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tv   101 East South Koreas Musical Prodigies  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2022 8:30am-9:00am AST

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same direction economists concern thailand will be badly hit thailand, is the country that has wide in equality and well gal an inflation would hit the most vulnerable high debt by the side of a busy expressway. some of the most vulnerable struggling to survive. this is a community for the deaf and hard of hearing, often cast out by their families. form takes us under the bridge where she, her husband and several other families, had made homes from refuse and scrap. she explains that disability allowance of $20.00 a month barely lasts a few days. the strain is enormous. they trying to salvage what they can from the waste, others to her away with the roar of the traffic overhead. life goes on while their complaints go unanswered. toni chang al jazeera,
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thankful this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. the 1st hours of a french i'll cease fire and garza appear to be holding rockets were still being launched in the minutes before the truce began. it was rich between israel and the armed group known as palestinian islamic jihad or p, i, j, and mediated by egypt. you as president joe biden has welcomed the sci fi and says he supports an investigation into civilian casualties. since israel began its attack on friday, 44 people in garza have been killed. palestinian officials say at least a 3rd of those who died. it were civilians. the israeli government said it's been targeting members of the p i. j to senior leaders of the armed group have been killed south. what alkalis has more from garza? this says fire is still holding now that even local governmental offices
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or public offices also announced that they will re open their doors for public university is also announced that they will open re open their doors that they closed earlier. because because of the escalation for, they will open their doors for students. also, the municipality of garza and other municipalities are also the announced that they will deploy on send their equipment to remove the rabble on try to do the initial assessment for the destruction. the u. s. senate has passed. president jo biden's, $430000000000.00 package covering climate tax and health care. democrats. i. it's a major victory for the president. $370000000000.00 will go towards climate projects, making it the largest investment in the sector in u. s. history, columbia's 1st day of
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a leftist president has been sworn into office in front of thousands of supporters in bogota. gustavo petro promised to reshape the deeply polarized country with a long list of social and economic reforms. he also says he'll deal with climate change. a large fire is gradually being brought under control that a cuban oil depot. the blaze at a storage facility in the city of the tans us was sparked by a lightening strike. at least one person has died and more than 100. 20 people have been injured. 16 fire fighters are missing. well, those are the headlines. one i one east is up. next. let's get to the bottom line. what does the new forever proxy war mean for america and nato? it's very hard to say we're, the escalation stopped. is it a mistake to open up? is that a pandora's box? if you want to be ready for the next pandemic, you figure out this plan, the bottom line, your weekly take on us politics in society, winner of the shop and competition 1st prize and gold medal goes to san jean.
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ah, zachary and performers had taken the world of classical music. i stole her eyes from prestigious concert hall to international competition. it was $23.00 application from korea for tow and companies and were german who are these young musicians and how with south korea transformed into a classical music superpower, one when ace meets those who are redefining the world of classical music. with. ready
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$630.00, i am in salt just a few hours before the vibe. recording of one of south korea's most popular tv talent shows a among the my guess is solved. she has come with her mother at only 8 years old. this young violinist is already one of the country's favorite classical virtuosos. oh, okay. a change young is a riser on the show. she is invited young talent, but today's program
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ah, comes with me, continued young didn't she don't, did eat. you don't need to get in trouble down to john moody. he needs his home into puddle, tory i to my the door. if you wouldn't know, i see you in the door. i'm a huge toyota, little john. you've got to when he's on a on audio and i do a one to to know, i know you got a lot going to let you minutes home in that in a oh,
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oh, i a had class that humans mother him. so jean thinks her daughter did not play well. okay, so i can get this done this. okay, well to what is it possible your policy file because of all the cable terminals or whatever because like at the time then we'll get like a white glove. the water gets home on the fall, who was helping chris on? got them with him. oh, hold on let. could i go ahead? take a look at all. well, you don't close to laugh. ah,
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she was 3 years old unit mother had uploaded her best performances on the internet . ah, today, unions, a star with more than 85000 followers on youtube. videos have drawn as many as 6000000 new offers to play a public event. and dante bait caught in since she was very young. but her mother is determined to keep her grounded pony it over or by haul fully known, what bull center bother had to what? fair but he's only pulling a tides, is hunky coy about knowing it to wiggle more comfortable. but how do you don't want horn? you know, i so bob couldn't go to late, don't, and would, and you know, clean and how you like it for one or 2 hours for mom can dominate or cover
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every morning. so gene helps her daughter prepare for a nother jam packed day. oh, so oh, oh, yes, in pion. do i tongue? what is it all the while the governor governor tape i live in one end of the lewis and the cookies. allison, i've had it a kitchen and got a gun to it along and we are supposed to be up at home to watch and go with or looking forward. it's normally when i was looking for the door. i go on to the housing a little know hitler, so it's a hectic schedule for both mother and daughter. a alpha to boys it it will have on the voice. i want anyone how one little pillow to put the pilot in which i don't understand it. carol consechi, so kill his cutting line. debating this in a backwards, there was on a big winner. ah,
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oh. every month, your records, a new video for her youtube channel in a studio in downtown. so here to her mother keeps an eye on every date. how long with long. oh you said with don't tell us is young tamani fail? tongue cut on kill when. okay. when they're annoying they and they go by new st.
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i'm gonna do die homes. all my law says little town hunt in all my love. god. all you that had, i'm told, or lunatic you let you go in and hale needs it about it and it's a long way you that killed the tooth number of thought, paul bonnie curly who told on yo's code it would only let me know there are more than 50000 south koreans under the age of 18, studying music at a professional level. but only a few will ever perform on an international stage or build a successful career. as a concert artist ah,
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ah ah, ah, ah. busy despite these odds, 15 year old john so has chosen to pursue a career as a concert pianist or that girl, her fear. wardlaw, her go on a car car that had always put mom tire is sheree. how about with her to go to cart? okay, you got they were taught done in get her body both with no it's it's on the piano that had always put her go to pans, act us to if her to going through could ah, when i'm gonna talk to the chicken you some got caught up one can you will. could
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you tell us yet? and john, do i'm okay, i wish pin you could put dan, talk you taco and punk palms. always from pounds. okay. toggle ah, sit down, piano and take his i should a singer come up with an impaled when you audio. well, because audio and tommy to another ticket to tell the girls all hands are out of band. jim galen toyota, to alexander joe rotella. your mom no. could sue on that should be lot harder, said dinner. don't one adam though not giggle. i don't dance. wanted a dare cord to turn it attention on a total of what it ah, since i don't so has one mealy, 50 prizes in piano competition at home and abroad like young. she has gained fame and public attention early age. but in this single minded quest for recognition
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these young prodigies and not safe from emotional scars and the possibility of fractured careers, or hadn't did a sheet on a token for them. so ballanger put her to bonnie for them. well, oh lou ah, let it affect the dog or both. am what i thought i'm very clear too. well, i'd say i wouldn't, i wasn't gonna denellin dakota. so in about another told her to mom, i couldn't, i couldn't get in and i think a couple couple of questions. i chose it. what's it hayton? that uncle? don't worry about. monica could on don, as long as it can be a highlander guy to take it to get him in a van yelling with the auto care to take it to go buy the ticket. thought that sold . i had fell out of chicago from germany. i didn't, i think i've seen it. i thought they could on on it and i hadn't done. i'm gonna taking audio awesome
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. in a few days, john saw will perform one of south korea's most prestigious concert halls. she is also preparing for 2 piano competitions. a busy schedule that includes weekly piano lessons, hundreds of kilometers away from home in ah, it is young. so his mother who drives her to the busy capital of sol each strong sold. okay. then i said, essence she can at that, i thought it was out and gave them your commission to handle critically, to backache on up to talking about all i need to order according to in then when it can take it, they gave them all that i get put on i get some kind of deal. so yeah, chena got a total at that upin duncan,
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can i have some for that? oh, with chris wanted to get rid of it. so i have to remember, floyd was like $250.00 a month to do any good cuz it wasn't on as long as it's in good of i knew mano lawyer, those were on the back of those have a fiorella design. evans, i said, in a bind in your life, it's a long while now gets old to this signal and on and hadn't got any so little put in a cookie. again, she'll have to go on again. give him mama is indicator talking boring, cool,
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little tiny. got it all. i said not a lot and he will not ask them in. panini has a way in gay thought. you are going to the hall with young. so goes to the korea national university of one of the most prestigious schools to study music in the country tie us was set up about 30 years ago to help south korea achieve greater autistic success on the global stage. a special training program for young adults from ice to i cheney is old, has help, professes discover, and train students from a young age like young. so there are back to 100 young south koreans here the dream of a korea in classical music. so putting
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the can talk to the total is globalization. kimberly's or not? professor kim is an acclaimed pianist and one of the country's most distinguished teacher. he often judges national and international competitions. me come jog in that and nothing to me and then i'll just take a whole ton you to giving daniel kim de june believes that talent alone is not in her command in june july that the good so welcome to the thing. go ahead man. hey jean and have
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a good evening, jenny, man, you know at the collegiate conglomeration. and if it could have been a human and in 10 people and can be stated at west slayton and could you learn it? they were dealing with in any young on the display, in the service and i did it is clean and cool and i ended up getting cooking video them really bad and tell you to knuckle cold yet this clinical man and job. how cool are you doing? what did you have chose could on cobra now, maureen, that ation in which dr. young and to me it is our georgia has its own gauge would over and go concrete in a minute or 2 in the
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new hope you don't go to any of the holy men out there to put hunger. however, that would kick the toner and then pin joanie kung. joking. how ingles good to know is a call up on monday and it on board and on there. so put on counting. jan. shoemaker . jenny, he can come and she me hung up to him to get her noon. i told her last week, but it's monday. the congregation is con, guys in board tan hanging out to see man. how did i know? was it ok up a couple? well conjunction, but getting getting go. ah okay. one that i just played in
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a check or one year for don't able debreto. oh yeah. against her total you did it says yes jenny said wendy young. here is the kim's, your nick, another one today or tomorrow from for usaa you today is the winner of the shopping competition 1st prize and gold medal. you goes to san jean ah, a little bit international gump ice cream model. the price named g young korean is making its mark on the global stage. over the last 60 years, south korean musicians have taken out the top awards in more than $150.00 international competitions. ah, to hone their skills and preparation for the biggest events. many students travel to europe, the traditional home of classical music,
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and the most sacred destination is solved book the fane birthplace of moses. at the university named after the virtuoso professor gila is a highly sought after piano teacher. he is especially popular among south korean students to his long experience with international competitions. oh, good. good. good. i know he has 7 south koreans in his class, a number that has steadily increased over the years. last week i did to press election for battle and competition, and born and her. it was 2 into 3 application from korea
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this is really a kind of friend is some feeling ah, in general. very often the feeling of it, the thing that they know will this i, this is our much, it's not really deep knowledge is about this and this excitement of people coming from and make this music, xo octaves are fresh. ah, my beethoven competition 1st prize. chinese 2nd prize, jump on his surf rise,
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korean war and come to do with gentlemen. ah, some journalist was surprising and wore it how it's both of dental and vision. who is there? i say this is also very positive. it's mean that this culture is worldwide. this is not just on the ours says on every boy this will go ah, ah kim john, who needs from salzburg from sold to study under professor love 2 years ago.
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i get along with a total label and i was, you know, when you're done and i gave it will give me one moment. let me go over one time. and since i don't, i don't know what you want me to do in europe. we're totally done. i saw and don't go to superior level, don't you talking to him when i was i think okay, ah what you call from that? it's a little hungry because on the report, the good the good. when you get done with that, are you, i'm going to manipulate is all type of guy that isn't doing the year hiring that
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whoa whoa. is one of 16 south korean pianos preparing for the prestigious chopin competition. taking place in a few months time. under it on your home, going to church on or course upon a toy of. she ordered a little or humbling good on it. i'm going to have one motor. don't go so cool as a wind. so we don't get him as well. mm. all. or i to down her room and i swear in and tidy it up when you ball. you sorry, i'm where, where williams. okay. i got it all on. oh, i saw it to the toyota. how was
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lou back in south korea, thanks to her many awards in piano competitions. young so received regular office to play at the country's most famous concert halls. today. she's been invited to tom young for a special concert, organized the heads of the korean music industry. oh, i knew that he could look again. oh, you don't have his high school money. you don't look to know. they will not and go to collections of a little bit of a sudden beautiful co handler hannibal has a book with on the days of the month, i almost a month with a lawyer that day because homeless and there's a whole hug is willing to cattle, me although me, she don't kish took little consult with me to vicky guy and had to take it to come 9 vanilla ice all children. i get
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a hug her dog in tom antonette and kiffany to go only got could visit them. kipling each one of them and he said to cindy, if danielle just saw um they'll come today to come in and gain a toyota what thing and his taste do. busy ah,
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it is a dream shared by many south korean children including noon tonight she is real to be performing at heard music schools, concerts. i her panel with called a oh no i oh. 2 ah, on the 9th of august, kenyans will head for the pole. the country is brave for
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a closely contested general election that will determine it's he to president, i mean growing political and economic pension. who will be announced the winner and can vote as expect a free and fair election. join us for special coverage on al jazeera russell beard in southern england, where 2 farmers turn safari park. pioneers of did the attractive and put nature in the driving seat. i was just absolutely astonishing the life report back even that very 1st summer. and i'm again, sophia santiago, taylor when one by you nearing companies revolutionizing with using funds in the artificial intelligence. hearing site. you have science, you have a technology, firm price on algebra, ah .


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