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the frontline fear future children on a j 0 pro democracy activists risking their lives fighting autocracy was i know that i might go to prison. good. so i will join the rodney democracy may be exposed. the struggle of those who believe democracy is worth dying for we never know when an opening is going to come when a fruit vendor is going to emulate themselves and say enough is enough. my life for democracy. on al jazeera, there's a wave of sentiment around the world if you will, that she won't accountability from the people who are running their countries. and i think often people's voice is not heard because i just not part of the mainstream news market. obviously we cover the big stories and we'll report on the big events that are going on. but we will say title stories of people generally don't have a voice. remember another child that's never be afraid to put your hand up and ask a question. and i think that's what i've never really done. we ask the question for people who should be accountable and also we get people to give their view of
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what's going on. ah ah. morning and, and the okay pod westbank off the commander, the palestinian arms group acts and lost his brigades is killed by israeli. ah hello. why money inside this knowledge is there a lie from? doha was coming up close race in kenya's presidential election. beneficial results could take a week until that announced the white house as president joe biden wasn't briefed on the such as the former president donald trump's home and buried without names,
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bodies of unidentified civilian victims, killed by russian forces in butcher, a lay to rest. ah, angry protests have broken out parts of the occupied west bank and east jerusalem after israeli forces killed a senior commander of alex and martyrs brigades in nablus. oh, this was a demonstration in battle against the shooting of it by him. a blue sea and 2 others. they were killed just a day after cease fire to cold in garza between israel and another palestinian armed group in the east the we're neighborhood of occupied east jerusalem israeli falls is find t gas that used protesting with fireworks. some palestinian organizations have
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called for a general strike. john holman reports from nablus. these railey military adorned raid in the occupied west bank. they arrived in force in the city of nablus, looking for this man. you brought him on the boost. a senior figure in alexa marked as brigades, israel had tried to capture him before and got away. this time they succeeded, trapping him in this building the old city. these build, it holds a testament to a fire fight that continued through the early morning room. this man says he found the boost salon. garfield. i looked out of it. when i arrived, we saw smoke and far, 0, one of us. we used otisha to cover our noses and entered the house. we found a body right here. the guy recognized him and said it was abraham. israeli forces also killed 2 of the members of the group and dozens of people were injured in the
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fighting in the crowded old town. thousands accompanied the funeral procession from the st. you can see how popular abraham unable say was in the town of nablus for these people to resistance fighter for his railey authorities. he was a terrorist who shot at soldiers and civilians, a threat that they had through. we all need this other one. a teacher also on the march, what she thought as a sub, but that our mother behind al, hey, when a young man opens his eyes to live and seize killings, terrorism, violations of people's rights, and attacks on houses beneath his right to defend his legitimate rights. and to defend his home lamp, the israeli re king just 4 days after it targeted another arm grouped the palestinian islamic jihad in garza. no more this including on tuesday afternoon, a 17 year old teenager killed by israeli forces during protest in hebron and all
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across the occupied west bank businesses shut and a general strike in place. john hohmann al jazeera nobliss, occupied westbank on said of the palestinians, killed in garza during 3 days of fighting our children. 9 of the 16 children lived in the jubilee refugee camp. natasha guinea went to the camp to speak to witnesses and families. a warning fears may find some images in this report distressing. ah, at just 4 years old jameel had already experienced, wore his 16 year old cousin had lived through 4 of them. they didn't survive a visit to their grandfather's grave. 5 children were killed in the cemetery in job bally a refugee camp on sunday all but one of them from the same family had unlocked wallet arb that on the dresser. who symmetry these relish hit is like a pock for our children in our religion. we consider it as our final resting place
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. there is no security for our children. i asked the international community to pressure israel to stop killing our children. this witness says he saw the explosion, as the boy sat around the grave site. la la la, just a few seconds after they passed me, i heard the sound of an arm drone hit, the children. it was quiet. there was nothing going on in the cemetery. it was safe . then i looked up and found the children dead along the previous day. 4 children in the camp were killed som, as they went to bye treats from a market, barely an adult and an only child. colleen abu commodity was hoping to marry sue and give his parents grand children shaddon of english, and he, we could all be motors almost every year. we have war a massacres. when helene was born, i had the feeling he would and live long, but i never expected. he would die this way. witnesses a,
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the damage to these cars and the force of the explosion are consistent with israeli air strikes over the years. the israeli military says 200 of the rockets fired by palestinian islamic he had misfired and some civilians were killed. if as the incident ag valia cemetery is still being investigated, the 1st incident which killed 4 children, was the result of an errant rocket fired by the armed group. no one here believes that messiah. it's not true. i saw with my own eyes the israeli rocket from the roof of my home. the israelis must cut my son. there is no doubt that palestinian groups are not responsible for the job. a lay, a refugee camp last 9. boys in this latest round of violence with israel during their short lives, they experienced the terror and loss of war after war. with no chance of a peaceful childhood, natasha named el jazeera,
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gaza. counting has begun in kenya's presidential and parliamentary elections. the election commission has that it expects a vote to turn out to be around 60 percent. the 2 presidential front runners are the former prime minister radhika and the current deputy president william richard . the race to replace outgoing lead auto kinyata is expected to be close cup and saucer reports from the to do in central, kenya. voters arrived early to cast their ballots. technical and logistical problems were reported at sampling stations. hotels will come out well as expected and every 100 hoot increase, but overall voting went smoothly. members of the messiah community war, their traditional clothing, as they waited patiently line. i'm expecting that is that there is going to be peace that people are gonna are going to lead leaders of their choice. the leaders
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are, they know they are going to eventually the economy of this country. deputy president william router voted in his home county in the rift valley. he's one of the front runners for the presidency. i feel very good that after so many months of campaigning and like freaking to the people of kenya and failing our agenda. and our manifesto and having discussions across the country this morning. it's d d. he's rival opposition leader. i low dingo voted at appalling station in nairobi, accompanied by scores of supporters, outgoing president who kinyata voted in central kenyata. after falling out with his deputy kenyatta has back to dingo to succeed him, leave your selection will be free, and it is every,
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every canyon's hope that that is the way it shall be. do you also? absolutely. ah, some analysts say canyon's want politicians to focus on issues like the economy. most of the people we have spoken to share the same concerns. the cost of living is very high. people have no jobs, they're worried about corruption. they hope their new leadership will make things better with high cost of living, which is something that inside your dublin, seem to didn't have any income from them to improve on the economy. plus the tall and even fraud we needed those things in life. kenya has a history of election violence this year. voters say they hope the outcome of the polls reflect the true will of the people, catherine,
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all the 0 nairobi. the white house says here as president joe biden was not given advanced notice of the such at form, the president donald trump, home members of the f. b i visited trumps mara laga residence on monday night. the white house, as the justice department, conduct investigations independently, trump and some republicans in congress and put the department on the pressure to explain the basis of a search. joining lie from ellicott city. maryland is jason nicole. he is a democratic strategist on a lecturer at the university of maryland. thank you for joining the program. how high is about to get a search warrant for the president's house? and is it unusual that the u. s. president joe biden was not given advance notice of this search. i think it is normal that the president doesn't know about what's going on with the d o j. i think the d o j operate independently in the d o. j some contest. hold ex presidents are accountable. i think that is
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a very high bar to get a search war and the f b, i need really high quality evidence. and particularly in this case, not only because it's an ex president, but because they have kind of politicized other investigations in the past. we all know about the steel, da da, we know about them trying to get fives, a warrant in the past. and that made the d o j and the f b. i looked nearly really bad and it was something that trump used to his advantage . so i think the d o j certainly wanted to have very high quality evidence when they went to the judge in order to get this search. war said, knowing that are you surprised that how quickly republican leaders have taken trumps cause in, in sharing his view that the such was politically motivated on a democratic which hung map waited to find out what it was all about.
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not here in the united states. absolutely. not i think that they are looking for a political advantage. they are looking to rally their base. and this is one cause that they can use. one of the things that republicans have done throughout the trump era is play upon victimization. to say that they are the victims of a deep state conspiracy. and this kind of adds into that, um and make it seem as though donald trump is someone who's fighting against the establishment and fighting against this liberal kind of a autocracy that's going on. and it's all. busy false, but it's no surprise that a 100 days out after they've had a really bad week. they really are blundered. the pat act which protected us veterans. democrats had a couple other legislative wins on climate change. and on lowering prescription drugs, democrats are also very much involved in women's bodily autonomy,
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and that's motivating voters. they needed something to get their bass fired up, and they're going to use this. and i think donald trump will also announce a presidential ron very soon, because he is afraid of the multiple criminal probes that he's subjected to right now. oh, absolutely. takes me to the very obvious question. i mean, what, what do you think this is all going to mean for a trump presidency run? how soon potentially could we hear? some kind of announcement. i think you could hear it potentially before many times, but certainly after mid terms, you will hear. trump announced his plan to run for president. i think he pretty much has to i don't think there was any doubt that he was going to run. but right now, i think is when he realizes that if he gets convicted of one of these crimes particularly breaking the presidential records act, which is what the d o j was collecting. here,
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he could be barred from running for office abuse for a particular amount of time. so i think he certainly wants to announce a run to make it seem like this is a political which he can't do that as a private citizen. but he can certainly do that as a presidential candidate. when you get to talk here jason nichols, democratic strategist lecture at the university of maryland. thank you. still had on al jazeera. ah, i'm gabriel is on new in new york, where officials here are scrambling to try to contain a possible outbreak of polio. yes, polio, that story coming up. ah, and vine and politics and money, the deadly combination that is training argentina's. beautiful game. ah,
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here's your weather in a minute 15. hi there. thanks for joining in. we're beginning for western canada, the pacific northwest temperatures have come down and we've introduced some showers into the mix here, but we're temperatures are building the northern plants, western canada. look at montana billings 36 degrees a high for you on wednesday. it can check this out. we'll see our storms pulse throughout the day. there we go. this is mon sooner. moister. in this area, we've seen some flooding and certainly the risk of seen some more same goes for eastern kentucky, deadly flooding. there is still flash flood watches in play on wednesday. and no surprise when you see the amount of brain. 4 falling in this area. storms have cool the atmosphere across the great lakes that will eventually happen for new york. you know, we had 78 days in a row of temperatures above 30 degrees off to central america. we go and a wave of rain sweeping across. so you could 10 peninsula that's gonna catch can
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coon, with a hive 29 degrees. we had some flash lighting in the northwest of columbia around meta gene that destroyed more than a dozen buildings. but i got to get you an update on this vigorous system spinning toward the southeast of brazil. there are some weather alerts and play for both the rain and the wind for sao paulo on wednesday. be careful out there. we'll see you soon. ah frank assessments, how much support is there at st. protests that we've seen in hotels across the rest of the country? the street has been very good at tapping into the co consent to people across the country, informed opinions we will say more of what is happening is that climate change it making them work in depth analysis of the days global headlines, druggie is credited by someone really restoring it lease credibility this critics would say he couldn't play the part of a politician. what do you think went wrong inside story on al jazeera
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lou? for booking back you walking out? is there a mind of top stories this our have been purchase? the cross be occupied, west buying golf is already killed. a senior canada ox, marcus brigades, thousands of mourners fill the streets with nobliss. when abraham omnibus was killed. counting is on the way in kenya's presidential and parliamentary elections . the election commission say they expect vote a 10 out of around 60 percent. the to presidential front run us all the former prime minister raw data on the current deputy president william raton. the white
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house, as u. s. president joe biden was not given advanced notice of the, such as former president donald trump's home. and as of the f b i visited trumps our log residence on monday night. he several explosions have been heard from the direction of a military ad base in russian controlled crimea. local authorities say one person was killed in 5 injured in the blast. the russian defense ministry is denied an attack took place. it says the explosion was caused by the detonation of aviation ammunition. meanwhile, the u. s. has announced an additional $1000000000.00 and military aid for ukraine. launch a single package since the start of the conflict includes munitions for long range weapons and it adds to nearly $9000000000.00 and $8.00 already given by washington,
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munitions for the national advanced surface to air missile systems, or ne sam's 1000 javelin systems and hundreds of 84 anti armor systems, 50 armored medical treatment vehicles, claymore, anti personnel, munitions, c for explosives, demolition munitions and demolition equipment, and medical supplies to include 1st aid kits, bandages, monitors and other equipment ukrainians living in areas which were once and russian. occupational still coping the trauma of meta and abuse of civilians in a town of boucher several, unidentified bodies and now being buried. john hendern attended one of the funerals of ukraine's unknown debt. you know, these are the forgotten victims of 15 civilian bodies have gone unclaimed to the
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battle that ended march 31st. all of them civilians. some of them shot with a single bullet in their head. their crime authority say was that they were civilians of fighting age. all men and ukrainian authorities say what happened here was a war crime. we are waiting for the trial for every keela hole was shooting in civilians on the territory of which community and for every person in kremlin in moscow who gave the order. because we see the scale of these killing. and of course, those soldiers and officers who were same heal during the month, they had this order to kill civilians. al jazeera visited the victims once before about a month ago, but since then, no one has claimed them. it remained in a refrigerated truck and identified their dna not matched. and now you're being buried not with a name, but with a number. with people here say,
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while their identities might be lost. no one will forget what happened here. a russian rocket has blasted off from catholic stone, taking an iranian satellite into space, the intelligence official quoted by the washington post, se moscow plans to use the satellite to help it in the one cranes before handing it back. iran, the rain in space agency says it will control the satellite from day one. iran says it will be used to monitor its folders and water resources. us police say they have detained the primary source space in the killings of for muslim men in the city of albuquerque. local police chief says offices found a vehicle believe to be involved in the murders which happened over the past 9 months. the driver is the main suspect. the 1st killing took place in november and 2 victims were members of the same mosque. 5 days ago we came to the public and
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asked you guys for help. 5 days ago, and in 5 days, we've identified 51 year old mohammed saeed as the person who perpetrated at least the 2 crimes on rhode island and cornell se are continuing to investigate his involvement in the other crimes closely with the district attorney's office. and the federal prosecutors office. what we can tell you is a took from the community is what helped us lead us to this subject. and what helped us eventually find the car that we put out just 2 days ago to the public. at least one confirmed case of polio in new york has health officials worried of a possible larger outbreak. virus has been detected in the states sewage system, thirties, urgently calling for people who are unvaccinated, to receive their shots as soon as possible. gabriel elizondo reports at this medical clinic, a rush to get as many jabs in as many arms as quickly as possible inside these
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biles is not a coven vaccine, but instead it act seen for polio. yes, polio, ready to highly infectious, devastating virus that can cause paralysis. polio has been discovered in the wastewater, in 2 areas of new york, paralyzing an annex unaided 20 year old man, who had traveled to europe for every one case a paralytic polio is probably 100 other cases that are going on happen. and so that's very worrisome. the centers for disease control and prevention or cdc is so concerned about polio being found in new york. they've sent a team of experts to investigate and try to contain it as quickly as possible. and this is the epicenter of the polio outbreak in america. new york's rockland and orange county's otherwise quiet areas about an hour north of new york city. as
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health officials try to get people vaccinated complicating matters this areas home to a lot of ultra conservative orthodox jews, many of whom refuse vaccinations because of religious doctrine. wherever orthodox jewish population that has been relatively close, we do have communication with them through the rabbis. and make sure that the day understand how critical it is that the people get vaccine is. there is subgroups that tend to say, well, god will protect me, but look, if you take that view, then you can't really go to the doctor. it's god has sent us vaccines. got to send those doctors. got us, let us understand polio and how it works. i think god wants us to use actually an invention that had perio patient was recovered. a welcome, as it is important. polio struck beer and people in the 1940s paralyzing over 30000 people a year in the us. where vaccinations were made readily available in 1955 and
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i was a little kid. i had polio, you don't want it is paralyzing. it is awful and it can kill the battle against polio is back on. and at least in one part of america, where the rush is not only to get people vaccinated, but also convinced those who are reluctant. gabriel is audio al jazeera, new york for will, violence is a long running problem in argentina. but as the world cup a purchase, authorities have reported an increase and incidence of football matches inside and outside the stadiums. teresa by reports from when is aries in the past few weeks have been difficult for elizabeth coordinated. her 18 year old son walk in was killed by football fans. a lady who called my nephew sees my son, told him to run and let go of his hand. when my nephew turned round, he saw my son on the ground holding his stomach and lots of blood. he said,
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my son told him to go away to protect him. ah, fucking was shot doing a confrontation between the infamous white with alice or radical football fans. at a lower division match him when a site is at least 10 other people were injured. wonderful. now this is the last video of him alive. wow. one of those who was involved in the killing of walking got an air, worked at a municipality of canada, that he is, that's a town that's not far away from where this people live. and that's why the battery without us in argentine, you're continue to operate with impunity because of the close ties that exist between politicians and this organizations. 3 of the suspects have been detained, and other 3 are in hiding. and despite an international arrest warrant hawking's father says it will be difficult for justice to be served. alicia, after they killed him, they went to a barbecue. after everything they did, leaving my son lying on the ground because they have power and nobody cares ah,
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would, will violence his sword in argentine, in recent months, confrontations between rival fans happen every other weekend. security analysts say gangs could be trying to recover income lost during the pandemic locked downs. i wanting to get as young as a political and economic link. the sustains the banners because involves many sectors of society from politicians to the police, like my fear organizations. but with an emotional dedication to their clubs, that's almost religious. but analysts say there could be another explanation. every ward come year, our harass or fight themselves in order to get the ticket, the air tickets and the passports to be there are chanting for the i contenting every fight in the harder for our, our, for our rightful many that was that that's what the lever they're fighting money tickets, influence the world cup is just months away,
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but victims continue to demand justice and a solution to a problem that has tainted argentina's, most beloved sport. but he said, well, i'll just he deb when aside, his 2 people have been killed. dozens injured during heavy rains and flash flooding in sudan. these t 1000 homes have been destroyed in the revenue revenue nile state. the rain also cut off the main highway connecting the state to cartoon. flooding has killed at least 9 people in south korea's capital, sol, off to some of the heaviest rain and nearly 70 years. 7 more people are missing. the affluent gang gun district was hit hard now, a beleaguered whale stranded in france could be moved to a tank as yvette's race against time to try and save its life. the wail now in the rivers and is thousands of kilometres from its natural habitat. in arctic a,
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some arctic waters. ben, it's miserable. it's a long way from home and there's no easy way to get this beluga whale back to where he belongs. he strayed into the river sane and a swarm nearly half way to paris, 80 kilometer up river. now, officials have decided the best way of saving the huge mammal is to move it to a salt water tank. but it will be a challenge in operation. and if i skip camp on you will need is some one among you has an idea how to transport a below go weighing 800 to 900 cheetos 4 meters long without putting in in danger. yet because danger is real, we are all very aware of it. there is a real risk in transporting it and we're doing everything to ensure that we've done in danger. its life may be one worth, but at least what we were left tried our best. bewail is being held in a lock basin where vets of administered vitamins and antibiotics we have been refusing to weeks got on the absolute bottom all it we all know what we've been.


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