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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 10, 2022 10:00am-10:31am AST

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were seen that deliver for sin province, stretching from karachi to jacob a bad on wednesday. for turkey, those winds through the black sea, the boss for his picking up is st. amboy think wind gusts of about 50 kilometers per hour. seemed likely. and next, stop tropical africa, central africa, we've got our waves of rain moving off the ethiopian highlands, especially around heart tomb as well. but that will dissipate through the day and for southern africa. plenty of sun to go round week system pushes into the western cape that will spread some showers. but for vin, talk at 27 degrees. that's above average for this time of the year. that sure why they're up, they buy for now. take care. ah frank assessments, they eat waves we're seeing now, are they a product of global warming? we will say more of what is happening is that climate change it making them work in depth. analysis of the days headlines inside story on al jazeera
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ah, a oh, anger in the occupied west bank of the israeli frances killick senior commander of palestinian crew. ah, i'm told mccrae this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up. the white house is president biden was not brief to on an if the i search of former president on trump's hung a close rice and kenya's presidential election. but it could be a week until official results are announced. and clearing up by preparing for more, south korea feels the effects of floods that have killed 9 people.
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ah there have been protests and parts of the occupied west bank and east jerusalem after is riley forces killed a senior commander of the palestinian group. i'll oxer martyrs brigades. oh, this was a demonstration in bed al against the shooting of abraham l. no bull see and 2 others. they were killed 2 days after a ceasefire took hold and gaza between israel and another palestinian group. one man was killed in hebron during the protests. ah, in the sweet neighbourhood of occupied east jerusalem. israeli forces f a t a guess at young people who used fireworks to protest. some palestinian organizations have called for a general strike, shown holeman reports from nobliss on the death that sparked the protests. these
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railey military adorn rate in the occupied west bank. they arrived in full in the city of nablus, looking for this man, he brought him on the booth c, a c. me a figure in alex a mouth, his brigade's. israel had tried to catch him before he got away. this time they succeeded trapping him in this building in the old city. these build, it holds a testament to a fire fight that continued through the early morning. this man says he found the booth se salon. garfield. i looked out of it when i arrived. we saw smoke and far, 0, one of us. we used our teachers to cover our noses and entered the house. we found a body right here. the guy recognized him and said it was abraham. israeli forces also kill 2 other members of the group and dozens of people were injured in the fighting in the crowded old town. thousands accompanied the funeral procession from
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the st. you can see how popular abraham unable say was in the town of nablus. but these people, a resistance fighter for israeli authorities, he was a terrorist who shot at soldiers and civilians a threat that they had through. we also need this other one, a teacher also on the march, what she thought as a sub thought that our love a banal hire. when a young man opens his eyes to live and seize killings, terrorism, violations of people's rights, and attacks on houses beneath his right to defend his legitimate rights and to defend his home lamp. the israeli re king just 4 days after it targeted another arm grouped the palestinian islamic jihad in garza. no more this including on tuesday afternoon, a 17 year old teenager killed by israeli forces during protest in hebron and all across the occupied west bank businesses shut and a general strike in place. john holman, out visitor,
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nablus occupied westbank. the number of palestinians killed in garza during 3 days of fighting, has risen to 47. children accounted for one 3rd of those. 9 of the 16 children killed slipped in the java lay a refugee camp. natasha a name went to the camp to speak to witnesses and families, and a warning view as may find some images in this report. distressing. ah! at just 4 years old jameel had already experienced war. his 16 year old cousin had lived through 4 of them. they didn't survive a visit to their grandfather's grave. 5 children were killed in the cemetery in jack ballier refugee camp on sunday, all but one of them from the same family had unlocked wallet or bed on desert the cemetery. these relish hit is like a park for our children in our religion. we consider it as our final resting place
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. there is no security for our children. i asked the international community to pressure israel to stop killing our children. this witness says he saw the explosion as the boys sat around the grave site. hello, hello. hello. just a few seconds after they passed me, i heard the sound of an arm drone hit, the children. it was quiet. there was nothing going on in the cemetery. it was safe, then i looked up and found the children dead along the previous day. 4 children in the camp were killed som, as they went to bye treats from a market, barely an adult. and an only child. colleen abu commodity was hoping to marry sue and give his parents grand children, shout, napoleon shaheed, we could all be martyrs. almost every year we have war a massacres. when helene was born, i had the feeling he would and live long, but i never expected. he would die this way. witnesses a, the damage to these cars and the force of the explosion are consistent with israeli
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air strikes over the years. the israeli military says 200 of the rockets fired by palestinian islamic. he had misfired and some civilians were killed. it says the incident at your valley, a cemetery is still being investigated. but the 1st incident which killed 4 children, was the result of an errant rocket fired by the armed group. no one here believes that messiah. it's not true, i saw with my own eyes the israel rocket from the roof off my home. the israelis must, i cut my son. there is no doubt that palestinian groups are not responsible for the job. a lay, a refugee camp last 9. boys in this latest round of violence with israel during their short lives, they experienced the terror and loss of war after war. with no chance of a peaceful childhood. natasha named el jazeera, gaza. the white house says us president joe biden was not given advance notice of
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the f. b. i search for the president. donald trump's florid hon. federal agents into trumps mar lago residence on monday night. the white house is the justice department, conduct investigations independently. trump and some republicans in congress have put the department under pressure, saying it should explain the basis for the search. mike, hannah has more now from washington. the department of justice and the f. b. i are remaining tight lipped on this. they have declined to make any comment whatsoever. we have got some information from one of trump's own lawyers. she was actually at the floor, the mention when the search took place and she does confirmed that the warrant had dealt with articles that had gone missing or couldn't be found. when then, president trump left the presidency, taking a large number of material with him to mar logo. this warrant they remain sealed,
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so is not accessible to the public. but all indications saw that this is dealing with material that then president trump took with them when he left the white house . now we do know that earlier this year, the department of justice personnel went to speak with donald trump at morrow laga discussing the matter of these missing documents or the documents that trump took within. so they didn't, at that stage, did take away a number of cases of documents, but it would appear that they did not take all. and what the search was about would appear in the course of the past 24 hours. was those missing trove of documents that they still could not account for? bruce fain is a form here, former u. s. t t attorney general. he says there would have been evidence to back up the search. there is no way that this search warrant would even been polite for without
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the approval of the attorney general. so we know merit garland authorized the search warrant application. a 2nd, a warrant requires a demonstration to a neutral magistrate that there is probable cause to believe the search will uncover evidence of crime they were to read. i mean, are arguable crimes here at issue one would be sharing classified information to unauthorized persons. the other would be taking documents that are publicly own, ah, and mutilating, destroying them, or taking them for your own personal use. and with those would say arguable crimes . we obviously haven't had a trial yet. and moreover, when you undertake a search pursuant to a warrant, or you can't conduct a read, just rummage through someone's home. looking in the sat or looking in ovens looking in a toilet bowls, things like that. you have to limit your search to places where the evidence of
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crime might plausibly uncovered. ok. now another element that needs to be understood is that a, mr. trump, if he believes that this is a democratic, which one has the right to go into court and seek to enjoin or frustrate or prevent the further conduct of the search or to suppress its evidence on the ground that this was phony. it wasn't probable cause, or they lied to the judge to get the off authority. will police in the us state of new mexico, say that the time to suspect in the killings of full muslim men in the city of albuquerque. the earliest case states back to november, the local police chief says officers received a tip off from the community after making an appeal last week. they arrested mohammed sy, it's 51 year old men on monday he's been charged with the middle of 2 men. and it's under investigation in the other cases. votes are being counted and kenya's closely for the presidential election. turnout is expected to be around 60 percent. the
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front runner, the former prime minister, riley, and the deputy president william roo tone catherine sawyer reports from get under and central kenya. voters arrived early to cast their ballots. hackney call and logistical problems were reported at some polling stations. what does will come out? well, as expected and every 100 who to increase but overall voting went smoothly. members of the messiah community wore their traditional clothing as they waited patiently line. i'm expecting that is i, there is going to be peace that people of gonna are going to a let lead us of their choice. they lead us or they know they are going to event in the economy of this country. deputy president william router voted in his home county in the rift valley. he's one of the front runners for the presidency. i feel very good that after so many months of campaigning and like freaking to the people
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of kenya and failing our agenda. and our manifesto and having discussions across the country this morning. it's d d. he's rival opposition leader. i low dingo voted at appalling station in nairobi, accompanied by scores of supporters, outgoing president who kenyatta voted in central kenya. after falling out with his deputy kenyatta has back to dingo to succeed him, leave your selection will be free and clear. it is every, every canyon's hope that that is the way it shall be. do you also? absolutely. ah, some analysts say canyon's want politicians to focus on issues like the economy. most of the people we have spoken to share the same concerns. the cost of living is
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very high. people have no jobs. they're worried about corruption. they hope they're new leadership will make things better. the high cost of living is something better to lead to their tenants at your place. and being jobless just ended up having to come with want them to improve one economy, financially, hospital and even food needed those things. those are necessity in life. kenya has a history of election balance. this year, voters say they hope the outcome of the polls reflect the true will of the people. catherine's soil al jazeera nairobi, or malcolm whip joins me now live from nairobi. im malcolm, what's the mood or like there? has it been relatively peaceful compared with the past? elections was relatively peaceful compared to the past so far
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right now. vote so initially tallied constituents, italy centers like this one before being forwarded onto the national tale sensor. but it's at this stage in the past the evidence, the merge of irregularities in its reports or perceptions of irregularities at this stage, this led in the past to unrest and violence. now with me, the room goes house and is the executive director of amnesty international in kenya . how's the process going so far? well, so far, you know, we had a very low turn out yesterday, less than 50 percent and a number of critical when constituency. so it's still not biting in that sense in terms of what does it mean. and of course, as you've mentioned, the neck and neck. we also saw a number of incidents of violence of applications between the opponent and some cases, even candidates and their supporters. so it's early days yet, but i think as you said, this is the moment in which questions are on the integrity of elections, usually merge and they become triggers for post election violence and disturbance.
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and the fact that the votes counted so far that it could be a very close race, was the implication of that? well, it doesn't mean that you know, that it's not clear who has won this election even at this very early stage. so we like to see the next 24 hours be very nerve wracking for the candidates and their supporters. but hopefully we will, they be able to keep the piece across the different pulling stations or the, telling them to the results coming. which part of the country you keeping an eye on? are you concerned on regarding human rights abuses? well, they were 7 counties that were problematic during the campaign. and what we saw yesterday is particularly what year which had them gunfire at some point. and in mombasa, we saw a number of candidates physically fold each other. and in one case in, i think, believe us western kenya, we saw a member of parliament who was trying to reclaim his seat, actually remove a weapon and shoot the aid of one of his opponents. he's now left the country and
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believably in uganda on the wrong. and last time, the supreme court knows the election results in the possibility of a court challenge this time, i think which is difficult to tell the moon. but i suspect, given all the concerns around the voters register, the concerns around the, the use of the kids, whether it's a digital manual. these are all content issues going into the election. and even as late as 2 days ago, we were seeing an appeal court decision that changed fundamentally how the trends the tallying would be done. so i think in many ways we are probably heading into a little bit space, but really depends on really the margin between these 2 front runners, william, brutal and right or dinner. thank you. that was the house in the executive director of the international hearing kenya will keep you updated as those valid counted and tallied in the hours and days ahead. thank you. that's now come with from nairobi.
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oh, still ahead on al jazeera anger and bangladesh is an energy crisis, leads to a dramatic increase in the process of hewn and we'll have the lightest on what may have caused a number of explosion to the russian army by surprise, me ah, with or a common end to another heat wave for england and france how they're every one. but this one's not going to be as bad as the last one we saw a few weeks ago. that's because we're tapping into some air from the mid atlantic. last time around, we had that plume of heat coming up from africa, so i don't think we're going to see a 40 degree reading, but here's the next 3 days for london, the heat wave criteria across the u. k. so it varies between 25 to 28 degrees. so yep, we're there. and by saturday, a good 10 degrees above average in london. now where we do have some rain and
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showers, thunderstorms through the balkans, it's kicked down temperatures in bucharest to a high of 28 degrees breezy through the black sea, the boss for us. so for example, is stan bowl looking at when gus pretty close to about 50 kilometers per hour on wednesday there's a wildfire burning in central portugal, but i think little relief coming. may see a sprinkle the shower but better bet i don't think that we will. and then look at this batch of what weather around this part of molly long, the border with burkina faso, some downpours there and for southern africa, the western cape. a weak disturbance. roland in here. it's going to generate a just a few showers for cape town. may see the winds pick up just a little bit with a high of 16 degrees. ok, that's it for me. catch up with you later. ah the important thing if you a walking around in beirut was not to be in the line of fire from the holiday. ah,
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the last we heard gunshots, i was the 1st one to flee the halter. the battle lasted 3 days and 3 nights and there were no prisoners at the control. nobody in and you control the region around . and that's why it is such a bloody battle. an icon of conflict at the heart of the lebanese civil war, beirut, holiday in war. how town on al jazeera ah ah, you're watching al jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour. there have been protests and parts of the occupied west bank and east jerusalem. up is riley forces, kill the sinew commander of the palestinian group,
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al oxer masses for guys. the white house is u. s. president joe biden is not given advance notice of the if the i right of form of president donald trump's florida, home federal agent search trumps mar, like our residence on monday, votes being counted in kenya's closely fort presidential election. turnout is expected to be around 60 percent. the front runners of former prime minister, reino dingo, and deputy president william router le clean up his on to y and south korea's capital sol. after record breaking, brian and flash floods killed at least 9 people. the heaviest down pause and more than 100 years turned roads into rivers. nearly 2000 people had to leave their homes and 7 people. a missing rob mcbride has more from saw across the city of sole and in the surrounding province. the clean up continues from these unprecedented reigns at streets,
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and roads turned into rivers. vehicles washed away and sadly lives lost. some people caught in their apartments by rapidly rising waters. other people simply swept away. there were predictions that sol would get up to around $300.00 millimeters, all the rain full at the start of this week. up until wednesday morning. some parts of the city have recorded well over 500 millimeters. does the range continue further south? some provinces, south of soul can expect to further $300.00 millimeters of rain as this week continued. here on the han river, this double deck of bridge is a good indicator of the amount of flooding. here, the low a carriage way is designed that it becomes merged when the hon flood now, while the waters have receded some water, its still well under water, as indeed are many parts of the banks of the river on both sides. your authority here had been putting in special measures to deal with the sum arranged in
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particular, in the low lying gangnam district. as south of the han river, special drainage has been installed, able to handle up to 80 millimeters of water per hour. now the authorities, i believe that that was going to be enough for these some arranged, but clearly they will have to think again, sol as many other cities around the world really having to face the challenge of dealing with the changing climate. there have been several explosions near a military base and russian controlled crimea. local authority, say one person was killed in 5 injured in the blast. but for more on for more on this at spring. and john hinterland, who is in the ukranian capital of cape john, what more do we know about these explosions in crimea? well, something of a mystery. ukraine says that it is not responsible for those explosions. rusher
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says that they were an accident, that munitions exploded, but it was a series of explosions by one report more than a dozen explosions. so one munition jump would have had to set off many more if that were the case. ukrainian authorities suggested might have been the work of sabot tours, and that's interesting because you crimea was next by russia in 2014. it's been many years. there has not been fighting there recently because it is so firmly in russian control. so it would be something of an unusual event if ukraine were to shelled it, by all accounts, those explosions happened without any kind of sound of a missile strike that occurred beforehand or anything. so it would either be what the russians say. it is an explosion at ammunition site or the act of saboteurs as the ukrainian se. but in any case, it's something of
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a mystery in an area where there is not really ongoing, fighting in a solidly controlled russian controlled area. we also have some news on this apparition, nuclear plant, which is in an area of active fighting in the southern part of ukraine. i talked to petro coaching, he's the head of an air, go at tom, the company that controls that nuclear plant. he says they no longer really have control of it because it's under russian authority, but the ukrainian workers are still there and he says, there are 4 lines that connect that to the ukrainian electrical grid. and he says the russians have severed 3 of those 4 lines. he said, is, it is their intention, in his opinion, to cut the 4th line and then connect it to the russian nuclear system in crimea. he says that that happens. it will have to run on diesel generators and diesel generators run out. there is the possibility of a meltdown along the lines of true noble. he says that is an emergent situation,
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and he wants the international atomic energy agency to go in there. and he wants it to be a demilitarized zone. so that plant can be, operate safely, operated safely outside of the fire that has been going on there will thank you very much for that update this john, hindrance in key for us. dozens of people and bangladesh have been injured in protests against the rise and the cost of fuel. it follows a price increase of up to 50 percent last week. the government is blaming global energy market in this concern. it relates with bike and food and transport costs will tend to challenge re joined us live now from docket. can you give us a bit more detail about the impact, the price high having? while lets give you an idea that i talked to one of the van covered van driver and the owner rather. and he puts it this way. it's shocking. we have never seen anything in case so far. we have already lost business last 4 days
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and everything is gonna be impacted. we visited the kitchen market. the shopkeepers were saying that people are buying less protein items, less vegetable items. that literally stop buying as much, even just what they were doing last month. this is barely once bangladesh recovered from that covey pandemic, even though it's of one of the fastest growing come in. it did well after the probate. but the subsidy all in part is what's really bothering the government this laming. hi, foyle costs for this 50 over 50 percent. this is the highest level in the countries histories. i should remind you that in november last year, just barely 9 months, the government interest world prize. and as the energy rationing and foot prices were already high, there were a sporadic protest. even from end of july 2, people were shot dad from the opposition members group and there have been protest in doc or university. students were beaten up. there were murder cases was filed
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against them, although the police were the one who had bitten that, the people are angry. you don't see as much protest daily on the street, but sporadically their protest everywhere. people are angry because it is the marginally poor and the fixed income people who will be the affected the most due to the increase in production costs, transportation, logistic, everything is going to grow up when i already, i inflationary said ration over 7 percent. this could be a double digit inflation that leads to the economics. i think things could get there. and then the government after stop paying in port bills by the next quarter . so things are quite decibel. we'll have to see how the government check out. only good news is the bank that still is the 2nd, not just garments explorer and 8th received between $14.00 to $18000000000.00 of remittance every year. so that's the cash flow coming in. that may be a shot, but we'll have to see what happened in the next few months. and debbie will that is
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tim chantry for us from deca la merchants, he cruise in cuba have contained a large fire at an oil depot. officials described as the worst fire in the island, nation's history. flames engulfed her 4th fuel tank on choose day, causing widespread power outages firefighters from mexico and venezuela. also helping in the province of mittens. us, at least one person has been killed. and $125.00 inch it in august and reports from the 10s us for days since the fire started achievers main oil storage facility, the blaze finally seems to be under control. if you take that behind me, of course, you can see huge amounts of smoke billowing out there. but crucially, the colors changed. for the last 3 days, it's been a deep cert. black. now it's the light shade of gray evidence that much of the fire has been smothered. international help, the human government says, has been decisive that help coming from venezuela and mexico in the forms of
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technology, in the form of ships and in the form of firefighters. however, problems remain huge problems remain for the given government and also the keeping people who are already living through a critical energy crisis. unless say, the power cuts that millions of cubans had already been suffering over over the last months are about to get worse. the charity saves the children, says nearly one year since the taliban sees power again in afghanistan, young girls have been left hungry, isolated, and in many cases depressed. it says the root causes are a continuing economic crisis. a devastating drought and taliban and post restrictions on women and girls. the reports is that all had a devastating impact on children's health and well being, being well 4000 and mystery had bagels, have been rescued from breeding facility in virginia. and now looking for new homes, the dogs were found for experimentation. labs many were denied food and visionary treatment. now volunteers of rehab.


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