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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 10, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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what for presidency? al jazeera investigations, the oligarchs. ah, with me.
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oh, for morning an anger and the occupied west baton got a senior commander, the palestinian on group is killed by his radio forces. ah. hello darn jordan. this is out there. a lie from doug also coming up. the white house says president biden wasn't briefed on the f. b. i search for my president, donald trump's florida home. i was raised in kenya's presidential election, but it may take a week before the results are announced. a unknown but not forgotten. the community in ukraine berries, unidentified victims killed by russian forces in boucher
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ah. angry protests are broken out and parts of the occupied west bank and east jerusalem after his ready force is killed a senior command of the palestinian armed group. alex, a martyrs brigades. oh, this was a demonstration in bate l against the shooting of abraham allen, the boozy and 2 others. they were killed just 2 days after cease fire took holding garza between israel and other palestinian arm groups in the it's a we a neighborhood, a bucket bodies, jerusalem, israeli forces 5 tear gas at use, so used fireworks to protest. some palestinian organizations are called for a general strike. john holeman reports from nablus. these really military adorn rate in the occupied west bank. they arrived in force in the city of nablus,
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looking for this man. he brought him on the boot, c, a c, me a figure in alex, a martyrs brigades. israel had tried to capture him before and got away. this time they succeeded, trapping him in this building in the old city. these build, it holds a testament to a fire fight that continued through the early morning. this man says he found the booth se salon. garfield looked out of it. when i arrived, we saw smoke and far one of us. we used our t shirts to cover our noses and entered the house. we found a body right here. a guy recognized him and said it was abraham. israeli forces also kill 2 of the members of the group and dozens of people were injured in the fighting in the crowded old town. thousands accompanied the funeral procession. from these sayings, you can see how popular abraham unable say was in the town of nablus. but these people is a resistance fighter for israeli authorities. he was
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a terrorist who shot at soldiers and civilians, a threat that they had through. we all need a subtle one, a teacher also on the march, what she thought as a sub for that our love at the han al higher when a young man opens his eyes to live and seize killings, terrorism, violations of people's rights, and attacks on houses. then it's his right to defend his legitimate rights and to defend his home lamp. the israeli re king just 4 days after it targeted another arm grouped the palestinian islamic jihad in garza. now more deaths including on tuesday afternoon, a 17 year old teenager killed by his ready forces during protest in hebron and all across the occupied west bank businesses shut. and a general strike in place. john hohmann algae, cedar nablus, occupied west bank. 4 children accounted for one 3rd of the palestinians killed in garza during 3 days of fighting. 9 of the 16 children lived in a java lea,
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a refugee camp. natasha can aim, went to the camp, to speak to witnesses and families, and a warning view as may find some images in her report. distressing. at just 4 years old jameel had already experienced war. his 16 year old cousin had lived through 4 of them. they didn't survive a visit to their grandfather's grave. 5 children were killed in the cemetery in g bally a refugee camp on sunday. all but one of them from the same family had unlocked wallet, odd that on with his symmetry. these relish hit is like a pock for our children in our religion, we consider it as our final resting place. there is no security for our children. i asked the international community to pressure israel to stop killing our children. this witness says he saw the explosion as the boys sat around the grave site. hello,
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hello. hello. just a few seconds after they passed me, i heard the sound of an arm drone hit, the children. it was quiet. there was nothing going on in the cemetery. it was safe, then i looked up and found the children dead along the previous day. 4 children in the camp were killed som, as they went to bye treats from a market, barely an adult. and an only child. colleen abu commodity was hoping to marry sue, and give his parents grand children, shout new shade. we could all be martyrs. almost every year we have war a massacres. one helene was born. i had a feeling he would and live long, but i never expected. he would die this way. witnesses a, the damage to these cars and the force of the explosion are consistent with israeli air strikes over the years. the israeli military says 200 of the rockets fired by palestinian islamic. he had misfired, and some civilians were killed. it says the is it a bally
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a cemetery is still being investigated. but the 1st incident which killed 4 children, was the result of an errant rocket fired by the armed group. no one here believes that messiah. it's not true. i saw with my own eyes. these really ra can't from the roof off my home. the israelis masika my son. there is no doubt that palestinian groups are not responsible for the job. a lay, a refugee camp last 9. boys in this latest round of violence with israel during their short lives. they experienced the terror and loss of war after war, with no chance of a peaceful childhood. natasha named el jazeera, gaza. the white house says us president joe biden was not given advance notice of the f. b, i search of the former president donald trump, florida home federal agents visited from small laga residents on monday night. the
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white house says the justice department conducts investigations independently. trump, and some republicans in congress have put the department under pressure saying it should explain the basis for the search. my kind of has more from washington the department of justice and the f. b. i are remaining tight lipped on this. they have declined to make any comment whatsoever. we have got some information from one of trump's own lawyers. she was actually at the floor, the mention when the search took place. and she confirmed that the warranted dealt with articles that had gone missing or couldn't be found. when then president trump left the presidency, taking a large number of material with him to mar logo. this warrant they remain sealed, so is not accessible to the public, but all indications saw that this is dealing with material that then president trump took with them when he left the white house. now we do know that earlier this
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year, the department of justice personnel went to speak with donald trump at morrow laga discussing the matter of these missing documents or the documents that trump took within. so they didn't, at that stage, didn't take away a number of cases of documents, but it would appear that they did not take all. and what the search was about would appear in the course of the past 24 hours. was those missing trove of documents that they still could not account for? while jason nichols is from the university of maryland, he says it's not surprising that some republicans backing trump. i think that they are looking for a political advantage. they are looking to rally their base, and this is one cause that they can use. one of the things that republicans have done throughout the trump era is play upon victimization. to say that they are the victims of a deep state conspiracy. and this kind of adds into that and make it seem as though
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donald trump is someone who's fighting against the establishment and fighting against this liberal kind of a autocracy that's going on. and it's all. busy false, but it's no surprise that a 100 days out after they've had a really bad week. they really blundered. the pact act which protected us veterans . dad, democrats had a couple other legislative wins on climate change in on lowering prescription drugs . democrats are also very much involved in women's bodily autonomy and that's motivating voters. they needed something to get their bass fired up, and they're going to use this. and i think donald trump will also announce a presidential run very soon, because he is afraid of the multiple criminal probes that he's subjected to right now. i think you could hear it potentially before mid terms, but certainly after mid terms, you will hear trump announced, or he's planned to run for president. counting has begun in kenya's presidential
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and parliamentary elections, voter turnout is expected to be around 60 percent. the 2 front runners are former prime minister, reino, dingo, and the current deputy president william router analysts say the race will be close . catherine, so to put some gotten to in central, can you voted, arrived? i lead to cast their ballots. technical and logistical problems were reported at some pulling stations where does will come out well, as expected and everyone who to increase but overall voting went smoothly. members of the messiah community wore their traditional clothing as they waited patiently line. i'm expecting that is i, there is going to be peace that people are gonna are going to let the leaders of their choice. the leaders that they know they are going to event in the economy of this country. deputy president william router voted in his home county in the rift
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valley. he's one of the front runners for the presidency. i feel very good that after so many months of campaigning and my freaking to the people of kenya and failing our agenda. and our manifesto and having discussions across the country this morning. it's d d. he's rival opposition leader. i low dingo voted at appalling station in nairobi, accompanied by scores of supporters, outgoing president who kenyata voted in central kenya. after falling out with his deputy kenyatta has back to dingo to succeed him, leave your collection will be free, and it is every, every canyon's hope that that is the way it shall be. do you also? absolutely. ah, some analysts say canyon's want politicians to focus on issues like the economy.
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most of the people we have spoken to share the same concerns. the cost of living is very high. people have no jobs. they're worried about corruption. they hope they're new leadership will make things better. the high cost of living. it is something that to lead to the tenants at your place. i live in douglas just ended up having to come want them to improve one economy. financially, hosted tom and even fraud. we needed those things, those are necessity in life. kenya has a history of election balance this year, voters, they, they hope the outcome of the poles reflect the true will of the people. catherine's soil all jazeera nairobi not not so to come here and al jazeera, including ortho, nearly a year of taliban rule. a new report says that girls not be honest, donna, facing increased hunger and depression. and 9 people had dared after south korea
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hit vibes heaviest downpours and more than a century, more in that statement. ah, the, this is your world whether update for the middle east and africa. hi there. i. cissy will begin in the middle east, where look at all this sand and dust swirling around pretty much from the gall freight through to the red sea. also on this back we can see some big showers and storms seem likely for western areas of yemen where there has been flooding can let's put this day forward. go in around the golf. we've got that wind blowing down from iraq right through the golf, and that's with starting up the sand and dust, including for places like wait, where we've got a high of 50 degrees for pakistan. the prediction was for above average monsoon rains for august, and right out of the gate,
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we're seeing that deliver for sin province, stretching from karachi to jacob bad on wednesday. for turkey, those winds through the black sea, the boss for picking up is that boy? i think wind gusts of about 50 kilometers per hour seemed likely. and next stop tropical africa, central africa. we've got our waves of rain moving off the ethiopian highlands, especially around heart tomb as well. but that will dissipate through the day and for southern africa. plenty of sun to go round week system pushes into the western cape that will spread some showers. but for then talk at 27 degrees. that's above average for this time of the year. that sure weather update. bye for now. take care . ah, the new voices keeping up the airway. lot of chinese listeners with kimberly here what they really think in their own country shifting palate, a case, the rise of citizen journalism has changed everything. how do you happen?
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it happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative petroleum point to the pole. with those images front of mine is a wall. it's very much going forward out in the media as well as on the battlefield . they're listening post. dissect the media on al jazeera lou. ah, we'll get back a quick reminder about top stories here at this hour. the been protests across the occupied west bank up is ready, forces killed a senior commander, honest indian on the group. i'm not some artist brigades. thousands of mourners fill the streets of nablus, where abraham out, nancy was killed. the white us as you,
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as president joe biden was not given advance notice of the f. b. i search for my president. donald trump's home. federal agents visited trump's moral log, a resumes on monday. i'm counting on the way in kenya's presidential and parliamentary elections, voter turnout is expected to be around 60 percent. the frontrunners are former prime minister, reino dingo, on the common deputy president william firefighters in cuba. i finally contained a massive blaze at an oil depot. officials have described it as the worst fire in the country's history, flames and gold, a 4th fuel tank on tuesday, causing massive power outages. fire fighters from mexico and venezuela helped to fight the blades in the province of my times. us at least one person's been killed and a $125.00 injured at augusta reports. now from latins us. 4 days since the fire started achievers main oil storage facility, the blaze finally seems to be under control. if you look behind me, of course, you can see huge amounts of smoke billowing out there. but crucially,
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the color is changed. for the last 3 days, it's been a deep cert, black. now it's the light shade of gray evidence that much of the fire has been smothered. international help, the human government says has been decisive that help coming from venezuela and mexico in the forms of technology, in the form of ships and in the form of firefighters. how about problems remain huge problems remain for the given government and also the keeping people who are already living through a critical energy crisis or analysts say, the power cuts that millions of cubans had already been suffering over over the last months, are about to get worse now, nearly one year since the taliban seized power in afghanistan, young girls had been lift hungry, isolated, and in some cases, depressed. not according to a new report by the aid organization save the children. it's pointing to afghanistan's economic crisis, scripling drought, and taliban imposed restrictions on females. well, the report found that 9 in 10 afghan girls are eating less than they did a year ago. and he said they had no energy to study or play. nearly half of all girls between the ages of $9.17 said, they're not going to school. they pointed to
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a lack of funds, as well as the taliban band on girls attending secondary school. and many girls also struggled with their mental health, and there was a clear gender gap. 16 percent of boys showed signs of depression, while 26 percent of girls displayed symptoms. let's bring him, chris, near mandy. he's the director of say, the children in afghanistan. you want us live from cobbler, chris? good to have you with a so look, i mean this report makes for some very depressing reading, but why say the children reading the alarm bells now do we think thanks a lot school. i think clearly the situation is not just going out in afghanistan for over here. we see that children are a wasting away, more nutrition, us or high. ah, the is, is that, or generation is going to be lost because of is 100 crisis and we assume worse today it's important that we shoot progress on afghanistan soon as possible. so
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that you know, is the needs of children. and chris, as you say, and you know, girls are suffering from a lack of food, most are not going to school. and the report goes on to say that many now suffer from depression. can you explain what's the reason why girls seem to be suffering more than boys? so that's a very important point, because we know that because of the isolation because of the, the sudden change in the, in. so just for women, not carissa or gills. are it be looked or you know, of this difficult situation goes unable to go out and visit the parks, is the used to be on of going to schools. they are teaching less ease, clearly because of cultural issues, approach physician for me to answer to providing food. and
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this is why it, you know, it in the levels of the, the mental health issues. i also because yes, we see that gives us showing signs of depression commit voice chris. in terms of the big picture, we know that afghanistan's also suffering an acute economic crisis as a crippling drought in many parts of the country. a lack of critical or international aid and how those broad, a factors playing into the plight of young girls that we think so this earth isn't oh, ask on his tongue. was expecting at least $4000000000.00 a year in international eat for the next 4 years or all that he is because it at the big uses do is to tell him almost honest and improving his high who individual drought. and then there was hobbies, crises, and it is to hook up gun isn't so all these of creating
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a huge in monte crisis. i think it's important that the national meeting should begin to come because that is done focus on of construct and unfreeze financial as it is done. but why wouldn't okay provide it at christmas, a final thought to before you go, i mean, in terms of a solution, what does say the children doing on the ground to support as you've explained a growing number of afghan children who need help. so the children to do those organizations are providing much sentences. most of the assistant people right is inform kish dog assistance. but look you monday, this is, this is not the only the, the embellishment solution which solution is that is solution economic and political crisis. poster kristen, i'm on to really good to get your thoughts. thank you very much for talking to our da 0. thank you, chris. good. thank you so much moving now
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ukrainians, living in areas which were once under russian occupation, are still coming to terms with their trauma in the town of boucher several, unidentified bodies and are being buried. john henry attended one of the funerals of ukraine's unknown death. you know, these are the forgotten victims of 15 civilian bodies have gone unclaimed to the battle that ended march 31st. all of them civilians. some of them shot with a single bullet in their head. their crime authority say was that they were civilians of fighting age. all men and ukrainian authorities say what happened here was a war crime. we are waiting for the trial for every keela whole was shut in in civilians on the territory of which community. and for every person in kremlin in moscow who gave the order,
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because we see the scale of these killing. and of course, those soldiers and officers who were st. he'll during the moms, they had this order to kill civilians. al jazeera visited the victims once before about a month ago, but since then, no one has claimed them. it remained in a refrigerated truck and identified their dna not matched. and now you're being buried not with a name, but with a number. with people here say, while their identities might be lost, no one will forget what happened here. health officials say they're worried about a po, new outbreak after a case was confirmed in new york authorities and now urging unvaccinated residents to get their shots as soon as possible. gabriel is on that report. at this medical clinic, a rush to get as many jabs in as many arms as quickly as possible. inside these biles is not a coven vaccine. but instead, if ac seem for polio. yes,
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polio ready to highly infectious, devastating virus that can cause paralysis. polio has been discovered in the wastewater, in 2 areas of new york, paralyzing an annex unaided 20 year old man, who had traveled to europe for every one case a paralytic polio, is probably a 100 other pieces that are going on happen. and so that's very worrisome. the centers for disease control and prevention or cdc is so concerned about polio being found in new york. they've sent a team of experts to investigate and try to contain it as quickly as possible. and this is the epicenter of the polio outbreak in america. new york's rockland and orange county's otherwise quiet area is about an hour north of new york city. as health officials try to get people vaccinated complicating matters this areas home to a lot of ultra conservative orthodox jews,
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many of whom refuse vaccinations because of religious doctrine. wherever that i've huge population that has been relatively close. we do have communication with them through the rabbis, and make sure that they understand how critical it is that the people get vaccinated. there are some groups that tend to say, well god will protect me, but not if you take that view. then you can't really go to the doctor. it's god has sent us vaccines, got to send those doctors. got us, let us understand polio and how it works. i think god wants us to use the invention of help. patients was recovered. a welcome, as it is important, polio struck beer and people in the 1940s paralyzing over 30000 people a year in the us before vaccinations were made readily available in 1955 and i was a little kid i had oh, you don't want oh, it is paralyzing, it is awful and it's in chill. the battle against polio is back on,
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and at least in one part of america, where the rush is not only to get people vaccinated, but also convinced those who are reluctant. gabriel sandow al jazeera new york flooding has killed at least 9 people in south korea for the heaviest rain and a 115 years. 7 people are still missing the gang mann district and sole was hit hard by the down pole. officials of issued landslide warnings nearly 50 cities and towns. dozens of roads, including major highways, were also closed. rob mcbride as more from sol. the clean up operation is continuing across a sol, across the city, and also in the surrounding province after these unprecedented rains, or streets, roads turns into rivers. vehicles swept away and sadly lives lost. some people caught in their apartments by rapidly rising flood waters. other people swept away in the torrents, you know, at the,
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the forecast to say we're predicting up to 300 millimeters of rain for these sol area with these, with these range. the city many parts have experience well over $500.00 millimeters of rain. what has made the, at a situation slightly more difficult to the authorities here in south korea is that the north koreans are suspected to have been releasing water into the shed rivers up near the border between north and south to relieve the pressure on their dams and rivers, now normally the north would informed the south about this, but at the moment, of course, the 2 countries are not talking. the authorities here as well as looking after the clean up, already having to judge how they work. now with future extreme weather events, not football violence is a long running problem in argentina, but as the world cup approaches authorities have reported a spike in the number of incidents to reusable reports for capital. when as ours, the past few weeks have been difficult for elizabeth cornell, her 18 year old son,
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hakeem was killed by football fans, a lady who coley. my nephew says, my son told him to run and let go of his hand. when my nephew turned around, he saw my son on the ground holding his stomach and lots of blood. he says, my son told him to go away to protect him. awe walking was short during a confrontation between the infamous letter with alice or radical football fans. at a lower division match him when a site is at least 10 other people were injured. oh, this is the last video of him alive. wow. one of those who was involved in the killing of walking got an air, worked at a municipality of canada, literally. yes, that's a town that's not far away from where this people live and that's why the battery would hours in argentine, you're continue to operate with impunity. because of the close ties that exist between politicians and this organizations. 3 of the suspects have been detained, and other 3 are in hiding. and despite an international arrest warrant hawking's
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father says it will be difficult for justice to be served with alicia after they killed him, they went to a barbecue. after everything they did, leaving my son lying on the ground because they have power and nobody cares ah, would, will violence his sword in argentine, in recent months, confrontations between rival fans happen every other weekend. security analysts say gangs could be trying to recover incom loft during the pandemic locked downs, a link to it as young as a political and economic link that sustains the banners. because involves many sectors of society from politicians to the police. like my fear organizations. but with an emotional dedication to their clubs, that's almost religious. but analysts say there could be another explanation. every ward come year, our harass or fight themselves in order to get the ticket the or t.


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