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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2022 6:00am-6:30am AST

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it's happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative . that's fairly and point to the poll with those images front of mine is a war. it's very much bring forth out in the media as well as on the battlefield. the listening post dissect the media on al jazeera. it's a simple act, applying a flag, but in the occupied westbank we think the palestinian flag could get you shot or arrested after the also ports of the $990.00 s between the palestine liberation organization and israel. the battle on the palestinian flag was put on the ground. it's becoming much harder to express any type of support for the palestinian call. one day there are no palestinian flag. the next best to reach are filled with. it's a really like to your net by young men. we're not even born with these really government for the delay or the palestinian flag is legal ah
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palestinian fighters and israel exchange fire just before a truce and gaza. 3 days of attacks of lift 40 for palestinians did, including 15 children. ah, i'm told mccrae this is al jazeera live from dr. ha also coming up. bill as amended is past hundreds of billions of dollars to battle, climate change and boost health care. the u. s. senate says yes to a sweeping funding package in a big win for president joe biden. huge fires still burner. the cuban oil plant after lightning strikes at least 16 firefighters are missing. and paving the way for peace. chads military leader is expected to sign
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a deal and cut up with 40 opposition groups that could in decades of conflict. ah, the 1st hours of a fragile cease fire and garza appear to be holding up to the last minute. rockets were still being fired into the sky. it's hoped it'll in the deadliest escalation and violence since the 11th day war in 2021. the cease fire between israel and the armed groups known as palestinian islamic jihad, or p r. j was mediated by egypt with help from the united nations and cancer. were you as president joe biden has welcomed the truce and says he supports an investigation into civilian casualties. since israel began its attack on friday, $44.00 palestinians, including 15 children, have been killed. palestinian officials say at least
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a 3rd of them were civilians. the israeli government said it's been targeting members of the p r. j to senior leaders of the armed group have been killed. the p r j retaliated by firing hundreds of rockets into israel. most were shot down or blown up. we'll speaking from to run the secretary general of palestinian islamic jihad explained its demands. z is limited, you had, lays down it's conditions number one to your lie at all the palestinians. secondly, imposed aunt on the enemy to release our brother who has been on hunger strike, halle louder. and that has also put another additional conditioned wishes to release shift by some al sadi. the suffered alkaloid has more from garza, this fire is still holding. now the even local governmental offices
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are public offices also announced that they will re open their doors for public universities also announced that they will open early, open their doors that they close ariel because, because of those collision for force, they will open their lords for students also, the municipality of garza and other municipalities are also the announced that they will deploy on send their equipment to remove the rabble on try to do the initial assessment for the destruction or cut us. foreign ministry says it supports if it's to stop the violence. had that had one in there and they did, did canada. and i thought he, because of this renewed aggression the could tarry role was again as it always is through contacts made by the good, sorry, ministry of foreign affairs headed by his excellency, the minister of foreign affairs and deputy prime minister with the various parties with the palestinian factions in garza with the relevant international parties and
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with the israeli party, with the aim to stop this aggression and stop the continuous bloodshed. in fact could tar supports various international efforts in the framework of reaching the truce. that took place today. natasha and i am reports from wister wrestling. as far as israel is concerned, this operation is over. it is saying that the military said a short time ago that it used helicopters, fighter jets and arm drones, were among the tools it used to target is some that you had across the gaza strip. it has thanks egypt for its role in mediating the cease fire, but says if attacks continue into israel, it will not hesitate to quote, act forcefully and says it will take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that the daily lives of israelis will not be disrupted earlier this evening, the prime minister year le pete went to the central military base in tel aviv to
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assess the situation. he had said earlier that the objectives of the so called operation breaking dawn had been fulfilled and that there was no need for the operation to continue. what were these objectives from the israeli strategic mindset? the objective was to neutralize islam of jihad with most, if not all of the senior leadership being killed, as well as the feeling that a kind of divide had been created between is found that she had. and her mass which governs garza with hamas remaining on the sidelines. there was a concern that if this operation was protracted and the death toll continued to rise, that perhaps hamas might enter the fray. it appears for now that that has not happened . ali ob nima is the director of the electronic intifada. a website which focuses on palestinians under occupation. he says, palestinians and goes a con,
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live normal lives, because israel isn't held accountable. people in gaza don't get to go back to anything like normal because they're still living under israel's age. that is a form of silent violence against every man, woman and child in gaza. 24 hours a day, $365.00 days the 15 years. so unfortunately it's fragile. this is going to happen again. i can't tell you if it's going to be in a day a week, a month or a. yeah. but it's going to keep happening because israel enjoys total impunity for its crimes against the palestinian people and not just impunity, but full and active support. remember, it was bombing gaza with weapons provided by the united states by the european union, by canada, who all stood by israel. and these are the same countries that the sending billions
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of dollars of weapons to ukraine, supposedly to resist occupation and invasion. but here they are helping israel perpetrate, occupation invasion and tara, against a civilian population is really just routinely call these regular massacres. if palestinians mowing the lawn idea big, you have to massacre them, kill a bunch of them. so they get the message that they should just surrender and accept that faith. and it's fully supported by the united states, the european union, canada, and sadly, now you know, it pains me to say a number of arab regimes that have fully normalized, that ties with this, frankly, murderous regime all to other news. now the u. s. senate has passed a sweeping package with $430000000000.00 covering climate tax and healthcare.
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democrats say it's a big victory for you as president joe biden. $370000000000.00 will go towards climate projects, making it the largest investment in the sector in u. s. history. rosalyn jordan reports. after round the clock debate on saturday and sunday, the u. s. senate passed the last major economic bill of jo biden's agenda, the inflation reduction act. on this vote. the age of 50, the nase of 50, the senate being equally divided. the vice president votes in the affirmative and the bill as amended is past. the bill will raise $430000000000.00 for a wide range of priority, improving health care coverage, tackling climate change by investing in electric cars and renewable energy, imposing a mandatory 15 percent income tax on corporations,
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and cutting the deficit. this bill will kick start the iraq of affordable clean energy in america. it's a game changer. it's a turning point, and it's been a long time incoming. the bill had been considered dead until democratic leaders negotiated a compromise name with senators jo, mansion and kiersten cinema that guaranteed their support. senate republicans offered amendment after amendment in hopes of destroying the democrats unity. they blocked a plan to require private health insurers to charge no more than $35.00 a month for insulin, but that wasn't enough to derail the overall bill. after the vote, senate republicans issued a statement calling the bill a disaster. earlier on sunday and just out of cobit isolation, president joe biden signal to reporters, he thought the bill would pass. now it's up to the house of representatives to
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approve the bill before biden consigned it into law. that vote is tentatively set for friday. rosalind jordan l jazeera washington nice and i as a senior associate with the rocky mountain institute and american nonprofit, the promote sustainable energy. he joined me line from washington. d. c. thanks very much for joining me. nice. and 1st of all, they were, as we heard in that story, they were a lot of compromises to get this bill pass is this is significant as democrats and making out absolutely. i've been talking to my colleagues and they take members, members of the staff, and every single person says the same thing. this bill is truly a game changer. 3 independent studies have all come out demonstrating that this will reduce emissions in the u. s. by 40 percent compared to 2005 levels. ready so the next decade, which is essentially doubling the emissions reductions in the united states. and it
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also provides key economic tipping points and pretty much every single major sector of the us economy. and in your tickler sectors where that are high emissions. so $370000000000.00. can you explain exactly where that is going. ready absolutely, a big chunk of that funding is going towards clean electricity, 0 carbon clean electricity across the. ready board solar, wind, geothermal, nuclear, you name it. there's also substantial funding for investment in manufacturing. that's one of the big chunks of this bill to ensure that the united states can manufacture the pond, a mental components of the energy transition and the united states. that includes again, solar, wind batteries and all of this, the smaller stuff, components that go into those systems. there's also substantial investments for communities that traditionally have posted fossil fuel communities as well as a number of other investments in the industrial sector in the agricultural sector.
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and a grab bag of other priorities that are critical driving down us emissions. the you with, you know, through john kerry, they've been trying to persuade other countries to ramp up the, if it's to combat climate change. but until now, you know, really has been able to back it up with its own action. so what message does this bill thing to those other countries that they've been trying to persuade? yeah, tom, this is the us officially putting this money. whereas now this, at the end of the day to reduce emissions and economy can just reduce the fossil fuel consumption in the high emission consumption, you actually have to build a full new, clean energy technology. and what this bill does is an investment built. it says ok what physically have to happen in the world in order for. ready an economy to be robust and resilient without fossil fuels. and so what it locks a lot of new sectors that really haven't been shackled to the fossil fuel economy
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are very, very long time investments and again hydrogen on last, the steel sector and the fertilizer sector, which traditionally has been very dependent on balsam bills in order to create these key commodities for the modern world. so this is an investment package and the future of the us economy, but also an investment package. and. busy all of the innovations and technologies that will be needed across the world in order to reduce emissions and time to avoid a crime crisis. how significant is it, though, that not one republican voted for the spill, and if they do re, re take the senate and indeed the white house, is there any way for them to repeal this or undo the progress that's been made? a lot of these incentives have support across the us economy and a lot of business bills designed, frankly, had been designed with a from republican themselves. senator joe mentioned the key swing boat for this entire process was working closely with republicans this entire time. and it's
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primarily pulled ideas that have broad bipartisan support. and so, although this was a partisan vehicle, primarily because there was 60 bows for the level of ambition, the democrats wanted a lot of these ideas or actually bipartisan in nature. when they 1st came to the floor, we could see some rollbacks of some of these investments in the coming years. if republicans decide that they do not want these investments. however, i believe it's going to be very difficult for them to pull it off because so many fundamental us industry are going to depend on these credits and see a future in a clean energy economy with these investments. that's and i thank you very much for your insight from washington dc. absolutely. song are still ahead on al jazeera. i assume the le ledger that william columbia's 1st lift us president has sworn gustavo petro
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promises to tackle drug violence and in the quality. and we meet families struggling to survive in bangkok as inflation drives up, the cost of essentials like food and fuel. ah hello, there is a tale of 2 fortunes for north america. we've got stormy conditions, knocking a lot of the heat out of the northeast of the u. s. and eastern areas of canada, we have got some flood watches out as that wet weather. it works its way further. east is going to knock temperatures down as well across the east coast. and along that wet weather is going to merge with heavy showers, moving across the se, states of the us. so there's gonna be more rain for eastern areas of kentucky, certainly by tuesday. some of those showers trickling down toward the desert
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southwest. we have seen some flooding here. we could see more flash flooding where those rains for heavy us. but for much of the west coast it's a quiet and calm story. up in the north west temperatures picking up the likes of seattle and weston areas of canada. we have a look at the 3 day 4. seattle. well, we're certainly going to see a lot of warmth on monday, with a chance of showers by wednesday, the temperature dipping down slightly. now showers all the story across much of central america and the caribbean. some fierce thunderstorms. in fact, for much of cuba and jamaica, heavy rain as well expected across the yucatan peninsula. that is a storm post of the west of mexico heavy rain as well for costa rica and panama by tuesday. ah, the assassination of decision destabilizing the democratic process. you
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will, you will lose it. it will be a loss for all living at documentary explorer. how autocratic lead is undermined democracy to consolidate their power through the eyes of those who dare to stand and defy it. our country deserves so much better than being ruled by a cleft aquatic dictatorship, opposing autocracy. democracy maybe on al jazeera. ah ah! you're watching al jazeera reminder of our top stories. the salad, the 1st hours of a fragile cease fire and gaza appear to be holding rockets were still being launched. and the minutes before the truce began the sci fi between israel and the
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armed group known as helen tinian islamic jihad will p i. j was mediated by egypt with help from the united nations and casa wilson's israel began its attack on friday. $44.00 palestinians, including 15 children, have been killed. the israeli government said it was targeting members of islam of jihad, but palestinian officials say at least a 3rd of those who died had been civilians. the u. s. senate has passed. president jo biden's, $430000000000.00 spending package. it aims to fight climate change slow of medicine process, and rise. some corporate taxes, democratic vice presidents, comalla harris, caused the tie breaking fox rival armed groups and political factions from chair to report it to be a step closer to pace. members of the transitional military council are among those juices, signed an agreement here, and catherine's capital da haro, monday. as mohammed vow reports it could in decades of instability. chad
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may finally be on the brink of peace, a government of national unity disarming and integrating fighters and a general amnesty are set to be among the main articles of the long awaited peace agreement. to be scientific upon the talks got off to a difficult start in march from factions walked out, demanding greater presentation. they assisted members of the transitional military council or t. m. c. not run for office. there is a commitment from the government. so what if you look at the rebuild side? the issues of that is a way to begin to get very complicated because you have new demand going to like mama, debbie, you shouldn't stand for reelection or a ton of assets. you have to reconcile the competition, right? when we even between the opposition or ribbon, we were because why the might be for me. and if i position you have about the
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experience in, in the process into the draft agreement, he's meant to pave the way for a national dialogue later this month. and the new constitution, chad has been locked in internal conflict for city decades. edris debbie came to power in 1991 in a military coup and served as president until his death last year. fighting among alms group has hundreds of thousands of people from their homes. when his father died, 37 year old mohammed debbie took over as president and heads the 15 member transition military council was his credited with bringing rifle the militia to the negotiation table. but the absence of some of the main opposition figures from the signing on monday. and he kindles doubts about the sustainability of the deal. and move a has a those of the things may go the way the military won't just. but if the talks and fail, the groups that of refusing to recognize the military council continued to do so,
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the country will enter into a new conflict. they have sizeable forces, if not weapons. and chad is surrounded by countries that are unstable. so without reconciliation, chances of sliding back to a major conflict is hi. chad is one of the poorest countries in the side. and with decades of drought and ahmed conflict, it is an urgent need of stability. mohammed one alicio columbia. his 1st lift, this president has been sworn into office in front of thousands of supporters. in boca gustavo pitcher a promise to reshape the deeply polarized country. with a long list of social and economic reforms, the former rebel fighter defeated business magnates were done for hernandez. in june. pietro says he will reopen diplomatic relations with vin swollen. alessandro run p. s. he has more from bo gotta. it has been a day of the exact man hope and truly great expectations for the
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supporters of gustavo face. those who see as government and they said ministration . is that through turning point in columbia country that has been long ruled by conservative policies and consider consecutive conservative governments. tens of thousands of colombians have flooded the streets of downtown boca tad. this was a 1st for swearing in ceremony in the country and she called her for a unity. he said that he will defend the constitution and also said that dialogue will be, is that method, and that he will do everything in his power to reach national agreement. set to move forward, there are many reforms. he said that this country needs 1st and foremost to respond to the basic economics and social needs of many columbia. and he will also try to reach total peace in the country calling for
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a new piece negotiation with the remaining arm group, the year len, and also to start a dialogue with drug trafficking groups that operate in many parts of the country is. 3 very, very ambitious program and one that the people here are expecting eagerly expecting to star working and hoping that it will feel the promises of reducing and equality and, and making up more equal countries where all colombians, a large fire at a cuban oil depot is gradually being brought under control with help from mexico and venezuela, the place was caused by a lightning strike at a storage facility in the city of mackenzie us. at least one person has died and more than 120 people have been injured. 16 firefighters. i'm missing it august and has more from close to the scene of the fire. as you can see right behind me,
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there's a huge blue smoke coming out from one of the tanks that still burnings. there are 8 that called super time because each of which has approximately $50000.00 killer metric tons of petroleum to avoid exploded. the 17 firefighters one is being from the other 16 i'm missing. i think it's safe to say the expectation is very low, that they are alive because they will just meet away from one of those times trying to dance it with water to stop it exploding. when it exploded. so these people will have been incinerated, the president of cuban met today with family members, and those who are still not confront that. missing cuba off to him on a serenade is a very proud country. this is a country that does ask for a business. it really, really needs it. boy, does it native they low on the tech, new technology and also experience in dealing with this mostly this is the biggest
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industrial buyer this, this countries ever faced. the venezuelan firefighters and the mexican specialists arrived hours ago. and they, they not only have with them know how to deal with this, you know, big oil producing nations. but they also have technology. and that crucially the materials that are needed to put out fires of the spanish it with china's military has staged a 4th day of drills and the air and sea around taiwan. the defense ministry in taipei says, 66 chinese aircraft and 14 warships have been detected in and around the taiwan strait. china began conducting the military and naval drills earlier this week after taiwan hosted us house began nancy pelosi sunday was expected to be the final day of military exercises in the region. which unless petrik falk is in beijing with the latest which are never officially confirmed than he end to the military
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drills. but it does seem to have wound down its exercises encircling taiwan. although state media did report that the military would now be conducting regular trills on the ty, one side of the median line, and also said that the historic task or re unification could now be realised. and the demonstration of military muscle seems to have been expanded to other parts within the region. china has begun lie firing drills in the yellow sea, which will last for 10 days and waters between china and south korea. it's also set to begin live drills in the bo high sea, which will last for an entire month at near u. s. military bases in japan seen as critical to defending ty, one in the event of an attack by china, separately efforts to frame the events of recent days. according to china's perspective, continue foreign ministry spokesperson watching, posted a tweet, saying that china will never forget its national shame. a never allow bandits to
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bully and plunder china again. that was a reference to china's 100 years of humiliation and portrays china as a victim. even as regional neighbors, in particular, have expressed serious concern about china's military actions and assertiveness. the bank of thailand is expected to raise interest ride soon to counter rising inflation. but that will bring little relief for ties who have seen sharp increases and the costs of food and fuel. tony ching reports nestled between embassies and gleaming high rises in the center of bangkok, a community on the other side of the welfare and the shadow of a new apartment complex when he still lives with her 3 children. to days, a rare day off with the kids. usually her 15 year old son has to care for his siblings while she works. she says her income barely covers the families costs,
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or repayments of loans she's been forced to take. i am ready to do them and i want to have a better life. but i can't, i just have to accept my fate because i was born in this condition and i have to take what is available. i just spend my life day to day trying to get enough to eat and left that so that it's a common complaint in this community. during the pandemic, many people lost jobs and incomes dropped. and now the cost of living is rising sharply. they're not getting any help that have on their from nailer hole. we barely get any help from the government. we don't get anything. we only get help from foundations and charities, so we retain them. thailand's often cited as a success story when it comes to reducing poverty, but the wealth here has not been evenly distributed. and in this credit suisse global wealth reported 2018 tyler was listed as one of the most unequal places in the world. in the years since then,
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life has been even harder for lower income communities with global economic trends going in the same direction. economists concern thailand will be badly hit thailand, is the country that has wide in equality and well gal an inflation would hit the most vulnerable high day by the side of a busy expressway. some of the most vulnerable struggling to survive. this is a community for the deaf and hard of hearing, often cast out by their families. formed takes us under the bridge where she, her husband and several other families have made homes from refuse and scrap. she explains that disability allowance of $20.00 a month barely lasts a few days. the strain is enormous. they trying to salvage what they can from the waste. others threw away with the raw of the traffic over.


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