior and a in countries analyst with control risks, and she's joining us now from bogota, vega, to happy with us on the algae 0. ma'am. thank you very much. indeed. columbia's got the highest level of inflation for about 20 years. how much could life change for colombians under the new government? hi, thank you so much for having me. yes. actually we have an inflation right now. 10.2 percent, the highest since 2001 and kilometers are facing very difficult times in, in what is about economy and the price of food and the presence of fuel is actually been controlled. but we could change as this is not sustainable in the long term without better has promised to overcome the situation. but these will take time and we're definitely going through
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a very difficult international conflict that will make difficult face. the economic refreshing of many countries in the world are about to enter or just enter and they're about to confirm. so he will definitely have a difficult situation to manage and he will be presenting congress in the next few days. tax reform that will try to sort of increase tax collection to be able to implement and all the promises he made about social reforms to help fight poverty and inequality. but these will definitely be one of his biggest challenges for the next 4 years. i would imagine another challenge is trying to keep control of what is a very diverse cabinet that he's put together. coupled with the fact that the military, which of course plays a big role in columbia in life and has been a subject to a lot of criticism by gustavo petro over the years. and i,
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violet cons, doesn't like him very much. how confident can colombians be? do you think that he's actually going to be able to deliver on the promises that he's making? yeah, absolutely. you touch up on one of his most complicated things right now is his cabinet members. he just finished their appointments a few minutes ago. actually with the last few names. he had cabinet members are very diverse. you mention we have more women than men. the 1st time ever in the history of columbia that you can see a cabinet composed like this. and they are diverse not only in the terms of gender, but also in terms of the expertise they all have. some of them are more technical from others or more sort of into the political aspects of experience they have in their own industry. in terms of the fence, we have a minister of defense that it has a very difficult already relationship with the security forces. he has been men
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that criticize through very often the security for us. and we expect this to become a situation that may be brings other challenges to what we can see in the different folly he and his speech to they talk about the politics of life that the defense of life rather than the traditional beef and parties, we have many different groups, regions, like the fog dissidence and or paramita groups like the golf plan, who have claim interest in negotiating the piece with the government. but it would not be easy to do so with the forces that are not being supported by the same government. and with seamless tanya piece, processes of the same time. so we can expect colombians to face r c. s. continuation insecurity be that is somehow not clear what we can expect.
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that somehow we know exactly how difficult it can be for the next the specially for the next 6 months. one of the examples of that diversity that we've been talking about is, is vice president of course funds. you're marquez and she's a black single mother. what kind of significant role is she going to be playing in this? i think the most important message that we're seeing right now is representation. this is the 1st time, but many long and still they are being represented by the government. they have never felt so in the history of the, of the country. and this is why this is how you started. so important. as you mentioned, that you would not only play the role of by us by the vice president. but she also will be appointed as the ministry of inequality to try to publish quality. so she will sort of protect the view of how women will be treated. and the government will take a little bit of time about 6 months to be created. but because these take some bureaucracy
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and some legal procedures to, to be able to play the role of a minister. however, i do believe that it is going to be very important because she's very much a woman that has a fight. and that has sort of experience herself, what is being a be part of the conflict. she was a victim of that conflict. i'm one of the most important people in defending the environment and in the funding party. so heard all the will be definitely very important. and she will also play, put some pressure on file, but for himself to be to try to be more progressive to not overcome those sort of conversations defender but rather to keep the left and be more progressive as he promised to do. so when he was running for president us a campaign in the campaign, rather than actually what we can expect to see him are really interesting to get your thoughts in the savannah and we appreciate your time and thank you very much
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indeed for joining us. thank you. so much for the invitation was unemployment and poverty on the rise, thousands of roman catholics and argentina have descended on a want to sell his church to celebrate sunset. yarnell is the patron saint of bread and work. the crowd was joined by political movements on marched the city center and you're swine law reports. i worshippers came in their thousands, some queueing overnight to ensure access to the patron saint of britain work. some to give thanks. others to ask for help. inflation last month was at 8 percent, unemployment, poverty and homelessness arising. ok, mean i the bread that feeds us is harder to find every day because of the suffocating inflation and that generates misery. oh, the covey pandemic means this ceremony has been postponed for the past 2 years, during which time the economic situation for many argentines has only worsened.
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milton october, i've been coming for 23 years to give thanks for everything i have for everything. the saints given me. yes, had sent guys, i come to give tanks for the jobs. my children have got and for my health st. cash it time was born to a noble family in italy, in the late 15th century, he promoted a spiritual life and he said to have given his family's wealth to the poor before dying of grief over the corruption he saw all around him. he was canonized in 1671, and the church and his name established by italian immigrants who came to argentina at the end of the 19th century time the ha, with the economy not delivering allowance of argent kinds of putting their faith in their religion. in a saying, they believe will supply them with red or worshippers will later joined by social movements and trade unions to march to the centric. when osiris also to
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demand work and bread, a more stable life? no more. i got you. the image were part of the 10000000 argentines who work in the informal sector, which is why on st. koreatown or day, were joining with all other social movements to ask for peace, bread, land, housing, and workload. a lot more. i thought a lot of the bread as recyclers, we noticed that everything is more expensive. nothing today is worth what it used to be. the country is crippled with debt. the government has had 3 economy ministers in a month, increasingly frustrated. many ordinary argentines are forced to seek solutions wherever they can then find the routers, era one osiris, ukraine skews russia of, again shelling, europe's largest nuclear power plant. in supper this year, the head of the u. anatomic watchdogs warned. the damage to the plant could lead to a nuclear disaster or fell. grossey says,
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the should be restraint around the site. keep says, russian forces damage 3 radiation sensors on saturday night. at least one workers been injured. the nuclear plant was captured by russian forces in march, but ukrainian technicians are running it. john henders got more from cave. the company that owns that plant, a ukrainian company says a nuclear disaster was narrowly averted when it was hit just today. that what was hit with an area with spent nuclear fuel rods, which are left in the open air to cool off. well, they're radioactive. and so that area was struck but apparently not breached. so no disaster day, but the head of the i a a says that he's very concerned about the situation there. he would like to send in an international team to secure that facility, which as you mentioned, was controlled by the russians behind the russian lines, but operated by ukrainians who have been ordered to continue operating the plant
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essentially at gunpoint. so it's a really dicey situation there, as you said, showed today, a worker was wounded and the cavity says it was pure luck that something really major didn't happen when it was struck today. the interesting thing here is that we really don't know who struck it. the president of ukraine validity, lansky says that it was russia. he wants an international investigation and he wants tougher sanctions on russia because this threatened to be a nuclear disaster, not just for ukraine, but for all of europe. the problem is getting people in there and trying to get the permission of the russians to actually do that. so it's a particularly dicey situation with no end in sight in a country where in turnover we've had a nuclear disaster before frances sweating, its force heat wave of the summer while struggling to cope with his words drunk tone, record temperatures are expected to hit 37 degrees celsius in the south west. many
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villages have run out of safe drinking water force in the government to deliver water by truck. farmers say supplies of animal feet a low than that could lead to a shortage of milk. this use corn harvest is expected to drop by nearly 20 percent as europeans are having to deal with higher prices, partly caused by the war in ukraine. italy's drive is so bad, it's revealing a relics of the 2nd world war, including a bomb. the army had to evacuate around 3000 people from a nearby tongue before destroying the 450 kilogram explosive. it was found in italy's longest river, the pole. it's drawing up because of the countries worst drought in 70 years. the governments declared a state of emergency for areas surrounding the pole which account for roughly a 3rd of italy's agricultural production. throngs of tourists continued to make a 5 hour trek to see interrupting volcano in south west.


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