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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2022 5:00am-5:31am AST

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of this great and historic presidential election, if i, when a lot of people felt their world was being turned upside down, the way that has been manipulated by populace like donald trump slang on racial anxieties. one person that citizens have political equality. and of course, in the united states, as in many other parts of the world that remains an ideal, but not a reality runs the slave and the family, but from a for your will be able to sit down for debit of the table of brotherhood. i have a dream, my dream is that people may my daughter, the young people just have a full voice and don't feel targeted because of their race or ethnicity. ah
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palestinian fighters and israel exchange fire just before a truce in gaza. 3 days of attacks have left 40 for palestinians dead, including 15 children. ah, i'm robinson, this is all just here alive from doha also coming up. the bill as amended is passed . hundreds of billions of dollars to battle climate change in boost healthcare. the u. s. senate says yes to a sweeping funding package in a big win for president joe bible. this, that most people on the left leg is they. columbia is 1st 7 leftist president and sworn in before thousands of cheering supporters in bogota. the huge fire still
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burnett, a cuban oil plant. after lightning strikes had been 16 firefighters. i'm missing ah! the 1st hours of a fragile seas, foreign garza appear to be holding rockets were still being launched in the minutes before the troops began to seize far between israel and the group known as palestinian islamic jihad or p. i. j was mediated by egypt with the help of united nations and cut off us president joe biden has welcome to the fox. it says he supports an investigation into civilian casualties. since this world began its attack on fire, the 44 people in garza have been killed. palestinian officials say at least a 3rd of those who died was civilians. israeli government set has been targeting members of the p i. j to senior leaders of the on group of been killed. the p i. j retaliated by firing hundreds of rockets into israel,
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most were shot down or blown up. speaking from to hon, the secretary general of palestinian islamic jihad explained its demands. z is limited, you had laid down its conditions, number one to unite all the palestinians. secondly, imposed on on the enemy to release out a brother who has been on hunger strike halle louder. and has all shrew put another additional condition? wish you to release shift, but some of sadie, so what are hollowed has more from gaza? this is fire is still holding. now that even local governmental offices are public offices also announced that they will re open their doors for public universities also announced that they will open early, open their doors that they closed ariel because because of the escalation for force,
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they will open their lords for students also, the municipality of garza and other municipalities are also the announced that they will deploy on send them a coup minns to remove their i bill on try to do the initial assessment for the destruction. cut us for a minister. he said it supports efforts to stop the violence, had that had one and let and get good canada over custody because of his renewed aggression the could tarry role was again, as it always is through contacts made by the good, sorry, ministry of foreign affairs headed by his excellency, the minister of foreign affairs and deputy prime minister with the various parties with the palestinian factions in gaza with irrelevant international parties. and with the israeli party, with the aim to stop this aggression and stop the continuous bloodshed. in fact, could tar support various international efforts in the framework of reaching the truce that took place today that i shall name reports from western gruesome as far
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as israel is concerned, this operation is over. it is saying that the military said a short time ago that it used helicopters, fighter jets and arm drones, were among the tools that used to target is so much you had across the gaza strip. it has thanks egypt for its role in mediating the cease fire, but says if attacks continue into israel, it will not hesitate to quote, act forcefully and says it will take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that the daily lives of israelis will not be disrupted earlier this evening, the prime minister year le pete went to the central military base in tel aviv to assess the situation. he had said earlier that the objectives of the so called operation breaking dawn had been fulfilled and that there was no need for the operation to continue. what were these objectives from the israeli strategic
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mindset? the objective was to neutralize islamic jihad with most, if not all of the senior leadership being killed, as well as the feeling that a kind of divide had been created between is found that she had and hamas, which governs garza with hamas remaining on the sidelines. there was a concern that if this operation was protracted and the death toll continued to rise, that perhaps hamas might enter the fray. it appears for now that that has not happened . i have been, emma is director of the electronic intifada to a website which focuses in palestine in the israeli occupation. he says, palestinians and guys are con, live normal lives because israel isn't held accountable. people in gaza don't get to go back to anything like normal because they're still living on the israel's siege. that is a form of silent violence against every man,
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woman and child in gaza. 24 hours a day, $365.00 days a 15 years. so unfortunately it's fragile. this is going to happen again. i can't tell you if it's going to be in a day a week, a month or a. yeah. but it's going to keep happening because israel enjoys total impunity for its crimes against the palestinian people and not just impunity, but full and active support. remember, it was bombing gaza with weapons provided by the united states by the european union, by canada, who all stood by israel. and these are the same countries that the sending billions of dollars of weapons to ukraine, supposedly to resist occupation and invasion. but here they are helping israel perpetrate, occupation invasion and tara, against the civilian population is really just routinely call these regular
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massacres. if palestinians mowing the lawn idea being you have to massacre them, kill a bunch of them. so they get the message that they should just surrender and accept that faith. and it's fully supported by the united states, the european union, canada, and sadly, now you know, it pains me to say a number of arab regimes that have fully normalized, that ties with this, frankly murderous regime is where the forces have demolished palestinian horns during a raid in the northern occupied west bank, bulldozers accompanied by israeli forces destroyed 2 houses in the village of romana, near jeanine. one belong to the grandfather of a 20 year old palestinian man was accused of murdering 3 israelis in early may. the u. s. senators passed a sweeping package worth $430000000000.00 coming climate tax and health care
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democrats. it's a big victory for you as president joe biden. the votes was split down the middle with democrat vice president campbell horace, asking her ballard to secure the when $370000000000.00 will go towards climate projects, making it the largest investment in the sector in u. s. history. osland jordan reports. after round the clock to beat on saturday and sunday, the u. s. senate passed the last major economic bill of jo biden's agenda, the inflation reduction act. on this vote. the age of 50, the nase of 50, the senate being equally divided. the vice president votes in the affirmative and the bill as amended is passed. the bill will raise $430000000000.00 for a wide range of priority, improving health care coverage, tackling climate change by investing in electric cars and renewable energy.
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imposing a mandatory 15 percent income tax on corporations and cutting the deficit. this bill will kick start the era of affordable, clean energy in america. it's a game changer. it's a turning point, and it's been a long time incoming. the bill had been considered dead until democratic leaders negotiated a compromise name with senators jo, mansion and kiersten cinema that guaranteed their support. senate republicans offered amendment after amendment in hopes of destroying the democrats unity. they blocked a plan to require private health insurers to charge no more than $35.00 a month for insulin, but that wasn't enough to derail the overall bill. after the vote, senate republicans issued a statement calling the bill a disaster. earlier on sunday and just out of cobit isolation, president joe biden signal to reporters,
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he thought the bill would pass. now it's up to the house of representatives to approve the bill before biden consigned it into law. that vote is tentatively set for friday. rosalind jordan l 0 washington or gregory whitestone, is the president and he owe the american council on renewable energy. he's in bethesda, maryland, and he's with me. no, sir, thank you very much. indeed, for being with us on al jazeera, the democrats had to make a lot of compromises in order to be able to get this bill through. is this as big a deal as the democrats would have us believe? i think it is. i think it's a historic achievement. this really represents the 1st time in the united states that we have seen congress take a serious effort to deal with the climate problem and, and this fell, the programs that includes are ones we've been advocating for for many years. and i think it will have a huge impact allowing the clean energy transition that we know we're
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going to need to deal with climate change to really accelerate. and we've already gotten a good start, but we need this help to be able to be even ballpark with the climate objectives that we have in there. we know we're going to have to meet. i'm just having a brief look at some of the, the, the main headlines in this. there seem to be tax incentives, incentives to steer consumers towards electric vehicles and towards renewable energy sources like wind and solar pod that makes sense. it also includes millions of dollars to climate resiliency funding for tribal governments and native hawaiians $60000000000.00 to help disadvantage areas disproportionately affected by climate change. i think my question really is, is there a danger? do you think that the money is actually going to be too thinly spread and should it actually be better focused on significant projects and significant sectors that could have a major jumbo create a major jumping in dealing with climate change?
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yeah, i think it has those major programs every really need that we've been focusing on, which are long term incentives for the 1st time for wind and solar and other renewable technologies. we've been dealing in this country with the on, again, off again, tax incentives. the don't allow businesses really to plan to grow, to plan, to get to the level renewable penetration we know we're going to need now for the 1st time renewable energy developers and manufacturers will know that we have long term incentives in place. and it's long overdue in this country. renewable incentives have been phasing down. and meanwhile, there are permanent incentives for fossil fuels that have been on the books for more than a century. so we need the tax code to be helpful to be spurring us forward to meet our climate targets. and i think that's where this bill's gonna achieve. yeah, a lot of the bill. it again, just for the a brief look seems to be based on significant tax increases for large corporations
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. one would imagine that they are unlikely to sit down and accept what they're being offered. is there a danger? do you think that philosophy, enthusiasm for the plan might be there now? it might end up actually getting bogged down in legal processes is big companies try to fight back on this. i don't think that's where it's going to go. but i do think we're likely to see an accident when the house takes his fill up on friday. and i, what we see a lot of the american economy is already making the pivot to clean energy. a lot of the demand for clean energy is coming from big corporations and high tech companies that have data centers. countries that use a lot of energy. they like renewables because not only is it cleaner and climate safe, but the numbers are working out between technological innovation and economies of scale. and most of the country today,
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renewables are the cheapest source of new power. so we're getting to the point where the economics are going to be driving that clean energy transition that we desperately need to make and as fast as the renewable sector has been growing in the u. s. and around the world. we know we've got to do better. we've got to grow faster. as we mentioned before, the democrats had a fight in their hands just to get to a 5050 split on base with comma harrison putting through her own costing vote. if there is no follow up, if there's a change of government in the u. s. and things change is the amount of money that the industry is getting. know enough to put it on the right track towards really dealing with climate change. i think so and to be clear, these are changes to the tax code that they're long term. so we're looking at 10 years of incentives that would take another act of congress and you know,
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that would have to be signed in the law, the house to overturn the policies that are established in the spell. assuming we get through the house, which i think we, well, the president signs it of course key. well, it would, it would take a lot to turn that on to chad. so historically, these kind of incentives have lasted and have worked. so we're confident we're going to see the growth we're looking for, whether it gets us all the way to where we need to be for climate as another question. so we know we're going to be in the ballpark, but we need to do more. gregory whitestone, we really appreciate your being with us and i'll just get a thank you very much indeed for your time. thanks for having you've got stella had on al jazeera times and argentina. thousands turned out to pray to the patron saint of bread and work. and revisit the home of a death family in bangkok, struggling to survive under a road bridge on $20.00 benefits. a month. a
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journey has begun the faithful world copies on its way to catherine book. your travel package today. hello there. the heat still dominating across east asia, but we are going to see the wet weather pickup, both in the north and in the south. and that thanks to a swelling system in the south. china sea is going to pull into coastal areas of china, hong kong things in very hot and humid weather, but also fierce thunderstorms on monday and tuesday in the wet weather, picks up for north eastern areas of china. we've got this frontal system marking its way through the korean peninsula on woods to northern areas of japan. we are expecting some flooding rains to effect much of south and north korea over the next few days. but it is still a story of heat for the regions squeezed in between this wet areas. we do have
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temperatures touching up to nearly 40 degrees across central and eastern china onwards to japan as well. we are, however, going see temperatures dipped down for the likes of sol that says the wet or weather creeps in on monday, tuesday. there will be some relief to come on wednesday, but it is a rather wet story as it is for much of south asia. thanks to the monsoon rains that are peaking at the moment across central areas, we are expecting those drenching downpours to affect flood waters, particularly in addition, thanks to low pressure that's brewing and intensifying in the bay of bengal that to weather update. i saw official airline of the journey on russell beard in southern england, where 2 farmers turn safari park pie and he is a bit attractive and put nature in the driving seat. i was just absolutely astonishing the life that port back even the very 1st summer and i'm again sophia cynthia with t me when one by in the ring company is revolutionizing to put the same thing
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planned in the artificial intelligence hearing site. you have science, you have a technology that fries panell jazeera. ah ah, you're watching, i'll just eat a reminder of our top stories this hour. the 1st hours of fudge are ceased firing. garza appear to be holding rockets were still being launched in the minutes before the troops began. this is far between israel on the, on the group known as palestinian islamic jihad, or p i. j was mediated by egypt with help from the united nations and cut off since israel began its attack on friday, 44 palestinians including 15 children of being killed,
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israeli government said it was targeting members of islamic jihad with palestinian officials say at least a 3rd of those who died of the civilians. the u. s. senate passed president jo biden's, $430000000000.00 spending package. it aims to fight climate change lower medicine prices and raise some corporate taxes. democratic vice president, capital harris cost the tie, breaking vote. rival armed groups and political factions from child reported to be a step closer to piece members of the transitional military council, or among those do to sign an agreement here and cut us capital dough home on monday . as mohammed vol, reports could and decades of instability. chad may finally be on the brink of peace, a government of national unity disarming and integrating fighters and a general amnesty. all set to be among the main articles of the long awaited peace agreement. to be slightly cut. the talks got off to
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a difficult start in march from factions walked out, demanding greater presentation. they assisted members of the transitional, military council or t. m. c. not run for office. there is a commitment from the government. so what if you look at the rebels side? the issues of that is a way to begin to get very complicated because you have new demand going to like the mama they be shouldn't stand for reelection or return of these assets. you have to reconcile the competing rival. we will between the opposition. i repeat what? because why the might be for me, for the position you have about 40 experience in, in the process into the draft agreement is meant to pave the way for a national dialogue later this month. and the new constitution, chad has been locked in internal conflict for 3 decades. edris debbie came to power in 1991 in a military coup and served as president until his death last year. fighting among
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alms group has hundreds of thousands of people from their homes. when his father died, 37 year old mohammed debbie took over as president and heads the 15 member transition military council with the money at his creditors with bringing rifle militia to the negotiation table. but the absence of some of the main opposition figures from the signing on monday. and he kindles doubts about the sustainability of the deal and move a hazard, a. those of the things may go the way the military won't just. but if the talks and to fail the groups that of refusing to recognize the military council continued to do so, the country will enter into a new conflict. they have sizeable forces, if not weapons. and chad is surrounded by countries that are unstable. so without reconciliation, chances of sliding back to a major conflict as high chad these one of the poorest countries in the side and with decades of drought and armed conflict,
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it is an urgent need of stability. mohammed one al jazeera. columbia's 1st of a leftist president, has been sworn in to office in front of thousands of supporters in bogota. gustavo petro promised to reshape the deeply polarized country with a long list of social and economic reforms. a former em 19 movement, rebel defeated business magnets, rodolfo hernandez in june. that was says he'll reopen diplomatic relations with venezuela and address climate change by leaving columbia oil and cold reserves in the ground. general, it still is up thought. i want to tell all colombians listening at boulevard plaza, its surroundings and all the columbia and abroad that to day. our 2nd opportunity begins and we have earned it. you have earned is that your effort was worth it. you know, it's time for change. our future hasn't been written. oh, corblu, alessandro ramp, yet he has more from bulger. tom, it has been a day of the excitement,
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hope and truly great expectations for the supporters of gustavo bethel, whose c. s. government in a sad ministration. is that true turning point in columbia country that has been long, ruled by conservatives of policies and consider consecutive conservative governments . tens of thousands of colombians had flooded the streets of downtown book that this was a 1st for a swearing in ceremony in the country. and she called her for a unity, he said that he will defend the constitution and also said that dialogue will be his that method, and that he will do everything in his power to reach national agreement set to move forward. there are many reforms. he said that this can, 3 needs, 1st and foremost, to respond to the basic economics and social needs of many columbia. and he will
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also try to reach total peace in the country. calling for a new piece of negotiation with the remaining arm group, the year len, and also to start a dialogue with drug trafficking groups that operate in many parts of the country is. 3 very, very ambitious. 6 program and one that the people here are expecting eagerly expecting to start working and the hoping that it will fulfill the promises of reducing and equality and, and making them more equal countries where all colombians was unemployment and poverty on the rise. thousands of roman catholics and argentina have gathered at a one a sally's church to celebrate sung caetano. he is the patron saint of bread and work. the crowd was joined by political movements on a march to the city center vanish. weimer reports, worshippers came in their thousands,
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some queuing overnight to ensure access to the patron saint of britain work. some to give thanks, others to ask for help. inflation last month was at 8 percent on employment, poverty and homelessness. arising, a bone lane down here, the bread that feeds us is harder to find every day because of the suffocating inflation. and that generates misery. oh, the covey pandemic means this ceremony has been postponed for the past 2 years. during which time the economic situation for many argentines has only worsened. good. i've been coming for 23 years to give thanks for everything i have for everything. the saints given me. yes, her thank i, i come to give tanks for the jobs. my children have got and for my health st. cash time was born to a noble family in italy, in the late 15th century. he promoted a spiritual life and he said to have given his family's wealth to the poor before
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dying of grief over the corruption he saw all around him. he was canonized in 1671, and the church and his name established by italian immigrants who came to argentina at the end of the 19th century times at ha from with the economy not delivering. i love thousands of argentines, of putting their faith in their religion in a saint lay believe will supply them with bread. and we're we're shippers will later joined by social movements and trade unions to march to the centric. when osiris also to demand work and bread, a more stable life. no more. garcia were a part of the 10000000 argentines who work in the informal sector, which is why on st. k. latino day, we're joining with all other social movements to ask for peace, bread, land, housing, and work lot like what i don't want to read as recyclers, we noticed that everything is more expensive. nothing to day is worth what it used to be. the country is crippled with debt. the government has had 3 economy
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ministers in a month. increasingly frustrated. many ordinary argentines are forced to seek solutions wherever they can then find the routers era. what osiris, the bank of thailand is expected to raise interest rates or counter wising inflation, but that's going to bring little relief for ties of seeing sharp increases in the cost of food and fuel. many are struggling to survive it as society with a gap between rich and poor is one of the widest in the world. as tony chang reports, nestled between embassies and gleaming high rises in the center of bangkok, a community on the other side of the wealth get in the shadow of a new apartment complex. when easter lives with her 3 children to days, a rare day off with the kids. usually her 15 year old son has to care for his siblings while she works. he says her income barely covers the families costs,
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or repayments of loans. she's been forced to take, i am with you to be them and i want to have a better life, but i can't. i just have to accept my fate because i was born in this condition and i have to take what is available. i just spend my life day to day trying to get enough to eat and left that so it's a common complaint in this community. during the pandemic, many people lost jobs and incomes dropped. and now the cost of living is rising sharply. they're not getting any help. let a man man from nailer hole we barely get any help from the government. we don't get anything. we only get help from foundations and cherishes, so we reach out to them. thailand's often size, it is a success story when it comes to reducing poverty, but the welfare has not been evenly distributed. and then this credit sways global wealth reported 2018. tyler was listed as one of the most unequal places in the world. in the years since then,
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life has been even harder for lower income communities with global economic trends going in the same direction. economists concern thailand will be badly hit thailand, is a country that has wide in equality and well cow. an inflation would hit the most vulnerable high debt by the side of a busy expressway. some of the most vulnerable struggling to survive. this is a community for the deaf and hard of hearing, often cast out by their families. form takes us under the bridge where she, her husband and several other families have made homes from refuse and scrap. she explains their disability allowance of $20.00 a month. barely lasts a few days. the strain is enormous. they trying to salvage what they can from the waste others tre away with the.


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